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Teya looked down at the sleeping couple entwined upon the bed. Well this was an interesting development. She wondered if her husband knew of this. She doubted he would appreciate anyone touching his future wife. She looked at the man. He was absolutely stunning. What a man like that must be like in bed. She envied the blue haired woman that experience. She lightly ran her finger over his chest. Every bit of him was hard. What a find this one was. He would make an excellent servant to Set. Of course he would probably have to be convinced, but she didn't doubt her persuasive techniques in the least. She licked her lips. It would be a pleasure to bring him into the flock.

The woman was very beautiful. Her husband had chosen well for his secondary wife. She didn't doubt at all that she would provide him with many hours of pleasure. Just as the man that lay next to her would provide her. She ran a sharp fingernail down the sleeping woman's cheek. Time to wake them up.

Bulma felt something scrape down her face. She swatted at it, not willing to wake up. She was so comfortable. She was being held in warm, strong arms. She was happy and safe. What a dream. It had been so long since she had dreamt like this. It came again, this time painfully, drawing blood. Bulma's eyes flashed open. Above her was a woman, a beautiful woman. What in the hell, beside her was Vegeta. It all came rushing back to her in her first wakeful moments. The mummy, he had awakened his Queen, Vegeta had found her and they had fallen asleep.Oh,no, they had been stupid. Oh, Kami, that was the Queen standing above her. She jerked up and screamed, rousing Vegeta from his slumber. He leapt up, fists raised, ready to battle whatever had come up on them.

"Come now, Am I so frightening to you?" Teya looked from the woman to the man. She felt desire run though her at the sight of him. He was glorious. She took a step toward him. He stood his ground, unintimidated.

Bulma felt something running down her face. She swiped her hand at it and drew back blood. She gasped and scrambled out of the bed. "What did you do to me?"

"Merely a small scratch to garner your attention. I had the hardest time awakening you."

Vegeta saw the blood on Bulma's hands, his eyes narrowed. How dare she touch his mate? He moved closer ready to kill her, she must have sensed him, for she whirled around and faced him.

"You have touched what belongs to my husband."

"What do you mean? She is my mate. She belongs to me. No one else touches her. For taking her from me you and the man will die."

She laughed a seductive, throaty laugh. "Come now, surely you can't be so concerned over her. She is nothing compared to me. A child. I can give you much more."

"Who in the hell do you think you are," It was starting. Bulma could see her slowly making her move on Vegeta. She would be damned if she would stand by and watch this happen. "Vegeta, get out of here now. Go before she takes your soul."

"Are you insane woman. I am the Prince of The Saiyans, I run from no one." He smirked, "Besides I no longer have a soul to take. It was sacrificed to Frieza long ago."

"Dammit Vegeta, surely you don't believe that! Will you for once do something I say."

"Don't tell me what to do stupid woman. I take orders from no one."

"Vegeta, something bad is going to happen to you if you don't listen to me, now." Why must he always be so damn difficult. He made her want to scream.

"It is a matter of honor woman. I can allow no one to take what is mine. They must be taught a lesson."

"Since when did I become your personal property? Last time I checked I still belonged to me."

"Are you going to argue with me now?" He was trying to protect her, why must she be so damn difficult. Surely she didn't think a mere woman could beat him.

