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Kakkarot stared in horror at the ship that careened wildly out of control. "Chi-Chi, pull up, pull up." He realized it was futile to scream at her. He had no headsets, she couldn't hear him. What in the hell had happened to cause her to lose control. He rocketed into the sky after the failing ship, frantically trying to reach her, watching the silver bird as it spiraled out of sight. She was one of the best pilots they had, that she was out of control was not a good sign. Something was seriously wrong. He heard the crash before he saw it, felt the blast of heat from the explosion. He surged ahead even harder, determined to reach her, to help her however he could. He prayed that she had managed to evacuate the ship before she crashed. He felt for her ki, trying to locate it. He smiled joyously as he realized she was alive, it was hard to find but there was a definite energy source. She had made it. He zoomed in the direction that it was coming from, ignoring the burning shrubbery around him from the crash. She was more important then the ship or the trees. He had to find her first. He hovered above a cluster of trees. She should be right down there. He lowered himself slowly. The area was thick with ground brush. It was a veritable jungle where they were. She had flown way off course. What could have happened? He looked frantically around, her energy all but screamed to him, but he could see her no where. It was only an almost inaudible moan that alerted him to her position. She had landed in a cluster of thick shrubs and bushes. A slender hand poked out from the underbrush, all that he could see of her. He rushed over to her. "Chi-Chi, are you alright." He literally ripped the brush from the ground trying to uncover her. He knelt on the ground before her. Her body was twisted on the ground in an unnatural angle, her face a mass of bruises and bloody scrapes. Her long black hair had come undone and lay in strands across her face, he smoothed it gently away She was still alive and her pulse was still fairly strong. She must have been knocked out from the impact with the ground. He lifted her up and prepared to fly back with her to the compound. The Chikyuu-jin group had some kind of miracle bean. It would heal her. They rarely treated the Saiyajins to it, but Chi-Chi they would give it to with no hesitation. He rocketed off into the air, the crash forgotten as he flew her to the safety of their shelter.

He flew straight to the medical wing of the compound, grateful to see one of the Chikyuu-jins there. It was one he could deal with, Krillin. He was kinder then the others and more open minded. He wouldn't give Kakkarot a hard time.

"Krillin, do you have any of those beans that heal you? Chi-Chi crashed her ship, and she's hurt badly. She needs one." He tried to keep his voice calm, relaxed,but failed miserably.

"Chi-Chi crashed?" Krillin could hardly believe that. She was amazingly talented at everything she did and piloting had proven no different.

"We can discuss it later. She needs a bean." His voice rang with insistence.

"Sure, hang on, let me go and get one." He rocketed off into the sky, flying to his rooms where he kept a stash. Kakkarot entered the med bay and laid his bundle on one of the beds. She moaned softly, but didn't awaken. He leaned over and smoothed her hair back.

"It'll be alright Chi-Chi, just relax. You'll be as good as new in no time." He stared down at her lovely face. For some time he had cared about her, but been too afraid to admit it. When this was over he wouldn't waste another precious moment. He had to tell her. He glanced up as Toma ran into the room.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, I was standing on the bluff when she came zooming by. It was obvious that she was out of control. She was way too low and she just kept spiraling."

"I had her on the headset. She said something about a power surge from the engine and then she broke up. I couldn't hear her anymore."

"She was completely out of control when I saw her. There was little hope of her recovering it."

"Is the crash by the bluff?"

"A few miles beyond. She managed to eject." He glanced up as Krillin made a return. "Did you get one?"

Krillin entered cautiously. He was unnerved by the presence of so many Saiyajins in one room. He was glad the short-tempered one wasn't around. That one scared him. He held out a hand to Kakkarot nad deposited the bean. "They are senzu. They grow wild at certain times of the year, you have to know where to look."

Kakkrot took it and stared at him. "Thank you. I appreciate your getting me one so quickly." He turned back towards Chi-Chi and pushed it into her mouth. He forced her to swallow it and then sat back and waited. It would be a matter of seconds. He had seen them work before. They were actually quite amazing. So they grew wild. He would have to go in search of some. They would be very useful in the fight against Frieza. He watched as Chi-Chi moaned softly, lifting a hand to her head. Her eyes fluttered slowly opened. She looked dazedly around, her eyes coming to rest on Kakkarot. He laid a gentle hand on her forehead, urging her to relax. "Chi-Chi, do you remember what happened." He watched as she became more alert, the senzu working its miracle on her. She sat up supported by Kakkarot's arm.

She leaned back against it, marveling at his strength. He made her feel so safe. "I remember things were going fine. I was flying my test pattern, setting up for the practice bombing, then there was this surge ofpower. The ship sped up on its own. It was like it was locked on speed and target. I fought with it, but it just wouldn't budge. The best I could do was hold on to it and eject when it seemed appropriate." She looked expectantly at Kakkarot. He smiled reassuringly at her.

Toma frowned. "Dammit. What in the hell could have happened. I suppose I should grab Evetta and Raditz and go check it out."

"Don't forget to destroy what is left of it. We can't leave any trace of wreckage."

"Yes,I know. Alright. I'll go find Evetta and check it out, see if I can find out what it could have been." It almost sounded like sabotage, but who would have done something like that? He kept the thought tohimself. No use bringing trouble before you knew for sure. He turned abruptly and left. He had work to do and quickly.

"Krillin, I want you to go and ground all test flights until further notice, alright?" Kakkarot never took his eyes off of Chi-Chi. She watched him back, mesmerized by the intensity she saw glimmering in their black depths.

"Alright. What should I say?"

"Just tell them there was a malfunction in one of the ships and that were are checking it out. Assure them Chi-Chi is fine." Krillin nodded and hurried out. He didn't want to make any of The Saiyajins mad.

Kakkarot sat beside Chi-Chi and smoothed her hair back. "Are you sure you're alright?" He asked her softly. She nodded and leaned against his hand, savoring the feel of his rough skin against her cheek. He bent towards her, burying his face in her fragrant hair. "You scared me nearly to death, and that's pretty hard to do to a Saiyajin." She smiled and watched as his tail swung lazily behind him.

"I'm sorry, I guess I won't do that again." She leaned towards him, intent upon capturing the tail.

"Yes, you will." He gasped as she lunged forward and grabbed his tail, stroking it boldly and smiling devilishly at him. "I guess you are feeling better." He shut his eyes as she stroked the soft fur gently.

"Much, though if you want to come and play nursemaid, I certainly won't turn you away." She smiled as his tail wound lazily around her wrist.

"Do you know what this means?" He was managing to hold his control, but she was making it very hard.

"Why don't you explain it to me." She sat back a bit, bemused by his serious demeanor.

"Chi-Chi, if I take what you are offering, its forever. Saiyajins know when they have met their mates. You're mine and it can't be casual with us. Once we do this it's forever."

"Is that what you want?" She was a bit taken aback by his fervent explanation, but she couldn't say she was disapointed. She had been in love with him for awhile. She wouldn't deny it any longer.

"Chi-Chi, I knew awhile ago that I loved you, I 've just been too afraid of your rejecting me to act on it."

She smiled angelically at him, throwing her arms around him. "Kakkarot, I love you too, you big fool." She felt his arms close around her slowly. He felt so good. She leaned back and regarded him seriously. "I won't take anything less then forever Saiyajin."

He smiled slowly and stood up, swooping her up in his arms. "Lets go to my rooms. No one will bother us there."

"There all too afraid." She laughed softly.

"You're not afraid are you?" He stopped and looked at her with concern.

"Kakkarot, I'm not afraid of anything." Her black eyes stared at him so seriously he didn't laugh. She obviously believed what she said. He smiled. She was a fitting mate for a Saiyajin.

"I don't doubt that Chi-Chi, I don't doubt that at all." He ducked out of the med bay and flew off towards his room, happily. He had a mate to take and for once it might actually turn into a great day after all.


Bardock brought the ship in for a gentle touch down on Helsta. It was night and thankfully no moon. He and Vegeta would have been stuck on the ship if there had been. He stood up and left the cockpit.

Vegeta sat in a chair with Bulma in his lap, her arms entwined around his neck. Bardock was floored to see the boy smiling at her, truly smiling. He quickly straightened and resumed his natural scowl the moment he saw Bardock enter the room, pushing Bulma gently off his lap. Bardock grinned. Heaven forbid anyone should see Vegeta at ease. Vegeta scowled menacingly at the grin and he hastily wiped it off his face. "We are on Helsta."

"Good, I can get some clothes. The blanket is getting old." Bulma frowned down at the blanket she had wrapped around her.

"Yes, we should be able to get you whatever you need or at least clothes so we can take you out to get what you need." He remembered exactly what women needed after they gave birth and he didn't want to be the one buying it and he knew Vegeta would have passed out had she asked him.

Bulma smiled, understanding his embarrasment. She had made do with towels, but she was bleeding heavily since giving birth, nothing unusual in that, but when you had no supplies, it was certainly awful.

"Why don't you write down the basics," Vegeta's deep voice filled the cabin. "I can run out and get them then we can go out and get whatever else we need before we leave. I don't want to spend anymore time here then I have to. The sooner we are back on Chikyuu the better." He had a vague sense of unease. Nothing he could put his finger on, but it was there none the less. The sooner he had Bulma and Trunks away and safe, the better he would feel.

"I would really like something good to eat. Aside from the little that's on the ship, I haven't had anything decent to eat for almost a year."

Bardock snorted. "You mean after all those food runs I made for you, I thought you appreciated it."

She laughed lightly. "I did Bardock, but even you would admit the food on Hell left little to be desired."

Bardock smiled. "No arguing there."

Vegeta growled at the exchange between the two. Just another reminder of the things they had shared together. A reminder that he had left her to that fate. "Enough." He snapped, sounding harsher then he meant to. Bulma threw him an odd glance. He forced himself to relax. "We'll get some clothes first, then I'll go and get you whatever you want to eat."

Bulma looked at him for moment. What had brought about the change in mood? "Alright, Vegeta. Let me write what I need most." She turned and went to the cockpit.

Bardock turned and looked Vegeta. "What in the hell was that about?"

