Vegeta was getting closer. Her energy vibrated through him like an electrical current. Strong, pure and very much alive. He wasn't sure what this was. Ever since he had felt that first initial wave of energy emanating from her, it had been like he was completely attuned to her. Some kind of tangible link had been formed. He could sense her now in a way that he couldn't have ever done earlier. He had wondered if it had something to do with his saiyan capabilities. He hadn't thought that it would actually work with a human, but maybe he was wrong. He had tried a bit, reaching out to her with his mind, slowly. His abilities were more developed then a lot of other saiyans. He had spent long countless hours training every part of himself under Frieza's command. He had wanted every tool he possessed to be completely ready for taking on the tyrant. So he had trained his mind as well as his body. He had never really used it, so he had started slowly seeing if he could read her at all. At first there had been nothing, then after numerous attempts, he had finally done it. Faintly he could feel more then her energy, he could feel her mind, her feelings. The first wave he had gotten was of intense relaxation. That had thrown him. He had expected fear, but she was almost in a meditative state. What was going on? The fear had come though and in an intense wave. He had sped up then, urging his body to travel faster then he had ever traveled before. The closer he got the stronger her feelings came through to him. He had finally gotten a wave of resolution from her. He was impressed. She wasn't rolling over and dying like he had initially thought, she was going to fight. She was much braver then he had ever given her credit for.


After what seemed like hours on the back of that camel, they had finally reached their destination.They were in the middle of no where. The desert rolled on for miles. Amongst it lay the ruin of what must have once been his capitol. It was a mass of huge temples and ruined buildings. Most of it was in complete disarray. The mummy had not spoken to her since earlier. She had let the sun and the rythym of the jolting camel lull her into a light sleep. She had thought she had felt Vegeta there near her, but guessed she must have let her wishful thinking become reality in her dreams. Still it had been faintly reassuring and it had filled her with new resolve that she had to find a way through this mess.

Chi-Chi had ridden in silence with Goku the entire way. She had tried to talk to him but he had shushed her. He had no desire to have her relive all their memories together. Whatever they were they were in the past and they were done. He had said as much to her. She needed to understand that. Chi-Chi had slipped into a depressed silence after that and eventually had fallen asleep.He had been strangely moved the way she had laid her head against his chest. It invoked more strange images and memories. Bodies entwined in bed, her head on his chest, breathing softly. He had even had an image of her heavy with child. He had seen himself laying his hand on her swollen belly, in awe. It was as if he were in some strange dream world. The only problem was he couldn't decipher between what was real and what was only an illusion. He had left that life behind him. He needed to serve his master now.

Bulma slid to the ground, her backside numb from the ride. Camels were not the way to go. She would have given anything for one of her capsules, and some food would be nice. She couldn't remember when her last meal had been. The mummy, what had his name been, Sethi something or other, slid down behind her and strode off into the ruins without a backwards glance. Robes billowing in his wake. She followed at a safe distance, trailed by Goku and Chi-Chi. The professor was having a tougher time, his short, weak legs numb from the ride. Bulma watched Sethi walk though the maze of ruins, emotions flitting on his face. She guessed it would be moving to come home after 5000 years. He must be reliving his memories. They must be pretty atrocious based on what Omar had told them.

Setihamentep walked around the remains of his palace. Where the others saw ruins he saw beauty. His palace, once so full of life and noise. Soon it would be alive once again and whole and his beautiful Teya would join him. They had both dallied often with other people. It had been expected and normal, but of all the women he had taken she had been the only one who had been his equal. She had been as loyal a servant to Set as he and had not turned away from doing what Set often demanded from them. With her he could rule the world. He found the entrance to the underground maze of catacombs that ran underneath the palace. He looked back at the professor. What a groveling little ant. Soon he would crush him. He needed him only long enough to complete the rites of resurrection. Perhaps he would give him to Teya as a gift. She would probably enjoy the sport of killing him. He would have his own sport as well. Beautiful little Bulma. Fit to be a man's queen. She would never be Teya's equal, only because she lacked the proper mind set to rule the world.The need to do whatever must be done for the sake of that power. She certainly was her equal in beauty and fiery spirit. He would enjoy her. The other woman was lovely as well. Perhaps he would take her too.

Rebollah produced two flashlights from his pack. He gave one to Setihamentep who looked at it strangely. Bulma noticed his confusion.You mean he could learn the english language in a night, but he couldn't figure out a flashlight. She rolled her eyes. It would have been rather amusing if the situation hadn't been so deathly serious.

"What is this?"

"It's a flashlight." He looked even more strange. "You know it's like an electric torch."

