Teya came awake slowly. Who had done this to her. Who was strong enough to have actually

knocked her out? Anger infused her soul as she recalled the man, Vegeta. The man who she could have given everything to. He had thrown it all back in her face, as if it and she were completely meaningless. Damn him. All for that little tramp. Well he would never have her, she would make sure of that. She rose to her feet, gracefully, with all the ease of an athlete. Years of fighting and training had honed her body and her mind to its fullest potential. She would go and find the man, then take him and kill the girl in front of him. She would do it painfully and slowly, tormenting the girl to the fullest of her capabilities, and if the man begged she might just give him a second chance.


Vegeta could sense her, feel her presence, but he could not find a way to her no matter what he tried. Where had the bitch put her? Her terror had grown to new heights. He could feel it, and it was beyond any fear he had ever seen her show before. He had to find her and now. He felt the desperation rising in his body, and shook himself. How could he, the Prince of the Saiyans feel anything like fear or desperation? The answer came to him in a tidal rush of pent up emotions that he had thought dead and buried. He loved her. The fear wasn't for himself, it was for her and the desperation was the powerful knowledge that he was one of the strongest beings in the universe, but he had been unable to protect her and he couldn't find her now when she needed him desperately. He felt helpless, the same kind of helpless that he'd always felt under Frieza and he hated that horrible, sinking feeling more then anything else in the world. He shuddered at the idea as it swept through his mind. He was in love with his mate. How had that happened? He was no better then Kakkarot. Look what love had done to him, no that wasn't true. The bastard was still stronger then him, but he was a mere fool. A fool who's mate walked all over him. Vegeta would be damned if he would let that happen to him. He reached out again, trying to see if he could get a better feel for her ki and growled in frustration as he was met by another wall. Dammit he had to find her. He started forward. She had to be in here somewhere, just well hidden.


Kakkarot came awake at the mental call of his master. He needed him. He glanced over at the sleeping form of the woman next to him. She would go nowhere. He leapt to his feet and started out the door, racing to where his master was. Whatever he needed, he would deliver. No questions asked. He skidded to a halt as he sensed Vegeta's ki and smiled. So that was the problem, Vegeta. Well this would be a pleasure.It was time for the final, decisive blow in their battle. His blood ignited at the thought. He started forward again with anticipation. Anticipation at the kill that would soon be his.


Omar tried with every fiber of his being to quiet his pounding heart, still his ragged breathing. Whatever he had to do to stay quiet and alive. He clutched the scrolls to his chest tightly. These were the keys. These were what it would take to put the Falcon King back in his grave, he could not fail or all mankind would be doomed. He started at a sound outside the sarcophagus he lay in. He could feel his body trembling with a heady mixture of fear and adrenaline, attempted to still himself. He could not be caught, not now. He must master his fear.


Setihamentep looked around angrily. The infidel was here somewhere and when he found him he would rip him apart with his bare hands. How dare he take his scrolls. His hands fisted in an anger he had not felt in thousands of years, but he forced it down. He must remain calm to regain his scrolls, then when he had the infidel and his scrolls back in his clutches, he would allow his anger to surface and they would rue the day they had decided to take him on. His head jerked towards a sound. An almost insignificant sound, but one that rang loud and clear to him, the scattering of a pebble. He smiled and slowly turned to follow the sound. He had him.


Bulma had jammed herself as far back into a corner as she could possibly get, trying desperately to ignore the sounds of the hissing snakes and scurrying rats as best she could. She had managed to forget them for a brief moment as she sobbed. She had sobbed to, the broken, hoarse sobs of a girl who had been banished to the furthest pit of Hell and left to burn and suffer alone. Vegeta, she had all but given up hope on him, thought him converted and lost to her, until she had heard or maybe felt something from him, something small, but it was there regardless. A brief brush of his feelings, of calm determination, the slightest whisper of his deep voice calming her nerves, perhaps he had reached out and touched her soul. She wasn't sure, but it had given her reknewed hope that perhaps he was out there, and that by some miracle of chance was still on her side. She had calmed herself, but been confronted yet again by the sounds of all the creatures she had detested her entire life. Creatures that haunted the deepest, darkest recesses of her mind. She had pressed her hands to her ears, hard, in an attempt to keep the unwanted sounds out, but had quickly realized as a rat had scurried over her feet that perhaps she would be better served to pay attention to where those sounds were. She held out her hand, barely seen in the flickering light of the weak torch and watched the violent tremors that ran through it, shaking it, and continuing to run its course through her entire body. She wrapped her arms around her knees, huddling further back in the small, dank corner she had chosen for herself. She started as the wall began to slide in, making a distinct scraping, grinding noise against the stone of the floor. She pushed herself up to her feet, preparing herself for whoever was on the other side.

