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"Here's another, just like the ones that were reported before." Toma threw the paper down in front of Vegeta. Vegeta paused for a moment, then carried on, throwing punch after punch at the invisible foe only he could see, a look of rabid violence written across his face. "Vegeta, dammit, this is important. This is the third story of a fuel explosion on Hell." He shook his head. The boy had become nearly intolerable to deal with. He seemed far more animal now then man, consumed by a rage Toma could only guess at, allowing the cold ,Saiyajin fighting nature to envelope every part of him. Since they'd arrived on Chikyuu some six months earlier, he'd kept to himself and done nothing but train and train some more, nearly to the breaking point. He watched as Vegeta fastidiously ignored him. Damn his pride. He whirled in anger. "Fine Vegeta have it your way." He stalked off leaving the Prince alone with whatever demons haunted his mind. He honestly didn't care anymore.

Vegeta watched as Toma stolled away, waiting until he had disappeared from sight.Wrapping a towel around his sweaty shoulders, he carefully picked up the folded paper and scanned it. Another disabling explosion on Hell, nearly bringing the fuel shipments to a halt. He stared at the paper. What did it mean? Could she be alive? He closed his eyes painfully at the thought. If she was, then she had been stuck there for months on end because he had left her. He felt himself drop to his knees at the thought, not sure what was more painful, thinking her dead or thinking her alive and knowing he'd deserted her. No, Kakkarot had taken that choice away from him. He felt rage flood through his veins at the mere memory. If she was still alive and Kakkarot had kept him from saving her, he would kill him now, Frieza or no Frieza. He dropped the paper and fell forward, sweat dripping off his nose. Every night he had tried to sleep, to lay in his bed alone and come to terms with her loss, but somewhere he had refused to believe it. He had always known perhaps that she wasn't dead, but he had been too foolish to listen to himself. Every night it was the same thing, he'd wake shaking, hearing her voice echoing throughout his very being..'Why?' He could never go back to sleep after that. Inevitably the dream would parlay into something much sicker and twisted with Frieza. The shattered pieces of his inner peace broken forever because of the sorceresses and their nightmarish images. He felt a shudder wrack his body. He had to know if she was still alive,or if he was just being foolish. He couldn't ignore this, but he refused to let any of these pathetic weaklings know anything about it. They would not stand in his way again. He would not allow it, and if she was alive, he would never allow another thing to come between them again. He stood up and went to change his clothes. Yes, he would kill the next person that even thought about doing her harm. She was his and she would always be his and god help the man that forgot that.

"Toma calm down. Getting all irate like this isn't going to help things." Kakkarot looked at the older man in consternation.

"Dammit, Kakkarot. This is not a coincidence. Bardock and Bulma are genius enough to figure a way to disable the fuel lines of Hell. Both of them know what that would mean for the fuel we have and Vegeta knows that." They had begun selling it already, in the darkest recesses of the blackmarket trade and in their underhanded dealing they had made deals that had brought them considerable money already. The recent explosions had only improved the demand. The shortage of fuel had thrown the traders into a panic, nearly bringing their very livlihood to its knees. If this wasn't the work of Bardock and Bulma, then they could kill him now.

"Toma, he doesn't trust us any more, or at least me. Even if he suspected for a moment that Bulma was alive, he would never allow me to help him and since you stuck up for me, well I guess you are guilty by association. "

"Kakkarot, I realize that our relationship with him is strained, but in this we need to work together. I mean all he does is train himself into a bloody pulp everyday. His anger is going to consume him."

"He wants to get stronger then Frieza. Maybe he feels that if he can defeat him, his life will become more tolerable. I don't always agree with Vegeta, Toma, but I think I understand something of what he is going through. Bulma is the only other person he has ever cared about. He loved her beyond any sense of reason. I realized that when he was willing to sacrifice himself to Frieza for her. I mean what that would have meant for him, but he was willing to do it. That must have been terribly frightening for him, to have never known the emotion of love and all of a sudden you have the other part of your soul in front of you. Then before you can even fully explore it and your connection, it's ripped away from you. I think he must be reeling."

"That's all the more reason he should want to find out if this is them. He could have her back. Things could be better for him."

"Maybe he's scared. Do you know what it does to me to think that my father and Bulma were alive, that they could have been safe with us, but I made the decision to accept their apparent death and get the hell off of the planet? I already feel the guilt of ten people and I know everytime I look at Vegeta what he is thinking, the disgust that he feels for me. I can read it in the depth of his eyes. I can't even begin to fathom what I will do if they were alive this whole time and I left them there to survive on their own. Vegeta has to feel scared, thinking that Bulma will blame him for her suffering."

"Maybe your right, but we owe it to those two to find out for sure. I am going to arrange a trip to Hell. If they are there, we are not leaving without them."

"That's fine. Raditz and Evetta can handle the training of the pilots, though I think it is more Evetta then Raditz that handles the training. I think Raditz just handles Evetta." Kakkarot grinned.

Toma returned the smile. "I never would have thought that Raditz could have fallen for one girl, but that little scientist seems to have him hooked."

Kakkarot smiled again and looked out the window of the office he sat in. They had gotten to Chikyuu six months ago. Vegeta had went off to his training,while he, Toma and the others had begun the process of selling the fuel that Bulma had already had made. Some if it had been left behind on Cusanta.They had been unable to carry it all, but Bardock had fueled the other ship with the synthetic. It was the ultimate test and it had worked. Evetta had begun the developing of more as soon as she had reached Chikyuu. Enough had been made by the time they had arrived to begin selling and finally they had money. Toma had bought a place for them to stay. It was rather huge considering, but Kakkarot figured Toma had shown true forsight. They had an indoor place to store their fuel, an appropriate facility to hanger the JT 626's. It was in the middle of nowhere and difficult to locate. They had made no more then the ten Bulma had already made, but they had decided to locate the local resistance group on Chikyuu. They perhaps would be interested in forming an alliance. At first they had been reluctant, none of them trusting any of the Saiyajins and Vegeta and his hot temper had not helped. He had nearly beat the hell out of one of them, the stupid Yamcha. Kakkarot had not been able to fault Vegeta on his desire to kill the man, he was a prick on the highest level and had really nothing to back up his claims to greatness, but they really needed to forge this alliance,so Vegeta had been restrained. He had stalked off and refused to have anything else to do with the alliance. He would not even recognize that they had one. It had really been the girl that had been the key to forging the alliance with the Saiyajins. Well maybe Kakkarot should really call these people what they were. Thieves and criminals, but they had been forced into such dire straits by hard times.Hard times that could be directly linked straight to Frieza. Both Kakkarot and Toma assumed they would be more then willing to join in a fight against him. The girl had recognized Kakkarot right off. He had certainly recognized her immediately. He would never have forgotten her beauty. Then his thoughts quickly ran to the the images that Sabrae had stuck in his mind, images of this girl being raped and tortured by any number of monstous individuals. He had cringed then and looked away, unable to meet her eyes. Chi-Chi. That was her name. She had spoken to her comrades about his defending her and saving her life, Thankfully leaving Vegeta's part out of the story then offered her hand to him in an acceptance of his offer. He had shyly taken it. The rest of her friends had fallen in then, including Yamcha. What was it they had called him? A desert bandit. He rolled his eyes in remembrance.Pompous was a good description of him. A loud roar interupted his thoughts. He leapt to his feet and ran out the door. It sounded like the ship. Toma, who had been sorting through a stack of papers, followed suit. Kakkarot recognized Vegeta's ki signature. He smiled. Obviously he hadn't been ignoring all the reports Toma had been showing him after all. He watched as it rocketed into the sky and disappeared. Bring them back Vegeta. He looked to Toma who stood shaking his head.

"That stupid idiot is going to get himself killed."

Kakkarot shook his head. "No, he won't. He has too much too lose Toma. He has too much to lose.

Toma stood in silence and stared at the vapor trails left hanging in the blue sky. I hope your right Kakkarot.


