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Vegeta looked down at the sleeping woman. He had waited until Kakkarot had carried both the women to different rooms in the huge palace, then traced Bulma by her ki. He had never wanted to kill anyone as badly as he wanted to kill Kakkarot, but he had refrained. It was pointless as long as he couldn't turn super saiyan. He needed to make sure he could do it this time, though the effort that it had taken to turn away from Kakkarot had been incredible. Seeing Bulma, however, only reinforced that decision. She looked fine. She was resting on a huge bed, covered by some kind of silky material. Her hair was a blue spill across the pillow. The bed sat up on a huge marble step, elevating it higher then the rest of the room, which was devoid of any real furnishings. Two torches lit the room. He yanked off his gloves and reached down to stroke her cheek. It was soft and smooth to touch. He fought back a wave of desire as a memory of how the rest of that body felt against him. He let his fingers brush lower, down her neck. She stirred slightly. He continued his exploration, unbuttoning her shirt and exposing the satiny skin underneath it. His hand cupped her breast, rubbing the nipple through the lace of her bra. He opened her shirt more and traced even lower to her flat stomach. She could never know how she made him feel. It would only weaken him. Yet, even as he knew he should stop and not do this, the desire to continue to take her now nearly overwhelmed him. What was happening to him?

Bulma felt something light brush over her skin. It was warm and smooth and gentle. It was working its way down her body. She felt it come into contact with her stomach and drop lower. She writhed in the sheets.

"Vegeta.." She whispered. She must be dreaming about him. He wasn't here with her. Even if he was, this wouldn't be happening. He'd made it clear he didn't want her or even find her exciting. No, only in her dreams would he come to her and touch her this way.

Vegeta smirked, arrogantly pleased that she had muttered his name. He lowered his head to her stomach and kissed it. He used his iron clad control to keep himself gentle. He was used to taking what he wanted and that included pleasure. It was a new experience to give it back this way. He was finding that it wasn't an unpleasant experience. She arched herself up towards him, her hands clenched in his hair.

Her eyes snapped open. This was too real to be a dream. She looked down and saw him. He looked up at her, and smirked.

"Did you finally decide to wake up woman?"

"Vegeta, you're really here." She sat up in the bed. Then stopped as she felt a tightness around her waist. The scrolls. She had forgotten about those. She unbuttoned her pants and gently pulled them out.

Vegeta sat back and watched her, once again amazed at her beauty. He had seen her once before, briefly the night they had first made love, he remembered how beautiful her body was, but in the heat of that moment, it had barely registered with him. There was no fighting it. She was everything he could have ever wanted in a princess and that was what she would be. His planet might no longer exist, but the title was still his and it was something small he could share with her. Actually he guessed they would be King and Queen. He smiled at the frivolous thought. His father would have had a fit. That thought brought him great pleasure.

Bulma was shocked at the smile. She had never seen him smile like that.Kami, it took ten years off him. It was amazing how it changed his face. As handsome as he was with the constant scowl, he was absolutely devestating with the natural, beautiful smile that now adorned his face. She let the precious scrolls drop to the floor and threw her arms around him , grateful to see him, forgetting how he hated her doing that to him. She hoped fervently that he could get them out of this horrible place, but was scared to death what would happen if he got caught. She shuddered to think what that queen would do to a man like Vegeta. She felt him stiffen slightly, then relax in her arms.

Vegeta's arms enclosed her and pulled her against him, holding her tightly. What was the point of hiding it. They were alone. There was no one to see his weakness. Could he live with it? That was the only question. As long as she realized what his primary goal was and didn't try to hold him back. He would give her as much of himself as he could, but there would just be somethings that he could not and would not be. His training would come first. Defeating Kakkarot would come first. He would be loyal to her and he would care for her, but that was all she could ever hope for. He hoped she could accept that.

For the first time in days, she actually felt safe. She leaned back then and looked him in the face. She let her eyes roam freely over him.

"Thank Kami you are here. He has managed to regenerate himself and wake up his Queen. It was absolutely awful. She looked so evil. " She shuddered at the memory.

