Parisia looked in the dank cell that they had stuck the Correnian Princess in. The air was stale and fetid, causing her to wrinkle her nose in distaste. The stone cell was damp and lit by only a small, dim light in the farthest corner. The young woman that she had come to see lie asleep on a thin cot, curled up into a small ball. She was shivering spasmodically from the damp chill that hung in the air. They had given her nothing, not even one thin blanket. Parisai could have felt a moments remorse for her except she could never forget that this girl was the reason that Vegeta was not with her. She crossed the small room and stared down at her rival. Still beautiful, though she looked markedly different, since they had first brought her here. Exhaustion had set in. Dark smudges marred the porcelain beauty of her face. A small bruise lay across her cheek, the mark of an overzealous guard. Her bottom lip was bruised and bloodied from her constant biting it. That had probably been done to keep herself from screaming. Parisia had been witness to the tortuous hell they had put her through. Physical pain would have been more welcome then this.For three days it had been endless. The sorceress, Tantris, had invaded her mind with her own worst nightmares and then some. It had only intensified when Frieza had arrived. He had wanted her broken, but hten relented a bit when he had heard Vegeta was set to arrive. It would be more fun to break her in front of Vegeta. So they had allowed her a peaceful sleep, free of whatever nighmares they could conjur up.

Yes, this was the very reason that Vegeta had not come to her more willingly. Her mind refused to acknowledge that he just hadn't wanted her. Why wouldn't he? She was everything a man could desire. The night that he had come to her, so full of rage had proven that. He had fucked her like an animal, just the way she knew a Saiyajin would be. There was no other word for what had happened between them. She couldn't call it making love. It had been beyond that, and she had surprised him. He had been surprised that she had been enjoying herself. Maybe other women couldn't take that kind of pounding. She doubted this little slut could. She smiled when she thought of his tail and how he had reacted to having it touched. That had been the most intense sex shehad ever had. He had never come back, but that was a fact known only to her. He had been magnificent and that she had brought him pleasure still made her feel joyous. It was only a matter of time before he realized she was what he needed. Things just needed a bit of a helping hand. His continued refusal to accept what was between them was tiresome. So she would complete the final task that she just knew barred her from getting exactly what she wanted.

She reached down and shook the young woman awake. Bulma shot to her feet, prepared to fight, yet again, whatever images they were going to heap on her. She stared at Parisia with horror, until she slowly began to recognize her surroundings and that the woman who had come to be the epitome of terror for her was not around.

"Parisia?" She asked quietly, confused. The confusion was quickly replaced by burning anger that this bitch would even dare show her face.

"You remember me?"

"Unfortunately, why don't you do me a favor and get the hell away from me."

Parisia smiled. This was going to be so very easy. Bulma swept away loose strands of hair that had fallen into her face. This woman disgusted her. Why did she have to show up now on top of everything else that was happening to her.They had all but killed her. She had been given every tortuous image they could conceive of. Her parents suffering, dying, Vegeta suffering, Vegeta with someone else, then they had dipped into her own subconcious imagination and used her own fears against her. Her fear of heights, and of the small, poisonous, taska lizards that inhabited her home. Her fear of failure, of being lonely. The feelings these images invoked was so real. Then she had been trapped in a tiny room, not unlike this one, with almost no air and no way out, The walls had seemingly closed in around her until she was gasping for air and begging someone, anyone to let her out. She was amazed that her mind could still function at all, and now to top it all off she had to contend with this backstabbing bitch?

" Bulma, I am surprised at you. You love Vegeta don't you?" Bulma had been about to shake her head no, to deny it to her. She didn't want this woman to know anything about her or her feelings for Vegeta. Those belonged to her and she hadn't even told him yet. Parisia saw the look cross her face and shook her head."They pulled that little piece of information out of you while I was there, so don't bother denying it. "

Bulma looked down. Was nothing her own? She knew they hadn't gotten the other more recent memories. She had put a wall of steel up around those.

"Bulma, wouldn't you do anything to have his love in return?"

"I wouldn't betray him." Yes, somehow she had managed to hold that wall impenetrable to them, keeping their night together safely tucked away so they could not be turned against her.There had been other images though. She closed her eyes, trying not to remember them. "You know, Parisia, at least you didn't get what you wanted."

"Didn't I?"

Bulma blinked in surprise.What was she about? "What, a life of whoring? It seems to suit you well."

"Well, I suppose that wasn't a very nice way to thank me for all the help I gave him.Frieza certainly could have done better by me, but no, I certainly got something even better then I could have expected."

Bulma sighed. She was so very tired. Obviously the woman was not going to leave her alone until she spit out whatever it was that she had come to say. Whatever it was, she was positive she wasn't going to like it, but sh eseemd to have little choice in the matter. She was the woman's captive audience. "Get on with it, then get out."

"Alright Bulma, I won't waste any more words. It's only fair that you should know tha Vegeta and I spent sometime together."

"So? I'm sure he was forced to be in your company. He hates you."

"Hardly,"she smiled coolly," he came to me. Made love to me, very passionately as a matter of fact."

"You're lying." Bulma couldn't breathe. No she had to be lying. Vegeta would never have done that with her. She sat down on her cot.

"You wish. Ask him when you see him again. He won't be able to deny it. He can't." She saw the sticken look that came over the other woman's face. It was time to move in for the kill. Who cared that she wasn't being all together truthful. It would serve her needs in the end and that was all that mattered. "Did you think he cared about you? That he needed you? Tell me does he cry out when you stroke his tail in just the right spot?"She smiled at the look of pure desolation that Bulma's face now showed. "I found it so erotic."

