I am trying very hard to keep Vegeta in character, I just think though that regardless of what he acts like in public and with the rest of the DBZ characters, he would have to have some deep inner thoughts that would be totally unVegeta like and there would have had to be some private, intimate moments with Bulma, something to keep her going for all those years. You can't love a man that never shows it. I don't own any of these characters...Hope you enjoy the story...




Bulma looked towards the area that the door had once stood. That seemed to be where Vegeta's attention was focused. What kind of battle was this going to be? Vegeta had hardly stood a chance against that thing. What if it had decided to come back and finish them? If Vegeta couldn't stop it then who could? Goku seemed to have been taken over some how. None of the other fighters were anywhere near as strong as Vegeta. They certainly couldn't beat Goku. She struggled to her feet as Vegeta went down into a battle stance. She would not lay down and wait for her death.

Vegeta prepaired for another battle. He could sense the ki close. Unless they were able to disguise their power levels he shouldn't have too much trouble with this one. It infuriated him that he had not been able to stop that thing earlier. What kind of powers did it have to so immobilize him. He was not the Prince Of The Saiyans for nothing. He would beat them all and they would bow to him and that included Kakkarot.

Prince Omar stepped over the rubble that had once been a museum. So it had started. Well he would find a way to end it as his ancient ancestor had 5000 years ago. They would not rule this planet or even the universe. He noticed a body on the ground. He stopped and rolled it over. Another Egyptian. He was still alive. A clap of thunder made him look up. He saw the dark clouds rolling in. Even now, the evil was beginning to spread over the Earth. He looked back down at the man. He was unconcious but alive. Omar checked him out. Nothing noticeable. He might have a concussion. He would live. He drug the man to a wall that was still half erect and leaned him against it. He proceeded into the room that the actual exhibit had

been in.

Bulma's mouth dropped open as the creature she had been expecting entered the room. He was the furthest thing from a creature that she had ever seen. He was incredible. Gorgeous would not have done this man justice. He was tall at least 6 foot. Black hair was swept back from his face and hung to his shoulders. He was swathed in black from head to toe. He looked absolutely dangerous. A neatly trimmed goatee only added to the overall aura of danger. A wicked looking sword swung from his hip.

Prince Omar saw the two standing there. The man was short, but powerfully built. His hair swept upwards as if it were a flame. He had obviously been fighting and was ready to fight again if neccesary. The terrified looking woman stood looking back at him, studying him as he did them. He could see she was a great beauty, though she was covered in dirt. She was obviously trying to decide if he was friend or foe.

Vegeta snarled, ready to hurl himself at the man, but before he even left the ground the man spoke.

" I mean you know harm. I hunt for what did this." His voice was heavy with accent.

Vegeta was not a fool. He trusted no one yet he did not move. He would let the stranger come to him.

Bulma spoke up then, not wanting to see any more fighting. She was hurt and tired and to top it off she could hear thunder. It had been so sunny when they had first come in. She wanted to get away from this devastation and rest. She needed to find Chi-Chi and Yamcha and Gohan before they died here in this rubble.

"Can you help us? There are people that are buried under this mess."

Vegeta heard the catch in her voice. She was starting to lose it. That was the last thing he needed, a hysterical Earth woman. How did he continually keep getting himself into these horrible situations? Why couldn't he just blast them all and get the hell away from this miserable planet with its dead rising back up.

"Dammit woman, shut up and stay back if you want to stay alive."

" I can help you, but I need to know about the creature." Omar thought that the woman would be the voice of reason. The man just looked pissed off and he doubted he would listen to much he had to say.

Bulma nodded and started to pick her way through the rubble, slipping and sliding trying to get to the man. Vegeta cursed under his breath. Fool woman had no sense. She was putting her faith in someone she didn't even know. It would serve her right if she got herself killed. Even as he said the words though, he felt himself moving towards her, trying to help her. She just looked so confused and lost.

Omar thought that the woman might be going into shock. He moved to help her, but was roughly tossed away by the man. He was much stronger then Omar imagined.

"Get out of my way, fool."

