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She stood on the rocky ledge, watching them fuel the JT 626 with her new synthetic fuel. Well, this was the test, the true test of what she had made. If this worked well, things were going to be dramatically different. A gust of wind blew up and caught the long black coat she wore. It was chilly out here in the early morning air. She felt him come up behind her, waiting for her to acknowledge him.

"Kakkarot." Her mouth twisted up into a wry smile. A smile built of pain and loss, but a smile none the less.

"It's about ready. Are you excited?" He came up beside her and squeezed her hand. He looked so much like his father. It was hard to differentiate between the two sometimes. She looked back down at the ship. Bardock was down there, somewhere, preparing for the final test. It had taken her two long years to gather all the neccesary resources and perfect it into its final perfect form, but she had done it and Bardock had helped her.

"I suppose I am,are you ready to leave for Chikyuu? " she squeezed his hand back. At twenty she was a year older then he. She and Kakkarot had been through much together since that fateful night on Nafet. What had started out as a duty to his Prince had turned into a true joy for Kakkarot. He and Bulma had forged a close and true friendship.He was careful to respect the boundaries of that friendship. This was Vegeta's chosen woman. That had been made clear to him on that fateful evening on Nafet two long years ago. Kakkarot knew it was the same for Bulma. She loved Vegeta. She had been devastated to have to leave him on Nafet. It was something she truly felt guilt over, though she shouldn't. It hadn't been her fault they were all in the predicament they were in now. After they had reached the ship they had argued endlessly about where to go. He had been told to take her to Vegittasei, she had thought that a bad idea. He would never be able to hide her from the King and she needed someplace quiet and out of the way that she could continue her work, someplace that offered plenty of natural resources. He had finally relented and together they had chosen Cusanta. It was galaxies away from Nafet,Vegittasei and Corennia. Unpopulated by anything intelligent, it had made the perfect planet for them to hide. They had flown there together, stopping briefly at her home planet so that she might gather the workers that she needed and the prototype for the JT 626. She had wanted to say good bye to her mother, to warn her of the impending trouble, but he had not let her. It was too dangerous. He'd reminded her that her father had likely already made arrangments for her mother and that she should trust him. He was the king after all. They had finally made it to Cusanta with their load of people, progressing right away on building shelters deep within the caves and underground caverns that ran the length of the planet.Using the natural resource of the planet to do it. Yes, he had to admit, she had been right. This was a much better place then Vegittasei to hide. He only hoped Vegeta understood that. Kakkarot had left her only briefly to return to Vegittasei and that was where he had told his father everything. Bardock had been shocked that the King would have so openly betrayed his own son. Bardock had felt sorry for the Prince. Underneath that cold exterior beat a heart. He had seen the boy years ago, alone and bitter that his father had deserted him. Angry at his father and his fate and taking it out on the world. He had tried to give him some guidance, but the Prince's social upbringing had not allowed him to take it. Bardock was simply a lowly scientist and third class fighter. Not worth his time. Bardock had talked it over with his crew and they had all made the decision to leave with Kakkarot. Toma had been particularly out raged. He had suffered once at the hands of Frieza and he would see him destroyed as well.

So the little ragtag group of Saiyajins had made it back to Cusanta and in Bulma, Bardock had found a kindred spirit. An inventor, someone who loved inventing and creating as much as he himself did. They had continued to get their massive work areas set up. Kakkarot had continued to train and with Toma, he had finally figured out a way to attempt to contact Vegeta. He had been angry that it had taken them so long to get their little operation together and he had seen Bulma agonizing on a daily basis about Vegeta and the fate of her family. They had both agonized over the idea that Vegeta had probably tried to locate them and failed. It had almost been enough to send them into space looking for his location. That they had left him in the hands of Frieza for so long. It had been damn near impossible with Frieza's hunters more then likely trying to find them. Once they had the scent, the sorceresses he employed to find people were damn near unstoppable. Kakkarot had seen them work up close and personal. He shuddered thinking about it. Any trip would be dangerous, but inevitably neccesary. They had to locate Vegeta and that time wa now. It had become do or die. The hunters would just have to be risked. Kakkarot had decided this and Bulma had agreed.To her dismay however, he had no plans on risking her life. She would stay put and wait. They had gotten into a horrible argument about it. He had actually been scared of her, had almost given in, then thought again that he owed it to Vegeta to keep her safe. It truly frightened him how much Vegeta and Bulma were alike. Another reason they were meant to be together.In the end he had been afraid that it was just too dangerous for her and that his duty to Vegeta overpowered any friendship they had. So he had chosen Toma and they were traveling to Chikyuu together.

"I'm going in just a few minutes. " They turned together back to the ship below and watched in silence, together for a moment.

"Kakkarot?" She spoke so quietly he could barely hear her.


"Tell him he owes me." She turned to look at him, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. Kakkarot grinned.

"Sure Bulma, no problem." He turned and left. Bulma turned back to her ship. The silver metal gleamed in the sunlight that streamed down from the heavens causing her to blink.