Bulma leaned wearily against the pipe wall, waiting for Bardock to return. She had become to big and cumbersome to help out.She looked down at her belly. He had found her a huge teeshirt, one they must have used for larger prisoners to wear on one of his raiding missions. He had gone this time to raid the supply area for food . She'd been hungry. She smiled. No her son had been hungry. She rubbed her swollen belly gently and winced when a sharp kick was dealt her. It had all come down to this. She was eight and a half months pregnant. Bardock estimated a one month travelling time to Chikyuu. One last explosion, then time to blast off this rock. By the time they were able to hijack a ship off this planet she would be nearly ready to give birth and that was if he didn't come early. She'd definitley give birth on the ship. She'd had only Bardock's limited medical expertise. He had remembered his own mate's pregnancy and subsequent deliveries of Kakkarot and Raditz. He'dbeen present for both. He had kept track of the baby's ki and had even given her a brief exam, though neither of them had truly known what they should be looking for. In the end it had just been ackward for both of them. She could only pray that he would be alright. She couldn't, she just couldn't give birth here on this miserable planet. Why couldn't Vegeta just come? Every night she prayed that he would figure out they were alive and he would come and rescue her. The explosions should have tipped him off. Maybe he was on his way right now. She hoped so. She wanted him near her when she gave birth. He was her comforting presence. She wasn't sure she had the strength to accomplish it on her own. He didn't even know he was going to be a father. There had been no time to tell him. She shut her eyes and relaxed against the pipe. At least as much as one could relax when pregnant with a Saiyajin baby kicking every few seconds. Would he be happy? She hoped so. It certainly connected them to each other for the rest of their lives. It would be a son and heir, though she supposed there was nothing for him to inherit anymore. Still,didn't every man want a son. Someone they could pass down their beliefs to. She glanced up as Bardock made a quiet return. He tossed her something. She wasn't sure what kind of food it was,but at this point she couldn't be choosy. The baby needed substanance. "Thanks." She murmered in between bites.

Bardock smiled and caressed her face softly. It had been such a struggle to survive and stay hidden. After the initial realization that they were stuck on the planet, they had been forced to come up with some way to survive. They had started by exploring every single part of the pipe that lay unfinished. To their surprise it had been extensive and more the nlarge enough to hold them, though slightly claustrophobic. They had plenty of places to hide out and it was smoke free and much cooler then above, though it still got toasty. For awhile at least that would not be a problem. After that had come the need for food and water and basic things to survive on. Bulma had insisted on coming with Bardock on his little raids to the supply shack. She had known where it was and where they kept food and water. He had been resistant at first .She was pregnant and it would be dangerous. He hadn't wanted to risk her. She'd been insistent. So together they had gone and made the raid. Bardock had gone back later that night and done some spying. He had hoped to find out whether or not any ships were due to come in. He had figured that their only way off the planet would be by hijacking a ship. A supply ship would really be the only one they would be able to take. The prisoner transports would be too loaded with guards. He had also hoped to find out the extent of the damage of the firestorm. He had been shocked to find out that over half of the prisoners had been lost and roughly one-fourth the guard. Maybe that was why it had been so easy to sneak around. Communications had been severly damaged, though they had already been in the process of fixing them. As far as ships, well the supply ship had already been in before the storm and wasn't due back in for another six months. None of the supplies had been lost since they had been in the enclosed docking area. Six months.They would have to survive for six long months on this planet. He cursed his fates. How was he going to get Bulma through the pregnancy? It was of concern to him that the baby was Saiyajin and she was not. Saiyajin babies were notoriously hard on their mothers and Bulma was such a small woman, at least by his standards. She couldn't be more then five- five,five -six at her tallest and she was so slim. Her time on Hell wasn't likely to improve that much.

He had gone back to their hide out with a heavy heart. They would have to figure out something. So they had gathered as much as they could, trying to keep the looting down to a bare minimum. They didn't want to draw attention to themselves until they absolutely needed to. It was while they were looting that they had seen the explosives. They must have been using them on the sections of the pipeline that they were rerouting and rebuilding. In a spur of the moment decision he had grabbed as many as he could carry and taken them. Over the next few weeks they had argued over the wiseness of using them. It would draw attention to them.They risked being caught. Yet, they could bring the fuel industry to its knees and perhaps alert the others that they had been premature in their calling them dead. At the least it would give them a better chance of selling the synthetic stuff. Shortages always meant demand. Demand meant that you could get a lot of money for your product. It was their chance. So finally after two weeks of arguing back and forth they had agreed to attempt the blow up of a pipeline. Once again she had insisted upon being a part of it. He had argued with her vociferously over it. She was pregnant and had to think about that baby. She refused to allow him to go alone. Bardock knew that she would only follow him or worse go off and attempt something on her own. She would be better off with him, so he had reluctantly agreed.

They had waited until the pipelines had been shutdown for the night. Then they had appeared above the surface. They had made it to their first target. A section of pipeline that drew the fuel directly from the core of the planet. They had both set the bombs. It would only take a few to do the job. They had timed them for one hour, attempting to give themselves as much time as possible to make it safely back to their small little hide-out. They had made it unscathed and sat huddled together until the explosion had rocked the entire pipeline.They had clutched each other against the force of the explosion,both surprised at the force. Then as they heard the alarms and din of the chaos that had ensued they had both jumped up and down like small schoolchildren. Both giddy with excitement at their success and both still pumped full of adrenaline. It was what had happened after that that had concerned him.

He had been holding Bulma in a hug and had just pulled away from her to smile into her face. Instead they had stared at each other in silence. Both had felt the mood change, both were oddly mesmerized by it. She had smiled shyly at him and attempted to pull away, but he had held on to her, pulling her against him into a lingering kiss. At first she had resisted, but then slowly she had melted against him. He had recogized it for what it was the moment he had done it and knew she understood it as the same thing. It came out of a need for comfort,out of the intensity of their situation, out of the adrenaline that still raged through both of their bodies. She didn't love him, any more then he loved her,but they needed each other. The kisses had begun to turn more heated, he had felt his hands roaming her body, touching the curves that were so enticing to watch.His mouth following suit. She had returned his fervor, allowing her hands to explore him, shyly at first, then more boldly as she got comfortable. He had begun to strip off her clothes, ready to take what he needed. He had jerked off his pants and been mere inches away from taking her when he had felt her sobbing against him and felt reality come falling back to him very slowly. He had forced himself to stop and looked at her very slowly .

"I can't do this Bardock. I'm so sorry, I thought I could, but my body is his, and my mind.." she had choked on a sob, her blue eyes shining with tears. "I can't betray him." He was so close. All he had to do was thrust once and he would be inside her. She had looked at him with such pain then, that he had melted. It was by far the hardest thing he had ever done, but somehow he had found the strength to do it. He had looked down at his throbbing erection and shaken his head. How in the hell was he supposed to get rid of that thing? He had looked up into her eyes and she must have seen it. He had felt her small hand encircle his shaft and she had quickly finished him off. It had not taken much, he'd been so ready. He had dipped his hand down between her legs thinking to ease her own aroused state. She had not been quick enough to head him off, and she had moaned softly as his hand massaged her, his mouth had captured her nipple and he had found to his horror that he was allowing himself to get turned on again, but she had managed to regain her senses and push him away. She must be in a far greater hell then he was. She had silently dressed and laid down to sleep. He had gone back up to the surface to assess the situation,berating himself the entire time for what had almost happened and for what he had actually allowed to happen. He was old enough to know better. She was no more then a girl, deeply in love with another man, pregnant with his child. Her body raging with hormones and that was on top of all that they were experiencing now in their quest to survive.Even if she had gone through with it, it would have destroyed her. Her guilt would have driven her to confess to the Prince and Vegeta was just too self-centered at times to be very understanding. He doubted Vegeta would have been very forgiving. If he found out she had even touched him the way she had he would probably go crazy. Hell, he probably would, at the very least, kill Bardock. He couldn't blame him. He would have too. He had gone back to her then and woken her up. "Bulma, I'm sorry.That was all my fault. The adrenaline, the situation. I think we were just looking for an outlet. It was a mistake. " He had hugged her, chastely this time, and fully comfortable in whatever friendship they could forge between them. She had hugged him back and cried softly against his chest, glad for the comfort. They had rebuilt their relationship from that day, learning to rely on each other,to trust completely in each other, to become true partners in their quest for survival.