"Hmmph." He had began to kiss her neck, not caring in anything at the moment but her and the pleasure she could give him. He knew he should be taking her and running, but at this moment he had lost all reason beyond the most basic urges, urges brought on by the adrenaline rush of his search, the excitement of touching her again,the exquisite danger in what they were doing. Besides he had no doubt that he could take out any of the things that threatened her.

She tried to push him away, though the attempt was half-hearted. Kami, that really felt good. She gasped as his mouth closed over her breast through the lace of her bra. She had to tell him what was going on.. She noticed her surroundings then.Where in the hell were they?

"Vegeta, oh, please, you have to hear this, ooh, that feels so good." He'd found the other one.

He nodded and swirled his tongue around the sensitive nipple, not really interested in what she was talking about. He needed her right now. He needed to feel her, claim her as his now.Having her taken right out from under his nose was more then his pride could take. After this there would be no question who she belonged to. He had already come to terms with the idea that he cared for her, perhaps much deeper then he wanted to admit to himself. He could never really tell her, but perhaps he could show her in some small way.

"Vegeta, I'm uh, not really sure this is, oh, a good idea." She was having a hard time concentrating. His hands were all over her body, slipping the clothes from her body, rubbing her, stroking her. His mouth was right behind them. She let her head fall back as his mouth latched once again onto one of her nipples, sucking on it gently. He moved to the other one, showering it with his attention as well. He could feel her heart beating against his cheek. Her hands came up to his shoulders clutching them. She was giving in, he realized. She wanted this too. How could she possibly want him. He would never understand, but he was not going to question it. She was the one person on this planet he could even begin to tolerate. He didn't want to be alone anymore. He might not be able to share his feelings with her verbally, maybe he couldn't even love, but they had this and it was good.

Bulma gave up. How could she fight this? She wanted him. She wanted his clothes off. She wanted to run her hands all over his beautiful body, feel its strength against hers. All thoughts of Teya flew away as he pulled off the rest of her clothes and layed her back on the bed. He looked down at her, teasingly. He knew what she wanted, but he wanted to make her suffer a bit more. She tried to sit up but he pushed her back down.

"Let me woman."

She watched him then as he took off the armor and boots. He had already ditched the gloves. He pulled off the top part of his suit leaving him clad only in his pants. She couldn't get around that chest. He had to have the most beautiful chest she had ever laid eyes on and his arms. It defied logic that there was so much power in them yet he was being so amazingly gentle. He knelt before her, unable to go on. The look in her eyes was almost too much for him. It scared him and thrilled him all at the same time. He wanted to run. He wanted to deny this was happening to him, that this weak human female had brought out a side of him that he hadn't even thought existed. He knew to proceed would change his life forever. No, he would not allow it to change anything. He might have sex with her,might take her as a mate, but that was all it would ever be. He didn't actually love her.He wasn't capable of love. This would change absolutely nothing between them.As his mind was wracked with confusion his body was not, telling him in no uncertain terms what it needed and wanted. She sat back up and ran her hands gently up his chest until they rested on his shoulders. She pulled him down on her, kissing him hard, showing him what she needed from him. He moaned as her mouth sucked at his neck, nipping it gently with her teeth. Her hands slid down his back to rest on his ass. Every part of this man was absolutely gorgeous. She tried to push his pants down, but he stayed her hands with his own. He left no part of her body untouched. His mouth, hot and needy, found its way to every part of her body. She was gasping for air when he was done. His mouth had finally come to rest in between her legs. His tongue had tasted and sucked at her until she had begged him to stop. She clutched the bed sheets in a pathetic effort to stay in control, but he continued his assault until she climaxed, screaming his name. He had sat up again, looking pleased with himself. His name had been almost a chant on her lips, she had said it so many times and the sight of her so pleasured by his touch had made him hotter then he had ever been before. He burned for this woman.

"Vegeta, please."

He smirked, pleased with himself. His arousal was straining against his pants. He looked at her. She probably had absolutely no idea how gorgeous she looked at this very moment. Her cheeks were flushed with passion, her eyes, half closed, had turned an almost indigo blue in their passion. His name was still on lips that were swollen from his kisses. He felt her hands on him then, stroking him, and moaned. He didn't think he could take too much more. He had kept his control far longer then he had even thought possible. Her hands caressing him through his pants was almost agonizing.

