I do not own DBZ or the characters...This particular section hints at rape and it may again possibly in the future..


Beyond This Day
By Lisa Starr




"Come on we have to go!" Dr. Briefs yelled at his wife. In their years together, he had never raised his voice to her. For him to do so now, well, she knew it was serious. She looked down at the small bundle she held in her arms. Their beautiful baby. She was barely three months old. She prayed she could keep her safe.

Dr. Briefs grabbed his wife and infant daughter and shoved them onto his spaceship. He had spent three years fighting this war with Frieza only to have it come to this. Frieza had come to Earth, pretending friendship, yet slowly enslaving it. He had sought out the doctor quickly wanting to use his knowledge and genius for technology that would have helped Frieza in his quest to unite the entire universe under his sadistic rule. The good doctor had no desire for that to happen. He had realized right away that Frieza could not be trusted. That the Earth would be just another bauble in his collection of planets. He had gone along with him, pretending to give in to his every desire. Secretly he had fed information back to the resistance that had grown against Frieza's growing tyrannical rule.Briefs had built this spaceship, knowing it would be his families salvation. He had been right. Frieza had discovered his duplicity. There was no where left to hide.

He felt guilty for leaving behind his friends and people he had come to care about, but in the end it didn't matter. He had to protect his wife and baby daughter, Bulma. How he had wished for a far better future then this for her.

He made sure they were safely strapped in then set the code for launch. Before the ship rocketed off, he saw his company and home through the window. It was in flames. There was nothing left for him here. He looked to the back of the spaceship where he packed file after file of all his greatest inventions and technology. He hoped it might be useful in the future, because he knew Frieza was not done with them or the universe.

The ship blasted off into the heavens. Behind him he could hear his wife crying softly. He wanted to hold her and his beautiful little baby girl, but could little afford the time. He knew Frieza would soon know where he was and would likely be on him in no time.

The tiny spaceship hurtled through the atmosphere erupting into the blackness of space in seconds.

Dr. Briefs had heard of a resistance movement that had been outside of Earth's atmosphere hoping to help in the ongoing battle with Frieza. The tyrant was slowly taking over every planet he could get his hands on. His goal to be the supreme ruler of the universe was becoming a reality. He hoped the resistance would take them in.

As he hurtled past the moon, he saw them on radar. Or at least what he thought was the resistance squad. Before he could open up his airwaves he felt the whole ship jerk.

"What in the hell?"

Too late he realized he had been trapped in some kind of tractor beam and it was pulling him in. He powered his ship up as hard as he could, but it was just too small and weak for the power and enormity of one of Frieza's warships.

"Frieza..no!" He cried.

He turned and looked at his wife, abject terror written all over his face. He saw his daughter's fuzzy blue head poking out from her blanket. He had been powerless to protect them on Earth and now he had led them straight to Frieza.

They were brought into the belly of the largest ship. This one was Frieza's himself. There was no hope for them now. He had failed.

Dr. Briefs gathered his wife and daughter in his arms and waited as his tiny ship was boarded and they were forced out straight into the presence of Frieza himself.

"Did we interupt a family vacation, Doctor?" Frieza sneered at him.

"Frieza, we were just..." His voice trailed off. There was no point in going on. He had been caught red handed and he had never been a particularly good liar. He could only hope they would be quick in killing them. He put his arm protectively around his wife.

"How touching. I hope you enjoyed your final moments together as a family."

Briefs said nothing, There was nothing left to say.

"Captain Ginyu."

"Yes Lord Frieza."

"Why don't you take the good doctor's wife to the whore's quarters. She looks like she will be quite entertaining for the boys. Dispose of the baby along the way."

"No!" She screamed. "Please no, don't hurt the baby."

Frieza smiled sadistically.

"Now, now, my dear, you aren't being polite, screaming that way now are you? The captain will take excellent care of you."

Ginyu drug her away, baby in hand. He licked his lips, she was attractive for a human. She would make fine sport.

Briefs lunged after his wife. No they couldn't do that. Not his beautiful wife. He was knocked to the ground. He collapsed into a ball, sobbing brokenly. How could this have happened. His wife, his baby.

Frieza eyed the broken man on the ground with cold contempt.

"How pathetic you Earth creatures are. You played at a game you had no chance of winning, my dear Doctor Briefs."

He raised his finger then, shooting a deadly beam straight into the doctors heart.

Briefs gasped for air, knowing he had only seconds.

"Frieza..."he gasped, " you will pay for your crimes.." He tried to go on but a sharp kick to the head ended his life. Dodoria laughter boomed through the docking bay.

"Oh, my dear Doctor, I believe you will pay long before I do." Frieza threw his head back and laughed. How utterly marvelous these humans could be. So entertaining.

Ginyu had drug the woman halfway to the whore's quarters before his lust overtook him. He wanted a taste of her and he wanted it now, before she was used up by too many men. He yanked the baby out of her arms and deposited it on the floor, ignoring her broken screams. He pushed her then, into an alcove, kicking and screaming . So busy was he with the fighting, screaming woman, that he never saw the shadowy figure that grabbed the baby and ran. Ran for his life.

* * * * *

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