"What are you talking about?" Vegeta scowled at him.

"The way you just took off our heads. What in the hell is your problem?"

"Do you think I enjoy hearing you reminence about your time on Hell together. To know that I left her there pregnant and alone?" Vegeta stepped forward, anger beginning to surge through him.

"It's more then that. Don't deny it."

"I don't know what you are talking about." He saw Bulma and stepped back away from Bardock. Bulma handed him a piece of paper and stood back, studying him intently.

"I'll just wait here until you get back, maybe take a nap, since Trunks is asleep."

Vegeta could sense her confusion with him. He had startled her and he hadn't meant to. Ignoring Bardock he closed the distance between them, pulling her into his embrace. "I won't be long, then we'll go and get you some food." His deep voice seemed to caress her. She smiled at him and nodded. "Go lay down. I want you rested when I get back." He turned to look at Bardock. "I'll be right back. Don't let anyone in here." He turned and left, wasting no time.

Bardock turned towards Bulma. "Go and lay down Bulma. He'll be back quickly I have no doubt. I'm going to go and plot our trip home."

"Bardock? Why was he so angry?"

Bardock studied her for a moment, trying to decide what to tell her. "I think he's just unsure about our time together, what kind of bond we might have formed."

She looked at Bardock, her blue eyes filling with comprehension. She turned without a word and sunk down on the bunk. She would figure out something to say to him, to help him, she had to. She thought he had put that to rest.How could he still not know how she felt about him, that there would never be any one besides him. Obviously he needed some kind of reassuring.

"Bulma.."Bardock wanted to offer her some kind of comfort, he just wasn't sure how or what she would accept.

"I just need to be alone for awhile, Bardock." Bardock stood for a moment, watching her, then turned silently and left.

Bulma stretched out next to her sleeping son and closed her eyes. She was so tired. She just needed to rest and figure out how to tell Vegeta whatever it was he needed to hear. When he came back, she would say something, whatever she needed to say to him to ease his mind, to explain to him that none of it had been his fault.


Ginyu selected the final course readings for Helsta into his computer. He had spent a full two days in the regen tank, healing himself of the injuries the miserable Saiyajin had left him with. How he was going to enjoy making that worthless monkey Prince suffer. He would gladly repay him for every humilition he had been forced to endure, for every mark that had been on his body. Yes, Prince Vegeta would pay dearly. He switched on his transmitter.

"Lord Frieza." He waited for his master's voice. The only master he had ever known.

"Ginyu, I see you have decided to check with us. Where are you?"

His master was still displeased with him. He could hear the underlying malice in the cool words Frieza spoke. He would have to be sure to get Vegeta for any hopes of forgiveness. "I am preparing to land on Helsta. I have tracked Vegeta there."

"So you've found our little monkey Prince. Good job Ginyu. If you don't scew up, you might earn yourself a quick death instead of a slow, painful one. "

"Yes, my master." Ginyu's heart sank. So he was still to die, no matter what.

"I want him alive Ginyu. Do you understand me, don't screw this up as you have done everything else. If you do, you will know pain and suffering as you have never known them before."

"Yes, Lord Frieza. I understand completely." Oh yes, it was all crystal clear to him now. Very clear.

"Good Ginyu. I will await your next communication. "

"Yes, Lord Frieza." Ginyu switched the transmitter off. So this was his payment for years of loyal service to Frieza. One mistake and he was to die and Frieza expected him to roll over and take this? He wanted Vegeta as a trophy, and would offer Ginyu an easy death in payment. He knew he couldn't run. Frieza would find him eventually. He would always be looking over his shoulders, yet he couldn't just roll over and die.Vegeta.Vegeta was the reason he had come to this. He would gladly take Vegeta, but what then? He would just have to make it up as he went along. First things first. Landing on Helsta. Then he would formulate a plan.


Toma stared at Kakkarot in disbelief. Well maybe he shouldn't have been surprised. The sparks had been there since day one, he had just turned an ignorant eye to them. "You and Chi-Chi are mated?" He could scarcely believe the boy had done it.

Kakkarot nodded and pulled her closer to him. "I love her Toma, it was the natural step to take."

Toma looked at Raditz who shrugged. Who was he to judge his brother. He had a serious weakness for someone himself, he just hadn't taken the big step of mating. He was too scared to, though he would never have admitted that to anyone. It looked like he was going to have to make a decision soon. Vegeta had done it, even Kakkarot had done it. He was older then they were. "Be happy brother." Raditz's huge hand clamped on Kakkarot's shoulder momentarily, then was gone. Kakkarot looked stunned at his brother's blessing. He had expected the opposite.

Toma smiled. "By all means, if you are both happy, then so be it." He knew very little about Chi-Chi other then she was an excellent pilot and wasn't afraid to go toe to toe with the Saiyajins. Perhaps she would make an excellent Saiyajin mate. He turned back to the window. "I studied the wreck as much as I could. I found no discernible problems. "

"What does that mean?" Chi-Chi's voice was cool, composed, belying little emotion.

"I think it might have been sabotaged."

"Who would have done that?" Kakkarot was outraged. Who would dare try to hurt Chi-Chi?

"I don't know? Chi-Chi,have you fought with anyone, made anyone mad?

"No more then usual." She thought hard. They had all fought more because of the Saiyajins. Yamcha in particular had thought it unwise to help them, but she had forced him. He had not been happy. She would have liked to think he wouldn't have tried to kill her, but she couldn't be sure. She needed to speak to him alone.

Toma watched the play of emotion on her face. She knew something, but wasn't saying, or perhaps she was just trying to think about his question. "You might want to take care until we can figure out who and why."

"I won't let her out of my sight." Kakkarot snared her hand and squeezed it gently.

"Don't be foolish,"she smiled, "I can more then defend myself against most anyone except for you Saiyajins. Unless Raditz is the culprit and I seriously doubt it, that means whoever did it is human. I'm not worried."

"Unless Frieza has managed to infiltrate this camp, then whoever did it, probably wouldn't be human."

"You have no proof that he is behind it."

"No, you're right," Toma's voice interrupted Kakkarot before he could speak," I have no proof at all. I think we should stay as normal as possible, try not to tip our hand, until we know exactly what we are dealing with. Kakkarot I have a meeting tonight with another buyer, I want you to look around, see what you can find out."

Kakkarot looked reluctantly at Chi-Chi. He didn't want to leave her alone if someone was trying to kill her, or had they been infiltrated by a spy for Frieza and Chi-Chi just a random target? He looked back at Toma, "Alright."

Toma nodded. "We won't be able to move anywhere until we know about Vegeta and Bulma and your father."

"It's been over a month since he left. He would have made it there by now."

"Oh, I know he made it there." Toma smiled lightly at Kakkarot. "Vegeta as usual, made a very big bang." He picked up a paper from the desk and handed it to Kakkarot. Kakkarot's eyes widened as he read.

"Hell was destroyed?"

"Apparently. It has thrown the fuel industry into a panic. I'd say this could only be the handy work of our Prince."

"Do you think he found them?"

"Who's to say? We won't know until we hear from him. I have already been flooded by buyers for our fuel. He has certainly set us up to make more money then any of know what to do with."

"Bulma, you mean. It rightfully is all hers. "

"That much is true, but she'll share it if I know her. Speaking of which, have you seen her father and brother? I haven't seen them around for a couple of days."

"No, after I mentioned to them the possibilty of Bulma being alive and Vegeta going after her, they both kind of closed themselves up. I'm not sure Britton is feeling all that well. His training has been hard for him, much harder then it should have been."

"What's wrong with him." Chi-Chi had seen the young man around, but he had been aloof and quiet. Mostly unfriendly. She had dismissed him as no one important.

"Frieza gave him a little gift, courtesy of that sick doctor he has employed. A virus that destroys the brain, slowly. You lose your mind, long before you die. Not very pleasant."

"Oh no!" Chi-Chi was shocked. "How could anyone have done something like that?"

"We're talking about Frieza, Chi-Chi. He really could care less who he hurts or how." Kakkarot shuddered in remembrance of his own time under Frieza's thumb. "Well you might want to steer clear of him. He has already started becoming more temperamental. It's not his fault, but I won't risk you getting hurt. He'd hardly know what he was doing. The man he was is slowly being destroyed." Kakkarot truly felt sorry for the young Prince too. He couldn't imagine what that must be like and prayed to god he never had to find out.

"Shouldn't someone be decent to him?" Chi-Chi couldn't fathom leaving him alone to suffer.

"He doesn't want our help," Toma broke in, "he's proud and ashamed all at the same time. Too proud to accept kindness, and ashamed that he's losing control of his mind. Kakkarot is right. You'd do best to steer clear of him. He's become unpredictable. I doubt Vegeta will allow Bulma anywhere near him, if he does bring her back. He's seen what is happening up close and personal."

Chi-Chi shuddered. She couldn't imagine being healthy and whole and having it all yanked from you like that. It had to be horrible and frightening. She was glad for Kakkarot's warm presence beside her. Somehow he made he feel stronger just by being near her.

"Alright,enough of this pointless conversation." Toma had things to accomplish.

"Fine. I'll start hunting around for whatever information I can get."

"That's fine. I have a meeting later. As for Vegeta and Bulma and Bardock, well I am afraid we will just have to wait and see."


Bulma felt the whip descend on her, felt it leave it's burning brand on her skin. "No, please, no more. It hurts." Her voice choked on a sob. No she couldn't give in to her pain, she couldn't let it happen. Tantris's face loomed in her mind. " No, not you. You're dead. No more please."

Vegeta stared down at his sleeping mate in horror, watching her face twist in agony. What hell was she reliving. He dropped the sack he had and knelt beside her, hands shaking slightly as he reached to touch her. She jerked awake at his touch, her eyes wild and dazed. He realized with sickness that he had seen that look before, when Tantris had controlled her mind. "Bulma," he said her name softly, gently. He didn't want to startle her. Slowly, ever so slowly she began to calm, her blue eyes relaxing ever so slightly as she realized where she was and who she was with.

