I do not own Dragonball Z or the characters...All chants are taken from the book of the dead, though I have played loose and free with those and the history of ancient Egypt to suit my purposes..enjoy..I promise no dead egyptians were conjured up in the making of this story and see authors note at the end of story..




Omar looked in horror at the jackel headed statue that leered at him, flexing its newly formed muscles, testing its new form. It looked at Omar and roared, showing a mouthful of sharp, canine teeth. He grimaced. Things had definitely taken a turn for the worse. He looked to the smiling Setihamentep, looked around him, looking for any avenue of escape. He had to find those other scrolls, the ones that Yamcha and Gohan had taken. The original curse had to be in there somewhere. He lunged away from the swinging claw of the God Set, twisting wildly and hitting the wall hard, his long black hair falling in his face. How was he going to get out of this? He spun away from the wall as the clawed hand came slashing downward, this time swiping his shoulder, gouging him and drawing blood. He grimaced in pain and managed to dodge yet another attack. He was never going to get out of this alive. Ignoring the painful wound to his shoulder and the blood that flowed freely down his arm, he ran, booted feet using a knocked over statue to launch himself over and above Setihamentep, landing in a roll and coming up on the other side. To his dismay Set was right behind him, right on his heels. He scrambled down the hall, running for his life.


Bulma managed to block another swing from Teya's golden sword. Damn, she was relentless. Bulma wasn't sure she could hold her off much longer. She tried to remember the boxing class she had taken with a girlfriend in college. It had been for self-defense, something they had both thought they needed at the time. Bulma had only taken it to impress Yamcha, not that he had really noticed her skills and she had never really had much reason to use it before. Could she remember any of it and more importantly if she could would it help her at all? She wasn't sure, but surely a couple of the foot maneuvers might come in handy. She ducked as Teya swung around with a blow designed to take off her head. That had been luck, she'd come just a little too close to losing her head. Why couldn't she remember of any of her boxing moves. The swords met and clanged together, meeting once again in mid-air. Perhaps if she could get her angry, cause her to make a mistake, maybe she could get the upper hand then. "You know,"She managed to spit out in between blows, "Vegeta could never be satisfied with you for long. You're pretty, but you hardly compare to a beauty like me." She smiled as the Queen's eyes widened in anger. She'd hit a nerve there. Okay, that was what she could do, insult her, she'd just better be sure she could handle the consequences of that action. She frowned as the floor started a low , rumbling vibration. She could see that Teya was taken aback as well. She struggled to keep her balance as it shook in earnest, as if an earthquake was rocking the place. Teya lunged at her, half off balance, attempting to strike at the exact moment of her distraction. Bulma only had time to roll away, coming into close contact with the asp. She lay still for a moment, before screaming long and loud. Kami she hated snakes, especially nasty, poisonous, kill you in an instant snakes. The asp hissed at her, causing another ear piercing screech. She could hear Teya laughing behind her, could see the deadly snake contemplating striking at her. Okay, she needed to get away from it and she had to be fast before it struck. The ground was thumping with a rythym as if reacting to one, single, beat. What could cause the ground to lift up like that? Discarding her sword, she launched herself backwards with as much speed as she had. She watched the snake entwine around her sword and looked back towards Teya, grimacing. This put her at a slight disadantage. What did you do when you had lost your fighting weapon? Easy the little voice in her head snapped. You run. She gauged her distance from the door and how fast Teya, who was already approaching her, would be able to reach her. She had mere seconds.

"Well, it seems I have you at a disadvantage," Teya was getting closer to her in the small room. She needed to go now.

"Yeah, so I suppose I'll be seeing you!" Bulma shot out the door, running as fast as her feet would take her. She had no doubt that Teya would be following her. Dammit, where was she supposed to go now? She took off down the hall running as fast as she could and hoping she'd find a way out.


Vegeta watched as Kakkarot lay unconcious on the ground. What now? He had no time for this. He needed to go and find Bulma, before she got herself killed. He started to run past, intent on ignoring Yamcha and Gohan when the ground began to shake violently. What in the hell was going on in this place now? He should just fly and be done with it. He turned back to take off, but was stopped by the sight of the bastard Prince running as if hell were on his heels, down the hall, stumbling with each thudding shake.

Omar saw them and began screaming at them to run, to get away. Yamcha and Gohan turned slowly back toward his voice, seeing what he was running from for the first time.

"Oh, man. That doesn't look good, Yamcha."

"What..what would you call that thing, Gohan?" They started backing away slowly, not wanting to argue with Omar's order to run, backing by Vegeta who stood in dumbfounded shock. "Come on Vegeta, we need to get out of here!" Yamcha wasn't sure why he would even bother helping Vegeta, but there he was, telling him to save his ass.

"Yamcha, we can't leave my Dad."

"Right, let's grab him "Turning, he bent and slung Goku over his shoulders, taking off down the narrow passageway. Gohan watched him for a minute, before turning back towards Omar, who was frantically looking for any exit that might take him out of view of the thing that was chasing him.

"Run, Gohan! Protect the scrolls!!" Gohan nodded and turned fleeing down the hall after Yamcha, brushing past Vegeta in his haste to get away.

Vegeta stood his ground. What in the hell was that? Well it wouldn't be around for long, but he needed time to power up and this thing was almost on him. He levitated in the air for a millisecond before turning and rocketing off in the same direction the other's had gone.

Omar ducked into one passageway after another, hopelessly lost, but praying that he could find a way out of all of this. His arm ached horribly, from the wound he'd received and he was pretty sure the only thing keeping him going was the pure, sweet rush of adrenaline. Behind him, the statue of Set the God pounded through walls as if they were nothing, demolishing the inner passageways and slowly gaining ground on the tiring warrior.


Bulma looked back once to see where Teya was, smacking hard into a solid, warm body as she did so. She felt two hands steady her, and from where her eyes were she could already see that it wasn't anyone she wanted to come into contact with. Two muscled tan arms adorned with egyptian finery of some kind were on either side of her. Oh.no. What was she going to do now. She turned her head and met the distinctly angry eyes of Setihamentep.

