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Bulma was slow to remember what had happened. She was aware enough to realize she was in a plane and that it was moving. She fumbled around and felt another body laying next to her. Chi-Chi. She remembered now. Goku had knocked them out. He must have taken them somewhere. This thought filled her with terror. If Goku had them then that meant they were with the mummy. This was not a good development. Where in the hell had Vegeta been. Had he been so angry with her that he had just let them take her. Bastard. Damn him and his stupid pride. If she ever got out of this, she would make sure to thank him personally. She might not be able to beat him physically, but she could sure as hell find something horrible to do to him. She shook Chi-Chi hoping to get her to wake up. This was the second time today they had both been unconcious. She hoped they didn't have brain damage when this was all over. She laughed at herself. She had a feeling that was the least of their problems.


Vegeta flew in the night sky, trying to get a sense of Bulma's or Kakkarot's energy. It would just be a matter of time until Kakkarot had to raise his again. He had thought he had a glimmer of Bulma's energy, but it had been so faint it was nearly undetectable. He hoped she was alright. He had never had much concern for anyone else in his entire life and the feelings confused and scared him. Perhaps for his father once, but that concern had soon turned into something else, some emotion between bitterness and hate. He could never forget that his father had been too weak to stand up to Frieza, all the while berating his son for never being strong enough. Then to actually give him up to that monster.That had been the ultimate betrayal and had taught Vegeta very well where lack of power got you.He knew, now, that his father had tried to get him back, but it had been too little too late. Now he was cursed, even in his dreams , to relive his time with Frieza and his constant torments over and over. Vegeta was not a father , had no real plans to ever become one, but he knew that he would rather fight to the death then give his son over to anything like Frieza. He tried to focus his mind back to the problem at hand. Being worried for someone else was an alien feeling for him. Something he could not understand. Sometimes he wished he had never heard of this planet, Kakkarot, or Bulma. His life had been a lot simpler before. Fighting and conquering. Killing wasn't neccesarily something that was fun to do, it just came with the territory. He was a Saiyan, saiyans killed those weaker then them. That was just the way of it. He hadn't minded killing a worthy opponent. Someone who had earned the right to die by his hand, but he hadn't wanted to wipe out whole civilizations, that had just been what Frieza wanted and he had not been strong enough to take out Frieza. It meant for him literally, do or die. He hadn't wanted to die. He had wanted to live so he could beat Frieza himself. Eventually he had stopped seeing the people that he wiped from existence as anything but a hurdle to his final goal. Killing Frieza. Nothing else mattered except becoming more powerful then that monster and reclaiming his pride. Those who had belittled him or his heritage would suffer. His saiyan nature had demanded that if he could wipe out the most powerful being in the universe, perhaps he should rule it It irritated him that he had been unable to do it, but at least a fellow saiyan had accomplished it.Hell,he wasn't sure he could even say that. Kakkarot had been too soft on the monster. It had actually been that strange boy from the future that had wiped Frieza from existence. The so called super saiyan. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes he wouldn't have believed it. All saiyans had black hair, how had that boys been purple? His pride had suffered a tremendous blow at not being able to become the legendary saiyan as he had been told he was. To watch Kakkarot achieve it had been thrilling, yet maddening, but watching the purple haired boy had been more then he could take. He considered it the fate's final, laughing blow to him. Now Kakkarot was out there and he, Vegeta, was hunting for him. He didn't think he'd have any second thoughts about killing Kakkarot. He owed him a severe beating at the least.


Bulma had tried again to rouse Chi-Chi, but she was out cold. She needed to put her mind to figuring a way to get Goku to come back to them. If they could do that, then maybe, just maybe they stood a chance. She had all but given up hope on Vegeta. If he had wanted to save her he would have done it at home. A thought struck her. She remembered seeing his battle armor laying on his bed. He had been going somewhere when she had interupted him. Maybe he wasn't out of the picture yet. She slammed her eyes shut as she heard the door to their little compartment being opened, her heart slamming hard in her chest. Could she pretend to still be unconcious? Would they buy it? She shuddered to think why they had taken her and Chi-Chi in the first place. She had her ideas and none of the scenarios she was seeing were good ones. Her eyes stayed shut as she felt someone touch her face. Oh kami, she was going to scream. What if it was that thing. She tried to maintain her even breathing, though she was close to hyperventilating. The hand left her face and she slowly exhaled. She heard them talking again in the ancient tongue she couldn't understand. The same thought kept echoing though her mind over and over. Didn't this kind of thing only happen in the movies?