They had waited another month or so before attempting another explosion. This time they attempted two large sections of pipeline. Once again,a complete and utter success. They had jumped up and down again,this time though they had celebrated with extra food and water pilfered from the supply compound. He had also began to think of collecting supplies that might be needed in case a delivery was imminent. He had gathered whatever he could find,which wasn't much, but he had looted the medical building. He had gathered every possible supply he had thought she might need. Painkillers, towels, regenerative fluid strips. That had been a recent invention. Strips of cloth bandages that stayed soaked in the healing fluids of the regeneration tank. They were enclosed in plastic sheets and could be placed on areas that had been damaged or cut. It was useful if you had no access to a tank. He took them in various sizes.You never know what you might need. The next bombing raid had been his and his alone. It had been the most recent one, and she was just too cumbersome to be of any help. They had stepped up the guards along the pipeline extensively. It had taken all his Saiyajin wit and skill to locate and sneak in under watch and set the bombs. It had actually been thrilling, his Saiyajin blood rising to the occasion. He had blown up two more pipelines that night and he was sure several unsuspecting guards. After a couple of days he had pushed up to the communications building and spied on the guards in it. Frieza was sending Ginyu to oversee the hunt for the perpatrators of the vandalism. He would be arriving roughly the exact same time as the supply ship they were hoping to get out on. That would complicate things greatly. Yet, with the success that he had tasted he wanted to attempt one more completely debilitating explosion. One that would bring the fuel industry completely to its knees. It would have to happen on the night of their escape. It could prove a worthy distraction, or at least enough of one to allow them the needed minutes to escape. That had been two weeks ago. They had two more weeks to go until all their plans came to fruition. Two more weeks. He was going to have to make it work.

Bulma looked at him. "Do you have everything you need?" She was filling slightly more satisfied with the food, he'd brought, in her belly, but didn't doubt that the little devil would want more very soon. She would be glad when this was over. When she could see her feet again and be slim and active. She knew Bardock was worried about her, worried about her capabilities in bringing the baby into the world. He'd been so kind to her and helpful, especially after the incident. That was what she had reduced it to in her mind. Their almost moment of complete insanity.She had almost lost her reasoning then. She could never tell Vegeta any of what had happened. Even though she had not allowed Bardock to touch her, she had touched him. She had felt obligated to. It was her fault that he had been in such an aroused state. She couldn't thank him for his honor, then leave him to deal with that. So she had helped to ease it. He'd been right. It had more to do with their simply being in a close, intense situation then any feelings they had for one another, but she knew Vegeta would never see it that way, nor would he forgive her. She would be forever grateful to Bardock for being able to pull away. She could imagine what that had taken.

"What things? Things for your delivery or supplies for the bombing?"

"I guess any of it."

"Yeah, I have eveything I need, but I'm still trying to figure out how it is going to be done. Ginyu really makes me nervous. I'm hoping by some miracle that he manages to not arrive until after we are gone."

"Do you think that will happen?"

"Honestly,no, we won't get that lucky.As it is, I'm surprised they have waited this long to send him. They must think that the perpatrators are prisoners. It has never even dawned on them that we might be hiding in this unfinished pipeline. I guess they aren't particularly brainy. I figure while he's distracted by the explosion I set off, I'll disable his ship someway, so that he's stuck, at least for awhile. It might buy us a little time,then we'll need to get somewhere safe for you to have this baby. "

"I hope I can hold off long enough for this to go the way you have planned."

"Nothing ever goes as planned Bulma, just remember that. It's whether or not you can roll with the punches that'll make the difference. Have you experienced anything, any pains?"

"Just the occasional twinge. I do feel heavier or at least the baby seems to have shifted."

"He's dropped. That means anytime." He squeezed her hand. "Don't worry Bulma. Everything will be alright."

"I just want Vegeta here. You know he doesn't even know. "

Bardock smiled at her. "Well I guess he's going to be in for one hell of a surprise when he sees you next."

She laughed softly, imagining Vegeta's expression. Not only was she alive, but she was alive with baby. She could see abject horror. For some reason, right now, that amused her.

"Lay down Bulma, and get some rest. You're going to need every bit you can get." He was relieved when she readily agreed. She must be exhausted. The heat mixed with the discomfort of her pregnancy had to be completely draining. He leaned back and rubbed her head gently, trying to help her relax. He just hoped that he could get them through this safely and in one piece. That would be the challenge. The very test of his Saiyajin abilities in survival. He would at least find out what he was made of. Of that there was little doubt.


Frieza stared at the small device that Vegeta had left behind in his most recent escape. It had been discovered in the armor room amongst the Saiyajin escapees discarded armor. His idiot doctor had labored for several months now trying to figure out what it was.

"So tell me Dr. Zuad, have we finally cracked the mystery of this small little toy?"

"Yes,my lord Frieza. I believe we have. It appears to be some kind of energy absorber."

Frieza cocked his head oddly. "Energy absorber? Whatever do you mean?"

"Well, Lord Frieza,perhaps I could demonstrate."

Nervously, he took the other one that had been found and held it out. "Now fire a blast straight at me my lord." He prayed that he was right. Frieza fired a beam at him and to his astonishment the small device sucked it in.

"Well this certainly is a find, Dr. Zuad. Do you think you can replicate these?" This must be the work of the Princess. What a treasure she was. He had to locate her. She should be designing these wonderful toys for him.

"Reasonably certain. They don't seem horribly complicated. It will take a bit of time."

"See that it doesn't take too much time. These will come in handy."

"Yes, Lord Frieza, I will get right on it." He whirled and nearly bowled Nappa over in his desire to get away. Nappa growled at him, sending the small doctor skittering away in horror.

"Aah, Nappa. Have you any news to report on your lost Prince?"

"No, Lord Frieza. Nothing. There is no trace of him, Kakkarot or the girl since their escape from Hell."

Frieza rose angrily to his feet. "How is it possible Nappa, that he could remain hidden for so long? Are you truly trying your hardest? Are you using your Saiyajin wit for this task or is that the problem? Are you requiring some aid in your quest?"

Nappa bowed his head. Through clenched teeth he spit out words that ate his very soul. "Perhaps another man or two would be able to help me. The universe is a large place. It is hard to see to everything at once." He silently cursed the surviving members of his race for deserting him and leaving him to this fate. He would make sure the Prince understood exactly what this felt like. He'd been loyal, but the last escape had been too much for him.

"Fine. Zarbon, I want you to begin aiding Nappa in any way possible. Why don't we give Nappa the evening off. He looks tired. You can see what you come up with tonight. Who knows we might just have our little birds found before morning."

Nappa snarled quietly, but kept silent. He longed to get away from the fetid odor of decay that hung over Frieza. How he loathed him. It was only fear that kept him in line now. He would find a way to avenge King Vegeta and Vegittasei someday.

"You may go Nappa and rest. You Saiyajins are really such weak creatures." He laughed mockingly as Nappa frowned. Zarbon joined him.

"As you wish Lord Frieza," Nappa was barely able to spit the words out. He turned and stalked off. He needed a visit to the whore's quarters. Do something to relieve the pent up anger in him. He knew exactly which whore he wanted.

Parisia was sitting on her bed when the door banged open. She jumped up in shock as Nappa stalked into her room. In his haste and fury, he didn't even bother to close the door. He threw her down on the bed, ripped her clothing off then proceeded to take her violently. She felt nearly ripped in two, but she thrilled to it. Unfortunately it was over as a soon as it started. She lay on bed half turned on with his animal display. The other half was repelled by his crudity. He hadn't even bothered to close the damn door. How she wished she had Vegeta right now. That was a man. She sighed as he rolled off of her, heaving with his exhaustions. As big as he was,and as physically fit, he certainly seemed out of shape. He had nothing of Vegeta's iron control.

"Well, can I take it that things haven't gone well, Nappa?" She waited for his reply anxiously. He was the one searching for Vegeta. Once he knew where he was, she would be there. He would be hers and no one would stand in her way.