"Vegeta!" Her arms flew around him and she pulled herself close. His arms snaked around her, holding her securely. He could feel her pounding pulse, could hear her rapid breathing. His hand smoothed over the silk of her hair, slowly and gently, attempting to calm her. He knew what this was like first hand, only he had no one to soothe him after his own nightmares. This was something small he could do for her.

"Hush woman, you were only dreaming. Nothing was real." His deep, rich voice, filled her very being, eased her mind. Slowly, she relaxed, pulling away from him, laying back down on her bunk. He watched her with concern.

She saw the furrowed brows, the scowl. He looked so troubled. Her finger traced his browline lightly, trying to urge him to relax. "I'm sorry. I thought I was better."

He looked at her in disbelief. "Better? You mean this has happened regularly?" He stood and moved away from her, anger flowing through him. How could he have not known.

"Vegeta, its not as bad as you think, just every now and then, ever since they.." she looked away, not wanting to even think of her whipping, her throat already choking with the suppressed emotion at the memory.

Vegeta turned to look at her, saw her blanched face. He went back to her,sweeping her up in his arms. She sobbed against his chest. " I don't want to do this right now, Vegeta. Please. I told myself I wasn't going to cry. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing me fold."

"Woman," his voice was husky in her ear, "they are dead and you survived. You beat them all."

She looked at him sorrowfully. "I'll never be rid of the memories, dammit, Vegeta. They will always be there. On my back, in my soul. I will never be able to forget the feel of that stupid whip as it hit me over and over." She choked off as she saw the look of horror on his face, yet he had to know, didn't he. She pushed away from him and stood up, allowing her blanket to slide down, exposing her to his eyes. "Look at me, Vegeta. They may be faded but they are there. Can you see them? They will always be a part of me." She shut her eyes as his eyes traveled over her body. He knelt before her, his hands, rough and hard, yet oddly gentle, traveled over her skin. She gasped as she felt his mouth press against the faded white scars. Her hands found his hair, clenched in the thick black spikes. She knelt before him, eyes open. She saw the pain in his eyes. Pain for her, pain for what she had endured, and she saw shame. Shame for so many things, but she couldn't bear to see it in his beautiful black eyes. Her hands found his face, she kissed him gently. "None of this is your fault, Vegeta. If you want to blame anyone, blame Frieza, blame Tantris, but don't you ever blame yourself. I don't. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be alive, I would still be on that planet and I would be dead." She pressed another kiss on his mouth. He could taste the salty essence of the tears streaming down her face.He moaned softly as her mouth traced kisses along his jawline. He answered hungrily, grateful that she was here in his arms and safe.

"Woman, I shouldn't have ever left you. I shamed my Saiyajin race, first by allowing myself such weakness, then by failing to look after what was mine."

"Do you consider me a weakness Vegeta?" She pulled away angrily. "Is that what I am to you?" Her blue eyes flashed with electricity as she regarded him."The thought of you is what kept me going, what gave me strength to endure. Trunks. I had to stay together for Trunks. How can you look at me and tell me I am a weakness. Damn you." She swung at him and connected, taking him by surprise. His eyes widened as he looked at her. His little mate had just taken a swing at him. She stared at him, too angry to be afraid of his reaction. He slowly smirked. What a hellion.

Bardock had just entered the cabin area when he saw Vegeta and Bulma locked in some kind of passionate embrace. He made a quick u-turn back to the cockpit. Better give them time to work out their difficulties.

Vegeta reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her to him. "You are a weakness woman. One that I would do well to be rid of, but I can't let you go. Don't you understand what that means? I am the Prince of the Saiyajins. My father taught me well, yet I couldn't keep from giving myself to you completely. You have everything I am, my mind, my body, my soul. I've even given you a child. I have spent the better part of three years chasing after you, instead of going after Frieza. My home is destroyed, my life as I knew it is over. You are all I have left and weakness or not I will never give you up. I have nothing but you and the desire to kill Frieza, so that we might know some peace of mind in our life."

"I am still not a weakness to you Vegeta. I am the one that has created everything that has gotten us to this point. The fuel, the absorbers, the ships. I created that, is that a weakness? I could be your greatest strength if you would let go of your pride long enough to take what I could offer you." She looked at him intently, her blue eyes ablaze with more emotion then he had ever seen in them. He didn't want to talk about this anymore. It came too close to the issue at hand, and that was his training and the need to leave her and Trunks for an extended period of time to accomplish what he needed to. She would be furious over that decision, but he could not think of that right now. He sighed and stood up, leaving her sitting on the floor.

"Do you recall the words I said to you the other day, after you gave birth to Trunks." He looked down at her, his eyes seemed to pierce right through her with pent up emotion. Emotion that he had perhaps been containing for years. That could not be good for him, but she shook the thought away. Small steps. He had to be handled carefully, or she would lose everything she had gained with him in their time together. He was right, for a Saiyajin, he had been more then open with her, and that he was the Prince made that even more impossible, but yet somehow it had happened. She stood up herself and reached down for the sack he had dropped. She would allow all this to drop for now, but eventually things would have to be dealt with. He had to get over this residual shame he seemed to carry for his supposed weakness in loving her. What they had was beautiful and someday he might just realize that. Right now though, she just didn't want to fight with him.

"You never answered my question, woman. What were my words to you?" He closed the small distance between them,backing her up against the smooth metal wall of the ship. His hand came up to stroke her cheek. She leaned in to it, grateful for the contact. It seemed like she always wanted to be touching him,someway, somehow. He was so standoffish with other people, yet with her, he always allowed the contact. God he was right. He had given her so much already.

"Vegeta, are you happy with me? I mean if things were different and we hadn't been caught up in all this mess with Frieza, would you still..." She stopped, afraid of going any further, afraid of what he would say.

"Did I not tell you I loved you woman That you were all there ever was for me? Do you know how difficult those words were to say, yet here you have them again in a matter of days. It seems you cause me to discard my pride as well." He turned from her and walked away. "Get dressed. I will go discuss our plans with Bardock."

"Vegeta." She had angered him. She had been so stupid. How could she have so overlooked who he was, the pride he held. She had done the one thing she had set out not to do and that was give him cause to regret her.

"What?" His voice was so short and curt. He had never sounded that way before to her, only others.

"I'm sorry. I know how Saiyajins are. I had no right to force your hand. I guess..maybe I am just overwrought from all my recent escapades. It's been a tough year." She tried not to cry, she really did. She refused to win him over again by tears. She took a deep, shuddering breath, trying to regain her control. "I love you, you know, more then anything else in the world. I suppose I have had all this time to imagine the worst and to come up with horrible nightmares in my mind. For all I know it is residual after effects from Tantris. God knows she loved to use you in her visits. I'm just not sure anymore." She sunk down on the bunk, burying her face in her hands. What had happened to her. She had been so lively once,so sure of herself. Yet here she was having a breakdown in front of a man that refused to allow breakdowns.

Vegeta watched her silently. She was right. She had been through too much. He had no right to make her feel guilty for her insecurities. It was more anger at himself, then with her, yet she didn't deserve it. He sighed, what was he going to do. He had absolutely no idea how to deal with a woman who was on the verge of letting everything she had suffered with catch up to her. He lowered his head. "Get dressed, "he spoke softly, "it'll be alright.You just need time." He turned and went into the cockpit, ashamed of leaving her alone, yet not knowing what else to do.

Bardock turned at his entrance. "Everything alright?" He saw the crestfallen look on Vegeta's face. The boy was hurting, what had Bulma said to him?

"I guess. I don't know, Bulma is upset."Why he should be telling this to Bardock was beyond him, but he didn't know what else to do.

Bardock smiled. The boy was still so young. 'Vegeta, she did just give birth. It was my experience with my own mate, that women are very emotional after that event. They want love words and comfort. Bulma, well she's no different from any other woman in that regard, only she has been without the support she really wanted on Hell. I was a friend to her, and a companion, but it was you she wanted. She's very fragile right now. She'll be okay, but it might require you doing things you have never done before."

"How in the hell do I do that? My father wasn't exactly the best example of how to treat your mate. He went out of his way to let me know that mates were only neccesary for breeding and that I would do best to remember, that caring for anyone would lead me down a straight path to hell. Right now I am beginning to believe that."

"Don't be foolish, Vegeta. Your not your father and Bulma is definitley not your mother. Your father chose poorly in a mate, and for the wrong reasons and he suffered for it. You and Bulma, well, it's obvious that it was just meant to be, that you two are right for each other. Don't allow your father's mistakes to ruin what you have with that woman in there."

"What would you know about my father and mother?"

"Everyone in the whole empire knew what kind of woman your mother was. She was deceptive and unloyal. Your father fell for her trickery and regretted it instantly. You are the only good thing that came from that union. I suppose you can thank your father for that, though he did you a diservice with his teaching you of love. There is no shame in feeling love for your mate. Your father's failure with his own miserable union need not effect yours." He stood. "Enough of this talk, you have something rare, don't mess it up. I think we should have Bulma see a doctor, make sure everything went alright in her delivery. She seems okay, but we should make sure. Trunks too, though he seems as healthy a Saiyajin as I've ever seen. His lungs certainly don't need exercise." He chuckled.

Vegeta stood, amazed at how fast the man had changed topics. He had no true memories of his mother. Only a few snippets here and there. She had rarely been around him and the only true image he had of his parents together was so branded into his mind that he doubted he would ever forget it, though God knew he wanted to. Bardock was right there,as much as he hated to admit it, his parents were certainly not ones to look to for an example. He would have to muddle through it on his own. He knew that he would never treat Bulma the way his father had treated his own mate, of that he was positive.

Bardock saw the vulnerability that was etched on Vegeta's face. It surprised him that the Prince would so let down his guard, or perhaps he didn't even realize it was there. He would have to figure out the mysteries of his woman on his own. There was no one that could help him with that.

"Alright, let's get going. I know you want to hurry, and I am starving. Bulma was right. They didn't really serve anything worth eating on Hell. " He turned and left. Vegeta followed, unsure of what to say to Bulma.

She stood waiting for him quietly, Trunks in her arms. What he had gotten her to wear suited her even better then he had expected it to. It was serviceable, yet suited for royalty. He had made sure of that. He thought the knee length, black boots really set it off. She was always so polished even in blankets. That was what amazed him. He took a deep breath and joined her.