"Vegeta, please. I want you now, I need to feel you." She tugged at his pants.

He helped her get them off, trying to keep control as her hand brushed against his hard shaft. He wasn't sure who was in charge anymore. He had thought he was, but he wondered now if that hadn't been an illusion. His body was fast losing control of itself. He could remember how tight she was, how she had fit him like a glove. He bent down, his mouth claiming hers again. He wanted nothing more then this right now. There was nothing here between them but this amazing feeling that he hadn't even thought possible. He felt her hand stroking him again, causing him to moan against her mouth. He grabbed her hand and pushed it above her head, his hands entwining through hers. He did the same to the other hand, capturing her so she could do nothing but lay there and take him as he entered her. He laid there for a moment listening to her moans, trying to contain himself. Then he began to move, slowly at first, moving against her faster and faster.

She cried out as he thrust into her, filling her completely. She arched up trying to meet his every movement and take him as deeply as she could. She tried to free her hands from his. She wanted to hold onto him, to feel him, but he wouldn't let her. He held her firmly and pounded against her. She cried out as he moved faster and harder and deeper. She felt his teeth bared against her neck. She cried out as he moaned and nipped at her neck, biting down slightly. She shivered in response. Somehow he had found her most sensitive spot. Kami she loved him . It wasn't possible to feel this for anyone was it. Why couldn't he feel the same as her. How could he deny this? She gave a little cry as anger mixed with the pleasure. She had little doubt there would be more cruel words after this was over. She wasn't sure she could handle it, not this time.

Vegeta felt the subtle change in her, felt her closing herself up even as she came, his name erupting from her mouth. He was too far gone though to figure out what it was about. His buried his head against her neck and cried out as his own climax erupted through him. He collapsed on her for a moment, shuddering with his exertions, and the force of his orgasm, still holding her hands tightly.

Bulma laid under him, listening to him breath, hands still firmly clasped in his. She wondered how long until he would pull away from her and denounce her and her feelings. How long until he was calling her names. She could already feel hot tears building up. She couldn't cry. She wouldn't let him hurt her.

Vegeta slowly released her and moved off of her. As much as he wanted to do that again, he knew they were pushing their luck doing it here. It was just a matter of time before he was discovered. They needed to get out of here.

"Woman, get up and get dressed, we need to get out of here."


"Do you want to stay here?"

"Well, no, but I can't just leave Chi-Chi and I have to find some way to help Goku."

"Why would you want to help that pathetic, third class loser and his idiot mate?" He sneered at her.

"Well maybe, Vegeta, because they are my friends. I realize that is beyond your realm of understanding, but for me it is very clear.He would help me, I have to help him."

"Are you always so stupid, woman? Kakkarot is the reason you are here. Or had you forgotten that?"

"Hardly, but it's not his fault. There has to be a way to help him. I just know it."

"You do what you want, I am going to kill him."

"No, if you know what is good for you, you won't." She had risen up in the bed. Her meager blanket had slipped down and given him a rather tantalizing view of her body. He felt another wave of desire wash over him, but he angrily pushed it down.

"What in the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you actually think you could stop me?"

Bulma tried a new tact. She knew how he felt about being told what to do.

"Vegeta, why would you want to fight him, when he isn't even himself. Don't you want him to remember you and why you two are fighting? "

Vegeta drew back and looked at her. He hadn't really considered that, though he had gotten the distinct impression that Kakkarot had remembered a lot of things.

"I don't think his memory is as faulty as you think it is. Why you would want to protect that idiotic, third class loser is beyond me. Woman, you are truly dumber then you look."

Well here it was. The disintegration of the conversation between them to something hateful and ugly. She had actually expected it a lot sooner.

"Listen, Vegeta, I realize you can't stand me okay, and that I am not worthy of your royal attentions. I can live with that." Well not really she couldn't, but she would be damned if she would let him know that. "However, if you think for one moment that I would stand by and watch my best friend suffer and be used the way he is, well then you truly know nothing about me. Maybe you should just go. Thanks for thinking of me, thanks for coming, but I will not leave without him or Chi-Chi." She stood up, completely and gloriously naked, nose as high in the air as it could go and went to retrieve her clothes.