Vegeta, I hope you're alright. She felt the barest hint of a tear slip down her face. She was pretty much cried out. She had cried for her family, for her planet, for Vegeta. Every night she laid in her bed and remembered him touching her and kissing her. His mouth scalding her with its heat. She remembered the unbearable seperation as he had left her for that final fateful meeting with Frieza. What was she going to do if he was not alright, or had found someone else. Every night she woke, heart pounding from some dream that inevitably had him haunting her. They were so real. She could even hear his voice. That smooth, sensuous, deep voice that could still illicit shivers in her when she thought of it. She would awaken to the feel of his hands touching her. It was almost becoming more then she could bare. Kakkarot had to find him and bring him back. It was absolutely neccesary to her well being.


"Vegeta, I have an assignment for you and Raditz. Are you up for the task?"

Vegeta knelt, head bowed listening to Frieza. He wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to take doing this. He had swallowed his pride for two fucking years now, bowing and scraping to the freak. All in hopes of getting away and finally finding Kakkarot and Bulma. Where in the hell had they gone? He had looked on Vegittasei and even tried Corennia, but had found no trace of them. He was trying to come to grips with the idea that something had happened to them. The idea of never seeing Bulma again was oddly upsetting to him. He couldn't understand his feelings for her. He told himself it was becasue she had the tools to bring Frieza down. That he needed her for that and that alone. Deep down he knew it was a lie, but he wasn't strong enough to admit it. It would mean admitting to a weakness and he just couldn't allow himself to do that. He had, on several occasions thought hard about standing up and fighting Frieza, now on his own terms, but something held him back. It wasn't fear. He would gladly die if it meant that he wouldn't have to bow to that perverted lizard anymore, no it was some dim feeling that Bulma was very much alive and well. He could almost feel her.

"Of course Lord Frieza, what do you wish?" The words stuck in his throat.

" I need you to go to Chikyuu for me and deal with those stupid fools. They can't seem to get my tribute right and I am growing tired of being denied my rightful amount. It has happened three months in a row. I think they need a little friendly persuasion. Something you excell at." Frieza stared at the beautiful Prince. Such a man he had become. It was positively sinful that one man could be so absolutely gorgeous. He had turned into a very hard man and his continued denials of all of his advances only made Frieza want him more. He had to figure a way to get what he wanted out of Vegeta.

Vegeta watched the open display of lust play across Frieza's face. It was enough to make him want to throw up.That Frieza even entertained the idea that he, Vegeta, could be had was sickening. He never seemed to accept "fuck off' as an answer. Vegeta had repeatedly insulted him, earning himself severe lashings, and ignored him and attempted to make it quite clear that he was repulsed by the very idea of that kind of relationship. It was not his thing. It only made Frieza more determined. He was going to take such pleasure in killing that monster.

"I will make sure they fall in line." Vegeta stood and turned to go. Frieza's voice stopped him, though he didn't bother to turn around.

"Vegeta, Do make sure you behave yourself. " Vegeta stood for a moment more then left.



Kakkarot had been blown away at his first sight of Chikyuu. It had taken them two months to reach it and the beauty of it was worth every moment of that boring time. It was so blue and green. He had never seen a more beautiful planet. Toma had to remind him why he was there. They had traded in Bulma's cruiser for a larger, faster starship. The trade would not have been enough to buy the larger ship, but the owner of the cruiser had taken an instant liking to the smooth,sporty look of the smaller cruiser.His desire to look cool had overridden his good judgementand he had been happy to make the deal. He had been impressed with Bulma's security modifications as well.They had made the trade and Bulma had given Kakkarot her family ring to sell. He had not wanted to do it, but she had pointed out that they would have to have money to make it back. He had taken it with a heavy heart. He knew what it meant to her. So he had set himself to making the deal and gathering the supplies and laying low, while Toma listened for any and all information he could gather about Frieza and his motley assortment of officers. He had little hope of finding anything out. Surprisingly though, he had found something and found it rather quickly. He had overheard a local governor, very agitated and upset talking to his aide. The story seemed to be that Frieza's monthly tribute was once again considerably lower then it was supposed to be. This had been the third month in a row that he felt he had been short-changed. He had apparently dispatched two of his officers to deal with the Chikyuu-jin fools and they were due any time. He had not heard anything else, except for one word, Saiyajin. So Frieza was sending a Saiyajin. The coincindence was too great, so he and Kakkarot had sat on Chikyuu for yet another month and were not disappointed. The first Saiyajin that they saw had been Vegeta himself. Of course since Kakkarot was a wanted man, he couldn't just walk up to Vegeta, so Toma had gone instead, delivering a message that Kakkarot thought would get the Prince's undivided attention. Vegeta had recognized him right away, but Toma had been taken aback at the Prince's appearance. It had been awhile since he had seen him last, but my god how the boy had changed. He had hardened into a man completely. There was no trace of the young man that he had been, the already strong body molded into compact muscles that could probably lay almost anyone low. The constant scowl he wore made him look years older then his at least twenty-one years. He was also amazed at how right Kakkarot had been about the damn message. It had most definitley worked. The boy had damn near threw him up against a wall when he had heard the girl's name. Kakkarot was right on another account. The Prince did have something for her and he had it bad. Toma had waited for Vegeta to acknowledge him and then he had simply said, "Bulma sends her regards." The Prince had grabbed him then, snarling in his face.