Please let this be Vegeta, please. She repeated the litany over and over in her mind, praying to kami that it would come true.


Teya had not been able to find the bastard. That was just fine. She would simply go to the girl, make her scream, and see how fast he came running. She pulled the lever to her secret room and smiled evilly. The room where she had broken so many people, so many lives. This one would be satisfying indeed, perhaps more satisfying then even her torture of Setihamentep's original betrothed, the Princess Nefertit. She had thought she could stop her, how wrong she had been. Teya's smile disappeared as she recalled the problems that stupid woman had caused her, turning Setihamentep away from his true purpose, and towards the light, away from Set and to Amen-Ra, away from her. No she wouldn't allow that to happen this time. She had found the perfect slave in this Vegeta. She would not allow him to escape her clutches. She waited for the door to complete its slow swing inward, ducking in as it rolled to a stop. She smiled at the sight of the young woman cowering in the corner, almost laughed actually. This would be much easier then she had anticipated. At least Nefertit had shown backbone. This one cowered in the corner as if she were spineless and weak. Why the man preferred this coward to her was beyond her realm of imagination. A man like that deserved bravery and strength, something this foolish child obviously lacked. "What a coward. How you managed to attract a man such as the one you did is beyond me." She sneered at the girl.


Bulma stood shakily, trying to control her fear. This evidently was not her lucky day. Teya had just dealt her an unforgiveable insult, one that she could not let pass. Vegeta was riding on this, and Bulma would not let him go easily. Maybe she was a coward, maybe it was beyond the realm of possibility that she could attract and keep the handsome Prince, but she would at least not just roll over and die. She couldn't. Kami knew where Vegeta was or what state he was in. Kakkarot woould be no use, and Chi-Chi, well she didn't even know where Chi-Chi was. She stood trembling against the wall, but managed to steady her voice. "What have you done with Vegeta?"

Teya smirked, "Oh, I would imagine he is sound asleep in my bed. We had quite an afternoon. He is so very energetic. I have never been made love to so many times in one afternoon, not even Setihamentep could achieve that." She almost smiled at the heartbroken look that crossed the girl's face. This would be so easy. She would start with the mental torture, then progress to the truly fun things.

Bulma tried not to show her emotions. She could keep reminding herself that it hadn't truly been Vegeta. At least not the Vegeta that had been with her. He had been under Teya's control, wouldn't have been able to stop himself, if he even remembered her at all. She swallowed painfully that all she had gained was about to be lost, and worse, she would be dead and Vegeta would be alive and enslaved by this creature. "You will never have him. He didn't come to you. You had to get him with your stupid potions and powders. Someone like Vegeta would never have gone to you willingly. He has too much pride." She flinched as the woman flew towards her enraged, hand raised to deliver a blow. She shut her eyes and waited but the blow never came. Slowly she opened her eyes and beheld the smiling visage of Teya.

"Oh, no sweet girl. I'm afraid it isn't going to be so easy for you." Bulma cringed as Teya reached down and grabbed a snake off the floor, holding it lovingly in front of her face, smoothing its head with her hand. "This is an asp, one of the deadliest snakes alive. One bite and you will be dead in minutes." Her face twisted into an unholy smile, such as Bulma had never seen before, she flattened herself against the wall. Now what?

"A..A.asps? Isn't that what killed Cleopatra?" Maybe she could distract her, keep her talking until she figured something out. Teya only stared at her, then silently took a step forward, bringing her closer to Bulma.

