Chapter 9


Bulma walked down the crowed street repeating the words over and over in her mind. Banished from Tageve. She had gotten the address of Madame Givadic from Trisucta. But her mind wasn't on that. Her head was full of the viscous ideas of what she could do to repay that prick.

She walked quickly nearing the corner of Ckuf Street, the street that Madame Givadic was established on as a provider for male needs.

She took a breath and ascended the steps of the old brick build, the red light bulb lit out side indicating that it was a Bordello.

Upon reaching the top she straightened her outfit and picked up the brass knocker and then banged it against the solid maple wood door six times.

She stood impatiently waiting for the door to be opened for about three minutes before a tall young woman with long black curled hair opened the door. The girl wore an extremely tight violet tube top, reveling most of her cleavage. Her skirt was hiked up to show that she had no underwear on but the girl had a sweet innocent smile on as she greeted Bulma.

"Hello, I'm Liztya." the girl told Bulma warmly.


Vegeta was telling his latest whore to leave his chambers. How he hated it when the dumb bitches acted like he should put them on a pedestal just because he choose to entertain his bed with them for a night. 'Stupid bakas...' his thoughts drifted off as he slid under the covers of his satin sheets to fall asleep thinking the wonderful thoughts of that bitch finding out she was banished from Tageve.


ChiChi was lying on her bed reading her latest romance novel: 'The Moon Sees All.' Her hair was sprawled all around her as she laid on her back with her book above her.

As she moved her finger to turn the next page the phone rang causing her to throw her new book at lest 5 feet into the air. Letting her book fall to the ground she reach over and picked up her phone.

"Hello?" she questioned.

After the caller asked ChiChi something ChiChi went pale and dropped the phone to the ground before fainting.


Bulma smiled to herself as she set the phone down on the receiver. She looked to Liztya. "Everything is ready." she told her.

Liztya smiled. "Well then let me show you to your quarters and then after your settled I'll take you to see Madame Givadic.

"Okay...but I'm afraid that I don't have anything but what I am wearing." She told Liztya.

"Don't worry. Madame Givadic treats us very well here, providing we satisfy the number of men she has set for us...or more. When I came here at first I didn't even have shoes. But now look at me." She informed Bulma.

Bulma smiled once again. "I think that I will do well here also. So how many are we required to serve?"

"Well Madame Givadic works it out by your body. See since I have a 34B for a bra size I only have to accommodate 9 men a week." She told her.

"How did she figure that out?" Bulma questioned curiously.

"I have no fucking idea. That's just what she told me." She replied.

Bulma looked at Liztya, "Right..."

"Just never mind you and Madame Givadic will sort things out." She told her with that already trademark smile of hers.

"Yeah sure...I am looking forward to talking with her anyway." Bulma stated as she smiled, her childhood thoughts of Bordellos vanishing as she realized their purpose. Not to make men happy but to make the provider of the pleasure that was being bought satisfied...


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