"No, I'm not. As a matter of fact you pompous jackass, I'm going to get dressed and let her have you. I mean, come on, heaven forbid I might actually know what I am talking about." She screeched at him,completely ignoring the Queen, who watched with fascination. She couldn't believe the man stood there and didn't kill her. Bulma began jerking her clothes on as she yelled at him. "Yes, I guess I should tell you that the Pharoah wants to marry me and he plans on doing it in two days. " Vegeta winced at the abrasive edge to her voice. Was this the same lustful woman he had just made love to, whose body had just driven him to a pleasure he had never had before? She sounded like Kakkarot's obnoxious mate. She watched him and saw the expression that flitted across his face. "Do you even care Vegeta? Maybe I should just go ahead and marry him. Hell the only thing I am to you is a possession. I guess I don't rate the higher emotions." She whirled and looked at Teya, knowinf she was full of shit. She'd die before this woman laid one finger on Vegeta. Where had the possessive streak come from? "You just back off. I'll be damned if I will let you have him. You won't be keeping Kakkarot either. As a matter of fact, let me tell you that I will be more then happy to send all of you straight back to the desert where you belong." She glared at the woman. All fear forgotten in the anger that had suffused her total being. The way she was looking at Vegeta. Bulma wasn't sure where this jealous anger was coming from, she'd never been like this before. All she knew was that Vegeta had given himself to her an she'd be damned if she let anyone else near him.

Vegeta smirked at her. What a woman. She was a lot tougher then he'd ever given her credit for. Teya merely smiled coldly. Obviously the girl had more spirit then she had expected. Maybe she would be trouble best dealt with now. She could gain the ear of Pharoah and mixed with her exotic beauty she could bring ruin down upon her and all she had fought to regain.

"I will of course enjoy seeing you try to stop me. " Her clenched fists belied her calm expression. She would have dearly loved to kill the stupid little bitch where she stood. Yet she must wait for her husband. She would explain to him and he would understand and allow her to strike the woman down.

Vegeta jerked his own clothes on. He would blast the stupid bitch to hell momentarily. He just didn't want to do it naked. How could he have let himself become so damn distracted with Bulma. Though he already knew how. Bulma herself, stood her ground, refusing to show fear to the woman,though truth be told she was shaking in her boots. She glanced over at Vegeta, saw him yanking on his armor. What was he going to do? He glanced up at her meeting her eyes momentarily, he read the fear, the concern. Neither saw Teya reach into a small pouch fastened to her gold belt. She had exactly what she needed to get what she wanted right now. She smiled to herself. Wouldn't the blue haired woman be surprised. She held the fine powder tightly clutched in her hand, made only a little while before. In one swift move she dropped and lashed out with her feet at Bulma, dropping her to the floor. Vegeta jerked up and started to raise his hand to blast Teya, but was confronted with a faceful of powder. He inhaled it unwillingly, left with no options. He coughed and hacked as it ran through his body. He dropped to the floor in agony. What was it doing to him. He looked up at Bulma. She was crawling to him, trying to help him. He saw Teya come up behind her. He tried to open his mouth, to warn her, but his voice failed him. Teya knocked her out cold with the end of one of the torches. He tried to stand up,to attack the bitch, but all he could do was fall down, he could feel a cold, black cloud slowly envelope his mind, his very being. Not again, this was Frieza all over again, the sickening helplessness of not being able to protect yourself. He had thought he was stronger, at least strong enough to protect her. Had he been a fool? No. He would not roll over and die. He clenched his teeth with the effort of his battle, a battle he had no way of knowing he could not win. Blackness began to seep at the edges of his conciousness, rendering him slowly and completely helpless. He slumped the rest of the way to the floor, trying to reach his unconcious mate, slowly dragging himself inch by inch to her side. He fell short as the final vestiges of his conciousness drained from him and the black cloud filled his mind completely. "Bulma.." he gasped for air, before he was out completely.


Omar and Yamcha looked around the deserted city. Yamcha still had a hard time believing what he had witnessed. That a whole city could rise from the desert the way this one had. Somewhere Bulma was in here, and she needed rescuing. "Well, what now?" He turned and looked at Omar, Gohan coming up beside them. He was so mature for a boy his age, so focused on what must be done. He was a true warrior. Omar was impressed with him.

