I do not own DBZ or the characters....Hats off to Akira Toriyama, what a wonderful world he created. This story may seem to start slow, but rest assured ther is a lot that will happen, so please stay with it. This is defintitely alternative universe. I wanted something different. I have tried to keep these characters as close to the true character as possible, but obviously somethings are different.




" Dad, are you sure forming an alliance with the Saiyajins is a good idea?"

Brennon Angione, King of Corennia, stared hard at his daughter. As usual she didn't back away. He sighed. Such a headstrong girl. Yet it was hard to ignore the note of urgency in her voice. He would have to bolster their resolve.

"Bulma, you are a Princess in the House of Angione and my chief spacecraft designer. I have put my faith in you, do you think you could return the favor?" He looked pointedly at her older brother. "That goes for you as well."

"I do have faith in you daddy, but to form any kind of alliance that includes the Saiyajin seems so...so dangerous. They've been working hand in hand with Frieza for years." She would have gone on, actually had much more to say on the subject, but he raised his hand to forestall any further comments.

"I won't argue that they aren't Frieza's hired bullies, but their King, Vegeta, and I go back many years. It is unlike him to allow his people to be subjugated to Frieza's will. My feeling is, he had no choice. The Saiyajins may be barbaric warriors, but they do hold to some code of honor. He would not trick me." At least the Vegeta of old wouldn't have. He wasn't sure if he still knew the same man.

"I hope you're right. With Lord Frieza coming here in a few days for this so called conferance of leaders, this will be extremely dangerous."

"Yes, I am well aware of all we have to lose, that's why you and your brother must keep silent at all times. Vegeta and I have arranged closed meetings and eventually Bulma, you will have to be a part of it."

"Great, I'm so looking forward to it." Just what she wanted to do, explain technology to minds that could not or at least would not grasp it.

"You're sarcasm is not warranted girl."

She blanched at the tone of her father's voice.

"I'm sorry," she didn't want to start a war with her father," I guess I'm just nervous. So much hinges on this."

Brennon smiled at his daughter. Adopted daughter really. He reached out to caress her cheek. Had it really been eighteen years since he had saved her life on Frieza's ship? She'd grown into a stunning beauty and she was as much his daughter as if she'd been his own blood.

He'd known her true father many years ago. He'd been a good man but a horrible spy. Brennon had been aiding the resistance as a member of Frieza's army, gathering any information possible, anything that might stop Frieza from accomplishing his goal. Dr. Briefs, he'd never even learned his first name, had been on Chikyuu, trying to stop Frieza from forcibly bringing it into the massive collection of planets that already called Frieza lord and master. He'd been caught in the act and tried to escape, but had failed miserably. His family had paid a horrible price. Brennon himself had been passing through the halls of Frieza's ship that night when he had seen a familiar face. Dr. Brief's wife. He had meant her once and the doctor's new baby girl. Bulma had been her name. He had known instantly that Briefs had been caught and was probably either dead or wishing he were.. The woman, he couldn't recall her name, had been in the process of being raped by Ginyu himself. He shuddered at the memory. He would never forget her face, the awful mixture of dawning realization and abject horror of what was happening to her. He could only imagine what she had gone through. There had been no way he could have helped her. He had no weapon, and Ginyu's strength had been much greater then his own at the time. Then he had seen the baby, discarded on the floor like useless trash. All he could see in that one moment was his own son tucked safely away in his bed. God what if that had been his son. He'd done the only thing a father could do, he'd grabbed her and ran. That day had really seen the end of the resistance movement.

He'd hidden with her until he knew all would be quiet. She'd not cried once and by the time he had made his escape in Brief's space capsule, she had forever wrapped him around her little finger. They had been lucky on two counts that night. Frieza's guard had been idiots and their had been a small resistance group not far away. He'd brought Bulma home to his Queen and she had been theirs from that day.They had had every intention of telling her of her past, but as the years rolled by and they hadn't done it, it became harder and harder. She had grown up basking in the adoration of two doting parents and her beloved big brother, Britton. Frieza had forced a treaty on all the planetary systems, declaring himself grand emperor of all and sundry. He had allowed the true local leaders, such as himself, to retain control of their planets, but all were answerable to him and he made up his own rules. Their were no known systems left to plunder, only the ones he already had and he was squeezing them all dry slowly. He ruled with a tyrannical hand and used fear to motivate the masses to stay loyal to him. It was not a good time.

From time to time, he and Mariana had wondered about her true mother and whether she had survived .They had both doubted it, and even if she had she would be only a shadow of the woman that she had perhaps once been. They would toy with the idea of telling Bulma all, but fear of what she would do held their tongues. She'd grown into a beautiful, intelligent, well adjusted young woman. Why tempt fate?

"Shut the ship down Bulma. Britton and I are going on out."

Bulma nodded and proceeded to key in the the ship's shutdown code. She hoped her father was right. She had heard many things about the Saiyanjin. Not many of them were particularly positive. Well she guessed desperate times called for desperate measures. Frieza's hold on the universe was so tight that he was beginning to choke several planets. The planet they were on was a prime example. Nafet had been a tropical paradise. The leading producer of several delicacies known thoughout the universe. Maheey fish being one in particular.It was also home to a very gentle race of people, unimposing and quiet. Peaceful fisherman, content to harvest the maheey fish. Unfortunately it had also held several valuable dargona metal mines. They used the metal themselves in several of their lighter, faster spacecraft. Frieza had increased production and built up the factories and cities.He had forced the gentle Nafetians practically into slave labor. Poor health standards had led to a huge diminishment of the local population. The resulting pollution had also began to choke the sky and land.The vegetation was slowly dying along with the valuable maheey fish. He had done all of this out of greed and a sick lust for control.. He had placed loyal cronies on the throne and their increased production of dargona metal had yielded great profits to them and afforded lavish lifestyles. Frieza included. It had also caused trouble for the other planets that dealt in the dargona metal trade. Their planets were suffering because they couldn't turn a profit. They had to charge three times the price that Nafet did just to make anything at all that. Frieza had also used his control of such valuable resources to keep other planets that relied on such things, such as her own home world Correnia, walking a straight and narrow line.If you stepped out of line then you were virtually shut down and your people suffered. She was growing tired of it. Yes, Frieza's vise clamp on the universe was going to be difficult to break.

She keyed in the final locking code for the ship and stood to join her father and brother outside. The haze from the polluted air was thick and impenetrable.She could make out her father and brother and several other people milling around at the base of the ramp. She started down it and stopped a bit self-conciously as all heads turned towards her. They had all dressed a bit casually. She more so then her father and brother. She herself wore tight fitting trousers and a white pull over shirt. She had not wanted to travel dressed up in all her royal finery. She was the pilot for goodness sake. The fancy clothing would have only gotten in her way. These clothes had been imported from Chikyuu. She had a thing for their clothes. They were all so relaxed. She enjoyed that. As two impossibly huge men looked her over from head to toe, however, she found herself wishing that she had opted for her more formal attire.