"What do you know of Bulma?" He had tightened his hold on Toma's neck prepared to snap it if he didn't like the answer.

"Only what Kakkarot has told me." He had gasped the words out barely able to breathe. The boys strength was incredible. Vegeta had released him then and turned away.

"Where is Kakkarot?" His voice was curiously impassive.

"He is close. He seeks you out, Prince." Vegeta had turned and stared at him for a long, hard moment. Toma might have seen a flicker of emotion in his eyes, but the face remained impassive.He seemed to reach a decision. Behind him, Toma could see Raditz approaching.

"Come to my room tonight after dark. Don't keep me waiting. " He tossed Toma a strange looking key and stalked off. On it plainly written in the Chikyuu-jin language was the place and number of his rooms. How in the hell was he supposed to read that. They would have to find someone to show them, unless Kakkarot knew it.

The day had passed quickly and to Toma's surprise Kakkarot had known the Chikyuu-jin language. He had learned it on Frieza's ship, as had Vegeta. They had waited until it was dark, then showed up at the room. Kakkarot had inserted the card and opened the door. The room was well lit, Vegeta stood in the corner, arms crossed, the scowl still heavy across his face. Raditz stood at the balcony doors observing the lights that shown through the city seemingly oblivious to their arrival.

"Vegeta, it's good to see you. Raditz you too." Kakkarot spoke softly, unnerved a bit at the dangerous look that had crossed the Prince's face. Raditz grunted a reply. Neither he or Toma were prepared when Vegeta got up and smashed his fist into Kakkarot's jaw, sending him flying.

"I gave you a simple instruction Kakkarot. Can you not even do one thing I ask." Vegeta stood, fists clenched, waiting for Kakkarot to stand back up. Fury rushing through him.

Kakkarot sat up, rubbing his jaw. "What in the hell was that for?"

"Where is she?"


"Who in the fuck do you think? Bulma you ass. Is she here?"

"No, we left her on Cusanta."

"Cusanta, why in the hell is she there? Didn't I tell you to take her to Vegittasei?" His face darkened as he considered another more horrible possibility. "Did you leave her alone?" He took another step towards Kakkarot. Toma recognized the expression of complete and utter blood rage come across the Prince's face.

"No, she's not alone. Why should I take her to Vegittasei? So your father can kill her?" The protective note in Kakkarot's voice drove Vegeta even more slowly over the edge. How dare he keep her from him.

Vegeta lunged at him again. "How dare you question my instructions, you third class loser."

Kakkarot was on his feet, angry and ready to defend himself until he saw the expression on the other Saiyajin's face. While the ever present mask of cool arrogance and superority still held firm, his eyes shone with something else, something akin to bleakness and despair. He understood then that Vegeta was on a sinking ship, and struggling to survive. He must have attempted to locate them and failed. Guilt spread through Kakkarot like fire. He had left his friend and Prince alone to survive the horrors of Frieza and his ship. He let Vegeta hit him again, this time in the midsection. He sunk to his knees but he welcomed the pain as an absolution for his failures.

"Does that make you feel better Prince?" He looked up at Vegeta. He smiled when he saw him smirk. Crossing his arms, he snapped at Kakkarot.

"Perhaps you should try telling me why you disobeyed my direct orders. Convince me not to kill your sorry ass."

"Well, Bulma needed a place where she could work in secrecy. Those ships aren't small. She also said she needed certain natural resources. Something Vegittasei didn't have. We argued over it for awhile and we decided Cusanta was the place to go. After we got everything together that we needed, Toma and I came up with an idea to come and find you. It's just pure luck we ran into you here."

Vegeta relaxed a bit. The killing expression that he had worn earlier had masked itself into something else.

"What of you Vegeta? How is it with Frieza?"

"How in the hell do you think? All this time I bided my time, swallowed my pride and groveled at his feet all to make him think I was loyal. I tolerated his sickening innuendos. Then when I finally do get away, I go to Vegittasei to find the two people I was looking for are no where to be found. "

"I'm sorry Vegeta, we did the best that we could. If you could see what Bulma has been able to accomplish, you would understand better."

Toma had remained silent through the whole exchange, sensing that the two men needed to air things out a bit, but he had seen enough.

"The boy is right Vegeta, let it pass. Too much has been accomplished to lose it all to petty arguments. If you wanted the girl to accomplish something then she has."

"Is that so Toma?" Vegeta sneered."I don't recall asking your opinion." He looked back at Kakkarot.

"Alright Kakkarot, since you seem to think so much has been achieved why don't you share it with me."

Kakkarot had stumbled to his feet. "Finally." He came to stand by Toma. Instinctively he knew Vegeta and he did not share the relationship they had once had. Vegeta was changed. More drawn into himself then ever before. His time with Frieza no doubt. An experience he no longer shared with him. It could eat at a man. He knew that firsthand. It had obviously began to take its toll on Vegeta.