Well really it ran on battery power, but he didn't need to know that. It would probably confuse him even more. She reached over and flipped the switch. He gasped in awe as a beam of light shot out from it into the dark, cavernous opening.


"You think that's cool, wait until you see a toilet."

He ignored her and pushed forward. She stayed right behind him. Whatever he was about to do, she wanted to see. She wondered if there were any hiding places down here. She couldn't see much, but she could see lots of little side tunnels shooting off in all directions.The only touble was if you didn't know which way you were going, you could be lost down here for an eternity. She shuddered. That sounded like a horrible idea. She stopped suddenly as she heard something run across the floor, causing Chi-Chi to run into her.

"What is it?"

"Did you here that?"

"Hear what?"

"That noise, it sounded like something just ran across the floor."


Maybe she had just been imagining things. The thought that it might be a rat was more then she could bare. She caught back up to Setihamentep. He came to a sudden stop. Bulma nearly ran into him.

"There it is." A cold smile twisted across his lips.

"There's what?" Bulma tried to look around him. She felt Chi-Chi touch her shoulder and turned to look at her. Dread was written plainly across Chi-Chi's face. Bulma understood how she felt. Whatever was going to happen now, she just knew was going to be horrible.

"Teya's eternal resting place. Soon my love, you will be released from your tomb and be free to walk among the living." He started down stone stairs carved deep into the underground caverns. Bulma was almost positive she didn't want to go down those stairs. She didn't want to see him awaken his Queen. Omar had said she was horrible. Chi-Chi came to stand beside her. She took Bulma's hand in her own.

"Well," she said, "I guess this is the moment of truth." It had dawned on her that with Goku firmly entrenched on the other side's camp that she and Bulma were truly alone. They were going to have to find a way to end it. She just wasn't certain how. She thought of Gohan then, and choked back a sob that she might never see her beloved son again. No, she would fight this so that he might have a future.

Bulma's heart was full of dread unlike anything she had ever experienced before. It was gnawing at her stomach. She briefly wondered where Vegeta was?This would have been so much easier to deal with if he had been at her side, but then his life would be in jeopardy. She closed her eyes for a moment, drawing in a relaxing breath. Strangely she thought she had heard his voice. 'Soon woman' , she could have sworn she had heard that. Maybe she was just hearing things. They looked at each other, then followed him down.


Omar was amazed. He had just been flown back home to Egypt on the back of a boy. You couldn't say that every day. They had flown straight to his clan's encampment. He was a desert warrior, a prince of the sand. He was the chieftain of several combined beduoin warrior camps. He commanded thousands of warriors, but for this he would have to do without their skills.

He entered his huge tent, followed closely by Yamcha and Gohan. It was really quite sparcely decorated. About the only thing they saw were lots of big pillows, a coffee pot and a mirror with a wash basin.

"Gee, for a Prince, you sure don't have a lot." Yamcha had been a desert bandit once. He had lived better then this.

"Huh?"Omar grunted at Yamcha. He was busy pulling a case from underneath the pillows.

"Is this your palace?"

"This is my tent. I use it when I ride with my men in the desert. I have no need for frivolous items out here."

He opened the case and pulled out a pump action shotgun and a 45 automatic. He grabbed as much ammunition as he could put on himself then stood.

Yamcha and Gohan stared, open mouthed, at him .

"Why are you grabbing those?"

He looked at Yamcha.

"I am getting ready to do battle with evil incarnate. A devil released upon the earth.I think I had better bring something." He stood and secured his scimitar. " I am ready."

Yamcha and Gohan made to fly, but Omar stopped them.

"We walk from here. It is not far. "

"We could get there a lot faster if we flew."

"Can this Goku sense energy as you can?"

"Yes, yes he can. I never even thought of that. We'd tip dad off if we flew there."

"Exactly. Best to be cautious and keep the element of surprise on our side."

They set off, three warriors, walking into the sun.


Vegeta walked the last few miles on foot. He was surrounded by nothing but rolling dunes of sand. The sun beat down mercilessly. His years of difficult training made him immune to the elements. He didn't doubt that Kakkarot had already sensed his approach, but he didn't want him to know how close he actually was. He had kept his ki low. He knew Bulma was not far. He would find her first, then go and finish off Kakkarot and this monster. He would find a way to fulfill his destiny as the legendary, then Kakkarot was his.


