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"Lord Frieza, we will be arriving at Nafet in three hours."

Frieza looked down at the glass of expensive Azekkian wine he held clenched in his hand. Such a sweet taste, so delicious. It was one of his few obsessions. He swirled the crystal goblet around and around, watching the red wine slosh against the edge, careful not to allow even one drop of it to spill. He looked up at the speaker, who stood in an uncomfortable silence. "Very good, Captain. Make sure to call ahead and let Zarbon know the exact time of our arrival. It would be rude to surprise him." He smiled a cruel smile and stood up. He looked at the huge horned man that stood at his side. "Ginyu, come, we have much to discuss. Please call for Doctor Zuad to meet us."

Captain Ginyu smiled, "Yes, your excellency. Anything else I might do for you?"

"Not now, Ginyu, not now. " They exited the bridge and made for the throne room that Frieza had installed on his ship. Mostly to remind everyone around him of exactly who and what he was. Yes, he had much to discuss with Ginyu and it all involved his other great obsession, the Saiyajin Prince, Vegeta. No matter what he had done to him he had remained unbroken and defiant.His carefully guarded walls remained unscaled. Vegeta had taken more pain and humiliation then anyone else who had ever served under him, and he remained the only one whom Frieza had been unable to touch in some way. It ate at him that he could not. Such plans he had for that one. The information that Zarbon had just fed him finally gave him exactly what he needed to bring the young Prince to his knees. He could hardly wait to enact them. Soon, Vegeta, Soon, you will cower at my feet and you will beg. You will beg.




It had been two days since her encounter with Vegeta. He had left her with her mind spinning in a jumble of confused, agonized thoughts. Unsure of how to feel she had finally settled for anger. He had been the one who had started things, she couldn't help her response to him. He had no right to act like she was the one who had done something wrong. The next time she saw him, she would make sure she told him that. She'd stay away from him to. She looked down at the paper she clutched in her fingers. It was the draw up for her personal energy absorber. She had decided to just call it that , The energy absorber unit or eau for short. There seemd no need to give it a fancier name. ' Why not just call it what it is?' her brother had remarked. The Saiyjin King had seemed pleased with it. It was a small device that you could clip anywhere on you. By simply switching it on, it could absorb any energy being fired at you, or at least most of it. It depended on the amounts. He had ordered her to make several thousand. He wanted to outfit his whole damn army with them and time was of the essence, so she had put out a call to her assistant Evetta, bidding her to join her on Nafet. She had not wanted to share the details of this order over her transmitter link. Anyone could be listening and if they found out about these little babies, well needless to say, she would be in trouble. Big trouble.Now she was on her way to meet her assistant, well she should probably call her friend before assistant. Evetta was also a bodyguard as much as she was an assistant. Bulma had been trained well in the martial arts, simply for her own protection. Every royal family member of Correnia was well versed in them, but both Britton and Bulma had bodyguards regardless. They had not traveled to Nafet with them mostly because they wanted to stay low key, and their father had thought things would be quiet. He had been wrong. Already Britton had been in a brawl with Zarbon, doing quite a bit of damage, but in the end he had been jumped by Dodoria and held while Zarbon pummeled him. The beating had landed him in a regen tank for an entire day. Her father had been furious, but could hardly raise any hell about it. Frieza would do nothing to Zarbon or Dodoria except pat them on the head. He had insisted that Bulma stay as far from the pair as possible. They were looking for trouble and she would be a prime candidate for harassment. She had no problem with that. She would be glad when she could go back home away from the awful twosome. You'll miss Vegeta. The thought came unbidden to her mind. No she would not even think about him right now. She had too many other things to think about and get done. She hadn't even had an opportunity to work on her synthetic fuel, she'd been too busy running around trying to please the Saiyajins. After today, she promised herself, she would get back to the task at hand. This would be the absolute last day she would be doing things for the damnable ingrates. She stuffed the paper into the pocket of her work trousers. She had to go make some adjustments to their ship, and she wanted to get it done before Frieza and all his minions started arriving, besides Evetta was due to arrive shortly and that would put her in the vicinity when she arrived. She just hoped she could stay true to her vow and forget Vegeta.


"Brat, this alliance would be good for Vegittasei. If you are ever going to be King you need to start thinking about other people besides yourself."

