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Brennon ripped off the disguise of bounty hunter he had worn for the better part of three months. All this time looking and traveling and he had finally found Frieza and his ship. He had come aboard under the bounty hunter guise and lived among the mercenaries, finally getting a chance to sneak away and get himself to the whore's section of the ship. Finding her had been almost too easy; though he had stood outside her door for over an hour, trying to decide the best--most logical--way to approach the woman.

Bulma's mother had shrunk away from him at first, terrified that he had come for far more then he claimed, shrinking back against the wall of her room in abject terror. Brennon had ripped the mask from his face and spilled everything in a mad rush of words; confused and jumbled. She had not believed him at first, thinking it an elaborate ruse to get her into his bed, but he had persisted. Giving her detail after detail of Bulma's life; her first lost tooth, her first serious fall, her love of inventing; he'd spoken of the grandchild she now had. Of Bulma's time on Hell. Finally, after over an hour of painstakingly detailed descriptions of everything he could possibly think to say about Bulma and that night aboard Frieza's ship so many years ago, she had trusted him; sobbing quietly against his chest at the chance she was going to have to finally touch her baby's face. He had grabbed her and they made their break, sneaking down the corridors silently, inconspicuously--on the lookout for any possible sign of trouble.

Now in the long, isolated corridors of Frieza's ship he had just gotten a glimpse of his daughter; and what he had seen had left him cold. She appeared to be badly hurt; beaten perhaps, bloody. She had been carried in the arms of a short little man, the man he had come to know as Zuad. The father of the disease his son now carried. Brennon had watched them proceed towards the med bay; a cold fury flaming up inside him at the thought that Zuad and Frieza might claim another child from him.

"Looks like you' re going to get to meet Bulma a lot sooner then I thought." Brennon's brow furrowed with concern, the idea of dragging the girl's mother into danger weighing heavily upon his shoulders. In the end he had little choice. He had to go and get her before something happened. There simply wasn't time to find her a hiding place.

Bulma's mother looked at him, deep lines of worry marring her otherwise beautiful face. "Is she alright?"

"It didn't look like it. I have some senzu...we just need to get to her first."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her along down the empty corridor, his booted heels clicking loudly as they raced down the direction that he had last seen Bulma going in; praying that he wouldn't be too late to save her.




Vegeta stalked towards Frieza proudly, his mouth curling into a sneer as he approached the obviously shocked lizard. "What's the matter Frieza? Don't tell me you're scared of a little Super Saiya-jin?" Vegeta sneered the words, knowing full well it would incite Frieza. This time though, Frieza would be the one who was beaten. "I thought we were a worthless race to you. Merely a means to an end...your work horses."

"Vegeta, don't be absurd." Frieza attempted to hide his uncertainty; unwilling to let Vegeta see he had rattled him. "The Saiya-jin were always useful...until you decided to act out of line. You left me little choice but to destroy it. You would have killed your father; he was a very weak man. I don't think he ever got over his mate's betrayal. Vegeta-sei would have been nearly unstoppable if you had taken the throne."

Vegeta had stopped walking. Standing still and calm, staring coldly at the creature that had destroyed his planet, his childhood and nearly his mate. A slow death would have been too kind for all that Bulma had been forced to endure; not to mention his own suffering and the suffering of his people as well. He wanted to rip Frieza's heart out; tear him limb from limb...destroy him slowly, piece by little fucking piece. He wanted him to know a suffering such as he dished out; most especially, he wanted him to know the humiliation of not being able to stop it from happening.

Vegeta couldn't though; there wasn't time. Bulma. Bulma was more important then this worthless piece of shit. He had to stop the memory wipe before she lost everything she was, before she forgot him and their life together. Not that could not happen, he would not allow it.

"Cease your prattling, Frieza. I have had enough of your endless speech. I am the Prince of all Saiya-jin, and for them I will end your miserable life!!" Vegeta flew at him, streaking through the air like a bullet; lashing out a violent punishing kick to Frieza's jaw. He would kill him for his people who were dead, for his family who had suffered, and for himself for all that he had been forced to bear. There would be no more.

Frieza flew back at him, coming at him in a volley of explosive fists and thunderous ground-shaking blasts. Vegeta blocked them all, fury and a cold, driving rage pushing him on harder and harder, pummeling the bastard's face and body. He grunted as Frieza's tail lashed out, catching him full across the back; the sound of cracking ribs filling his ears. He whirled, oblivious to the pain, and fired a blast, hitting Frieza directly in the chest. Vegeta was upon him in a second, delivering blow after punishing blow. The terrible memory of his woman's blood-covered body driving him over the edge of sanity. She had been pregnant and alone and Frieza had shown her no mercy. Vegeta would show him the same. Frieza blasted him off, cracking his armor; his wounded body propelling upwards and away from Vegeta.

"You are dead Frieza!" Vegeta pulled himself off the floor, ignoring the broken ribs and blood pouring forth from several nasty wounds; attacking him again, his booted foot sending Frieza spinning into the wall. It collapsed atop him in a cloud of dust and debris. He smirked, that had all been so fucking easy. He flew upwards, preparing an attack he had been working on into the late hours of the night; night after endless night, practicing and preparing. It had all paid off in this one perfect moment in time. Vegeta roared with the power that came to him, gathering it--harnessing it; the ship shaking apart around him. Finally, he would have his revenge on Frieza.


Vegeta released the pulsing, vibrant ball of energy, sending it spiraling downward to the pile that was Frieza. He retreated, flying out of the room as it hit, blowing the ship nearly in half with its power. He stood momentarily as debris and dust fell around him; reflecting for just a moment on how quickly he had been able to defeat Frieza. It felt...wrong. Vegeta shrugged it off. As much as he wanted to savor this moment, the one moment that he had worked for; the revenge he had been able to taste; bitter and acrid in his mouth for over ten long years, he knew he couldn't. It was pointless now...and would remain so if he didn't get to Bulma quickly. He felt a black wave of fear wash over him, leaving him cold and shaking; she was about to lose her life--her very being--what if he was already too late? No, he would not even entertain that possibilty. He could still feel her presence through their bond. If he could do that, then they were still connected He hadn't time to consider it right now. He had to find his woman before it was too late.




Bulma watched as the doctor started the memory wipe, trying with everything she had to pull free. No, please no!! Her struggles ceased as the machine slowly overrode her memories. Vegeta...the name hung on her mind, reminding her of some sad event that had left her hurt and despairing. " I love you too..." Had someone said those words to her? They reminded her again of some great loss. "Vegeta..." Bulma couldn't quite recall what had happened, or even where she was.. "...I love you Vegeta."

"See, I told you it would be better. It will all go away in time." Bulma turned her red-rimmed eyes towards the voice. Who was that...was she dead? Was this heaven or hell or someplace in between?

Brennon kicked open the door to the med bay, his eyes searching frantically for his daughter. He saw her, strapped to some machine. That sick, bastard doctor was beside her. The very same doctor that had given his boy...his child the virus. What in the hell was he doing to his daughter?

"NO!!" Brennon lunged at Zuad, swinging hard. "Get Bulma off that machine, now!" His voice rattled the room in its fury...the desire to end the life of a man who had brought such pain and suffering to his children. He was not a killer by nature--though he had never ran away from it if neccesary--but now, something deep and primal and incomprehensible to him was slowly taking him over; creeping insidioiusly into his heart. His son was dying, his daughter looked like she had been nearly beaten to death--not to mention the contraption he had attached her to. At that one moment, seeing her lovely face turn towards him, her eyes lost and confused, her body wounded; the rage in his heart knew no end. He could envision her as a small child, looking up at him in awe and wonder through those same sea-blue eyes. "I love you daddy!" Her small voice full of love and worship. He could hear her frightened little voice as she screamed out from the terrors of the night that only he could save her from; her hero then. Well he would be her hero now. Bulma would suffer no more. He had lost everything--everything--to Frieza. Brennon would not lose her, too.