"Let us use the hidden passages to gain access into the palace. He is sure to have the two women stashed in there somewhere. We need to find some of his scrolls as well. They may contain what we need to send him back to the underworld. "

"Alright," Gohan smiled slightly, "let's get on with it. I have to save my dad. "

"In the scrolls, somewhere might be what you need to do that. We must hurry before he awakens his armies. It will be near impossible to achieve anything after that." He scurried into the shadows, melting in with them as he approached the cavernous opening into the underground passageways. "We must tread carefully from here. He is a killer, an evil monster and somewhere he is here."

Omar flicked on his light and entered the caverns. Gohan looked at Yamcha. "Well kid, are you ready? This is where it gets exciting."

"You mean it hasn't been exciting up until now?"

Yamcha laughed, "Alright, sure, but now it's about to really get exciting. Armies of the undead, evil women, sorceror mummies, you know the usual."

"Sure Yamcha," Gohan grinned slightly, then followed Omar into the passageway. Unfortunately it was going to get a lot more exciting. That was exactly what he was afraid of.


Setihamentep laid out the powder that would restore his armies. Almost lovingly he blew it upon the floor, watching it fall with pleased eyes. His armies, his priests, everyone that he needed would soon walk the earth again. Reverently he opened the scrolls of life and death, yes, this is what will restore all that was his. First he must purge his soul, clean it completely for Set so that he might be worthy of the gift. He sat and began the chant that would cleanse him. Soon he would have it all.


Teya lifted Vegeta into the air with only a flick of her wrist, levitating him, floating him down the corridor to her own private rooms. When he awoke he would have no will, no memory, only the deep longing to do whatever she bid him to do, to please her. She smiled in pleasure. She needed to take his soul from him, completely, to be safe, but she would require her husband's scrolls to do that, it would have to wait. She supposed perhaps, she should do it to the blue haired woman as well, wipe her soul from her body, encourage her to do her husband's bidding, leave her with no memory of the man that had claimed her as his mate. First, though, she wanted to see the little hellion's face when she realized that her man no longer wanted her, no longer even thought of her, would kill her in an instant if bade to do so. Yes, that would be the fun part, making her suffer and she so enjoyed making other creatures suffer. What joy was there in life if you couldn't have a little fun. She reached her rooms, lavish compared to the other's. The large bed lay draped with sheer curtains, gold and jeweled statues filled the corners of the room, the balcony open, the breeze blowing hot and dry into her room. With a finger she parted the curtains and brought her newest aquisition to rest on the bed. He would sleep for awhile longer, she would leave him alone and go and deal with the woman. Take her to her own private dungeon, where she had her fun. Her husband would not miss her for awhile and even if she did, she had only to make a paltry excuse and all would be settled. Setihamentep could never stay angered with her for long, she had ways of seeing to that. She bent and kissed the man's gorgeous lips. "Soon, We will be together my love, and it will be magnificent." She turned and left, making her way back down to the woman's room. One small problem to deal with and all would be as she planned.


Goku regarded Chi-Chi coolly. He had been gifted her by his master, taken her to his rooms, and been tiraded against for the past two hours. He didn't think there was anything that she had left out, from their life together, to the kind of man he had been, to the entreaties to recall something that might bring him back. He'd about had all his patience could take. He hadn't realized he was such a patient man. That was a detail he had forgotten about himself, he supposed being married to such a loud mouthed, albeit beautiful woman had cultivated patience in him. He found himself wondering what it would take to shut her up, would his mouth against hers do it or would she fight him? He had soon lost track of her voice as he imagined all the ways to get her quiet or at least change the tirade to something infinitely more fun. He sighed, she would never go for it, and for some reason, something kept him from forcing her. He rolled over on his side, facing away from her. He was actually exhausted. A nap would be nice.

"Goku?Are you even listening to me?"

"Go to sleep, Chi-Chi." He yawned widely and shut his eyes, asleep and snoring before her mouth could even form some kind of indignant reply.

