I got this idea after I saw ' The Mummy Returns'. It seemed like it would be really cool to have Vegeta meet up with a mummy. I have tried to come up with original characters for this story and even an original plotline except for one..the gorgeous man in ' The Mummy Returns' ....Oded Fehr...He needed to be in this story. Anyway I do not own any of these characters except for any I might dream up on my own...I am just having fun with them....Hope you enjoy it.... Oh..by the way there really was A Falcon King...saw it on Discovery Channel...


By: Lisa Starr




Vegeta had been training all morning in the gravity room. He had worked especially hard today. It would be no time at all until he could serve that third class idiot Kakkarot, his head for dinner. That was what he lived and breathed for. He would allow nothing to get in the way of that one single minded goal. After he got rid of Kakkarot, he'd move onto world domination and immortality. Yes, Kakkarot would pay for making a fool out of The Prince of Saiyans.

Vegeta glanced out of the gravity room's small window and caught a glimpse of the blue haired woman that was the bane of his very existence. She was a loud mouthed, albeit beautiful, stubborn , egotistical woman. A woman he could barely tolerate, though he knew that was a lie. He wouldn't have had any problem killing her if he truly hated her. Just when he thought she had pushed him beyond what he could accept and tolerate and his ego demanded he kill her for his own pride, something stopped him. He told himself it was because he needed her for the gravity room or for fixing him food. He knew it was more, though, the way his body respoded to her whenever she was near him. Her anger only made her more beautiful, more arousing to him. He continued to fight the treacherous feelings deep inside himself, but he

knew deep down inside, he was fighting a losing battle.

Bulma had been on her way to the gravity machine to yell at Vegeta. He might be gorgeous and hard to figure out and incredibly dangerous, but she would be damned if she would let him demolish her house. The early morning discovery of the hole, in the side of her lab, had not put her in a particularly good mood. It had taken her three hours to clean up the mess and salvage her precious inventions. Objects she had put her heart and soul into. To have the little weasel so callously disregard them was the final blow to her already damaged pride where that man was concerned. She had just about reached her goal when her cell phone began ringing.

"Dammit," she swore,"another distraction."

She answered it angrily.


" Bulma? What's wrong babe?"

" Yamcha? What do you want?"

" That's some greeting Bulma. Could you at least sound a little more happy to hear from me?"

"Why should I ? Seeing you with that bimbo from the coffee house didn't exactly make me happy, jerk."

"Bulma baby, I told you what happened. I was waiting for Krillin and she just sat down and started a conversation with me. "

"Is that why you were kissing her?"

"Hey, she kissed me."

"Right, Yamcha, whatever. Listen I have had an extremely bad morning, so why don't you get to the point of your call. I have other things to take care of." She glared straight at the gravity machine, mentally willing Vegeta to come out.

"Well, I was over at Goku's and Chi Chi's and she mentioned there was an Egyptian exhibit at the museum. She and Goku are taking Gohan. I thought you might like it."

Bulma was intrigued. She had always loved things like that. She was endlessly watching shows on all the cable channels about Egypt. She didn't particularly want to go with Yamcha, but still...an idea began to form inside her head. She looked evilly at the gravity machine and smiled.

"Sure Yamcha, I'll come. What time are you guys going?"

She got the specifics from Yamcha and agreed to meet them there. After hanging up she continued her path to the gravity machine, this time with a much different purpose in mind.

Meanwhile at the museum, things were not going well. They had set the display of The legendary Falcon King up two days ago and since then everything had gone completely wrong. The display was opening up today and Professor Sarrak was not sure they were going to make a success out of the exhibit.

The latest disaster had seen the Kings sarcophagus fall over and crush a poor worker that had been trying to arrange it. This was the third disturbing incident involving this display and people were starting to get on edge. His partner Professor Rebollah seemed unfazed by the situation. He continued going about his business arranging tablets and antiquities a if nothing unusual was going on at all. Ignoring the talk of the curse of the falcon king. Sarrak was uncomfortable with his placing such sacred tablets out for public view.

He didn't consider himself a superstitious man, but after everything that had gone on, and the notion of the curse itself, well he didn't want to tempt fate.