Oh, well she thought, they will at least never see a prettier girl. With that thought she squared her shoulders and strolled off the ramp straight to her father who stood on the walkway. He stood beside one of the huge men she had noticed. This had to be the Saiyajin King . He stood ram rod straight, dressed to the hilt in battle armor and his fearsome countenance held a look of cold, arrogant contempt. His hair was incredible, it swept up as if it was a flame. In all his fearsome glory, he was really quite impressive. Another huge man stood behind him. Bulma shuddered at the sight of him. He was bald, and really quite unattractive. His expression almost sadistic. She wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

"I'm finished dad."

"This is your other brat?" Even his voice was hard.

She bristled at his tone. Brat? What kind of way was that to address her?

"Yes, this is Bulma. Bulma this is King Vegeta of the Saiyajin."

Bulma bowed slightly, showing her respect to the man. He did not return the favor.

"You should dress in a manner befitting your station, girl. You dress like a common servant."

Bulma couldn't believe what she had heard. Why the arrogance of the man. Who did he think he was talking to? Before she could think better of it she spoke.

"I don't normally dress up for travel unless there is someone on the other end worthy of such a tribute."

"Bulma!" Her father was not amused with her. She would be lucky if the man didn't kill her there, and he would be powerless to help her. King Vegeta looked shocked, obviously not used to be sppoken to in such a manner. The expression on the big man in the back was priceless. She didn't doubt that if she had been within his reach, she'd be dead. Perhaps she should have just let the stupid insult slide, or let her father defend her. Her mouth always had gotten her into trouble. Well what was she supposed to do, smile and thank him. She noticed her brother fighting off a grin. She suppressed the desire to stick her tongue out at him. He loved it when she caused trouble for herself. None of them, however, expected the king to throw his back and laugh. To Bulma it was actually more like a dull roar.

"You have courage girl. You might dress like a servant, but you have real courage.It takes a lot to speak to a Saiyajin that way."

He clapped Brennon on the back still smiling broadly.

"I'm impressed. I ought to throw her in a room with my brat. See which one could outshoot the other in insults." He laughed again.

"Come lets go. We have much to discuss. We have only a few days before Frieza himself arrives. I want some plan formed by then." As quickly as that, the Saiyajin King was back to business.

Brennon looked relieved but did manage to shoot his daughter a dirty look. The little idiot didn't even realize how close she had come to possibly being struck dead.

"Bulma, you go ahead to our rooms at the palace. There is a guide for you inside the terminal. The bags will be delivered with you." He pointed to a small green man waiting inside the glassed in terminal. A local.

Bulma nodded and went off down the walkway toward the entry terminal.She would be glad to get into filtered air. The dirty air of the planet was beginning to make her head ache. She was also extremely relieved that she didn't have to go with her father. The Saiyajins made her nervous and they were both enormous. She didn't think she had ever seen men that big. She had always thought her father and brother were huge, but next to the two Saiyajin they had appeared small. Besides she wanted to get to work on something she had brought with her.Something that could revolutionize any battle they picked with Frieza. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she never saw the two men until she was lying on the floor. She looked up dazed.

Dark penetrating eyes stared down at her. Good god, he was absolutely gorgeous, even with the scowl scrawled across his face. She vaguely noticed that he had the same kind of armor that the Saiyanjin had been wearing. Was he one too? He was so much shorter, no taller then she really, but good heavens was he built. The armor and body suit only emphasized that detail. She managed to open her mouth to apologize but never got the chance to.

"Watch where you are going idiot woman." The voice snapped with cold arrogance such as she had never heard before. Even the King hadn't been quite that cool.

He stepped over her then, purple cape snapping behind him. She watched him walk away. He even walked with attitude. She saw a hand appear in front of her face and she grabbed it. She was hauled up to feet by a slightly taller man,also dressed in Saiyajin armor.He to, was much smaller then the king and his guard. His spiky hair looked rather unruly.

"Don't mind Prince Vegeta. He's just in a bad mood today." He was at least friendlier looking then the other one. Prince Vegeta? She whirled around to watch him stalk over to his father. She should have noticed the hair. It was exactly like his father's, maybe a little spikier. Well, he certainly had his father's social skills. She turned back around to say something to the other one, but he was gone, already moving around her to follow his Prince.

That had been strange. These Saiyajin were nothing if they weren't exciting. The Prince though. Wow, he had been absolutely gorgeous and that voice, even if it had been dripping with scorn and irritation. It had sounded so dangerous. Low and seductive. She shivered. It was a shame he'd been such an ass. Well, maybe the other one was right, maybe he had been in a bad mood, not that it excused him being so rude to her. Dealing with these Saiyajins might prove more interesting then she had thought.


Prince Vegeta sat in the meeting room eyeing everyone coldly. What a monumental waste of time this was. It infuriated him that he had been forced to interupt his valuable training time to come and meet these imbeciles. His father spoke of alliances. What a joke.

"I don't understand, father, why we are even having these pointless meetings. We need strength to take Frieza down and I see none here. "

"We bring more then you think." Britton sneered at him. He was growing tired of the Prince's superior attitude.

"I doubt it. You will never compare to a Saiyajin elite."

Behind him Britton saw the bald guard nod his agreement. That was really the last straw for him. He had not come to this trashy planet to be insulted by a bunch of monkeys. He would be damned if he would take anymore. He jumped up, "Would you like to test that theory?" He saw the bald Saiyajin, Nappa, he believed, grin. He obviously wanted to fight.Out of the corner of his eye he saw his father stand up, obviously displeased. He didn't care.

"Britton sit down. You need not prove yourself here."

"I refuse to listen to another insult from this little idiot."

The Prince had been on his feet then,snarling and ready to kill. He saw the other Saiyajin, taller then the Prince, but much smaller then Nappa grab his arm. It had been Kakkarot he thought.

Vegeta shook off Kakkarot's arm. How dare he speak like that about him. He was the Prince of the great Saiyajin race. He would bring this pathetic weakling to his knees.

"Both you brats sit down now." This time it was King Vegeta who snapped at them. He looked none too pleased. "Take it to the training rooms. Beat the hell out of each other there. Now is not the time."

"Gladly." Britton glowered. The younger Vegeta said nothing, just smirked arrogantly at him. Prince Vegeta sat down. He would be glad to show the fool who was superior. He'd make sure to get him into the training area as soon as possible. It would be fun beating the hell out of him. He tuned out his father as he and the other man went on about how to defeat Frieza. He knew Frieza better then anyone in this room. He'd only been pressed into serving the monster for well over ten years now. Yet no one would listen to him. They'd listen if he was the king. He smirked. Someday very soon. First he had to defeat Frieza. The only way to beat Frieza was to surpass him in strength, then kill him. No one here seemed willingly to admit that to themselves. He, Vegeta, had long ago accepted it as truth and had been working singlehandedly to bring the tyrant down. Then after he had destroyed Frieza, he could claim his holdings and rule the universe himself. A good plan. The only one who could possibly beat him now was Kakkarot and he would not go against his prince. No, Frieza's day was coming and he was the one who would deliver the final, fatal blow. He owed him.

He let his mind wander back to his brief encounter with that woman at the docking port. She had obviously been a servant. He'd not stayed long after she had attempted to run him down, but he had gotten a good look at her. For a servant she had been absolutely gorgeous. Long blue hair. Absolutely exotic, and her eyes, so wide and blue. For a moment he had thought he could drown in them. He'd been disgusted with himself then, drooling over a servant. He assumed she was with this group since they had been the only ship to come in. She'd no doubt turn up later. He forced his mind back onto the meeting at hand. As pointless as it was, he'd better pay attention.There would be hell to pay later if he didn't.


