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Tantris stood on the balcony of the Correnian palace and looked out at the blue ocean that pounded against the cliffs below. So this had been the room of her prey, Princess Bulma. It had remained seemingly unchanged since the royal family had been forced out of it. She had traversed every square foot of it, touched every belonging she could find. All in the desire to form some kind of mind link with her.This one was proving a little more challenging then she had first thought. Her sharpened teeth gleamed as she smiled, thinking of the fun she would have tracking her prey. That was the exact way she liked it. It made the hunt all the better. She had been ordered to bring the girl to Frieza alive. He had said he would allow her the fun of torture only when Vegeta could watch. Until then she only had the thrill of using her sorceress skills to bring down her prey. She sniffed repulsively at the waves below her. This was nothing compared to the jungles of her home planet. Calonia. How she missed it. The high priestess had given her to Frieza as a gift. Her gifts of mind control and mind tracking had been exceptionally strong, making her very attractive to him. She was able to get into the mind of her victims and find out their deepest, darkest fears, implanting images into their brain that would eventually drive them insane. Even their sleep and dreams were not their own once she had formed a mind link.If she was good, she might get to have more then just the Princess. She shook her head trying to clear her mind of unneccesary thoughts. She mustn't get ahead of herself. She must concentrate, first on the job at hand, if she was going to have any luck getting into the mind of her prey. She ran her tongue over her sharp teeth, drawing blood. She relished the taste of it. Yes, only when she had completed this first task for Frieza would he allow her more. Only then would she have any fun.



Bulma stood in the small room that comprised her living area. It was attached to her workshop and was a far cry from what she had been used to on Corennia. It contained a bed, a desk and a small closet. How things changed. How she had changed. Changed drastically from the spoiled girl she had once been into the troubled woman she had become. Everyday it was the same litany over and over. Where were her parents. Were they dead or alive? Her brother? What had happened to him and Vegeta. Well at least that question had finally been answered. She sighed. Kakkarot and Toma had returned last night. Kakkarot had told them all about the plan to go to Vegittasei, then drew her aside and told her privately, a grin playing about his mouth, that Vegeta had said, Soon. She had known immediately what he meant. She had smiled at him. Soon. She had waited for him for two long years. Could it really be that she would be with him soon. She smiled. Things had gone exceptionally well. The fuel had proven perfect. She was now developing more of it in the large underground vats they had made to store it.They would be ready to sell it soon, and ready to turn a real profit. All of the responsibilty was starting to weigh on her, though. She felt light years older then twenty. At least Bardock was there to help her. He was really brilliant. She had once again been surprised by the Saiyajin race. They weren't quite the barbaric animals that people made them out to be. She thought back on Kakkarot's words from last night. So they were leaving for Vegittasei today. A part of her thrilled at the idea of seeing Vegeta, the other, more wiser part of herself worried about leaving a perfectly safe haven of security. She laid down on her bed and closed her eyes. She was so tired. She had been up at the crack of dawn working her ass off on that stupid JT 626. Some problem had popped up in the engine and no one had known what to do. She had worked it for the better part of the day, cursing it, cajoling it and when all else had failed she had beaten it with her fist, causing herself immense pain but in the end it had done the job. She smiled, maybe a small nap wouldn't hurt her. Then she could pack her bag and be that much closer to seeing Vegeta again.

Vegeta watched the stream of stars that shot past the viewscreen. They would be there in the next couple of hours. He hoped that they would make it in time. If Kakkarot and Bulma landed on Vegittasei now, they would be captured and he shuddered to think what that meant for them. He cursed himself for caring. It was so much easier to not give a damn about anybody, to just worry about yourself. For the life of him, he couldn't shut either one of them out. Maybe it was the years of common abuse at the hands of Frieza or the undying loyalty that Kakkarot gave to him. Some type of friendship had been born of that, perhaps not a typical friendship, but something akin to it and he found that he had no desire to let it go. It was hard to rely on other people, but Kakkarot he trusted completely. He couldn't let him down.Not that he would ever admit that to the younger Saiyajin. His feelings for Bulma were much more complicated. He couldn't even explain them to himself let alone identify them. The thought that he might feel something for her on any level besides lust, scared the hell out of him. It made him vulnerable and weak and if there were two things the Prince of The Saiyajins wasn't , it was vulnerable and weak. He could no more turn away from her though, then he could admit he might half love her. No love was not and would never be for him. He had lost the capability for that emotion long ago.Though he knew he felt some affection for her. Lust most definitely. The kind of lust that had not lessened over time. He would take her as a mate. He knew no other woman that could fit the position any better. He would be loyal to her and protect her, but he would not love her. He would not allow that to happen. He needed to stop thinking about her and more about taking revenge on his father, His father would fall first, then he as King of Vegittasei would strike Frieza down. There would be nothing stopping his ascension to Frieza's place. He would become the legendary warrior that he was meant to be. There would be no one to stop him. He smirked. Yes, he would destroy Frieza and his father and rule the universe. He would have Bulma by his side. He could not think of a better life.