"You look better." He looked down at Trunks who lay snug in his mother's arms. The blue eyes that met him studied him curiously for a moment then began to droop close. He smirked. So much like his mother.

"This is perfect Vegeta. Thank you." She had scarcely believed that he had picked out something so suited to her. Black trousers, black boots that topped off to her knees, and a neat white shirt. It couldn't have served her any better and actually reminded her of the things she had worn at home. She had managed to twist her hair up into a loose bun with a few stray strands falling here and there. Just having decent clothes again made her feel a hundred percent better. She turned to go down the ramp, but Vegeta stopped her.

"I'm no good at this relationship business Bulma, but somehow we will get through it all. "

She smiled at him. "I love you Vegeta. That's all that really matters. I just want you to be happy."

"I will never be completely happy, woman, until Frieza is dead and the universe is mine, but that has nothing to do with you."

She raised an eyebrow, "The universe huh?"

He smirked. "The universe, woman."

She shook her head and laughed. "I hope you get what you want Vegeta." She turned and walked down the ramp. Vegeta followed, closing the ramp as he exited.

"Bardock thinks you should go see a doctor and be checked out. Let's find him and see if we can find one."

"Food first, Vegeta. I am starving." He rolled his eyes and followed her. Well maybe he was a little hungry himself. Wouldn't hurt to have some food.


Ginyu set his ship down rather roughly on the landing port at Helsta. His smile was filled with malice as he stood and gathered his supplies in the back of the ship. He had a magnificent plan.A plan that had come to him as he brought his ship in for the final approach. He even had a back up plan. He reached into the storage compartment and pulled out a small nuclear device. He had found these on Chikyuu. They were set on timers and packed one hell of a wallop. If he failed to take Vegeta, well it would be a nice back up plan.He just needed to get aboard their ship and plant it. Vegeta either surrendered or died. He smiled again.The Prince thought he was so clever. He would certainly be in for a huge surprise. Ginyu just had to be sure there was no one aboard the ship. He needed a few minutes of uninterupted peace to set the bomb and its timer. Then he would hide and wait for their return. Once they had taken off, well then he would make his appearance. Wouldn't the Prince and his whore be surprised. He laughed aloud at the thought of their shocked faces. He grabbed his scouter and left the ship behind. Time to get himself a new ship.

Toma sat across from the two men that had contacted him to buy the fuel. One was a Namekian, the other human. Outwardly everything seemed normal, but to Toma something was just not right. He pushed the thought down. He was just nervous after all the speculation on a traitor amongst them. He had tried to think of anyone that had struck him odd, but could think of no one unusual. The only one that seemed to truly dislike them was Yamcha and even that dislike was more for Vegeta, who had been gone for over a month. He just couldn't think that he would have tried to kill his own friend. He sat back and relaxed. He needed to concentrate on the task at hand. He had picked a place that was as seedy as one could possibly find, smokefilled and rough.The perfect place for a Saiyajin. He wanted to make sure that he stayed in the background, not easily noticed. He wanted people drawn away as far from the compound as possible.

"So you're interested in purchasing some fuel reserves" He kept his voice cool and neutral, disinterested.

"The thought had crossed our minds. We are smugglers after all, it pays to have fuel for your ship."

Toma raised an eyebrow at that. "A Namekian smuggler? I have heard it all. I thought you people were peace loving. "

"Not all Namekians are cut from the same cloth, friend." the Namekian had a deep, cool voice.

"Whatever? How much are you both interested in buying?"

"We aren't sure. We were thinking a hundred gallons or so to start with, see how good your stuff is for ourselves. "The human was a big, ugly bruiser of a man, scarred hideously. Toma wondered what kind of action he had seen to get that way. Most regen tanks took care of scars. These two were an odd couple at best. Something still did not feel right, but he just couldn't narrow it down.

"I don't think that will be a stretch. We can easily get a hundred gallons."

"How much?"

"We charge by the gallon. A hundred gallons would run you about a hundred thousand in Chikyuu-jin cash. "

The Namekian sat back at the price. "A hundred thousand?"

"Well, it is very dangerous what we are doing. We have to be compensated some way for our risk and now with Hell gone and the major fuel supply along with it, it seems like demand will only be going up. "

"Alright we'll take it." The ugly bruiser leaned forward. "Where do we meet you for the trade?"

"Where would you like it stashed?"

"We have an operation in the South Seas of this planet." We have a place there that we can store our supplies. That seems as good a place as any."

"Alright. Give me the coordinates, we'll arrange a transfer. I'll expect payment on delivery."

The Namekian nodded. "Fine. That won't be a problem."

Toma stood. "Good let me get the coordinates. I'll have the drop made in say, three days."

The Namekian looked at his partner, then back to Toma. "I suppose that will do. There had better be no tricks."

Toma stood and nodded. "Fine. you needn't worry. " He tossed down a compu pad. "Enter your coordinates and I will arrange the dump. You know how to contact me."

The Namekian quickly punched in the numbers then handed them back to Toma. "Three days Saiyajin. No longer."

Toma fought back the urge to punch the Namekian in the jaw. Cocky bastard. He refrained. No use tossing away customers. He nodded curtly and left, tail lashing behind him, the only sign of his irritation.

The Namekian looked at the man sitting next to him. "Radio Lord Frieza and Zarbon, that the Saiyajins are on Chikyuu." He stood and followed the path of the Saiyajin, not caring to elaborate anymore. He had done his job, he would go.

"Lord Frieza!" Zarbon burst into the throne room, pleased that he had such excellent news for his master. His master sat looking bored as he listened to a drone make some kind of report. He waved the drone off.

"What is it Zarbon that causes you to burst in here like an excited school boy?"

"My Lord, I have a report from the spy I dispatched to Chikyuu!" He was always eager to please Frieza. He knew this would bring him great joy.

Frieza perked up. "Really? What does he say?" He leaned forward in anticipation, his eyes wide.

"He says the Saiyajins are on Chikyuu and in control of the fuel."

Frieza sat back. "So he confirmed what we already knew. How fascinating. Ginyu is about to catch up to Vegeta, and the other Saiyajins are on Chikyuu. That must be where Vegeta was. He went back to Hell for some reason. This is all very fascinating. I can hardly wait to converse with my wayward Saiyajin prince, among other things." He chuckled at the thought. He had long decided that if Vegeta would not willingly give himself to Frieza, then Frieza would just take what he wanted. What better way to destroy the Prince in the end and get what he wanted. When he was done, Vegeta would be begging for mercy. This time he would see to it personally. He smiled at Zarbon. "Well it seems we have ourselves some monkeys to catch and the best way to catch a monkey is always with another monkey. Get me Nappa.I have a brilliant idea."

"Immediately Lord Frieza." Zarbon whirled and left to do his masters bidding. Frieza sat back and rubbed his hands together gleefully. How utterly magnificent these developments were. Obviously they had used the genius of the Princess to create the fuel. Perhaps that was the reason that Vegeta had been fucking the woman. Well, she would soon be creating these wonderful things for him and him alone. Vegeta was about to be his, and the trouble of the Saiyajins was soon to be resolved. He would send Nappa in looking for exile, then when the time was right, he would strike. Oh, it was all so perfect. They would be betrayed by their own kind. How fitting that was going to be. How fitting indeed.

Ginyu stopped outside of the ship that he knew belonged to Vegeta. He had gotten a look at it as it had blasted away from Hell. He quickly turned his scouter on. Nothing. There was no one there. Now had they left the ship unlocked? He punched the button.The ramp opened and slowly descended. How stupid were these people? They hadn't even keyed in a locking code. He hurriedly entered the ship and shut the ramp. Time to get to work. First he would set the bomb then he would lay in wait. He would set the timer and activate it with the remote. That would ensure that everything went as planned. He smiled as he worked. Under the bunks was as good a place as any. Then he would hide in the refreshing station and mask his ki. By the time they found him, they would be in space. At least he hoped that was the way it went. He could always improvise as he went along. He finished his placement of the bomb and stood. All he had to do now was wait and activate the timer whenever he was ready. He smiled when he thought of the look that would cross over Vegeta's face. It would be utterly priceless.


Bulma sat and waited as the Doctor pressed on her abdomen and finished her examination. She had gone in alone much to Vegeta's chagrin. He had made sure to let the doctor know that she was the Saiyajin Prince and she his mate , and that if anything occured to displease her, the doctor would fry. Well maybe he hadn't used those exact words. His had been much more primitive. She smiled. He would probably be considered heavy handed, but after spending so much time away from him and alone, she would gladly take his overprotectice demeanor. It seemed to make him happy. The doctor sat up and smiled at her. "Would you like your husband in here with you?" She smiled at the terminology. Vegeta never used the words husband or wife. He always called her his mate.

"Yes, I suppose he should hear whatever you have to say." She got up and opened the sliding door, wrapped in a sheet, poking her head out. Vegeta stood in the corner, Trunks in hand, scowling at anyone who dared to glance his way. She smiled. "Vegeta.." His head jerked up in her direction. "Come here." She waved him over with her hand. He looked relieved to see her, then nervous again as he stepped into the room and glared at the doctor,actually scowling when he saw her dressed in nothing but the sheet. The doctor took an involuntary step back. Bulma laid a hand on Vegeta's arm, felt the tenseness. He must have been worried about her.

"Alright Doctor, how did I do?" She took Trunks from Vegeta and sat down.

"Well, actually, for all that you have been through, your body has held up fine. I did find some residual scarring in your abdomen. "

"What does that mean?" Vegeta's voice was low and neutral, yet menacing in a very simplistic way, as if daring the doctor to give him bad news.

"Well, it could impair her ability to have anymore children."

Vegeta waved his hand. "That matters little. She won't be carrying anymore children."

"Still, Vegeta, I would rather not have it just in case you change your mind."

"I won't be changing my mind, woman. I have a son. I require nothing else. Carrying a Saiyajin baby is too much for you."

"Well, it can be easily taken care of, by an hour in a regen tank. Not only would it clear up the scarring, but it would heal you completely of the childbirth. You might want to think of it."

