Information about Set(Seth, Seti)came from Berkely U. I have, of course, embellished a bit for the sake of fiction, however, he was bad news for your average everyday Egyptian,especially in the afterlife where he liked to steal souls trying to get through. .Also there is an element of Anne Rice's novel "The Mummy", truly a great book, in this section. In her book, her mummy, Ramses, learned the english language in an hour or so. I decided this would be good for my story, mostly so I wouldn't have to carry on numerous conversations in Ancient Egyptian.




Bulma wasn't at all surprised when Goku appeared right before her eyes. He never really ceased to amaze her. She knew he had learned that new technique in outer space. Instant Transmission. She wished she knew it. She'd teleport right out of here. Unforunately, though, she didn't and she was stuck in a now very crowded compartment.

Chi-Chi gasped as he appeared before her. She had never gotten used to him doing that. He'd been home for over a year now and used it numerous times and she still was surprised everytime she saw it.

Goku looked at the two women. They looked frightened. Especially the dark haired one. Everytime she looked at him, her dark eyes blazed, willing him to remember something he had no memory of. He was drawn to her in some inexplicable way. He didn't understand and it bothered him. He sat down between them.

"Goku, where did you come from?" Bulma was the first to break the silence.

"I just came from fighting Vegeta."

Her heart stopped. The way he had said that, so relaxed, like it was something he did every day. Vegeta. She hoped he was alright.

"Is he okay?"

"He was in a lot of pain when I left him, but he was still alive. Mad as hell. He was looking for you."


"Yeah, he was pretty mad that I took you. Said you're his woman. I think I'll be seeing him again. Next time, though, I will have to kill him."

Bulma's heart did a funny little lurch. His woman. He had all but tossed her out of his room last night. What had changed. Maybe he felt like he owed her something. At least he was alive. Now if only they could get Goku to remember something.

"Goku? Don't you remember anything about us?"

"Sure. I remember lots of things, just nothing of any real importance."

"Our life together isn't important?" Chi-Chi snapped.

He looked at her. She really was a beautiful woman. Had she really been his?

"Nothing is as important as what I must do now." He leaned towards her and grabbed her chin.

"What's that?" She whispered, her heart doing a little flip.

"I must serve my master." He stood up then, his head grazing the top of the small compartment and left.

Chi-Chi sagged down.

"Kami, Bulma, did you hear him? What am I going to do?" She choked on her tears.

Bulma hugged the woman.

"I don't know Chi-Chi, but we will figure out something."

She had hope again that Vegeta was at least interested in what happened to her. Maybe she would be seeing him soon.

She could feel the plane descending. They were landing somewhere. Where were they? If she was an Egyptian mummy she guessed she would want to go to Egypt. It didn't really take a brain surgeon to figure that out. She had always wanted to visit Egypt, she had just never gotten around to it. Well she was here now. Who would have ever thought she would actually be arriving with a real Egyptian mummy. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she never would have believed it herself. She hoped Vegeta got there soon, though a part of her was scared to death for him. Goku was still stonger then he was and that mummy had been more powerful as well. If they coudn't get Goku turned around, Vegeta would be hard pressed to survive.

Bulma felt the plane touch down. Well they had apparently arrived. Chi-Chi had been quiet since Goku had left them, lost in her thoughts, leaving Bulma alone with hers. There was no hiding from that thing now. Somehow they had to find away to get away. She had been trying to remember everything she could about Egypt that she had possible learned. She had even taken a college course on it. Her mind kept drawing a blank. She was too rattled by all that had happened to think of anything and she couldn't take her mind off of Vegeta for more then a minute at a time. If Goku was right and Vegeta was enraged enough to come after him, then she would have to find a way to get to him. She knew Vegeta could sense her energy. Maybe he had already figured it out and was coming for her. She had attempted to control her energy for awhile, clearing her mind of everything, hoping to send it loud and clear to him. Goku had shown her how, once, a long time ago, but she had never really done much with it. She didn't know if it had worked. She had thought she might have felt something, but she wouldn't really know if she had. It troubled her as to why he would even bother coming after her. He had all but thrown her out the other night, speaking words that could never be taken back. Insinuating she was inferior to him. Hell, he hadn't even insinuated it, he had flat out said it. He had been so cold and distant. More so then he usually was. Yet when they had made love, well, she wasn't sure she would ever forget that. It was like, for a moment he had opened up his soul and pored it into her. Trouble was she had drowned in it. She had wanted to help him, to show him that he didn't have to be alone. That once she gave him her love she wouldn't snatch it back. She wouldn't hurt him. She was fairly positive he'd seen nothing but pain in his life and she wanted to do better for him. She wouldn't have bothered with him if she hadn't seen those rare moments when his own humanity, that he tried so hard to deny existed, had shown through on more then one occasion. She had seen him when he thought no one was around looking so lost and confused. Seen the haunted look in his dark piercing eyes. She had seen him shaken by nightmares from a dark past, heard him cry out in his sleep. She wanted so much to help him,to give him something he could hold onto. To tell him that she wouldn't hold him back, but he was too thickheaded to listen to her. There had to be someway to get through to him. She would have to just keep trying until she found it. Right now she had to pray that he would be alright.