Vegeta was dumbfounded. Couldn't stand her? How could she even think that. Thanks for coming, but maybe he should just go? His fists clenched by his side. He watched her as she got up, naked and haughty, and began retrieving her clothes. Why that little bitch. How dare she dismiss him as if he was some common servant. He stood and grabbed her arm yanking her up and around to look at him. He had made her his mate. How dare she dismiss that as if it was nothing.

"You bitch. How dare you speak to me that way. I have given you the honor of being my mate, yet you throw it back in my face as if it was meaningless. You would actually dare to choose Kakkarot over me?"

She blinked. Mate? What in the hell was he talking about? Honor?

"Vegeta, have you been hit in the damn head? I am sure I have no idea what in the hell you are talking about. I am not choosing Goku. He is my friend. I love him as a brother. I cannot turn my back on him or our history together. That is completely seperate from what I feel for you." She had said too much. She didn't want to tell this infuriating man that she loved him.

He drew her nearer to him. His eyes had narrowed. How could she be this dumb?Did she actually not realize he had chosen her? He pushed her head back and lowered his mouth to her neck, biting down much harder then he had previously done. She yelped in surprise. Strangely enough, though,she was beginning to feel the stirrings of desire in the pit of her stomach.There was something instinctual and primal in the way he had done that.There had been no romantic words, no poetry, no gentle touches, just a brutal claiming. He had marked her as if she were animal, and while her female mind told her she should be angry, the same inherently female side also thrilled to the strength and power that was involved in it. Somehow it fit him. She ran her hands up his back, clenching the muscled shoulders, feeling a bit like an animal herself. He drew back and looked at the distinct mark that now adorned her neck.

"Now there will be no question."He tried to pull away. Taking her once had been pushing his luck, twice would probably damn them both. She wouldn't let go of him. He smirked and tried harder, frowning as she remained locked against him.

She rubbed against him, grateful to feel him hardening against her. She kissed his neck, giving her own small bite. He was surprised by the strength in it. His hands found her bottom and pulled her against his arousal.

"Question? What question?" She growled against his throat. She licked at the slight mark she had made, illiciting a shiver from him. He lifted her up in his arms and carried her back to the bed.Damn Kakkarot, damn that stupid creature, damn everything. He'd kill them all anyway.He was definitely getting turned on. He laid her down and stared at her. She thrilled at the look in his eye. It was so warm and possessive. She wondered if he even realized he was giving her such a heated look. She reached up and pulled him down onto the bed beside her.

"Let me," She whispered in his ear, biting it gently. She straddled him and leaned down to kiss him. She felt his hands slide up her back to her hair, tangling in the silky strands.

Vegeta had always wanted to run his fingers though her hair. It had always been so tantalizing to him, so beautiful and silky. He had never in all his years with Frieza encountered another woman with hair as exotic and beautiful as hers. Granted he had not had many women. They had been far and few between. It had been another part of his torment to have such things held away from him by Frieza and Zarbon and every other bastard that had served under Frieza. How they had taunted him because he refused to take the used up whores that served all of Frieza's armies. They had been repellant. They had taken women, beautiful, young women and raped them and used them as if they were second class whores. He had seen Princesses and Queens thrown to the ground and repeatedly raped by dozens of men. He could no more do that, then take one of the old whores that he was allowed to have. He was a Prince. Yes, he had been a killer, a slayer of millions, but he had some honor and he could never have forced himself upon an unwilling woman. Occasionally he had been able to find a willing participant. He had taken great joy in bedding some woman that Zarbon had taken a fancy to. She had pursued him often and he had finally taken what she had so wanted to give. He had made sure he used her well too. It was a small way to stick it to that preening bastard Zarbon. She could never have compared to this woman in his arms now. He had not even been remotely interested in giving her any kind of pleasure, but Bulma, well he wanted to see if he could make her call his name, beg for him in her need. He had never heard anything more erotic or enticing. He sat up and tugged her head back, devouring her neck with his mouth, slowly moving to nip at her breasts. She moaned and caught onto him, trying not to lose control of the situation. No this was his turn. She wanted to show him what she could do. With some effort she pushed him back down and slid onto him slowly and tantalizingly. She caught her breath as he filled her completely. She moved on him with agonizing slowness, his hands were still locked in her hair. He brought her down to him, ravaging her mouth with his kisses. Bulma could tell that he was starting to lose his control again. It excited her. The last time this had happened he had held back nothing. She realized that he absolutely did not want that to happen, but she didn't care. She wanted him to open up to her, even if that was the only way that he could. She alternated fast then slow to tease him, willinging him to lose the last vestiges of his control.