"Well Zarbon, whatever am I going to do about our dear Prince Vegeta. He seems to once again have taken leave of his senses." To anyone listening Frieza sounded cool and removed as if he had not a care in the world. Zarbon, however could hear the underlying rage in his voice. He could almost feel sorry for Vegeta. Almost. He was perverted enough to relish the bastard's inevitable capture and subsequent punishment. Vegeta had always acted a notch above everyone else. Smug and arrogant. He knew Frieza would take that out of him now. There would be no more leniency for the Saiyajin Prince this time. it made him smile.

Frieza turned to his captain. "Ginyu, start tracking our little monkey Prince.Lets find out exactly what he's up to. I have sent Tantris after his little plaything. " Then he would crush him.Tantris's capabilities in mind control and especially taking the fears that lived in your own mind and turning them against you could be quite maddening. The princess had best have a strong mind. She would need it to keep herself from going insane. She would pay for ever looking at Vegeta and she would learn to curse him and the day they met. He could hardly wait until Vegeta could watch her , broken in mind and spirit. He had waited for the arrogant bastard for far too long. He was Frieza, High Emperor of the universe. He would take what he wanted. He would destroy Vegeta piece by piece until there was nothing left but dust, of that he could be sure.

Ginyu turned to go, relishing the idea of doing something, anything to make his Lord happy. He would bring him Vegeta. That would be no problem, no problem at all.



Vegeta and Raditz stepped off the ship. They had finally made it to Cusanta. They had set the ship down in the area that looked like it would be good to hide ships. The real trick was finding where they had hidden their little base at. Vegeta.was beginning to feal real concern that they would miss them if they hadn't already. He didn't know how fast he could get back to Vegittasei.

"Come on Raditz, if you were your father, where would you hide."

"Hell if I know, he could be anywhere on this rock."

Vegeta rolled his eyes, Raditz was so help. "You're pathetic Raditz."

Raditz opened his mouth to say something but was silenced by a glare from Vegeta.

"We need to find them now Raditz, before Bulma and Kakkarot take off. I don't have time for pathetic excuses. Be quiet. " He closed his eyes and tried to sense any energies in the area. He had just learned how to do it.To rely on his own senses, and not Frieza's scouters.He was good enough to pick up Bulma or Kakkarot's ki's if they were there.. He concentrated for a moment.

"Someone is over there." He lifted up into the air and flew as fast as he could. Raditz behind him. He hadn't sensed either of their ki's but he had picked up somethng that had been close to Kakkarot's. Bardock. It had to be Bardock. Was he too late? He rocketed ahead even faster. He hoped to hell he wasn't. Maybe they were just in an area that masked energies. He knew Kakkarot could mask his energy as could he. It was another thing they had learned together on Frieza's ship.

He saw Bardock, long before the other Saiyajin ever sensed him. He stood on a rocky outcrop, looking down at a ship. Vegeta gasped, it was beautiful, almost blindingly so. The sun reflected off it's silvery shell causing him to raise one, gloved hand to his shield his eyes. This had to be Bulma's ship. It was everythng she had said it was and more. He smirked. Yet again that woman had impressed him. Was there no end to her talents?

"How long a trip is this going to be Kakkarot?" Bulma sat in the captain's chair of the cruiser he had obtained on Chikyuu. They were preparing the preflight. Kakkarot hoped to get off planet in another hour. He wanted to try to get there and help Vegeta as much as he could. he wished he had just come back with them. It would have been better then splitting up again. Vegeta was just too damn impatient.

"Well, it took me a little over three days to make it the last time."

Three days, until she saw him again. She guessed that wasn't too bad. she found she was growing more and more nervous as each moment passed.