Her thoughts were interupted by the door flying open, Goku once again stood outside. The two women looked at each other , then slowly stood up. This was their moment of truth. Chi-Chi clasped Bulma's hand and squeezed it.

"Stay brave."She whispered.

Bulma smiled and nodded. Then she stepped out, prepaired to face the monster that she had seen earlier. To her surprise she didn't see one. She saw Goku and the little idiot professor and next to them was a huge man. He was over six foot. Impressive build, long black hair hung to his shoulders. He wasn't hard to look at. Quite handsome really. He wore a long black robe that covered him from shoulder to foot, but hung open at the chest, giving anyone that cared to look a view of a very nice chest, though he wasn't nearly as well built as Vegeta. That couldn't be him could it? She remembered Prince Omar telling her that he had something that would regenerate him. Had he already taken it. Kami, if he had, that meant they couldn't defeat him. She looked over at Chi-Chi and saw her dumbfounded expression mirrored. She looked back at him. She was surprised when he smiled at her. A beautiful smile. Looking at him, one would hardly believe he was capable of the evil that Omar had described.

"You are surprised, I think?" His voice. It was so deep and lulling. The words seemingly rolled off his tongue. She remembered hearing it earlier. That had been him. Then he had been speaking his ancient tongue. Now he spoke fluent english. How was that possible?

"How?" She whispered.

He cupped her chin with his hand, his touch was suprisingly cool and soft.

"You will find I am full of many secrets."

He turned then to the little professor.

"If you want her, I am afraid you will have to earn her. She is far above you. "

"That's not fair my pharoah, you said I might have her."

The King silenced the man with a look.

"Do you find me unfair?"

Rebollah shut up immediately. He didn't need to anger his king. In time he would have her. Maybe sooner then anyone thought.

"No, sire."

"Good, come I have much to settle."

"I left all your things in the hidden tomb, my king."

"Excellent, then it will not take long. Come, my Queen awaits. Let us find our way."

He turned and walked away from them. The little professor turned back to Bulma and leered.

"Soon, we will be together my love." He grabbed her hand and drug her towards him intent on tasting her. Bulma shrunk back, trying to pull away. He had a surprisingly strong grip for someone so small.

A hand clamped down on Rebollah's shoulder and spun him away from her.

"How dare you!" He yelled at Goku.

"You heard the King. She is not yet yours to touch. Now go."

He shoved the man in the direction of the king. Rebollah gave him a look full of hatred but turned and left, sensing it would be unwise to go against his pharoah's wishes.

Bulma sagged to the ground.

"Thank you Goku, thank you." She shuddered. She wasn't sure how she would have handled him manhandling her. It disgusted her to think about it.

"Don't thank me yet."

He grabbed the two women's arms then and propelled them out the plane.

Bulma's breath was taken away as she took a good look around her.

What an awe inspiring moment. They were obviously in Cairo. Around her she saw the absolutely huge city bustling with activity. There were people everywhere and so much noise. In the background she could see the Giza pyramids.

"Kami, I never realized how huge they were."

Chi-Chi was equally amazed.

"What an achievement." She whispered.

"Come on let's go," Goku began to walk, following his master's trail through the throngs of people."

Bulma and Chi-Chi had no choice but to follow.