"Don't worry, I have no intention of killing you yet. I'm just showing you the possibilities, exploring all our avenues. No, I am afraid a quick death is not in your future.I never do things that easily."

"Then what exactly do you have planned?" Bulma wasn't sure she wanted to know.

"We wouldn't want to ruin your surprise now would we?" Another step. Bulma had no where to run.


Vegeta had it. Whatever had been restricting her ki was gone and he could feel her almost as if she were right next to him. He rocketed towards the signal, there was no time to spare. He had to find her.


"I have many powers, powers that you could only dream of." Teya released the snake and watched it slither into the darkness. There was another woman like you once, only she was stronger, more worthy to be my adversary. Without your man, you are nothing, an easy kill, a coward."

"I am not a coward." Bulma tried to sound assertive.

"Really? Will you meet me in a duel?"

"A duel for what?"

"For the man. For Vegeta."

"Are you serious? Even if I agreed to that, Vegeta would never agree to the terms."

"That's too bad for you then. I guess that means we will have to do this a different way."

"What way is that?"

"Slow torture and an anguishing death." Teya had her right where she wanted her.

"That doesn't sound very exciting." Bulma's mouth felt very dry.

"Let me give you an example of what I can do." Teya shut her eyes and concentrated on the girl's mind, flooding it with a thousand vivid images of her history, of blood and death, of horror upon horror upon untold horror. The images invaded Bulma's brain with all the tenderness of a hot, burning brand, imprinting the sickening , blood-stained woman's every thought, experience and feeling into Bulma's brain and stamping it onto her very soul. She fell to her knees in agony. Agony for all the lost souls murdered innocents in her past. Then there was the black emptiness of her slumber. Not dead, not alive, just empty and soulless, enough to lose one's sanity in. Bulma tried to push the images out, tried to overpower them, but she was too strong. "You could avoid all of this with the duel. You would die a quick, easy death with the duel, don't be a fool."

Bulma looked up at her, unable to form words. The horrors of what she had seen, of what this woman had done. She nodded wordlessly, feeling the first fall of tears slip down her face. She was going to die, she was going to die.


Omar peeked slowly out of the sarcophagus that he had lain in for Allah new how long. He had waited and waited until he could hear nothing but his own heartbeat, then slowly had taken the risk of peering out. He was mercifully alone. He swung himself out of the sarcophagus, slowly, silently. Years of desert leadership had taught him the value of absolute silence. The small antechamber was lit by only one torch. He slipped silently to it, sticking to the shadows as much as he could, remaining elusive. He needed to look over the scroll she held. Perhaps he held one that might end this nightmare.


Vegeta dropped to his knees in agony. What was happening? It was like the first time he had wiped a planet from existence on nothing more then a whim, the feeling of being enslaved by Frieza, of being mocked, of having to bow to the monster came flooding back into his brain like a tidal wave. What was happening to him? Bulma? Was this coming from Bulma? What in the hell was that bitch doing to her. He struggled aginst the black waves of emptiness that engulfed him, managing to stagger to his feet. A glance up down the eerily lit passageway showed him he was no longer alone. "Kakkarot."

Goku smiled chilingly at Vegeta, every nerve vibrating with an almost palpable energy. Vegeta could have almost shuddered at the sight of his enemies face, lit so strangely by the random torches in the hall. "So, have you brought me a challenge this time Vegeta, or will it be more of the same? Me kicking your ass?"

Vegeta snarled at him, furious at the taunting words. 'Bastard." He spat.

"Come now Vegeta, you shouldn't be so jealous of my power. It isn't very becoming behavior for the Prince of all Saiyans." He smiled widely, trying to enflame Vegeta. An enraged Vegeta was a stupid Vegeta.

"Alright Kakkarot, if you want a fight, I'll give you a fight, to the death." Vegeta had lost all other thought. The desire to kill Kakkarot pumped through his brain, fueling his Saiyan blood. Nothing else mattered at this moment but killing Kakkarot. He lowered himself to fighting stance,ready for whatever Kakkarot threw out at him.