"How long will it take you to do your pre..." He paused in mid sentence. Why did he sense Vegeta's energy?

"What is it? Is someone here? Has someone found us?"

"I think someone has found us alright." He stood up and grinned at her." Question is why?"

"Who is it?"

"Vegeta." She gasped.

"Are you sure."


"Well then what are we waiting for?"

They barreled down the ramp together. Kakkarot traced Vegeta straight to his father in the cliffs above the entry to the underground caverns. He seemed to be in deep conversation with Bardock about something.

Bulma saw him from a distance and stopped. He had changed so much, he was still as gorgeous as she remembered, but he was all man now. All traces of youth had left him completely. His muscles more compact and hard. The armor hadn't changed much. She was suddenly shy. What if he didn't want her anymore?

"Kakkarot," she put a hand on his arm." Are you sure he wants to see me?"

"Are you crazy Bulma?" Kakkarot grabbed her hand. He had never met two people more destined to be together, yet too dense to realize it. He pulled her towards Vegeta.

Vegeta sensed them and turned, tensing as he saw Bulma. He felt his heart start to pound. She was even more beautiful then he remembered. He could see subtle differences, face more narrow, cheeks hollowed a bit more. Her hair was still the same sheet of blue silk he fantasized over night after night. He felt his pants grow a bit tight. He needed to get her out of here. There would be time later for talk. He kept his eyes on her as he walked over to her and Kakkarot.

"Vegeta, what are you doing here?" What a wonderful thing to say to the man you loved. No hug, no kiss just a why in the hell are you here. She could have kicked herself.

"Hmmph, would you rather I leave, woman?" He stopped and stared at her. So very beautiful.He could scarcely imagine that she belonged to him. He would make it official on this piece of rock they were on.

"Oh, god no, Vegeta." She launched herself at him, wrapping him in a bone crushing embrace. At least for her, bone crushing, for him it was nothing. He felt himself tense a bit. To hug her back in front of all these men would be too much. He couldn't do it. He smirked against her hair for a moment, then pushed her away gently.

"Later woman, not now."

She nodded through the tears that were streaming down her face. Her hand came up to trace his face. the black eyebrows that slanted so sharply over his eyes, the sharp, aristocratic nose. The lips. She could hardly fathom that it was him. She let her hand drop away. He had changed. All traces of youth had left him, leaving a man in its place. Everything about him was so much harder then before, and that was saying a lot. It only added to his appeal. She wiped her eyes, trying to stop her flow of tears.

"Quit your weeping. You'd think I had died. " He said it harshly, knowing it would work her up. He wasn't disapointed.

"Well, I'm sorry Prince Vegeta, I haven't seen you in two damn years. I was overcome." She attempted to turn and walk off. Two could play that game. If he was going to be an ass, then she would just be one as well. He was having no part of it.He grabbed her and brought her to him.

"Kakkarot, help your father and brother finish up here. I am going to be busy for awhile. We'll talk later."

"Alright," Kakkarot said around a grin, "but I do have one question for you before you go."

"What's that Kakkarot." His eyes never left her face. Bulma could feel herself growing warm under his observation.

"Why are you here?"

"It's a long story. Raditz can fill you in. I'll talk to you later." He pulled Bulma along down the path, leaving the three Saiyajins staring in dumbfounded amazement. Could that really be Vegeta. Kakkarot wasn't in the least bit surprised. He had told his father as much. Bardock had never witnessed the two of them together.

His son was absolutely right. The boy had it bad. He looked at his sons standing next to him. Both so different yet so alike. Maybe there was hope for them all yet.

"Well, you heard him, get busy, you two. We need to fire the ship up and run that fuel through her. this is the final test before we start selling it.

Raditz and Kakkarot looked at each, then both shrugged and followed their father down the path to the ship.

Vegeta had gotten about half way down the cliff when he couldn't take it anymore. He had to touch her, to be close to her. He stopped and pulled her into an embrace, crushing her to him. She wrapped her arms around him, relishing the feel of him against her. This was so right. It was like they fit. She looked up at him.

"Vegeta, I am so sorry, I left you. I didn't want to. I have hated myself every day for leaving you at Frieza's mercy."

"Hush woman, there wasn't anything you could have done. I wanted you away. Frieza would have on;y killed you, or worse. " He shuddered. He knew it would have been a lot worse.