"What are you doing down here? Why are you not in your rooms?"

He didn't know? Teya had said nothing to him about her desire to kill his future secondary wife. Behind him she saw the leering face of Rebollah, who looked like he'd been sleeping, with his clothing wrinkled and askew. "I..I..your other wife doesn't like me." She managed to sound accusing, hoping that maybe, just maybe she could turn him to her side. Hadn't Teya said he'd been good once before she had turned him to the dark and to evil. Perhaps she could reach that man if it wasn't too late. "Seti, she's trying to kill me." She watched his face contort in several different emotions and for a moment she wondered if he wasn't remembering another woman who'd been laid low by Teya. "Nefertit. She told me she killed Nefertit." This was a calculated risk. He could go nuts over that name for all she knew. She felt his arms tighten on her arms, his handsome face contorting into a look of rage.

"What do you know about Nefertit?" His eyes shot to the woman who had caught up to them.

"She knows what I told her my love. I saw her betraying you as I saw Nefertit, so I felt the need to challenge her to a duel. Only to protect you Seti." Teya sidled past Bulma arrogantly and leaned against her husband, smiling up seductively at him. "I would never allow anyone to make a fool of you. Please allow me to continue the duel."

Bulma drew herself up to her regalest stance."That's not true. Seti. She's the one making a fool out of you. She didn't kill Nefertit for betrayal, she killed her to have a better shot at you. With Nefertit out of the way she could have you to herself completely." She gasped as his hand shot across her face, knocking her back dazedly onto the floor. She thought it might be broken. Gingerly she put her hand on the cheek he'd hit. It would already be bruising. She looked up into his face, so full of wrathful hate, stunned.

"The duel continues." He spat.

"I don't have my sword anymore." She said the words in a small voice and despised herself for sounding so scared.

Setihamentep raised an eyebrow. "Then I guess you are going to die." He smiled and moved away, caressing Teya's face briefly as he did so. "Finish her."


Vegeta was searching for Bulma's ki and had traced her frantic energy right to this room. He lowered himself to the floor and peeked in, pleased when he saw her laying on the floor. She seemed to be in trouble, but he could probably get her out of there. Why was she sitting on the floor and he didn't like the way that disgusting bitch was standing over her with a sword, smirking. Time to move and rescue his mate. Arrogantly, he strolled into the room, watching as they all turned towards him.

"You." Setihamentep's voice was full of anger.

Teya looked at him as well. He shuddered as he remembered her disgusting hands all over him. It would take awhile to get rid of that memory. "This is who she betrayed you with, my love. I saw them with my own eyes."

"Whatever." He muttered. "She was my mate. No one else has the right to take her from me. For that I'll kill you." At his voice Bulma turned towards him, tearfully. His mask of cool, arrogant confidence slipped as he saw her bruised face, who had touched her? He felt his control slipping. Her cheek was darkened with a horrible bruise, perhaps even broken. He knew exactly who would have the force to do that. He turned his gaze back to Setihamentep's face. "I'll kill you." His voice was low and dangerous. "You are dead for touching what is mine."

Bulma almost sobbed in relief. He was still on her side. She'd seen the way he had looked at her when she had first seen him, for a moment it had been gentle, reassuring and all the things she had needed to see, making her feel so safe. Then his gaze had turned absolutely black with rage. Blacker then she had ever seen it, but it wasn't at her. She had almost sobbed with relief, thank kami, it wasn't at her. She might still have a chance after all. She glanced back up at Setihamentep, who stood glowering above her.

"She will fight her duel as is our culture. She has been challenged, and she may not turn away."

"She isn't going to be fighting with anyone, bastard. You can fight with me. " His fists were clenched in an absolute fury that he had never felt before, not even when Frieza had humilitated him repeatedly. This was the absolute, final humiliation for him. Allowing his mate to be manhandled and hurt, failing to protect her and having it thrown in his face. He might not have gotten the opportunity to destroy Frieza and regain his pride, but he could do something about this. He stepped forward, confidently, boldly, putting himself in between Bulma and the creature that had struck her. For that crime alone he would die. "Woman.." he spat out, not wanting to be distracted by watching out for her, "run."

Bulma didn't want to particularly go, but she could sense his desire for her to not be around. She decided not to argue with him. He was going to have his hands full and judging by the look on Teya's face, she was going to need that sword. She didn't really want to go back and retrieve it from the snake. She grimaced at the thought, but she had no option. Somehow she would have to get a hold of it and out think the stupid Queen. She scrambled to her feet and propelled herself out the door, running back towards the room that she had come from originally. Vegeta watched as she fled, then turned his cold, hatefilled gaze back upon the man who had enraged him more and more with each passing moment. He smirked and lowered himself into his fighting stance. He would end this miserable bastard's second life here and now. Setihamentep smiled and shrugged out of his robe. If this mortal bastard wanted a fight then so be it, he would gladly give it to him. He nodded towards Teya, mentally willing her to go and finish off the girl. She nodded and moved back, away from Vegeta and Seti. She gave one last lingering, regretful glance to Vegeta. How she wished things could have been different, before exiting the room and going after the little bitch that had stopped her from getting what she wanted.

Rebollah saw his chance. He might still be able to have the blue haired beauty that had captivated him. He threw a last glance back at his master, before following the Queen out of the room.

Vegeta was oblivious to anything now, but the man that stood in front of him. He was lost in the deep, all consuming blood lust that his race always felt right before a fight and kill and it felt absolutely incredible. It had been so long since he had been able to let go of all his well honed control and turn himself completely loose on something. The desire to kill was running rampant through his blood, driving him almost mad with it's intensity. He took no notice of why his blood was boiling so, didn't even consider the power he felt coursing through him came in response to the danger that his mate had been in or that this thing had dared touch her. His brain had stopped working on all levels except the deep, instinctual, primitive ones he needed to survive his battle and prevail. He smiled and began his power up, bellowing as it coursed through him, feeling it run hot and heavy through his blood.