Vegeta stared angrily at his father. More debate over him marrying that ridiculous girl. Even after he had told his father about her threats in the hall, the bastard had laughed and commended her for knowing how to get what she wanted. " I don't particularly give a shit, father, about anyone else right now. As far as I am concerned a King gets to do exactly what he wants. Marrying that conniving bitch is not something I want."

"You will do as you are told, brat, and I say you will marry her."

Vegeta took a step towards his father. He knew damn well that he was stronger then his father. He had no true leg to stand on. Nappa certainly couldn't beat him and Radditz was a joke. Only Kakkarot came close in power and Kakkarot was firmly entrenched on his side in this little battle. He hated Parisia as much as Vegeta did. "Are you planning on forcing me, because that's the only way I will mate with her and I promise you I will not pull any punches." He watched the play of emotions that flitted across his father's face. He saw shock and brief admiration, then anger at his son's open defiance and pure audacity. He didn't care. His time with Frieza had burned all and any concern for this man out of him. While he had been a child, suffering under Frieza and his men, putting up with their vicious taunts and cruel torments, his father had never once checked on him, made sure he was alright, even tried to stand up for him. As a child, he would imagine his father coming and taking him away from Frieza, taking him away from the cold, dank cell that he was thrown into on a nightly basis. Punishment for his defiance. His father had never come and he had been forced to survive on his own .Kakkarot had been there with him, they had both suffered together, but at least Bardock had come and seen Kakkarot. Bardock had held no love for Frieza either and he had resented being forced to hand Kakkarot over to him. Vegeta cared for no one, but at least he had a person that could understand what he had gone through and appreciate it. Something his father never could or would be able to do. He had lost control under Frieza, been forced to serve a monster, now that he was getting his life back, he was certainly not going to give it away to some bitch he couldn't even stand. If that meant killing his father, then he would do that as well. He would take a mate only when he was ready and he would take a woman of his choice, not his father's.

"How dare you defy me this way?" The King took a menacing step towards his son. Vegeta stood his ground.

"Do you really want this father. I am much stronger then you are, it won't be much of a fight. If your so hot for this girl why don't you marry her yourself."Though the idea of her being Queen of Vegittasei in any capacity was horrifying to him.

"You have much to learn about being a King, Vegeta, I might just make her my Queen and get an heir off of her. Anything would be better then you."

Vegeta sneered. Let him try. They would all be dead. He had much bigger plans for himself. Vegittasei would only be one of many jewels for him. Perhaps the seat of his empire after he had defeated Frieza. Let the bastard delude himself now. He might actually keep him alive to witness his crushing glory. Let him witness his son's rise to power. He would most assuredly take a mate, his father needn't worry about that. He had already been debating making Bulma his Queen. The technology she could bring to the universe wa amazing. Together he didn't think much could stop them.It would be her reward for helping defeat Frieza. She would be the perfect Queen, as close to his equal as any female could possibly come, and he was sure he could get a fine heir off of her. It would certainly be pleasant trying. Yes, let the bastard live in his world for awhile longer, because sooner then he thought, his time as King would be up. He gave his father a final, withering glare and whirled about, leaving him standing there to think about the future of his planet.

He strode down the corrider, intent upon training away his frustrations. Sick of his father and all his pointless demands. He had forced himself to stay away from Bulma, he was not sure why, but something about her affected him in a way that he couldn't allow. He was the Prince of the Saiyajin race, he couldn't be having the kind of emotions that she seemed to be bringing out in him. It made him feel weak. He needed time to ensure he could keep his control with her.

"Well, well, if it isn't monkey boy." Vegeta stopped and tensed. Dodoria. He would enjoy killing Dodoria, though he already knew he couldn't. Not quite yet. Soon, though, Dodoria would be his. He turned around and faced the pink blob of fat that stood behind him.

"What do you want Dodoria? I haven't time to waste on your bloated ass."

Dodoria chuckled. "You always did have a mouth didn't you little Prince. Say have you managed to get laid yet. I have the perfect piece of ass for you.Oh, I'm sorry, maybe you would prefer something else. I always did think you had a thing for Lord Frieza, the way you carried on over his touching your tail. You know, come to think of it, all you Saiyajins are like that. Your entire race must be a species of whores." He laughed at his crude jest. He was particularly amused with the look of rage that had crossed Vegeta's face. He was always so easy to rile up.