Her mother hurried to her, ripping the cords from the machine; ending the destructive currents that had been slowly erasing her mind. She knew precisely what this was. It destroyed memories and lives; leaving them blank so that Frieza--in all his arrogance and vanity and self-importance--could re-shape their lives; a life suited to serving him. Well, he wouldn't have this life...not today. She looked down at the beautiful young woman, tears flowing freely from her eyes; the tears of some strong emotion that left her powerless in its wake. Twenty years she had gone; over twenty years, wondering--praying--hoping that her daughter; the single perfect thing left her by her beloved husband, had managed to live. She'd held no true hope, knowing the odds were extremely unlikely, but still; somewhere deep and buried within her bruised heart she had believed and now she stood looking down at the face she had wondered about; experiencing in truth, the dream she had dreamt nightly for all these long--long years. Her reunion with her daughter. Her hand caressed the tear-streaked face gently, reverently, unable to fathom the scope of it all. Not yet--later--when there was more time; it would hit her then and she would be powerless to stop it. Such a lovely face; a face she had never thought to look upon in her life. The last time she had gazed upon it Bulma had been but an infant, now she was a full grown woman with a babe of her own. She smiled in wonder at her.

"Bulma..." She whispered. "Bulma."

Bulma's eyes fluttered open; sharp blue eyes meeting a matching pair. Such a lovely woman. She must be dead. Was this an angel come to guide her to the next world? She felt comforted by that thought. Why did she still feel like she had been beaten? Wasn't death supposed to end all of life's pain? Why did her heart still feel as if it had been rent from her body in some heartbreakingly cruel fashion. Bulma frowned, lines of consternation creasing her brow. Something wasn't right.

Brennon swung heavily at Zuad, catcing him in the jaw; sending the small doctor flying into a row of heavily stocked shelves. Glass and medical implements flew everywhere; shattering and flying through the air. Brennon was upon Zuad in a flash; his hand locking around the doctor's throat, tightening slowly.

"I'm not a cold-blooded killer, at least not by nature." Brennon's voice was an angry, rough burr; the words growled softly into Zuad's reddening face, tightening his grip with each word. He listened imapssively ot the wheezing doctor struggling to speak, ignoring his half-hearted attempts to break free. "But for you, I'll make an exception." Brennon strengthened his hold, throttling the life from the miserable little doctor. He tossed the body aside in a heap of trash and broken furniture. "That is for my son." He turned back towards his daughter, observing for a moment the brilliant radiance of her mother's face--flushed and shining. How absolutely beautiful. It was obvious where Bulma had gotten her looks from. He reached into his pocket, digging for a senzu. He hurried over to his daughter, pushing it into her mouth, his hand stroking the soft fall of blue hair cascading loosely over her shoulder . She chewed slowly; swallowing painfully.

"What happened?" Bulma managed to ask her father, smiling as the senzu worked its miracluous powers. She looked down at her torn, blood-soaked clothes. What had happened to her? How had she come to be here in this condition? She gasped...her baby! Was her baby okay? Her hand rubbed absently over her abdomen. It didn't hurt, still there was blood...lots of blood.

"That crazed doctor must have succeeded in wiping out some of your short-term memory. Perhaps it is best that you don''t remember what happened to you." Her mother looked at her in concern. "He would have taken everything from you."

"Perhaps, though I'm positive there is no force on Chikyuu or beyond that would make me forget Vegeta." Bulma frowned momentarily, was Vegeta here? It seemed like she had just seen him moments ago. Bulma prayed that if he was, he was in better shape then she had been in. She shook her head, turning towards the woman standing beside her, watching her intently; clasping her hand tightly. "Father, I remember you were going to fetch my mother...my true mother. Is this her?" She looked at him anxiously.

"This is her. Bulma, this is your mother."

Bulma gasped in awe as she turned her face and met her mother's. She was so beautiful and young-looking. Even after all she had suffered and endured, she had somehow held onto her dignity and self-respect; wearing it like a shield.

"Bulma, I never thought I would actually meet you. So many times I dreamed and hoped. That awful night..." She paused, choking back a sob, beginning anew as the tears flowed freely. The terror and hysteria of the first night aboard Frieza's ship rising back to the surface. "I had hoped that someone had saved you.. Ginyu had...had tossed you aside when he decided he was ready to..." She paused, her eyes glazing over with a look of sick panic; struggling to remain calm and collected with the revival of so many long-dead, horrible memories. "When he was done, he discovered you were gone. Ginyu shrugged it off and pulled me to his room, where I stayed for the next week at his mercy. No amount of weeping, screaming or bribing would encourage him to look for you or inquire." She shuddered, remembering the feel of Ginyu's disgusting body on hers. "They tell me that he is dead. I could only pray that it is so." She took a deep shuddering breath, her calm composure shattered by the memories of Ginyu's many assaults against her body. "The only thing that kept me alive; that sustained me was the thought that I might kill him with my own two hands."

Bulma reached out a hand, her eyes glowing like blue ice. "It's true about his death. My husband killed him. I saw him die."

Her mother collapsed into a small heap. Quiet, wrenching sobs shuddered through her.

Brennon placed a gentle hand on her shaking shoulders; stroking lightly. "I'm sorry to have to cut this reunion short, but we need to get out of here; Frieza is bound to be lurking somewhere. Bulma, are you sure you can't remember whether or not anyone else is on board with you? Your brother? Vegeta?"

"No, I can't think past yesterday. I can vaguely recall Vegeta...his voice, but the last thing real thing I remember..." Bulma stopped, sagging weakly against her father. "Oh no...nonono."

"Bulma, what is it, girl?"

"Britton." Bulma's throat moved convulsively and she swallowed; trying to push the painful words past the lump that had grown there, nearly blocking her voice. "Daddy, he didn't make it."

Brennon staggered back, his mouth working soundlessly; unable to form a single word. His son, the only link left to his beloved wife...NO! He tried to compose himself for his daughter, for her mother...they had to get out of this place, he had to be strong; but he was paralyzed...unable to move. His son and heir was dead. Brennon inhaled sharply, his breath catching in a painful hitch as the first harsh sob threatened to break through. NO!! Not his boy. He felt Bulma's arms slip around him, hugging him tightly. He returned her embrace, burying his head in her hair.

"I'm so sorry, Dad. I tried to find the cure, I tried so hard...he just ran out of time."

"Did he...was it...did he suffer?" Brennon shut his eyes, afraid to hear her answer.

"In the end, no...he said..." Bulma paused, swinging her eyes upward, looking at his face. "He said he was going to be with mom."

Brennon's eyes fluttered open, staring into hers. Her words, spoken so simply, had given him some measure of peace. At least he wasn't alone. He managed to swallow the pain and anguish, pushing it back for another time.

"Oh, Bulma." Brennon took another deep shuddering breath, trying mightily to compose himself. There would be time for grief and loss later. If he wanted his daughter to survive, he needed to get her the hell off this ship. "We'll discuss this later..." Brennon's voice broke off, strained and raw; the lump he had forced down his throat trying painfully to rise up. He shoved it back down again by sheer force of will. " Right now I have to get you off this ship and to safety."

