Chapter 4


It had been about twenty minutes since they had left Syenai High and Vegeta was still now where near the Palace.

"Vegeta do you know where you’re going?" Bulma questioned with a smirk.

"Of course I do woman!" Vegeta boomed at her.

"If you know where you are, then why the Hell aren't we there yet?" She screamed back at him.

"I don't know, just shut the Hell up and let me think!" He commanded her.

"Don't tell me what to do you cock-eyed jackass, and by the way just admit you got us lost." She stated.

"You know I should just leave you out here." Vegeta threatened.

"Go right ahead Vegeta, at least I would be off your shoulder. Not that I minded the view." She tempted him not realizing what she had just admitted to him.

"What did you just say? You like the view?" Vegeta questioned with a smirk, this would be fun he had caught her saying she liked his ass.

"What?" she shrieked at him.

"You just said that you liked the view you had when you were over my shoulder." he told her still smirking.

"What? I didn't say that." she lied trying to give him a look that said he was nuts. But Vegeta saw right through it her pathetic attempt to cover up what she had told him.

'Alright she wants to play like that I can play too.' He thought to him self.

"Well if you want to be left out here than that's okay with me." He interjected.

"Fine," Bulma stated.

Vegeta started to walk away when Bulma called to him, "Wait! Vegeta where the Hell are we?


"Mayoko has Bulma come home yet?" Triesucta asked very worried. It was almost eight at night and Bulma still wasn't home. "Where can she be?" Triesucta murmured while she walked back and forth on her office's gray rug.

"No Triesucta she's not home yet." Mayoko replied.


"Have you bakas found Vegeta yet?" the King said having his voice thunder through out the thrown room.

"No sire we haven't." the servant replied scared to death of the king.

"Leave!" King Vegeta shouted at the servant.

"Vegeta where the Hell are you?" King Vegeta screamed to no one.


"Vegeta?" Bulma called. It was past sundown and they were still lost. 'How the Hell did you get your self into this mess Bulma?' she questioned herself. 'And where the Hell did Vegeta go?'

"Vegeta? Vegeta where are you?" she questioned again.

"What the Hell do you want woman?" he questioned smugly.

"Have you found out where we are?" she pried.

"I know exactly where we are?" he told her.

"Then why are we still here?" Bulma yelled, she was really getting pissed off at him. 'I wonder what Triesucta is doing.' Bulma silently questioned herself.

"Woman, this is part of your punishment." he untruthfully told her. 'Now, how the Hell do I get back to the palace?' Vegeta mentally screamed at himself.


It was about midnight, or so Bulma thought. She was getting really cold and hungry, after all they had been out here since school had ended. 'I doubt that Vegeta cares.' she absently thought to herself. 'Wait why do I care what Vegeta thinks? He's the reason I'm out here. Plus he's a self centered conceded asshole. And even if I did like him so what, but what am I worried about i don't like Vegeta.' Bulma assured herself.

Bulma got off the rock that she had been sitting on for the last hour and walked over to Vegeta.

"Vegeta can you please take us back. It's really cold out here." Bulma pleaded with him.

"What can't you stand a little breeze?" he questioned with his usual smirk.

"Hey the only places that I have hair to keep me warm is on my tail, head, and my never mind." She told him as she walked back over to the rock and sat down.


Bulma guessed that it was about 4 A.M. by now and they were still out here. 'Forget this I'm going to sleep' Bulma thought to herself as she placed her head on a rock, shut her eyes, and tried to fall asleep.

Vegeta looked over towards what he thought was an annoying bitch to see Bulma turned away from him trying to fall asleep. Vegeta watched as she brought her chest up and down breathing while falling into dreamland. He saw her long aqua locks spread across the rock and ground.

Vegeta was knocked out of his little daydream when he saw Bulma muttering something, what it was he didn't know. 'What the Hell is she mumbling' Vegeta questioned himself.

Curiosity taking over him he walked over to Bulma to hear her. When he found out that he still couldn't hear her when he was standing right next to her Vegeta crutched down bending his knees to hear her.