"Te bon ahd sus lo?" * You have brought two women?*

The voice was deep and lulling. Not unpleasant to listen to. Bulma wondered who it could belong to? She hadn't heard it at the museum, though there was something disturbingly familiar about it.

" Ay syo." * Yes pharoah*

That had been Goku's voice. There was no mistaking him.

"Na tu tir siana." *They are very beautiful.*

"Ay amaphas syo." * Yes great pharoah.*

That had been that little weasels voice. She couldn't mistake that. He sounded so eager.

"Tun ute ti nun?" * Who looks for them?*

" Vegeta."

Bulma's ears perked up at that. She had definitely heard Vegeta's name. She hadn't heard him. Was he there? Carefully she peeked open an eye. She could see the ground and the bottom of Goku's boot. She wasn't brave enough to look around yet. If he wasn't here, maybe he was on his way. She could keep some hope alive couldn't she. Hurry Vegeta.

"Ja ef tet mofata du?" * He is the powerful one?*

Goku nodded his head in assent.

"Te es im jy." * You will kill him.*

"Ay syo." * Yes pharoah.*

Goku put his fingers on his head and disappeared.


Vegeta had finally closed in on Kakkarot's ki. It had taken him most of the night, but he had found them. Now he would go and kill him. He had also caught a rather strong ripple of energy from Bulma. That had pleased him and sent new hope that she was alright shooting through him, even though he had felt it grow distant over the past few minutes. She was no longer in the same place as Kakkarot. It made no difference. He would simply beat it out of Kakkarot bit by bit. He had hoped to be able to take his time killing Kakkarot, but that would be impossible now that she was no longer with him. Leave it to her to screw up his fun. Damn woman was more trouble then she was worth. He smirked then for the first time that night as he thought of all the naughty ways that she could make it up to him.


She wondered where they were being flown . No one had come back since earlier. After awhile, when she was sure they were alone, she had dared to open her eyes and look around. There was some light filtering in through a small window. She saw nothing around them but empty space.It looked like some kind of baggage compartment.She didn't recognize it as one of Capsule Corps. She looked over at Chi-Chi and decided to try and wake her up again. This time she had a little luck. She moaned a bit then managed to pop open an eye. She sat straight up, clutching her head as the room spun.

"Bulma, where are we?"

"In a plane, though I'm not sure where we are going."

"Where's Goku?"

"I don't know. "

Chi-Chi shook her head trying to clear the cobwebs. She could remember yelling at him to remember her, to remember Gohan, then nothing.

"What happened?" She looked at Bulma then, her dark eyes brimming with confusion and loss and something else unreadable and undefined.

Bulma's heart went out to Chi-Chi. She must be in a tailspin. She at least knew that Vegeta was still himself. Chi-Chi had no such assurances. The gentle man she had loved had been taken away and replaced by something neither of them could understand.

"Goku knocked us both out and brought us here. That's about all I know."

"Oh, kami." Chi-Chi whispered putting her hand to her face. What was happening to all of them. She remembered now seeing Gohan unconcious against the wall. Goku's voice rang in her head.

' He will live.'

That had been all he had spoken before knocking her out. She felt hot tears threatening to spill out and tried to fight them. It wasn't going to do her or anyone else any good. She felt Bulma's arms go around her and hug her and the dam broke. Her tears flowed freely as she sobbed for herself and Goku and everything that had been destroyed for them.

"It'll be okay, Chi-Chi. we will get out of this and we will find away to get him back. You have to believe in that."

"I know, I'm trying to stay strong. For him and for Gohan. I love him so much. I know him and I know what he is and to see him so distant and cold, it is the hardest thing I have ever had to see."