He clasped her hand, grabbing her mother's as well, pulling them towards the door.

"Oh no, Dad. Wait! The doctor said something...someting about a...OHHH! I can't remember. Damn it, I'm sure it was important. " Bulma's hands fisted in frustration. It was right there on the tip of her brain. She had to recall.

"Please just give me a second. Everything in me is telling me that the doctor mentioned something very important to me. I'd like to look around in his notes. There has to be something that will remind me. " She pressed another hand to her abdomen, wishing she could check the baby and see if it was alright. She wished she could recall what exactly had happened.

"Fast, Bulma...you have ten minutes."



Kakkarot traced Chi-Chi straight to Frieza's ship. Oh, God she was on his ship and at the mercy of that sadistic bastard. He noticed the ship, half-blown apart; debri scattered all around. Vegeta. It had to be Vegeta responsible for this. Frieza wouldn't blow up his own ship, at least not intentionally. Kakkarot smiled tightly. Vegeta had ascended; he had finally realized his true potential. It must have been magnificent. Perhaps there was hope for them all. He set down lightly beside the ship, releasing Gohan onto the ground. Piccolo came to rest beside them.

"It looks like the wars already been fought." Gohan looked pointedly at the hole and rubble, his sharp eyes taking in the devestation.

"Vegeta." Kakkarot was amazed he was managing to stay so calm, considering his mate and unborn child were somewhere on the massive ship; their lives in the hands of Zarbon or worse. Zarbon held no particular love for him either. If he knew Chi-Chi was his mate he would be twice as hard on her. The thought urged him on, propelling him faster towards the hole in the side of the ship.

"I'm going in. My mate is on this ship and I have to get her." Kakkarot scrambled over the pile of smoking rubble and burnt, twisted metal, frantically searching out Chi-Chi's ki. He was vaguely aware of Piccolo and Gohan behind him, following him into the cavernous depths of the ship. He turned down a corridor, realizing immediately where they had her. The prisoner block, where he and Toma and Vegeta had been kept. He rocketed down the corridor, twisting and turning. Kakkarot sensed Zarbon long before he saw him.

Zarbon turned as Kakkarot flew towards him, smiling as he lifted a hand; blasting energy straight at him.

"Kakkarot!!" Chi-Chi screamed in horror as the blast raced towards her husband.

Kakkarot batted it away easily, his fury growing as he saw his mate, shackled painfully to a pole.

"Chi-Chi, are you alright?" His black eyes sought hers, securing her with a gentle caress, assuring himself she was unharmed.

"I'm alright, Kakkarot! I just want to go home."

Kakkarot's mouth curled upwards. "Soon, Chi-Chi...soon. I just need to dispose of the trash."

Zarbon smiled tightly, ignoring the taunt; his expression full of scorn and derision. "How sweet. Kakkarot, you always were a sentimental sap. Truly amazing considering you're a blasted Saiya-jin." He waited as Kakkarot moved closer, deliberately blocking Chi-Chi from his view.

"Has Zarbon hurt you, Chi-Chi?" Kakkarot kept his eyes focused completely on Zarbon, never letting them stray. He couldn't afford to be distracted. Zarbon was tricky and a coward, but still a formidable opponent; especially when he changed. Not to mention he wouldn't hesitate to hide behind Chi-Chi if he thought it neccesary. Somehow he was going to have to get her away from him.

"Gohan." Kakkarot rasped to the old man standing silent beside him. "I'm going to distract Zarbon; lure him away from her. See if you can get Chi-Chi unchained and away." Kakkarot's eyes shone with trust. He knew she'd be safe in Gohan's hands. "I'm putting the most precious thing I have in your hands, Gohan. "

" I won't fail you, Kakkarot. I'll see your young wife safe." Gohan scooted back, waiting for the distraction that Kakkarot had promised him; a look of deep concentration on his face.

Kakkarot smiled. A smile deep with gratitude and warmth and appreciation; the Gods had been kind when they had brought Gohan into his life. He swung back toward Zarbon, preparing for battle. He smiled. It would be fun beating the shit out of Zarbon.

Zarbon smiled coolly. "Oh, are we ready to fight now? I thought maybe you were deciding whether or not to stay. You Saiya-jin seem to have no talent for realizing when you are outclassed." His mouth curled upwards condescendingly. "Let's just start so that I can beat your ass already."

"That's pretty strong talk for a man whose ship has been blown apart. Who do you think did that, Zarbon?"

Zarbon shrugged. "Frieza more then likely, ridding the world of one more Saiya-jin scum. Your Prince is dead, Kakkarot; just like you're going to be."

Kakkarot sought out Vegeta's ki, smiling as he felt it strong and vibrant; pulsing with more energy then Kakkarot had ever felt before in his life. Vegeta was many things, but he was most certainly not dead. He lowered himself, crouching into a combat position; readying himself for Zarbon's first move.

"I like your new clothes, Kakkarot. I'm thinking orange is definitely your color. So much more attractive on you then the Saiya-jin armor." Zarbon laughed, launching himself towards the crouched man.

Kakkarot rose to meet him, capturing Zarbon's fist easily; swinging him back, away from his wife. He followed him quickly, the two combatants locking into a flurry of hits and kicks; each twisting and blocking and pummeling the other.

Behind them, Gohan could see several approaching soldiers. He looked to Piccolo who nodded slowly at him. "I'll take them old man, you keep your promise. He won't be able to fight effectively as long as she is here." Piccolo flew upwards, rocketing to intercept the oncoming soldiers.

Gohan slipped silently towards Chi-Chi, who sat watching the battle between her husband and Zarbon, her eyes wide with fear.

"Don't worry girl, your husband will do just fine. I have never met a more capable fighter." Gohan's fingers, gnarled with age, struggled to break the chain off the pole. He closed his eyes concentrating; his mind focusing on the object at hand. Gohan pulled again and this time the chain popped off; freeing Chi-Chi.

She took his hand, allowing him to pull her up. "Come on, we have to get you out of here. Kakkarot wants you as far a way as possible."

"I can't leave him, besides they took Trunks. I have to find him."

"Trunks? Who in the hell is that?"

"It's...oh, never mind." She attempted to slide past him; at least as much as her swollen belly would allow her, but he was quick. Gohan grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards the wall. He would blow a hole in the side of the ship if he had to. Roshi had taught him the Kamehameha wave as well.

"Let go of me, old man. Who do you think you are manhandling me this way?" Chi-Chi rounded on him fiercely, her wide black eyes flashing fire at him.

"I promised that boy I would get you out of here , so he could fight at full power. Do you want him to be able to defend himself, or get killed worrying about you?"

Chi-Chi stared at him angrily for a moment. Fury giving way to reason as she realized he was right.

"Fine." She ground out through clenched teeth. "But I am waiting for him outside this ship. Do you understand me?"

Gohan smiled. This was a woman of spirit and fire. If he had been a few years younger he might have given Kakkarot some competition. The boy had chosen well.

"I understand."

Out of the corner of his eye, Kakkarot saw Gohan attempting to get Ch-Chi away from the ship. Thank God! He'll be able to keep her safe. He dodged a fist that came hurtling at him; swinging back to deliver a sharp kick to Zarbon.

"Is that the best you can do, Kakkarot? At this rate I'll have your woman for dinner...and dessert." Zarbon laughed as Kakkarot growled in fury; launching himself at Zarbon full force. Zarbon evaded him, flying high; blasting a hole in the ceiling of the ship. He glanced down, his eyes settling on two figures hovering in the corner of what had once been the prisoner's block. So they were trying to sneak the little bitch away.