Setihamentep smiled in response. Even with all his power this fool was still no match for him. He would kill him, then go and retrieve the scrolls he needed to achieve his goals. It had been a mistake to consider the blue haired beauty as a secondary wife. She obviously had no appreciation for the things he had planned or the things he could have offered her. Ahh, well he still had his Teya, and she would remain at his side loyally forever. He had no doubts of that. All that talk of Nefertit. A long buried ghost of his past. He had not wanted to recall the time that he had been weak and mislead. No Nefertit was gone to him now and he no longer had the desire to have her back. Teya had spoken to him of her betrayal and he could always trust Teya. He'd not stop trusting her now. That was what they wanted, for him and his Queen to turn on each other. He would not allow it to happen. He fisted his hands, knowing he could take the man any time he wanted, but he had the desire to make it last a bit, just enough for him to understand he had really never stood a chance.

Vegeta flew at the mummy, well aware that he held more power then he did. Perhaps not actual physical power, but mental. He could remember how easily he had tossed him around with a mere flick of his wrist, but on actual physical power he was far inferior to any Saiyan and most especially the elitest of any saiyan to ever exist. He disappeared right before he reached the mummy who had already flicked his wrist in an attempt to send Vegeta back against the wall, reappearing right behind him, delivering a well placed kick to the mummy's neck, knocking him forward and onto the ground. This was going to be easier then he thought.


Bulma had raced back to the little room Teya had stuck her in, looking frantically around for her lost sword. To her horror the snake was still arched around it, though the hilt was free to touch, that is if one didn't mind getting struck by an asp. Oh, no, what was she going to do?


Chi-Chi woke up from her slumber with an almost overwhelming rush of dread and anxiety. She turned over and found herself alone in the large bed, Goku having deserted it some time before. Where had he gone? She slid off the bed and walked to the large doors, swinging them open and looking down the long marbled hallway. Should she stay here or go looking for him. She might be able to turn up Bulma. She decided to go searching, carefully proceeding down the hall that was absolutely deafening in its silence. She thought back to the dread that had awoken her. Was it the last remanants of a bad dream or a true premonition of something horrible yet to come? She would almost bet on the latter. She walked slowly down the hall, each step ringing loudly in the silent hall. Goku had to be around here somewhere and wherever he was she would find him.


Yamcha felt Goku stirring against his shoulder as he flew down the long and winding passageways of the underground hideout. This place was neverending. He had long ago lost Gohan and was frantic to find him. He could not let him go up against that thing by himself or could he? He didn't want to die again. This time there would be no reprieve, no wishing back. An idea struck his thought, but was quickly dismissed. The dragonballs were useless to him. He'd need time and the radar to find them and he had neither, not to mention there was no guarantee it would work. Another groan from Goku got his attention. Carefully he lowered him to the ground, propping him against a wall. Maybe he should get the hell out of here now, before Goku woke up and decided to kill him. He backed up slowly, putting as much distance between himself and Goku as he possibly could. He'd seen the dead look in his friend's eyes and hoped to not have to see it again.

Goku came too slowly, unsure where he was or what had happened. He remembered...he struggled for a moment.He remembered absolutely....nothing. He couldn't even think of his own name, all he knew was that his head hurt fiercely. He looked up, noticing the man who stood across the way from him.

"Who are you?" He muttered hoarsely, barely able to speak.

"Goku?" Yamcha asked cautiously. He wasn't attacking, but had he just asked him who he was? Goku would know him, they had only known each other for ten years now. "Goku are you okay?"

"What did you call me?" His wide eyes showed confusion. Yamcha was taken aback. What had happened to cause this. First he has his soul taken completely, but is still Goku, able to remember his past, just not caring, now he has no memory at all. It was enough to make his head spin. He sincerely hoped this would all be over soon.

"I called you Goku. That's your name. Don't you recall it?" He took a cautious step closer to his friend.

"Goku? Where am I and who are you?"

"You're in Egypt and I'm Yamcha, we've been friends for a long time now. "

Goku shook his head. "I don't remember anything."

"Well we are in a lot of trouble right now, so maybe we should get moving and figure all this out later when we have a chance. He could hear the thudding of that thing's feet getting closer, and becoming louder. His safe place was about to not be safe anymore and he wasn't sure he was ready to face down that thing anytime soon, not to mention he needed to find Bulma.

"What do you mean..trouble?"

"Do you hear that noise, it sounds like someone really big running? The shaking floor? That would be something really awful and unless you want to fight it, I'd suggest we run."

"Do I know how to fight?" Goku looked up at him with an almost childlike expression.

"Goku, you're the strongest fighter in the universe, now lets go."Yamcha yanked on his arm, pulling him up and yanking him out the door, seeking another safe haven to hide.

Gohan slid around a corner and came to a stop. Behind him, not too far was Omar and the statue of Set. He looked down at the scrolls he held in his arms, the scrolls that Omar had told him to protect. What should he do with them? Did they contain the way out of all of this? He hoped so, not just for himself, but for his father as well. He couldn't lose his dad like this. He just couldn't. He leaned back against the wall as far as he could go, trying not to panic at the sound of the statue getting closer. He had to be brave and strong. It was the only way he was going to get help for his father. He would wait here and try to snag Omar and if they had to, they would face down this statue together, or at least he would while Omar looked through these scrolls. He could hear the booted feet racing towards him, the statue not far behind. He clutched the scrolls tightly under one arm, preparing to grab Omar with the other one and rocket away to a safer locale, one that would serve as a good fighting place as well. If you were going to make a stand against big, ugly monsters, you had to have the best location to do that. He peeked around the corner, determining Omar's position, just a few more feet and he could get him.