"Vegeta, please. Let him help us." She jumped as another clap of thunder sounded loudly around them.

"Yes, please, I must hurry. I need to find the mummy before he has a chance to regenerate himself fully. What you saw today is only a small measure of what he can do. He will be unbeatable if he is allowed to do so."

"Do you expect me to believe that? Nothing is impossible for me, Vegeta."

Bulma latched onto Vegeta's hand. She shook her head.

"No, Vegeta. You saw what he was capable of. I believe him."

In the distance she could hear sirens. It sounded like help was on the way. She hoped there hadn't been too many victims of that monster. Another clap of thunder made her jump and she moved closer to Vegeta. He cursed inwardly but made no motion to push her away.

"I'm Bulma Briefs. This is Vegeta. Our friends are buried under this mess. Another one is with that thing." She shuddered.

"I am Prince Omar. I am descended from the warrior that originally put The King into his eternal slumber. Now I am afraid it is my turn to do the job."

"He must not have done a very good job," Vegeta sneered, "considering." He waved his hand to encompass the devestation around them.

"He did the only thing he could. There is no killing him." He shook his head. Now was not the time. He would explain things to them later.

"Come, we waste our time. Let us find these friends of yours and be gone. I must get on the trail of the creature again or all is lost. "

Bulma nodded and moved to try to locate the area that the others might be in. With all the rubble she had lost her orientation in the room. Then she remembered Vegeta.

"Vegeta, can you sense Gohan or Yamcha?"

Vegeta frowned but tried. He pointed to a section not far from where they stood.

"Kakkarot's brat and that weakling boyfriend of yours are over there."

Bulma looked at him for a moment. He was more pissed off then usual. Something was wrong.

She touched his arm.

"Vegeta, what is it? "

"There is nothing wrong with me, woman, now go and find your worthless friends." He jerked his arm away and turned his back to her.

She frowned, but decided not to worry about him right now. She would figure it out later. The last thing she needed now was a temperamental prince on top of all the other things.

"Come on," she said to Omar," they are over here."

Omar followed her helping her stumble over the mess of bricks and plaster. Vegeta turned back and watched them, gritting his teeth in frustration as the man laid his hands on Bulma. He had half a mind to blast him straight to hell, but he held back. He'd have to listen to Bulma then, and he wasn't sure he was in the proper frame of mind for that. Growling he decided to go and help himself, so they could get away from here. He had a score to settle. He would not let that thing get away with making a fool out of him. This so called Prince would be useful in tracking down the monster. He had already tried to trace Kakkarot's ki himself, but he was keeping it suppressed.

"Get out of my way," he snarled to Omar.

He located the section that he could sense the faint energies from and blasted away the rock and stone. He had no sooner pulled Yamcha up when the skies opened up on them and rain began to pour, soaking them all instantly. Vegeta used his ki to dry himself. He noticed Bulma dripping wet and shivering trying to dig her way through to Kakkarot's mate. Cursing himself for yet again being weak, he grabbed her and let his ki envelope her. She had nothing on but a flimsy dress. She would be sick if he didn't help her.

Omar was amazed at what the man Vegeta was capable of doing. He had heard of people who were able to control their energies, but this man was incredibly powerful. He seemed to care about the woman even though he was fighting it. Even in the seriousness of the battle he now fought, Omar found amusement in that. He was fighting a losing battle. It was obvious to see. He lifted the man they had uncovered up out of the hole he had been in. The rain beating down on his face seemd to rouse him some.

Yamcha opened his eyes, aware of the pounding rain. He sat up, wincing in pain as his head throbbed from the effort. He took in the devastation around him.

"What happened?"

"Yamcha," Bulma cried," thank goodness you are okay. Just hang on, I'll explain everything soon. We have to find Chi-Chi and Gohan."

As she spoke the words Vegeta hauled both of them up out of the rubble.