Zarbon aimed, firing a blast at the two figures.

Kakakrot barely dodged the blast, turning to follow its projectory. His eyes widened in horror as he saw it had been aimed directly at Chi-Chi.

"Chi-Chi! Gohan!" Kakkarot screamed in fear. "Look out!!"

Gohan had been readying himself to do the Kamehameha; gathering the energy he needed to fire the blast. He turned at Kakkarot's cry, seeing the fiery energy blast zooming straight at them. Gohan gave little thought to his action, simply shoving her aside and letting the brunt of the blast burn through his body. He had not wanted to die, but if he had to, he'd rather it be this way--full of courage and honor. His last thought before death claimed him was that he had died protecting the wife of a man he respected and that he had done his master proud. Roshi.



Vegeta flew down the halls, his rage giving way to cold despair as he raced towards the med bay. He wasn't going ot make it. Unless by some miracle of chance they had put her in the regen tank first; though he doubted Frieza would be so kind. If he looked into her eyes and saw nothing...no memory of what they had shared together, of what they had been through...he felt his heart sink into his belly at the thought. It would be worse then death. The knowledge that she had been stripped of the most profound feelings he had ever experienced. Woman, you will not forget me. I won't allow it. You will never be free of me, not in this life or the next. We will always find our way together.

He saw the section of the ship he was looking for, silently setting down and running the last few feet. Desperately trying to find the room she was in. He searched out her ki, shocked and surprised; heartened when he felt it strong and vibrant. She had been healed. He followed her signature, his heart pounding furiously in his chest as he came closer. Vegeta closed in on the room, blowing the door off its hinges in his haste to find her.

She stood hunched over; going through rubble on the floor, her father and another woman standing beside her, all three looking up at him as if they had just been caught robbing the palace jewels.

"Vegeta..." Bulma breathed his name, launching herself at him; throwing herself in his arms.

Vegeta hissed as she squeezed the damaged ribs, blocking the pain out as he inhaled the scent of her hair and felt the comfort of her body firm and unbroken against him, uncaring of the eyes that watched him as his arms curled around her and he pulled her tightly against his body.

"You're alright." Vegeta's voice was hoarse and ragged in her ear. "You're alright." He pulled back from her, his hands pushing her hair back behind her ears. His eyes burned into hers, looking for any sign of trouble or pain.

"Mostly. I can't remember anything that happened to me." She frowned, her brow furrowing. "I can't remember anything past Britton's death. I don't even know how I got here or what happened!" Her hands tightened on his shoulder.

Vegeta felt his heart sink. She had lost the past twenty-four hours. Did that mean she didn't recall Frieza or what had happened to her and to their child?

"They had her hooked up to the memory wipe when we found her. We stopped it before it went to far, but some things are lost to her. "

Vegeta looked at her father, his eyes shining brightly with unspoken gratitude. If they had not found her, she would be looking at him through the eyes of a stranger right now. He looked back down at her, his brow furrowed.

"Vegeta. I can't remember how I got this way. Can you please tell me? The baby... is the baby okay?"

Vegeta's heart sank into his stomach. He was going to have to tell her about the baby and about Frieza and what had happened to her. He swallowed hard, attempting to come up with the right words to tell her. His hand slid round to her belly, gently rubbing it as he searched for the baby's ki. Nothing. Frieza had not been lying, their baby was gone. Wasn't this what he had wanted? For her to not have been carrying another brat? His mind had told him she wouldn't be strong enough; that she would have died attempting to birth it. He swallowed again, hard; fighting back the emotions threatening to spill forth. He had allowed his fear of losing her cloud his mind. He swallowed painfully again, his breath ragged as he fought with all his might to keep the pain in check. Not this way, he would not break down; not in front of all these people. He was Vegeta, the Prince of the Saiya-jin--he would remain together in front of her father and he assumed her true mother. He would falter in front of no one. Vegeta would see them all off this ship. Later...he would admit it all to her later when he was wrapped in her arms. Admit to her that he had been wrong, a fool...a fool ten times over for ever thinking she was weak. Now he had to break the truth to her, and find a way to help ease her through the pain of it.

"Take the woman and go ahead. We'll be along momentarily." Vegeta's eyes burned into Brennon's.

Brennon nodded, drawing Bulma's mother along with him. She pulled against him, unwilling to leave her daughter behind. "No, I don't want to leave Bulma; she may need us."

"I think that Vegeta is all she needs right now. He won't allow any harm to come to her." She stared at him mutely, turning her gaze slowly back to the two some who stood absorbed in each other. My God, it was like there was no-one else in the room. She smiled softly. Maybe Brennon was right.


"We'll wait outside the ship. Do we need to worry about Frieza?" Brennon's eyes focused sharply on Vegeta.

"Frieza is dead." Vegeta's face was toneless, his eyes never leaving his mate's as he spoke.

Brennon turned and left, drawing Bulma's mother along gently with him.

Bulma held onto Vegeta's arm, shocked by the news of Frieza's death; elated. Thank God, the nightmare was finally over. Yet, he wasn't happy as he should have been, something was wrong. She looked at him expectantly. It wasn't good, whatever he had to say to her, it was not good news. She placed her hand on her belly, resting it lightly against his. The baby. She glanced up looking past Vegeta, inhaling sharply at the sight of the woman who stood in the doorway, Trunks cradled gently in her arms.

Vegeta heard the hiss of her breath; felt her body tense under his hands. He turned, looking at the door and froze. Parisia...she had Trunks.


Kakkarot stared in stunned disbelief at Gohan--the kindly old man who had seen fit to be kind to him--who had stood beside him in battle and who had just sacrificed his own life for Chi-Chi's. Rage, maddening and hot boiled to the surface. He turned his black gaze to Zarbon who hovered above him, smiling in detached amusement.

"What a shame, I missed. Though one out of two isn't bad." Zarbon flipped his green hair vainly and laughed.

Kakkarot felt his body twitch with helpless rage. He had tried to kill Chi-Chi; he had succeeded in killing Gohan and he laughed about it. As if it were a joke, ruining the lives of so many good people.

"GOHAN!!!" Kakkarot screamed his name, a power he had never experienced before welling within him. He couldn't control it; it came--a raging torrent of flaming hot energy--overtaking him completely, raising him to a level he had never experienced. He stopped the fight against it, and let it go; allowing it to rush over and through him. The sensation of pure, unbridled energy almost maddening in its take-over of his body.


Zarbon drew back at the sight of the flaming, golden-haired warrior that hovered below him; his face contorted in agony as he tried to control the massive amounts of energy rolling through him. He backed up, unsure what to do.

Kakkarot swung his green-eyed gaze towards Zarbon, meeting his frightened gold eyes, his body filling with the uncontrollable desire to make him pay for all his crimes. He shot upward, delivering a devestating blow to Zarbon's jaw, snapping the green alien's head back.

"Your time is up, Zarbon. You, and your Lord Frieza. It is time to pay for your crimes." Kakkarot's voice was rock hard--steady and calm.

Zarbon shrunk away, his mouth bleeding from the blow that Kakkarot had just delivered to him. He didn't stand a chance against a power like that. He was going to have to transform; though he wasn't even sure that would save him. What had Kakkarot turned into? He tried to get by, but the Saiya-jin was too fast; intercepting and kicking him to the ground, his body like a missile as it crashed through the floor of the ship.

Piccolo watched the golden-haired warrior in awe. What a fighter, strong and full of honor. Piccolo could respect someone like that, and fight beside him proudly. He fired his special beam cannon into the group of soldiers who had thought they could take him, killing several. Things might just turn all right after all.