Bulma turned as she heard Teya enter the room behind her, smiling at her, as if her imminent death was some kind of joke. She turned back to the sword, looking at it once again, trying to decide how best to grab the hilt. She had no real choices did she. It was that or die. She inhaled slowly, trying to remain cool, reaching out her hand slowly to grab and yank and roll if need be. She'd learned that move from Goku himself in their earlier days. Behind her she could hear Teya moving, coming towards her, prepared to cleave her in half from the back. What a coward. Wasn't it a coward that always attacked from the back? She lunged quickly at the sword, yanking it up even as she rolled off to her left, watching as Teya's sword clanged into the stone wall sliding in a ways and sticking, she smirked broadly. Thank You Goku! She only hoped she could find someway to help him in return. She scrambled to her feet, ignoring the sharp pain in her shoulder the hard roll had caused her. She didn't think it was too serious, a bruise perhaps. She backed up towards the door, determined to not fight this fight in this little vermin infested room. She'd rather take it back up to Vegeta, so she did the only thing she could, she turned and ran, unfortunately for her, headlong into the little creepy professor. He reached out and grabbed her shoulders, causing her to hiss at the pain in the left one. She tried to shove him off. "Get away from me you creep. I'm trying to survive here." He refused to let go.

He smiled at her. "I will protect you my dear. You need to have no fear as long as I am here."

Bulma glanced back at Teya who had managed to unimbed her sword from the wall. Kami, she didn't want to think how sharp that thing had to be to go into the stone that way, and now she was turning back towards her, with a look of pure, unadulterated hate on her face. She had to get away from this idiot. Turning she brought her foot down as hard as she could, grinding it into his foot. He gasped and let go if only momentarily, but it was the only moment she needed, pushing past him and running back the way she came. If she was going to fight this fight, it would be on her own terms and not that of Teya's. She stumbled as a blinding pain shot through her head. What the hell?An image, sharp and blinding in its clarity went through her mind. She saw them, two women, one was Teya..it was a desperate battle, fought long and hard. The other woman..Kami..she was..she was going to die and she knew it, the awful knowledge of her death. Bulma staggered and fell to her knees, managing to crawl into a small alcove in the hall,hearing the sharp cry of Rebollah somewhere down the hall, praying that Teya had not seen her or where she had crawled to. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the visions that were flooding her eyes and numbing her senses. Nefertit, so beautiful and graceful, the prize of the Nile. How she knew this, Bulma couldn't say, only that the knowledge was there, as if the memories had been her own. A princess bred to be a Queen, she had loved Setihamentep had been well trained to defend herself, to take out any competitor, and she had been happy until Teya had arrived. Bulma shook her head, trying to clear the unwanted images out of her mind. What was this, where were these coming from. She could feel everything that Nefertit had felt and how did she even know it was Neferetit, what had told her that? She gasped as another blinding pain sliced its way through her brain, showing her things she did not want to see but was helpless to stop. Teya had seduced Setihamentep, giving him his first true taste of power an of the cult of Set. He and Nefertit had fought about it and she had turned from him in disgust, taking comfort in the arms of another man,finding a love to rival time. Teya watching them, seeing everything, gloating about it to her rival. The challenge of a duel issued. Bulma saw it all, Nefertit had been assured of a victory, she was the best sword wielder in the land, Teya had not been able to hold a candle to her. She saw Teya doing something to her sword, a powder, a spell. What was that? She glanced down at her own sword, was that the secret to her power? Her sword had been tampered with? It clanged uselessly to the floor. She stood. Nefertit should have won that battle by rights, she had been cheated out of it, been killed and history forever altered because of this woman and her horrid manipulations. Bulma felt a rage unknown to her spread through her body. She would die today and her reign of terror would be over. She started down the long hall, knowing exactly where Teya was, where she would be found. She entered the room where Vegeta and Setihamentep were having a battle to end them all. Vegeta looked beaten up, but no more so then she had seen him after a hard day of training. She would not allow this history to repeat itself, not with her and not with Vegeta. She could not see Teya anywhere, but she was near. Her enemy was near. She saw what she needed in the corner of the room, a statue, several actually, all holding various weaponry of some kind, spears,swords, anything she might want. She charged across the room, going after another sword, one that would not be cursed.


Vegeta's eyes narrowed at Bulma's entrance. What in the hell was she doing in here. Dammit how in the hell could he fight with her in here? "Woman.."he called out to her.."what in the hell are you doing in here. Get out." His eyes widened in shock as she turned towards him, her blue eyes glazed over with some kind of ...was that an energy he sensed? She turned back to her goal and he watched her walk across the room and yank a sword from the hands of a statue. What in the hell was she doing? He turned back to Setihamentep whose own attention was arrested on something else, watching it with a loving smile. Vegeta turned his head to see and saw Teya, smiling at his mate, maliciously, knowingly, holding a bloodstained sword in her hand. Was that Bulma's blood? He yanked his gaze back over to her, no she was uninjured, she stood, the same eerie smile, one to match Teya's, on her face, facing down the bitch, waiting for her to make the first move. For the first time in his life, Vegeta knew real confusion and uncertainty. He watched as Setihamentep slithered away from him, making room for his Queen to step forward. She stepped in front of him..and smiled.

"Move my love. It is time for me to free you from that unfortunate woman's hold."

Vegeta growled and would have attacked her, but Bulma's voice rang out to him with an authority he had never heard in it since he'd met her. "Vegeta, this is my fight, move back, now."

He turned towards her, ready to lash out at her for even daring to tell him what to do and the way she had spoken to him as if she were a Queen and he a lowly peasant. He scowled at her, "Woman? Who do you think you are?"

"Vegeta I'm trying to accomplish something here and you are not helping me. Stand back and we can argue about this later." For a moment the blue eyes flashed, showing him something deep and unguarded, then just as quickly it was gone, replaced by the cold, angry energy he'd sensed in her earlier, something foreign and alien to him. He moved back slightly, cursing himself for doing it, but unable to stop himself. Could she even wield a sword? She was going to end up dead and where would that leave him?Alone....

Bulma flashed him a grateful smile, knowing he was going to be furious with her later, but right now it didn't seem to matter. For her this would not be over until she had killed this monster. She wasn't sure where all this new found confidence was coming from, only that it was there and she recognized it for what it was, just as she had recognized Nefertit in the strange vision that had knifed through her brain earlier. Was that the answer? Had Nefertit somehow managed to reach across time and space to avenge herself against this woman? Bulma might never know, but she had the distinct feeling she was not fighting this battle alone. She took a deep, shaky breath as Teya began the charge towards her,a low keening sound emanating from her mouth, she lowered herself, prepared to defend, almost swearing she had heard the soft, lilting voice of a woman saying..Trust me...