Bulma carefully unpacked the case that held her valued new invention. She pulled out a container and opened it up. Here was her crowning glory. For years they and every other planet had been forced to get their fuel from the reserves on Tapor. It was seemingly a bottomless pit of fuel and yet another way for Frieza to control the masses. This was an extremely major one. Evryone needed fuel for something. She had heard of several planets having lost millions of people to cold and disease when Frieza had blockaded fuel delivery to their planets. It fueled so much more then spaceships, it also heated people's homes and work areas. So she had started tinkering around and before too long she had a formula for a rudimentary synthetic fuel. She had a long ways to go, but it was getting there. If she was successful it would completely liberate Correnia from this very situation. One never knew what would set Frieza off. The only sticky part was that he could never know about it. She thought it might be useful in bringing him down. The only question was could she trust this kind of information to the Saiyajins? She just didn't know. Well she needed to pack it up for now. They should all be back before too long and she wasn't quite ready to make this known to anyone. She hadn't even spoken of it to her father. She wanted to be absolutely sure.

She secured her case and keyed in the locking combination, sealing it with a scan of her fingerprint. She wanted to be absolutely sure no one could get into this. She stashed it under her bed, then looked out the huge glass window. There was really nothing to see but mile upon mile of tall buildings and factories spewing exhaust and chemicals into the atmosphere. The thick haze of pollution hung heavy in the air. In here the air was clean and filtered, though she thought., if you actually came from a planet that had fresh air it seemed a bit metallic.The pollution was slowly changing the face of Nafet. She already missed her home. Correnia was a beautiful planet. There was one huge ocean on it and the royal palace was built right on the cliffs that towered above it. She wondered what her mother was doing.


"The idea is to hit Frieza below the belt, to cause him some kind of irrepairable damage. If we could only convince more worlds to rebel against him. " Brennon spoke quietly, thoughtfully.

"I don't see why that would be a problem. There is plenty of discord around the universe, all we would need to do is get these people stirred up enough to rise up." Britton commented.

"How touching, the trod upon rise up and take their revenge, crumbling the mighty Frieza too his knees." Vegeta all but spat. These people were fools. Frieza had driven a wedge of fear so deep into most of these galaxies that they would be lucky to get five people to join them, let alone a planet or two.

"That's the basic idea. We could give them resources, spacecraft, anything to help them out. Bulma has already developed the prototype for a fast flying cruiser that could carry bombs. We could take the war straight to them." Britton decided to ignore the Prince's sarcastic tone for now. He'd give him a good beating later on.

Vegeta perked up a bit at this information. Ships with bombs? How fascinating. He had always preferred to fight in man to man battles, he even had the power to destroy a whole planet singlehandedly but very few had the kind of power he did. Not even his father. Perhaps Kakkarot, but he rarely used it. If they could get hundreds of trained warriors into these ships, they could seriously damage his palace and his capital, not to mention his army. Then would be the time to strike and take out the monster. That he could do with his own bare hands. Who was this Bulma they spoke of?

"Bulma, who is this the person?"

"She's my sister and Princess of Correnia."

Vegeta's eyebrows arched at that one. Princess huh? What kind of Princess designed spacecraft?

"I want to meet her." This was too good to be true.

Britton was taken aback at the turnaround in the Prince's atitude. All of this over the mention of a spaceship? He shot a glance at his father. He wasn't sure it was a good idea to put the two in the same room together.

"I can have her accompany us to the next meeting." Brennon said. It was a bit sooner then he had anticipated needing her, but what was a few days. The Prince had obviously heard something to spark his interest. Up to this point he had been rude and belligerent. Maybe there was hope for him after all.

Vegeta supposed that would have to do. He was very interested in finding out what these spaceships looked like. He knew Correnia put out many types of craft. Even Frieza used their designs. If this Princess Bulma was one of the designers then they just might be onto something. Amazing. A woman spaceship designer.

"Well, I suppose that would be a start, but it will still take more then spaceships to defeat Frieza. He has armies all over this universe." King Vegeta rubbed his chin speculatively.

"Well, it is a start. I think we can mass produce them, the only problem is fuel. It would be noticed if we suddenly started buying it in mass quantities."

"What about stockpiling it?" Kakkarot wondered.

"We could, but it would take forever." Britton said.

"I'm sure we can come up with something. Why don't we meet in our quarters after dinner. I will make sure Bulma is there."Brennon needed time to prepare his daughter for such an event.

"Tell the brat to dress better this time." King Vegeta laughed.

Vegeta glanced at Kakkarot. Obviously his father had met this Princess. Why hadn't he been able to? There had been no girls around when he had joined them and he had only been a couple of minutes late, unless. He thought of the blue haired beauty again. No, it couldn't be. No self respecting princess would be caught dead in servants clothing. He must have missed her.

Brennon laughed, imagining Bulma's reaction when he told her that. He wondered if he would be able to stop her from getting herself killed. He and Britton left then, each dreading telling Bulma that she would have to come to the next meeting.

Vegeta looked at his father. "This Princess, you've met her?"

"The little bitch insulted your father. She deserved a good smack." That was Nappa's solution to everything. Violence.

"She does have quite a mouth, the man that gets her will have to take her in hand. Her father has allowed her too many freedoms, I think." The King stroked his bearded chin lightly.

"I can't imagine she'd have the brainpower to design spaceships. I bet its worthless."

"Shut up, Nappa. We won't know anything till we meet her and see her designs. Besides I have seen their ships, they are of excellent quality." Nappa was grating on his patience. He often wondered why his father kept the man around.

"Whatever, I still believe in straight hand to hand fighting."

"We all do, but Frieza's army is so large now that it would be impossible to take them on. Other options are needed. " King Vegeta stood. "Come let us eat, then we will see what this girl has to offer." He and Nappa stood and left, leaving the Prince and Kakkarot alone. Vegeta stood and leaned on the table. He didn't want to eat, he wanted to go straight to this Princess and see what she had. What this could mean. He tried not to let himself get too excited. It might be a piece of shit, but he had seen the ships that Corennia put out and he was hardpressed to find better running machines. Everything they put out was quality whether you got the top of the line or the cheapest thing they had. Behind him, he heard Kakkarot clear his throat.

"Shouldn't we go and eat?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes. Kakkarot had such a one track mind.

"Come on, but then we are going straight to this girl."



"You have to be kidding. I have to meet with them after dinner?"

"I'm afraid so, sister. They are most interested in the JT 626."

"I wonder how they could have found out about that, Britton," She said irritably.

"Bulma, we need your expertise on this matter. If Britton or I could do justice to the details of this ship, then we would do so and leave you out of it.We can't though and the almighty prince is on fire to see what you have."

"The Prince is coming?" This was an exciting turn of events. She wondered if he would be kinder.

"Hell, it was his idea," Britton remarked. "As soon as he found out about the ship's bombing capabilities, he was ready to go. "

"Yes, that did seem to change the boy's atitude," Brennon remarked, "He became almost tolerable after that."