"Still, we should have found a way. I let you down. I should have.."

He raised a gloved hand to her mouth. "Hush woman. We can argue later. Right now I would rather do other things."

She smiled shyly. " I still haven't done this."

He frowned. "You had better not have. You are mine. No one else will ever touch you."

"Does that go for you as well. Will I be the only one who gets to touch you."

"As long as you behave." He smirked at the pouty look on her face. He felt shame rise up in his throat. Shame at having slept with that stupid whore. He could never tell Bulma. It would destroy anything they had between them. Not that it mattered. She was his and he wasn't letting her go. What had happened had happened. There was no undoing it now. He kissed her again, this time deeply. He could feel his need rising quickly up threatening to overtake him. "Where's your room?"

She smiled at him and pulled him along down the rest of the path and into the entrance to the worklab. She pointed to a door across the room. "There."

He scooped her up and carried her the rest of the way, kicking the door shut behind him. This time there would be no interuptions. He set her down and pressed a kiss to her mouth. She opened her mouth to him, kissing him back with all the pent up emotion she had held in for the past two years. He moaned as he felt her complete surrender to him. This was how it was meant to be. He broke off the kiss, and looked at her with an expression of complete adoration. She smiled at him and attempted to take off her shirt with very shaky hands. He stripped off his gloves and helped her, slipping it off her slim shoulders, kissing each shoulder as he pulled the shirt off of her. His hands skimmed back up her arms. He deftly unhooked the bra, baring her breasts before him. He bent and took one in his mouth. Tonight he would take his time and they would finish what they had started two years back. She yanked at his armor, wanting to get it off. He obligingly helped her. He had himself stripped of everything in minutes. They had all night to do this, right now he just wanted to feel her around him. and against him. He slipped her pants off,smiling again at the lack of underwear she wore. Maybe it would be better to get the first time out of the way. He planned on making love to her all night. He had a lot of time to make up for. He wasn't sure he could wait anyway, this first time. The desire to be inside her was damn near drowning out every other thought. He moaned as she found his tail and massaged the base of it. If she didn't stop he was going to lose it right here.

"Naughty wench." He carressed the rounded bottom, still as perfect as ever. He lifted her against his arousal.

She smiled teasingly at him and let go, backing up to the bed. He followed her obligingly, pushing her down. He bent over her. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down on to her, wrapping her legs around his waist. He groaned at the postion he found himself in. His incredibly hard shaft was poised right at the entrypoint to her. He wasn't sure he could do anything else but move. He thrust into her hard, not wanting to cause her pain, but knowing the quicker the better. Somehow he found the will to lay there and not move, to allow her body to adjust to his. Bulma lay underneath him, tha had really hurt at first, but already she could feel her body adjusting to his. She moved ever so slightly under him, she felt a wave of pleasure shoot through her. She moved again. He moaned, but laid there.She fit him like glove. He wasn't sure if she was ready yet.She took care of the decision for him. She reached up behind him and grabbed his tail. He couldn't stop himself any longer, he had to move. He thrust into her harder then he meant to , but unable to stop himself. She moaned his name. This was as good as she had dreamed about. She rose up to meet each pounding thrust. His face was buried against her neck, she could hear him whispering her name over and over. He thrust into her hard and fast, he could feel his release begin to build throughout him. He had never felt anything like this before. He had never imagined that it could be this good.

Bulma felt it moving through her, wave after wave of the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced. She cried out his name as it burst through her, her body convulsing under him sending him over the edge.

He lost all thought as he came, thrusting into her with one last deep push, spilling himself in her. Giving himself to her completely, and not even realizing it. He collapsed on top of her, his face still sheltered in her hair, gasping for air. He felt her move her hands to his back. His eyes widened as he thought about what she was going to do, no, surely not, she couldn't, he groaned, she was. She found his tail and she showed him no mercy. She brought him so close to the edge that he was shaking. He hadn't even moved. All he had done was lay there and hold on for dear life as she massaged the base of his tail and stroked it.

"Bulma, please, stop, I can't.." He stiffened as he felt her move against him, sliding herself up ever so slightly. It was all it took. He pulled out of her, once, then thrust back in her over and over, fast and hard until they both came.