Bulma could feel her mind closing down around her. Surely these were just some kind of horrible lies. or worse a continuation of the nightmared that they were giving her. He couldn't have made love to Parisia. She could have understood anyone else but her. He had been alone for two years. He wouold have gotten lonely, but to sleep with the woman who had betrayed you? She couldn't fathom it.

"Get out. You've said what you came to say. Now go." She would be damned if she would let this vindictave bitch see her cry. She turned away from her.

"Did I say something to upset you?" She laughed lightly. "Poor little fool.Did you really think you were woman enough to satisfy a man like that. Hardly."

"I said get out." Her voice had risen an octave. Had she been a fool? In a matter of three days her life had completely and unequivicably crumbled around her. The deepest, most inner part of her had been drug out and laid bare for anyone to see, then shot at until it was all but destroyed. The very core of who she was. Any small sense of safety, even in her own skin was gone. The one thing she had clung to, and she had clung to it like a drowning person clings to a life preserver , was her love for Vegeta and what she h ad thought were his feelings for her. She knew he had never said a word, but she had thought that perhaps he spoke it in his actions. The way that he had touched her and looked at her. Were they all just an illusion?

Parisia stared at the girl's slim back and smiled. Mission accomplished. Another surprise Vegeta would find when he got here. "Oh, Bulma, before I go, I have one question."

"What?" She didn't want to talk to her anymore. She just wanted to lay herself down and die. Maybe then all the pain would end.

"Does he call your name out at the end when he finally loses himself in his pleasure?" She turned and left.

Bulma shut her eyes as the first tears slipped out and down her face.How long until they were back, with a frsh barrage of new horrors? What would she cling to then? She laid down slowly on the small cot and sobbed.


Kakkarot watched Vegeta from afar, standing alone. He'd said little or nothing at all on the trip, only sat stone faced, with his arms crossed staring out into space speaking only when he had to. The only spark of emotion that Kakkarot had seen was when Raditz had been stupid enough to suggest that Bulma wasn't worth going after. Vegeta had been like a wild m an and had damn near killed Raditz. It had taken him and Toma and his father to keep him from killing him. Kakkarot hadn't blamed him. Bulma was more then worth any risk that they might have to take. She alone had built the technology that would help them take Frieza down. She had sacrificed everything for that one single cause. That was only just the logical points of keeping her around. He had realized long ago how special she was. How utterly open and giving and beautiful, not only in looks but in spirit as well. He had come to love her awhile ago, not in a romantic way. She very much belonged to Vegeta and there were no two ways around that, but as a brother might love a sister or even a love of true friendship. They had been through so much together and it ate at him, that she was out there alone with that terrifying sorceress and he was powerless to help her. As bad as it was for him, he could only imagine what Vegeta was experiencing right now. He thought that Vegeta might be shaken up on two different accounts. First their had to be the dawning realization that he loved her and secondly was the terror of having her ripped away and knowing she was going through a kind of hell that you could only imagine. He knew Vegeta was planning on sacrificing himself for Bulma. A trade of some kind with Frieza, but Kakkarot could not let that happen. He would do whatever it took to make sure they all got off of Vegittasei safely, or at least that they found away to take it. The only true question that remained was Bulma's condition. He knew Vegeta was going through hell. His face wore the same impassive mask of cool arrogance he always wore, but in his eyes Kakkarot could see the blazing fury and utter helplessness that he felt. He had only told Kakkarot the barest of details about what had happened and what needed to be done, then he had closed himself away to deal with whatever anguish he had by himself. Kakkarot wanted to tell him it didn't have to be that way, that he could lean on him as a friend, but he knew the Prince would just turn away. He might have before Nafet, but the two years they had been seperated had changed the face of their friendship more then he would have cared to admit. He shook his head and walked back to the cockpit. He would join Toma and see if they could come up with something.

Vegeta watched Kakkarot leave. He knew the younger Saiyajin wanted him to talk to him to tell him what was happening, but he couldn't. He wasn't sure he could put a word on it himself and then to have to be able to speak them. He wasn't sure his mind was capable of forming words right now. He loved her. He had gone and fallen in love with the damn woman, and not just a little bit, but so deeply he couldn't even put it into words that would do it justice. He ran a shaky hand through his hair.She had turned his whole world upside down and shaken everything he believed to be true about himself and his culture to the core. This made him so damn weak. He was already in a position completely out of his control. He had failed to keep her safe. He wasn't sure he would ever be able to forget the panic on her face as the sorceress had bombarded her with whatever twisted images she had dreamt up. The haunted look as the damn bitch controlled her mind. It was hard to believe that just a few hours, hell a few minutes before all of that they had been wrapped up in the throes of complete and utter passion. She had been at the sorceresses mercy for three days now. He wasn't even sure she was strong enough to handle the repeated onslaughts of mind control and manipulation that would be handed her.How could he have let this happen. His rage towards Frieza had grown to unbelievable heights. He would kill him, he would find a way to ascend to a Super Saiyajin, then he would strike him down. Nothing else mattered. He would get Bulma away and kill the sorceress, then he would kill him. As much as he might love her, they had no future together until that was accomplished. He stared down at the energy absorber she had given him. It might be be put through its first true test. He hoped it worked. He reached out briefly trying to find her ki, it was there, sparkling just out of his reach. At least she was alive.