"She managed to produce ten ships so far with what she had. She has the energy absorbers ready. She gave me one to give to you. It's in our ship. That's really only the beginning."

"She has only gotten ten ships together?" Vegeta couldn't believe that was all she had done. It had been two damn years.

"Money is hard to come by when you are wanted fugitives Vegeta. She's done the best she can." Toma had come to like the young woman, he had seen how hard she had worked but money had been an issue.

"Besides,"Kakkarot put in, "she has all but taken care of the money problem now. " He looked to Toma.

"Well, Kakkarot what has she done?"

"She has made a synthetic fuel, Vegeta. I never thought it could have been done, but somehow she found a way. She should be completely done with it by the time we get back. She is planning on selling it for profit. We would be like a shadow operation. Sell it to planets that Frieza is squeezing. They couldn't trace it back to us and we would get paid for it. Perhaps even shut down the fuel fields. That might immobilize Frieza a bit."

Vegeta said nothing. If this was true, the power that it would bring them. He smirked. He had known she was brilliant. She had just made them all independently wealthy and that was really the least of the accomplishment. He looked up at Kakkarot, his expresson unguarded for a moment. Kakkarot suppressed a smile. Obviously he still felt something rather significant for Bulma. Maybe she could heal the wounds to his soul.

"Kakkarot, you say she gave you an energy absorber for me?"

"Yes, I left it in the ship."

"Let's go and get it. I want to see how it turned out." He really wanted to question Kakkarot about Bulma, how she was, did she think about him? The idea that he had finally found her was more then his brain could accept. He had learned to push down the memories of her and her body. Pretend they didn't exist. At night though, she had invaded his dreams. They were so real, he could feel the brush of her silken hair against him, feel the touch of her body sliding over him,, the hot warmth of her mouth. Here her moaning his name in his ear He would awaken, painfully aroused, needing her to give him a release, but she was never there. When he had not been able to track them down he had began to give up hope that his life would ever be his own again. Now here he was talking to Kakkarot. He knew exactly where she was. He needed to know everything that had happened to them, every detail about her, he just couldn't let Raditz or Toma see his weakness. His pride would not allow it.

"Alright." Kakkarot stood up. Raditz pushed away from he wall.

"I will accompany you."

"No! You two stay here. " Vegeta was adamant.

Toma saw the look of irritation that crossed Raditz's face at being left behind. No matter what he had done, he had never compared to Kakkarot. Even Bardock had been hardpressed to not compare the two. Especially when he had lost his younger son to Frieza. Bardock remembered well what life with Frieza could be like. That had only brought Kakkarot more attention. Toma felt sorry for Raditz who had obviously been loyal to Vegeta the past two years.

"Come. Raditz, why don't you and I see what this place has to offer as far as entertainment. Maybe find ourselves a couple of willing women."

Raditz grunted, brushing into his brother on the way out.

Kakkarot sighed. Great, obviously he had offended Raditz in some way yet again. He turned to Vegeta.

"Well, shall we?"

"In a moment Kakkarot. First tell me, how is she?"

Kakkarot couldn't hide the grin that spread across his face. Vegeta growled in anger and turned away from him.

"Never mind. I will just wait and see for myself."

"Vegeta, cool down. I'll tell you whatever I can. I was just remembering something she said to me before we left."

"What's that?" Vegeta stared at him curiously.

"She said to remind you that there was something you owed her."

Vegeta smirked. Lusty wench. He knew exactly what she was talking about. Yes, he did owe her and he always repaid his debts.

"Make sure you tell her, Kakkarot, soon. Very soon."

"She wonders about her family. We haven't been able to hear too much. It is too dangerous to venture out much. She knows they no longer control Correnia, but that is all. I had heard that Frieza had slapped a large bounty on all of us."

"He has, but as long as I remain loyal to him, he won't persue you. He hasn't sent out any of his serious hunters. None of the sorceresses. Not yet. " Of course, that would inevitably change.

"What about her family, Vegeta? What can I tell her. You have to know something."

"Tell her nothing. If she knew the truth, I shudder to think what she would try to do. "

"What do you mean?"

" Frieza has sent her father and mother to one of his prison planets. The harshest one actually."

"Hell? He sent them to Hell?" The planet had received its name due to the overpowering heat that engulfed the whole planet. The average temperature was 100 degress. Fires burned incessantly night and day. Prisoners were forced to do hard labor from morning to night, mining the fuel wells, that bubbled up from the heart of the fires themselves.The guards were viscious and gave the prisoners few breaks. Most people didn't survive long.

"She can't know that Kakkarot. If she did, she would probably turn herself in to Frieza, thinking he would make some kind of trade. "

Kakkarot nodded. "What about her brother."

"He was pressed into Frieza's service at threat of killing his parents and his home world if he didn't."

"That sounds familiar. Is he alright?"

"I think so. I don't see him often." He didn't mention that the man hated him. The animosity had grown between the two of them daily.

"What of your father? Have you made a move yet?"