Vegeta looked on as his mate prepared to defend herself against the sword wielding maniac. He wanted to step in, to blast her away, but something was holding him back, angering him in its attempt to keep him from saving his woman's ass. He looked on as Teya threw the first blow and to his utter amazement Bulma met and parried the blow like she had been fighting that way all her life. Was his mouth hanging open?He had been dealt several shocks in his life, but this one was incredible. He had never known she could fight this way, dismissing her as a weak human, unable to stand up to anything. Even that hideous Queen looked shocked. Vegeta thought his head might have spun as he watched her go after Teya, almost brutally, driving her back with the force of each thrust and parry of that sword, each hard motion illiciting a growl of exertion from both woman. Vegeta staggered back a step as they came at him, moving out of her way. She obviously didn't need his help for this, she had the Queen on the defensive and was going after her with every intention of killing her. He'd thought she had turned him on before. This side of her was incredible..what a woman....

Bulma went after the crazed woman with every ounce of energy she had, swinging hard and meeting each blow that Teya managed to get off, her mind not her own as she fought with a skill she had never possessed before in her life. Nefertit...thank you..She backed Teya into a corner, swinging her sword like a bat, with every intention of taking off her head, yanking it out of the stone as the bitch ducked away and scrambled out from under her. She growled in frustrated anger, barely noticing the two men that stood open mouthed watching her at the door.

Yamcha could barely believe his eyes. His Bulma was trying to kill the other woman, fighting like a woman possessed, to do so. His eyes narrowed. This had to be Vegeta's influence. He'd have to beat the hell out of Vegeta, who was just standing there watching her with an arrogant smirk across his face, almost prideful. The bastard actually thought this was fun. Yamcha shook his head. Why should that surprise him? For that matter why should the sight of Bulma, attempting to kill an Egyptian woman with a sword surprise him. In the course of two days he had seen more weirdness then he wanted to even recall. If he got out of this alive, he was going on a long vacation, maybe back to the desert for awhile. Him and Puar. He turned to look at Goku who stood watching the proceedings with a confused look on his face. Yes, this was just getting stranger and stranger by the minute. What next?


Chi-Chi had gotten herself lost, and ended up outside, in the middle of the city, in the cool, pitch black night. The place was deserted as near as she could tell. Where was everyone?

Gohan had managed to snag Omar, just as he had rounded the corner, and lifted off, trying to put as much distance between them and the statue of Set. He looked back as the thing roared, showing it's mouthful of razor sharp teeth. Gohan's eyes widened and he sped up a bit, wanting to give them some small amount of time. "What is that thing, Omar?"

 "It is a representaion of Set the God..One of his many forms was the jackel. That is what that is."

"Is it actually the God?" Gohan was starting to get nervous.

"No, I don't belive he has had the time to conjur up in living devils yet, he has only managed to bring life to a statue. Without his scrolls he is weak. Do you still have them?"

"They're right here. " He nodded towards his arm. Omar nodded approvingly.

"We must find a spot where I can go through them and read for the curse."

"What about my father?"

"I found the release to his curse, but not the full spell to restore his soul and memory. The other part must have somehow gotten seperated as we grabbed for them.

"Alright, I'll help you however you need me to, if it will help my dad." Gohan sped down the passageway, twisting and turning, looking for a way, any way out of the path of the living statue. He spotted an open doorway. It would buy them a minute or two, perhaps at the most, but it was the best he was going to be able to do. He turned abruptly, flying to the deepest recesses of the cavernous room he had entered, dropping Omar and the scrolls in a pile on the floor, turning to await the arrival of the monster. "I'll buy you as much time as I can Omar."

Omar nodded grimly and began scrabbling through the scrolls in the dim light, looking for something, anything that might get them out of all this.


Bulma's heavy sword came down by her head, missing it by inches, yelling in fury she yanked it up and swung downward again, narrowly missing the other side as the woman yanked her head back. "Damn you,Teya, why won't you just die?" Bulma had just about had it.

"You fool, even if you hit me I will not die. Are you so stupid that you don't even know that?" She laughed as Bulma scowled in rage and came after her again, swinging furiously, beginning to lose her cool. Vegeta could see the slow disintergration begin as she allowed her anger to overrule her more rational thoughts.

"Bulma," he yelled her name sharply, meaning to get her attention. "Calm yourself, you're losing control of the battle." He moved a bit closer, prepared to step in if anything went wrong. He would never have bothered to intervene in anyone else's battle, but this one was different, he couldn't allow her to die.

She looked at him momentarily, before totally blowing off everything he had just said. He could have killed her himself in that one moment, as she charged, blinded by rage, at some insignificant comment said to enrage her. The oldest fucking trick in the book and his woman had just walked right into it. She had a temper to match his. He watched in abject horror as her sword went skittering across the floor, leaving her standing there, completely defenseless.

Bulma stood, body heaving, and smiled coldly at the bitch in front of her. "Sase du." *You're Dead.*

Teya stopped, face ashen. "Nefertit" Her voice shook with passionate emotion and disbelief. How could this be Nefertit? She was long dead and by her hand. Yet the voice, the cool smile..it was all her. She stepped back, sword clammering to the floor, "No..you are dead, I made sure of that.." She looked wildly around, eyes fixed on her husband's face. He stood, looking at her in confusion, his once arrogant smile fading as he realized she was no longer in command.