"I know Chi-Chi, believe me I know." She thought of Vegeta, who was always so distant and cold. Well he hadn't been distant in that bed. He had been anything but distant there. She closed her eyes and remembered feeling him against her. She had been right. It had been something to be held against that chest, however briefly. She wanted more, she wanted him. She wanted to feel that way again. It was horrible to have such feelings for a man who would never give them back. The truly sad thing was he was capable of such emotion. He teased you with just a little, enough to see the man underneath that cold shell, then he jerked it back, making you question whether you had actually even seen anything at all.

Chi-Chi heard the emotion in Bulma's voice and pulled away to look her friend in the eye. She did see an understanding there. One she hadn't thought Bulma would ever be able to feel being with Yamcha. Yamcha and Bulma's idea of a relationship was a far cry from anyone elses. Together today, broken up tomorrow. It defied logic how often those two split up and made up. Looking into Bulma's tear filled eyes though, she realized a lot more was going on with her then she had known.

"You 're not talking about Yamcha are you?

Bulma shook her head.

"Vegeta." She whispered.

Chi-Chi's mouth fell open. She would have never guessed that one. Well maybe she should have. She had seen him at the museum with Bulma and he had seemed different around her. His eyes had constantly watched her and looked at her with a hunger that had even made Chi-Chi weak in the knees and that was saying alot. Goku was a gentle lover, and passionate with her when she needed it, she had always seen love and passion in his eyes, but she couldn't ever remember seeing a look like that. Maybe it was the difference in personalities. Goku was gentle and loving and protective while Vegeta was hard and silent, his spirit unbridled. She had never seen anything gentle in him at all.To have such a raw passion for someone else must be, well Chi-Chi wasn't sure what word to put on it. Perhaps intense. She envied Bulma, though Kami knew she couldn't have wished Vegeta on her worst enemy. He would be difficult and unyielding. Bulma was a better woman then she was. Chi-Chi knew she and Vegeta would have killed each other. No, she had found what she needed in Goku. She only needed to find a way to reclaim it.

"You don't know what to say?" Bulma laughed a little, seeing the look on her friend's face.

Chi-Chi laughed at that one.

"You certainly have your hands full with him."

"That's just it, Chi-Chi, he doesn't love me back." Her voice caught on unshed tears that she had tried so hard to keep back. She couldn't do this right now.

"Are you sure, Bulma?"

Bulma nodded wiping tears from her eyes.

"He considers me a notch or two below him. He has no interest in me."

Chi-Chi heard the bitter edge to Bulma's voice and studied her face.

"Then he can go straight to hell Bulma. He's lucky there is anyone here to care about

him. Most people wouldn't give him a second chance. He's too arrogant to see it. "

"Thanks Chi-Chi, I needed to hear that. He always has just the perfect thing to say to shoot me down." She didn't bother telling Chi-Chi she had slept with him. That was something she wanted to keep to herself for awhile.

Chi-Chi smiled at her and leaned back against the small wall. She wasn't all certain that Vegeta's feeling didn't run deeper for Bulma then she realized, but what did she know? She hardly knew him. They had more important things to worry about now.


Vegeta landed directly behind Kakkarot. He had finally located him in a field no less and at sunrise. What a fitting place and time for him to kill Kakkarot.There was nothing around them . Kakkarot had obviously been expecting this little show down. He smirked. Good, there would be less to hinder him while he killed the third class loser.

"Where is she, Kakkarot?"

"Vegeta," Kakkarot nodded to him,"I've been waiting for you."

Vegeta smirked again and crossed his arms.

"You didn't answer my question, Kakkarot. How rude."

"It took you long enough to find me, Vegeta. I thought you were better then that."

Vegeta frowned but remained calm.

"I would have if you hadn't kept moving around. Are you scared of me Kakkarot? You should be."

"Hardly Vegeta. I was just buying some time for my master to get away with your woman."

Vegeta growled at that, his fists clenched.

"He has yours as well, fool."

"Yes, well I will be seeing her again. That is more then I can say for you."

Vegeta sneered at that.

"I will kill you for taking her, you do know that don't you Kakkarot. I am your Prince, she is my woman, what you have done is punishable only by your death."

"I didn't see you there when she really needed you. You were nowhere to be found. Do you have any idea how easy it was to take her?"

Vegeta snarled in rage and launched himself at Kakkarot, fist raised. He would kill him now and find Bulma on his own.