"Hardly. The opportunity has not arisen yet. He has been well rewarded for his loyalty. He received Sorentie and Correnia as prizes. He rules all three now."

"Sorentie? Isn't that Parisia's home planet?" Kakkarot said the name with distaste. He would never forget what she had caused.

Vegeta smirked slightly." Yes, well she wasn't rewarded as well as my father. Seems Frieza got jealous when she asked for me as her prize. Instead she got a one way trip to being a whore on his ship."

Kakkarot could scarcely believe what he had heard. Parisia a whore? He wouldn't have wished that on anyone, but she had deserved it. He doubted she minded too much. She had certainly been half way there before any of this had happened. He was glad she hadn't gotten Vegeta.

"Well, can I at least tell Bulma that?"

Vegeta smirked again. "Sure. Why not?" He felt the smirk slide away as he thought about Parisia and all she had wrought. What he could never tell Bulma. He had found out what had happened to her shortly after he had been brought back on Frieza's ship. His body had been healed from the beating, but his mind had been sick .Sick with the betrayal of his father, sick with the seperation from Bulma, sick that he would yeta gain be forced into Frieza's service, because he wasn't strong enough to protect himself. Mostly all becasue of that bitch. He had felt cold satisfaction knowing that she would be used that way, that all her plotting had backfired. Then suddenly it had not been enough. He had wanted to punish her with his own hands, make her suffer as she had made him. He had wanted to bring her pain. He had found himself walking to the whore's section of the ship, unable to stop himself. She had been in her room, alone and scared. She had obviously not been overly used yet. She had actually smiled at him. Been happy to see him. He had said nothing, just gazed at her with the deep fire of hatred burning in his eyes. This was the reason he was not with Bulma somewhere, plotting Frieza's demise. The reason that she and Kakkarot were now running for their lives. They were the only two people that had ever mattered to him. He might not be able to admit it to them or anyone else, but deep down he could at least realize the truth. He had thrown her down on the bed, and ripped off her clothes. She had wanted him so badly, she was going to get him, but she was never going to get what she wanted from him. What he had so willingly given Bulma. She would never touch that part of him. He had used her , hard. He had tried to give her as much pain as he possibly could. Biting at her and scratching her, like an animal. He had ignored the part of himself that would never do this to a woman, would never treat a woman this way. He had just kept reminding himself that she was the cause of all his pain. She was the bitch that had seperated him from Bulma. He had shut his mind to anything else but that one single thought. She had attempted to grab his tail, but he had jerked it away from her. There would be no pleasure for either one of them. He wanted to leave her broken, like he was. He had made the mistake of looking down at her. If he had hoped to see tears of pain and fright, he had been disappointed. To his horror the bitch had been enjoying herself. She had clutched at him, moaned his name. He had been so shocked and sickened by it that he had let his guard down and she had been able to grab his tail, stroking him until he couldn't have stopped even if he had wanted to. The only thing he could cling to, was the memory of how it had been with Bulma, and the thought that he had been wrong, it wasn't the same with every other woman. He had managed to jerk himself out of her before he came. He would be damned if he got her pregnant. He had felt sick, that he would betray the people that mattered to him this way. Rationality had come rushing back to him, doubling him over with the knowledge of what he had just done.That he would have even tried to hurt this way.That he would have derived any pleasure from this bitch. He should have just killed her. He had silently left, ignoring her entreaties to stay. He had made his way back to his room feeling sick of mind and soul. All traces of youth leaving him. He had felt his mind sealing up, closing off to any emotion other then hatred. Hatred for her, hatred for Frieza, for his father, but most of all hatred for himself. He learned to embrace the pain, to embrace the anger and hatred. It would help him accomplish what he must. It had been hatred that had allowed him to bow down to Frieza. Hatred that had destroyed all the pathetic fools Frieza bade him to destroy. He had, practically overnight, turned into a man. A man filled with so much anger and hatred that he didn't even recognize himself. He had not gone back to Parisia. He had not been with one woman, since that night. He had banished all thoughts of Bulma from his mind until at night she would rise unbidden into his subconcious dreams. He would wake up at night calling her name. His sleep allowing his tortured mind to ease out the hidden, deeper emotions he kept at bay only by his iron will.The overwhelming need for her touch . The need to possess her very soul. The idea that it might just save him from falling completely into his own self-made hell. He looked up at Kakkarot. The younger man was staring at him, a strange play of emotions flitting across his face.

"She loves you , you know. Bulma, she loves you. It took her awhile to admit it to herself, but she finally did."

"How can she love a man she no longer knows?"

"Are you so different Vegeta? If you found yourself standing before her, would you be so different? Don't tell me you don't love her. I can see it."

"Love is for fools, Kakkarot. Love is a weakness. I won't allow myself to have that kind of weakness. She will find that I am not the same man I was when she last saw me."

"Do you think she is the same girl?" Vegeta looked sharply at him.

"She lives with her pain and guilt every day. I watch it eat at her."

"What does she have to be guilty for, she did nothing." Guilt was for people like him.