"He wasn't tolerable before?" Bulma pushed her maheey fish around her plate. So rare around the rest of the universe, but yet here,curiously, still very much available.

"He was a complete bastard. Doesn't think too much of us or our abilities fighting Frieza."

"It didn't help you baiting him, boy." His father looked pointedly at him.

"Come on dad, what was I suppose to do, let him continue to insult us. There is a limit to what I can take."

"You both need to remember that the Saiyajin race is much different then your own. They are all born with a rather healthy ego, but it is worse in those that are deemed elite. They consider all others beneath them. Prince Vegeta is no different then any other Saiyajin. He just delivers his verbal assault much better then most." Brennon pushed back from the table. "I am going to go clean up a bit before this meeting. I haven't even had a chance to change clothes from our trip."

"I think I'll do the same, I want to grab my training clothes too. I think afterwards I"ll go get some time in."

"What should I do if the Saiyajin arrive before your back?"

"Keep them entertained." Britton laughed.

"For Godsake, Bulma, don't insult them again."

They walked out of the room, leaving her staring at her plate. She had barely touched her meal. She had lost her appetite when she had been told the meeting was tonight and she was going to be there. The prince was going to be there to. How interesting. She had something he wanted. To think he had called her an idiot earlier. She might make him pay for that one. She stood up and walked off towards her room, only getting a few feet before a summons at the intercom interupted her. Great its them and I am not even remotely ready. Not to mention she was alone. Maybe she should pretend she wasn't there. No, that was a coward's way out. She strolled to the door and keyed in the code. The door slid open. She wasn't too surprised to see the young prince with his ever so loyal, spiky haired, guard standing right behind him.

Vegeta's eyes widened. It was the servant girl. How ironic and fortuitous.

"You," he breathed.

"Yeah, me, the idiot woman."

He smirked and crossed his arms. "At least you know who you. Aren't you going to let us come in?"

"I'm trying to decide why I should."

"Maybe because I could kill you where you stand if you don't get out of our way. I have business here with your mistress."

She raised her eyebrows at this. He didn't realize who she was. This might be fun. she decided to play along.

"Please excuse me great Prince. Come in and sit down. I will go fetch my princess right away. She will be so honored to have a Saiyajin elite sitting in her room." She swept out of the room.

Vegeta thought he might have just been insulted. He was going to have to teach this wench what her place in society was. He might have to speak to this Princess about her servants. Letting them parade around the way this one was. Her clothing was indecent, and her sharp tongue inexcusable.

"What a bitch." He looked at Kakkarot who shrugged.

"Maybe she didn't like be insulted."

"Insulted? She should be glad I even spoke to her. Though she is quite a beauty, I must admit."

Bulma hurriedly looked through her trunk. She was going to knock that bastard off his two feet. Imagine, he thought she was the hired help. They wanted dressed up, she'd give it to them. Hah, she was going to love seeing the look on his face when he saw the woman he had just threatened was the same one who had the ship he so seemed to covet. Bastard. She fumbled through the huge trunk until she found it.It was her favorite dress. Blood red silk that clung to every curve she had. He wouldn't know what hit him. She pulled it on and grabbed the decorative belt that around the waist. Heavy gold with three, huge red rubies embedded into it. A matching crown went through her blue hair. She left it down. This was actually the royal stone and color of her father's house. These Saiyajins wanted dressed up, she'd give it to them. She slipped on the heavy family ring. She surveyed herself in the mirror. Not bad, for only taking a few minutes to get dressed. This was the fastest she had ever done it. It paid to be naturally beautiful.

Vegeta was getting impatient. He'd been left to stand for several minutes now. Were all these people stupid? He had half a mind to go back there and pull the princess out of her room. She was probably terrified of them. His lip curled up. She should be. That was it, he had waited long enough. He started forward with every intention of dragging her out. He was halfway to the door when it opened and the vision stepped out. He stopped. She had to be the loviliest thing he had ever laid eyes on. She...she was the servant girl.

"What is this?" He could barely speak. The silk of her dress clung to every rounded curve she had. It practically molded itself to her breasts. The way it clung to her hips. It unfortunately flared away from her legs to the floor, but judging by the hips, the legs must be incredible as well. He grabbed her arms and hauled her up against him. What game was the little wench playing at?

"Are you trying to play me for a fool?" He all but snarled at her, his hands twisted on her arms. She cried out a bit, but he didn't loosen his hold. He wasn't sure who he was more angry with, her for taunting him or himself for reacting to her.

"Please, you're hurting me." She attempted to twist her arm out of his grasp. He sunk his fingers in harder.

"I don't particularly care. You're only a servant. A servant playing at being the mistress." He shoved her away, causing her to fall back against the wall. Kakkarot moved to help her. He was loyal to his Prince, but he didn't particularly care to see him mistreat people. In a civilization that honored everything violent and bloody, he was the fluke, the wild card. He killed when he had to and hurt when he had to, but he didn't like to cause pain to people that didn't deserve it. She didn't deserve it.

"Get away from her Kakkarot, she's not worthy of even your third class help."

Kakkarot looked at the young woman who sat against the wall. She looked rather dazed, though surprisingly he could see something building in her eyes. He offered her a hand. She took it and he hauled her up.

"Thank You..." She trailed off. "I don't know your name."


"Thank you Kakkarot. It was very kind of you to help me."

"Kakkarot, I told you not to help her." Vegeta was beyond angry. Who the hell did this little low class serving wench think she was, insulting him, then dressing up like this Princess just to make fun of him some more.

Kakkarot saw it build in her eyes. The ocean blue darkened to an almost sapphire, alight with a fire he recognized immediately. They narrowed and he hastily took a step back. This was the Princess. He knew that immediately and she was going to kill Vegeta. Well, maybe she wouldn't kill him, but she might scare him a bit.

She stalked up to Vegeta and jabbed him in his armor with her finger."How dare you? Who the hell do you think you are coming to my quarters and manhandling me?" She stabbed at him again. He took an unconcious step back, mesmerized by the everchanging colors of her eyes. Before he could respond she had jabbed him again. This time he grabbed the hand, holding it tight. He put no pressure on it, just held it immobile. She struggled to get it loose, but he refused to let it go. He smirked at her and pulled her to him.

"I'm Prince Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyajin. That's how I dare woman."

She stared into obsidian eyes. Right now they seemed to be filled with nothing but cool contempt. What an ass. How could she have ever thought he was attractive. She felt his arm snake around her waste, his hand resting on her bottom. Well, maybe he was devestating to the senses , that might explain the butterflys in her stomach. He was so strong. She saw his tail flare out behind him. She had seen them around their waste's but believed them to be part of his armor. How stupid of her. She shivered. No, she was not going to let him have this type of power over her. Here he was in her room, throwing her around like a doll and she was attracted to him? What was wrong with her.

"Take your hands off of me."

Vegeta was enjoying the feel of her in his arms. She was so perfectly rounded. He had meant to intimidate her, but she had not backed down an inch.

"Uh, Vegeta, I don't think she is making this up. I think she really is the Princess."

"Kakkarot, did I ask you for your opinion?"