Vegeta rocketed though the sky, heading for the spot that he had sensed Bulma. He had been on her balcony looking into the sky and concentrating, willing her with his mind to reach out, to send him something he could use to find her. He had been frustrated and angry. Kakkarot was once again suppressing his ki. He didn't want to wait until he raised it up again. As he had stood there, he had felt it. It came across loud and clear,impressing him with its strength. He hadn't realized she was able to do that. He finally had her. Since she had done that earlier, he had been able to keep track of her easily.Her ki remained high and clear to him. It was as if a connection had been forged. Like she had tuned herself to him and him alone. He had taken off immediately, not wanting to waste any time reaching her.


Rebollah had gotten them camels. Bulma stood looking up at the camel, trying to figure out how in the hell she was going to ride it. Beside her, Chi-Chi looked just as sceptical.

The king looked at them with a mixture of irritation and amusement.

"I do not think our little beauties know quite what to do with them, Rebollah."

He turned to Bulma then and offered his hand.

"I quite agree, a barbaric way to travel. Chariot is really the only way to go, but I fear I do not have mine back yet. Please allow me to assist you."

Bulma stared transfixed at him. What was with him. Everytime he spoke she just wanted to melt. She wondered if Chi-Chi had the same feeling. She found she couldn't say no.That was oddly disturbing to her. She felt herself reaching up and accepting his hand even as her mind screamed for her to run the other way. This was not good.

Goku took Chi-Chi and tossed her up on his camel, he would have flown, but he didn't want to leave his master behind. He climbed up behind her. Chi-Chi felt the familiar jolt of awareness shoot through her everytime he was near. It didn't matter that he wasn't the same as he usually was. He was still Goku. She knew she could reach him.

Bulma found herself settled against a very hard chest. This was all really just not right. Even as her mind told herself that,screamed at her that he was an evil monster, she found herself relaxing against him. It was like her mind had no control over her body. A thought struck her, perhaps she could use this oppurtunity to find out more about him and this curse. She probably wouldn't get many more after he woke up his Queen.

Rebollah seethed as he climbed up onto his camel. The King seemed to favor the woman that he had picked for himself. She should be with him. He imagined all the things he could have done if she had ridden with him.All the places he could have touched. He had to find a way to have her. Perhaps awakening Queen Teya would take the King's interest off of the blue haired woman.

They started off then into the desert riding towards the Great pyramids. Even in her current predicament, Bulma was enthralled by them. Such an accomplishment. The sphinx was beautiful too. She sighed as they got closer to them. They towered in the sky, taking up the whole landscape. She could see hundreds of people milling around them. If they all knew how close they were to a real mummy. She hadn't realized Cairo backed right into them. She had read that they had originally been covered in white limestone that had since been stolen. She tried to imagine what it must have been like to see it as the ancients must have. It would have had to been incredible.

"You like what you see?" His voice, once again strangely lulling. She felt like she could listen to it forever. It made her mind spin.

"It's magnificent."

"Like you."

That had startled her. Of all the things he could have said, that wasn't one she had been expecting.

"I thought you had a Queen, buddy."

He smiled behind her.

"Teya is my primary Queen, perhaps the love of my life, however I may have other wives. It would change nothing between she and I. You would make a fine one. We could have many fine sons."

"Whoa, there, won't she mind? "

"No, as long as she is given equal control of the kingdom, she could care less. She would have her own lovers as well. I recall she was rather insatiable."

That was a little more information then she had been looking for.

"I don't even know your name."


"Well, Setihamentep, no offense but I have seen you go from a walking skeleton to this, switch from ancient egyptian to english, and I have also heard some pretty ugly things about you. I'm not really sure you and I would get along." She wasn't sure where she was getting the courage to speak to hi this way.

He threw back his head and laughed.

"You please me. I enjoy your spirit. Do not worry. I will not rush you, just to prove I'm not the monster you think I am. I will give you two days to come to me willingly."

"Two days?" Gee, his generosity was overwhelming.

"Yes, I can promise you a life as you have never known."

"What happens if I don't accept?"

His smile disappeared.

"We won't worry about that possibility. You aren't a stupid woman. You will accept."

"There is so much I don't understand."

"What is there to understand?"

"How all of this is even possible?"

"Anything is possible with Set. He gives me many powers and abilities."

"Set? Isn't he an evil God?"

"He prefers chaos. It suits him so much better."

"You sound like you talk to him regularly." She tried not to sound sarcastic.

"You do not believe?"

"Hey, I've seen a man who's been dead for five thousand years come back from the dead. I can pretty much believe anything."

"That man you were with, he was very strong. Who is he?"

"You mean Vegeta?"

"If that was who you were with in the museum."