Bulma and Chi-Chi watched as the little professor and Setihamentep laid out various scrolls and small vases out on a huge stone slab. Bulma thought it looked like a work table of some kind. The professor had brought matches and some type of fuel along with him, she was pretty sure she didn't recognize the odor it was giving off. It must be something native to the area. Goku had taken them and lit all the torches that were hanging in the chamber, giving it a surreal, ghostly feeling. He now stood beside them watching. Bulma wasn't sure where Teya's tomb was. Except for a few slabs here and there, there was really no place large enough to pass as anyone's tomb. She watched as the little professor took out a hammer or chisel, she wasn't sure, it was hard to see fine details in the gloom. He walked to a section of the wall and began to hammer at a small piece of it. He was breaking something. Sethihamentep stood back and watched, an almost maniacal smile on his face. It made her shiver. She knew she wasn't going to like what happened next. She took a deep, shuddering breath. Chi-Chi squeezed her hand.

The professor broke through the seal to Queen Teya's tomb rather quickly. They usually took forever to break open, but this one had seemingly been effortless. It was as if she knew they were coming for her and she was helping them out. Things were going to get much more interesting after she was resurrected. Maybe then, his king would see fit to give him the blue haired beauty. He tried to open the door to her final resting place by himself but was too weak to move it. Setihamentep motioned Goku to the door. He swung it open effortlessly. Setihamentep strode purposefully to the entrance and ducked in.

Bulma wanted to follow, to see what was going to happen, but she was too frightened of what she might see, then an idea struck her. He had left the scrolls. Whatever he was going to recite, he had memorized. Maybe if she grabbed one or two, she might be able to figure something out. The professor had followed Sethi into the tomb and Goku was obviously distracted. She didn't know how she would figure out what they said, but hey she was a genius, she'd figure out something. Ever so slowly she sidled up to the huge slab of rock that he had left all his various scrolls on. No one looked her way. Even Chi-Chi was engrossed by what was happening. Slowly she moved her shaking hand to the scrolls and grabbed one. She snatched her hand back and shoved it down the front of her pants. She hoped the fragile papyrus survived the rough treatment. He probably had thirty or more scrolls sitting here. She thought she might be able to snatch one or two more without him missing them. At least right away. She grabbed two more, shoving them down her pants as well. She hoped they didn't look to noticeable. She was banking on it being dark enough that no one would notice the lump in her pants. She moved forward then, trying to hear what he was doing. She could see Goku. He was lifting the lid off of what must be the sarcophagus of the queen. She shuddered. Another five thousand year old mummy. Great.

Setihamentep looked lovingly down upon the rotted visage of his once beautiful queen. Soon she would be awakened and she would once again rule beside him. He spread his arms above his head as if hoping to awaken the heavens themselves, his voice rang through the chamber

"Au amaphas Set," * Oh great Set*

"Bibi aman li envitosey mentan menophen." * Give life to your worthy servant*

"Au amaphas Set," * Oh great Set*

"Bibi sher li je lol, ste bitta bembi alo tusat." * Give breath to her lungs, so she might walk again. *

"Au amaphas Set," * Oh great Set*

"Tos je sosan te tufat." * Let her serve you again*

"Bannai!" * Arise*

"Bannai!" *Arise*

Bulma shrieked as she saw the rotting figure of what must surely have been his queen sit up in her sarcophagus. She stumbled back trying to get away from the tomb. Chi-Chi grabbed on to her and they huddled together in the darkest corner of the cavernous tomb, praying that they would be forgotten.

Setihamentep smiled at his beautiful Teya. She would soon be whole as he was. He held out to her the elixer of life that he himself had taken. She took it and drank greedily. The empty bottle clattered to the floor as it fell from her rotting hand.

Goku watched all of this with interest. He had seen his master go through this just the day before. He had lain, twisting and writhing, on the floor of the professor's little apartment, as if in agony for long moments before he had arisen whole and complete the way he was now. As he watched the face of this queen he saw the same subtle changes marking the beginning of her own descent into the agony the elixer induced. Her rotted body jerked once, the decrepid face twisted into a look of sublime pain. He saw the the forming of the tissue and muscle that began its regeneration upon her. She fell back into her sarcophagus, jerking spasmadically, her hands clenched. He watched as blackened dead tissue and skin was regenerated into creamy, white skin. Her lanks of long dead hair, regrew long and black. After several moments she ceased to move. The only sign that she was alive was the deep, even rise and fall of her chest as she breathed for the first time in five thousand years. Her almond eyes opened staring upon her husband and king once again.

Setihamentep smiled joyfully at his now living Queen and held out his hand. She took it and rose gracefully. She was half naked, wrapped in ancient, raggedy linen, and she was still as beautiful now as the day he first laid eyes on her.

"Teya," he breathed.

She smiled at him, her lips full and beautiful. She saw no one else in the room, only him.

"Setihamentep, parak syo." * Setihamentep, my pharoah*

"Uhn, em bon anat li kyn." * Come, we have much to do *

She smiled again, and he led her out of her tomb.