"I'm coming woman. "

Kakkarot looked at Toma.

"There has to be someway out of this."

"If there is Kakkarot, I'm not sure what it is."

He had insisted upon coming. Bardock had wanted to as well, but Kakkarot had convinced him that someone needed to stay on Cusanta and pack everything up. They had to get the hell off the planet. Frieza undoubtedly knew they were there and would come looking. They couldn't risk losing all their hard work. Bardock was the only other person besides Bulma that knew anything about what was going on. So Bardock had reluctantly stayed behind. Kakkarot had thought that Chikyuu would be the place to go. Vegeta had not disagreed with him. He could begin the sell of the synthetic fuel and get them some much needed money. Kakkarot had, had a hard time convincing his father that this was the way to go, but in the end he had finally done it only by mentioning that all Bulma had worked so hardf or would be lost if he didn't. In the end it was his respect for Bulma that kept him there.

"I can't let him turn himself back over to Frieza. Not this time and not with out me.You don't understand what its like." He looked stricken at the thought.

Toma laid a calming hand on Kakkarot's shoulder. "Yes, boy, I do. You're father and I were once where you are now. Frieza was no different then." He blinked away unpleasant memories, unwilling to dredge up the past. It was hard enough to go back and face the monster again, but he knew he had to do it for the girl. She had come to mean something to him, though he wasn't sure why. Maybe he had been hanging out with Bardock for far too long.

"We'll figure it out as we go, alright. Let's just get there first."

Kakkarot nodded and stared out the window.His father had once told him that difficult times showed you exactly who you were and what you were made of. Well it wouldn't be long before they were there and then they would see exactly what he was made of.



Frieza stared at the handsome young man that stood before him. Another stunning warrior.

"Prince Britton, how good of you to join me."

"As if I had a choice, Lord Frieza."

Frieza smiled coldly. "Come now, I'm not so horrible am I? I have kept to our part of the bargain. Your planet still exists, and your parents live. I coould change all of that quite quickly. you know."

Britton swallowed the bile that rose up in his throat. To have to show fealty to such a creature was more then he could handle, but he knew he had little choice. If he didn't Frieza would destroy everything he hekd dear. If it wasn't for that, he'd rather be killed then forced to bow down to him. He swallowed his pride and forced himself down on one knee, bowing his head. He didn't want to see the gloating bastard's face.

"Forgive me, My lord, what may I do for you?"

"That is much better, young Prince. I fear, however, that this time it is something I have for you."

Britton looked up. "I don't understand?"

"I am afraid that I have located your sister."

Britton shot up." Bulma!You've found Bulma? Where is she?"

"I'm afraid that is where the bad news comes into play. She was openly consorting with known traitors to my throne. Unfortunatley they have been less then kind to her and she is in poor mental condition. A shell of her former self really."

"What? Who would dare hurt her."

"I fear that it was our dear friend Prince Vegeta who seems to be the culprit in this case."

Britton clenched his teeth. Not his beautiful little sister. She had never hurt anyone. He couldn't believe that she was beyond help. Surely he could reach through to her.

"May I see her?"

"In awhile. She is resting now. Prince Vegeta is on his way here. I thought you might want to greet him with me, seeing how he is responsible for her deplorable condition."

Britton scowled. He would gladly greet the bastard, then he would kill him for what he had done to his baby sister. He looked up at Frieza and smiled coldly. " I would enjoy nothing more, my lord."

Frieza smiled. Yes everything was going just as he had planned.


Parisia stood next to the Saiyajin King. He in turn was standing next to his own throne that was now occupied by Frieza. She could honestly say she loathed the man. He had convinced her to petition Frieza for a marriage to Vegeta, to let slip what she had heard and in the end had betrayed her as well as his own son. She had been made a whore, while he had gained control of her planet. It made her ill. The only good thing that had happened to her was her one time with Vegeta and it had been fleeting. The horrors of some of the men she had been forced to serve was almost more then she could take sometimes. A less stronger woman would have crumpled. She had seen some of the other whores, seen the desolate looks on their faces. There was one, particularly beautiful woman that Ginyu seemd to favor. She was older, but seemed to have remained unfazed by the whole thing. Of course she never spoke one word. Parisia would have thanked her for keeping that horrid Ginyu away from her. Though there were others that were worse. The only thing shecould do was relive the time with Vegeta and pretend that he was the one that was above her. It almost always worked. She looked again at the king. Yes, revenge was sweet and she would have hers against him, and she would accomplish it with his son.

Frieza looked up at the Saiyajin King.

"Well Vegeta are you ready to see your son? I'm afraid he isn't very happy with you."

"As if I care.The brat needed a good comeuppance. He had his chance to have things differently."

"Yes, it is hard being a parent isn't? Yet the young must always be punished when they go astray and the dear Prince most assuredly has gone and done just that."

"I couldn't agree more, Lord Frieza."

"Well, we certainly seemed to have found an excellent way to get straight to him. He certainly came running when we took his lovely young woman didn't he?"

That had actually surprised the King. He had believed that Vegeta had feelings of some kind for her, but he would have never guessed they would have ran as deep as this. Of course, Vegeta had always been possessive of his belongings and could just see her as that. One that he would inevitably tire of. "Are you ready to question her?"