"Why you..." She had half a mind to go and shake him awake, demand he listen to her or else, but fear kept her put, fear of what he might be capable of now, fear of what he would do to her if she angered him. He wasn't the same man, that was crystal clear, but somehow there had to be a way to get the real man back. She sighed and stretched out beside him. She had no idea where they were. She couldn't even begin to formulate a plan until she had a better idea of which way was which in this kamiforsaken place. She closed her eyes. She would rest and when she awoke, then she would begin the hunt for a way out of all this. She only hoped that Bulma was faring better.


Bulma came awake slowly, her face pressed against cold, damp rock. She shivered at the chill and pushed herself up, trying to figure out where she was. She definitely wasn't in her room anymore. It was pitch black, save for one weak torch that burned in the far corner. Around her she could hear the skittering of some kind of living animals.She shuddered and put her arms around herself. She hoped they weren't rats. She drew in a shky breath and stood, surveying her area, attempting to ignore the pounding of her aching head. That damn bitch had hit her and she had Vegeta, Bulma realized with a sinking heart. So far Bulma had managed to fail miserably at everything. She was in a small enclosure, carved from rock. There was a heavy rock door, but somehow Bulma already knew it would be impossible to open. She was trapped with apparently no way out. She froze as she heard the tell tell hiss of a snake. Oh Kami, not snakes. They had deadly snakes in Egypt, asps, and cobras. She stepped back until she pressed against the wall. How long would she be left down here. She could feel her fear rising, threatening to overtake her. She pushed it back down. No, no. She had to stay brave and figure out something. She would die down here if she didn't and she could assume that Vegeta would no longer be concerned. Teya would have made good on her promise and taken him by now. She closed her eyes at the tears that threatened to flow out. She finally had gotten what she wanted and held it only briefly before it had been taken from her again. It was cruel. Don't worry Vegeta, someway I'll figure a way out to help you. I promise.


Vegeta felt her kissing his chest, his body, she was caressing him, stirring him up. So she wanted more, huh? He smirked, his little mate was lusty, he popped open his eyes and stared with no small shock at the black head that hovered above his chest. What the hell was going on? Where was Bulma? What had happened?

Teya looked up and smiled at him. "Aah, I see you have decided to awaken, love." She sat up straddleing his waist. He fought off the urge to shove her away, to kill her for daring to touch him. She seemed to think he would welcome the attentions. He forced himself to lay still.

"What happened?"

"I have freed you of your unfortunate ties. You belong to me now."

"Ties?" What in the hell was she talking about and where was Bulma?

"Aah, that unfortunate woman you chose to be with. She no longer means anything to you. You are mine now."

Vegeta's fists clenched at his sides. What had she done to Bulma. Why couldn't he remember anything that had happened. He remembered Bulma, remembered making love to Bulma and that was it, everything else was gone. Wait, he remembered why he was here. That creature had taken his mate. He lifted his head and groaned as a pain shot through his head, laid his head back down. Teya smiled.

"Relax, love, it is just the after effects of the powder. It will soon be gone. Let me take care of you. She bent to him, kissed him, invading his mouth with her tongue. He turned his head away, trying not to be sick.

She frowned at him. Had the powder not worked on him, or was he simply confused? Her hand snaked down, caressed him through his pants. He clenched his teeth, tried to shove her off, but she was strong, much stronger then he apparently was at the moment. What in the hell had she done to him. Teya smiled as her ministrations began to affect him, to harden him. Her mouth bent to his again, biting his lower lip, drawing blood. He wanted to shove her off, to get her away from him, but he couldn't. Bulma, where was Bulma? He reached out trying to find her, her ki, her mind, anything that would connect him to her. She was there,somewhere, he could feel her, cold, alone, frightened. He had to get out of here, had to find her.