Vegeta raised his hand. He would just blast Dodoria away. Frieza be damned. No one spoke to the Prince of The Saiyajin this way.

"What are you planning on doing Vegeta? I don't think Lord Frieza would appreciate you trying to kill me. There might be a rather harsh punishment for you or are you hoping that you earn yourself some time alone with Lord Frieza?" He laughed again, but then trailed off. His face becoming maliciously serious. "Try your best, boy, we all know it won't be good enough. Then you know exactly what you will have to look forward to."

Vegeta growled in fury. He fired a small blast anyway, just over Dodoria's head. Dodoria looked startled for a moment, then laughed at him. "Nice try. I'll make sure you pay for your impudence, Prince. I hear the Ginyu force is coming in with Lord Frieza. I bet Captain Ginyu himself would like to take a crack at you . " He left Vegeta standing there, raging silently, as he drifted down the hall.

"Soon Dodoria," he murmered to no one but himself. "Very soon." He continued down the hall. He had planned on training, but he had a different idea now, he wanted to find Bulma. He had an idea and he wanted to see if she could accomplish it.


Bulma had just finished the final modification on the locking mechanism for their spaceship. She was done, Evetta had come and gone with the order. It had been the shortest stay ever, but she needed to get her workers started on all these things as soon as possible. She wiped off her hands and exited. Now she needn't worry about any of Frieza's men vandalizing her ship. Just let them try and get in there. She smiled. She went into the terminal and took the first air taxi she could find straight back to her rooms. She was going to have to be getting ready for Frieza's arrival. He would be making his appearence anytime. There was supposed to be some huge reception after his arrival. She rolled her eyes. How exciting. She wondered if she would see Vegeta again. For all her harsh thoughts earlier regarding him, he had remained on her mind for most of the day. All she could seem to think about was how he had kissed her and how he had responded to her.Hearing himmoan as she touched him had left her feeling empowered and quite turned on. She wondered what else she could do to him to illicit that heady response. She felt a tremor run through her. She wasn't sure how she was going to keep herself away from him. She paid for her taxi and made her way up to her rooms. She was just about to her door when two strong arms grabbed her, she would have shrieked, but a warm hand covered her mouth.

"Hush, woman, it's me." Vegeta's deep, rich voice murmered in her ear. She relaxed a bit against him. "I've been waiting for you. Open your door." She nodded and he released her. His physical presence behind her made her body shiver with electricity. She managed to key in the code. Once inside she rounded on him.

"Vegeta, how dare you skulk around like that. You scared the hell out of me."

Vegeta smirked at her and crossed his arms, listening to her little tirade. She was getting all worked up again. It was amazing to see the change it wrought in her. Her blue eyes were deepening a bit in shade, her cheeks flushed, her breasts were heaving with each motion she made. He felt a tremor of desire run through him. What was wrong with him, he needed to get some control over himself. He had come here to ask her something specifically. He felt himself take a step towards her. He was going to have her and it was going to be now. The question could wait. Maybe if he just allowed it to happen, this strange pull she had on him would disappear.

Bulma watched him approach. Oh great. He had the same look in his eye that he had the other night. She retreated a step, slightly excited. She could feel her stomach flip-flopping back and forth. She watched his tail swing out from his waist. It puffed out behind him. Maybe she should grab it again. That always seemed to get his attention. She remembered how he had pressed against her the other night. Her mouth went dry. If he did that again, she wasn't sure she would have the strength to turn away from him. She wanted him, this was her opportunity. Could she take it? She had never felt this for anyone else. True she had no experience, but she had been courted by other men and none of them made her heart beat like this one. He made her feel so warm. She didn't back away as he continued to approach her. She let him enfold her in his arms. So strong. She sighed, was this wrong? Probably, but she wasn't going to have any regrets about it later. She wanted this as much as he did. She just hoped he didn't shove her away. He stared into her eyes, they had darkened to an almost sapphire glow, but this time they were clouded with passion not anger. His mouth descended on hers, plundering it with his tongue, sucking on hers. She answered him back, pressing herself against him, tightening her hold on him.

He chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm not going to run out on you." He ran a gloved finger down her face and across her full lips.