Kakkarot easily sidestepped the blow and appeared behind Vegeta dealing him a kick across his back. Vegeta grunted and flew forward. Kakkarot right behind him.

"Do you have any idea,Vegeta, what my master has planned for her?"

Vegeta did, and he didn't want to have it confirmed by Kakkarot. He landed a punch on his face, then swung out with his leg sending the third class flying. He shot up into the air prepaired to use his gallic gun on him. As he fired he saw Kakkarot disappear. It's that new trick of his. What had he called it? Instant transmission. He looked all around, trying to find the other saiyan. Nothing. Where had the coward gone?

"You know Vegeta, you really get mad too easily. It will be your downfall. "

Kakkarot had reappeared right behind him. Vegeta barely had time to register as Kakkarot's fist connected with his jaw, snapping his head back. Vegeta flew right back at him and the two engaged in a flurry of hits and blocks, neither getting the upper hand on each other.

"You know, its ashame you aren't a super saiyan, you might be more of a challenge to me if you were. You're deluding yourself if you think you can kill me. I am stronger then you, I will always be stronger then you, Vegeta."

Vegeta clenched his fist.

" Kakkarot, you bastard, " he screamed, "I will kill you."

He fired a blast at him then. A new blast he'd been working on for awhile. Kakkarot batted it away as if it was nothing. Vegeta hung in the air, trying to catch his breath. He was getting no where with Kakkarot

Goku flew back up at Vegeta, but stopped short of him.

"Vegeta, it's no wonder Frieza had such an easy time controlling you. You aren't half as strong as I am. I think I would have liked to see you bow to him. I bet that was something to see. The almighty Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans, down on his knees. "

Vegeta was truly enraged now, something the other saiyan had counted on. He knew it was a sore spot. He knew that from some distant memory.

Vegeta attacked him once again. Holding nothing back as they moved through the air twisting and hitting. How dare that worthless, third class saiyan say such things to him. He had no choices where Frieza was concerned. He'd been a damn boy when he had been given to Frieza. As strong as he had been, he'd been no match for that monster. He had been brave. Had stood up to Frieza as much as he could and had suffered for it. Damn Kakkarot to hell. He knew nothing.

Goku let him tire himself out. That would only make it easier to defeat him. He really was a worthy opponent. As much as he was enjoying this fight with Vegeta, though, he knew he needed to end it. He screamed as he powered himself up to super saiyan, raw power coursing through him. Vegeta drew back shocked. He should have realized that Kakkarot would do this. Without the ability to turn himself yet, he couldn't even think of beating him.

"You can't get out of this one can you? No matter where you go I'll find you. You might as well accept your death now. I promise I'll make it fast."

Vegeta clenched his fists. How had it come to this? Was he so weak that he now couldn't even defend himself against this miserable, third class saiyan. Kakkarot was right, he would always find him with that damn instant transmission. He had no choice but to fight. He supposed it was better to die fighting then running. He slowly lowered himself to the ground. He would not make it easy on Kakkarot. If he thought he would just roll over and die he was sadly mistaken.

Goku floated down to the ground across from him. His golden hair crackling with the power that ran through him. He fixed his green eyes on Vegeta.

"I didn't expect you to give up quite this easily, Vegeta. "

Vegeta shot rapid fire at him till nothing but dirt and smoke and grass could be seen.

"You'll find Kakkarot, that I am full of surprises." He fought to catch his breath from the loss of energy.

Goku appeared right behind him, Vegeta never saw the kick that was dealt him squarely in the head. He fell to the ground stunned. Kakkarot was just too powerful for him.

"So am I, Vegeta. So am I." He stood above Vegeta now.

Vegeta laid there defeated. Once again he had failed to achieve his greatness when it had been needed the most. He didn't particularly want to revisit Hell again, he still had so much more he wanted to achieve. He knew with time and training he would have been more powerful then Kakkarot could have ever hoped of being. It was his destiny. He was the legendary super saiyan. And Bulma. He had let her down. How ironic that the boy had warned of his death by the androids. He had never expected it to come this way. Death by Kakkarot's hand was something he had never entertained. He had seen only his own victory. He guessed he had been cursed by the fates yet again.

* * * * *

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