"Guilt that she didn't share her parents' fate. That she can't find them. Guilt that she is hiding while they are somewhere suffering. She wonders everyday if they are even alive, if her brother is even alive. You're right. I can't tell her that her parents are on Hell. She would give everything up if she thought it would make things better for them."

Vegeta shuddered with raw emotion. "Don't let her find out, Kakkarot. You would be better to tell her they were dead. Fuel her hatred of Frieza. " She could never fall into the hands of Frieza. He had finally seen what the monster had planned on doing to her. One of his scientists had developed a highly contagious bacterium, that once injected into you, caused you to slowly go insane. The cells of the brain, slowly devouring themselves. He had seen it employed on several unwilling victims taking angonizing months and years to achieve its purpose. He shut his eyes, trying not to remember that he had delivered some very unlucky souls to that particular fate.

"What do I tell her about you?" She wanted to come with us, but I made her stay. Do you join us now? We have a ship big enough, for all of us. We traded in Bulma's cruiser." He lowered his head," She sold her family crest."

Vegeta blinked at him. That must have been hard for her. He could see it had been difficult for Kakkarot.

"Don't worry Kakkarot. I will soon replace it with a different crest. She will wear the crest of Vegittasei as my Queen." He sighed. "I would be hard-pressed to find another woman more worthy of it."

Kakkarot smiled. "Don't get excited Kakkarot. I might care a bit about Bulma, but I am not capable of any kind of love. If she is looking for boyish declarations she will be disappointed. " He looked intently at the younger Saiyajin. " No one must find out at all that she means anything to either of us. Frieza would not hesitate to use her against me. Neither would my father. I cannot allow it."

"Don't worry, Vegeta. I won't tell a soul." Vegeta was also lying to himself if he thought he didn't love her.

Unfortunately he would have to figure that out himself. "You never answered my question? Do you go back with us?"

"No, I can't. Not yet. There is something I have to take care of first. Soon, though. Bring her to Vegittasei. The base of your operations may stay on Cusanta, but she will come to Vegittasei. "

"What about your Father?"

"That's what I have to take care of." He smiled coldly. Yes, it was time for his father to pay in full for his betrayal.

"At least let me go with you. I would fight beside you Vegeta. Toma or my father could bring Bulma to Vegittasei."

"Bardock is with you as well?"

Kakkarot smiled."Yes, well they are all loyal to you Vegeta. Besides my father has developed a soft spot for Bulma." He said it teasingly but was surprised by the violence that came across Vegeta's face, Vegeta actually had had him backing up, hands raised. "I only meant he is impressed with her inventing techniques. He has no interest in her beyond that."

"None of you forget who she belongs to. If another man even so much as looks at her wrong, I will kill them with my bare hands. That includes you. For all intense purposes you may consider her your Queen. She soon will be." He was nearly shaking with his rage.

Kakkarot smiled. No Vegeta didn't love her. The man was a lost cause and he didn't even realize it.

"Come on Kakkarot, let's go get this energy absorber. Let me see what the woman has done."

Kakkarot nodded and they headed out to the space dock. Kakkarot kept a watchful eye out. He had heard the place was rife with thieves. A motley assortment of beings were out everywhere. The scourge of the galaxy seemed to be located here, either picking up whores ot stumbling, drunk out of bars set up to cater to the interplanetary clientel. Creatures from every planet, all looking for trouble. Glancing over at Vegeta, he knew that they would find a lot more then they were bargaining for if they messed with him. They walked in silence. Kakkarot wondered briefly why they weren't flying. It would have gotten them there sooner.

"Vegeta, shouldn't we fly?"

"I don't want to Kakkarot."

"Why the hell not?"

" I'm looking for someone down here . Someone who might be able to help me out."

"What do you mean?"

"There is some local legend here on Chikyuu about some kind of magical dragon that grants wishes. I heard about it from that pathetic governor I terrorized this morning. "He smirked in memory of the pathetic coward.

"Magical dragon?"

"Never mind Kakkarot, don't strain yourself thinking about it. You'll figure it out soon enough."

He nodded and turned his complete attention to the path around him. Someone was following them.

Perhaps this wasn't such a bad idea after all.They might just get to have some fun tonight. He glanced over at Vegeta, saw the same look of awareness. His smile widened. It was like it used to be. He felt them making their move, he heard the rush of air as it rushed towards him. He stopped and swung around, dodging his attacker. His arm shot out and delivered a blow, knocking his would be assailant flat on the ground. Beside him Vegeta stood, fists raised in battle stance. Three more came at him from the shadows. In a flash they were on the ground. Vegeta had his hand up, ready to fire.

"Vegeta, no wait. We don't have to kill them. They are only thieves."

"Exactly Kakkarot, we would be doing this planet a favor. " He turned back towards the huddle of figures on the ground. Kakkarot looked down at the thief he had taken out.

"Please, Vegeta, Not yet. Let's see who they are first."

He bent down and looked at the figure laying on the street. The thief's hat had come off, his eyes widened as he saw long, black hair spilling across the shoulders. It was a girl.