She smiled and pulled him to her bedroom. She closed the door and attempted to lock it. It had been an easy job made hard by his hands running all over her body, his mouth everywhere at once. He brought his hands around to unbutton her shirt, kissing her shoulders as he slipped it off. She was still fumbling with the code. What had the stupid code been? His hands cupped her breasts,full and heavy in another Chikyuu fashion called a bra. She had liked how they made her chest look. His tongue darted out and caressed her earlobe. She shuddered and leaned back on him. The code all but forgotten. He lifted her up and carried her to her bed. Laying her down on it, she had the pleasure of watching him remove his battle armor and cape. The top of his spandex and gloves came off next. He was absolutely incredible. The chest was corded with muscles.He was perfect. She sat up on her elbows, watching his tail sway behind him. His arousal was evident, straining against his pants. She reached out hesitantly to caress it earning her a deep moan. She almost moaned in response He collapsed down next to her, grabbing her and rolling her astride him. She bent down to kiss him. He ran his hands though her hair, locking them behind her head and bringing her down for another searing kiss. She rolled back onto the bed, but stopped him from following her.He looked down at her,his eyes full of question.

"I've never done this before," She spoke shyly.

"Don't worry, woman, neither have I." That had kind of surprised her. She had expected him to be well versed in sexual activity. He must have noticed her surprise. "There weren't a lot of opportunities serving with Frieza. The other men didn't really like to share."

She smiled at him, a smile full of promise and longing. He felt his own mouth run dry at the sight of it. What in the hell was wrong with him. This was a girl. How could he defeat Frieza if one slip of a girl could bring him to his knees. Maybe it was just because it was his first time. That had to be it. After it was over he would be able to see her as nothing more then another woman. Bulma on the other hand was completely satisfied that she was his first. She wasn't sure she would have liked the idea of other women touching him or doing the things to him that she was planning on. She may not have actually had sex, but she had listened to Evetta go on about it and had gotten first hand information on how things should be done. She'd make sure he remembered this for the rest of his life. She sat up and pushed him down on the bed. He reached up to help her slip off her pants. He pushed them down over the flare of her hips, allowing his hands to run over smooth, soft skin. He was shocked to find she wore nothing on underneath them. He looked up at her his slanted eyes widened a bit in shock at her audacity. She gave him a devilish grin. She loved the way his black eyebrows slanted down over his eyes. They were almost always furrowed, she smoothed her finger over them attempting to relax him a bit. He leaned back on his elbows allowing her to explore his body. Before she went on she unfastened her bra and discarded it on the floor. She straddled him then, completely naked, and pushed him down on the bed. She ran her hands up his muscular chest, thrilling at the feel of his soft yet hard skin under her fingers. He layed back,enjoying her touch. He had never been touched this way. It was wonderful and he realized frighteningly addictive. He was beginning to think he would want this over and over. It couldn't be her, surely it felt this way with all women. She just had the honor of being the first one to touch him. Of course that went both ways, he would give her as much pleasure as she gave him. He smirked, maybe they would skip Frieza's idiotic reception. He hated going to useless functions like that anyway. His hands found their way to her hips, finally sliding to a rest on her bottom. She bent down and kissed him, then slowly moved her way down over his chin and neck. His tail wound around her waist. She smiled against his neck. She slid her hand up to her waist and gently stroked it, pleased when he jerked under her. He pressed his head back into the pillow, moaning as she unwound it from her waist and stroked all of it. She could feel his erection grow larger under her. Goodness, that was quite a spot. He jerked his tail out of her grasp and twined it around her wrist. He couldn't take it anymore. He was fast losing control and he couldn't allow that. It was her turn now anyway. He brought her down to him, and in one quick motion rolled her over , he gave her a smirk as he he kissed his way down to her breasts, lavishing each one equally with his tongue, alternating between sucking and licking. She gasped at the sensations that were shooting through her body. There was an urgency that was starting to build, the need to have him closer to her. She arched her body up under his and ran her hands down his back. She tugged at his pants, wanting to get them off. He sat up to oblige her. He had just started to push them off when he heard his transmitter go off. Through the haze of his passion, he could dimly make out his father's voice. He decided to ignore it. He was much too involved with the beautiful woman wrapped around him.Her mouth was biting at him and kissing him, pushing him beyond any rational thought. His father could wait. Unfortunately his father didn't go away, he tried to continue with Bulma, He let his mouth and hands roam all over her body until she was practically a twisting, mass of jelly in his arms. She was practically begging him to take her. His father's voice kept ringing in on his transmitter. He growled in frustration and rolled off the bed, jerking the scattered pieces of his clothing around until he found the stupid piece of junk.

