Chapter 7


Vegeta stared at the cyan haired vixen before she started a slur of accusations. "Woman, would you shut the fuck up. I wanna get some sleep." He told her.

"You fucking bastard, how dare you just fuck me and then act as if you don't remember." Bulma screamed, she couldn't remember what had happened but her torn clothing, hers and Vegeta's mousy hair, and the claw marks on Vegeta's muscular back that gave her a good idea of what had happened between them.

"I may live in a whorehouse but I am not a whore!" she ranted.

"Are you sure?" he asked her with a smirk.

"Why you..." Bulma started but was interrupted by Vegeta.

"Woman are you forgetting whom you are speaking to?" he questioned.

"No I haven't, I am speaking to a prick." she told him.

Vegeta getting tired of listening to the dumb bitch rant and rave and the fact that she had just insulted his birth right decided to play along, "Woman just shut the fuck up, if it makes you feel any better, I have had better sex with a dog."

"Of coarse you have, only dogs fuck dogs." she spit back at him, her anger going by the minute.

"If I am a dog, and only dogs fuck dogs, then what does that make you since you fucked me?" Vegeta asked as a smirk crossed his face.

Bulma face faulted. That was low. 'Fuck this I don't have to take this shit.' She told herself.

"Fuck you Vegeta!" she screamed as she walked away from him not caring if she ever saw him again.

"You just did." He told her with he trademark smirk on his face as he watched her walk away from him.


Bulma had been flying for about five hours and she could finally see a city's building, her hope raised she sped up. 'Yes, its Kymoen, Vegetasei's capital!' she thought to herself.

She flew to a news stand and looked at the local paper:

Prince Vegeta Missing!

Bulma started to laugh, if they only knew...


It had been hours since Bulma had left Vegeta and almost as soon as she took off Vegeta did, but in the other direction. As if he was going to think that Bulma knew which way the summer palace was, but then again in the opposite direction from the summer palace was the formal palace, but he didn't care he didn't want to be near that 'bitch' as he liked to call her.

Since he was thinking of all the cruel things he could do to that 'bitch' when he found her he didn't realize that he had reached Tageve, where the summer palace was located, until he heard someone scream.

"The Prince has returned!" the woman that had screamed yelled as she bowed down before Vegeta.

Vegeta paying no attention to the dumb saiyan screaming about him walked passed her and into the summer palace.


Bulma was looking for a phone. She looked to her left but didn't fine one, but to her right was one in between the newsstand and the entrance to the Strunk Bar. She walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. She put her hand in her bra to see if her money was still there, but was shocked when her bag of coins was gone. Horrified at this Bulma decided to call ChiChi collect for help.

"3563-98-2465" Bulma muttered to herself as she dialed ChiChi's number.


ChiChi was lying across her green canopy bed on her stomach, her feet dangling off the left side of the bed. Deciding that she need to get her mind off of Prince Vegeta and Bulma ChiChi had started reading Love Comes From The Moon, her latest romance novel, it was a tale of seduction and treachery, just what she liked to read.

As she turned page 247 she heard the T.V. reporter announce that Prince Vegeta has returned. ChiChi dropped her book on the bed, losing her place. 'What did they say?' she mentally screamed at herself.

She reached across the bed to the nightstand with her right and grabbed the TV's remote control. She pressed the volume button to hear the whole story.

"Earlier today we were notified that Prince Vegeta has returned to the summer palace..." the reported managed to tell ChiChi before she hit the power button on the remote control.

"If Prince Vegeta has returned then where the hell is Bulma?" she questioned herself out loud. Just then ChiChi's white telephone rang, knocking her out of her thoughts.

Absent minded ChiChi picked up the phone, "Hello you have a collect call from Bulma." the operator told ChiChi.

ChiChi jumped off her bed and told the operator that she would accept the charges. Minutes later Bulma said hello.


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