"This one's a woman." He brushed the hair out of her face. She was a beautiful one at that. He turned her over. Her pulse was strong and steady.

"Who gives a fuck, Kakkarot, Come on, lets be rid of them and go." Vegeta was at his limit.

"Come on Vegeta, if this was Bulma, you wouldn't want them to kill her."

"Bulma is not a street thief, Kakkarot." He stared stonily at the younger Saiyajin's face, eerily lit by the street lights that lined the path. "Oh, fine. Leave them and come on. I don't wish to argue with your weak ass anymore. "

Kakkarot watched as he turned and strode off down the path. He looked back down at the girl and was surprised to see two black eyes regarding him cautiously.

"Are you alright?"

"No thanks to you."

"Next time watch who you decide to steal from. This one almost got you killed." He stood and prepared to walk off. He felt her hand on his leg.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For not letting your friend kill us. We meant you no harm."

He nodded and gave her hand up. She was a beautiful girl. He admired her long, silky hair. He glanced up at the street. Vegeta had stopped and was staring angrily at him. He needed to go.

"I'll see you around. Take care." He sprinted to catch up to Vegeta.

"Get laid on your own time, Kakkarot, Come on."

In silence they made their way to the ship, Kakkarot lost in thought over the girl. He should have found out her name. Oh well, it wasn't like he was going to see her again. He needed to concentrate on the task at hand. First they had to take Vegittasei, then from there they would take Frieza. It was only then that people such as that girl, would be able to live better lives.



"Zarbon, has Vegeta checked in yet?"Frieza's hand reached out to stroke his hair.

"Yes, my lord. Earlier today, he and Raditz had arrived. He felt assured that you will be having no more problems with the Chikyuu-jins."

"Aah, good. Our little Prince has come around very well. Don't you think?"

"I suppose, Lord Frieza, though I still think you can't trust a monkey. Mark my words he's acting."

"Do you think so my pet?" The thought had already crossed Frieza's mind several times, but Vegeta had not stepped out of line once. So far he had given him no reason to punish him at all. The thought made him sad. He so enjoyed laying his hands on Vegeta. He was a stunning man, hard and beautiful. A true joy to look at. It continued to sadden him that Vegeta did not share his attachments. He remembered well, the softness of Vegeta's tail, the way he gasped if you rubbed the tail just so. Frieza had met only one other Saiyajin whom had aroused him nearly as much as Vegeta and that had been Kakkarot. Yet, where Vegeta was a man, Kakkarot had always been a boy. Even as he had grown older, he had retained his boyish charm. Vegeta was exciting, breathtaking, even more so then Zarbon. Zarbon had just grown to easy over the years. He had no hopes however that Vegeta would ever return his attentions the way he wanted him to. For that alone he had grown to despise him. the way the Saiyajin sneered down his nose at him. He would take pleasure in finding a way to make him suffer. It was only a matter of time before Vegeta slipped up and this time Frieza would get everything he wanted and more out of it.

"I suppose Zarbon, that we will just have to keep our eye on him. Why don't we ask Berter to watch over him when he gets back."

"He said he was going to stop off at Vegittasei on his way back. He wanted to see his father."

"How fascinating. I thought he could barely tolerate his father?" Maybe this was it. "Why don't you go ahead and send Berter to Vegittasei, he can await Vegeta's arrival. Oh, and why don't you send the King a little gift. Send her with Berter." He chuckled maliciously. Wouldn't Vegeta be surprised.



In the end he had not come across the person he had been told to look for. The person that could tell him about the dragon, but he had gotten his energy absorber. Vegeta stared down at the small device he held in his hand. This was her energy absorber. It had worked better then he had expected it to. After there little scuffle with the street thiefs they had made it to the ship.Kakkarot had told him to test it, so he had shot his gallic gun straight at Kakkarot and watched it disappear as if it had never existed. Kakkarot had stood there completely unscathed.

"I told you Vegeta, she's a genius."

Vegeta believed that now. This little thing would prove very useful, especially against Frieza. He glanced over at Raditz. They were going to Vegittasei. He wasn't sure if the Saiyajin was loyal to him or not. He had seen him get his comeuppance by Frieza once. He had almost felt sorry for him. Especially when his tail had been grabbed . Vegeta remembered all to well how that felt. He had conditoned himself to not be bothered by the pain. It had taken him a better part of a year, but he had accomplished it. Unfortunately,he couldn't get rid of the pleasureable feelings. He had toyed with the idea of cutting the damn thing off but had decided against it. He just couldn't do it. Besides he couldn't wait to let Bulma get her hands on his tail. Just the memory of how she had stroked it and him almost made him moan. Soon. Soon, he was going to be killing his father and soon she would be in his bed. Kakkarot had thought it a mistake to kill his father now. He felt they were all very safe on Cusanta. They had underground chambers and good hiding places. It would be hard to find them there. They could plan a course of action. Vegeta had been dead set on accomplishing it now. He wanted to make his father pay and he had waited long enough for the day. It was now or never. He turned to Raditz.