"Yes, why don't we get started. Your guard Nappa informed me that Vegeta landed a few minutes ago and not alone. Seems he has brought Kakkarot and Toma with him. Two very fine warriors. I am looking forward to seeing them again. Why don't we see how we can work her before he gets here."

"Bring the girl in." His voice boomed across the empty throne room. There were very few people that had been chosen to witness this little reunion. He and Parisia. Zarbon and Brennon's other brat, Britton. He assumed Nappa would come up with his son. He turned as the door opened and the Sorceress Tantris entered, dragging her unwilling victim in. They had chained her up because she had fought them. She was surprisingly strong and well versed in the martial arts. She had taken out one of his men before the witch had finally gained some control over her. He looked at the bedraggled girl that was being drug in. Somehow she managed to keep herself dinified evven in chains. He was more impressed with this brat then he should be. For a moment he felt genuine remorse that he had so ruined her life, but he pushed it away. He had done what he had to in the best interest of his planet. That was his duty. Things must be sacrificed.

Frieza watched the girl being drug in with amusement. So this was Vegeta's whore. Yes, he could see exactly what Vegeta had been drawn to. Her face was a study in beautiful belligerence. That she had already stood up to Tantris's manipulations was a testament to her strength. One could just look at her and see the passion and fire in her. She would be much harder to break then he thought, but everyone had a breaking point. One only had to find it. He would find hers and it would be so much fun doing it in front of Vegeta. He would make the Prince suffer as he had been forced to.It was really only the beginning for him, by the time he was through, Vegeta would beg him for mercy and the girl, well she would pay with him.

Britton stiffened as he saw his sister being drug into the massive throne room in chains. It was the first time he'd seen her in two long years. "Bulma!" He cried. he wanted her out of those chains.

Bulma's head jerked up at the sound of her brother's voice. she saw him standing beside Frieza. He looked so wonderful and healthy. She could feel teasrs building up, but angrily swallowed them. She couldn't cry. Not now. It was just good to see him alive.

"Lord Frieza, why is my sister paraded around like a common prisoner. She is the Princess of Correnia."

"Why Britton, I thought you understood, she is a traitor against my throne and your house hardly stands as ruler of Correnia now, do they? So her title of Princess probably doesn't mean as much as it used to. Unfortunately, she must pay for her crimes."

"What crimes? She has done nothing to you. " He pointed at the King," He's the one that sought her out. He and his miserable son."

"Britton!" Her voice rang loud and clear across the room. She was nowhere near being broken and all these bastards had another think coming if they thought for one moment that she was going to roll over and die. "Enough. Everything will sort itself out in time. I promise." She looked up at the throne and saw Frieza. The bastard. Beside him stood King Vegeta and Parisia. All the people that she hated stuck together in one room. How interesting was this going to be. She looked at Parisia. She had been devestated after the woman's liitle visit earlier. She had sobbed for awhile and berated herself for being stupid. She had come to decisions. If Vegeta wanted the tramp, he could have her. She wasn't going to fight for his love. She would find someway to move on without him. She had to. Hell she might not even survive this.

"Yes, Britton, it would be wise to shut your mouth and listen to what will be said. I have a feeling you will find it all most enlightening. "

Britton wanted to protest, but he caught the warning glare from his sister. He smiled. She was back in his life for five minutes and already bossing him around. Alright he would bide his time and wait, but hten he was going to gether the hell out of here and away from Frieza. He knew his father would expect it of him.

"Well, my dear Princess, you are proving to be much more difficult then I first believed you to be. I am most impressed with your fortitude. You serve your father's house weel. It is ashame you have aligned yourself with traitors. "

"Where's your proof, Lord Frieza? Do you take the word of a common whore over mine?" She nodded towards Parisia.

"Why you..You are just jealous that Vegeta wants me and not you."

"Silence. She's right. You are nothing but a whore and a poor one at that from what I hear." She gasped in outrage.

"Well, Bulma, Vegeta is as we speak on his way here right now. When he gets here, we are all going to have a little chat about what you were doing on Cusanta. Something tells me I will find it most enlightening."

"I have no information for you." Vegeta was here. He had come for her. What did that mean? He had to have known the danger he was going to be in. What in the hell was she going to do?

"I am sure we can find somethng of interest." She shivered at the rather malicious look that crossed his face. She looked to Tantris who smiled at her. Soon Bulma, we'll start our game again soon..Bulma shut her eyes as the voice filled her mind again. She wasn't sure she could take much more of this. the sound of the door opening behind her made her open them again. She knew it was him, she could feel his presence. It literally engulfed the room. When had that happened. She couldn't remember doing that ever before.

"Well, Prince Vegeta, how good of you to join you. Let's see.What were my last words to you when I last saw you? Behave yourself? It doesn't seem like you listened very well. Come and say hello to your father."

Vegeta gritted his teeth. He saw his father and Parisia. Why was she here? Stupid bitch. He would die happy if he never laid eyes on her again. He felt her here. Bulma. She was here. He looked to his right and there she was, head down, but very much alive and well. He willed her to look at him, but she refused to. what was wrong? He wanted to go right to her, but he knew he wouldn't be allowed to and to do it in front of everyone would be to announce his weaknesses loud and clear for the whole world to see.

"Ah, yes, I see you have singled out your whore. I must say, Vegeta, you do have excellent taste in women. She has proven to be the challenge of a lifetime for Tantris and myself. "

Vegeta remained silent. He would not allow Frieza to goad him into doing something rash. Not this time. So she was strong and apparently much stronger then anyone had given her credit for. That was good news.