Bulma and Chi-Chi looked at each other. What had once been a rotting corpse was now a beautiful, exotic woman. Her body lush and full of life.

"Kami, Chi-Chi, I have never seen anything like this before. This is insane."

Chi-Chi nodded vigourously, unable to form words. It was one thing to see a walking corpse, it was quite another to see the rotting corpse morph into a beautiful woman right in front of you. She wasn't sure she could handle much more.

Setihamentep walked to the stone slab that served as his work table. Now that he had his queen he would regain his palace and capital. He would awaken his army of the dead to begin the assimilation of the rest of this earth into his great empire. He began to unroll the scrolls of his greatest spells. Spells made through the power his God Set gave him. He looked to his servant. He would find more servants, strong like this one to serve them. He would have more wives and his queen Teya would sit beside him on the throne. He was the most powerful sorcerer on the earth. It would bow before him. He picked up a vase, full of powder. Beside him, Teya began the chant that would bring about the physical change of these ruins. Soon the grandeur of his palace would be seen again.

Bulma watched as he mixed several different powders together. The queen was chanting something., over and over. She watched as he picked up the mixture of powders he had made and blew it into the air. The queen's chanting had become a frantic litany, over and over again. Bulma's eyes met the queen's and they locked gazes for a moment. She had heard of evil people before, but she had never thought she would be able to read it so clearly in another persons eyes. even Sethi's eyes didn't have that degree of madness in them. She shivered. She was feeling so light headed. She wanted to lay down, she wished she could look away from that horrible woman. Her eyes were almost mesmerizing. She could hear rumbling all around her, the ground shook as supernatural forces she had no way of understanding, took root and changed the landscape above them. Whatever was happening was big. Bulma managed to look over to Chi-Chi, then she fell forward, mercifully unconcious.


Vegeta could hear the deep rumbling as he approached the mass of ruins. He felt the ground shaking violently, so he lifted himself into the air and out of the path of whatever was happening. He could see no sign of Bulma and to his amazement, he actually saw the huge stone pillars and blocks rearranging themselves. He had never seen anything like it. Sand swirled around as this obviously ruined city rebuilt itself from the ground up. Unbelievable. It went on forever as city block after city block reformed and rebuilt itself out of the sand. What kind of forces were they dealing with.


Above the city, on a huge bluff overlooking it Omar watched in horror as he saw the city of Telerahad come to life again. From the desert floor it arose, reclaiming it's past glory on the earth. He was too late. If this was happening, then he had likely taken the elixer and awoken Teya. He would have to try anyway. He could not walk away now in defeat. He had to make sure all of his options were exercised or die trying. Beside him Yamcha and Gohan looked on in awe as a city grew from the floor of the desert before their very eyes. Beautiful palm trees, water, statues, the city reshaped itself exactly as it had been five thousand years before.

"This isn't good is it?" Yamcha managed to stutter out. His mind still trying to deny that what he was seeing was real. This couldn't possibly be happening. It only happened in the movies.

"Come on, we have to get down there. My mom is down there, and Bulma. "

Omar nodded grimly. Yes, they would go and he would find a way to kill the creature or die trying.


After what seemed like hours, but amounted to only a few minutes, the rumbling and shaking had stopped and before him was a full city. He saw a pyramid and statues and a huge building that reminded him of a palace he had been to under Frieza's command. He had raised it and destroyed the planet it sat on. How ironic that he would be destroying this palace as well.He lowered himself to the ground and again lowered his ki. He felt for Bulma's ki, it was there but much weaker then it had been before. Kakkarot's ki was near her hers. They must be together. He followed the ki signature to its source. He could see an opening that led into a darkened tunnel. He could easily see, even in the dark. This must be where they were. He prepared to enter, but stopped as he felt Kakkarot's ki flare up a bit. It was moving towards him, as was Bulma's. He smirked. This was even better. He would lay in wait for them and attack when Kakkarot was not expecting him. He stepped back several feet and stood behind a large stone statue of some kind of animal. This would be the perfect place to ambush Kakkarot. He would have normally considered it a cowardly act to attack someone's back, but fair play no longer existed for him and Kakkarot. He would kill him any way he got. He watched as Kakkarot emerged. To his dismay though Bulma was slung over his shoulder as was Kakkarot's own mate. What had happened to them? He could still feel Bulma's ki clearly. Weak but clearly. He saw another man and woman come out and the little idiot from the museum. What was this? Where was that thing that had attacked him before? He would wait to attack Kakkarot He would go to Bulma first, make sure she was alright, then get some answers from her. Then he would end Kakkarot's miserable life for good.

* * * * *

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