Bulma stooped and picked up her sword, slowly walking after the frightened Queen.."Yes, you did kill me didn't you. You used your poisonous ways to steal everything that was mine, you took what did not belong to you and destroyed it all and my death, your biggest act of treachery yet. You replaced my sword with one of your own design, poisoned and cursed against me, because you knew that if I were to fight you to my fullest I would win. Well how does it feel to have the tables turned Teya? Soon you will be nothing but a rotting pile of rags and bones, just as you should have remained and you can go straight to the underworld to be with your precious Set. "

Vegeta watched in silent confusion. It looked like Bulma, it walked like Bulma, yet the voice that came from her mouth was not Bulma and what was she saying? He didn't understand. Whatever the case, she was back in command of the situation and had the Queen on the run. Time to finish his own battle. He smirked coldly and turned back to the Pharoah, prepared to finish this game once and for all. He had better things to do then fight some returned King from the dead. The only true royalty around here was him, and he was going to be happy to show them all that. He strode towards the King confidently, boldly, watching as he prepared for him. He stopped short of him, not wanting to bring on the coward's mental abilities. He looked towards Kakkarot who stood, standing by that other fool, the one that Bulma had allowed to touch her. He shuddered. He might just kill him after all this was over. Neither were doing much, just standing there looking idiotic. Kakkarot didn't even appear to know where he was at. Big surpise. He turned his attention back to the task at hand and powered up yet again, smiling as a flame of energy surrounded him. He was so close to super saiyan, he could feel it, feel the power so close to him. He would attain it, it would just be a matter of time and then he would be back on top, the true Prince of Saiyans once again. He flew at the King, once more phasing out before he reached him, a calculated trick to disable his mental capabilites. By the time the mummy got his hand up to attempt the maneuver of throwing Vegeta back, he was already gone, this time coming up behind him and grabbing his arms, holding him in a tight lock, bending the arms back to break them. He wanted to cause this bastard pain, make him feel it on a whole new level. He smiled as he heard the first popping sounds of the arm giving in, the yelling of the man to stop. Yes, he finally had him right where he wanted him.

"You fool, You can't kill me. I am immortal."Setihamentep struggled against Vegeta, not believing his strength, and trying to fight against the pain that was threatening to tear him apart. His arms...he screamed in agony. He might not be able to die, but this bastard could certainly cause him severe pain. He needed to get free, to turn the tables. He attempted to pull his arms back forwards, to break free of the man's super human hold, to no avail, the man pulled back harder. Setihamentep felt the first popping of his shoulder and arm joint and yelled in agony.Why couldn't he beat this man?


Omar looked frantically through the scrolls coming upon one he was sure was the restoration that Gohan's father needed to be whole again. He skimmed over the words, reading them slowly and carefully, trying to ignore the shaking of the floor that grew louder and louder with each passing second. That abomination would be here in seconds and Gohan would have to distract it. He had to hurry. He looked at the hieroglyphics enscribed so many years ago.. the words of the great God Horus.."May this return his soul to his body...Hail great god Osiris..my father. Grant thou that Goku's soul may come to him from any place wherin that it may be. Let his soul be brought unto him from any place that it may be. Let him have possession of his spirit soul and of hs heart soul and let my word be truth..the word of Horus.. thou shalt find the eye of Horus standing beside Goku like a watcher...Return his soul unto him and may it rest in peace the way it was yesterday and all the days before.." Omar looked up, hoping that it had worked and that the man had found his soul returned to him. He had carefully injected Goku's name where needed, he could only hope. He gasped as the wall came caving in on them, pushing himself back, looking for a hiding place just long enough to see if the curse could be revoked.

Gohan stood at the ready as the living statue came through the wall, teeth snapping, claws stretched out. Kami this was not going to be a fun fight. He hoped Omar was about done. He drew back his hand and fired a kamehameha. There seemed no reason to pull any punches. He watched as his blast hit the thing squarely in the stomach, blowing a hole straight through it, then watched in absolute horror as the hole healed up, almost as if it had been a figment of his imagination. He grimaced as it lunged towards him, barely missing the slashing claws that descended down on him, flying up towards the ceiling and away from his snapping jaws. He wasn't going to last long against this thing, Omar needed to hurry.


Vegeta found himself suddenly flipped over and laying on his back looking up at the king. How had the bastard managed that. He scowled as with a flick of his wrist he went flying off the floor and into a hard stone wall, crashing through it and knocking down half the wall. Damn that bastard, how had he managed to get out of that hold. He had been taught that one by Frieza himself, when the tyrant had used it on him. He'd been seventeen years old and had made the mistake of turning his back on Frieza. Frieza had quickly shown him why that was a mistake, breaking his arms slowly and painfully, laughing the entire time, allowing Zarbon and Dodoria to kick him around and belittle him, leaving him unattended for two days, wallowing in his shame and pain, before allowing him access to the regen tank. He had been enraged at his inability to protect himself, his inabilty to save his pride, and he would be damned if he would allow that to happen now. He flew out of the wall in a fury, flying so fast that Setihamentep never saw the fist that connected with his jaw, snapping his head back. Vegeta flew upwards, hovering above him, preparing his new attack.. he still didn't have a name for it, maybe he would call it..'Final flash'..seemed fitting...throwing it at the mummy who watched in horror at the spiraling light that flew back at him. It hit him with all the force of a nuclear bomb, driving him backwards and leaving him a mangled, bloody mess. He looked at himself in horror, the broken arms, his bloodied, scorched torso.He needed his elixer to restore his body, so that he could fight and kill his enemy. Where was his slave..Rebollah?


Goku nearly fell over at the rush of energy that entered his body. It had the force of a train and when it was done he remembered who he was again, his friends, his life with Chi-Chi and his son.He doubled over with the shock of the entry, gasping for air as he slowly sunk to his knees, trying to regain his equilibrium. Yamcha sunk down beside him, grasping the arm that he held out, helping him to stand back up. "Goku?" His tone was full of stark concern.

Goku looked up into the eyes of his friend. Hadn't they just been at a museum together? Where were they now? What had happened. He heard the sounds of battle and looked up, seeing Vegeta fighting some man that looked vaguely familiar, yet he could not place a name on him. "Yamcha, where am I? What is Vegeta doing?"

Yamcha laughed with joy at the sound of his friends voice..his true voice..not the deadly cold voice he had spoken in when his mind had been controlled by the mummy. "Jeez..Goku, it's a long story, but Vegeta could probably use some help. I need to go and check on Bulma.." He smiled at his friend, and looked for Bulma and the Queen who were no longer in the room. They hadn't come out this way, where had they gone?