"What is it you want me to say Frieza? Why have you forced me here?"

"Did I force you here? I don't recall even handing out an invitation, let alone saying you had to be here. My quarrel is with the woman. She is a known traitor and as such must be brought to justice. Did you feel compelled to say something in her behalf?"

Vegeta's heart sank. Frieza had him and he knew it, to defend her would mean admitting she meant something to him. that would show his weakness and they would not hesitate to use it against him. To deny her, well that was something he couldn't even imagine doing, especially with her standing right next to him. Yet it might mean the difference between her life and death. He felt Kakkarot come up behind him and Toma. He had an obligation to them all to get them away from here.

"She means nothing to me. Do what you want to her. I must have misunderstood the message." He almost choked on the words, but he forced himself to say them. He heard both men beside him suck in their breath.

"Vegeta?" Kakkarot couldn't believe he had been that wrong about Vegeta's feelings. He had been sure he felt something for Bulma.

"What Kakkarot, she was good in bed. That was all." He couldn't look at Bulma, but Kakkarot did and so did Toma. She looked so devestated. Kakkarot turned back to him.

"I can't believe you. You are no better then your father. If you won't help her then I will."

"Stand down Kakkarot, I am your Prince and you will do as I say."

Frieza laughed. "My my, is there dissension among the ranks. Kakkarot, Toma, it has been a long time since I saw you two. I take it you disagree with Vegeta's declaration?"

"Most assuredly." Toma put in.

"Well, Vegeta there seems to be some disagreement as to whether or not this girl seems to be of any value to any of you."

"Only to these third class losers, not to me.I am a Saiyajin elite, I have no time for feelings of love. Like I said before she was fun in bed, but it's over now."

"Why you bastard." Britton launched himself at Vegeta. Vegeta prepared himself for the attack,lowering his stance, ready to power up, but it never came. He looked up. Bulma had stopped him. She had managed to lift her chained hands and catch her brother in mid-air. "Britton, no, please. Don't do this. I'm alright. " Britton stared at his sister. He lifted his hand to the bruise on her cheek. "Bulma, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For not looking after you better."

She smiled at him. "As if you could."

"My, my isn't this a touching family reunion. Well, Vegeta, it seems Parisia's little story was correct."

"What story?"

"A story about a very passionate night the two of you shared.She told us you had no feelings for the Princess. You really do get around."

Vegeta clenched his fist and looked at Bulma head on for the first time. He saw the bruise marking her cheek, the cut lip, saw the rather dazed look in her eyes. He would kill whoever had touched her with his bare hands. He saw the deep hurt that he had caused her. He wanted to run to her and tell her it wasn't true. That he had not meant any of it, that Parisia was nothing to him, but he couldn't. For the sake of all of them and if they had any hopes of bringing Frieza to his knees, he had to do this.

"It's true." He wouldn't elaborate on the details. He would just go along with whatever she had said for now. He closed his eyes. Of all the ways for Bulma to have found out. He could imagine what that conversation had been like. He was sure Parisia had left out most of the true details. He would take great pleasure in killing her as well. That's what he should have done in the first damn place.

"I can't believe this." Kakkarot had backed away from him betrayal written on his face. "How could you sleep with the same woman that has caused all this misery."

"Kakkarot, don't boy. Obviously Vegeta has sold his soul to hell already. We have to keep the main objective in mind here." Toma watched as Kakkarot turned towards Frieza.

"Frieza I have come for my intended mate.Bulma has promised herself to me and I love her. I cannot let her be taken for something she had no part in." Bulma's mouth fell open.

Vegeta turned in horrified shock at Kakkarot. How dare he claim her as his own. Love her? What in the hell was he doing. That was his mate."Kakkarot.."he growled at his fellow Saiyajin.

Kakkarot stared coldly at Vegeta. "You had your chance, you denounced her. She's mine now."

"You will never have her bastard."

"Are you man enough to stop me Vegeta?"

Toma couldn't believe all that he was hearing. Kakkarot was actually trying to stick it to Vegeta and obviously it had worked. He thought he had seen the most dangerous look that boy had, but the look of pure rage that crossed his face now made all the others pale in comparison. If the boy didn't love her then he was doing a bad job of convincing himself. He was very obviously outraged that Kakkarot had claimed her. Kakkarot was too far gone in his own anger to even notice Vegeta's expression. Frieza however did not. Vegeta was lying. He did have strong feelings for the girl. This might be even more fun then he had originally thought.

"Enough. You two may fight like the animals you are somewhere else. Is this true Kakkarot, did Bulma promise herself to you?"

"Yes, and I have come to claim her.If you let us go, we will trouble you no longer."

"Kakkarot is lying." Vegeta roared. No he could not let this happen. She was his.

"My, my Vegeta, for someone who cares so little for the girl, you certainly do seem quite outraged at the idea of Kakkarot's claim."

Frieza had him. Damn Kakkarot, he either stood by and accepted this or he stood up and fought for her, but what chance did he have?

"Well Kakkarot, I won't promise to let you go, but if you are truly commited to this girl, we could see you joined together now. At least she would meet her death happy."

"That's fine by me."

"Do I get a say in this?" Bulma had moved away from her brother and managed to drag her chain and Tantris over to stand by Kakkarot.

"Why yes, how rude of me to not even consider your feelings." Frieza smiled cooly, "however Vegeta is not the man for you." She raised her eyebrow at him. Vegeta clenched his fists.

