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Vegeta began to power up, screaming as the power coursed through his body. This was really what he lived for. Fighting like this. It was deep in his blood. This battle was all the more sweet because it was against Kakkarot. It was a heady feeling making him forget everything else but the battle.

Goku flew at him, wasting no time. He swung and connected with Vegeta's cheek snapping the Prince's head back. Vegeta smirked at him. A thin line of blood trickled down his mouth.

"Is that the best you can do, Kakkarot?"

Goku merely smiled at him, a rather chilling smile in Bulma's opinion since it was devoid of any emotion. So different from the normal, loving Goku. She looked back over at the still unconcious Chi-Chi and Gohan. Gohan stood staring at his father, shock written all over his face, unable to move. She needed to figure a way over to them. Maybe she could get Yamcha to come around and help her with Chi-Chi.

Vegeta was having a harder time with Kakkarot then he had imagined he would. Kakkarot was coming after him with a single minded fury, giving him little time to prepare his own attack. All he could do was defend himself. He parried his every blow matching his fast and furious pace. As Kakkarot landed a blow, Vegeta grabbed his hand and spun him away against a wall causing it to crack and crumble. As he began to get up and rush to Vegeta, Vegeta disappeared and reappeared again behind him landing a viscious blow across his back and sending him flying once again, this time into the wall Bulma cowered against.

She shrieked as the wall began to come down around her. She felt his arms around her then tossing her across the room by Gohan while he turned back towards his fight with Goku. She looked up and saw the room was going to be coming down around them soon if they didn't get out of there.

Vegeta flew back at Kakkarot fist raised to deliver a devastating blow. Before he reached him, something grabbed him and tossed him back into the wall with the force of a small explosion. Pieces of ceiling were coming down around them. Vegeta stood up and looked towards the creature. He had forgotten about him. So they were going to fight that way. Kakkarot advanced on him, the once silly grin replaced with something far more menacing and evil.

The creature lifted his finger yet again and pointed it towards Vegeta. Vegeta tried to move to block the blow that Kakkarot was getting ready to deliver but found he could not. Rage coursed through him as he was forced to stand there and take the blow to his face then a knee to his groin, doubling him over in agony. He fell to his knees and yelled in outrage.

The creature looked again at Goku.

"Im jy!" *Kill him!*

Bulma saw Goku raise his hand to finish Vegeta. She had to do something or Vegeta was going to die. She looked around for something,anything to use. She saw a stone urn. It would have to be good enough. Grabbing it, she sprinted across the room unnoticed by everyone. She brought the urn down on his head with all the strength she had. She didn't want to hurt him but she was left with few options. There had to be someway to get Goku to snap out of this.

Goku felt the urn hit him. He turned around and saw the small female behind him. Bulma. He knew her yet didn't. His memories were a fuzzy haze. A flash of memory, of a young girl, came and went. He shook his head trying to clear his mind.

The mummy saw him hesitate.

"Im je!" *Kill her!"*

Bulma looked up into his face hoping he wouldn't kill her,unable to move. Vegeta opened his eyes, wondering why Kakkarot had not finished him off. What he saw chilled him to the bones.

"You fool, get away." He struggled to get up, to help her but was unable to. Fury ran through him. He had been helpless to defend himself against Frieza. How could this be happening to him again. He could do nothing, nothing to help himself or her. To see her struck down in front of him would be more then he could handle. He bellowed in outrage.

Goku stared into her eyes a moment. He didn't really have the desire to kill her, yet his master wished her dead. What could he do?

"Daddy!" Gohan called out to his father, still reeling from seeing the once gentle man he knew turn into whatever he was now.

Goku turned towards Gohan, confused. Did he really want to kill these people?

The creature roared in frustration. He didn't have time for this. With his hand he sent Bulma flying into a table, collapsing it. She managed to stay alert though she felt like her back was broken.

Vegeta saw her hit the table. He tried to lurch up again and found this time he could . He came up, fists flying, anger running through every vein in his body. How dare they do this to him? They fought like cowards. He delivered a viscious blow to Kakkarot's head sending him flying across the room. He raised his hand to fire a blast at the man but didn't get a chance as the mummy wrapped cold, bony fingers around his neck and lifted him up. Vegeta was immobilized.

"Din te es rohk." * Now you will die.*

His hand began to squeeze the life from Vegeta. He couldn't even struggle. He felt a hoplessness surge through his body. He had thought to himself that he might have a second chance at his life. He had been given over to Frieza and his spirit had been stifled and eventually killed along with his planet. Now he was finally free of that, free to control his own destiny and now this. To be killed without even being able to fight back. He shuddered when he thought what might happen to Bulma. He had been unable to protect her too.

Bulma looked on as the creature lifted Vegeta up. He was slowly killing Vegeta, she could see that. What could she do? She vaguely saw Gohan run to his father who had been approaching Vegeta again. Goku batted the boy away. She shook her head in despair. Chi-Chi and Yamcha were still out. Was this how it was supposed to end for them? Death served to them from the man that had saved them over and over?