"Yes, he's probably looking for me right now." She blustered.

"My servant said he did not finish him as I requested. "

"That's a good thing, as far as I am concerned."

"You say he is looking for you?"

"You bet." She actually didn't know that, but it wouldn't hurt him to believe it was true.

"He would make a worthy soul for Set to take."

"What?!" Bulma prayed she hadn't heard that right.

"A man of such strength could be used. Set would enjoy his soul immensely."

"No, please, you can't do that to him."

"It matters little. Once I regain my powers, the world will be mine, as will he."

"He'll fight you."

"He's hardly a match for me. Besides he might be a fun toy for Teya."

Bulma's blood ran cold. Kami,no not Vegeta. If the worst came to pass he could at least go off planet in her father's spaceship. He didn't have to suffer that way. She wouldn't let it happen.

"Please, no, I'll give you whatever you want. Just don't do that to him."

"Give me yourself and he may live in peace. I would make you a queen.Your life would not be difficult."

Bulma choked back a sob. No, this wasn't supposed to be happening. What was she supposed to do now. She would just die if she had to give herself to him. What choice did she have. She could at least try to buy herself some time.

"Will I ....will I at least have the two days to become accustomed to the idea?" Her voice broke.

"I suppose I could wait. I will be busy so it is not a pressing issue. We will be united at the end of the two days however. There will be no further delay."

"Then I guess I have little choice."

"Come now, you make it sound as if I was forcing you."

"What else would you call it?"

"Some persuasion perhaps? I am offering you the world, you are lucky that I consider you worthy enough to stand beside me as wife. I could always let our little friend have you. He wants you desperately." He nodded in the direction of Rebollah.

"No, please, not him." She wasn't sure what was worse, being forced to give herself to this thing behind her or the little professor. She wished she was back home in her lab. Why did these things always happen to her.

"You see, if I wanted to force you into something I could have just used him. Or perhaps torture. I always found that to be a very effective way to get what I want. I would not want to be forced to mar your beauty, or even your friend's," he nodded towards Chi-Chi, "in any way."

"Fine, you've made your point. I ageed. What else do you want?"

"I'm just assuring your cooperation."

"When are you awakening your Queen?" She wasn't at all sure this other Queen was going to be too happy with the arrangements he was making, no matter what he said. She wouldn't have shared Vegeta with anyone. Why would this woman be any different. If she even so much as thought about touching Vegeta, Bulma would make sure she never lived to see another day.

"As soon as I get to my capital. It is called Telerahad. My palace is there. It is a place of greeat beauty. You will love it. It will soon be restored along with my Queen."

"I still don't understand how."

"My loyalty to Set gives me many powers. For instance it is he that has allowed me to learn your language in such a short amount of time. It is his power that has awakened me and his power that will ultimately awaken my Queen. He is a powerful God and in tribute to him, I will spread his word throughout the land."

"Yes, but his word is evil. Many people will fight you.This isn't the same world you lived in. There are weapons..."

"They might fight, but they will not win. They will accept him, or suffer. It will be their choice." He had cut her off.

"You know, there is someone who hunts you. The ancestor of the man that originally cursed you."

She heard his sharp intake of breath, so he didn't like that.

"We will not speak of him. He is dead and I am alive. I have had the final victory in that battle. Let this man come. He will not defeat me. Enough of this pointless conversation, I wish silence."

She blinked. So she had hit a nerve with him. Perhaps all wasn't lost yet. She needed to find someway to research this curse. She didn't know if Omar was still hunting. She assumed he was. The hot sun beating down on her was making her sleepy and the ackward gait of the camel, strangely lulling. She felt a tear slide down her face. She knew that she could not allow this to happen to her. She couldn't wait around for Vegeta to come and save her either. He was in as much danger as she was.

All she really wanted was to feel Vegeta, feel his arms around her, strong and safe. Kami knew why she felt safe with him, but she did. She let her eyes drift shut. She could almost hear him talking to her, telling her to be strong, that he was coming. No, she needed to find a way to warn him off. She wasn't entirely sure she could trust the man behind her. Man, who was she kidding. He was a monster. She knew Vegeta would be in horrible danger if he came anywhere near her. She felt more tears slide down her face,why couldn't she have a normal life, with normal people in it. She had to find a way out of all this. There had to be something. She had two days. Surely she could find something. She knew one thing for sure, she would die trying.

* * * * *

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