Chapter 8


"ChiChi I am in Kymoen..." Bulma started to tell her but was cut off.

"What the Hell are you doing in Kymoen?" ChiChi screamed at Bulma.

"Well..." she started once again.

"Never mind you can tell me later. Did you know that while you were doing Kami knows what in Kymoen Prince Vegeta was missing?" ChiChi questioned.

Bulma hesitated before answering ChiChi's question. "No ChiChi I didn't." she lied.


Vegeta paced his seating room as he thought of what he could do that that bitch. 'I've got it!' he smirked evilly as he realized what he could do.


Setrum glanced at the prince and then the order in front of him. 'Why would the prince want to order a young girl away from Tageve?' he thought as he reread the order in his hands.

"How long before that bitch can no longer enter Tageve?" Vegeta questioned.

"I believe that I can have the order take effect by tomorrow morning, and just to make sure everyone knows about I will have Alume network broad cast it over the television." Setrum told Vegeta as he set the order for Bulma's banishment from Tageve and all surrounding areas on his desk.


Bulma walked in Rumte Transfers. She looked over to the girl behind the desk. 'ChiChi should have sent the money by now' Bulma thought.

"Excuse me," Bulma said to the girl. "Do you have a money transfer from a ChiChi..."

"Oh just came in. I had it in my hand just a minute ago." the girl told Bulma quickly as she looked under a stack of papers and then pulled out a piece of paper that Bulma guessed was the transfer.

"You are Bulma, right?" the girl asked taking out a pen.

"Yes." Bulma replied.

"Good, good, now sign here, and here, and right there." Bulma looked at the paper before signing it and handing the pen back to the girl behind the desk.

"Okay. Thank you. Please take this down to pick up and they will give you your money." the girl told Bulma before handing her a piece of paper and then going back to whatever work she had to do that day.


A smirk crossed Vegeta's face. Alume network had just announced that the bitch had just been banished from Tageve and all surrounding areas.


Bulma picked up the 450 yemon and left Rumte. 'I need a room for the night.' Bulma thought. Bulma wanting to spend as little money as possible remembered that Triesucta had a friend that worked another brothel in Kymoen. All she needed to do was asked Triesucta where the woman was located.

Bulma looked across the street and saw a pay phone. She walked across the street and picked up the receiver.

Not wanting to break a yemon Bulma decided to call collect again. Bulma quickly dialed the number while reciting it to herself. "4937-25-4738..."

"Hello you've reached Madame Triesucta's Bordello. Would you like to make a appointment with one of our girls?" Marsito asked.

"Marsito, it's me. Bulma." Bulma told her.

"Bulma? Where the hell are you? Triesucta has been going nuts! And why the fuck were you banished from Tageve?" Marsito quickly asked adding one question after another.

"What do you mean banished from Tageve?" Bulma questioned panic suddenly coming over her.


ChiChi stared at the reporter talking on her small TV. Her ears hearing it but her mind not believing a word. 'Bulma is banished?' ChiChi questioned over and over in her mind.


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