Teya ground herself against his hard body, he still remembered his slut, that was the only explanation for his lack of enthusiasm. Damn that bitch. She had obviously underestimated the girl's hold on him and his willpower. "You remember her don't you?" She hissed in his ear. "I wonder how it would feel to take you now, while you long for another woman, to help you lose your control, to have your body. How would the betrayal feel to her, to you? I could. I could easily get your body to give me what I want. You are a man, all men are weak at heart. You are no different. You might want her, but you'll take me, and then I will describe it all to her, everything we did together, everything we felt. Will it destroy her? "

Vegeta watched in horror as she stripped off her clothes. No, he had to fight this, he couldn't let her do this. He was The Prince of the Saiyans. Her fingers found the clip on his armor. He raised his hands, he was so weak, he had to though. He had a mate, had to protect her, protect them. She had tried to tell him, he could remember that now, she had warned him and he hadn't listened to her. This bitch had drugged him, had kept him from his mate. He felt the rage come at that thought, felt it burn a trail through him. He shoved her, hard, knocking her back in surprise, causing her to hit her head against the rock floor. She fell unconcious. He staggered to his feet and out the door. He had to find his mate, had to find her now. When this bitch came around she would be furious and she would take it out Bulma.


Omar watched from afar as Setihamentep meditated. He seemed to be in some kind of trance, chanting low and repetitevely. The beginning rites of bringing the dead back to life. Somehow they would have to sneak in under his nose and steal his scrolls away. Omar looked at Yamcha. "We have to get those scrolls, before he can use them."

"Are you kidding? He's right there."

"Yes, but he is in deep meditation. We might be able to sneak in and grab them."

"You're joking right." When Omar merely regarded him curiously, he asked again," What happens if he wakes up?"

"Then we hurry and get the hell out."

"Oh, is that all." Yamcha was sarcastic. "Alright, but hey, your plan,you go first."

Omar studied him for a moment. "Fine. I will." He stood and walked cautiously from behind the rocky outcrop he had been hiding behind. Slowly, carefully, stepping lightly, he approached the creature. Step by painful step, inch by inch. Behind him he could hear the quiet tread of the two warriors behind him . Everything rode on this. If they could do this they stood a chance of defeating him. He stopped as his foot kicked a rock, sending it scrabbling across the floor. He looked sharply at the creature, his breathing shallow, his lips compressed. Setihamentep still meditated, chanting low over and over. After a moment he continued on until he stood mere feet from Setihamentep. He inhaled slowly, tried to ignore his pounding heart. He motioned to Yamcha to grab some, while he bent down to grab the others. They took them all,carefully, quietly. The only one that remained was the one that laid, unrolled before him. This one would be more difficult. Omar gently reached over and snagged it, cringing in horror as he knocked over a vial that had sat unnoticed beside the scroll. He hadn't even seen it. Omar's eyes snapped up to meet those of the creature. Dammit, they had been so close. "Run." He yelled to his companions. He grabbed the scroll, not caring if he damaged it and fled, aware of the creature's pursuit. He heard him yell, perhaps for his helpers, veered off sharply to the left, away from the direction the other two had taken. There had to be an escape, had to be someway out of here. He could feel Seti's presence behind him, closing in, gaining on him. He made another sharp turn, then another. Three turns later he realized he was horribly lost and that Setihamentep had him at a terrible disadvantage. He could be lurking right behind him and he wouldn't know, around the next corner. He took a deep breath, trying to silence his thudding heart. The only way he was going to get out of this was by his wit and some luck. He jerked as he heard a noise from ahead of him. Was that the creature? He scurried into a room, looking frantically for a place to stay, to hide, any place. He saw a small antechamber, obviously this was some kind of crypt or tomb. He ran for it, the sarcophagus lay empty before him. He leapt into it, praying this would suffice and keep him hidden. If only he could still his breathing.


The infidel was here somewhere. It was only a matter of time before he found him. Setihamentep would rip his heart out with his bare hands when he had him. How dare he invade the sanctity of his palace, take his scrolls, who was this who thought to defy The Falcon King. He would pay, he would pay with his blood.

* * * * *

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