"Woman," he said shakily, "you're going to pay for that." He realized he was still inside her and smirked. Now it could be her turn. He grabbed her hands, holding them above her head. He could not let her get them anywhere near his tail or he was at her mercy. This time she would be at his. He moved in her slowly, dipping his head down to suck on her nipple. She moaned and arched herself up, taking them both by surprise as she brought him deeper in her. He moaned and sped up his pace. His mouth wandered all over her neck, biting at her and kissing her. He moved as slowly as he could take, the overpowering need he felt for this woman making it hard to keep his head. How could it be this way? He didn't even love her did he? No, he knew he didn't. He wasn't capable of it, but there was something. He could not deny that.He brought them to another shuddering climax and this time he had the self-control to move off of her and roll over. He gathered her in his arms and smiled. She was already asleep. He would rest for a bit, and then he would explore her whole body, from top to bottom. He wanted to see if he could bring her to her knees in complete surrender. It troubled him slightly that she had damn near done that to him. It had been a very close thing. Yes, he would spend all night making her his completely and showing her exactly who her body belonged to.


Tantris, had what she needed. She had been searching for days for the Princess and had started to grow frustrated. There was absolutley no trace of her anywhere. then out of the blue she h ad felt a strong wave of energy emanate form her. It had been enough for Tntris to link to. The girl was hers. Nothing could release her from the link except Tantris's death and that wasn't about to happen. She would follow the link straight to its source, then sh ewould take the girl to Frieza. he had said no harming, but did that mean she couldn't have a little fun? She reached though the link, trying to sense something that she might use against her. At first she couldn't get through. The girl's mind was strong. She persisted. The girl was asleep and pleasurably so. She went deeper, there had to be something. She sensed guilt and loss and fear. Fear of what? Those images were harder to get to, at least right now. She would wait until the link became stronger , for now she had something that would at least tease the girl a bit. Her parents. She had seen the loss of her parents and the uncertainty of where they were. Tantris had been told. They were on Hell. She took the girl's memories. The images of her parents and mixed them with images from Hell. She should be having a very interesting dream now. Just wait, Princess, this is only the beginning. She placed her hand on her head and concentrated for a moment, then was gone.

Bulma could see them, they were on a planet full of fire. Her father and mother. They were being hurt and tortured. Her mother, her beautiful mother was burned and they were still flogging her. Get up they were screaming at her. Get up. No she can't, she wanted to yell. You've hurt her, please... She screamed and shot up in bed, taking in great gulps of air, trying to still her trembling body. That had been so real.

Vegeta had leapt out of bed at her scream, ready to defend her. He realized vaguely that the room was dark and she was still in bed, shaking like a leaf. Something felt oddly wrong, but he couldn't identify what it was.

"Woman?" He slipped back into bed. He had made love to her several times, staying true to his vow to make her body his. He had branded her in several different ways, leaving no doubt as to who she belonged to. It went both ways. He could admit to himself that she had done the same thing to him. He was as much hers as she was his. She was shaking violently. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

"Vegeta?" She managed to gasp out. "I had a dream. My parents, they were on fire and they were scared. Some planet. They were..." she stopped, her voice failing her. Vegeta pailed. How would she have known? Kakkarot had agreed not to tell her. He pulled her closer. What in the hell was going on? His mouth found hers and he pressed a soft kiss on her. Maybe he could distract her. He lay back down and threaded his hands through her hair, pulling her too him.

"It was just a dream," he whispered against her mouth. She felt herself responding to him, to his nearness. The sensual note of his voice promising her untold pleasures. She relaxed against him. She wanted him again already and they had just made love a little while ago. Would it always be this way?

"Bulma." Her name was almost a whisper. She wasn't sure if she had actually heard it.

"Bulma, I am coming for you." Again, the voice was breathy and feminine. She pulled away from Vegeta.

"Did you hear that?"

He sat back up. "Hear what? What are you going on about woman?"

"My name, Vegeta. Someone said my name."

"There's no one else in the room. You are imagining it." He reached for her again.

"Bulma,I'm waiting for you. " There was such sweet malice in that voice.

She brushed his arms away and got up, holding her head. She could see the images of her parents in flames again, and Vegeta. Vegeta was laughing at her and making love to another woman. Her brother, even her brother was suffering. God what was happening to her. She sunk to the floor, moaning. Vegeta shot out of bed and picked her up. She tried to fight him. "Get away from me you bastard. Don't touch me." The voice wouldn't leave her alone.