"I'll do it." Bulma could hardly believe it. She would be healed of the childbirth and back to normal. It would only take an hour. She glanced over at Vegeta. He looked like he wanted to argue. He obviously didn't realize what this meant.

The doctor glanced nervously from Vegeta to Bulma. "Alright..." he said hesitantly, "I'll go get our regen tank ready for you." He turned hastily and left. Saiyajins were always so intimidating and that one was actually a Prince. He had heard of Prince Vegeta. That was not a Saiyajin to cross.

Bulma stood up and went to her scowling mate. "Vegeta, its only an hour. I will be completely healed. That means everything will be back to normal." She smiled widely at him, trying to cajole him into seeing things her way.

"Whatever, woman. You are obviously going to do whatever you want." He scowled further at her and turned away, crossing his arms. She smiled. She knew exactly how to get to him. Her hand snaked out to his tail which he had let loose from his waist. She could always tell when he was irritated, it would fan lightly behind him at just a certain angle. It was a dead give away to his feelings. She had it in her hands before he ever knew what she was about. She smiled at the look of wide-eyed shock on his face. "Woman..." He warned.

"I asked you if you knew what this meant Vegeta," She drew close to him,whispering in his ear, her voice gone husky. He swallowed and closed his eyes as she gently rubbed his tail. He could already feel himself building to something and he needed to stop it now, before he lost all control and did something he regretted. With determination he yanked his tail out from her hands, which had only held it loosely. He carefully wrapped it around his waist and glared at her.

"We'll see woman." He turned, grabbed Trunks and walked out the door. "One hour. I will be waiting." He turned and stalked out. She rolled her eyes. He was sure in a snit today. She smiled. She had obviously affected him more then he would have cared to admit. She laughed lightly. It might just be an exciting trip home after all. When the doctor came back in she was ready. He led her to the regen tank where the assistant nurse helped her into the tank. One hour and her body would be completely healed. Vegeta just didn't understand, the horrors of giving birth and all it wrought on one's body. This was going to be great.

Vegeta waited impatiently for Bulma's hour to be up. He was at least grateful his brat decided to remain asleep. He had no idea how to quiet him. He should be angry with her for taking up his time this way,but he had seen the look of joy in her eyes that she would be done with all the post pregnancy things that had happened to her. He had found it hard to deny her and when she had grabbed his tail and...he shivered just thinking about it. The whole idea that she , that they might be able to..he wouldn't even get his hopes up. He'd end up with an erection right here and that was the last thing he needed. His head jerked up as he sensed Bardock come into the waiting area.

"Are you still here?"

"Bulma is in a regen tank healing her body from the pregnancy and delivery." Vegeta looked irritated.

"Well, that will be good for you,Vegeta." Bardock smiled. "That means that hormonal upset might just be taken care of." He almost laughed as Vegeta perked up. Obviously the Prince had not considered that idea.

"We'll see." He snapped. He doubted he could get that lucky. "Did you get your transmitter?"

"Yes, I just need the basic call signal for your place on Chikyuu. Then I can contact them and tell them to expect us."

"It should be on the ship, though why you want to contact them is beyond me. Those fools are why you and Bulma were stuck on Hell."

" I don't blame them and I am sure Bulma doesn't either. I think we both came to realize that you all believed we were dead."

"Whatever. I am not as forgiving as you are. Kakkarot will feel my wrath before this is all over."

"Vegeta.." Bardock started to protest, to say something that might sway Vegeta,but the young Saiyajin stopped him.

"He deliberately interfered between my mate and I , and kept me from helping her. I can never forgive that, so don't bother trying." He stood up and stalked off to a window to look out at the city. Bardock sighed and leaned back. He would have to speak to his son,see what the hell had happened. If Kakkarot had interfered with Vegeta and Bulma, then Vegeta had every right to kill him or at least attempt. He rubbed a weary hand over his face. How had things gotten so twisted? At least he had gotten some new clothes and food, he was grateful to be out of his nearly ruined Saiyajin armor. He had even gotten them some supplies and stored them on the ship. That had been strange. For a moment he had felt something out of place. He had thought that it had been his Saiyajin instinct speaking to him, but he had finally concluded that he was overeacting and it was just the nerves of all that he had been through. He glanced up as the door opened and Bulma exited. My God, she looked great, like she had when he had first met her. Her coloring was back to the way it had been, she walked better, straighter, like she had before. The regen tank had obviously paid off. He glanced over at Vegeta who had also seen her entrance and saw that he too had noticed the change. He smiled. Another step in the right direction. This might make things easier for the two of them. Bulma smiled at Vegeta and made her way to him, her blue eyes shining the entire time.

"I see you feel better woman." His voice was low and cool, sending a deep shiver down her spine. His black eyes were filled with an awareness that she had not noticed before.

"Much.."She murmered to him, leaning towards him slightly. He took a deep breath, allowing her scent to fill him. He could feel himself responding to her very nearness. No, not now. He couldn't do this now. He swallowed hard and tried to scowl, but failed miserably. When they got back to that ship, he was going to have to take matters in hand. If she was truly healed, then there was nothing stopping them.

"Come on, let's go. I've already paid them."

She frowned slightly. "Where are you getting all this money?"

He smirked at her. "It's yours actually. It's from the sell of your fuel. I grabbed some when I left. It is Chikyuu-jin cash, but they convert it easily on these other planets."

"Then you have actually sold it?"

"Toma has been. I suppose he has a quite a few customers now that Hell is gone. You should be independently wealthy."

She smiled widely, excitement shining in her wide blue eyes. "I'm just happy that it worked. I never really got a chance to perfect it and see it in action." Vegeta saw the slight disappointment on her face. She had lost a lot of time, and there was really no way to make it up to her. He laid a hand on her arm.

"We'll soon be back woman and you can carry on with your work." That was really the best he could offer her. He hoped it was enough.

She looked up at him. "I suppose your right. Well at least that stuff worked." She took Trunks from him and started out the door. She had everything she needed for herself and Trunks, she was ready to get to where they were going, to see her family. Vegeta had filled her in on her brother and father. She missed them,terribly and worried about them, especially Britton. Her mate had told her the madness was beginning to take over his mind, perhaps she could figure something out.

Vegeta stared after her for a moment then followed, Bardock trailing behind. Finally they were going home.


Nappa stared hard at Parisia. "You are not going with me. Final answer."

Parisia stared back just as hard. " Yes, I am. I owe Vegeta and his stupid whore as much as you do. I am going to see her dead by my hand."

Nappa snorted. "Right, then you're dead by Vegeta."

"By then I will have convinced him that he and I belong together."

"Do you really believe that? If I recall, Vegeta could have cared less whether you lived or died before all this started. I doubt that his feelings have changed any."

"I have to try Nappa," She snarled. "Eventually he will realize the truth. Besides now that I have the very valuable information on Bulma's true parentage, he won't want her. She's not even royalty." She smiled maliciously. The old whore had been very talkative, very talkative indeed.

"We don't even know if it's true."

"It's true. I'd bet any amount of money on it. I can hardly wait to see the look on her face when I share all the details with her. If her father is there, well then he could only confirm it."

"What if he denies it?"

"He won't be able to. He's a man of honor, a King. He won't be able to lie."

"He might to protect her."

"Well, I guess we'll see, oh can you just imagine her pain and suffering when she realizes that she's not who she's believed herself to be all these years and that the people she thought loved her, actually betrayed her. What a fitting punishment for her. My final triumph will be to see Vegeta reject her for the common slut she is."

Nappa's brow raised. He wasn't sure it was going to playout like she seemed to think it was. Even he had been able to see that Vegeta had been besotted by the Corennian Princess from the very beginning. He didn't think that it would really matter one way or the other to Vegeta and he was surely not going to replace his woman with a used up whore. Of course there was no telling this bitch that. Oh well,let her find out the hard way. "Fine. I leave in one hour. Meet me at the ship. I'm sure we can find something appropriate to do on the trip to Chikyuu. " He smiled laviciously at her.

She swallowed her disgust. The things she was forced to endure. Well it was all worth it if it meant the destruction of that pathetic blue haired bitch and Vegeta's immenint realization that they were meant to be together. "Whatever. I have something I need to pick up first anyway."

"Fine. I'll be waiting. " He turned and stalked out. He was absolutely so barbaric. She would have Vegeta kill him for her when the time was right. The thought made her smile. She gathered her meager belongings, and hurried down the hall to the med section. She had a definite little surprise all thought out for Bulma. When all seemed hopeless, when her life was in despair, it would be the final crowning blow to her. She stopped outside the doors to Dr. Zuad's office. She had managed to obtain the entry code, quite easily actually. The Doctor had been easily swayed by her sexual prowess. She hurriedly entered the code and slipped in the doors. It was deserted which was exactly what she had planned on, at this time in the evening. She hurried to the bio containers that contained the virus she was looking for. Opening it, she grabbed several of the deadly needles, depositing them in her small bag. Yes, Bulma's life was about to be changing for the worse. Of that she, Parisia, would make sure.


Bulma was the first one on the ship. Trunks was awake and hungry and she needed to feed him. She sat down in one of the chairs and prepared herself, swiveling the chair around to face the refesher. Bardock headed up to the cockpit, Vegeta followed him.

"When are you going to contact Chikyuu?"

" I thought we would take off first and then call them. It would probably be clearer in space."

"I'll look for the signal codes." Vegeta turned to look for them, not sure why he was even bothering to help. Maybe he wanted to personally tell Kakkarot that his father and mate had been alive the entire time and thanks to Kakkarot had been stranded alone. Vegeta's ire grew every time he thought about it. He had spent months seperated from his mate, months that had not had to be. She had been pregnant. Anyway he looked at it, Kakkarot was the one to blame.

Bardock sat and punched the ship to life,listening to the engines roar. After a moment he punched in the coordinates and the ship rocketed into space.

Bulma was just about done with Trunks. He had nursed himself to sleep and his little body hung heavy in her arms. She bent her head down and inhaled the scent of him,reveling in it. He was absolutely beautiful. She could not believe the depth of her love for him. Not ready to put him down she swiveled the chair back around towards the cockpit, wondering what Vegeta was doing.