Vegeta didn't doubt for a minute that this was the true princess. He had missed it before, but it was clear in how she had conducted herself. The little nose couldn't get any higher in the air if it tried. No low class woman would have had the guts to speak to him the way she had. He was impressed and angered all in the same moment. His dark, piercing eyes met her cool, wide blue ones. She felt for a moment as if he was trying to see into her soul. She shook the feeling off. That would be giving him more credit then he was due.

"The question, woman, is how you dare to speak to me that way?" He refused to release her from his grasp. She finally quit struggling and relaxed. He didn't act like he was going to kill her. Actually she was kind of enjoying the feeling of him holding her. She could feel the power in his arms. It was amazing. She would be damned however if she would let him know that she found him remotely interesting. She kept her face locked in stony resolution to his touch, that is until she felt his tail wrap around her waste as well. Her surprise must have shown on her face, because he smirked at her.

Vegeta was having a good time with the little princess. He had never met a woman with as much fire in her as this one. The few he had mingled with were spineless and clinging. Too afraid of his barbaric Saiyajin nature to even say more then a word or two to him. This one, though, not only did she design excellent spaceships, she was beautiful and spirited. What a combination. This was a woman fit to be his mate. Though he already knew his father would have no part of it. They had argued long and hard over him taking a mate, but Vegeta had blown the old king off. He was only nineteen, he'd been stuck with Frieza for ten years and he had no interest in tying himself down to any woman. His father had a woman in mind for him, some Princess from a planet that he called an ally and supporter. Another simpering female, useless in anyway. Vegeta doubted that she would even serve a purpose in bed, not that he had any experience with that yet. Women had been far and few between under Frieza's command and Dodoria had taken an instant dislike to him. So he had made sure that any women made available to the young prince had been as disgusting as he could possibly find. Needless to say he had chosen to forgo the sexual escapades. He'd rather stay celebate for ever then degrade himself by touching something half-dead and crazed. This little one though, in his arms. He would gladly take her to his bed. He assumed she would be as unskilled in the sexual arts as he was. He found that idea appealing. They could learn together. He smirked.

Bulma watched him with a bemused expression on her face.She watched the play of emotions flit across his face. His eyes had lightened slightly. How long was he going to stand there and hold her. She had long ago quit trying to escape. She could see the other Saiyajin standing nervously by the door. Maybe she should do something to shake up the situation a bit. She remembered her assistant's, Evvetta, advice. If you can't beat them, join them. Well, he seemd to be enjoying her predicament, maybe she should give it back. Before she lost her nerve, she threw her arms around him and planted a hard kiss right on him. She almost laughed at loud as she watched his eyes flare wide in shock. She ignored the jolt of awareness that went sliding through her as he started to respond. She had also heard something about their tail. Something about them being extremely sensitive to touch.She reached down to her waste and stroked it.She was rewarded with a deep, low growl in her ear.

Kakkarot's mouth fell open as he watched the Correnian princess plant a kiss on the prince that quite obviously had rattled his brains. His mouth hung open even wider as she stroked his tail. He watched Vegeta lose himself in the grip of ecstasy, tighten his grip on her, start to kiss her back, then abruptly , reason seemed to overtake the insanity as he released her and shoved her away. Anger once again written across his face. Kakkarot hid a grin. The prince had finally met his match and evidently didn't care for it.

Bulma had achieved what she wanted. Her freedom, but she was a bit shaken by that stupid kiss. It had been okay until he had kissed her back. She leaned back against the wall her heart slamming in her chest. The way he had responded. She was no expert when it came to sex, but she was smart enough to realize she could have lost control of that situation rather quickly.

"How dare you invade my space woman? Are you a princess or a whore?" Vegeta had managed to get control of himself again, though his breathing was still a bit ragged.

Her mouth dropped open. Invade his space? Whore? Was he an idiot?

"Who invaded, whose space first, you big idiot and how dare you call me whore?"

He took a menacing step towards her, fist clenched in fury in front of his face. He was going to kill her. It was either that or throw her down on a bed and take her right then and there. He was really more angry with himself, then with her. He should have been able to keep better control of himself then that. He had actually been kissing her back and when she had stroked his tail, he had about lost it there. She was extremely lucky she wasn't flat on her back. Not that he hadn't entertained the idea, but if it was going to happen, it would be on his terms, not hers.

"Only a whore would have thrown herself at me the way you did."

Bulma took a step back towards her room. Maybe she could lock herself in there until her father and brother showed back up. She looked to Kakkarot for help, but to her amazement he was laughing. He was laughing so hard he was doubled over. His stupid prince was about to kill her and he thought it was funny. She was just about to yell at him to get a hold of himself , when the intercom once again buzzed at the door. Great, more of them. She was going to be alone with all of these big, hulking, barbaric men. Vegeta took a step back, allowing her to pass. He took a calming breath in an attempt to cool himself off. He wasn't sure what was more heated, his temper or his passion. It didn't help matters that Kakkarot was laughing like an insane moron.

"Get yourself together, Kakkarot. You'll pay for your laughter in our next training match. "

Kakkarot attempted to stop, but he couldn't get past the look on Vegeta's face when she had touched his tail. It had been priceless.He had never seen anything affect the prince like that.

"Kakkarot!" Vegeta growled at him. This was the last thing he needed his father to see.

Bulma went and keyed in the security code that would open the door. It was no particular surprise to see the Saiyajin King and his guard standing outside it. There was another big, hulking guard with the longest, spikiest, hair she had ever seen. It almost touched the ground. What did surprise her, however was the presence of a small, beautiful woman. She wasn't Saiyajin. She possessed no tail. She was really quite striking. Why would they bring her?

King Vegeta stepped into the room, that had seemed large enough when she was in it by herself, but now had grown remarkably small and crowded with the presence of so many huge men. Even Prince Vegeta, with his much shorter stature seemed to take up huge amounts of space. The Saiyajin king eyed her attire and this time nodded approvingly at her.

"That is much better, girl. You do your father proud wearing his house colors."

It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him to stuff it, but for once she thought better of it and smiled appreciatively at him. The two guards brushed by her as if she were nonexistant, neither one of them giving her a second glance, though the long haired one did eye her a bit. Really were all these stupid Saiyajins so impossibly rude?

"I see my brat is already here." The king offered his hand to the small woman and brought her forward. Bulma looked back at the prince for a moment. His eyes met hers and for a moment she saw something odd and unguarded in their depths, then he saw the woman that his father had brought with him and they narrowed. His face took on that cold, contemtable look that he had first worn. It made her shiver to see it again. He obviously didn't want to see the girl that his father had brought with him.

"Parisia, this is Princess Bulma of Correnia. Bulma, Parisia is Princess of Sorentie."

"Soon to be queen." Parisia smiled rather coolly at her.

Bulma simply nodded. So she was a bitch too. Well that was no real surprise. Most Princesses were. She wouldn't give her the pleasure of knowing she found her irritating.

"It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance."