"May I have a private word with Kakkarot?"

Frieza seemed to think about it for a moment then nodded. " I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I do so enjoy young love. I am grateful I have never been bothered with this tawdry emotion. I think to make it more interesting for you, Vegeta should be a part of this little conversation as well. He evidently has some strong feelings about this as well."

"Fine." Good then he could kill Kakkarot."

" Alright, Tantris, why don't you show them to the little antechamber. Let's let them come to some kind of agreement as to what's going on."

Tantris drug Bulma along, much to Vegeta's fury. He would have to kill her so Bulma could be free of her control. She shoved her into a small room, and left to stand outside the door. Kakkarot and Vegeta both entered the room. She smiled at the look of cold fury Vegeta leveled at her. "You are dead bitch."

"We'll see Vegeta."

He followed Kakkarot into the room and no sooner had he closed the door, then they were on each other.

Vegeta threw the first punch, connecting with Kakkarot's jaw. Kakkarot answered back with a blow to Vegeta's mid-section. Bulma tried to get their attention, but neither one of them was listening to her. Finally she swung her chain around and caught Vegeta in the jaw with it.

"What in the hell was that for, woman ?" He wiped a thin stream of blood from his mouth.

"How dare you come in here and fight like this. You just stood out there and told everyone who would listen that I meant nothing to you. Then you admit to sleeping with Parisia. Who in the hell do you think you are?"

"Who do I think I am? What about him. You belong to me Bulma. Not him. I will not let him have you." He was a Prince, Kakkarot was a third class loser.

"Vegeta I'm not a damn possesion. I don't belong to anyone."

"Bulma, I will gladly take you as my mate. It might help us get you out of here."

"You will not touch her Kakkarot. She is my mate and I will get her out of here."

"How can I be your mate? And if I am it seems to me that you've already been unfaithful."

"Woman, you have been my mate since the first time you gave yourself to me. I thought I made that clear to you the other night."

"I don't recall the conversation."

Kakkarot watched them both. He was starting to calm down a bit.He was still angry at Vegeta, but there was more going on here then met the eye.

"Kakkarot, get out, I need to speak to Bulma alone."

"Kakkarot, you stay right there."

"Woman." Vegeta's voice held a note of warning in it.

She stared at him mutinously for a moment, then nodded. "Fine Kakkarot, I'll speak to him alone."

Kakkarot nodded and left the room. Bulma backed up as Vegeta walked towards her, backing her into a corner. His gloved hand came up to caress her injured cheek. Her eyes fluttered shut at his touch. "Who laid there hands on you?"

"Some guard."

"Bulma, I'm sorry. I should have protected you better."

"What does it really matter ? You said it best out there. You could care less what happens to me."

"Do you really believe that ?"

"I'm not sure what to believe anymore. My whole life has been turned upside down in a matter of days. The person that I had become was ripped open and torn apart. The one thing that held me together was thinking of you, then Parisia shows up and shares her beautiful little story and makes me wonder if I ever had you at all. "

"Did I fail to express to you exactly what I felt for you the last time we were together, woman?"

"Yes, no, I don't know Vegeta. So much has happened in the last few days. My mind is gone. I know I love you. There is no denying that for me, but I can't forget that you slept with her.I could have handled anyone else but her. For that I hate you. Can you even say you love me?"

He was taken aback by the vehemence in her statement. He paled. He did love her, but to say the words. He wasn't sure he could.

His brief pause was the only answer she needed. "Damn you and your foolish pride." She pounded her fists on his chest. He caught her fist and brought her against him.

" Deny this. Deny what you feel when you touch my body. Do you feel the same thing I do? That is the truth woman. That is how I express my feelings for you. Can you deny what we have?" He was angry now. Angry that she would throw this away because he could not say three little worthless words.

"I can't," she sobbed. "You know I can't. Damn you Vegeta. I hate you and I hate what you make me feel." She collapsed against him, sobbing. The past three days had been absolute hell for her. She couldn't deal with it anymore. He jerked her up. "You can declare your hate for the rest of your life, woman, but you will always belong to me. Don't you ever forget it. I will not let you go. Quit being a fool."

"A fool! I have been put through hell, Vegeta. I have suffered. Don't you think I am entitled to a small breakdown."

"Not if you want to stay alive."

"Stay alive? I have stayed alive by myself for the past two years Vegeta. What makes you think I need your help now?"

"Why you little bitch. Do you have any idea of what Frieza would like to do to me? The danger that I put us all in? All to save your little ass." He looked like he wanted to hit her. She didn't care. She was too damn angry. Mostly about Parisia. She wanted to hurt him in some small way.

"Quite a sacrifice for you, I am sure. Especially since you just said out there that he could do whatever he wants to me."

"Dammit Bulma, he will use you against me in some monstrous way if I let on that I might feel anything for you at all. Why can't you understand that?"

"Enough. I can't take this conversation anymore. I am done with you Vegeta. If I get out of this I am getting as far away from you as I possibly can. You have brought me nothing but pain and grief."

He was in her face far faster then she had counted on. His eyes narrowed dangerously. "Don't even think about it woman. I will always find you. We belong to each other. If you want to persist in being a pathetic fool, then fine, but don't doubt for an instance that it would be the mistake of your life if you even consider running away from me." He grabbed her and kissed her, brutalizing her already torn lip. He didn't care. He was going to leave little doubt in her mind who she was and who she belonged to. She ignored the pain in her lip, and kissed him back with everything she had. She could already feel her knees giving out on her, then just as quickly as it had happened he had released her and turned around, yanking the door off its hinges in his anger. He strode out without a backward glance. Kakkarot leaned in.