"What do you want, father?" He snapped.

"Finally brat, where in the hell have you been?"

"I'm busy, what in the hell is so important that it can't wait until later." He had visions of his father wanting to start the whole business about him mating with that stupid woman.

"Frieza has arrived."

"So? Does he want an award for that?" Behind him he felt Bulma sit up and slide her hands up his back. Her mouth hot against his skin. He should just throw the stupid transmitter out the window and go back to her.

"He wants to see you."

"He'll see me tonight with everyone else. I have no desire to see him before then." Bulma's hands were on his tail again. He tried to jerk it away but she held tight. He inhaled sharply as she stroked the length of it. He felt sweat beads pop up on his head as he forced himself to stay focused on his father. She was going to pay for this. He stifled a moan as she became bolder. With one hand on the tail, she reached around him grasping his manhood loosely. He almost dropped the transmitter.

"No brat, you'll get down her and see him now. He wants to see you before everyone else. You will not defy me in this. We don't want him to think anything is amiss. Do you understand me brat. You have five minutes."

Vegeta growled in frustration. He had been so close with her. "Fine."He snapped at his father and threw the transmitter against the wall. It shattered into a dozen pieces. He should have just done that to begin with. "Get off me woman, now." He hadn't meant to sound so harsh with her, it was his frustration that was talking. He didn't know how he was going to walk away from her. His erection had grown painfully harder with her ministrations to his tail and body. He just wanted to throw her down on the bed and take her over and over until she was screaming his name. He groaned. That vision did nothing to help his throbbing, aching member. He sat up and jerked on his pants.

Bulma sat up on the bed. "Vegeta, what is it?" He was so angry. He was just going to leave her? She had heard part of the conversation with his father, but had tuned most of it out. She had wanted to tease him a bit. Obviously she had failed miserably. "Vegeta?" He turned and looked at her and she shrank back against the bed at the look of cold anger and hatred in his eyes. He saw her reaction and attempted to soften his look . He shut his eyes briefly trying to get control of himself.

"I'm sorry, I have no choice, the great Frieza is demanding my presence right now and I evidently can't refuse. " He caressed her cheek. " We will finish this woman, after the reception. " He turned away from her again, trying to ignore the massive erection he had. "Don't think I will let you off." He began throwing on the rest of his clothes. Damn that freak of a lizard. What did Frieza want now?He shuddered to think. Soon, he would destroy the fucking tyrant and he would never have to answer to him again. He lived for that day, it was all he lived for. He jerked on his armor and fastened his cape to it. He glanced at Bulma who was watching him bemusedly from the bed. She had been oddly silent through the whole ordeal. It was completely unlike her. "Later, woman." He strode out without so much as a backward glance. A second later he reappeared looking irritated. "What is the damnable code for getting out of here?" She laughed at him, earning her a growl.

"Four, ten, thirteen, two." He whirled around again and this time didn't come back. She sighed. Well that had certainly been exciting. She had been so close. It was like a physical blow to be that close to fulfillment and have it yanked away. Later her ass. She bet something else would just pop up. She needed to keep her distance from him. She had a feeling he would only bring her pain.Who was she kidding. If he showed up here tonight, she would gladly give herself to him,heart and soul. She had developed a serious weak spot for the Saiyajin Prince. So Frieza was here. Well she supposed she ought to get up and start getting dressed for this stupid reception. It would be filled with stupid people all schmoozing and trying to one up each other in a desperate attempt to kiss up to Frieza. Once again she thiught of her home. How she missed the cool ocean air. She missed her mother. She rolled out of bed and silently padded into the bathing area of her room. It was absolutely gorgeous. She could use a good hot soak in the tub. Try to relax herself for tonight. One thing was for sure, she was going to try her damndest to not think about Vegeta.