Parisia and the King had already moved on however, leaving her standing there. That had been rude. He obviously wanted to hand her off to Vegeta and Vegeta just as obviously did not want to go any where near her. Bulma felt a spark of admiration for him. He obviously saw her for what she was. It had been blatantly obvious from the moment she had opened her mouth. She had noticed the way the woman has stared at Vegeta, like she was hungry and he was her dinner. She hadn't cared for it. Though why she should be jealous was beyond her. She pushed it down and watched the two. They would have been a striking couple. Then again, she and Vegeta would have also looked damned good together. She smiled a bit at the whimsical thought. Like he would ever belong to her. Bulma noticed Nappa and the other guard had all moved around her as well as if she were their queen. She noticed Kakkarot had not, he came to stand by Bulma.

"Is that the Prince's fiancee?"

"No," smiled Kakkarot,"the King would like for her to be, but Vegeta has no interest in her at all."

Bulma nodded and smiled. She wasn't sure why exactly, but it filled her with an odd sense of joy that he had not consented to marry the woman.

Vegeta managed to pry himself away from his father and that idiotic woman he wanted to pawn off on him and moved to stand by Bulma. He wanted to be near her, he wanted to hear about her ships. There was a lot he wanted to do. The moment they had before his father's arrival kept lurching back into his mind. He wanted to feel those hands on him again. Why had his father had to bring that ridiculous Princess here. The way she had brushed by Bulma, as if she were beneath her. If anything it was the other way around. Bulma was graced with a natural dignity. Parisia could not say the same. He stood on the other side of her. She felt rather odd being flanked by him and Kakkarot.

"Father, I am here to look at the Princess's ships, not socialize and arrange marriages."

The King eyed his son for a moment, then asquieced to his wishes. If he didn't know any better, he'd think the boy had something for Brennon's brat. Not that he could blame him. She was a fine looking wench. The dress she had on made that abundantly clear. He wouldn't have minded an alliance with Brennon and Correnia, but there were many more benefits to be had with Parisia and Sorentie. No the boy must be persuaded to take her as his mate.

"Very well brat, but later on we will discuss the other."

Not if he could help it. as far as he was concerned there would be no more talks of an alliance with that bitch. He eyed her with disdain.He loathed everything about her, from the way she clung to everyman in the vicinity, to the sickly sweet scent she sprayed all over herself. He would never allow himself to be tied to her. She wasn't worthy to be his mate.

"Well, brat, do you have a design of these ships your brother spoke of?"

"Are you speaking to me?" Bulma had never really been called a brat before. He called his own son brat, so she didn't think it was an insult.Hell, the Prince continually called her woman. Did these people call anyone by their true names?

"Who else?"

"Oh, well alright let me get them for you. They're in my room." She made a beeline straight for her room, that was now blocked by the big, bald, mean looking guard. She stopped in front of him. He had a mustache. She hadn't really noticed it before. It was thin and kind of gave him a more evil appearence then before.

"Excuse me, can I get in here?" She could feel everyone's eyes on her. it made her nervous.

He stood there a moment, arms crossed looking at her. Then slowly, much to her irritation, he pushed himself off the door and allowed her access.

"Thanks ass." She said under her brerath.

She grabbed her case and hauled it out. It was almost as big as she was. She ignored the amused stares of all the Saiyajin men in the room as she lugged the heavy thing to a table in the sitting area. The king and his guest moved to sit. Bulma pulled out the design she knew they wanted, trying to ignore the fact that the Prince now stood behind her. Stay focused Bulma. She wondered vaguely where her father was.

Parisia watched the Prince intently. She had never wanted any man the way she wanted this one. She had worked the King over very well, giving him all the reasons an alliance with her would be a smart move. The King had been easy to manipulate, fueled by the desire to do right by his people, but the young Prince was having no part of her. He seemed les interested in what they could accomplish together She watched the way he eyed the other woman. He obviously wanted her. He might think he had hidden it well, but when no one was watching she would steal glances at him and had already seen him in several unguarded moments. Well, she would have to rectify that. She would have him one way or the other. Even if she had to petition Frieza himself for the union. First, though, she would make this stupid, blue haired bitch look stupid.

"You actually design ships?"

Bulma looked up at the other woman. She sounded all sweetness, but Bulma could hear the underlying malice in her words easily.The woman was obviously going to make her life difficult. She decided to just answer the woman's question.

"Yes, and I build them too." She couldn't keep the pride out of her voice, this was her passion, what she did, how she contributed to her planet.

"But you're a princess, how could you lower yourself to work like that?"

Bulma had found the design she was looking for. The JT 626. She looked up at the other woman. "I'm not sure what you mean?"

Behind her, Vegeta tensed. That idiotic Sorentien woman was trying to bait Bulma. He was about to say something, to insist his father get the woman and her ridiculous mind games out,when he felt Kakkarot lay his hand on his arm. He looked over at him. Kakkarot shook his head. He too had recognized what Parisia was trying to do and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bulma would take nothing off her. If Vegeta stepped in, it would be a huge mistake.

"Well," Parisia went on, "it is such a low class thing to do. Not at all what one would expect from a true princess."

Bulma straightened up. What was this woman alluding to? She had heard the thinly veiled insult. No one could possibly have missed it. She could see the stupid, long haired guard in the back smirking as if it was the best joke he had ever heard. She looked around her. All these people wore looks of disgust about their face. Well not all of them, but the two big guards did. She looked at the King. He looked at her assessingly as if waiting to see how she would handle herself. Well that was fine. She was the one that had what they wanted. She simply would not show them.

"I'm not sure exactly what you are getting at Princess, but these are my quarters and these are my designs. If you can't be polite,then you can all get out. "

Vegeta was getting irate. All he had wanted was to sit down and look at ship designs. Then his father had to go and bring this conniving bitch into it and he wasn't going to even get to do that. He shot a thunderous look at both his father and Parisia. Marry her? She would be lucky if he didn't kill her

"How dare you speak to the King Vegeta that way!" Nappa was already moving forward. Bulma stood her ground. She saw Vegeta and Kakkarot both step in front of her. The King had stood up.

"Nappa, stand down. The girl is right. We are not here to discuss her merits as a Princess, but to see a ship design. Besides I don't think my brat will let you touch her." He looked amusedly at his son. The boy and his guard were actually ready to defend the girl from Nappa. His son must have it badly.

Vegeta flushed. "I could care less if Nappa kills her or not, I just want to see her damn ship before he does." He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. He would never have allowed Nappa to touch her. Bulma fought down a wave of sadness at his response. Obviously he didn't like her at all. She was just the means to something he wanted. She forced her face to stay stony.

Vegeta snarled at his father. Angry at him for causing this, he wanted Parisia to go. She had no business in this anyway. " I want her to go, before she does anything else." He glared fiercely at Parisia.

"Nonsense, brat, she will sit down and be quiet. Bulma show us this ship that my son so wants to look at."

Bulma stared at them all for a moment, still hurt a bit by Vegeta's obvious distaste for her. She just wanted to get this over with. She stepped around Vegeta and Kakkarot and rolled out a design. It was probably the ship she was proudest of. Sleek and streamlined. It was made for speed and maneuvering. The weapons it carried were just another added bonus. She knelt on the floor beside it, surprised when the Prince knelt beside her. Kakkarot knelt on the other side. Their heads touched as she showed them the different dynamics of the ship and exactly what it was capable of doing.

"Have you even built any yet," Kakkarot was enthralled by the ship. It was beautiful and according to her calculations could maneuver beautifully."

