Chapter 5


Bulma woke up from sleeping on a rock. 'My Kami does my neck hurt,' she complained silently. She turned her body to look at her surroundings forgetting how she got there and why. The first thing she saw was a sleeping Vegeta. He had his head rested up against a tree while his arms where crossed over one the other. Then one of his legs was bent while the other was straight. Bulma had to tear her eyes away from his body. 'What a deadly combination: a perfect body and a personality of a leopard.' she realized.

Seeing that Vegeta wasn't up, or so she thought, Bulma decided to go for a walk. She started for patch of trees to her left. She used a ki beam to clear the trees out of her path. After it was free of the tree branches and twigs Bulma started to walk into the forest not sensing Vegeta fallowing her.

When Bulma got to the end of her cleared path she decided to head back when she saw something blue behind the trees. Curiosity taking over her she decided to find out what it was. Since she didn't sense any ki she decided to find out what was behind the trees. She made a small ki ball in her had and cleared the trees to find a purple-reddish lake. It was the most beautiful thing she had every seen. Sure she had read about lakes but she had never really seen one. The water was looking so beautiful with the red on top and the purple on the bottom but what was really catching Bulma's eye was the color they made when they came together.

Bulma was taken out of her train of thought when she heard a noise in a bush. Deciding to see what it was she jumped up onto a tree branch to see what it was, only to see nothing.

Vegeta who had thrown a rock at a bush saw Bulma standing on a tree branch in front of him. A wicked smirk came across his lips while his eyes narrowed at the thought. Vegeta silently hovered behind Bulma making sure to keep his ki down. Since Bulma was still looking for what ever had been in that bush she didn't notice Vegeta behind her.

Vegeta waited about two seconds before he finally made up his mind. Vegeta extended out his left arm and pushed Bulma of the branch. Since Bulma was taken off gaurd she had no time to prepare, ending her with her ass on the hard ground.

Bulma extremely pissed off at her attacker, who she guessed was Vegeta, turned around to look at Vegeta sitting with his back propped up against Bulma's former standing place. Vegeta had a cold grin on his face. "Woman, are you sure you are Saiyan?" he taunted her.

"Why you arrogant mother fucker." Bulma screamed at him through clenched teeth.

"How dare you speak to my that way you wench!" He bit back with just as much threat in his voice as she had.

"I'll talk to you any way I want, are you forgetting that you are not King yet?" she smugly reminded him.

"I think you 're forgetting. I may not have the power to execute you for treason yet, but I do have the power to have you enslaved!" Vegeta half lied.

"I'm not that dumb Vegeta. That's only if I hit you and you know any saiyan has the right to hit a saiyan that hit them first." she reveled.

"Woman there is a difference between hitting and pushing. I still have the right to enslave you! And do you really believe that they would believe you over their prince?" He challenged.

"You cruel prick!" Bulma shouted at him before storming off. 'How dare he do this to me?' she questioned herself. 'I am going to get even with that bastard.' she vowed.


Bulma getting tired of wandering around decided to go back to the lake. It was the only other place to go besides back to Vegeta and that uncomfortable rock.

She guessed it was about eleven p.m. by the time she got to the lake. Bulma had been sitting on an old rock under a swaying maple tree. Even though the lake was beautiful with the moonlight hitting the red surface she wasn't looking at it. All of her thoughts were on how to repay Vegeta. Deciding she needed to get Vegeta off her mind she was about to take off her clothes and jump in when she saw a figure. When she looked more closely she saw wild flaming hair and a perfect body. The wicked look Vegeta had on his face before he pushed Bulma out of the tree branch came across Bulma's beautiful face. She quietly hovered behind him and then pushed him in the lake.

But when Vegeta was pushed in he grabbed Bulma's foot causing them both to fall into the lake. Bulma was the first to come up fallowed by a angry looking saiyan.

"Woman! You are going to die for this!" Vegeta screamed at her.

Bulma deciding that she should try to distract him to get away took her right arm and moved it through the lake creating a large wave of water heading towards Vegeta. Vegeta in return made one sending it towards Bulma's wave. The two waves then collided resulting in more water on both of them.

They both became enraged and started a huge Water War. As soon as Bulma would release one Vegeta had one coming at hers. It was now one in the morning and they were still engaged in their Water War. Bulma had had enough of this, she was so engrossed that she had forgotten about trying to escape Vegeta. She gathered as much power as she could before she released the biggest wave she had made and it was collided with a wave just as big as hers if not bigger.

When they collided the impact was so great that water flew out of the lake leaving Bulma and Vegeta standing in a huge hole.

As Bulma stared at Vegeta she saw that he was completely soaked as she guessed she was. Since Vegeta's clothes had gotten wet they clung even tighter to his well-formed body the they had before. Bulma let her eyes travel from his face that had water droplets all over his forehead and skin to his hard chest and down to his perfectly formed abs. She was about to look down further when she felt Vegeta doing the same thing that she had been doing to him.

She looked up from Vegeta's abs and to his face only to see him with a smirk on his face. Bulma feeling hurt and enraged started screaming at him.

"What the Hell do you think is so funny?" she yelled.

"Well at least I know that you are female." He explained with the smirk still plastered on his face.

At Vegeta's comment Bulma finally looked down at her self. her outfit was clinging to her body extremely tight, more that Vegeta's had. Her breast's nipples were hard from the cold water. And her hair was clinging to her body. Bulma looked up at Vegeta before walking off to her rock to get some sleep.


King Vegeta was extremely worried, something that he usually isn't. 'If Vegeta isn't found who will take the throne after I am dead. For Kami's sake's how am i supposed to produce another heir if my mate is dead?' he mentally screamed at himself. 'Maybe I shouldn't have killed her after Vegeta was born...' He silently wondered


"I am going to kill that girl if I ever find her!" Triesucta screamed to know one. "Who does she think she is? For Kami's sake its been TWO days!" She added followed by more rants.


ChiChi was trying to concentrate on her homework but it was working to no avail. She had three things on her mind and they wouldn't go away:

Where is Bulma and Prince Vegeta?

Are they together?



Vegeta watched Bulma walk away from him. After waiting about a minute Vegeta walked back to the place that they had slept last night to see Bulma sleeping or pretending to be sleeping with her head on the same rock that she had slept on the night before.

Vegeta walked over a tree and placed his back against the old tree falling asleep with his arms crossed on top of each other.

When Bulma was sure Vegeta was a sleep she looked up to she his still wet face leaned back against the tree. Bulma smirked before placing her head back down on the uncomfortable rock that she had slept on the night before.

* * * * *

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