Professor Rebollah stood back and surveyed his handy work. He glanced over at the nervous man in the corner. What a fool. Sarrak had no notion of what he was dealing with, but he, Rebollah, knew. Soon the curse would be proven true. Some fool would soon be awakening his king. The only king he could ever serve and it would bring about the apocalypse. With the apocalypse there would be a new order. A new order that would rule the universe and he would have a front seat for it all. He knew that loyalty to his king would bring him many rewards. He would speak the words himself, but he could not. It was said that whoever spoke the words that would awaken The Falcon King, would be enslaved. A mindless zombie bent on carrying out what ever whim the King so desired. Rebollah, did not want to be a mindless zombie. No, he wanted something much more. Much more.


Vegeta crossed his arms and looked away from the irritating woman. First she had shut off the gravity machine and when he had stormed out to find out what the hell was going on, she had started yelling at him. Something about a stray blast that had taken out her lab and how could he? Didn't he have any considerate feelings in his body. He had simply stared at her. He enjoyed watching her work herself up into a frenzy. Her vivid blue eyes would snap with electricity. Her cheeks were flushed. She had absolutely no idea how she looked with her hands on her hips, yelling at him. It was enough to make him want to take her right there. He wondered what she would do if he did throw her up against the gravity machine wall and take her body. Would she scream her fool head off or would she wrap her long legs around him and beg for more. He shook his head. He could not think like that. It would drive him insane. He needed to get away from her before he did something he would regret later.

"Fine, Fine, whatever you say woman." He tried to dismiss her. He had to get away now or he really was going to make an ass of himself.

To his utter amazement she threw her arms around him and kissed his cheek. He stiffened in reply. This was not what he had had in mind.

"Thank you Vegeta, I knew you weren't so bad. I promise I will make you something really special for dinner tonight to show my appreciation. I can't believe it was so easy to get you to agree."

Vegeta pushed her away. What in the hell had he agreed to? He would just play along. He could not let her see she had distracted him so badly. It couldn't be that bad. Though, with this low class woman, one never knew what horrors she had in store.

"Be ready in two hours Vegeta, that's when we are leaving. You should actually enjoy this. It is about royalty after all. I think this king was a warrior too."

Vegeta perked up at the thought. Royalty? Warriors? This sounded right up his ally.

"Whatever woman, just leave me alone now. If I have to spend time with you later, at least let me have peace now. "

She shot him an annoyed look and ran off. She was actually excited now. This might be the oppurtunity she needed to get Vegeta to open up to her a little more. After she had seen him having his nightmares, the night of the explosion, she had made it her sole objective to help him. He seemed so lost and alone. She was sure the hard, arrogant exterior was a mask for the deeper feelings he had buried inside. Everyone had feelings, even royalty. Vegeta would be no different. She could see his torment and she wanted to help him. It didn't hurt that she was powerfully attracted to him. Seeing Yamcha with that bimbo hadn't even really hurt her. In her heart she knew she was already half in love with Vegeta. She just needed him to accept what she wanted to give him.


At the museum, Rebollah was almost beside himself. It was just a matter of time. In less then an hour the future would be born and with it his own immortality and power. He rubbed his hands together in excitement. Soon...


Bulma's mouth fell open as she came out of her office. She had already dressed herself and was wrapping up a few loose ends for the day. A glance at her watch told her it was time to go. She didn't want to give Vegeta a chance to weasel out of their plans. When she came out of her office there he was. Was he some kind of God? Words couldn't have done him justice. He has dressed himself simply enough. Grey trousers and a black pullover shirt, but the effect on him was incredible. He stood waiting for her in a corner, arms crossed, his head held at an angle that showed his disdain for the world. His dark gaze was leveled right at her, making her heart speed up. His shirt fit him beautifully and the black on him was just, the perfect color. Kami, how could anyone look so incredibly hot? A glance around the room told her she wasn't the only woman or man for that matter, that noticed. She guessed it was just the way he held himself. He was gorgeous, there was no denying that, but he had an aura around him that just spoke volumes about who he was. It set him apart and was almost undefinable.

She took a deep breath to steady herself, then grabbed his arm, ignoring the little jolt of excitement that ran through her at the contact.

" Come on Vegeta. Don't look so mad. I promise you, you will have fun."

"I seriously doubt it woman. "

"Come on Vegeta, it might just turn into an exciting day."

"Do I get to destroy Kakkarot or the Earth?"

" No Vegeta, sorry, that's not on my things to do today list." She rolled her eyes. He was always so single minded.

"Then I doubt the day will be exciting. "

As it turned out, he was about to be wrong. Very wrong.

* * * * *

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