"No, I still can't turn up the bastard. " He snorted in disgust. The damn Prince had turned against his father and his whole race.

"What about the lovely Bulma?" Before Nappa could form an answer they heard a loud crash in the hall. Both of their heads snapped up. Outside stood a woman, eyes open wide, shoulders shaking violently. Parisia recognized her as Ginyu's own whore.She was older, but still quite attractive with pale blonde hair. Her complexion was much paler then normal,almost blanched. Something had shocked her. Nappa growled in anger. How dare the old bitch intrude upon them. He leapt up to strike her down, but Parisia's voice rang through the room, bringing him to a screeching halt.

"Nappa no. Something has startled her. " Parisia was very curious.

"Did you say Bulma?"The voice spoke evenly but quietly, seeming to gather nerve with each word voiced.

"Why yes, do you know her?" Parisia slowly pulled on a robe and approached the woman, non threateningly. She looked like she would bolt at anytime.

"I used to have a daughter by that name. Before Frieza killed my family and destroyed my home." She broke down into a sobbing mass of jelly, sinking to the floor. Her thin shoulders shook with years of pent up emotion. Parisia put her arms around the woman and gently pulled her up. "Come now.Why don't you come in and tell us all about Bulma." She led the shaking woman into her room. "Nappa close the door." The door slid shut with finality.

Frieza smiled at Zarbon. "Well Zarbon I suppose I have given you a rather unfair task, working with Nappa."

Zarbon smiled prettily at his Lord. " I can handle him easily."

"Yes, I know you can. I have complete faith in you. I have dispatched Ginyu to Hell. He should be able to come up with the vandals that are blowing up the pipeline. I will make sure they regret that decision."

"Do you believe they are connected to Vegeta, Lord Frieza?"

"I rule nothing out, though there are eye witness reports that they got off the planet. It all seems a little too intelligent for our Saiyajin friends. The Princess would have to have some part of it. Have you heard anymore about the underground sales of fuel?"

"Just a few whispers. I have just sent a spy in to try to get into one of the deals. That should tell us exactly who's involved in it."

"Yes, I have a feeling I will find it all quite interesting." He stroked Zarbon's hair, his purple tongue fluttered out, gently licking his ear, "I can promise you this Zarbon, they will be very sorry. Very sorry indeed."


Vegeta took in the sight of Hell from his viewscreen. This time he would blow the planet to the next dimension. His body shook with the effort it took to not go crashing down there and locate his mate. The closer he got to the planet,the more her very spirit called to him. How could he have ever believed her dead? Vegeta closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. How would she ever be able to forgive him? He smirked. She'd have to, he wouldn't give her an option. He looked for the landing coordinates in the ship. The damn ship kept up to ten landing coordinates locked into the computer. Since Chikyuu was the only other place they had been, the original visit to Hell should still be logged in. He wasn't disappointed. "Alright woman, this time I'm getting you." He punched in the coordinates and prepared to land.

Bardock had managed to set three bombs. As far as he could tell Ginyu was still at the guards shack. He'd arrived only a few minutes prior to Bardock going out. He had not yet begun his searches. Bardock had not wanted to leave Bulma. She hadn't looked well, but he'd had little choice. He was making this his last bomb. He had set them in three different locations as far away from the docking bay as he could get them. One bomb would be taking out the storing tanks for harvested fuel and the others would decimate the already severly damaged pipeline.All he would have to do then is get Bulma, disable Ginyu's ship and get the hell off the planet. He could do it. He wiped sweat off his brow and looked behind him nervously. He reached out and attempted to pick up Ginyu's ki signature. It was there, but he had left the docking compound. He hurriedly turned back to the bomb. He had wired them all for fifiteen minutes. He only had to activate them then be gone. He switched the small switch and watched them come to life. Time to roll.

Bulma lay on her back in the pipe trying to breath. "Oh god, kid, not now, please.Just a little longer. Another pain ripped through her. She could not give birth here. She could not. "Please," she begged tears slipping down her face. She tried to breath through the pain, but found it imposssible. In all her nightmares about this very moment, nothing had prepared her for the truth of the situation. "Oh, God Vegeta where are you?" She had been positive he would come.That somehow he would know she needed him. She moaned as another wave of pain hit her.Was this normal. She felt like she was going to die. The pain radiated from her front all the way around to her lower back. It was enough to make her sick. She was drenched in her sweat, pieces of her hair clinging to her face. She tossed her head, losing control of herself for a moment, sobbing in pain. It hurt so bad. "I can't do this. I can't do this." Where was Bardock. Maybe if he was there, she would feel safer. He would help, but Vegeta was what she needed. "Vegeta, please." She moaned. "Don't let me die."

Baordock had made it back to the their section of pipeline with time to spare. He hurriedly ran to Bulma. He didn't dare raise his energy and tip off Ginyu. He was horrified by the site that greeted him as he rounded the curve. "Bulma!" She was laying down flat, and obviously in a great amount of distress. He ran to her and dropped beside her.

She lifted her head tiredly and looked at him. He saw the fear blazing in her eyes. It was her time. God why couldn't it have waited just a little longer. He smoothed the hair back from her forehead. "It's alright Bulma, we're going to get through this." He reached over to the canteen of water he had left with her and grabbed it, carefully lifting her head and giving her a bit to drink. Then grabbing a towel he drenched it with water and began to mop her brow, attempting to cool her.

"Bardock, you have to go and finish everything. I can't stay on this damn planet." She squeezed his hand weakly. "Please. I just want to get off this place. I'll die here if you don't." He looked at her for a moment, studying her face and slowly nodded. He stood up just as the bombs decided to go off. He felt the whole pipeline shake under his feet. He grinned at Bulma. "There's our deversion." He turned and fled back up the pipe. He had to hurry. He didn't doubt she was close. She could have been laboring for days and not even known it.Thats what had happened to his own mate with Raditz. First time mothers were highly unpredictable and a Saiyajin babywas even more so.

Vegeta set the ship down just as several, huge balls of fire erupted into the sky. He felt the whole ship shake with its force. What in the hell had that been? He didn't have time to figure it out. He recognized Ginyu's ship. The pathetic bastard was here. He'd have to be quick in getting to Bulma. He ran to the door and opened it, lowering the ramp. It was mass chaos below him. Guards and prisoners running every which way, shouting. Was the place falling apart. He ran to the bottom of the ramp looking wildly around. He saw Ginyu across the ramp, but fortunately Ginyu was already heading towards the explosions. That was a stroke of luck. He didn't want to have to take the time to kill the bastard. He reached out to trace Bulma's ki. He could feel it, she was alive, but it was so weak. He could almost sense her desperation. Something was wrong. He flew toward the signature, taking the doors off their hinges as he did so. In the chaoticness of the scene, no one paid him any attention. He saw someone in his immediate path. Without bothering to look he raised his hand prepared to blast the individual out of his way.

"Vegeta!" Bardock's voice rang through his brain. He saw Bardock but no Bulma. He grabbed Bardock by the shoulders.

"Where's Bulma?" Bardock shoved him off.

"She's struggling right now to give birth to your brat, Vegeta. You left her here to die on this planet and she was pregnant with your child." He knew better. He knew Vegeta wouldn't have willingly left her, but seeing him here after all they had been through was too much. Vegeta drew back shocked. She had been pregnant. Oh God. He was going to be a father. Then another horrifying thought. He had never intended to get her with child. She wasn't strong enough to carry a Saiyajin baby and deliver it. He had lost all sense of control that night .He had taken her over and over again with no thought to the consequences. If she died it would be all his fault. He looked up at Bardock, and the older Saiayajin cringed at the look he saw. "She'll be alright Vegeta. Go too her. She needs you. I have to go disable Ginyu's ship. Get her ready to get off this planet. She doesn't want to stay here. She can give birth in the ship."