Toma sat in his JT 626, engines roaring; ready to go. They had sat down on a small moon orbiting Frieza's planet. His reconaisance had told him that there was a strong planetary defense system and that the atmosphere was heavily radared. They were in for a battle.

"For Vegitasei..."

Bardock sat in the ship, watching as the ships took off; his mind drifting to his son and the grand-son he was about to have. Were they alright? He had gotten the strangest sense awhile back, his mind foggng over with some sense of wrongness concerning Kakkarot. Perhaps wrongness was a poor description, but something was going on with his boy. Raditz sat beside him, keying in the coordinates for the launch.

"Something's wrong with your brother." Bardock turned to face him, his face clouded with concern.

"What do you mean, something's wrong with Kakkarot? How would you know?"

"I felt something."

Raditz looked at his father for a moment, his face unreadable. A year ago, he would have been jealous of his father's connection with his little brother; constantly throwing himself into competition with him. **Pitiful,** desperate attempts to garner his father's favoritism. It had caused nothing but trouble and instead of achieving the one thing he had set out to in the first place, he had gained nothing but misery and his father's disapproval. This trip had changed that. Raditz knew now his father was proud of him, the man had taken great pains to show him that.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, son, it was just some wisp of a feeling. I've only felt it twice before--once when you were born and once when your brother served with Frieza."

Raditz had nothing to say. He could not begin to comprehend the strangeness that was his father. He shrugged.

"There's not much we can do to help him here."

"That's just it Raditz, I'm not sure he even needs it."



Vegeta's eyes met Parisia's narrowed and burning. Why had he not ended her miserable life when he had first had the chance? "Give me my son." He spoke coldly, his handsome face set in a harsh, forbidding countenance.

"I don't think so, Vegeta. For once, you are going to see what it feels like to experience pain. You will know when I am done that you made a mistake of tremendous proportions when you chose not to honor your father's promises."

Vegeta's brows drew down in consternation. "My father's promises? What in the hell would those have been?"

"To marry me; to unite our kingdoms as one. We could have been great together, rulers to rival anyone. I would have helped you defeat Frieza, but you chose her instead. "

"You were never a choice, bitch. Whatever my father said to you was a lie. I never had any intention of joining with you or merging our kingdoms. The old bastard was well aware of that; he merely used you to toy with me."

"You bastard!! Fine, if that's the way you want to play it, then I will be happy to cause you pain Vegeta, like you have never felt it before." Parisia thrust the boy out, her hand encircling his neck.

Bulma took a deep trembling breath, despair washing over her in cold waves. She pressed her hands together to stop their shaking. "No...Trunks." She tried to push past Vegeta, but he shoved her roughly back.

"Be still, woman. " His voice was harsh and strained.

"Oh, poor Bulma. I guess you are about to lose another child. How very sad. Two in one day."

"Shut your fucking mouth bitch!" Vegeta's voice shook with fury. He owed this bitch so much, he just had to get Trunks away then he could repay her in full.

Bulma's eyes narrowed, another child? What did she mean? She doubled over as a sickening picture flashed across her mind. Parisia hitting her; laughing. Oh God. Parisia had hit her...hard. Oh God, the stomach. She'd hit her in the stomach. She was bleeding...the baby. She sunk to her knees, hyperventilating, vaguely aware of arms encircling her. She glanced up, eyes dark with shock, meeting Vegeta's eyes, narrowed with concern.


"I remember. Oh God, Vegeta!! I remember!! She hit me and killed the baby." She choked back a sob; her voice unsteady. "I remember it all...I remember...I remember. Oh God, Vegeta, she killed our baby!!"

"I will kill her, Bulma. You needn't worry about that." Vegeta's voice shook with emotion. " I will make her suffer for what she has cost you and I." He stood, but she pulled him back down.

"Vegeta, I have something that you can use. You just have to get close enough to use it. " She dug frantically--fumbling--in her pocket. "It's a variation of the virus you have. It is lethal..." She pulled out the small vial and the syringe, her sharp blue eyes swinging back towards his. "Give me a second to get it ready." He looked at her for a second eyes narrowed, before slowly nodding.

" Make it fast, woman, I don't have all day." Vegeta stood, looking at Parisia, a smirk spreading slowly across his face. "Kill the brat, I have no real use for him anyway. He is merely an annoyance I have to deal with."

Vegeta glanced down at his mate, her small hand clutching the vial; working it open covertly so Parisia would not notice. She was trying to get it into the needle. He glanced at his son, nestled into the crook of the bitch's arm, her hand poised to choke the life from him. His eyes swung over, meeting her eyes, taken aback at the frenzied look in them. He masked the fury in his, shuddering as he remembered the night he had gone to her hell bent on destruction. He stepped closer to her, arrogant--proud--his hand stretching out to touch her face.

"Perhaps I have been wrong about you. You have shown remarkable talent and courage; the way you have manipulated all these idiots around you. That you would have the nerve to touch what belongs to me speaks of strength." The words tasted bitter in his mouth. To have to compliment her and pretend he enjoyed her manipulations was enough to make him sick.

Parisia looked at him; something akin to desire and raw hope mixing in her eyes. She relaxed her hold on Trunks slightly, looking deeply into his eyes. "You're just saying that...because I have your son. You don't mean it."

"What do I care about the brat...like I said kill him." Vegeta felt something cool slide into his hand. He closed his palm around it, feeling the smooth plastic of the syringe. The point was sharp and ready to use.

"I don't understand, Vegeta. All this time I thought you loved her, that you wanted her."

"Hardly!" He laughed harshly. "Love is for fools, not for people like you and I."

Vegeta stroked her face again, watching as her eyes slid shut. Fool, you actually believe I want you. He smirked. He had her exactly where he wanted her. Vegeta took the final step to her, his mouth coming with in inches of hers; his hand caressing around to her backside, caressing her back gently--holding her immobile. His hand brought the syringe up, plunging it into her violently; depressing the plunger...filling her with the deadly toxin. He shoved her back away from him, yanking his son away from her.

"Die, bitch." His voice, low and cool, washed over her. Vegeta watched impassively as she stood shocked, her face contorting with the pain of the fast-acting killer.

Vegeta turned towards Bulma, Trunks cradled in the crook of his arm. He grabbed her hand, pulling her up. "Come on!! Lets go."

"No, wait!" Bulma ran back to Doctor's demolished worktable, searching for the syringes he had pointed out to her. She remembered it all now; everything he had said about the venom of the Chikyuu-jin cobra being part of the mixture. Seeing them, she scooped them up and grabbed Vegeta's arm, cognizant of the shrieking, writhing woman who lay dying a slow painful death on the floor.

Vegeta maneuvered Bulma around Parisia; kicking her off as she latched onto his booted leg , leading her out to the corridor. He pulled her into his arms, hishand stroking the soft fall of her hair.

"It's over, woman, it's all over."



Kakkarot slammed Zarbon against the ship, destroying still more. The prety boy had transformed; hoping that the change would give him the energy he needed. He'd been mistaken. The only thing he had managed to accomplish was making himself even uglier then he had been before. Now it was time for him to die. Kakkarot drew his hands back in perfect imitation of Master Roshi...




Zarbon cowered back in fear. What was the bastard trying to do now? When had Kakkarot become so strong? He looked around frantically for an escape; the remains of the army littering the ground below him, all casualties of the Namek.


"HAAAA!!!!" Kakkarot released the glowing ball of energy, sending it streaking towards Zarbon who hovered below him, his face a mask of fear.

