A lemon scene is ahead


Chapter 6


Vegeta opened his eyes when he heard Bulma muttering in her sleep. 'What a dumb bitch,' he thought to himself.

Vegeta watched as he saw her tossing and turning in her sleep. He heard her moan but her was too far away to hear her cries. Vegeta stood up from his resting place and began to walk back to the lake that Bulma had discovered yesterday. He crouched down and skimmed the surface of the still lake with his hand to find the water warmed by Vegetasei's three suns.

He took off his once white gloves and threw them down on the brush-covered ground. He shed his black and gold armor plate and threw it as he had his gloves. Vegeta was about to take off his custom made spanik, it fit so right too, who would of know that those worthless slaves from Grutpo could of crossed those materials and come up with spanik, what were the materials that they crossed again, oh yes silk and spandex, when he saw something on the bottom of the lake.

Curiosity coming of Vegeta he dived into the lake leaving his spanik on. He swam about fifteen feet before he reached the object he had seen only a minute ago. It was a black bottle with the opening at the top having another piece of glass melted to the black bottle.

Vegeta grabbed the large black bottle and swam for the surface. Once he reached the surface he swam to shore and put back on his armor and gloves, another thing he thought that was approving of spanik it dried immensely fast.

Vegeta was about to open the bottle and find out what was in it when he thought better about it. Why who knows what the bottle contained. Then Vegeta got an idea 'I'll have that damn woman open it.' he smirked evilly at his thought of his brilliant idea.

Vegeta walked back to the spot where Bulma was contently sleeping. He laid the bottle down in front of her and took his position by the tree. He then used his ki to move the rock under her head. As soon as Bulma moved Vegeta shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Bulma opened her eyes to see what had moved her head. When she didn't see anyone except a pretending to be sleeping Vegeta she decided to go back to sleep when she saw a black bottle about a two feet away from her.

Curious as a cat she took the bottle in her hand and opened it. She gazed at the dark blood red liquid before sniffing it and then tasting the liquid. When she thought the liquid had no affect on her she took a very large drink. She then content with her thirst quenched went back to sleep.

Vegeta walked over to where Bulma was now sleeping and grabbed the bottle. He examined it a little bit and then took a sip. Finding noting wrong with it he took three large gulps empting the bottle. Vegeta barely made it to the tree before falling asleep.


Bulma and Vegeta both awoke to find themselves thinking about nothing except the hunger of each other's bodies.

Vegeta walked up to her and grabbed her body in one movement with his right arm. Bulma in return lifted her right leg and hooked it behind him with her left leg to bring him closer to her.

Vegeta hungrily brought his mouth down on hers. Pressing with so much power that if she was not saiyan she would have bruises on her lips for days. Feeling the hunger for him also she pressed her lips against his with just as much force.

Vegeta feeling the need for her grater than ever backed her up against the tree he had slept against. He then took his left hand and ripped her outfit down the middle exposing her already erect breasts. Bulma in return grabbed his armor and tore it off him, like a cat in heat.

Before she could grab his spanik he brought his lips down on hers again. Bulma didn't resist she was more ready than the most oversexed female in the universe. She wrapped her arms around his strong neck as he kissed her hungrily while undressing her with his free hand. His right hand was grabbing her left breast and forcefully tugging on it while his left worked Bulma out of the rest of her outfit leaving her in her bra and underwear.

Bulma used her left hand to run her fingers roughly though Vegeta's pitch-black hair as her right hand tried to strip Vegeta of his black spanik.

Bulma was successful as was Vegeta in getting Bulma out of her bra and panties. Bulma wrapped her legs around his waist as tight as she could trying to get him closer to her body.

Vegeta not being able to hold out any longer plunged into a waiting wet pussy. Bulma moaned in ecstasy as she felt him enter her ready and waiting body.

With each thrust harder than before it wasn't long before Bulma was almost at the breaking point of an orgasm and with Bulma's womanhood closing around Vegeta's member everytime he thrusted into her he was almost there too.

With in twenty more thrusts from Vegeta Bulma had her orgasm and after three more Vegeta had his orgasm. Both of them spent they separated and fell asleep.


Upon waking up Bulma found herself nude and about two feet away from her was an also naked Vegeta. Bulma raised in a bordello couldn't stand the idea of a man sleeping with a woman for money, and Bulma hadn't even been paid. She did the first thing that came to her mind. She screamed and accused since she couldn't remember what had happened.

"You bastard, how dare you." Bulma screamed felling violated.

"What are you screaming about woman?" Vegeta moaned keeping his eyes closed.

"Wake up you prick!" Bulma yelled at him.

"What do you...what the hell? You whore!" He accused finally realizing that they were both with out any clothes.


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