"I have a prototype at home. I could mass produce them rather quickly. It already has the okay to be built. "

"Who has ever heard of a ship like this?" Once again, Parisia tried to take the attention off of Bulma and her ship. She had almost had the Princess a few minutes ago. She was still pleased with Vegeta's declaration of hatred towards her. Why else would he not care if Nappa killed her? She must have been mistaken, thinking he wanted her.

"Well, actually I got the idea off of old archival records from Chikyuu.They used these on a planetary level for defense before Freiza took over. They fought several wars with them. It was really quite effective for them. Then Frieza came and destroyed most of them when he aquired Chikyuu."

"Chikyuu is a planet full of weaklings.If Frieza could destroy them, then they are useless." Nappa looked at her with disgust.

"The ones on Chikyuu might have been, but I have designed these with Frieza's own advanced weaponry. I already figured it would have to be stronger then him. "

"Or at least strong enough to make it equal."Kakkarot smiled at her. "Though how you got a hold of any layouts for Frieza's weaponry is beyond me."

She smiled at him, "It's something my father got a hold of during his time with Frieza. Frieza really hasn't changed his system's much. He hasn't really needed to. I have added a new invention however that should make these ships impossible to destroy." She was starting to get enthused with her topic. Kakkarot's enthusiastic response only brought her own enthusiasm to the front.

"What's that?" Vegeta was fascinated. The enthusiasm she showed for her work. It was almost contagious.

"Well, it doesn't actually have a name yet, but the basic idea is that when fitted on a ship, any ship, it can absorb energy of any kind. So if your ship is say, fired at, it can suck in the energy from the blast, rendering it harmless. I am trying to work on a connection that could feed that energy taken to the ship's guns, actually doubling their power."

"That's possible?" Kakkarot had never heard of anything like it.

"It's more then possible. I have already done it. We've tested it. Moreover, it will also take the energy beamed at you from a single person, say Frieza. It absorbs any kind of energy. "

"Unbelievable." Vegeta was in awe. This was better then he had expected.

She smiled at him forgetting her hurt. He looked so pleased. He was so devesatingly handsome especially when he was relaxed. She touched his hand tentatavely, afraid it would anger him. He made no move to pull away, just looked at her, his eyes unreadable.

"There is a down side. Once they figure out what you have, they can try to shoot it and destroy it. It won't be an easy task, but it could be done and that would leave you just as vulnerable as before."

"Still, the possibilities that this gives us."

"Come on Vegeta. You actually think that she can make somethng like this up? You can't trust her."

"Shut up Nappa, You're thinking too hard." He shot the man a glare. Nappa was getting a little too insolent for his liking.

"For once I am in agreement with my son. This is truly amazing girl."

She blushed slightly.

"I still don't understand why you would need a ship with that kind of capability. If Lord Frieza ever found out, he would kill you. " Parisia was not pleased that the attention, most especially the young Prince's attention was not on her

"That's why he's not going to find out, woman. If you breathe even one word of this to anyone, I will kill you." Vegeta was in her face in a flash. He didn't know why his father had brought her in to this conversation. It was dangerous.

Well she had certainly gotten his attention. This was a most interesting

turn of events. He absolutely thrilled her when he looked at her that way. Yes, this was a man to have. This ship could be her ticket to him.

Bulma looked worriedly at Vegeta and Parisia. "No, Frieza can't find out. It would mean certain doom for my planet and my family. " She was starting to panic. She had said too much in front of this woman. She knew she couldn't trust her. That had been obvious from the get go.

"Don't worry girl, Parisia isn't going to tell a soul. I know we can trust her. Parisia I will leave Vegeta to explain all the details to you. Right now we need to get back to the topic at hand. Can these energy absorbers only sit on ship or can they be worn on people."

Bulma looked hestitantly at Vegeta. He crossed his arms and awaited her answer. There was really nothing left to hide. At least she still had the synthetic fuel under wraps.

"We haven't yet, but it is quite feasible that it could. I doubt I could get it to add the absorbed power to you, but it would at least stop any major blasts coming at you. "

King Vegeta stood up, a thoughtful look on his face. He looked hard at her. "I have seen all I need to. If this prototype proves to be as good as you say it is, then we will use it. It might be more beneficial for your people to use. The Saiyajin will fight hand to hand. If you could get these energy absorbers made into something we could wear that would be helpful."

" I can do it, it will just take me a little time," she was interupted by the entrance of her brother. Finally now that she didn't need him. "Where have you been brother?"

"Sorry sis, Dad and I got waylaid by Dodoria of all people. It seems he and Zarbon have arrived early. Dad has gone off with them to keep them occupied. They seem to be looking for trouble. Specifically they wanted you." He nodded towards Vegeta.

"Dammit, I had hoped they wouldn't be here so soon." Vegeta despised both of them. He didn't particularly want to put up with them until he absolutely had to.

"Have you looked at her plans?"

"What do you think we've been doing in here?"

Britton bristled but didn't respond to Vegeta's tone. Bulma seemed to have it well in hand.

"You know," Kakkarot spoke up, "the only problem I see is the massive stockpiling of fuel that we would have to do to get enough for all these ships we need."

"If we aren't using the ships then why would we have to stockpile fuel. Wouldn't that be the problem of the people using the ships? " This was a bad idea, Nappa was no fan of anything other then hand to hand combat. He had felt relief that his King had already said they would be fighting hand to hand.

"That's very true, Nappa. It isn't something I am going to concern myself with. You're such a genius girl, you come up with an idea about the fuel. "

"If this is a joint effort, why should we stick our necks out for no reason. We are going to be the ones that pay a very high price if anything goes wrong with this, not you." Britton was getting tired of the Saiyajin's high handed attitude.

"The reason is being free of Frieza," Vegeta snapped, "or have you forgotten that?"

"Hardly, but it seems like we are the ones that are going to be strung up if anything goes wrong. "

Bulma could see things beginning to deteriorate between her brother and the Prince. Maybe it was time to end the meeting. She put a hand on Britton's chest. " Listen, why don't we discuss the rest of this stuff later. It's late. I could draw up a basic idea about the personal energy absorbers and have that ready for you tomorrow. Britton, maybe you should go find dad."

"Alright brat. You best have them ready for me by the morning. That is when I want to see what you have. I do need to go and find your father anyway, see what Dodoria and Zarbon might be up to. Nappa come on."

"Can you find your way back to your room?" He asked Parisia.

"I was hoping Vegeta could take me."

"I'm not a tour guide, find it yourself." He crossed his arms and glared at her. She was an annoying woman. She would be a dead one if she opened her mouth at all to Frieza. He had seen the look of panic that had crossed Bulma's face earlier. She had realized as soon as he had that Parisia was dangerous. He had seen regret that she had shared so much with them. He had been oddly disappointed. Perhaps they should have a few words. He looked at her. Her back was too him showing him the long, silky fall of her blue hair. He could imagine that hair spilled across his pillow, or brushing over his body. He shuddered as a wave of desire shot through him. No he was not ready to leave by a long shot.

"Vegeta, I'm hurt. Why don't you want to spend anytime with me?" Parisia's grating voice washed over him, jerking him out of his fantasies. He clenched his teeth together. Kakkarot spared him the trouble of answering.