"NOOOO!!!" Zarbon covered his face, hoping to protect himself.

Kakkarot watched as the Kamehame wave engulfed Zarbon with its brilliance, his face stony. When the blast subsided, Zarbon was gone; obliterated to dust. He floated down to the ground silently, landing beside Piccolo; his hair fading back to black.

"It's done."

"What about Frieza?"

"Frieza belongs to Vegeta. He'll kill him if he hasn't already." Kakkarot turned looking for his mate. He saw her sitting beside Gohan, holding hs hand. He walked over to her; bending down, his arm curling gently around her; pulling her against him.

"It's over, Chi-Chi." He murmured into her hair, his hand caressing her belly gently. "Lets take Gohan and go home.' He helped her to stand, bending and gently picking up Gohan's limp body. I'll take you back to Roshi...old friend. That's where you should rest. He felt it an amazing gift that he should have known this man for so short a time, yet feel as if he had been connected to him for all time. He had proven to be a fine warrior.

Kakkarot stepped over the debris his eyes picking out a familiar face. "King Brennon, you're alive!" He took notice of the small woman standing behind him, her face set with worry. "I can see your mission was a success." Bulma had spoken to him of her father's mission to bring back her mother from Frieza's captivity. He smiled. Bulma would be happy. His brow furrowed in worry. Bulma...he had assumed Vegeta had her, but what if he was wrong. "Bulma? Is she alright?"

"It's Brennon now, Kakkarot. I am the king of nothing now and yes, Bulma is fine. She and Vegeta shouldn't be too far behind us."

"So it's true, Vegeta defeated Frieza!!"

"Apparently so." Brennon relaxed slightly, thankful the nightmare that was Frieza was over, still...He shivered. Perhaps it was just the after-effects of all that they had gone through. Seeing his daughter with her memory about to be taken from her had been almost more then he could handle. He thanked God she was alright. His daughter was alright.

"Oh my God!" Chi-Chi cried. "I almost forgot! They took Trunks from me. I think Parisia has Trunks!!"



Toma was going to die. That was all but given. The planetary defense had been much more then he had expected. Mass beams of energy flew at him, and he watched as his absorbtion unit pulled it in; leaving him unscathed. He had thought and still did, actually, that they could overcome it all; though for him things were looking a bit bleak. Koola, Frieza brother, had decided to join the fight and had seemingly singled his bird out to destroy. The bastard. Well, he would die fighting, or he would at least take this bastard with him when he went.

He zoomed low, able to cut through the foggy haze of the lower stratosphere, sighting the spirals of the palace ahead. Behind him two JT 626's appeared each positioned by a wing, all three zooming towards the main target. Koola was there too, zooming after them. He had already taken several shots at them. If not for the energy absorbtion units they would all be dead. Toma knew it was only a matter of time before

Koola figured out what was aiding them in keeping him at bay. When that happened; things would be much different. They would lose their advantage; they would be dead.

"This is it...Yamcha, I am going to split off; see if I can draw Koola away from you and Evetta. You two go on. Lay waste to all that is Frieza's...destroy this fucking place. "

"What about you?" Yamcha's voice cut through the static of his headpiece; thick with outrage. "You said no heroes, Toma. The same goes for no martyrs. If he singles you out, he'll kill you!!"

"Damn it boy, don't be concerned with me. This has to be done. Now the palace is straight ahead; you go and destroy it, then move on to the city. The main bulk of Frieza's followers are located around the city. They flock here hoping to catch a glimpse of their Lord and master. Now go and do it!!" Toma pulled up sharply; his ship veering off to the left as he rolled and burned his way away from the other two.

"Toma!! Damn you Toma!! You are going to get yourself killed." Why Yamcha would care was beyond him; he did though and he found that idea more troubling then anything else that was happening to him at this particular moment. At what point had he seen Toma as a man; not a Saiya-jin? Had it been the long months of forced company that they had kept. Slowly learning about the man...not the idea? He sighed and acclerated, hoping to get the job done as soon as he could. Perhaps with his absorbtion unit, Toma could stay alive long enough for Yamcha to help him.

He saw the rapidly approaching palace, and readied his missiles; waiting for his target to lock on to a posisition. There was some resistance but with Evetta on his wing and the absorbtion unit mounted and turned on, he was taking nearly no hits. The rest of the group had stayed at a higher altitude, drawing the bulk of the defense away from the palace. He heard the beeping of his target; looking down and seeing it locked and ready.

"All right, here goes nothing!" Yamcha punched the button and waited; watching the white cylinders streak towards their target. This was going to be big.

Toma had juked his ship around in every known position that he could possibly get his ship in, all in a desperate attempt to rid himself of Koola at some point. Damn, the bastard wouldn't give up. He watched the absorbtion unit as it did its job, sucking in the laser fire of Koola's ship. Thank God and Bulma for these little wonders. Without them he would most certainly be dead.

Yamcha saw the missiles hit, blowing apart the palace in one fiery explosion; sending a geyser of debris high into the air. He watched the massive fireball that blew outwards, nearly searing his ship with its heat.

"Evetta!! Go and finish the city! I'm going to see if Toma needs help. We can't let him die!"

Yamcha rolled off to his left, elevating and searching for his leader's ship. He knew he would probably never feel completely comfortable around Saiya-jin and he still had doubts as to their integrity; most especially Vegeta's, but Toma was different...Toma had...well he couldn't decide what he'd done; he just knew he had no desire to see him die.

Toma saw the absorbtion unit blown away as heavy fire peppered his ship. This was it. Koola had discovered the secret to their longevity and their success and had taken it out. He winced as a hard volley of fire hit the back end.

Toma gritted his teeth, attempting to still the near painful thumping of his heart as he pulled up sharply, doing a graceful somersault in the air, pulling up behind the changeling's ship. He fired on it, smiling as a small burst of flame broke out on the ship. He layed on the fire watching the ship jolt with each blow. Koola's ship veered off to the right, Toma stayed with it, benefitting from a much speedier, lighter craft. He looked to his left as another 626 rolled up alongside him; snorting as he saw the pilot grinning like an idiot. Yamcha! He should have known the son of a bitch wouldn't do what he had ben told.

"Need some help, Toma?" Yamcha's voice, oozing with innocence , broke through on his headset.

"I thought I told you to stay down there and finish the damn mission!! What in the hell are you doing up here grinning at me like a damn idiot?" Toma's voice was a dull roar over the headset. Yamcha grinned.

"Listen you ungrateful Saiya-jin bastard. I accomplished the mission; and decided that maybe...just maybe your miserable Saiya-jin ass was worth saving. Do I need to regret that descision now..." he paused, getting ready for the final blow to Toma's pride, "...old man?"

Toma thought his eyes might have crossed. Had that Chikyuu-jin git just called him...old man? He felt a tremor of rage flow through him. He'd beat the shit out of him. "Old man? OLD MAN?!! Why you Chikyuu-jin pansy, I am going to kick your ass from here back to Chikyuu for that!"

"You can't do it if we're out here arguing, Toma!" Yamcha smiled again. He'd have to hide the entire way home, but at least this miserable Saiya-jin would be alive and for some reason that Yamcha would probably never fully comprehend, that thought made him happy.

"Fine, let's blow Koola to Kingdom Come. " They clung tightly to Koola's tail, firing together repeatedly on the ship, showing him no mercy.

"It's time to die, Koola!!" Yamcha's voice, young and full of enthuisiasm sounded through the headsets.

Toma grinned tightly. "Yes, Koola...time to die."