All he could her was something that sounded like: Veggie-Chan before Bulma woke up from Vegeta breathing on her.

"What the Hell were you doing?" Bulma screamed at him.

Vegeta shocked that she had woken up came up with the first excuse that cam to his mind.

"Woman you should be thanking me. I come over here to get rid of a spider that was crawling all around in your hair and you start screaming at me. How fucking dare you insult your prince!" he lied. 'Hey that was pretty good.' Vegeta commented himself.

"I don't care. Just don't touch me again." Bulma ordered.

"Why would I want to touch you?" Vegeta demanded.

"I don't know, you tell me, you’re the sick one." she replied

"You should be thanking me!" he hollered at her as she walked over to another rock about five yards away.

"Ya, what ever Vegeta" she sleepily responded.

"Stupid bitch," Vegeta muttered to himself before he went back to trying to figure out away to get back to the palace.


King Vegeta was getting more enraged every minute that passed by.

"Sire, some how the press has found out that Vegeta is missing!" a salve that had just been promoted to a servant warned King Vegeta.

"What?" King Vegeta demanded. "Find the baka who told the press and bring them to me."


ChiChi had been doing her schoolwork all night at she was so tired that she thought she should miss the next day. 'But then I'll have double when I go back.' she groaned to no one.

After about twenty-five minutes later ChiChi finished. 'I wonder how Bulma and Prince Vegeta made out' ChiChi questioned herself as she remembered how Bulma had tried to come over to her only to be put back over Prince Vegeta's shoulder after each bell. 'Hell everybody was talking about it by 4th hour.' she reminded herself while laughing at the mental images.

ChiChi not wanting to fall asleep and miss school turned on the TV. She picked up the remote to look for a movie or something but couldn't find anything. 'What the Hell, I might as well watch the news.' she told herself as she flipped to the appropriate channel.

When ChiChi put on the channel the first thing she saw was an image that said:

[News Flash]

Prince Vegeta Missing!

ChiChi's eyes went wide. She didn't even wait to hear the story. 'Oh my Kami! If Vegeta is missing then what happened to Bulma.' she questioned. ChiChi had been to busy doing her homework to notice that Bulma hadn't called like she did every day at 6 P.M.

ChiChi jumped off her bed and grabbed her phone. She dialed Bulma's number: 4-8037-71. She heard ringing followed by a woman questioning "Bulma?"

"No this is ChiChi. Isn't Bulma home?" ChiChi questioned her voice worried with fear.

"No, do you have any idea where she is?" Triesucta asked ChiChi.

"No." ChiChi lied.

"Well ChiChi if you hear for her please tell her to come home." Triesucta requested.

"Ya, sure Triesucta." ChiChi replied.

"Bye ChiChi and thank you." Triesucta told her.

"No problem." ChiChi commented as she hung up the phone. Her mind was so engrossed thinking about Bulma and Prince Vegeta that she even missed the stand the phone was supposed to be set in. Realizing she missed it ChiChi regained her thoughts and set it in the stand.

'What did they elope or something' ChiChi questioned to herself as she thought of why Bulma or Prince Vegeta weren't home.


'I wonder if Vegeta is asleep?' Bulma pondered to herself as she pretended to be asleep.

Bulma was still in shock from finding Vegeta looming over her. 'I wonder if he really was getting a spider out of my hair?' she asked herself. Thinking about it she turned around to look at Vegeta sleeping against a tree. 'He really does look cute, when he doesn't have that scowl on his face.' she commented to herself.

At that moment Vegeta's eyes snapped open to interlock with Bulma's. "Woman, what are you looking at?" he questioned his voice dripping with a sarcastic tone.

"Nothing." Bulma offered startled that he had woken up to look at her.

Not wanting to make another deal about it she turned around to go to sleep, or at least pretend to be sleeping. 'Oh my Kami, that did not just happen, did it?' she asked herself while semi repeating stupid stupid over in her mind.

Vegeta smirked when he saw her turn around at put her head back down on the rock.

* * * * *

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