Chapter 3

Bulma awoke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping extremely loud. Almost as soon as Bulma heard it go off she had slammed her fist down on it.

"Great, now I need another clock." she told herself as she got out of her bed and walked over to her closet to find an outfit.

Remembering what the prick on the phone the other night had said she wanted to look her best. She started combing through her rack of clothes.

"This will have to do," she stated settling on the dark royal blue armored outfit. It had full sleeves that semi-expanded at her wrists. It then moved down to her breast where it had a small rhombus shape between her two breasts, then down her sides leaving her back and stomach bare, and finally having her skirt billow out with a matrial that was just a little darker on top of her skirt to make it look like she was a warrior goddess.

After she had her outfit picked out she then went to take her morning shower. She walked down the same carpet that she had known for her seventeen years of live and into one of the free bathrooms.

She set her supplies down on the small stand in the bathroom. Once she had shed herself of her clothes she turned the water facets to the temperature that she thought was comfortable and preceded to get in and turn on the showerhead.

She let the hot water flow down her back a few minutes before reaching for her shampoo. She took the bottle of shampoo and put about a 1/4 of a cup into her hand. She then began to massage her head starting at the roots and bringing the lather down to her ends.

Once she thought that she had enough soap she tilted her head so that the water coming from the showerhead would rinse it. She brought her hands through her hair helping the showerhead to get all the soap out.

After she thought that the soap was rinsed completely out she picked up the conditioner and put the same amount that she used with the shampoo into her hands but this time she started at the ends of her hair and worked her way up to her roots.

Then after Bulma had waited about a minute she started to wash the conditioner out of her hair. When it was completely out Bulma turned off the water and got out.

Bulma took one of her two towels and wrapped it around her head and then used the other one to cover her body. After she put on the towels she grabbed her shampoo and conditioner and headed back to her room to dry her hair.


Prince Vegeta?" called a servant.

"What the fuck do you want?" Vegeta responded still kind of a sleep.

"Prince Vegeta I was sent to get you up. King Vegeta said that today is your first day of public school." the servant told him.

"Tell that bastard that I am not going." Vegeta said falling back to sleep.

The servant left to tell King Vegeta that Vegeta had refused to get up.


King Vegeta awoke Vegeta by throwing Vegeta's bedroom doors open. By doing this an enormous boom was heard through out Vegeta's chambers.

"Brat, get your damn ass out of bed!" King Vegeta yelled having his voice echo through the huge room.

"What do you want?" Vegeta sleepily told him sarcastically.

King Vegeta sick of Vegeta walked over to his bed and dragged him into his shower. After he got Vegeta into the shower he turned on the cold water and walked away. After about thirty seconds Vegeta came running out screaming on the top of his lungs.

Vegeta looked up at his father to see him with a ki ball in his hand.

"Now, as I said before...get ready to go to school, brat." King Vegeta started calmly but ended up screaming the last part.

Vegeta not wanting his dick or any other valuable parts to be blasted off solemnly obeyed his father.

Since Vegeta had just taken a shower he went to find his clothes. He grabbed the armor the one of his servants had set out for him. It was black spandex covered by a gold breastplate.

After Vegeta had finished grooming himself he walked out of his chambers and to find his father for he next set of instructions.


Vegeta walked into the thrown room to see his father. He walked up to his father and asked him what he was to do next.

"The school has assigned you a student to show you around. Once you arrive at Syenai High you are to go to the main office to get your schedule and meet your guide." King Vegeta explained.

"How do I get to Syenai High?" Vegeta asked.

"Hold on I will have a servant show you the way." King Vegeta.


"I'm going to kill the fucking servant when I get back." Vegeta stated after he had finally reached Syenai High. He was still pissed from the servant giving him bad directions, he had got lost two times.

Vegeta walked up the walk way and through the main doors. He grabbed the first saiyan he saw and demanded to know where the main office was. The freshman pointed down the right corridor. After that Vegeta through the freshman across the floor.

The freshman stood up. He was not going to be treated like that, or so he thought since he was unaware of whom Vegeta was.

"Who the hell do you think you are treating me like that, my father is the principal." the freshman stated trying to order around Vegeta.

"Do you think I really fucking care? Do you know who I am and who my father is?" Vegeta asked in almost a stated of rage but he still held his trademark smirk.

"No, and I don't care." the freshman said back daringly.

"You need better manners, you baka. How dare you talk to your prince that way!" Vegeta screamed at the poor freshman before blasting him into the next dimension.

"Now where did that damn baka say the office was?" Vegeta questioned.


By the time that Vegeta reached the office the whole school was talking about how Prince Vegeta had killed the principal's son. Vegeta walked over to the office and turned the doorknob. He stepped into the office.