Ginyu felt the ship take off and smiled. It was just about time to make his move. He carefully clicked the timer on the remote device and set it for ten minutes.If anything went wrong all he had to do was click and they had ten minutes to live. He smiled. What a brilliant plan. His bases were covered no matter what happened. He carefully opened the refresher door. He could see the girl in the chair. So she had survived the birth and given Vegeta an heir. Well that might be an interesting start. Ever so quietly he crept from the refresher, she mustn't hear a sound.

Bulma frowned. Why did she feel like she was being watched? She shivered. She absolutely hated that feeling, but really how could someone be watching her on the ship. The only other two people that were on it were in the cockpit. She looked back down at Trunks, trying to ignore the burgeoning fear she was feeling in the pit of her stomach. What in the hell was wrong with her. She stood up to go put the baby down, her arms beginning to ache.

Ginyu was on her when she stood. He stopped inches away from her and waited for her next move. As she turned and saw him, his hand came up and clamped over her mouth. "Not a word, or I will snap your worthless baby's spine." He smiled in satisfaction as she nodded slowly, thrilled to the look of fear in her eyes . She was really quite delectable. He would have to taste her before he killed her, perhaps in front of Vegeta. That would drive the Saiyajin mad. "I'm going to remove my hand, and you are going to stay very quiet, do we understand each other?" She nodded again. "Good." He smiled broadly and dropped his hand. "We might get along after all."

"I doubt it." She sneered at him. She winced as he raised his hand, but the blow never came.

"I thought I told you to stay quiet."

"Fine. Can I at least go put the baby down?"

"I think that would be an excellent idea. He might get in the way of our fun." Bulma thought she was going to be sick. She would rather die then let him touch her. Somehow she was going to have to get rid of him and attract Vegeta and Bardock without getting them killed. She gently laid the sleeping baby down on the bunk, hoping he would be alright, and turned back towards Ginyu. He was absolutely revolting. He beckoned to her. She had little choice but to comply. He'd kill Trunks if she didn't. Getting close to him, might be her only way out of it though. She had been trained in martial arts extensively, if she could get one good blow, something to disable him, then that might give Vegeta a chance to get in here and take him out. She walked calmly to him, attempting to clear her mind. She would need to pay attention, would only get one chance at this, one chance to do it right. She stopped before him and waited his next move, attempting to close her mind to her fear. He stood there staring at her, looking her up and down. He made her feel dirty. She shuddered and prayed that she could get through this.

Vegeta stood irritably. "I can't find it. I'm going to go out and check on Bulma. See if you can find it." He couldn't shake the ominous feeling he had.

Bardock nodded. "Sure. It's bound to be there somewhere." He turned and began looking through the computer's files. Vegeta was just too impatient.

Vegeta left the cockpit and entered the cabin the exact same time Ginyu grabbed Bulma. What in the hell? He screamed in rage that the bastard was even touching her and flew at him, but stopped short as he yanked Bulma in front of him, his hand formed a ki blast and he held it right above her chest. "One step further Vegeta and she is dead." Vegeta hovered for a brief moment then slowly lowered himself to the ground. He couldn't risk it.

Bardock had heard the shout and ran out to see what the problem was. He stopped short in shock as he saw Ginyu holding Bulma in a death grip, hand lifted to fire the fatal blow if they so much as moved wrong. Oddly enough Bulma showed no fear, she actually seemed oddly detached.

"You have caused me nothing but trouble Vegeta, why because of you I get to look forward to death by Frieza's hand. All because of you. He wants you back and the girl too. I think maybe I should kill her to make you suffer, and your little brat over there as well.

Vegeta said nothing. Whatever happened, he had only one shot at it. He couldn't get worked up while Ginyu held onto Bulma. He had to stay calm. He tried to push down the anger that he had felt when he had first seen Ginyu grab her. He found it being replaced now by a gnawing fear that she would die if he failed to do what was best. She looked so calm, not panicked at all. He was grateful for that. A frightened woman would be hard to defend, she might listen to him if her mind was clear.

Bulma was in the position she had wanted to be in. This might just work. She had learned a move that was specifically designated for this particular hold he had her in. It was almost too good to be true. He obviously thought she was helpless. He was about to be seriously mistaken. He had made his first mistake by getting on this ship, his second had been daring to threaten her baby. No one did that.

Bardock tried to think of some way to inch forward, to take Ginyu by surprise, but as long as he held Bulma that way, it was impossible. "How did you get on this ship Ginyu?"

"You were all so stupid. You actually left it open. It was so easy, I only had to walk in and wait."

"How did you survive Hell?" Vegeta's voice was low and dangerous. Bardock remembered that tone, Ginyu was a dead man and he didn't even realize it.

"You assumed I was too weak to survive your blast and I admit, Vegeta, you are strong, much stronger then you have ever been before, but I'm strong too. I was able to survive and get on my ship and lock onto your coordinates. Then I healed myself in my regen tank. I'll make you suffer for all the pain you delivered to me. I will return it to you and thensome." His grip loosened ever so slightly on Bulma,she felt it. It was now or never. She threw her elbow hard against his gut, putting every ounce of strength she had into the blow. He grunted and to her happiness his grip loosened even more. She slipped out of his arms and whirled on him delivering a kick to his jaw. He fell back, giving her time to slip away. Vegeta was on him in an instant delivering blow after blow, allowing his rage to take him over. He could taste nothing but his own desire for Ginyu's blood. Ginyu was dazed at first, overwhelmed by the intensity of Vegeta's blows and a bit terrified of the look of absolute madness that had descended in the Saiyajin's black eyes, but then he fought back, landing a blow to the Prince's jaw, snapping his head back and drawing blood. He flew at Vegeta, allowing his own anger to take over. He would see this cocky bastard pay for everything he had cost him. He would suffer as no one had ever suffered before. He landed a sharp kick to the Saiyajin's arm and smiled as he heard it pop. That would take him out. Vegeta sagged to his knees, bellowing in pain, holding his arm.

"Vegeta!" Bulma screamed out to him, would have run to him, but Bardock caught her around the waist.

"No, Bulma, you'll just put him in more jeopardy. Stay away from Ginyu." Bulma struggled slightly, then relaxed, realizing he was right. If she got caught by Ginyu again, Vegeta would be at a serious disadvantage. She gritted her teeth as Vegeta knelt on the floor, teeth clenched in agony.There had to be something she could do.

"Well,Vegeta, you are strong, but once again, not nearly as strong as I am. I suppose it hurts not being able to power up on your small ship. I doubt it could contain all your energy. I think I am going to have a good time disabling you, then taking what is yours." He looked pointedly at Bulma. Vegeta snarled in rage.

"You will never touch her." He spat the words out.

"Big talk from someone on their knees. What are you going to do to stop me? She looks like she will be a fine piece of ass." He laughed at the look of rage that crossed Vegeta's face. "I can't imagine what she is doing wasting her time with a dirty Saiyajin when there are so many real men like me in the universe. I wonder if she'll realize her mistake when she feels a real man inside her." It was the final straw for Vegeta, ignoring the throbbing pain in his arm he launched himself at Ginyu, kicking him hard in the side of the head. Ginyu's head snapped back but he remained standing.Vegeta landed across from him, snarling in rage, his damaged arm hung limply at his side.

"That's it Vegeta. She is mine. First I'll have to disable her. We can't have anymore of those tricks like she pulled earlier."He lifted his hand and fired at Bulma.

"Bulma!" Vegeta screamed her name while he launched himself towards Ginyu, his rage overflowing like a river of hot lava, pouring into his very soul. It was the final straw.

Bardock, pushed her out of the way with seconds to spare, taking the blast on his shoulder. He was lucky it had not been meant to kill, only to disable. He thought his arm might be broken. He leaned over and saw Bulma's face staring up at him. "Are you alright?" She looked at him with concern.

"I'll be fine."

"Thank You." She smiled slightly at him, still distracted by Vegeta's battle with Ginyu. She gasped as Ginyu came flying by her, Vegeta right on top of him. She scrambled out of the way, not wanting to get hit by the flying fists. Vegeta seemed to have gone over some plateau in anger and rage, oblivious to anything but Ginyu. His right arm still hung limply at his side, but he was more then making up for it with his left arm, pummeling Ginyu left and right. He cornered Ginyu and walked slowly towards him, left palm raised.

"How does it feel Ginyu to be defeated?" He smirked. "You always were a pathetic loser, Frieza's lap dog."

"That's better then being Frieza's toy." Ginyu taunted him, goaded. " I think you kind of enjoyed it when he touched your tail. " He wiped blood from his mouth. Vegeta snarled at him.

"Enough. I am cleansing the universe of your existence now. "He fired a blast straight at Ginyu's heart, shooting a hole completely through him.

Bulma turned away as he coughed up blood, unable to watch him. She stumbled over to the bunk where Trunks lay,in all his innocence, still amazingly sound asleep.

"You think you've won." He laughed, choking on the blood that rose up in his throat. "You think you've won." He pulled his remote device out of his armor, he barely had the strength to lift it. His thumb found the button.

"What's that?" Bardock looked at the device with concern. This didn't look good. He looked to Vegeta who looked back at him. Ginyu managed to punch the button.

"You are all going to die in minutes." He laughed again thickly. "I had the last laugh didn't I Vegeta?" He slumped over.

"Is he dead?" Bardock looked with some concern at him.

"Finally. What is that device?" Vegeta bent down to pick it up. It read ten minutes. His eyes widened as he recognized it. It was a nuclear device. He had seen them before and this one said they had ten, no nine minutes to find it and disable it. "Bulma." He called to her harshly.

Bulma's head jerked up in his direction. He sounded urgent. She didn't really want to go over there by Ginyu,to see his bloody body, but she supposed she had little choice. She hurried over to him, paling when he held out the remote to her, recognizing it immediately.

"Can you disable this?" He looked at her fearfully, not for himself, but for her, for their son. He hadn't come this far to have them all blown to pieces in outer space. Her eyes methis,wide and shocked, he saw his fear echoed in her eyes.