"Is everything alright Bulma?"

"No,Kakkarot. Things aren't alright."

"My offer still stands. It might help you out."

She smiled at him. "I know Kakkarot. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but I couldn't be your mate. You deserve better."

"I wouldn't be disappointed Bulma. You would make a fine mate. "

"I don't love you Kakkarot. Not like that."

He smiled. "I know, Bulma, but sometimes love can grow."

"I will always love him. No matter how angry I get at him, I will always have him."

"Alright. " He turned to go.

"Kakkarot?" She could see Tantris lurking behind him, ready to take her back.


"Thank you for caring about me."

He smiled at her again. "I'll always be your friend Bulma." He turned and went back out to the throne room. Tantris smiled at her and jerked along yet again to stand in front of Fireza.

"Well, have you three ironed out your little difficulty."

"Apparently." She answered.

"So will there be a joyous occasion for you and Kakkarot?"

"No. Kakkarot made a mistake.

"He seemed pretty sure of himself earlier, Princess. What could have changed his mind?"

"Does it matter?"

"Most assuredly it does."

"We don't love each other. He thought only to be noble and try to protect me. ."

"What if I press the issue."

"Can you say yes for me?"

"I'm sure Tantris could."


"I'd like to see her try." She smiled coolly.

Frieza was taken aback for a moment then laughed.

"Alright, enough of this foolishness. I won't force your hand today, Princess, I have more important things to discuss with you, such as what you have been up to on Cusanta. Somethng tells me I would find it highly interesting and beneficail."

"I have nothing of import to say Frieza. I am guilty as charged. It was my idea to act against you."

"Bulma!" Vegeta, Kakkarot and Toma all yelled her name at once.

"That's a damn lie, Bulma. Don't go down for them."Britton was outraged.

"That is all fine and good, Princess, but we both know that Tantris could get to the bottom of it. It might take her weeks, months, but she could do it."

"I will not be easy to break ."

"Everyone has a breaking point, one must only know where to look."

She remained silent. Preparing herself for the mental onslaught that would be coming. She could not let him know about the formula to her synthetic oil. No matter what. Behind her Vegeta stared impassively at her back. Damn foolish woman. They could drop her off a cliff for all he cared right now. He was absolutely furious with her.How dare she give herself up like that. How dare she even threaten to run away from him. Love. Perhaps he was confusing love with lust. How could he be in love with such a stupid woman. She had certainly yanked her declaration of love back quickly enough, declaring her hatred for him instead and Kakkarot. He had trusted Kakkarot as much as he could trust another person. How could he have done something like that to him.

"Nappa, would you please have Doctor Zuad come in here please. I believe I have just the thing to encourage our little Princess to talk."

Vegeta came alert at that name. That had been the name of the doctor that had developed the brain destroying bacteria. He had watched him inject people with it. No. He moved towards Bulma, he didn't care how mad he was at her, he couldn't let them do this to her. He felt Kakkarot and Toma move with him.

"Ginyu!" Frieza screamed the name. Vegeta was already moving his hand up to blast the sorceress in the chest. She was too fast for him. The blast missed her and nearly took out Bulma. He cursed and turned but not in time. She landed a blow across his arm. She looked to Frieza silently asking his permission. She could easily form a mind link with him here. His power was up, his energy was coursing though him. She saw Frieza nod and smiled. Vegeta you have gotten yourself into a tough spot this time..

"Stay out of my head bitch."He swung at her, but she used her mind to control his energy. He had no strength. It was like it was being sucked from him. Somehow she had done it to Kakkarot and Toma as well. They were all on their knees. He looked up at Bulma. See how it feels..you are at my mercy Saiyajin.

"Run woman. "

She never got a chance to. Behind her Ginyu had grabbed her arms, rendering her immobile. Vegeta watched as Recoome grabbed her brother.What was going on? Were they injecting her or her brother or both. He could feel the sorceress on the outskirts of his mind, trying to get in. He held her at bay only by the force of his will. Bulma, no he couldn't let this happen. He struggled to get up. He could see Frieza laughing, Tantris would not give up. You can't save her Vegeta. He forced himself to keep up the steel wall around his mind. He couldn't let her get in.

Bulma struggled against Ginyu, but it was useless. He was three times stronger then she was. She

watched as the doctor approached her.

"Well, well, Which one of the House of Angione should I inject or should I take care of both of you?"

King Vegeta looked at his son. He could see the blood rage coming over him, saw the fury. The tail lashing violently behind him. He had believed the boy was the legendary Saiyajin. He could have easily made the change here, but his power was being sucked from him by that witch. He could also see the anguish in his eyes. Pain at not being able to save her. His son did love her. He had thought he had killed that emotion in the boy, but he had been wrong. He looked at the girl. She was worthy to be his son's queen. He'd give her that. He made his decision. He could only help one of them.

"Lord Frieza, The girl is a genius. To kill her or maim her mind in any way would be a great loss. She could greatly aid you in your technology. "

Frieza looked up at the Saiyajin king." Why Vegeta, don't tell me you have something for the Princess as well. "

"Hardly," he snorted." I cannot deny her gift though. It would be a waste."