"Do you have some way we can get them out of here?" he asked her. "Your car isn't big enough and there's no way I am flying any of you anywhere. "

"Yeah, I think so."She was lucky that her purse had been slung across her body. If it hadn't been she would have lost it for sure in all the ruckus. She dug around for her compartment of capsules. She felt at least three pairs of eyes on her as she located it and fumbled around trying to get it open. Finally after what seemed like an eternity she got it and picked out the capsule she was looking for. She threw it down and a small plane appeared.

"It won't be very comfortable but it should get us back to Capsule Corporation."

Omar and Vegeta began tossing people in. Yamcha held Chi-Chi, while Omar took Gohan. Bulma climbed into the pilots seat with Vegeta next to her and began the flight home.

Rebollah stared out at the pouring rain. They were making a brief stop here at his apartment where he had stashed the Kings book of the dead and his elixer of life. Once he took that, there would be no turning back. He had sent the slave to get it from its hiding place. He knew the moment that the King was whole again, he would want to resurrect his Queen,Teya. He shuddered at that thought. He had read the horrific legends of Teya. She was thought to be worse then the King. For a brief moment he wondered what he had gotten himself into. He hoped the rewards would be worth it. Speaking of rewards, he wanted to beg his king for one in particular. The woman. The slave would know where to find her. He wanted to take her with him. If she failed to please him, well then he would just kill her. He turned himself away from his window and looked at the horrific creature that stood waiting for his elixir and prepaired himself to beg.

Bulma had gotten them all home. She had filled a disbelieving Yamcha in on what had happened. He had been determined that Vegeta had somehow been responsible for all that he had seen.

Vegeta had merely turned away, his mouth compressed into a tight line. Bulma had snapped then, assuring Yamcha that quite the opposite had occured and Vegeta had actually protected them. Vegeta had looked at her then. She saw something in his eyes, but she couldn't read it very well. He was an enigmatic man and very hard to figure out. He did look tired and he was dirty and wounded in a few spots. Nothing serious though, considering what he had been through. She shuddered when she remembered that he had been face to face with that thing.

Omar had offered no more information. When they got back to Capsule Corporation he had helped unload Chi-Chi and Gohan, who was beginning to come around. She had left her father to tend to them and she figured Yamcha could explain things as much as she could. She had needed to change. She wanted to find Vegeta and see if he needed any help. It was the least she could do, considering he had saved her life today. She wasn't stupid. Without him there she would be dead. She owed him some gratitude. She went to her room and discarded her ruined clothes, then went down the hall to his room.

She knocked on his door.

"What do you want, woman?"

She smiled. He would know it was her. She turned the knob and opened the door.

"Vegeta, " she poked her head in. He sat on his bed, clad in only a pair of shorts. She noticed his battle armor out. She was once again amazed at the beauty of his physique. She wondered what that chest would feel like to lay on? Oh who was she kidding. Vegeta was no more interested in her then he was being friends with Yamcha. He was a beautiful man. A man she knew had suffered horribly at the hands of Frieza. She could only imagine what he'd been through and what he had been forced to do. Yet there he sat as much a Prince now as he had probably been when he was still on Vegitesai. He had lived a lifetime in the relatively few years he had been alive. He couldn't be that old.

"Go away, woman. I require nothing."

"I didn't stop by to see if you did need anything else." She moved into the room and approached him quietly. She laid a hand on his shoulder and felt him flinch. It angered her that he would act like this with her and let her hand drop.

"You know Vegeta, why is it whenever I touch you,you act like I'm some kind of leper? Do you hate me that much that you can't even stand to have my hand on you?"

Vegeta found that statement amusing. Here he was actually hiding in his room so he wouldn't have to be near her, but not for the reason she thought. He sighed then. What was he going to do? Here he was, the mighty Prince Of The Saiyans, second best to a third class warrior, hiding in his bedroom like a scared child from a weak, human woman. He had truly found an even lower level to sink to. He stood up and looked at her, his dark eyes piercing through her, angry at himself for letting this happen.

"I am an elite warrior, woman. You are nothing but a weak, low class woman that would not be fit to shine my boots if we were on my planet. How dare you come in here and attack me for not enjoying your touch. Of course I don't like your touch."