Vegeta turned without a word. What was he going to say. She was going to die and it would be because of him. He had come all this way to find her and she was going to die. No he wouldn't allow her to die. Not her. He raced to her location, forgetting everything in his haste to get to her. Her ki signature was thready at best. He was horrified when he found her. Of all the scenarios that had played through his head when he had imagined this moment, this had not been the one he would have picked out. She lay on her side. He could see her small body heaving with her breathing. Her clothes were soaked. He ran too her and rolled her over. She was sweat soaked and so pale. Her eyes were closed tightly. "Bardock? Did you get it done already?" Vegeta stiffened at the other man's name, then forced himself to calm down. She would have no way of knowing it was him. He yanked the glove from his hand then traced his finger down her tear streaked face.

"I don't know what Bardock has accomplished woman, but I know what you and I have to get done."

He watched as she forced her eyes open. Her eyes lighting on his face. He was moved by the play of emotions that he saw flash through their beautiful blue depths. His hand cupped her face, his thumb smoothing over her lip. The sight of her sweaty, tear streaked face was more beautiful to him then anything else he had ever laid eyes on before. She was alive. She was alive and he would not let her leave him again.

"Vegeta." Her voice cracked with emotion as she said his name. She lifted her hand weakly to his face, touching it briefly before it fell limp. She smiled at him. "I knew you would come." He smirked.

"I see you have a surprise for me." She smiled again, then tensed as another pain ripped through her body.

"God, Vegeta it hurts so much. I can't do this." She tossed her head to the side, biting her lip.

"No, Bulma. you have to do it. I'm here now. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. You have to trust me." He lifted her up, forcing her into a sitting position. She moaned and struck at him, not wanting to sit up. "No Vegeta, please, it hurts. Just make it stop."

"I can't woman, but I can help you ease the pain a bit. Just let me help you." He pushed her down onto her hands and knees, his strong arm encircling her swollen belly. He had seen this once when a third class Saiyajin soldier had dropped in the middle of a purging mission for Frieza. This is what her mate had done for her. He rubbed the belly gently, feeling it tighten with the contraction. "Don't gasp for air woman. You have to breath with the pain. She would have collapsed had his arm not been under her, holding her up. She tried to do what he said. It helped a little, but the pain was still excruciating. When the pain eased he gently brought her back against him. He saw the wet towel and gently placed it in her mouth. "Suck on it Bulma. Take the moisture out of it." He smoothed her soaked hair out of her face as she did what he said. "Now relax against me. Just rest. Save your strength for the next one." His hand massaged her head gently. Her eyes fluttered shut against his palm. He could have laughed had the situation not been so serious. Here he was, the Prince of the Saiyajin race, bringing his child into the world the same way a third class elite would. It was almost amusing.

"Vegeta," she whispered.

"Hush woman. Don't talk."

"No Vegeta, Please. I don't want to die on this planet."

His arm tightened around her. "You aren't going to be dying at all Bulma. Now hush."

She tensed as another pain rolled through her. He heard her moan. His hand found hers briefly before he pushed her back onto her hands and knees. "Please Vegeta,this is too hard." She was sobbing. It hurt more then anything she had ever felt.

"I know Bulma. I know. "

"The hell you do, Vegeta. How in the hell would you fucking know. Have you had one of these little brats?" He was shocked by her atitude, but slowly relaxed and smirked. Perhaps her fighting spirit hadn't died yet.

"Get through this next pain Bulma and we will get out of here. I'll take you to the ship and we will leave this miserable planet behind for good. " He pushed her shirt up on her back, rubbing the exposed skin gently. He inhaled sharply as he saw the remnants of her run in with the guards. They were faint, but he could see them. That the perfection of that beautiful skin should be marred this way was more then he could take. She hadn't deserved this. His hand fisted on her back. He felt her tense more and he forced himself to relax. "It's alright Bulma. Just hang in there."

"Well, well. It seems I have found the missing monkey Prince and his talented little whore. Frieza has been looking for you two for quite awhile."

Vegeta tensed as he heard Ginyu's voice. Dammit. He had been caught completely unaware. He felt Bulma go very still, beneath him. He gently lowered her to the ground then turned to face Ginyu.

"This is quite a predicament you are in, Vegeta. Is she having a baby? I can't imagine why a beautiful creature like that would actually allow you to touch her and to have your brat? She must be more of a whore then I thought."

Vegeta clenched his fists, but didn't rise to the bait. He'd only have one shot at taking out Ginyu. He wouldn't blow it.

"What? Nothing to say. Come on Vegeta. I'm disappointed. You know Frieza sends his regards. He's looking forward to spending time with you...alone." Ginyu laughed as Vegeta growled. "Now that got your attention. You must be looking forward to it. I understand Frieza has some very fun things planned for you."

Vegeta saw more guards come up behind Ginyu. They would be easy enough. He would just have to keep them off of Bulma while he took care of Ginyu. Behind him he heard her moan. He needed to do something in a hurry.

"Why don't we go ahead and rip that brat out of her belly. It is a Saiyajin. How worthless. I can give her one worth carrying." Vegeta growled in rage and flew at Ginyu landing a visicious blow to his mid section. Ginyu grunted, then batted Vegeta across the pipe. He landed by Bulma, his head hit against the pipe's metal floor. "Nice try, Vegeta, but you'll have to do better then that."

Vegeta glanced over at Bulma and locked eyes with her. She looked so weak and scared. He looked back up at Ginyu and stood up. He moved away from Bulma. He was going to power up and he didn't want to be to near her when he did so. The pipe was too small for this battle. "Let's finish this above ground Ginyu, where we'll have more room."

"Fine, Vegeta, but it won't change the outcome at the end. I am still going to beat your miserable monkey ass." Vegeta scowled but said nothing.

"Take these guards with you. She's not going anywhere."

Ginyu looked thoughtful for a moment. "Fine, I suppose we can always comeback for her after I beat your

head in. Though by the looks of it, she's not going to live to see the end of the day." He laughed cruelly.

Ginyu turned and strolled out. The guards waited for Vegeta. He turned back to Bulma. "I'll be back as soon as I can woman. Just hold on." He turned and followed Ginyu out. He had to hurry and get this done.

They faced each other above ground, the roaring fires of the planet a fitting back drop as far as Vegeta was concerned. He saw no point in wasting time. Below was a woman, who needed him. He began to power up, letting everything leave his mind as he felt his power rise through his body, screaming as it surged through him. He looked up at Ginyu and was pleased to see the look of surprise on the bastard's face. It had been awhile since they'd last met. He'd been a boy then. He was hardly the same boy. He was a man now, a man whose power level had grown considerably over the last few years. Ginyu wasn't going to be a difficulty for him. Normally he would have preferred to savor his battle and enjoy the kill longer, but he hardly had the time. He'd save that joy for Frieza. He stood perfectly straight, fists cocked, waiting Ginyu's move. His powerful aura shone brightly around him. Ginyu powered up himself, mostly for show Vegeta thought. He hadn't a chance of defeating him. He saw Bardock approaching them. He nodded once in the direction of the pipe that held Bulma. Bardock seeemed to understand, for he disappeared from sight as he jumped into the pipe to go and get the girl. Bardock would get her to the ship. All Vegeta had to do was beat Ginyu then they could get the hell off this planet. He knew Bulma's survival really all depended on whether or not they got her off this planet. It was all tied together for her. He launched himself at Ginyu, disappearing right when he got to him, reappearing directly behind him, landing a hard blow across his head. Ginyu flew forward slightly, then whirled and looked angrily about. Vegeta was no where to be seen. He glanced up. He was already starting to sweat from this damn planet and the smoke was unbearable. Vegeta hovered above him, smirking arrogantly. He'd wipe that blasted look off his damn face. He flew up ready to deliver a crushing blow, but Vegeta was gone before he got to him. He whirled about again. "Damn you Vegeta! Where the fuck are you?" He turned every which way. He couldn't even sense him. He roared in anger. He would not let this stupid Saiyajin loser make a fool of him. This was the same boy he'd nearly beat the life out of once, long ago. Granted that had been awhile ago, he was no longer a boy, but he still should be no match for him. He lowered himself to the ground. Vegeta sat up much higher in the sky. The fool had never even looked further then his own nose. He shook his head.This really was going to be too easy. He raised his hands, intent upon using his deadly gallic guns. He might as well finish the planet off as well. Bardock should have Bulma right about now. There was nothing of value here, not with Bulma's fuel. The only inhabitants of this godforsaken planet were miserable, broken people who would be better off dead then left here to suffer. He ignored the smoke that was clogging his lungs and channeled all his energy into one massive blast.He reached out briefly with his ki to touch Bulma's. He found Bardock's with her. It would be safe now. He released the blast straight at Ginyu, breathing heavily as it drained his energy. It saddened him that he could not have made the captain suffer more, drawn out the fight, but he really didn't have time for foolishness. He flew backwards as the blast hit and wiped out everyone around it, shaking the planet to its very core as it hit. He touched down just as Bardock emerged from the pipe a nearly unconcious Bulma in his arms.