" Oh, alright, I suppose you have a point. Inject her brother, but leave her alone Doctor. I have a better idea for her."

"No!!" Bulma screamed as the doctor approached her brother.

His energy was being drained by the sorceress and Recoome held him firm in an unbreakable grip. Britton couldn't even begin to fight back. He knew what this was. Had seen it first hand. His death would be slow and painful, but at least his sister would be spared this. He winced as the doctor jabbed the needle into his arm. Surprisingly there was no panic. He felt Recoome release him and he dropped to his knees.

"Britton, No!!" She screamed in outrage for her brother.What had they just given to him. "You bastard, let me go." She felt a stabbing pain in her brain, then more flashes of Britton screaming and suffering.He was going mad. That's what his fate is.. Tantris's voice filled her head.

"No, no.." Ginyu released her, and she fell to her knees in a heap, sobbing. She pounded the floor in helpless fury. Vegeta shut his eyes to the sight of her pain. He couldn't help, but he thanked whatever God he had to that she had been spared. He felt his control slip a bit, the effort it was taking to keep Tantris out of his mind was excruciating. He couldn't even look at anyone else.

"Princess, it has been pointed out to me that you are a technological genius, yet I feel some punishment is deserved for your part in any coup that was attempted against my throne. Therefore, I am going to send you and your brother straight to Hell."

"No," Vegeta rasped out."No Frieza, I will do whatever you ask. Just don't send her there." His voice registered with no one but Kakkarot, it was so weak from energy loss.

Kakkarot looked over at him. He was ashamed he had doubted him. He did love Bulma and would sacrifice even himself for her. He was grateful no one had heard him. There had to be a way to escape all this. They just had to find it.He moaned with the effort it was taking him to keep Tantris out of his own mind. It helped thatshe had entered so many minds at once. That had to be difficult for her. One on one he didn't doubt that she would be in his mind in a flash. He shuddered at the thought.

"I do believe that I would be quite happy to take Vegeta, Toma and Kakkarot back onto my ship. I'll let them spend some time with Tantris alone, see if she can help them stay in line." He stood. Nappa, Would you please escort Parisia back to my ship. Vegeta may have further use for her. Zarbon, please escort Bulma and her brother to your ship. I would appreciate it if you took them directly to their new home."

Ginyu yanked Bulma up by her hair. Vegeta growled at him and half-attempted to lunge at him, but fell flat on his face instead. He lifted his head and watched as Frieza crossed to her. He grabbed her chin.

"You are truly a beauty. I can see what Vegeta sees in you, but I am afraid that he was never yours. Please me on Hell and I might let you off with good behavior." She jerked her chin out of his hand. Zarbon came to her and took her in hand. "Come on dearie.It's time to go. He motioned for another guard to grab her brother. She yanked her arm out of his grip and ran to Vegeta.


"Bulma," He moaned.

Zarbon was grabbing her arm, dragging her away. "Vegeta, I love you."

Vegeta tried to respond. He wanted to say it back, but he couldn't. Frieza was lifting him up, dragging him along. "How sweet, it's ashame you don't return the sentiment. Come on Vegeta, I have a special surprise for you. Ginyu, get Kakkarot and Toma. It is actually a little surprise for all of them. Bring them to my ship."

Vegeta could barely breathe with Frieza's grip around his throat.

"You know Vegeta, I do grow tired of always having things turn out this way. You force me to do the vilest things to you. It really could have been so much different. I do wsh you would come to your senses."

Vegeta said nothing. What was the point? He was defeated. Frieza and Ginyu drug them all the way to the huge viewscreen in his ship. He was pushed down alongside Toma and Kakkarot and forced to look out as the ship blasted into space. He watched as a few of Frieza's minions blasted off to join their lord.

"You know Vegeta. You really are much stronger then your father. Your father is a waste of my time. Did you realize it was him that convinced me to spare Bulma the little shot she would have gotten. You should be grateful. At least on Hell she has a fighting chance."

"I hate to be the one that does this to you and your planet, but you Saiyajins are brecoming tiresome. I have the best of your race here on my ship. Nappa, You Toma, Kakkarot,Vegeta. I would have appreciated having Bardock, but I hear he's off planet as well. Oh, well. I guess you can't have everything.Vegeta I want you to see what your betrayal has wrought for your people. This could have been avoided. Her imprisonment on Hell could have been avoided if only you had been wiser."

He left them and a moment later appeared outside the ship. Vegeta knew deep down exactly what Frieza was going to do. Hadn't he seen it before. He watched in horror as Vegittasei blew up into a million different pieces. He groaned in agony as the energies of millions of people were snuffed out. His father.

Kakkarot slumped over, unable to believe his home planet was gone. "No," He whispered.

Toma sat stone faced. His home had been destroyed in the blink of an eye.

"If it takes me the rest of my life. I will avenge our home planet." The words were spoken quietly, but fiercely. Kakkarot turned and looked at him, not bothering to hide the tears in his eyes.

"We will have our revenge Toma. We will

Vegeta said nothing.His father, his planet all gone.He had wanted to kill his father, but now that the man was gone he found himself oddly empty. Maybe it was the loss of Bulma. He wasn't sure. All he knew was that he had died and become someone else.

"We need power." He said tonelessly. "Without power he will always defeat us." He fingered the energy absorbtion unit Bulma had given him. He hadn't even gotten a chance to use it. "Bulma." He whispered her name. "Survive woman."

* * * * *

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