"Contact my father, let him know I'm coming. " He could hardly wait to see the look on his father's face as he choked the life out of him. He owed him for much.

Raditz walked back up to the cockpit of the ship. Vegeta leaned back, placing his gloved hands behind his head. He let his thoughts drift back to Bulma. Soon, little Princess, you and I will be together. He closed his eyes and imagined her in his arms, rubbing against him the way she had done before. He could imagine touching her, feeling her smooth skin against his. It would be his first time the way it was meant to be. He couldn't consider what had happened between him and Parisia meaningful in the least. He regretted the day he had gotten it into his head to hurt her. Did he love Bulma? He doubted it. He felt affection for her. Her wit and genius pleased him. He wouldn't hurt her. He would remain loyal to her. That was all he could give her. He had discarded love years ago. He wasn't disappointed to know that she loved him. It was good to know someone cared, though he doubted she would once she beheld the man that he had become. It was a far cry from the boy she had first met. No, he would just be disappointed if he put any stock into Kakkarot's words. She would change her feelings. Of that he was sure. He looked up as Raditz came back.

"Berter is on Vegittaasei." He knew what Vegeta had planned. Berter would put a serious snag in his plan.

"What?" He sat up. What in the hell was Berter doing on Vegitasei?

"Seems Frieza sent him to Vegittasei."

"Dammit," Vegeta stood up. Should he change his plans? He could take Berter, but what if the whole Ginyu force sat on Vegiitasei? What was he supposed to do then. He could sit somewhere and wait for Kakkarot. He had gone back to Cusanta to pick up Bulma, then he would arrive on Vegittasei. It would put Bulma in some danger, but he felt reasonably sure, he could keep her safe. Damn Frieza for always interfering in his plans.

He stalked up to the cockpit. He should have just listened to Kakkarot to begin with. "Come on Raditz, let's figure out what we are going to do."

Raditz followed him up to the cockpit. "You're still going to land on Vegittasei?"

"All of Frieza's ships have tracking devices on them. If we turn up missing, all he has to do is activate it and he'll find us."

"We could ditch the ship."

"No, I'll just land on Vegitaasei and bide my time until Kakkarot arrives."

"What happens though after Frieza finds out Berter has been destroyed. He will wage war on us and we are in no position to do anything about it, Vegeta. You know that. We will be sitting ducks. "

Dammit, Raditz was right. He cursed under his breath. What now?If they did get rid of the ship, then what. Maybe they could do what Kakkarot had done and trade it for another ship. One that wasn't from Frieza's personal supply. He looked at the planetary radar to see what might be close by, yet out of the way. Korst. Korst might work. They should have ships there. They could sell this one to some unsuspecting fool and get a different one, then head to Cusanta. It might work. He programmed the ship for Korst. They should arrive in two hours.

Korst was a populated planet, filled with annoying, little green skinned trolls. Vegeta had never seen anything as ugly as the Korstinian natives. They had ships though and after much arguing and cajoling, Vegeta had blown his shortly lit fuse. He had blasted about half of the idiotic Korstian's shop to hell. They had gotten what they had wanted however. Now finally he and Raditz were on their way to Cusanta. He figured Kakkarot had further to go then he did, so they might arrive within a day of each other. It had already been a month and a half since he had departed Chikyuu. He wondered if Bulma could dream up anything that moved ships faster.It occured to him that he would soon see Bulma and he and Kakkarot could come up with some kind of plan. He did need a strong defense for the inevitable battle with Frieza. That much waa a given. He wanted to see how much Bulma had done. See if she was ready to sell this fuel. If she needed money to produce more ships he would see that she got plenty f it. He had another goal in mind however. He had wanted to ask Bulma long ago, if she could build him a gravity room, like Frieza's in his palace. He and Kakkarot had trained in it once or twice, but they were rarely there and Frieza had not favored them enough to let them use it. If she could build one, he could quickly increase his power levels and perhaps awaken the sleeping power lying dormant in him. He had been told of the legendary super saiyajin. He had been told that he was it. Now was the time to find out.


"Lord Frieza, Vegeta has gone missing. He was due to land on Vegittasei, but never did. we can't locate his ship anywhere."

Frieza's hand squeezed the glass of wine he so loved, snapping it and sending the expensive wine falling everywhere. He had wasted it. Vegeta would have to pay dearly for today's actions.

"Jeiyce, I want you to send out my hunters, but not for Vegeta. No we will encourage Vegeta to come home on his own. It is time to locate king Brennon's lovely daughter. I think that might interest Vegeta very much." What sacrifices he might make for her.

"Which one do you want?"

"Why don't you send out Tantris. She will serve my needs perfectly."

Jeiyce grimaced. He could feel sorry for the young Princess. Tantris was by far the cruelest sorceress he had ever meant. He was almost afraid to go and get her. This Princess was going to be one sorry little bitch.

"As you wish, Lord Frieza."

"Wait, Vegeta. Just you wait. When Tantris gets a hold of your little whore they will have to send you the pieces." He spoke to an empty room. He threw back his head and laughed insanely. Yes, revenge would be so sweet

.* * * * *

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