"Prince Vegeta has many things to attend to this evening. I would be happy to see you back to your room in his place."

Well, that wasn't what she had wanted, but she guessed it would have to do. She might have to have a little talk with Frieza. She had seen the way he had been watching the sorry excuse for a Princess. He obviously wanted her. She had been right the first time. Well the little slut was going to be in for a little surprise.

"Fine.Vegeta I look forward to seeing you later, alone." Kakkarot grabbed her arm and propelled her out the door, before Vegeta could do bodily harm.

Britton looked at his sister. "Can you handle things in here Bulma?" He looked pointedly at Vegeta.

"Certainly, I was doing just fine before you showed up. Go find father. I am going to wrap up here and get to work on my plans." Britton nodded and left. She seemed to be alright and the Prince seemed to be on good behavior tonight..

"Are you coming brat?" The King and Nappa stood at the door. The long haired Saiyajin beside them. It dawned on Bulma that she had never learned his name.

"I have other things to attend to, go on without me."

The King raised his eyebrows at that, but left. He would have to have a talk with the boy later.

Vegeta turned and eyed Bulma intently. She took a step back. She wasn't sure if she was prepaired to be alone with him.

"What's wrong woman, are you afraid of me?"

"Hardly, I just have a lot to get done." She backed away as he began to walk towards her. She felt like she might be the prey and he the stalker. His look was almost predatory. She needed to get control of the situation quickly.

"So, that Parisia, lovely girl, is that your fiancee?"

He snorted at her, but didn't stop his approach. He didn't stop until she was backed up against the door to her room. His arms braced against the wall on either side of her. "Hardly." He whispered into her ear. She shivered. What was it about this man that drew such a response out of her. He leaned back a bit and stared at her. "There is no woman in my life, she most assuredly will never be." He made no attempt to hide the desire he was feeling for her. She could read it loud and clear in his eyes. She wondered if her own eyes shared the same thing with him.

"Are you sure, because she seems to be quite attached..." He silenced her with a kiss.

"Vegeta, please, I am sure we don't need to be doing this. You hardly know me."

"I know what I want, woman. Besides I am just finishing what you started earlier." He nipped at her nose. It was such a perfect little nose.

"Oh, please, I was just kidding, trying to get you to let me go. It worked didn't it?"

He kissed her again, nipping at her throat as he trailed kisses down her neck. His tail came around to encircle her waste. He had no plans to seduce her, at least not tonight, but the way she had stared at him, with those magnificent blue eyes. He had to have her. He could not take no for an answer and he was positive he wouldn't have to. He had no experience with women, but he knew attraction when he saw it and this girl wanted him as much as he wanted her.

She closed her eyes as his mouth trailed down her throat. She shouldn't be allowing this, but it felt so good. She squealed as he wrapped his tail around her She wondered if she would get the same response out of him if she touched it some more. She raised her hand to it and stroked it gently. She wasn't disappointed. He gasped against her as a wave of pleasure shot through him. Frieza had discovered the sensitivity in the Saiyajin's tails and used it against them. He had been degraded many times by Frieza. He wasn't sure what was worse, having Frieza yank on it as hard as he could, bringing you to tears, or having him rub it gently and be powerless to stop the almost orgasmic feeling such treatment brought on. He opted for the latter. It was degrading and akin to rape as far as he was concerned. Frieza had done it to both him and Kakkarot. In his case, Frieza had stood on him, breaking almost every bone in his body. He forgot now the reason Frieza had been so angry at him, but he could recall laying there in front of Zarbon and Dodoria and at least a hundred other soldiers, bruised, battered and bloodied wanting to die, feeling Frieza alternate between pulling the tail as hard as he could and rubbing it gently, almost bringing him to a climax. How they had all laughed. It sickened him now to think about it. He pushed away from Bulma, unable to go on. He couldn't let her touch him,not like this.

"Vegeta?" what had happened. One minute he had been clinging to her, kissing her passionately, the next he was pushing away from her. The desire she had seen so clearly earlier was gone, replaced with something else. She wasn't sure what it was. "Vegeta is something wrong."

Vegeta stared at her for a moment, angry at himself for even starting this. He saw the confusion in her eyes. She saw the anger, knew it was directed at her, she deserved it.He must think she was some kind of whore.

"I'm sorry, Vegeta, please forgive me." She reached out a hand to touch his arm, but he jerked away. If she touched him now he would take her. If he was going to walk away, now was the time. He turned abruptly and stalked out the door. He didn't look back. She slumped to the floor. She had ruined everything. He had started to be nice to her and she had ruined it.

Vegeta stalked angrily down the hallway, not caring where he was going. He had been stupid. To think he might be able to get past the horrors Frieza had piled on him. How he could find away to compare her touch to Frieza's was beyond him. When she had stroked his tail, it had been so gentle and tender. It had come from the desire to please him. Frieza had used it as a tool for keeping the Saiyjin in line. He had been almost ecstatic when he had discovered how their tails could be manipulated. He had used force to cause pain and suffering in hopes of making you beg for mercy. He had used a more gentle touch as humiliation. Their was probably nothing more humiliating then laying there at that stupid lizard's mercy and be unable to stop yourself from getting pleasured. He was so much stronger then anyone else. He hadn't been the only Saiyajin it had happened to, but he felt shame on a level that none of the others would ever feel. He was their Prince and he had been unable to stop that from happening to him. What was worse was that he finally found a woman that he wanted and he had closed up like a book when she had touched him. He knew it was more then Frieza. It had a lot to do with giving up control of himself. He had thought he would be able to keep it, but her touch inflamed him in a way that he could never have believed possible. No, he couldn't give up his control, not to her, not to anyone.

"Vegeta?" He clenched his fists in irritation. Why did it have to be her. He didn't have the patience to deal with Parisia right now.

"What do you want woman? I am busy."

"A moment of your time."

He stopped and turned to look at her.

" All that conversing earlier about the ship with weapons, I get the impression that you are plotting something against Lord Frieza."

"It really doesn't concern you. Father should never have brought you to the meeting."

"Yes, well he did, though and I can't help but think that Frieza might be very interested in some of that information."

He took a step towards her. How dare she threaten him.

"All you have to do is take me as your mate and I will keep my mouth shut. I promise.Vegeta, we could be so good together. We could bring Frieza down and rule the universe together."

Vegeta felt sick. He thought he had been out of control with Bulma. She had not tried this. Her only crime had been igniting his passion. This woman, was attempting to control him. This was what his father wanted him to take as his mate. He closed the distance betwwen them, his hand closed around her throat."If you breath one word of what you saw and heard earlier I will kill you. Do you understand me. You will not be my mate. I will never accept you. I am not some idiotic boy you can manipulate into your bed. " He tightened his hold on her thoat for emphasis, cutting off the air supply for a brief moment. Then as quickly as he had done it, he released her, letting her fall to the floor. Without a backward glance he strode off down the hall.

Parisia rubbed her throat. That bastard would pay and so would the little blue haired bitch. She'd see to that. She stood and followed him down the hall. He would regret the day he messed with her. She would get him yet and she would use Lord Frieza to have him.

* * * * *

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