"I have to find the device first. I can't disable the remote. The actual device has to be found." Her mouth was dry. Why did this have to keep happening? She just wanted peace. Okay, she could fall apart later, not now. If they had any chance she had to keep it together, long enough to find this bomb and disable it.

"Alright," Bardock said, "Let's look quickly. We only have seven minutes." He felt underneath the storage cabinets, nothing, under the table the chairs,nothing. Vegeta hurried to the cockpit, while Bulma started checking underneath bunks. She found it under the second bunk.

"I've got it," She called, "someone get me some tools from the repair kit." Bardock grabbed the bag and ran to her. Vegeta slid to a halt beside her, remote in hand.

"Five minutes, Bulma." His deep voice tried to soothe her, but she could hear the emotion in it. No she would not allow it to end like this for them. She pushed back a sob. Not now, she could be weak later, not now. She slid under the bunk and fumbled in the bag for some drivers. She had to get it open. It was old fashioned in its design. Her hands shook, causing her to drop the driver. It slid away from her.

"No." She stretched to reach it, but it slid away from her, staying elusive. "Oh, God, no."

"Four minutes, Bulma," This time Bardock's voice called out the time. She felt Vegeta's hand caress her leg, offering her encouragement. They couldn't die this way, her son couldn't die this way. With determination she grabbed another driver and this time managed to hold onto it. She pried the device apart, exposing it's wiring and inner workings. There were three wires. It was an almost archaic design. My God which one did she cut.

"There are three wires," she called to them, "if I cut the wrong one, it'll detonate anyway." She pushed back the rising panic, just a little longer. Stay calm just a minute longer.

"Two minutes Bulma. We need to decide. What are the colors?" Bardock would try to help her.

"Red, blue and white." I'm just not sure which one is which, I can't remember anything I learned about them."

Vegeta heard the rising panic in her voice. He slid under the bunk next to her, grabbing the cutters.

"Try woman, you can remember this."His eyes met hers and she saw the look of adoration and devotion that shone in them. She smiled.

"I'll try." She whispered and took the cutters from him." What had she learned? White and green were almost always decoys. That left blue and red. Would red be the obvious choice and if it was did that mean that it was the wire meant to lure her into making a faulty decision? She just didn't know with confidence.

"Fifty seconds, Bulma. "

"Oh, God," She whispered. She should trust her instincts, they had rarely led her wrong before.Red felt wrong, she raised the cutters to the blue wire. If she was wrong..she felt hot, sick..she switched back to red, red would be the obvious choice.She could feel Vegeta's eyes on her, willing her to make the choice.

"Thirty seconds.." Bardock's voice shook. He was thirty seconds away from Hell.

Bulma took a deep breath, she couldn't linger any longer. She would go with her gut, she would cut the blue wire. She lifted the cutters to the blue wire, hand shaking madly, she tried to control it.

"Fifteen seconds.."

She almost cried out in relief when Vegeta's strong, warm hand enclosed hers, steading her. " I love you Vegeta." She whispered the words tearfully, then squeezed the handle, cutting through the blue wire. Her eyes squeezed shut as she waited for her life to end, for her very being to be blown ito a million small pieces. Nothing happened. She opened her eyes. The device was dead.They had done it. She heard Bardock let out a yell.

"You did it Bulma, with five seconds to spare, it's dead."

She sagged back in relief, letting her hand slide to the floor, the panic that she had tried to hold at bay rose to the front now, choking her, strangling her in its hold. "Oh, God, Oh God." She thought she might be sick.

"Woman,"Vegeta's voice was thick with emotion, " you never cease to amaze me." He rubbed her face with his good hand, his thumb catching on her full bottom lip. She kissed it. She tried to swallow back the sobs, but was unsuccessful. Her tears flowed freely, she covered her eyes with her arms, embarrassed to be breaking down now, that it was all over. Vegeta slid himself out from under the bunk and grabbed her legs, sliding her out from underneath the bunk and into his arms. He couldn't lift her, not with his bad arm, but he held her close against his chest. She sobbed against him, shaking with the intensity of her emotion.

"Woman, it's over. You did it and we're alive." His hand stroked down her silky hair.

"I..I.. I know, Vegeta, but I d..d..didn't know which wire to cut. At the end, I just trusted my gut and cut the one I thought was right..Oh, God, we all almost died." She took a deep, shuddering breath, trying to contain herself. She was okay, Trunks and Vegeta were okay, Bardock was okay, no one had died, so why couldn't she quit crying?

"Bulma," Bardock's voice spoke to her softly and gently. "It's alright. Too much has happened, you're just overloaded."

"I..I'm not even hurt, you two are injured, but I did nothing except watch."

"That's not true, woman, you managed to get away from Ginyu and give me a chance to get him. That was helpful." His hand continued to stroke her hair, his face rested against her head, she could hear his calm, steady breathing in her ear. It relaxed her slowly. She attempted to again get some control over herself.

"You saved all our lives at the end. Vegeta and I wouldn't have known which wire to cut at all. You did it Bulma." Bardock's voice was deep and even. They were both being so calm, she knew to calm her. It must be a Saiyajin trait, to react calmly in the face of death. She at least owed it to them to get herself together and look over their wounds. She carefully pushed away from Vegeta, looking at him. His gorgeous face was calm, but concerned. She tried to assure him.

"I'll be alright. At least let me look at your wounds." She tried to stand up, but Vegeta held her firmly down.

"Bulma," he warned, " Bardock and I have suffered much worse, we'll live, you need to rest." Her sapphire eyes were overflowing with tears and he could see the depth of her panic in their jeweled depths.

"No, you don't understand, I'll be alright, I just need to get busy, to find somethng to do, to take my mind off of all this for awhile." She tried not to glance at Ginyu.

"Alright. I think my arms broken. I'd like to rest for awhile, why don't you go up to the cockpit and take over the piloting. Vegeta and I can dispose of Ginyu's body while you are up there." Bardock hoped Vegeta would go along with him. It was an easy way to keep her occupied, yet allow her some rest.

"Bardock's right. You take the controls. We'll deal with this out here." He stood and helped her up. his hand caressed her face gently, wiping away her tears. "You were a true Saiyajin today Bulma. You have made me proud."

She smiled at him. A Saiyajin in spirit if not body. She kissed him lightly and smiled at Bardock."Alright. I'll go and take Trunks with me, make sure he's fed and safe." She reached down for him, scooping the little bundle up snuggly in her arms. Vegeta watched as she nuzzled the baby's head.

"You're going to coddle him Bulma. He needs to be tough, a fighter."

"There is plenty of time for him to be a fighter, Vegeta, after all that has happened today I just want to hold him, make sure he's safe."

"Woman, he slept through the entire ordeal. He is oblivious to anything."

"I'm not." She looked as though she were going to burst into a new fit of tears, so he dropped the subject. There would be time enough to argue about their son. He pushed her towards the cockpit, wanting her away from the carnage and destruction that had been wrought during his battle with Ginyu. He turned back towards Bardock and saw the man sitting weakly on the bunk.

"My, God, Vegeta, I thought we were done. She is absolutely an amazing woman, you have a woman fit to be your Queen, I always knew it, I just never really knew it. She has my undying loyalty until the day I die."

"I thought she already did." Vegeta stared at the man. He knew well what Bardock was saying. The way she had gotten herself away from Ginyu and then how she had saved their asses from blowing straight to hell. If he had thought he loved her before this, he had been sadly mistaken. Watching her in mortal danger, watching her stay strong and fight back, he had sorely misjudged the hold she had on his heart and it frightened him now, more then ever. Not so much because it was a weakness, but because of the sheer enormity of the bond, the power that she held so effortlessly over him.

"I have always seen Bulma as something special, but the last months, hell the last few days, watching her give birth to a Saiyajin baby, watching her tip the scales against Ginyu, watching her defuse that bomb, well I guess I have to admit that she much more then I ever gave her credit for. She has always had my loyalty as a person, but now I give it to her as my Queen."

Vegeta nodded. "Your loyalty is accepted Bardock. Now let's get Ginyu the hell out of here."

"How about the cargo dump?" Bardock looked at him curiously.

"Works for me. After that we can go and rest. My arm is killing me."

"Is it broken."

"I think so."

"So's mine. We should be alright once we get into a regen tank." They only had to endure the pain for a month. Vegeta grabbed Ginyu's inert body, lifting it and carrying it to where Bardock had opened up the cargo drop doors.

"This is really to good a send off for him." Bardock muttered as Vegeta heaved him down and out. They stood and watched him until he disappeared into the black void of space.

"I guess he didn't have the last laugh after all, loser." Vegeta muttered. He still shook with rage when he thought of what Ginyu had planned to do to Bulma. He wished he could kill him all over again. He slammed the cargo doors shut and they both climbed back up into the cabin.

"Alright, I am going to lay down and rest. Vegeta, I suggest you do the same."

"I'm going to go and check on Bulma." He left bardock and entered the cockpit. She was asleep, tears still streaking her face. Trunks had fallen asleep at her breast, his little mouth had trailed off, leaving one pink nipple exposed. Vegeta longed to taste it himself, cursed when he felt the tightness in his pants, and hastily turned away. Not now. He took the baby out of her arms and carried him back to his make-shift bunk, laying him gently down on it. Bardock was already out. He made his way back to the cockpit and took the chair next to Bulma, leaning back and relaxing. He felt his eyes droop close. He was so exhausted. Just a little rest, that was all he needed. Just some rest.


Kakkarot had felt the rise in ki. He'd been concerned enough to rush out in the middle of the night and check it out. It was a moonless night and pitch black, eerily so. Thankfully it was moonless. They had already encountered several full moons. It hadn't really been a problem, they were all able to control themselves in the Oozaru stage, but they were leary of it anyway. Kakkarot sped to the energy he sensed. It was strong, stronger then a human's. He wondered briefly if it was Vegeta, but discarded the idea. Vegeta's was much stronger then this and it was too soon for him to be back anyway. He slowed down as he got closer, caution until he knew exactly what he was dealing with. He searched the area, lowering himself silently in an open field. He walked forward carefully tothe edge of a crater, and looked down. Sure enough there it was, a Saiyajin capsule, round and smoing from it's impact into the ground. A Saiyajin? Who in the hell would this be. The door was open, the occupants had already exited. He felt out for the ki, it was behind him, he whirled around and stared straight into the face of Nappa, stumbling back in his haste to put distance between himself and the intruder. He had let his guard down.