"Hey, where am I supposed to go?" Vegeta demanded from the secretary that was filing her nails.

"Kid, take a seat the principal with be with you in a min, Kay?" the soon to be dead bitch said.

"Listen bitch I am already killed on dumb baka, now get the fuck off your ass before I kill you for talking to the prince of the saiyan-jins that way." he told her in a deadly tone.

The secretary stopped filing her nails and looked up to see Vegeta staring at her with a evil look in his eyes.

The now scared secretary walked over to the principalís office, she opened the door, and stepped in.

Instead of waiting for the dumb bitch Vegeta walked over to the door and flung it open.

"What is the meaning of keeping me waiting?" Vegeta yelled at the principal.

"I am extremely sorry Prince Vegeta. My secretary did not know of your enrollment." the principal said trying to kiss Vegeta's ass so that he would not be killed.

"My father told me that you had assigned me a guide. Where is my guide?" Vegeta asked coldly.

"She's...she's right there." the principal said franticly before he saw Bulma walking to the office.


Bulma opened the door to the office to see a very hot looking saiyan, a terrified secretary, and a very nervous principal.

"Mr. Chrito," Bulma said addressing the principal. "Someone told me that I was supposed to show someone new around today do you know where the new student is?"

"Yes, Bulma this is Prince Vegeta. He is in all of your classes. So, I'll leave you two alone." He said nervously.

"Our first class is this way Vegeta." Bulma explained.

"Women, you will address me with my proper name." he spat into her face.

Bulma didn't care if he was the goddamn prince or not, no one is going to talk to him like that.

"Why should I? You don't address me with my proper name." Bulma told him.

"What was your name again? Bulmh? Bulch? Butch? Oh wait I got it, it's Bitch! Ya, that's it right?" Vegeta said with a smirk.

Its Bulma you jackass," She said walking away "Find someone else to guide you around."

"Bulma, or what ever the hell your name is you will show me around, unless you want to end up the that fucking baka I killed when I first entered the school." Vegeta told her as he grabbed her.

"I'm not going to do it Vegeta." she yelled with a fire in her eyes.

"Yes you will!" he told her as he grabbed her right arm.

"Now woman, which way to our next class?" He demanded.

"Find it your self." She said before spiting in his face.

"Woman, do you just want me to kill you?" Vegeta asked her.

"Let me fucking go Vegeta!" she demanded from him.

She finally got to lose from him but in another ten seconds she was over his shoulder, fireman style.

"Now, are you going to tell me how we get to our next class?" he questioned.

"No!" she responded.


It was almost 3rd hour and Vegeta still had Bulma over his shoulder because she would not tell him how to get to their next class.

"Woman..." Vegeta started but was cut off.

"Hey, Bulma youíre going to be late for Geography." Drestu told her.

"Hey, how the hell do I get to Geography." Vegeta demanded.

Despite Bulma shaking her head no, Drestu told Vegeta.


When Vegeta finally reached Geography class Bulma was still on his shoulder, and as far as Vegeta was concerned she was going to stay that way.

Vegeta grabbed the doorknob and threw the door open. Causing the who class to look at Vegeta and Bulma over his shoulder. But it was mainly at Bulma's ass. She did have on a very short armored skirt.

"Vegeta let me down!" Bulma told him.

"No woman." Vegeta told her.

Vegeta walked to the back of the room sat himself in one seat and put Bulma in the next seat to the left of him.

The teacher was still looking at them.

"Continue." Vegeta told the woman.

The Geography teacher started talking about how Vegetasei was formed.


After Geography class end Bulma got up to walk over to ChiChi but was surprised when Vegeta grabbed her and put her back over his shoulder.

'Not this again.' Bulma thought to herself.


Bulma was tiered of this. Bulma had been on Vegeta's shoulder all day, and when she wasn't she was seat d right next to him. She was relived when the last bell of the day rang. Finally she could go home.

Or so she thought. Vegeta grabbed her again. 'Now come on what is up with this guy?' Bulma questioned herself. It's not that she minded being over his shoulder. She did have a great view. It was the fact that she hadn't got to talk to ChiChi yet.

"Vegeta what are you doing? You know school is over." she explained to him.

"I know woman." he told her.

"Then what are you doing?" She questioned.

"Going home." Vegeta told her with a straight look on his face.

"Vegeta where are you taking me?" Bulma said getting scared.

"Youíre going home with me." Vegeta told her.

"Why?" She asked dumbfounded.

"Because you still have to show me where our first and second hour classes are and cause you were a bitch to me. Your being punished." he told her nonchalantly.

"What?" Bulma screamed at him.

* * * * *

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