"She's getting worse." He handed her to Vegeta. Vegeta took his mate gently and cradled her against his body. He could feel her shivering. How could she be shivering in heat like this.

"Come on, lets go! This planet is going to blow." He turned and flew towards the docking bay. Bardock looked back at the pipe. He had needed to get some more supplies. Bulma was going to need some things. He turned to follow Vegeta. He could get them at the med bay on the way out. That would not be a problem. He flew after them veering off to the medbay. He blew open the doors, ignoring the startled looks of medics and guards as he ransacked the place getting whatever he could. Painkillers, towels, rejuvenation strips, blankets. He blasted a guard that thought to stop him, then made a hasty exit. They had a matter of seconds left. They had to go now. He flew straight to the ship and entered it, tossing the medical supplies at Vegeta's feet. Closing the door and lifting the ramp, he ran to the cockpit and punched his exit coordinates straight into the computer. He was grateful that Vegeta had given this miserable planet a death sentence. He never wanted to see it again as long as he lived. They blasted off into the atmosphere. He had to get them as far away as possible.

Vegeta was busy ripping Bulma's clothes off. She moaned incoherently as he did so. She was going to be having this baby anytime. She was drenched in her sweat and her pants were soaked with blood and fluid. He supposed that meant that her water had broken. He grabbed a bottle of water from the storage cabinet in the corner. He took a towel and drenched it with water. He mopped it all over her body, trying to cleanse her and relax her. He put the edge of the towel against her lips which were parched from dehydration. "Never again woman.I will never let this happen again." He murmered into her ear. If she survived this, he would never get her with child again. That was a promise he could easily live with. The water seemed to rouse her some. Her blue eyes fluttered open, bright with pain.

"Vegeta?" She lifted her hand to his face then clenched it as a pain ripped through her. They were so much stronger now and they seemed endless. "Oh, God Vegeta. It hurts." She shook her head frantically. "I can't do this. I can't do this." He saw the panic flaring in her eyes. He bent over her and grabbed her face, forcing her to look at him.

"Bulma, "he hissed, "you have to. Look at me. I'm with you. I am going to do this with you. Don't quit. I have to have your help." He almost laughed at himself. He was going to do nothing but tellher what to do and he wasn'teven sure he knew how to deliver a baby. He had only seen it once and he had been oddly repelled and fascinated all in the same breath.

Bardock felt the planet explode as the shock wave of the destruction swiftly caught their fleeing ship. He fought to keep control of it as the ship rattled against the strain. He was fairly certain a weaker ship might have been disiningrated.

Vegeta laid over Bulma gently as the ship shook from the force of the explosion. She was never going back to that planet again and what was better was that Ginyu was dead. One threat dealt with. She clutched at his back as another labor pain held her in its grip. He lifted up and finished ripping off her pants. Cringing as he saw the baby's head about to emerge. Was that lavender hair? How was he gong to do this? He had never delivered a baby in his life and now he was delivering his own child and the mother wasn't even Saiyajin. He shook his head. He was a Prince for godsake. Didn't he have servants for this. He knew the minute that thought was out that he would have been with her regardless. He wasn't sure he could have left her to her own devices. He grabbed another clean towel. "Bulma, the head is right here, you are going to have to push."

Bardock rushed in from the cockpit. "Vegeta, go hold her body up, let me do this."

Vegeta looked mutinously at him, unwilling to give this up to Bardock. Bardock laid a very gentle hand on his shoulder. "It will take both of us for her to get this baby out. I've done this twice before or at least I helped deliver Raditz. He came unexpectedly like this. There was no time for help." Vegeta reluctantly agreed shrugging the man's hand off his shoulder. He moved to her top and lifted her up, trying to ignore the maon of pain that she uttered. He settled her back agaisnt him, between his legs.Her head hung limply against his chest. He took her hand and held it.

Bardock nodded and concentrated on the job at hand. He could see the baby's head. She was ready to push. "Bulma, you have to push with the next pain. Do you hear me. Push with the next contraction. That will help the baby out and it will be over. " She looked weakly at him and nodded.

"I'll try." He smiled at her and handed Vegeta the wet towel. Keep her cooled off with this. She is going to need it." The next contraction was on her quickly. "Push, Bulma. Come on.You have to push. Don't stop. Hold it. Keep pushing as long as you can."

Vegeta winced as she squeezed his hand hard. She was a much stronger then he had given her credit for. Why was it this one small woman was constantly amazing him. "Come on woman," he murmered into her ear. "You can do this. That's my brat in there. You have to get him out." Bulma pushed as hard as she could groaning with the effort that it took. She collapsed against Vegeta, thankful he and his strong chest were there. He mopped her head with the towel.

"Good job Bulma. Do it again. Catch your breath and get ready.With the next contraction you could get him out." She nodded weakly and tried to prepare.

She felt the contraction start and leaned forward trying to push. She could hear Bardock's soothing voice. Heard Vegeta's deeper one. She was so tired. She collapsed against Vegeta.

"She's exhausted Bardock. She's not going to be able to keep this up much longer." Vegeta was growing worried at seeing her struggle this way. She was rapidly losing strength.

"Alright, I have an idea." He grabbed a towel and handed it to Bulma. "Bulma, when its time to push I want you to pull on this towel as hard as you can. Lift yourself up with it, I won't let go. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up, bracing her feet against his chest. Pull against me as hard as you can. Use your feet and legs if you have to and push as hard as you can. You can do it."

He saw her tense as the next contraction came upon her. "Now Bulma, do it now." She sat up and pulled with all her might, pushing as she did so. Bardock never budged. 'Here he comes Bulma. Here he comes. He dropped the towel as the baby's head emerged from his mother's body. "Hang on. Hang on. Don't push anymore. Let me work his shoulders so he doesn't tear you open." He carefully inserted a finger, gently maneuvering the baby this way and that.

"Oh God Bardock, Please I have to push." Bulma screamed in agony. This was killing her. It was like being ripped in half.

"Just a minute. Just one minute he had twisted the baby around a bit. He looked up and almost smiled as he saw Vegeta's awestruck face peering over Bulma's shoulder. "Okay Bulma, push him out. "

Bulma bore down hard, her second wind upon her. She felt a sharp, burning pain as the shoulders came through, then miraculously it was over. The rest of the baby slid out as if jelly. She fell back against Vegeta's strong chest, grateful he was there to see it. Her eyes drooped closed. "Is it a boy?" She murmered wearily.

Bardock was swabbing the baby's nose and mouth. He finished and held him up, pleased when he let out a lusty cry. He smiled widely and laid him down on his mother's chest. "It's a boy."

Vegeta stared at the bloody thing that rested on Bulma's chest. His son. He couldn't believe it. He watched as Bulma gently caressed the baby. She had done it. His pride in her shot to unbelievable depths. He had chosen very wisely in a mate. He looked at Bardock, then quickly away. He was grateful to the man, but he would not let him see his emotions right now. That was for him and for his mate. Bardock seemed to understand. He stood up. "Let's get you cleaned up little guy and I guess we have to get that cord cut. Vegeta maybe you'd like to help Bulma. " He caught himself quickly. "Wait Bulma, we have to get the placenta out. I almost forgot. Let me cut the cord. He sent a small ki blast through the cord cleanly cutting it and cauterizing the end neatly. He then grabbed the other end gently. "Okay Bulma. One more good push and you're done. " She complied and in a matter of seconds he had extricated the bloody mess. Vegeta looked on in disgust as he watched. This was horrible. He was grateful Bardock ahd put a towel down under her. "Alright Bulma. You're done. He gently took the baby from her and turned to clean him. Vegeta carefully removed himself from behind her and lifted her up in his arms. He nuzzled her throat with his face grateful she was alright. "Never again Bulma. Never again." She smiled at his passionate words. That was actually quite alright with her.