Kakkarot laughed. " Good Vegeta. I was hoping you'd say that. I've wanted to kill you for a long time now." He flew at Vegeta meeting the him halfway, both trading vicisious blow after blow, neither giving in, neither yielding to the other. Vegeta managed to backhand Kakkarot into the stone causing it to crack. Kakkarot steadied himself, wiped the blood from his mouth, then flew at Vegeta again, pressing him onto the defensive. "Come on Vegeta. Why don't you just be a good boy and die." A strong uppercut snapped the Prince's head back, drew blood. He wiped it off and sneered at his opponent.

"Is that the best you can do, bastard?" His eyes widened as Kakkarot slowly smiled.

"Oh, no Vegeta. That's hardly all that I am capable of and you know it."


Omar scanned the first scroll carefully, looing for any possible reversal of all that had been wrought by Setihamentep. He had already discarded five useless scrolls. Surely somewhere was what he was searching for.


Bulma managed to stand, managed to accept the golden sceptor handed her by Teya. What had she agreed to? She had never fought with anything like this, had never even taken a lesson, yet here she stood, preparing to fight for her life and Vegeta's with a heavy, gold sword. Why did this always have happen to her?Why couldn't she have just gotten the guy and been able to ride off into the sunset like other women? No she had to fight for a stubborn, egotistical, arrogant brat of a Prince, a man who probably wouldn't even appreciate it, but a man she loved beyond any shadow of a doubt. Not many men were worth fighting for, but this one was. She would have to find someway to win.


Vegeta staggered back from the blow that Kakkarot had dealt him. He looked down. The damn armor had cracked. He glanced up at Kakkarot in bitter frustration. How could he beat him when he didn't have the ability to turn supersaiyan. Dammit. He was going to die and so was Bulma if he didn't get this done. He flew forward throwing a mean punch directly into Kakkarot's jaw, smiling in satisfaction as the bastard's head snapped back. "I'm not as weak as you think I am, you third class loser."

Kakkarot merely stared at him hatefully, not bothering to say a word. He'd show the bastard exactly what he had to say about the subject. He began the power up to supersaiyan, yelling out with the power that coursed through him, savoring the energy that hummed through his body. "Time to die Vegeta." He smiled at Vegeta again, took note of the fact that Vegeta seemed rooted into place. He rushed at him, spinning into a viscious kick to the back, sending the Prince flying back into the wall.

"Oh, yes, Prince Vegeta.Time to die."


Omar looked up, making sure nothing was around him. Yet another useless scroll. He looked at the last one he held. If he couldn't find it, he would have to try to locate Yamcha and Gohan. They had to be close by. Glancing over it, he read softly. "May his eternal soul be returned to his body. Let he who has served the Falcon King unwillingly be released from his curse. Forgive him almighty Amon-Re, allow him to become one with you." Could these be the words that would release the curse over the other man? He hoped so, though he had no way of knowing. It sounded like part of the curse that had been placed on Setihamentep's power over five thousand years ago. He froze. He wasn't alone. Slowly he turned his head and met the chillingly evil eyes of Setihamentep himself.


"There was another woman whom I dueled many years ago. Nefertit, the betrothed of Setihamentep. She was as trained as I in the art of the duel, yet she lost, her life and her love."

"You mean Setihamentep was in love with someone else."

"He was a foolish boy. He discovered a whole new world in the cult of Set and he discovered it with me. Nefertit was very beautiful, very smart, but unfortunately not enough to beat me. Set wanted Seti's soul, and he gave me the power to gain it, just as he will give me the power to take your beloved's eternal soul."

Bulma felt fury filling her. She could not remember a time she had ever been this angry, this enraged. All she knew was that Vegeta had said they were mated and it was for life. She would fight to the death to make sure he was safe, how she had no idea, since she had never used a sword in her entire life. Somehow, though, she would find away. She was Bulma Briefs, smartest woman on the planet, something this bitch obviously didn't know. "I won't make this easy for you, Teya. You won't get him that easily."

Teya said nothing, merely smiled. "We shall see." Her lowered her body like a cat, hefting the sword, preparing for the battle. Bulma did the same, praying to Kami, that she had the strength to survive and get this done.


