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Omar could feel someone shaking him awake. He managed to pop open an eye. He saw a boys face. What had his name been? Gohan. That was right.

"Hey, mister, are you okay?" Gohan continued shaking him. Omar felt like his teeth were going to be rattled out.

"I feel like I have been hit by a truck."

"That would have been my dad."

"I see." He managed to get himself to a standing position. He saw the other man leaning against the wall. His name was Yamcha. Gohan and Yamcha.

"We have an even bigger problem, though," Yamcha spoke up, "both the girls are gone."

"Yeah, we sensed two huge ki's just a bit ago. One of them is definitely my dad. We think the other one has to be Vegeta. They seem to be fighting."

"Can Vegeta win?"

Yamcha shrugged. "I doubt it."

"We need to find my mom and Bulma. They could be in a lot of danger."

"Yes, I must catch up to the creature before he takes his elixer, if he hasn't already. Can you trace these energies?" He thught he had seen the Vegeta they spoke of do that.

"Sure, they aren't too far from here, we'd better hurry. Vegeta's ki has taken a nose dive."

"Alright, lets go."Omar prepaired to leave, but the other two just stood there and watched him. "What?"

"Can you fly?"

"What? Of course I can't fly."

"You go ahead Yamcha, I'll carry the Prince."

"What are you talking about?" Omar was starting to get worried. He started in shock as he saw Yamcha rocket off into the sky.

"Put your arms around my neck and hold on."

He vaguely remebered doing that much, then he almost fainted as he was launched into the sky. He had heard of people being able to control their energies, but he had never actually witnessed it. It was incredible. What freedom. He wished he could do this. He felt knew hope surge through him, maybe he could defeat the monster after all. At least he wasn't working alone.


Vegeta glared up at Kakkarot, waiting for him to finish it. The third class saiyan looked down at him, smiling.

"Get on with it Kakkarot." He couldn't stand to see the miserable bastard's face anymore.

"You know Vegeta, I almost want to keep you alive. I think it would be fitting for you to live with the shame of your defeat, yet again by my hands. Live with the idea of your woman being used by another man. You powerless to stop it. Just think defeat by a lowly third class saiyan. " Goku wasn't sure where this was coming from, but it felt good to say. He enjoyed the look of rage that contorted the other man's face.

Vegeta growled in rage at the images that Kakkarot's words invoked in him. It was deep and primal and actually sent chills down Goku's back. Vegeta was a worthy adversary.

"Kakkarot, you had best kill me now, if you don't there will be no place you can hide to escape my wrath." Vegeta roared at him, struggling to get up.

"Don't worry, Vegeta, it will be over soon." He pressed down with his foot, on Vegeta's chest, breaking ribs. Vegeta refused to cry out. He had been in this position before, except it had been Frieza doing the torturing. He, like a fool, had believed he was ready to take on Frieza, he had been proven wrong. After Frieza had casually beaten him to the ground he had ground his foot into his chest, breaking ribs, puncturing his lungs. Vegeta was amazed he had survived. It had been a near thing. He could still remember Frieza taunting and Zarbon's laughter. To degrade him even more, Zarbon had drug him down the hall, stripped him of his clothes and thrown him into the regeneration tank. He had made sure Vegeta felt every painful inch of the trip to the tank. His mouth had been filled with his own blood. He had damn near choked on it, but he had never once cried out or begged for mercy. He hadn't given Frieza the pleasure, he would damn sure not give it to Kakkarot.

Goku didn't really want to kill Vegeta. He wanted a challenge .Perhaps it was his saiyan nature warring with the desire to serve his master. He only knew he wanted to give Vegeta a chance.He wanted things to be more equal. He wanted a real fight. Vegeta was the closest person to him in power.

"I want to keep you alive Vegeta, but my master wants you dead."

"Your master, listen to yourself Kakkarot. You're a saiyan, not a bitch. Where is your pride?"

Goku kicked him brutally in the side, shattering even more ribs. He could sense more ki's comng towards him. He didn't have time for all of this. He would leave Vegeta alive for now. Maybe he could give him more a challenge next time.Right now he needed to go.

"Fine, Vegeta, I'll see you soon." He lowered his head and was gone.

Vegeta managed to roll over, coughing up blood as he did. He had been stupid. He wouldn't make that mistake again. Yamcha landed next to him. Great, of all the people to witness his defeat by Kakkarot's hand, it had to be this loser. He turned away.

"Vegeta, what happened" Vegeta looked pretty bad. He could barely stand. Maybe he should give him a senzu bean. He had never gotten a chance to give the little bag back to Bulma. Why he would waste one on Vegeta was a mystery, but still they might actually need him. He grabbed one and handed it to him.

Vegeta snatched it out of his hand and threw it in his mouth. Disgusted that he ahd to accept this loser's help.He had certainly reached a new low. He would so enjoy killing Kakkarot. He felt the almost immediate rush of healing power move though him. He stood up and glared at Yamcha.

"What are you doing here?"

"Bulma and Chi-Chi have been taken. We're looking for them."

"Did you think you would find them here?" He sneered.

"Of course not, but Goku probably knows exactly where they are. We are going to find them." Yamcha would not let Vegeta bait him, not today.

Vegeta snorted at that. "You pathetic losers couldn't even keep them from being taken.Do you honestly believe you could actually find them?" He could care less about Kakakrot's mate, but Bulma's being taken was a problem.

Yamcha's face reddened. " I love Bulma and I will find her."

"Whatever, I don't particularly care what you do." His declaration of love irritated Vegeta. That she would have even given this loser a second thought, let alone that she had let him touch her. He ought to kill him on the spot. He turned away instead.

Gohan landed next to Yamcha, Omar let go and surveyed the area.

"Where's my dad?"

"I don't know, why don't you ask Vegeta?"

"How should I know?"

"He didn't say anything?" Gohan was persistent.

Vegeta ignored them. He needed to go and find a place to concentrate. Someplace he might be able to sense Bulma's ki. He had no time for these losers. He rocketed off heading for the one place he might be able to sense her, Capsule Corp.

Gohan watched him rocket off. "What's his problem?"

"Your dad kicked his ass. Can't say I'm sorry to see it happen."

"We could have used his help."

"Don't worry about it Gohan. We'll do fine without him. "

"We need to get going. Every second that goes by is a second closer to the creature becoming whole. He will bring forth the harbingers of your death if this happens. Can you trace your father's energy?

"Mostly, unless he supresses it. Even then I can usually still pick it up."

"Can you trace it?"

"I should be able to."

"Then we need to go. We have little time to waste. I am almost positive of where he is going anyway."

"If you know that, then why do we need to keep track opf Goku?"

"No one knows exactly where it is in the desert, not to mention that there are supposed underground chambers that run for miles underneath the desert floor. I only know the vicinity.

"Where's that?"

"His capital city, Telerahad. He will go to awaken his Queen and reclaim his throne."

"Its located where?"

"Egypt. We go to Egypt."

* * * * *

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