Vegeta shut his eyes and waited for his end to come. He knew there would be no return this time. What was the point in fighting it. He still wasn't a super saiyan. He couldn't even become a super saiyan when he needed to. He was a failure. He had shamed his saiyan heritage.

The mummy grinned maliciously as his hold tightened around Vegeta's neck.

Rebollah took this oppurtunity to go and grab the woman. He wanted her for his own. Surely his king would see fit to let him have her. He grabbed Bulma by the arm. She shrieked and tried to twist away from him.

Vegeta heard her cry and looked over at her. He saw the little bastard that had started all of this touching her. Trying to force her to go with him. Surely he could find someway to stop this. He attempted to power up, to do anything to get this thing off of him.

Bulma fumbled for something, anything to hit Rebollah with. He had locked onto her arm and wouldn't let go, trying to drag her up. Providence did come ,though not in any form she was expecting. The badly damaged walls had reached their limit. She was vaguely aware of them starting to come down around her before a piece of ceiling hit her in the head and knocked her out.

The creature saw the room caving in on itself, damaged from the fighting. He was still weak. He had not yet taken the elixer of life to bring himself back fully. He looked at Vegeta once then dropped him. Vegeta fell to his knees gasping for air.

" Ohm amun." * Another time.*

He motioned to Rebollah and Goku.

" Uhn em tull." *Come We Go.*

Rebollah looked down at Bulma. He could pick her up and take her with them. He attempted to lift her, but he wasn't a big man and she was dead weight. He could not keep his king waiting any longer.

"Soon, you will be mine." he murmured to her still form.

In a flash he was gone following his King.

Goku blasted a hole in the side wall causing even more of it to collapse. He followed his master loyally. His confusion forgotten as he left his wife and child behind.

Vegeta looked up to see the rest of the ceiling and walls falling in on them .The last blast had been more then they could take. He glanced over to where Bulma was. She was already out, but she would be dead if he didn't move fast. He flashed over to her covering her with his body. He could withstand this, his saiyan bones were ten times stronger then her weak human bones. It would be an inconvenience to him but it would mean death to her. Then who would he give hell to? The wall fell in then, covering them both with rubble and brick and plaster.

After a few minutes Vegeta managed to stick his hand out of the rubble. He propelled himself upwards, clearing a path for Bulma. He lifted her from the rubble and laid her down on a flat piece of wall. The whole building must have come down. Or at least a good part of it. He was bloody and scraped up but not seriously injured. He looked Bulma over. She had a nasty bump on the back of her head. He couldn't find anything else. He sat down and looked around him. What had just happened. That creature had been much stronger then him. He had been unable to release himself from its grip. He shuddered. He had thought Frieza was awful. He would still wake up at night, hearing that monsters voice. This had been worse. That thing had been death. He had seen that in its rotted visage. He looked back over at Bulma. She had risked her life to help him. Why? No one had ever tried to help him before, with the possible exception of Kakkarot. He wasn't sure if she was foolish or braver then he had thought. He ran a hand over her face. She was so very beautiful. He hadn't had any beauty in his life before this. Just hatred and anger and killing.

Bulma felt something light brush over her face. She tried to open her eyes but couldn't. She let out a small moan. Her head was killing her. What had happened?

Vegeta heard her moan. He leaned over and shook her shoulders. She was trying to open her eyes.

"Woman, can you hear me?"

"You know Vegeta," she murmured softly, "why do I think I could be dying and you would still not call me Bulma."

He smirked and that was the first thing she saw as she opened her eyes.

"I told you it would be exciting Vegeta, " she half sobbed as she tried to sit up.

He snorted at that and helped her sit up.

"Where's Goku?"

"Kakkarot left with the other cowards."

"Oh no, Goku." She felt tears begin to gather as she remembered his face and the complete lack of emotion on it.

"Why do you care about him? He would have killed you."

"No he wouldn't. I know he wouldn't have. Besides this wasn't his fault Vegeta."

He snorted again. She was getting tired of hearing that sound from him. She stood up on her own but collapsed again quickly as her head began to swim. Vegeta caught her before she could hit the ground.

"Will you sit down and stay put, idiot, before you pass out again. I don't want to have to haul your ass home."

Bulma felt a little dizzy but she wasn't sure if it was her head injury or being held in his arms. How could she even be thinking of that now. She needed to find Chi-Chi and Yamcha and Gohan. Then they needed to figure out what they could do for Goku. Now was not the time to be lusting after this infuriatingly gorgeous man. She was about to open her mouth to tell him to start looking for the others when he turned his head abruptly. She raised her eyebrows. What now?

Vegeta sensed an approaching ki coming straight to them. This power level was much lower then Kakkarot's and not nearly as strong. He pushed Bulma down and prepaired to take on whoever was coming towards them now. He moved away from Bulma so that she would not be in his way.

Bulma watched him silently, wondering what in the hell could be happening now. He obviously sensed someone, question was were they friend or foe?

* * * * *

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