Vegeta stared in horror at her. She didn't even realize he was there. He had only seen this once before and he realized with abject horror exactly what it was. Frieza had sent one of his damned hunters after her and she had found a way to link to Bulma's mind. There was no telling what horrors she would subject her to.

He howled in rage. No, this couldn't be happening. That meant that she was close to her, that she was very close to her. He looked wildly around the room. Was she already here.

"Damn you Frieza." He howled. His fists clenched in helpless fury as he watched her twist in his arms. No he had to do something. You could break the link if you killed the sorceress.He would kill her and that should help Bulma.

She had to be close by for Bulma to be in the state she was already in.She was toying with them. Had she already been here, before when he had made love to Bulma. He had been so preoccupied he hadn't sensed anything. He looked at the woman in his arms. She was sobbing and writhing against him. He had to calm her down. He let her slide down against his body. Holding her up he chopped her quickly in the side of the neck. She went limp. He didn't doubt that even her unconcious state would no longer be her own, but at least she wasn't fighting him. He laid her down gently on the bed and covered her. He cursed as he yanked on his clothes. Damn Frieza for coming after her like this. He would make sure to find an excruciatingly painful way to kill him, when it came time. He had to be quick. He wasn't sure where she was, he just knew that he had to find her. How long it would take Bulma to wake up he had no way of knowing.HE reached out for Kakkarot's ki. It was there and it was on alert. Had he already sensed something?He couldn't risk going to him. He had to stay and protect Bulma.

Tantris watched the Prince looking wildly around in the dark. So he had figured it out. She had teleported right to them. They had been involved in other things. She had found it quite arousing to watch them. she had decide to let them have their fun. She would certainly be having hers. She had been ordered by Frieza to bring the young Princess to Vegittasei. He had every belief that Vegeta would follow her, and judging by what she had seen, that was undoubtedly true. She watched as Vegeta stepped out of the room and into the work area she had noticed, that was all she would need. She slid out of her hiding place. She had no energy force to sense, so Vegeta would not have known she was there.

"Bulma, I'm here for you, little Princess. Come to me now. I'll take you to your parents. We can help them." She watched as Bulma sat up and slid out of bed.

"Gather your clothes, little one, you will need them. " Bulma obligingly slipped on her shirt and pants.

"Good, Bulma, come to me. I will help you. I promise."

Bulma turned towards the haunting voice.

"Will you really? Will you help me. I have to help my parents. They need me."

Vegeta's head snapped up as he heard Bulma's voice. He ran back into the room, hand lifted to fire a blast. He had been stupid. He should never have left her alone for one moment.

"Come to me. I will help you." She stood behind the girl now, all she needed to do was go. She saw Vegeta run back into the room.

"Where's Vegeta?" the girl surprised her. She was very strong willed.

"Vegeta? He's gone. Did you think he cared about you. He cares for no one but himself. He won't miss you I promise." She smiled coldly at Vegeta as she said the words.

"Wrong answer bitch."Vegeta's deadly calm voice rang through her ears. "Leave her alone. It's me you want." His face was a mask of cold arrogance. Hishand was raised to blast her away. He couldn't though, She was behind Bulma and he had no clear shot.

"Hardly, Frieza wants your Princess. I will take her to him." She flexed her hands.

"Vegeta? Is that you?" Bulma spoke softly. She looked at him and smiled slightly. For a moment she felt peace.

"Bulma, it's alright. I want you to come to me. This is all going to be over very soon. I promise."

"No, Bulma, look at him. He knew your parents were suffering and didn't even tell you. Look at him. He has betrayed you."

"No," Bulma moaned.

"Bulma, do not listen to her. It's not true." He felt a small spark of guilt. He had known and chosen not to tell her. He had done it to protect her.

"Enough of this pointless coversation. We leave now." She grabbed a hold of Bulma's neck and lifted her finger to her head.

"No," Vegeta screamed. "Don't take her."

She smiled coldly at him. "See you on Vegittasei." Then she was gone.

He fell to his knees, impotent rage running through him. She was gone. Just like that, she had been taken from him. He screamed in rage. Somewhere he could feel Kakkarot's ki approaching him.

"Don't worry woman. I will follow you to hell if need be. I will be there soon. I promise you."

He stood up and turned to the door. He would find Kakkarot and they would go together. If Frieza wanted him, he was about to get him.

* * * * *

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