Chapter 2


Bulma and ChiChi exited Syenai high school as they heard the school bell dismiss them for the day.

"Bulma, can you believe that they assigned homework on the second day of school!" ChiChi raved as she moved her books to allow her to walk in a more comfortable position.

"Ya, I had an assignment in math yesterday." Bulma explained.

"Can you believe that they put me in woodshop." Bulma complained. "At least you are got into cooking."

"Ya I am glad about that." ChiChi remarked.

"Bulma did you see that hot guy in our Geography class, you know the one with the wild hair and that goofy grin." ChiChi asked with a semi dreamy look on her face.

"Ya, Goku, right?" Bulma questioned.

"That's him. He has such a nice ass. Shit, I didn't say that did I?"

"Well I wonder what Goku will think of that?" Bulma told ChiChi with a glint in her eyes.

"Come on Bulma you wouldn't dare." She said with a pleading look in her eyes.

"Well I won't tell him... Yet." Bulma said with a tone in her voice that made ChiChi not trust her around him.

"Come on ChiChi let's get moving." Bulma said and then they started towards their houses.


"How dare that jackass mother fucking dickhead do this to me!" Vegeta screamed in a fit of rage as he picked up another beautiful hand crafted oak chair only to smash it by throwing it off his balcony and to the ground.

"Fuck! I'm out of chairs." he yelled as he scanned his chambers for something else to destroy.

"Ya, the bureau!" he said with an evil look on his face as he walked towards the poor maple dresser. He then took his left arm and roughly cleared all of the things that had been on the bureau to the white-carpeted floor. Then he grabbed the bureau and walked to his balcony. Then he flung his very expensive bureau into the air only to regret it.

"Shit, I had my armor in there." he said as he flew down to what he thought looked like his smashed dresser. He pulled the drawers open to see his armor. He then quickly picked all of his armor up and flew back into his room.

He then set the armor on his bed and then walked over to his service line. He picked up the phone and told Rusioa to get a maid up here and have the cook send some food up.

"Yes, sire." she said before she heard him hang up on her.

"What a prick!" she commented to no one as she began to get his requests for him.


"Oh, this damn stuff is not even making sense to me." Bulma said as she tried to figure out the complex or so she thought problem.

"Forget! I wonder what ChiChi is doing?" she told no one as she grabbed her cordless phone off her nightstand. She pressed the talk button, then memory, and then ChiChi's number. Bulma was about to hang up.

"Hey, ChiChi what are you doin'?" Bulma questioned her as she played with her aqua locks.

"I was just putting a T-bone on its boiler pan." ChiChi explained.

"Sounds good." Bulma told her.

"Ya, so what were you doing?" ChiChi asked Bulma in return.

"Trying to figure out my fucking stupid homework." Bulma told her with a sigh.

"Hold on ChiChi." Bulma said as some one knocked on her door.

"Hey Bulma, there is some one from Syenai High School that wants to talk to you on the down stairs line." Triesucta told Bulma.

"Thanks, I'll be done in a minute." Bulma said before she started to talk to ChiChi again.

"Chi, I have to go." Bulma told her.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow in Geography." ChiChi responded.

"Ya, with Goku." Bulma said laughing.

"Hey!" ChiChi yelled.

"Don't worry I'm not telling yet, see you two tomorrow, bye." Bulma explained still with laughter in her voice.

"Better not, bye Bulma." ChiChi said before she hung the phone up.

Bulma then pressed the talk button once again but this time to turn it off. She then threw her phone on to her bed and headed down stairs. After Bulma was at the landing way at the bottom of the stair she picked up the phone that had been left on the table to her left.

"Hello?" Bulma questioned into the phone.

"Yes, is this Bulma?"

"Bulma, you have been assigned to guide a new student around tomorrow. Report to the office first thing in the morning." he informed her before he hung up not waiting for her reply.

"Sure, I'll do it you prick." Bulma replied with a sarcastic tone in her voice to now dead phone.

* * * * *

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