Bulma had backed Teya into a small room off of the main chamber. Pehaps another small burial chamber. The place seemed loaded with them, the sword held out threateningly in front of her, the terrified Queen, looking as if she had seen a ghost, backed fully against the wall. "How does it feel to have the tables turned on you Teya? To be the one whose back is against the wall? Do you feel fear I wonder?" She cocked her head and looked at her, smiling lightly. "It's so fitting that is will end this way for you. I have ensured that the ancestor of the one who ended your miserable existence will find the words he needs to put you back in your grave. My only regret is not being able to slide the sword in you myself and see you die by my hand. After everything you have done, you deserve a painful, torturous death..not an easy one such as you will get. Where is your great God, Set now, Teya, when you need him most. Is he here to protect you, to save you. Hardly. He could care less about your miserable soul. Evil begets evil and you will have your fill of it in death." The words were bitter and laced with contempt.

"Nefertit, I meant you no harm. If only you had walked away from Setihamentep. I would never have killed you."

"Oh, please, you will say anything to save your skin. What of this girl, here? You tried to take her beloved, to steal, once again, what was not yours, but they had a bond that you could not break..it wasn't a human bond, the man wasn't human. You didn't count on that did you. What a problem that must have caused you." She laughed. "It wasn't that way between Setihamentep and I. He was all too human, and too self centered to see what you were about. Too sure of his powers of control and authority and you used them against him to gain his soul. Look what you have caused, how many people died at his hands because of you, and now his soul is forever lost to Set. He will never know peace and perhaps that is for the best, he has certainly earned that fate."

Teya looked wild-eyed at her, shaking her head.."No, no that isn 't true..you didn't really love him, you betrayed him with his worst enemy."

"Only after I knew he was lost to me and he was only his worst enemy after you killed me. He loved me as I loved him, something you would know nothing about.We have long since been reunited, but you and Setihamentep will be forever seperated, in a hell of your own making."

Teya shook her head again. No this wasn't happening..all that they had wanted, all that they had built..it couldn't end this way. She lunged forward, catching her enemy off guard, the blue haired girl, whose body must be inhabited by Nefertit's soul, grabbing the sword and struggling for it. No she would not let it end this way.


Omar looked frantically through the rest of the scrolls, trying to ignore the sounds of what must be an epic battle going on, between the monster and Gohan. Nothing, he could find nothing..where had his ancestor placed the scroll? He looked around frantically, noticing his surroundings for the first time. The torch reflected off the vivid colors of the murals on the stone wall, and the carving.. wait, what was this? He looked more closely. He had scurried back into a small burial niche..so small he had barely noticed it for what it was .He saw the ragged remains that lay on the floor, long since spilled out of their container, the carving above him naming him, he gasped.. these were the remains of his ancestor,the guardian of the Falcon King, the name had been Mentu-ha-tep, beloved of Nefertit. He read on..they are joined forever in the hall of Osiris, one with Ra. Allah, be praised. How had he chanced upon this find. He clambered to the wall, examining the faded carvings slowly and carefully. This was it, his excitement knew no bounds.. Mentu-ha-tep was the guardian of the curse of the Falcon King, entrusted to keep it bound as long as he lived, passing it down generation by generation to each eldest son of every eldest son. He had loved Nefertit, Princess of the two united lands..upper and lower Egypt, but she had been a victim of Queen Teya, killed for her betrayal of her intended King Setihamentep. Omar had never know these details, that his ancestor had, had a very personal vendetta against the king, beyond that of saving the people of Egypt. He skimmed over the rest of the history, coming to the part that he had searched for in vain, amongst the scrolls. The original curse of Setihamentep, the same words spoken by his ancestor..Mentu-ha-tep some five thousand years ago. He read them carefully, making sure to speak the exact words slowly and carefully, there could be no mistakes now.

"Turn thou back, o Set, whose mouth shineth, whose head moveth, turn thou and all thoust slaves back before his strength.."


Gohan had been batted around for the last time, he felt his rage building his anger pouring forth into his very soul, taking him over and sending him to the sweet oblivion of blood pumping rage..He powered himself up, determined that this time he would see an end to the abomination that stood before him...


"Feareth thy God Horus, your defeater and keeper..for he is exceedingly great and terrible..he shall avenge every mortal being you have harmed with your terror, shall revoke the fear that followeth after thee...


Bulma struggled against Teya, knowing Nefertit was with her, but unable to help her further. She gasped as the woman's almost superhuman strength was able to turn the sword against her belly. No, not like this..she struggled to hold the sword away from her..she would not see it end like this..


Oh, great God Horus..taketh the spirit of evil and deliver it from us..your worthy servants..so that we may know fear no longer.. we beseech you let fear be driven away..let our suffering end...


Vegeta flew downwards towards Setihamentep,fists outstretched, prepared to deliver the final blow. He stopped abruptly as he saw Kakkarot step in front of the wounded Pharoah. "Kakkarot," he growled. "I will take you after I have finished off your master. Step aside."

Goku scratched his head, 'What do you mean Vegeta? Yamcha said I should help you. He went to look for Bulma."

Vegeta stared at him wide-eyed. Could the idiot be back? Wait a minute, look for Bulma? He looked around, his heart sinking as he realized she was gone. "Where is she Kakkarot?" He lowered himself to the ground,searching for her ki. He flew forward, followed closely by Kakkarot as he found it, in a small room off to the left..his heart stopping as he saw her struggling with Teya for the sword. "Kakkarot, go and finish off that monster out there. "He flew forward, intent on knocking the Queen away form her.


"Oh Horus..whose word is truth..as we have asked so shall it be...delivereth us from this evil, sendeth it back to the underworld..we beseech thee..oh great God whose words are truth..as we have asked so let it be...

Omar finished the invokation, standing to look out, watching as all that had been wrought was slowly undone.

Gohan was ready to attack, his mind slowly gone with rage, his first, hard punch thrown when the statue disintegrated before his very eyes, leaving nothing but a trail of dust..he looked back in amazement at Omar who stood shakily grinning at him.