They peppered his back end with a burst of fire, unrelenting and unforgiving; watching as the ship lit ablaze and began the long spiral back to the planet's surface.

"Well, I guess we did it." Yamcha's voice, full of relief, cut through the silence of his ship's cockpit.

"I suppose so."

"We're still alive!" Toma could actually hear the cocky grin that had to be plastered all over the kid's face. He snorted.

"Yes, were alive. " Toma paused for a moment. The words he was preparing to say next stuck hard in his throat. He cleared it. "Thank you, Yamcha, for thinking to help me. "

"What? Did I actually hear Toma the Saiya-jin thank me?" Yamcha grinned, hearing Toma growl over the headset.

"Yamcha...just a small side note. When we get back to the ship: hide." Toma laughed hard as he heard the sputtering come across the headset, rolling hard to the right and retreating back to the safety of the ship. They had survived.



Vegeta clutched Trunks tightly in his arms, pulling Bulma along gently; watching her closely for any signs of shock. She looked dazed, he'd admit that; and he knew she was keeping the thoughts of their lost child and all that Frieza had done away by the force of her formidable will. Tonight in the sanctity of their bed he would draw it out of her and they would grieve, together, for all they had lost.

Bulma clutched the syringes of the partial antidote to her chest; allowing Vegeta to pull her along over the wreck and rubble of the ship. She had the keys, finally, to unlocking the secret of the cure to the virus. A cobra. He had mutated the protein with cobra venom. What in the hell kind of experiment was that? It was fortuitous that they had found the doctor and his anitvenom. It had to be the missing link to her pritein creation. Vegeta was going to have a chance.

She bit her lip as a wave of nausea threatened to overwhelm her. She would not break down; not here, not now. She had survived the horrors of the day this long, surely she could push it away just a little longer. She still had one child to worry about. Bulma wanted to just go home and hold him. To even contemplate that he had spent time in Parisia's custody was enough to send a fresh wave of nausea shooting through her. He was safe. Trunks was safe and so was his father. Thank God.

Vegeta stopped abruptly, watching He could see Kakkarot ahead of him, waiting. He had felt the Saiya-jin arise to the same level as he had; he had been forced to dismiss what that meant at the time, in the heat of the moment with Parisia. Two Super Saiya-jin. What were the odds? Vegeta started forward again, stopping suddenly his body tensing as he felt a strong ki. His eyes widened in shock. NO! It couldn't be. He had destroyed him. Damn it, he had never located the body to be sure. Frieza. He felt fear grip him at the thought that Bulma or Trunks would be in the bastard's presence again. Vegeta looked at Kakkarot, seeing the realization cross his face. Frieza was not dead and they were surrounded by their families. He glanced at Bulma; oblivious to any danger, eyes narrowed as she watched his face. She knew something was wrong; she could read him like a book, no matter what face he put on. God, he had told her it as over. She would have to get out of here. Frieza would not hesitate to use Bulma against him if he thought it would gain him possession of Vegeta.

"Vegeta?" Bulma looked at him with concern. She had seen his eyes flare wide at something, and his body was trembling. She could feel it through their connected hands.

Vegeta turned her to him, his hands coming up to caress her face.

"Bulma, you need to take Trunks and go...get back to the compound and hide. Do you hear me?"

"Vegeta, what's going on?"

He swallowed, his hands biting into her upper arms as he stared into her eyes.

"Frieza...he's still alive. I need to finish him off now; you need to go."

Bulma's eyes reflected his shock. "I thought you said he was dead."

"I thought he was, but I was wrong." Vegeta turned and nodded at Kakkarot, who stood looking expectantly around. "Now go." He shoved Trunks at her.

"Vegeta, I am not going to leave you to face that monster alone." She accepted Trunks, cradling him gently to her chest. He looked up at her with a mutinous exprssion, one to match her own.

Vegeta glared at her. "Go. Now. Woman." He grated out the words through clenched teeth. "Unless you wish to see this child dead as well." He flinched as her face blanched to pale white, wishing that just once she would simply be meek and do as she was told; he'd had no desire to remind her of what had happened.

Bulma turned abruptly, her lips pressed together tightly, near white from the pressure. He stopped her, kissing her deeply.

"Don't worry, woman, I am a Super Saiya-jin. I will make short work of Frieza." His eyes burned into hers, alight with fire. "I will come to you when it is finished."

"I love you, Vegeta." Bulma's eyes burned back into his, dark and concerned. He stared deeply into the sapphire orbs for a brief moment; his eyes alight with everything he felt before gently pushing her forward.

"Go, woman."

Bulma staggered forward,stumbling over debris; her eyes burning with unshed tears. Vegeta...please be alright Vegeta. She felt herself engulfed in a warm enbrace and looked up into the eyes of her newly found mother. She smiled tightly.

"We need to get out of here. Frieza is still alive." Bulma clutched Trunks tightly to her and continued forward, her heart breaking with each step she took.




Vegeta turned and faced the mass of rubble that seemed alive with Frieza's energy. So the bastard was alive...not for long. He would soon finish what he had begun. His woman and child were gone, he could fight unfettered now.

Kakkarot came to stand behind Vegeta, eyes burning with hatred as he looked towards the piles of rubble. Frieza was in there somewhere.

"Kakkarot, go away. I will deal with Frieza myself."

"Vegeta, I would like the honor of facing him with you. He will be no match for the two of us."

"He'll be no match for me, Kakkarot. I am the Super Saiya-jin. It is my duty and my right to destroy him." Vegeta's voice was heavy with pride.

"Damn it, Vegeta, what happens if he kills you?"

"Then you will get the opportunity to finish the job, now go and protect our women. Make sure no harm befalls them. Do not interfere in my battle."

Kakkarot stared angrily at his Prince. The damned stubborn asshole. Why did he always have to do things this way. He whirled in frustration, rocketing off. He had little doubt Vegeta would kill him if he interefered and that was a distraction they did not need.

Vegeta smirked as he felt Kakkarot's ki retreat. Finally, he would see what he was made of and he would completely avenge all that he had suffered by Frieza's hand; and this time he would be able to draw it out.

Frieza lay still, his body covered with twisted metal and burnt rubble. That damned little Saiya-jin had actually hurt him and what was worse...he had lost the damn absorber Zuad had made from that bitch's design. He clenched his teeth in anger. Damn Vegeta. He had desired Vegeta for far longer then was healthy, the need to possess him as no one else ever had a burning fire within him, but again and again Vegeta had thoughtlessly denied him; provoking him, enraging him until he could take it no more. Frieza's aura erupted around him, blowing the debris sky-high; his body shot upwards, coming to rest across from Vegeta's. This time Vegeta would die.

"Well, well, Vegeta. It would seem you are a bit stronger then I thought. " Frieza looked fiendishly at Vegeta's tail, wrapped tightly around his waist. "Though you do have your weaknesses, don't you?"

Vegeta's mouth curled upwards savagely, his blood raging with the energy that begged for release. He let go of his final restraint, powering himself up; hair a golden flame as if on fire. He launched himself forward, going on the attack.

Frieza blocked his first blow effortlessly, swinging his white tail round to catch Vegeta's back. Vegea avoided the hit, instead grabbing onto the tail; flinging the changeling against a standing wall. It collapsed under the force of the throw. Frieza growled and flew back, smashing his fist into the Prince's belly; doubling him over. He fisted his hands together, delivering a smashing blow to Vegeta's shoulders. The Saiya-jin crashed to the ground. Frieza lunged for his tail, grabbing it in an iron grip; yanking upwards, forcing Vegeta up with it.