Nappa laughed heartily. "Did I scare you, Kakkarot?" He laughed again, loudly. "Relax, I've already eaten." He motioned to Kakkarot. "So this is where you and Vegeta disappeared to."

"What do you want Nappa?" Kakkarot peered tensely into the night. There was someone else out there. They had a considerably lower ki reading, but they were still out there and that fact made him nervous. "Who is with you?"

"I've come seeking shelter and safety from Frieza. He's turning on all the remaining Saiyajins."

"Who have you brought with you?" Kakkarot's voice rang out louder more insistent.

"It's me Kakkarot. " He knew that voice. He looked beyond Nappa and saw her, Parisia, walking towrads them. How dare she show her face here? He ought to kill her now.

"I would offer you shelter, Nappa, because of our shared heritage and mutual loss, but I will not offer it to her. She is a betraying, bitch and I will not have her here."

"Is it your place to deny shelter. Whre i s Vegeta? He is the Prince. It is his place to deny our request, not yours."

"Vegeta is not here. I stand in his place. I can already tell you if he comes back and finds her here, she is dead."

"Hardly, "She snapped. "He won't kill me. He can't. "

"How do you figure?" Kakkarot snorted. "He despises you. He has despised you as long as I can remember. He loves Bulma and you've caused her harm, he'll never forgive that."

"Oh, please, spare me. When he hears what I know he will quickly realize his mistake."

"I doubt it." Kakkarot sneered at her. "You know nothing of Bulma, nor will you ever. Anything that comes from your mouth are lies."

"Enough. You really have no choice. If you don't give us the shelter we seek,I simply radio back to Frieza that I have found you. He is looking for you. I can always find another hiding place. " Nappa smirked cruelly.

"Kakkarot wanted to blow Nappa from the face of Chikyuu right there and the stupid bitch beside him, but he refrained. He couldn't do it. He cursed himself for his inability to kill at will. He raised his hand. Fuck it, they had come asking for trouble, he would give it to them.

"I wouldn't Kakkarot, Frieza knows I have come to Chikyuu, if I disappear, he will suspect that you have taken me in, if I live I can send him on a wild chase through several planets." Nappa could hardly believe that Kakkarot had planned on killing him. The boy had gotten some balls while he had been running.

Kakkarot cursed and dropped his hand. "Fine, I guess I have no choice. You can stay." Until Vegeta gets back. You're dead when he sets his eyes on you. The thought shot through his mind.

"Smart move, Kakkarot. You do have brains. Come Parisia. Let's retire to our new home." He scooped up the woman and flew up into the sky. "Come on boy! We don't have all night."

Kakkarot cursed again and flew up, turning towards home. This was a mistake, he knew it, but what choice did he have? If Nappa radioed Frieza, they were as good as dead. They at least needed to wait until Vegeta returned. Vegeta would be able to decide what to do.


Bulma came awake suddenly, not sure what had awakened her. She looked around. The cockpit lights were off, the only illumination being the control panel and random star that passed by the viewscreen. She glanced over and saw Vegeta asleep in the chair. Whatever dream he was in the grip of, it didn't look pleasant. She watched him grimace in his sleep, heard him moan, she reached out to touch him, but stopped herself. She had a better idea. First she would check on Trunks. Vegeta had obviously moved him. She ran back to the cabin and stopped at the picture she saw. Bardock lay asleep in his bunk, Trunks sound asleep in the crook of his unbroken arm. She smiled and looked down at them. They were both out like lights. She would thank Bardock later. She ran back to the cockpit and Vegeta. He had quieted some, but his face was still set in a mask of despair. She reached out a hand and caressed his cheek, softly at first,bending over him to press a kiss along his jawline. He moaned and turned his head, allowing her access to his neck. Her mouth traveled down and back up, working its way to his mouth. She stopped at the black eyes she saw staring at her, a haunted expression painted in them. She moved back away from him. "You're up?"

"I thought you were a dream." his voice sounded hoarse to his own ears. "All these months I dreamt of you in my arms, in my bed, and everynight I would wake up and realize it wasn't true."

"I know. I dreamed of you to. They were so real, like I could feel you with me, on me, around me. "

He nodded wordlessly, unable to speak. She was so beautiful, so utterly devestating to his every sense and she had no clue. It moved him to think that she was his completely. He knew that now, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

"We're real now Vegeta. There is nothing to seperate us. How is your arm?"

"It hurts." He shrugged it, and instantly regretted the action as a lightening bolt of pain shot through his body.

"Can I at least look at it. It would make me feel better." She spoke softly, almost lulling him back to sleep in its security. He would not have to sleep alone again. The thought shot through his mind, at least only by choice. She would be there beside him, instead of far away and unattainable. He sighed and leaned foward, trying to unfasten his armor. Her fingers helped him, sending a jolt of electricity through both at the contact. It had been far too long since they had been together, alone, this way. He allowed her to pull it off and discard it, his eyes never leaving her face. She found herself blushing at the intensity of his gaze. She reached over, her body brushing against his, and pulled the spandex top off, exposing his chest. She bit her lip as she saw it again. She had not forgotten his incredible body and strength, the way he could make her feel safe by simply holding her against it, but the memories of it were nothing compared to the reality. She trailed a finger down the smooth chest, smiling at his sharp intake of breath.

Vegeta could feel himself already hardening under her scrutiny, the way she looked at him. He knew she liked what she saw, that was obvious. He could say the same. Childbirth had only added to her figure, rounding her, filling her breasts out more. He sighed as her fingers gently touched the injured shoulder.

"A regen tank should heal it. Do you want to stop somewhere that we can use one?" She looked at him, her blue eyes full of question and concern.

"No, I'll make it to Chikyuu." He had suffered much worse injury and been forced to heal without the regen

tank before. He could hold off until he got back to the relative safety of their home.

Bulma heard the husky quality his voice held, the same tone it took whenever he was seducing her. It was working now, not that she had needed any seducing. She was completely ready to be with him, to share herself with him completely and unequivocably. She would hold nothing back. She leaned forward and kissed him, deepening the kiss when she felt him respond, her tongue invaded his mouth, tasting and teasing, her hand trailing down his hard chest to caress the distinct bulge in his pants. He groaned with the effort it took to push her away, but somehow he managed to do it.

"Bulma," he gasped, "are you sure your healed? I don't want to hurt you. "

She smiled at him. What that had cost. For once he was an open book, every emotion, every thought completely open to her. She could see his need and his vulnerabilty shining in his eyes. She imagined hers read the same thing.

"Vegeta, I healed completely in the regen tank. Everything is as good as new, better even. Please, don't deny me this, it's been so long since I've felt you. I need to.." She trailed off, unable to express fully what it was she did need.

He shuddered as she caressed him, was unable to look away from the need in her eyes, need that mirrored his own. He watched in silent agony as she slowly peeled off her shirt, exposing her full breasts to his view. Her boots and pants followed suit leaving her standing naked before him. She bent down and freed him of his own spandex pants, mindful of his arm, straddling him, sliding herself over his very hard shaft. She moaned as he filled her completely. He grasped her bottom with his fingers, unable to think, unable to do anything but ride the complete and mindless ecstasy her tightness sent reeling through his mind. God she fit him like a glove and it was like the first time all over again. "Oh, God," He murmered huskily. "God Bulma." His mouth found a breast, full and lush, and latched onto it, hot and greedily. She moved on him setting a slow, easy, rythym, grasping his head, holding it to the aching breast. She moaned as he nipped at it. He moved to the other one, not wanting to neglect it. His hand smoothed up her back, tangled in her hair, bringing her head back, exposing her neck. His mouth found it, pressing kisses along the delicate line, biting, nipping, marking. God, she set his blood on fire. He urged her faster with his hips, rising to meet her downward thrust, causing her to cling to him for her very life, to spiral out of control on a wave of complete helplessness and pleasure.

"Vegeta," She moaned raggedly, gasping as his mouth bit her neck, "Vegeta, please, I can't.." She felt it building, felt it coming towards her. All she could do was cling to him, to hold on for her very sanity. She had given him everything, was about to lose herself completely in him, and knew he had done the same. It was frightening and beautiful all at the same moment. She only had to accept it. Her climax roared through her with all the intensity of a shooting star. She moaned his name over and over, unable to stop, unable to get enough, unable to gather her wits. She could feel him losing his own control, felt him fill her with his seed, heard him moan her name against her neck, his breathing harsh and heavy. She sighed in wonderment as he collapsed against the chair, her head on his chest, her hair a blue, silky fall across his damaged arm.

"Oh, God woman."He took a deep shuddering breath, trying to still his thundering heart. What had they done? He shook in her arms as he tried to calm himself, to calm her. She clung to him as though she were afraid to let go and he knew how she felt. He groaned as he felt himself getting hard again, heard her moan as well, she was already moving on him. He gave himself up to it, allowing her to grab his tail, to pleasure him. Why fight it, the physical contact was what they both needed. Soon they would be back to Chikyuu and the realities of Frieza. He would take this time with her and use it completely and pleasure her through the long night.


"My Lord Frieza, Nappa has arrived on Chikyuu and located Kakkarot. He has been accepted into the fold." Zarbon smiled.

"Good, Zarbon, good. I have had no news from Ginyu on Vegeta, so I will assume he failed. Contact Nappa

and have him contact us the moment Vegeta shows his face. I so want to surprise him."

"What do we do about the fuel, my lord?"

"By all means, buy up as much as you can, keep them depleted. W can certainly use it for our ships, at least until the time is right. Then we will strike. I need to go and see my father, then we will set a course for Chikyuu. The lovely Princess can make her fuel for me and me alone and Vegeta, well he will soon learn his place." He chuckled when he thought of the place he wanted Vegeta. Oh, soon Vegeta would be giving him everything he wanted. He would not accept anything less.

* * * * *

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