Well he was not subtle, she'd give him that. Strangely enough she wasn't moved to tears. She was angry though. Angrier then he had ever moved her to become before. She would be damned if she would let this asshole degrade her like she was somehow a piece of trash that was stuck on the bottom of his boot.

"You know, great Prince, you are an heir without a throne. Maybe you should be grateful that someone is willing to put up with you and give you a place to stay. I'm good enough to take things from, but I am abhorrent in every other sense, right? You know what Vegeta, you're the loser and in case you were having trouble figuring it out, we are on Earth now. Remember ? Frieza destroyed your stupid, worthless planet."

She'd yelled the final words to him, knowing she'd gone too far the minute they had left her mouth. That had always been her problem. Not knowing when to stop. Oh well, it was too late now, she might as well prepare for her death. He stood there and looked at her, trembling with rage. She had a feeling it was all he could do to not blast her away right then and there. Something in her, though,wouldn't let her stop. She would show this idiot man exactly what she was made of. That she could bring him to his knees if she so desired. She closed what little distance was between them and kissed him.She put it all in that kiss. Every pent up emotion she had held inside of her towards him. She wanted to show him all the things he could have had. To show him it was he that needed to measure up to her. Then she would walk away. That had been the plan anyway. Dimly she felt him respond back to her, almost violently, wrapping his arms around her, crushing her to him. She was powerless to move.


He had tried. He had tried to make her go away but she just wouldn't go. Now here she was kissing him in a way that he knew he would never be able to turn away from. Her mouth was like fire igniting his along with it. He crushed her to him, kissing her back with all the pent up emotion he had bottled up inside of him for so long. Always taught that the any emotion besides hatred and anger were worthless. Having it all beaten out of him first from his father, then by Frieza. Then being forced to do so many unspeakable things, learning to do them without caring. He had tried to back her away, but he couldn't fight it any longer. She had come in here and asked for it. She had pursued him. He would fight it no longer.

Bulma gasped as he pushed her down on the bed and ripped open her robe. She knew she should be scared, but she wasn't. She had wanted this from him. She had wanted to feel him against her body, well here was her chance. It might be her only one. She knew she should be downstairs trying to figure out what to do about this nightmare they were caught in, but right now all she wanted was him.

Vegeta ripped off his shorts, furious with himself for being unable to control himself around this stupid woman. She had nothing he wanted except maybe her body. He refused to acknowledge any other feelings he might have had for her. He wanted to go slower but he couldn't, he just couldn't wait. He had been far too long without a woman and even his experiences before had been limited and quick.His anger and his lust for her drove him on. He entered her in one quick motion, moaning as he felt how tight she was. He thrust into her almost desperately, poaring every bit of anger and frustration he had into his motions. He didn't care anymore. She refused to listen to him, so now she would understand fully what he was capable of.

Bulma cried out as he plunged into her over and over. She heard his ragged breathing in her ear, heard herself trying to catch her breath. She wrapped her legs around him drawing him in deeper and trying to answer him back. They were like two lost souls in the night having finally discovered each other. She had never known this kind of passion. He growled at her then and threw his head back losing all his hard earned control, spilling himself in her even as she had her own climax, his name on her lips. She clung to him unable to breath for a moment. She had never experienced anything like that before. It had been like being caught on the ocean in a violent storm with only a flimsy raft to cling to for safety. It hadn't even been anything besides mindless sex. There had been no foreplay, no sharing of thoughts, yet she felt an incredibly intimate connecton with him now. He had collapsed on top of her emotionally spent. She stroked his back gently, feeling the tremors that ran though his body, wishing she could find some way to help him. She knew, though, that he would make it almost impossible for her. Vegeta seemed to always feel the need to do things alone.

Vegeta felt her hand on his back. He was shaken at what had just happened. How could he have let this happen. He had wanted to sleep with her and probably would have eventually. He had even toyed with the idea of taking her as his mate for life. He had all but decided to do that, until he had been soundly defeated in battle this afternoon. It had reminded him of his purpose on this planet and she wasn't it. She was a distraction,a clear hurdle to what he needed to get done. Besides what did he need a mate for? She only reminded him of his weaknesses. Now this. He couldn't even just sleep with her. No, he had gone and used her for some type of emotional solace and ended up sharing more with her then he had ever intended to even if he had mated with her. He had to end this madness now. This was not the life for him. This was something he just could not do. If he could not control himself around this one weak female then how could he ever hope to defeat Kakkarot or that monster or any androids for that matter. What was wrong with him?