Vegeta away from the wall, back aching, as Kakkarot came crashing towards him again. He managed to sidestep the blow, Kakkarot's foot merely grazing his bicep. He had such speed now. It would be all he could do to avoid him. He felt impotent rage at his situation rise in his throat. He had come so far since Frieza, had trained hard, had been on track to overtake this fool, had even found a mate that he could be proud to call his own and this fool could take it all away from him with one crushing blow. How could this have happened again, how could he be so overpowered that nothing he managed to do made any bit of difference. He growled in frustration and spun to avoid yet another punishing blow from Kakkarot.

"You can't avoid them forever Vegeta. You might as well lay down and die. You are finished . His teal eyes flashed with an almost manic gleam, something Vegeta had never expected to see shining from Kakkarot's eyes.


Gohan came out of the dim passageway that he and Yamcha had been traveling down, scrolls in hand and saw, in the distance his father fighting Vegeta. "Daddy!" He yelled and took off, thinking nothing of the consequences. Yamcha came out behind him, tried to stop him, but was too slow. He flew after the boy, hoping to stop him.

Kakkarot whirled at the voice and growled in anger. Not these two. He wanted to finish Vegeta off, to kill him, not fool with his son and the pathetic weakling with him. He narrowed his eyes and moved his hands back, "Ka....Me....Ha...Me..."

Vegeta saw what he was going to do and flew at him, knocking him in the back, sending him flying forward, interupting his Kamehameha wave before he could blast his son with it.

Gohan stopped short at the murderous gleam that entered his father's eyes, stopped short in cold terror that this was a manhe no longer knew or recognized.

"You shouldn't have done that Vegeta." Kakkarot flew at Vegeta, fists raised, then abruptly fell from the sky, landing in a heap on the cold, stone floor, h is body a writhing, twisting mass on the floor.

Vegeta instinctively stepped back, unsure of what was happening to Kakkarot now. He needed to find Bulma. He had lost his mind in his desire to kill Kakkarot, had not felt her and now could feel nothing from her at all. He didn't have time for this. If the worst scenario happened, he could always take her and leave this mudhole of a planet.

"What's happening to him now?"Yamcha asked, wincing at the hoarse screams erupting from Goku.

"I don't know Yamcha?" Gohan was too scared to move. He had never seen his father like this and as long as he lived he never wanted to again.


Bulma managed to bring her sword up, just as Teya swung her blade down, with every intention of carving Bulma in half. She swung around again, blocking another blow. How was she going to do this? Teya was obviously well trained, she was not, yet if she didn't Vegeta would be at the mercy of this bitch. WIth a renewed purpose, Bulma launched her own attack, arcing her sword out, swiping with in mere inches of Teya's neck. The two swords clanged together as they met in the air. No she would not get Vegeta, Bulma would not allow it.


Setihamentep smiled coldly at Omar, approached him slowly. "You think to defeat me like your miserable ancestor did, to lay me back in my grave?"

Omar didn't bother to answer him. He slipped his scimitar from it's sheath on his side and dropped the scrolls.

"You are an fool if you think I will allow that fate to happen upon me again. Five thousand years of rotting emptiness, of nothing. No I won't have that fate again." He smiled maliciously. "You think you can defeat me, but can you defeat Set?" He turned and looked at the statue of the jackel headed God that stood in the outer passageway. "For five thousand years I have served him, I have suffered for him and he will not desert me now. " He bent to retrieve his scrolls, frowning when he realized that they were not all in front of him. "Where are the rest?" Omar didn't respond. "Where are the rest?" Much more emphatically.

"They are gone from here, somewhere safe where you will not find them. I will see you destroyed."

"Perhaps, but you will never defeat Set. He smiled and brought out a small vial from his robe, tossing it on the statue of Set. "Bannai..Set! Bannai Set!" * Arise Set...Arise Set!!*

Setihamentep looked back at the statue and smiled as he saw the once solid piece of rock coming to life, pulsing with blood, filling with bone and sinewy muscle. Omar could only look on in horror as the statue of Set came to life.

* * * * *

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