"It is undone." He leaned back against the rock of the passageway..shaking violently from the terror ridden final moments when he had thought they were all finished. What mysterious force had allowed him to find that alcove? It had been some kind of devine intervention, that had been certain. He would probably never understand. He swallowed, his mouth dry. "Come Gohan, lets get out of here and find your father and friends. The city above us will be returning to the sands of the desert. We are safe here, these underground passageways have been here since time began and will likely be here after we are long gone, but I have a longing to see my home."

"I'm with you. I need to find my mom. I hope she is okay." He could already hear the rumble of the city as it was swallowed back into the ground, returned to the dust and the sand that it had been in before all this had been started.

" Can you search her out as you have your friends?"

Gohan concentrated for a moment, then smiled big and bright. "She's fine Omar, her energy is strong and she is not down here. She's up above ground, probably wondering what the heck is going on."

Omar placed an arm around the boys shoulder,squeezing it. "That is good to hear Gohan, now lets go find the others and get out of here."

Gohan smiled and nodded. "You've got it!"


Vegeta was just about to her, just about to shove her away when she was gone, her body aging, shriveling, turning to rotting flesh, then to dry dust and bone..hitting the floor and breaking apart. He winced as Bulma screamed then pitched forward, passing out and hittng the floor before he could catch her.

He scooped her up in his arms, and hurried out of the chamber, rushing to see if Kakkarot had taken care of the other creature.

Kakkarot watched in amazement as the man that had been standing a few feet away from him, simply withered away, turning from human flesh , to skin and dried up bone before his very eyes. He had never seen anything like it in his life. He looked up as Vegeta came towards him, Bulma in his arms. "Vegeta? What in the heck has been going on?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes, relieved to see that the mummy was gone, but concerned about Bulma. "Ask someone else Kakkarot. I have other things to attend to." He hated checking her in front of Kakkarot, feared allowing his rival to see any emotion flow between the two of them, yet seemed to have little choice. He set her down carefully, checking her pulse, and relaxing at the strong rythymic beat of her heart. His eyes flared wide as he felt another distinct ki within her. She was pregnant with his child. He smoothed her hair away from her face, willing her to wake up, to join him, suddenly terrified and unsure but his need for her overuled those feelings. He felt out a bit, to see if he could touch her and felt peaceful security. She would be alright.

Yamcha had entered the room, still looking for Bulma. The only person he'd been able to find was the dead body of the professor, evidently he'd been run through in the heat of Bulma and Teya's battle. He saw Vegeta bent over someone, Bulma...."Vegeta.." He rushed over to her, intent upon shoving the saiyan away from her. "Get away from her Vegeta.." He wasn't prepared for the snarling, animalistic man that stood and turned on him, fists clenched, daring him to even attempt to take her away.

Goku had seen the way that Vegeta had tended to Bulma, the softening of his normally harsh features as he had looked at her. It was obvious that what Mirai Trunks had predicted had happened. Bulma and Vegeta had found there way to each other. He stepped in between the two men,clapping a hand on Yamcha's back. "Hey, Yamcha, maybe you can tell me what the heck has been going on and while your at it, maybe you can tell me what that strange noise is?"

Yamcha cast one long, lingering glance back towards Bulma. "Yeah, but Bulma."

"Aah, Bulma is going to be just fine...hey Gohan, are you here too?" He guided Yamcha away from Vegeta and Bulma and towards his son, having every intention of finding out what had just happened and what the rumbling he hears was, catching his son as he hurled himself into his arms, laughing insanely.

Vegeta relaxed only slightly and turned back to his mate, surprised to see to wide blue eyes staring at him, her face set in a gentle smile. "Woman?"

She smiled wider at that. "Is it over Vegeta?"

He nodded and smirked at her. "Yes and I had to save your ass yet again. "

She snorted. "I seem to recall holding my own pretty well."

He frowned slightly, bothered by what he'd seen. "I didn't know you could fight like that woman."

She smiled up at him, her hand reaching up to caress his cheek.."Neither did I."

He stood and scowled down at her, before reaching down and hauling her to her feet. "Lets go home. I have training to get back to and you promised me a dinner of my choosing if I went to that idiotic museum with you." He chose not to speak to her of their child. There would be time for that, after he had thought it over and all it meant for him. He loved her and for now, that was all he wanted to explore.

Bulma laughed at him. "I guess I did, but Vegeta do you think the next time I decide to go to a museum you could just tie me up."

"I can do better then that woman..I can do much better then that." His smirk spoke volumes to her and she winked at him, thinking she'd have to suggest a trip soon..very soon, laughing as he blushed.

They walked over to where Goku stood listening to the jumbled explanations of the others, confusion written all over his face. "Oh,no. Gohan where's your mother?" Bulma had all but forgotten Chi-Chi with all the excitement.

"She's okay Bulma. She got herself out of the palace before it all got sucked back in. I can feel her energy stronger then ever."

"Your mother is here too?" Goku was still shocked over every thing they had told him, had he really been enslaved by that guy?

"Yeah, and knowing Chi-Chi she is going to be madder then a hornet that we left her alone. We'd better get up there."

Yamcha turned and led the way out, not bothering to look back, trailed by the others who left more slowly, still unable to believe that it was finally behind them, that the nightmare was finally over. Bulma had left last, letting Vegeta and the others put some distance between them and her..turning back around and looking into the empty hallway. She had not been entirely truthful with Vegeta about her fighting capability. Something had happened to her, something strange and wonderful and totally miraculous. Could she explain it, no, all she knew was there at the end she had not been alone. She'd never understand any of the events of the past few days, but she could be thankful, she could be very thankful.."Thank you Nefertit..thank you.."

"Woman..are you coming?" Vegeta's deep voice rang through the solitude of the hallway, she turned towards it smiling..

"I'm coming Vegeta..I'm coming.."




AUTHORS NOTE: I had all but decided to have Bulma remember a past life when it dawned me that Vegeta could not be the reincarnation of her past love...it just wouldn't work in the story..so I had her helped by the spirit instead, so for the few people that emailed me and I mean very few..and had this suggestion..thank you, it was a good one, but in the end it was not right to have her reincarnated without Vegeta...Hope you enjoyed the story and if you have any question or comments or if you just really liked the story and want to say hi.. feel free to email me, I do enjoy hearing from you....just click on my name..

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