Chapter 1


"Bulma," called Tyrestu, one of Triesucta's new girls. "Triesucta said that you better get up now or else you'll be late for school."

"Kay, tell her that I'll be down in a few minutes, I have to get ready, and thanks for waking me up." Bulma told her as she grabbed her two towels and headed for the shower.

Bulma walked down the hall covered by the old cushy rug. It was the best part of getting up besides taking a shower. She loved how the simple green rug engraved with blue and purple swirls massaged her feet. She passed Hetcra and many others of the girls. There was an advantage of living in a Bordello, there was always a girl to help you when you needed it. Many of them even went to Bulma's school.

Coming closer to the door she put her shampoo and brush into her left arm, which held her towels. She then opened one of the unlocked showering rooms with her right hand then walked in and kicked it closed with her left foot.

She then set her things down on the vanity table that was almost completely covered with the girls’ make-up. Another thing was that she never had to buy any make-up, all the girls would let her use theirs.

Bulma turned to her left and stepped into the shower, she then turned on the facet. She turned the knob with the hot water as far as possible and then turned the one with cold just a little bit. She loved it when the hot water covered her skin. It felt so soothing to her.


After Bulma's shower she walked back down the hall to her room. She then shut the door and went to her closet to find today’s outfit. She decided on a dark green almost emerald armor. It started at her neck then moved down to her breasts leaving her arms exposed, finally moving to her hips then expanding into a skirt.

Bulma then walked out of her room, with her long aqua hair swaying behind her, down to say goodbye to Triesucta and get her schoolbooks.

"I'll see you later, Triesucta." Bulma told her as she grabbed her saiyan book and her history book.

"All right, bye Bulma." she told her as she went to get a drink.

Bulma then left the room and out the door on her way to school. Putting her books that were just in her left arm in her right arm she walked down the broken sidewalk to Temstia High school. She was glad that this was her last year. She was finally a senior, and another year at Syenai High School.

Bulma walked up the steps to ChiChi's private house. As Bulma knocked on the door a drunken man walked out of ChiChi's front door wearing only his saiyan breastplate and his boxers. This was the one problem with living in a Bordello, all your friends were working girls. Bulma then walked in the same door the man had came out to go find ChiChi.

Bulma found ChiChi rolled up in a sheet and she looked like she could fall out of the bed at and second. Bulma started laughing at the sight before her. Not only that ChiChi had her mouth wide open snoring. Her hair must have had at least fifty knots in it. And she had a menagerie of clothes and rubbers thrown about her room.

"Chich, come on we have to get to school," Bulma told her as she looked at the clock. "It's already 7:15 A.M."

Still there was no response.

"Alright you asked for it, I know you can hear me." She then added as she walked into the bathroom that was connected to ChiChi's room. Bulma grabbed the red scrubbing bucket in the corner of the room and proceeded to fill it up with the coldest water that would come out of the old steal facet.

Seeing that the bucket was about an inch away from being full she turned off the water and then brought it over to the front of ChiChi's bed.

"Kay, you have to the count of five to get up, Chi." she explained to the apparently sleeping ChiChi.

"ONE..." She started.

"TWO..." she said.

"THREE..." She stated.

"FOUR..." she added.

"FIVE..." she said and threw the bucket of water all over ChiChi's face.

"I'm up, I'm up!" she screamed as the cold water came in contact with her soft skin.

"Well since your up, get dressed." Bulma told her.


"Kustrem, can you go see where my ignorant son is at?" King Vegeta asked one of his guards.

"Yes, sire." Kustrem replied and started out of the thrown room to Prince Vegeta's Chambers.


"Prince Vegeta," Kustrem asked as he knocked on the solid gold door that lead into Prince Vegeta's many rooms.

There was no answer. So Kustrem being a new gaurd knocked again.

After about thirty seconds Vegeta quickly opened the door almost taking it off its hinges.

"What the Hell do you fucking want with the Prince of the mighty Saiyans? Speak up fool, before I kill you!" Vegeta angrily questioned.

"Your father wants to talk to you, Prince Vegeta." He told him before he ran off as fast as he could run.

"This had better be go old man." He said to him self as he started down the corridor that would lead him to the thrown room.


"You sent for me, Father." He asked as he entered the thrown room and kneeled in front of what he thought should be a retired king.

"Yes, I did. I think it would be better for you if you were transferred into public school..."

"NANI?" He screamed at his father.

"You heard me!" His father screamed. "I have made my decision you enroll tomorrow at Syenai High School."

* * * * *

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