Vegeta couldn't believe what was happening to him. He had never experienced this before. He had always been the dominant one, the one in complete control over everything. She had taken that from him quickly. Another minute of her teasing and he would lose it all. He didn't think he could tolerate much more. He was sliping fast, clinging to a small sliver of sanity. She was moving over him so slowly and gently, taking his full length in her as deeply as she could. He wanted so much from her. The look in her eyes, he was so confused. To give himself to this would be the biggest mistake of his life. He knew it, but he wasn't sure he could stop it from happening.What she was offering. It was overwhelmimg. He didn't have to be alone, there could be someone for him. His hands gripped her hips and he thrust up into her. He needed to get the control back, he needed to get her to go faster. He needed his release. The swirling jumble of confused thoughts kept swirling around in his head. She increased her pace slightly moving faster, he rose up to meet her every move. She could see the barely leashed emotions deep in his eyes. His beautifully slanted eyebrows furrowed in almost agony as he strove to meet his need. She slowed down again, almost to a stop, dragging herself up and down his shaft as slowly as she could possibly achieve it.He growled in displeasure. He wanted more now. His hands were moving of their own accord, grabbing her hips and flipping her over in one fluid motion. She gasped as he impaled her hard and deep. He growled again, ramming into her. Well she had wanted him to lose his control, to give into the animal instincts. It felt so incredible. He moved against her full force and desperately, seeking the release that only she was capable of bringing him. No one had ever given him as much pleasure as this little earthling. He felt her convulsing around him, felt her reach her climax. He continued to move, gasping for breath as his release finally roared through him. He cried out her name as he came, then collapsed completely spent on top of her.

"Woman, " he muttered weakly, " We are truly mated now. You are mine, don't ever forget that." He managed to roll over and this time there were no harsh words. He gathered her in his arms and pulled her against him. Sleep overtook him instantly. He couldn't stop it from coming. She knew they should get moving, but she had waited so long for a moment like this and who knew when it would happen again. Couldn't she just take this one moment for herself. Mated. She wondered if that meant what she thought it meant. She felt her eyes drift closed. She was so safe and secure here. His. It felt nice to belong to someone. She slipped into sleep, unaware that she was making a mistake that would cost her much.

Teya, Queen of Egypt and soon of the whole world, had wanted to see the little woman that her husband had chosen as his secondary wife. She supposed she had no problem with him doing that. Set knew she had taken other lovers as well, she just wanted to make sure this little bird was no threat to her. She had many plans, many great plans and she would allow no one to stand in her way. So she had left her husband to his potion making. He was already getting ready to bring his armies back. Soon the taking of this world would commence. She had pushed open the door to the little woman's room, just enough to allow herself in. She might as well have come in on a chariot for all the attention she received. The woman her husband had chosen was very busy with the most magnificent man Teya had ever clapped eyes on. He was even better then her husband. She moved behind a stone statue to watch the two. She was a sexual being by nature and felt a thrill out of watching the gorgeous man make love to the woman. Wouldn't Setihamentep be surprised. Very surprised indeed. It was a good day. He inevitably would give the man to her and she could only imagine what those powerful hands could do.She could easily imagine herself laying in his arms. She licked her lips in desire. He would soon get over his desire for the blue haired woman. She was paltry compared to Teya. Yes, he would be a fine conquest indeed . Set was about to receive another slave and this one would be completely worthy of him. She smiled again. Yes, what a glorious day indeed.

* * * * *

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