"So much for the Super Saiya-jin." He cackled evilly into Vegeta's ear. "I think I like you better as a blond. It might make things more exciting."

Vegeta growled throwing his elbow back into Frieza's stomach. He rocketed off as Frieza doubled over, puttiing distance between them; his tail wrapping tightly back around his waist. He snarled as Frieza flew upwards at him, engaging him in a flurry of tight hits and blocks. Neither getting the upper hand on the other.

Frieza locked onto Vegeta's wrist, swinging him downwards towards Chikyuu; watching the ground shake as Vegeta hit with the force of a meteor. He laughed as he watched Vegeta fly upwards, hand raised for a blast. He batted it away easily, shooting a beam of light back; narrowly missing its target.

Vegeta hovered in mid-air, breath harsh and heavy. Frieza was putting up a good battle, too good. He was starting to get worn out. No! He would not lose this battle. He rocketed forward, leading Frieza along away from the ship, smirking as he veered away quickly; shooting upwards and away from Frieza. He began to gather his energy, wanting to use his Final Flash.

Frieza stopped, looking everywhere for Vegeta. Where had the bastard gone? Oh, he was going to suffer mightily for this. He had made his final mistake today. Vegeta had been given the chance and he had discarded it. Frieza would keep him alive long enough to slaughter his bitch and their runt before his very eyes and then he would use him, mercilessly, until he begged for death's release.

"FINAL FLASH!!" Vegeta released the glowing energy ball, breathing heavily, watching it streak towards Frieza.

Frieza shot upwards, avoiding the blast of energy by mere inches, He shot like a bullet towards Vegeta who hung limply from the sky, watching in disbelief as his blast missed its target.

"No! It can't be. How did he manage to avoid that?" Vegeta's eyes flared wide as he saw Frieza rocketing towards him; his body freezing as a stabbing, paralyzing pain shot through his brain and down his spine; unrelenting in its grip. No. Not now. The stupid virus couldn't be doing this now. His mind dully registered though the pain that speared through him, that it had been hours since he had taken a senzu. His body...

Frieza's leg kicked out, delivering a brutal kick to Vegeta's chest, sending him flying back. He flashed towrds him, appearing behind him, his fist punching hard into the Saiya-jin's back.

Vegeta groaned, his mouth filling with blood as he fell back to Chikyuu; crashing into the ground with a thundering boom. He coughed, spitting the pooling blood out of his mouth. He moaned as Frieza appeared; his foot landing sharply on his chest. Vegeta arched upwards in agony; feeling his already broken ribs shatter under the pressure Frieza applied to it. His eyes, dark with shock and pain, stared into the changeling's evil face. Fool...you failed. You had the means to defeat him and you failed.

"You know Vegeta, I seem to recall having your whore in just this very position. She broke rather fast as I recall." Frieza smiled at the look of rage that infused the Saiya-jin's face. "I think when this is all over, I will retrieve her and see what new form of torture I can test out on her. She could have lived if you had only cooperated, but you had to play tough. Now it will cost you her life as well as your own. She will beg, Vegeta. By the time I am done, your woman will beg!!" Frieza through back his head; his crazed laughter echoing straight through Vegta's soul.

"Bulma..." Vegeta whispered, his voice choking on blood. "Bulma..."




"Come on Kakkarot, you said his ki was fading; we have to get there now...before Frieza kills him." Bulma grasped the butt of the tranquilizer gun she held, holding it tightly. She prayed this would work; that they could get to him in time. "Oh Vegeta, just hang on."

Kakkarot sped up, clutching Bulma tightly to him. She had approached him shortly after he had returned to the small group, begging him to fly her back to the compound for something; something that would help Vegeta. He had obliged, watching her as she had crawled on her hands and knees to a small niche in the ground. She had shown him a small vial.

"It's a variation of the virus, lethal within moments. Its the last of what I made. We used the rest to kill Parisia! I need to get a tranquilizer gun; but once I have that, I can shoot it at Frieza. He'll die wishing he had never been born."

"Vegeta will be furious, Bulma. Maybe we should just let them fight."

"I don't care how mad he is. I am not going to let him die. Now either you help me or I go alone! "

"Fine!" He had held his hands up in mock surrender. "We'll go,"

So now here they were rocketing off towards Vegeta's fading ki. He prayed to God that her plan worked and that afterwards, when all was said and done, that Vegeta would not kill him.




Vegeta lifted his hand, attempting to dislodge Frieza's foot from its painful perch. Bulma...his mind thought weakly, Woman, I am sorry. He had been so close to ending this miserable bastard's life. So close to being free of him. Now he was going to die, and his woman was going to die with him. Kakkarot...you must prevail. There was still some small hope. He had been cocky, so sure of himself and his newfound abilities; forgetting all about the virus that raged full-force within him. He had been unforgiveably sloppy; and now it was going to cost him his life.

Frieza smiled down at Vegeta, his smile full of malice. "I would have given you so much, Vegeta...so much." He bent down; wiping the blood from Vegeta's face. He licked it off his hand slowly; his eyes alight with desire. "I have always wanted to taste you; to see if you were as delectable as you looked. I can see you were." He bent again, his face coming within inches of Vegeta.

Vegeta turned away in disgust. He could not stomach this anymore; there had to be a way he could end this now. He raised his hand, placing it lightly against Frieza's chest. Their eyes locked, Vegeta's burning with the rage of twenty years of torture and humiliation. He summoned as much energy as he could muster. His life draining away with each second. Oh God, he couldn't get enough. His hand dropped limply to the side. Oh God...please let it be over soon. He had never begged for anything in his life before, but this...this was too much. Please, he was so tired...so very tired.

Frieza started as something pierced his back. He turned, his eyes sweeping over the enraged face of Vegeta's mate. Frieza was taken aback; her face...porcelain and fragile was alive with pride and disdain. Her blue eyes alight with the fire of her hatred; the depth of it unnerving him. His body tensed as it was wracked with a shuddering, burning pain. Oh God...the pain. He twisted back, falling off of Vegeta; writhing in an agony beyond his imagination. His flesh...his flesh...it was burning.

"What did you do to me?" His broken voice was barely audible.

Bulma smiled coldly, her eyes fastening onto her mate's face; his handsome features contorted in pain. She pulled out a senzu, thanking God she had remembered to grab a bag from her laboratory desk. Vegeta..it's finally over, Vegeta. She glanced coldly at Frieza, shuddering as she saw his white flesh peeling from his bone, dissolving as the virus ate him from the inside out.

"Go rot in hell, Frieza." She stepped over him,ignoring the sounds of his gurgling snarls, her body coming to rest beside her mate.

Vegeta stared up into her face...oh God she was magnifent, like a warrior slaying a dragon. She was an avenging angel sent to save him and she had, except this angel had not only saved him, she had claimed him as her own. He chewed the senzu beans she pressed into his mouth, his body coming alive as they healed him. He sat up, his arms curling around her; sheltering her face from the fetid stench of death that permeated the air.

"Bulma..." Vegeta breathed her name against her mouth, his lips grazing hers lightly. "Woman, I..." He stopped unsure of what to say; knowing there were no words that would do his feelings justice. It had been only rare occasions that he had been rendered speechless and he found himself in that position again, staring into her sparkling sapphire eyes; sparkling brightly with the depth of her love and devotion for him.

His equal in every way. Not a weakness, not a liability, but a strength...his strength.

"Woman, lets go home."

"No, Vegeta." She held out her palm, three syringes laying flush against her palm. "Let's go home and get a cure."


* * * * *

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