" I love you Vegeta. " He smirked at her. Later he thought. He would tell her what he felt later, when it was just them. He was still the Prince and he just couldn't profess his undying love to her in front of Bardock. He sat her in a chair and turned to get another wet towel. He gently bathed her exhausted body. This was something he would never have done before,believing the simple task beneath him, but with her it was different. It was such an intimate experience nad so erotic. It brought him pleasure to please her, especially after everything she had already been through. He smirked. It was erotic, this might be fun after she was healed. When he was done, he laid the rejuvenation fluid strips against her bruised, torn flesh, making sure the healing fluid spilled on the brutalized area. It still shook him that she had gotten a baby out of there. He wrapped her in a blanket and laid her gently in a bunk in the sleeping area. She was already asleep.

"Sleep little one. We'll stop at the next planet and get you some clothes. " He went to the cockpit where Bardock had disappeared with his son. Bardock handed the tightly wapped baby to his father and grinned.Vegeta was taken aback. It was strange how much he resembled Kakkarot. He shook his head to clear that image. He stared down at the small face that mirrored his own. Bulma was in there though, most definitely. The small little face was slightly swollen from his battle to get into the world, but apparently no worse the wear. He slept peacefully, exhausted by the days trials. Vegeta knew how he felt. He looked at Bardock, unsure how to say what he needed to say. Bardock seemed to understand.

"Thanks Vegeta for coming after us."

"I came for her Bardock, not you."

"Well regardless I'm glad I'm here."

"So am I." That was as close as Vegeta could come to thanking him. His father had apparently taught him well.

"You should be exceptionally proud. Bulma is a smart girl and a strong one as well. She's given you a fine son. She was really what kept me going on Hell."

Vegeta had been terrified to ask but he had to know. It was a thought that had kept nagging at him since his departure from Chikyuu. He had been in situations similar, though probably not as bad. He remembered the feelings that could be invoked from such trials very well. His night with Parisia laid heavily on his mind, though that had been a moment of unbridled, passionate anger. "Did anything happen between you?"

Bardock looked strangely at Vegeta. How did he know? He seemed so cool about it. "Why do you ask?" He would have to proceed with caution.

"I just do, Bardock. You two seem very close now. Do you love her?" He was irritable at Bardock for dragging the question out. It was a simple question.

"Of course we're close Vegeta. We kind of had to be. We either relied on each other or we died. Unless you would have preferred that."

"Don't be stupid Bardock, like your son. You know exactly what I meant. I'll assume the answer is yes, since you seem to be avoiding the question." He stood, devestated, but refusing to show it. He clutched his son tightly to his chest. Could he blame Bulma. No, he wouldn't. He could understand her. She'd been pregnant, alone and probably believed Vegeta had deserted her, but Bardock should have known better. She would have been vulnerable and easily taken advantage of. That wouldn't make the images of the two of them any easier to bear, but he wouldn't give her up over it. She loved him, of that he was certain. Besides, how could he not forgive her, she had apparently forgiven him Parisia. It would just take time for him to get over it. Bardock he could kill. He had started to walk off, but Bardock's voice, icy and firm, cut through the space.

"I don't why you'd be thinking of this right now Vegeta, but nothing happened of any mention. Not to say I didn't try. You know what it's like, to be in a situation you don't know if you're going to get out of. The intensity, the need for some kind of relief or comfort. Whatever you want to call it. One night after the first explosion we caused, it was a close thing. We kissed, I won't deny that and I thought she was going to go for it, but she stopped me, because she couldn't betray you. She loves you that much. Nothing ever happened again and we never slept together once. She remained faithful to you. You're so damn lucky and you don't even know it. I could have forced her. Nappa probably would have, maybe even Raditz, but I am not that kind of man. She's so young and she was pregnant and alone. I knew her mind was reeling from all that had happened. If something had happened between us, it would have destroyed her. I doubted you could have forgiven her. Am I right. If I had just told you that we had made love would you have been able to walk out there, look at her and not hate her?"

Vegeta stood silently, absorbing the man's words. He looked at his son. It was time for him to go see his mother. Bardock had said enough. "Yes." The deep voice was quiet and calm. To Bardock it was almost as if Vegeta was at peace.

Bardock turned to look at Vegeta, but the Prince had already left. What in the hell had that been about? What changes had witnessing his son's birth brought on him? None that were glaring, yet, his voice, so usually filled with pent up anger and passionate emotion had been oddly clear and easy. Maybe at least for this moment Vegeta was a happy man. Bardock hoped so. The boy needed some relief and so did Bulma. Maybe they could have a few days happiness before reality and Frieza came crashing down on them.

Vegeta sat across from Bulma and watched her sleep. Even after all she had been through, she was still absolutely beautiful. His heart tightened painfully as he thought of what Bardock had said. She couldn't betray you. Had she been so sure of him, trusted him so much that she knew he would find her? She had to have been devestated when she saw they had left her. No one had ever really believed in him. His father had seen him as a pawn, Frieza as, well he wasn't going to think about him or that right now, but with Bulma, since the day he'd met her, it had always been about the two of them. She had looked at him and seen him, not the bastard he'd put on for his father or Frieza, not the Prince, she had simply seen Vegeta. She had taken him with open arms. She had wanted him. He lowered his head. Now she had given him a child. She didn't deserve what he was going to have to do next, he wasn't even completely sure he could do it, but if ever anything had to be done, this was it. They would never know a moments peace if Frieza wasn't destroyed. He had to train for that. He had to achieve the Super Saiyajin level. That was the only way he could do it. Who knew perhaps he could even hand her the universe as a gift. Leaving her would be hard, but he had to train. Until then he had a month to be with her. A month until they got back on Chikyuu, a month to figure out a way to tell her she was everything to him and more. That she was his world and there would never be another. Then he would have to explain. Explain to her that he would have to leave her until he could get the power he needed. Explain to her that she was too strong a distraction for him. Before her this would never have been so hard. What in the hell had changed him. Kakkarot was always going on about soul mates.Were they that connected? He watched her shift in her sleep and knew he would never grow tired of just watching her. He could have held her in his arms in a bed and never touched her once, just been content to watch her face and her expressions and know she was his, that they belonged together. The baby stirred in his arms. He bet his father had never held him this way. He couldn't believe he was actually holding the brat. He knew nothing about brats and had cetainly not expected to be having one when he had made his return trip to Hell. That had been a shocker. Still, this little creature in his arms looked so much like his mother. Vegeta was a bit overwhelmed by the feelings of pride in having a son. He had an heir to the Vegittasei throne. He smiled. A real smile, not the smirk that he used to so carefully hide what he was feeling. What would this boy's power level be? He reached up a finger and gently stroked the soft skin of the baby's cheek. He snorted as the baby turned his head and tried to latch onto his finger.

"Hungry? You are a Saiyajin." He watched as the tiny boy opened his eyes. They were as blue as Bulma's. He lifted the tiny warrior to his face. Coal black eyes met piercing blue, each seeming to assess the other.

"Brat," he spoke softly, "I won't be an easy father or even a kind one. I don't know how, but I can promise you that I will look after your mother and you and keep you safe." At least until he could handle himself. That wouldn't be long, not if Vegeta had anything to say about it. He looked up and found another set of blue eyes watching him closely. He turned away in embarrassment. Her hand reached out and caught his arm.

"Don't hide from me Vegeta." Her voice was a bit stronger, yet he could hear hidden emotions in it that he wasn't ready to face.

"I don't know what you mean woman." He handed her the baby. "Here's our brat." She took the baby from

him and looked at the his tiny face.