Vegeta strode down the corridor, pissed beyond belief. His erection was slowly receding, but unfortunately he reeked of Bulma and the scent was driving him mad. Twice he had almost turned back and returned to her bed. Tonight, he told himself, tonight I will finish what I started. I will have her tonight. He let his mind drift back again to what Frieza could possibly want. He thought back to his altercation with Dodoria. Maybe, though Frieza might just find that amusing. He turned the corner into the hastily erected throne room that had been raised for Frieza. Vegeta rolled his eyes, why did he have to pretend fealty to something like this. He saw Kakkarot and stopped.

"What does Frieza want, Kakkarot?"

"I have no idea. I got called down here just a few minutes ago." He sniffed slightly and broke out into a wide grin. Vegeta had been with Bulma. "Vegeta, what have you been up to?" He laughed when the Prince flushed.

"Nothing Kakkarot, now mind your own business. " Damn fool, if he smelled it, then everyone else would as well. Maybe it would piss off his father. He hoped so. They walked into the throne room together. Vegeta could see Frieza surrounded by Zarbon and Dodoria, laughing his fool head off. His father stood by the throne looking speculatively at him. Nappa was no where to be seen, but Radditz stood by his father's side. Vegeta was struck with a sense of unease. Some foreboding feeling.The way they were all just milling around. It struck him odd. He glanced at Kakkarot to see if the younger Saiyajin noticed it to. His face was smooth and impassive. He was amazed by how Kakkarot could disguise himself that way. Years of serving under Frieza had taught him that. Maybe he was just imagining things, being in the presence of Frieza. They came to a stop in front of the steps that Frieza's throne sat upon. Gritting his teeth and knowing that Kakkarot felt the same way, he forced himself down onto one knee. He tried to ignore Zarbon's smirk. To have to bow to these creatures. The desire to kill them all flowed through his blood more thickly then he had ever felt it before. He thought he might choke on it.

"Lord Frieza, you wished to see me?"

"Vegeta, how good it is to see you. I have missed you terribly. Are you ready to come back to the fold yet?"

"Lord Frieza I am occupied with Vegittasei right now, I have given you my service, my planet requires it now., with all due respect."

"Yes, well I was just having the most fascinating conversation with your father. He had much to say about your capabilities of being King of Vegittasei. He thinks a few more years under my tutelage might be beneficial for you. I had another highly entertaining conversation with a lovely aquaintance of yours. "

Vegeta's head snapped up. He knew he wasn't talking about Bulma, so the only other lovely aquaintance that knew anything that might concern him was Parisia. He and Kakkarot looked sickly at each other. He noticed his father stood looking unworried. Whatever she had said, it had not implicated Vegittasei. No she had probably placed the blame squarely on Bulma, with his father's help. Getting rid of the perceived competition.

"I'm not sure what you mean, my lord." He would play along for now. Somehow he had to find a way to get to Bulma and warn her. He'd find out what he knew first. Then he might actually kill his father. It was becoming a toss up on who would die first.

"Come now Vegeta, Let us speak alone, candidly. Your father wishes for me to help you see reason."

Vegeta stood and looked at Kakkarot. Frieza had risen from his throne and gone into a small chamber on the left. He could see Zarbon and Dodoria, mocking him, laughing at him. He made to follow Frieza. Kakkarot stopped him.

"Let me go in with you."

"No, he won't allow it. Wait here." He brushed by his father. "You've just sealed your death warrant, father." He spat out the last word as if it sickened him to use it, then followed Frieza into the small, dank chamber. The door closed behind him, leaving him alone with the monster that still haunted his dreams. He turned to look at Frieza. Frieza regarded him with an almost sugary smile.

"Vegeta, I am so disappointed in you and to come here to our meeting smelling of a whore. How very rude of you." It actually infuriated Frieza. Jealousy shot through him. "You could have had so much, if you had only sworn your loyalty to me. Look at Zarbon. I give him everything he wants."

Vegeta snorted. What was the point of denying it. "I will never swear loyalty to you Frieza. You should realize that by now."

Frieza laughed cruelly. "Well, I guess I was the fool. Your little friend Parisia, your father wants you to join with her?"

"Only in his dreams."

"Well, she had the most enlightening things to say about another dear friend of yours, the beautiful Bulma."

"I don't know what she could possibly know about her. "

"She seems to think that you have been bewitched by her, causing you to take leave of your senses."

"How absurd. I could care less about her. She is just another annoying Princess."

"Yes, well your dear father is under the same impression."