"Vegeta?" She murmered.

She sounded well pleased. It made him want to take her again, this time more slowly and leisurely, but he already knew that was a course of action he could not follow. He was even still inside her and he could feel himself hardening again already. He groaned. He knew to pull out of her now would kill him,but he had to. He couldn't be weak. It didn't help that she was already moving against him, grinding her hips against his. He moved inside her once and gave himself up for lost. He couldn't fight it. There had to be something he could do to get himself out of this but he knew he was kidding himself. He didn't want it to end.

Bulma knew she needed to get downstairs and check on her friends. They needed to go and figure out how to stop this monster. They had limited time and then bam the world was going to be over as she knew it. She knew all these things but the only thing she could manage to do was lay up here and have mind numbing sex with Vegeta. She hadn't been able to stop herself, when she had felt him hardening inside of her. She had been so turned on by that feeling that she just had to move. He was already moving with her. This time his mouth found hers and he kissed her roughly. She was beginning to think that was the only way he knew. His hand moved up to her breast massaging it.His touch surprisingly gentle there. His mouth soon replaced the hand, hot and needy. She arched her back upwards,attempting to rise to meet his every thrust, his every demand. Demand he did. He was not a man one could just lay there for. His every move urged her to answer him, hearing him moan was like an aphrodisiac. She came quickly again. It seemed to be the response only he could get out of her. He worked her body very well, his hands tracing over every inch of available skin he could find. His mouth assaulted her mouth and neck and breasts sending shivers down her body. She came again and this time he joined her, once again spilling himself deep inside her. This time he had the presence of mind to roll off her.

She rolled onto her side and popped herself up onto her elbow looking down at him. She traced his sensuous mouth with a fingertip making him shiver. He grabbed her hand, though, before she could continue and moved it away, sitting up. She could never know what kind of power she held over him or that he even gave a damn about her or even that he needed her. In the end it would only hurt both of them. Better he was a bastard now then later. There could be no more of this.

He managed to curl his lip into a contemptuous sneer . He didn't even bother to look at her as he said the words he knew would drive her away.

"Now you know what its like to fuck your better. Hope you enjoyed it."

Bulma sat up. Had she heard him right? Had he really said what she just thought he had said?

"My better?"The words were spoken very softly, almost dangerously. She couldn't believe even he would say that.


"You would have made an excellent whore in my father's palace. You certainly give a good ride, though I do believe I have had better."

She couldn't believe what he had just said. He couldn't even look at her and say it.


"You bastard, the least you could do is look at me while you insult me." She sounded rather calm to her own ears, even though inside her heart was raging madly. How could he do this to her? To them?

He looked at her then as if she was not even worth his notice.

"Get out, I'm done with you."

She smacked him then, as hard as she could nearly breaking her hand in the process. He just continued to stare at her coldly. She couldn't stop the tears that started to flow then ,down her cheeks. He had gone beyond hurting her. He had utterly demolished her. She had finally come to understand she loved him. She was thankful she hadn't told him. She scrambled off the bed then and ran for her room, cursing herself for her weakness. That she could let him do this to her. She closed her door quietly and calmly. She needed to get downstairs, but she couldn't let anyone else know about this humiliation. She crossed to her shower. First she would need to scrub him off of her. She had her pride.

Vegeta slammed his fist into his wall, punching a hole threw it. Damn her and what she could make him feel. He needed to go and kill something to remind him of who and what he was, and what better thing to kill then that creature that attacked him this afternoon and maybe even Kakkarot. If he killed Kakkarot she would never look at him again. He dressed himself in his armor and quietly slipped out onto his balcony. He would go hunting for it himself and he didn't need these losers to help him.

* * * * *

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