"He looks exactly like you do."

"Of course," Vegeta smirked.

"So let me get this straight, I do all the work, but you get all the credit." Her blue eyes regarded him with some amusement. God he could lose himself in them.

"That's the way its meant to be, woman."

She laid back on her bunk and placed the baby alongside her. Vegeta watched in amazement as the tiny mouth found his mother's breast and latched on, sucking greedily. This was all so third class, yet Vegeta couldn't deny it was special. He smiled at the picture the two of them made.

"We'll stop on the next planet and find you something to wear."

She nodded. "I don't ever want to look at those horrible clothes again as long as I live. I want no reminders of Hell." She'd always have the faint scars on her back.

Vegeta swallowed hard," Bulma, I..I don't know how to tell you...I would never have left if I had even thought you were alive. "

"Vegeta it's alright."

"No, I was going to come after you, but Kakkarot knocked me out.." He stopped, unable to finish. How did he go on. He looked away from her gaze,unable to meet her eyes. He'd failed to protect her, failed to listen to his own heart and realize she wasn't dead. He had ignored their bond, pretended it hadn't been there to ease his own pain. He looked back at her. The bond was there too, so strong, how could he have ever doubted it. Her eyes met his and she smiled.

"Vegeta, the important thing is you came when you knew. I am alive because of you. I couldn't have given birth on that planet. I just couldn't." She looked down at the sleeping infant beside her. "I never doubted you would come for one minute."

Vegeta laid his head down on her chest, hearing her heart beat against his face. It was so strong. He closed his eyes as her hand threaded through his hair. It felt so good to be touched like this again, to not be so alone. He ran his hand up her bare shoulder, enjoying the simple feel of her smooth skin. He felt the tears trying to break through but he couldn't allow them. Why was he so damn weak? What flaw did he have that would make him sob like a baby. He couldn't stop it. He could have dealt with his grief and guilt even his anger, but her simple belief in him, no matter what he did to not earn it was more then he could handle.

She felt his body shake as he allowed his emotions free reign.This was one of those awe inspiring moments her mother had always told her about and she also knew with him that it was rare. He was not a man that wore his emotions on his sleeve or even began to show them, but this small breakdown spoke volumes about him. She said nothing, not wanting to belittle the moment. Right now, words weren't neccesary. She stroked his head gently, smoothing his hair.

"I thought I'd lost you, I left this planet believing you were dead..." He broke off as the tears clogged his voice. He tried to regain some semblance of control, but all the emotions he had been pushing down for so many months were rising now, threatening to drown him in their wake. She was all he had to cling to.

"Vegeta," her voice was so soft and gentle. "I'm alright. We're together again and i'm not going to leave you again. I promise." He looked up at her, tears streaking his face. God, she almost always forgot how young he really was. She had just turned twenty-one on Hell, so he must be twenty-two by now. She had lost track of time. That was so young, yet he had already witnessed so much. She smiled gently at him.

"I love you Bulma. If I never say it to you again, remember that I said it now and that I have never said it to another living being. There is only you." She was unable to look away from his eyes. He was right. Those were words the Saiyajins rarely spoke, saving them perhaps for truly meaningful moments. She supposed this would qualify as one. She sat up and took his face in her hands, kissing him gently. He closed his eyes at the feel of her lips against his. He wasn't alone and he wouldn't have to be ever again.

"Good," she whispered, "because after all of this, you are stuck with me." She leaned back and smiled at him. He smirked in response.

"I'll be sure to thank you for the brat in an appropriate way. "

Her eyebrows shot up. "What did you have in mind?"

He traced her arm suggestively. "When you are healed, we'll go somewhere and reunite the way we were meant to." She smiled at him. It was so beautiful it took his breath away.

"You mean just the two of us, away from everything."

"Except each other." She hugged him to her.

"Vegeta,that would be the best thing anyone could give me. " She pulled away from him and laid back down. Happiness moving through her. She had so much to ask him and tell him . She wasn't even sure where they were going. She started to ask him, but noticed the dark circles under his eyes. He must be exhausted. Later. She could ask him all this later. "Would you like to lay down with us?"

He stared at her for a moment then nodded. He stood up and stripped off his armor and boots. He was tired and he wouldn't mind feeling her in his arms. He lay behind her, spoon fashion, his arm coming round her to rest gently on the baby. This was his family. He would never be able to to adequately tell them or show them how he felt, it wasn't in him, but for now, he could simply enjoy the rare, quiet moment tht had been allowed him. All to soon, he wouldhave to deal with tthe realities that were his life and he would be forced to put Bulma and the baby on the backburner. He would still have to attempt to explain to her. Maybe when they went off together. He could attempt it then. He closed his eyes.

"You know we haven't given him a name yet." She had all but forgotten that small detail.

His eyes came back open. Dammit he had forgotten all about that.

"How about Trunks?"

"What's wrong with Vegeta ?"

"Nothing, but I already have a Vegeta. Couldn't we give him both names and call him Trunks."

"I suppose." He relaxed. He guessed he could live with Trunks. If he could deal with the purple hair, then he could probably live with Trunks as a name.

She smiled. "Good. You aren't nearly as difficult when you're tired."

"Whatever woman." He smirked against her hair."Now hush and get some sleep." His arm tightened ever so slightly around her. She sighed and relaxed completely against his chest . She was off of Hell and never had to go back to it again. Vegeta was here with her and for once they were together and safe. She didn't know what else was out there waiting for them, but at this moment, everything was perfect. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Feeling safe for the first time in a very long time.

Bardock came out of the cockpit and found them that way. All three laying together. He smiled. This was a far cry from the angry boy he had known on Frieza's ship. He looked at peace right now with his family. How long would it last? Frieza had to be on there trail. Bardock knew with certainity that their was at least one more difficult task ahead of all of them. He owed Frieza for a lot. The death of his mate. the worst beating of his life. All stemmed from Frieza and his sick perversities. He went back into the cockpit and sat down. Vegeta would not appreciate being caught in that position. Best to leave him alone and allow him the chance to wake and present himself. His father had not done him any services by trying to stunt his emotional development. He should be able to find comfort in the arms of his mate, find a safe haven and not be shamed of it or think of it as a weakness. King Vegeta had seen it as a such, mostly because of his own problems with his mate. He had made the young Prince suffer for her mistakes. He was glad, that somehow, Vegeta had found a way to care about someone besides himself. He just needed to realize it as the truth behind his power. Training alone wouldn't get him the level, he had to have a reason and a will to fight. His family could give him that will. Slowly he was beginning to realize it, it was just taking him longer then most. He laid his head back and relaxed. The closet planet was a day away. Planet Helsta. It had a modern metroplis of a city.They should be able to get whatever they needed there.



Ginyu prepared for his submersion into the regeneration tank. Damn that stupid monkey. He would pay for what he had done to him. Half of his body had nearly been singed off.Another man would not have survived. He had barely gotten off the planet in time. the one good thing was that he was tracking that miserable Saiyajin. He would taste his blood before the week ended.

"Lord Frieza," he rasped .

"Ginyu, where have you been? I have heard the most distressing news about Hell."

"Yes, my lord, Vegeta was able to blow it out oif the sky. He took me unawares."

"That is most inexcusable Ginyu. What are we going to do about fuel now?" Frieza's voice shook with barely controlled fury.

"I am tracking Vegeta now. I have set my ship to his coordinates. I will have him by week's end, I swearit my Lord."

"I hope so Ginyu. The only way I would not kill you now is if you drag Vegeta in here by his hair. I want him to beg for mercy from me." Frieza's voice rose with each word he uttered." I want him to understand exactly what he has done."

"Yes, my lord Frieza. I will have him soon. "

"If you want to live Ginyu, you'd better."

Ginyu shut the transmitter off and limped back to the regen tank. He would climb in and heal, then pursue Vegeta with such a vengenance, that the stupid Prince would never see it coming until he hit him. It was either that or his death and he wasn't ready to die yet. "Enjoy yourself Vegeta. I'm coming. I'm coming."

* * * * *

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