"They are only saying that because they wish for me to agree to this marriage.I have no desire to tie myself down to anyone."

Frieza approached him,coming to stop in front of him,Vegeta felt his cold tail slide up his backside and wrap loosely around his neck. He tried to hide his revulsion and fear. Frieza made no effort to hide his attractions and unfortunately for Vegeta, he seemed to find him attractive. He grew weary of the innuendos that Frieza would throw out to him, as if he would ever accept those kind of attentions and from Frieza no less. He felt anger that he was once again helpless to defend himself against this thing. The idea that his father would have yet again, betrayed him in such a way brought him hatred as he had never felt it before.

"Are you plotting against me Vegeta. Your father and the girl claim that you aren't, that the little Correnian Princess lured you all in with some top notch designs. I wonder if they were telling the truth. Should I question her before I kill her for her treachery? " He tightened his tail in slow increments around Vegeta's neck.

"Don't worry Vegeta, I won't make you marry the little bitch that betrayed you. For her audacity in even asking for you I will make sure she pays. I am possessive of what is mine and I will always see you as mine. I have something even better planned for the other bitch. My how she will suffer." He threw Vegeta against the wall. Vegeta managed to get to his feet.

"Why do I care what you do to either one of them?" His voice was hoarse. Maybe if he denied Bulma, Frieza would leave her alone.

Frieza approached him again. He stood in front of Vegeta, his eyes burning with rage. Vegeta didn't flinch. He had to survive this, he had to get to Bulma. She was the only one that could help him kill Frieza. He couldn't let her die. Frieza's tail lashed out behind him. He very casually whipped it towards Vegeta, hitting him in the side. Vegeta felt his ribs break. He held his side and groaned. Was there no way out of this.

"Don't worry Vegeta, I'm not going to kill you. You are coming back into the fold. You will learn your place. I am afraid I haven't been very insistent with you, now have I." His tail came round again smashing into the opposite side. Vegeta fell to his knees, barely able to breath. He could taste hot blood bubbling up in his mouth. He spat it onto the ground.

"Finally, I have you on your knees." Frieza kicked him breaking his arm. He managed to stay upright, though the pain that it caused him made him want to vomit.

"Yes, I am afraid, that your beautiful little whore is going to be in for a little surprise at my reception tonight. I have had my Doctor prepare something quite maddening for her. Literally." He laughed and swung his tail out picking up Vegeta and holding him tightly.

"If it makes you feel any better, she will suffer worse then you this day." He slammed his fist into the Saiyajins stomach. Blood hit the floor as he threw up. Frieza dropped him to the floor and knelt beside him. Vegeta groaned as he felt more pressure on his already broken arm.

"I hate it when you make me do this. I would much rather give you pleasure then pain, if you would only let me. " His fingers traced Vegeta's tail gently. Vegeta tensed in another wave of revulsion. He could take anything, but this. Frieza stood then, "It saddens me that you don't feel for me what I feel for you. Perhaps someday I will have to persuade you. Just ask Zarbon what it could be like."

He turned and left, chuckling softly. Vegeta turned his head and threw up. He heard the door fly open, heard booted feet running to him. He felt strong hands roll him over. He groaned in agony. Kakkarot. He could have Kakkarot take her.

"Kakkarot," he rasped out. "Kakkarot."

Kakkarot leaned down, putting his head close to Vegeta's ear. "Stay still Vegeta, I'm going to get you to a regen tank. "

Vegeta shook his head, "No, you have to go get Bulma. Take her and get away. Parisia and my father,betrayed us."

Kakkarot looked sick. "I can't leave you to die."

Vegeta shook his head, "Send Radditz to attend me, as soon as you can, get to Bulma. She can't go to the reception tonight. " It was becoming harder to talk.

"Where should we go?"

"Take her to Vegittasei. I will get to you as soon as I can. Don't let my father know. Tell her to continue her work. We have to destroy Frieza." He collapsed back down sinking into a black oblivion. Kakkarot raced out into the throne room. Frieza and his lackies were gone. Only the King and Raditz remained.

"Well how is he?" The King snapped at Kakkarot.

"Near death. Brother, I need your help." He looked frantically at his brother. He and Raditz weren't particularly close, mostly because of an unending competition that always seemed to bloom between them, but in this he knew his brother would be loyal. Raditz didn't disappoint him. He left the King's side and followed his brother into the room. He felt sick at what he saw. Their Prince laying broken on the floor. How could the King have allowed this to happen? He glanced at his brother and saw the same revolted look on his face. He knew Kakkarot and Vegeta were close, at least as close as one could be allowed to get to the Prince. It had made him jealous that Kakkarot would get all the notoriety and glory. Now, however, he laid his hand on his brother's shoulder.

Kakkarot smiled at his older brother. Occasionally Raditz could be decent. "I need you to take him to a regen tank. Stand guard over him."

"Where are you going?"

"He bade me to take care of something for him."

"That woman?"

Kakkarot looked at his brother. "Not a word Raditz." He glanced behind him. The King stood at the far threshold, not willing to enter and see what his treachery had wrought for his son. "The King must not know."

He ran out of the room, brushing past the King, not caring. That was no longer his King.He ran down the hall, not caring if he drew attention to himself . He hated leaving Vegeta but he knew his brother would get him to a regen tank. After that, it would be up to Vegeta. He, Kakkarot, would take care of Bulma. Vegeta was right. They couldn't destroy Frieza without her. He made it to her room in record time, ringing the intercom incessantly. She appeared at the door, dressed in only a robe and looking quite annoyed.

"Kakkarot, what in the hell are you doing?" What was it with these Saiyajins. Since she had met them they had caused her nothing but grief. Could she find no time away from them?

Kakkarot grabbed her hand. He spoke urgently and seriously letting her know immediatley that he wasn't fooling around. "Bulma we have to get out of here."

"What's going on?" She unconciously squeezed his hand. "what's happened?"

"Vegeta wants me to get you out of here. Frieza found out about our little plan."

"What!?" Oh, no. What about my father and brother? Where's Vegeta?" Her mind ran in a thousand different directions.

"Frieza almost killed him, he's being put in a regen tank right now. He wants me to take you to Vegittasei and continue working on the ships. "

"Almost killed him, Will he be alright." She grabbed onto Kakkarot's armor. Using him for support. "I can't leave him or my parents."

"We have to, it's the only way to help them. Frieza knows you are involved. He must be planning to hurt you. Vegeta wanted you as far away as possible.Bulma, you are the only one who can do this."

"But my father, my planet. Won't he destroy them? Oh no, how did he find out about all this." She was near tears. Kakkarot could see she was beginning to lose it. He grabbed her shoulders and hauled her up to look him in the eye.

"Bulma, we don't have time for this. I will go warn your father.While I am gone, get dressed and get your things gathered. We will leave as soon as I return. If you want to help Vegeta, this is what has to be done. I will explain it all to you once we are away." He let her go gently and watched as she choked back a sob. Squaring her shoulders she nodded and he turned to rush off. "Be ready."

She turned and numbly went to her room. She threw on her work clothes and pulled out the bag from under her bed. Her synthetic fuel. She had never even gotten a chance to show it to Vegeta. She grabbed a couple of outfits, throwing them in her ship portfolio. The less she took the better. All she needed was her transmitter link. She needed to warn Evetta and get her off planet with the energy absorbers. She could possibly send her to Chikyuu. She had heard of many underground movements there. The Chikyuu-jins were a brave sort of people. She drug her belongings to the door and waited for Kakkarot. Frieza had almost killed Vegeta? She wanted to go and see him, make sure he was alright. She prayed that her family would be alright. She should have known better, then to get involved with all of this. She heard the intercom buzz in. She answered it hesitantly, half afraid of who might be on the other side. Kakkarot stood, looking concerned.

"Are you ready?" He looked down the hall.

She nodded. "My father?"

"He knows all I could tell him. He told me to have you take the ship. He is arranging his own transportation. He will contact you later.He asked that you be careful."

"My planet? What will happen?"

"I honestly don't know Bulma. With Frieza it could be anything. Whatever it is, it won't be as bad as your fate if we don't get going. Your father is a King, he will know what to do. Now come on."

She grabbed her bag that held the precious synthetic fuel formula. Kakkarot picked up her portfolio.

"I wish I could say good bye to him."

"Who, your father?"

"Well yes, him and my brother, but I meant Vegeta."

Kakkarot smiled. Don't worry Bulma. You'll see him again."

* * * * *

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