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Vegeta was quiet on the ride over to the museum. He had tried to ignore Bulma and her endless chatter about all the things he was gong to be seeing. He could have cared less. The only real reason he had come was because he wanted to be near her. It was a truth buried deeply in him, one he was loathe to admit to, but it was the truth all the same. He was growing tired of lying to himself. As far as this exhibit she was carrying on about, well he doubted it would hold any interest for him. He had seen Earth warriors and was not impressed in the least. How entertaining could they be if they were as old as Bulma said this one was.

Bulma glanced over at Vegeta. She had tried talking to him about the Egyptian things that they were going to be seeing, but he had just stuck his nose up in the air and turned his head away. He was absolutely infuriating. Vegeta was not going to make any of this easy for her. She sighed and ran her hand through her long blue hair. The perm was gone, completely out. She was glad. She noticed as she aged she was starting to like things simple and chic. The perm had been too much. She was happy with how she looked now. She wondered if Vegeta liked how she looked. She had taken extra care today. She had wanted him to notice. She had dressed casually in a simple sun dress. She had made sure it showed her legs. No point in not helping him notice her. She laughed to herself as she thought of telling him he could stay at her house if he didn't try to jump all over her. What she wouldn't give if he would do that now. My how things changed. She glanced over at him. Still looking out the window, oblivious to her existence. She decided to shake things up a bit. Why not? She was nothing if she wasn't daring.

Leaning over with one hand still firmly clutched to the steering wheel, she draped her arm over his legs and fumbled on the floor for her purse. She felt his thigh tense under her arm. Maybe he wasn't as distant as she thought. Or he could just really hate her touch. She had touched him before and he hadn't seemed to mind. She grabbed her purse and drug it up over his leg, making sure her hand ran up his thigh.

Vegeta shuddered. Damn this woman. Didn't she realize the danger she was putting herself in. One more touch and he was going to be all over her. He couldn't take it anymore. The way she had ran her hand up the inside of his thigh. He could have sworn it had been almost deliberate. He could already feel himself starting to respond to her. Where was his control? He was the strongest fighter in the universe. Well almost. He soon would be second to no one. Still he had survived all his years with Frieza because he had had self-control. He refused to believe this one little, weak earthling could shatter all that he had built over the years. He needed to get a grip.

"What are you doing?" He asked her harshly.

" I was just making sure I had remembered my purse. Can't get in without money."

He snorted and turned his head back towards the window. She thought she might have heard the word idiot under his breath. Well at least he hadn't said it loud enough for her to comment on. Thank goodness they were almost there.

Professor Rebollah stepped back and surveyed his handy work. He had spent countless hours translating the ancient hieroglyphics that would bring life to his king. Careful not to speak the sacred words aloud. The ancient book had been well hidden . No one knew the true meaning of this particular book. When he had found the original book along with the sarcophagus of the king, it had not been among them. The other books spoke only of the curse. He had translated all of those as well and placed them with the exhibit. No one knew of this final tablet. He alone had known of its existence. It was said that the original

book of the dead could be found in a special compartment of The Falcon King's tomb. He had been a heretic of sorts. His heresies had been buried with him. This was not the book of the dead that was thought to be the guide to eternal afterlife for all Egyptians. No this was his King's very own book of the dead.

He glanced at his watch. Yes, it was time. He placed the translations behind the sarcophagus. He didn't want just anyone to read the words. He wanted someone special and he would trust his intuition on that. When he saw the person who would make a fitting slave for his king, well then he would stick the tablet out and make sure they read it. Quite conniving really, but how else did one get what they wanted?

Bulma had parked the car and was dragging Vegeta along to their designated meeting spot. She had forgotten her shades and was squinting against the glare of the sun. Geez, it sure is bright today. She was trying to see Yamcha or Goku in the crowd of people, but all she could really see was a great big glare. An idea struck her.

"Hey, Vegeta, you can sense the others can't you ?"

"Yes, woman , I know exactly where Kakkarot is."

She stared at him for a moment, her blue eyes open wide. Then she clocked him upside the head with her purse.

"What was that for?"

"I can't believe you just now told me that. We could have saved a lot of time here, Vegeta, if you had opened your mouth sooner."

"You didn't ask." He shrugged.

"Yes, well we wouldn't want you to do something nice without being asked, would we?" She glared at him.

"Why should I, The Prince of all Saiyans, be your personal map? You're lucky I am even here with you."

Bulma thought something might have ignited inside her.

"Why you, you...stupid ass!!!"

He smirked at her.

"Fine Vegeta, just go. I would not want to be the one to force you into doing something you did not want to do, so just go. "

He moved so fast that she never even saw him until she was pressed up against his very hard body.

"No one forces me to do anything, woman, do you understand me? I spent too many years bowing to Frieza's wishes and being forced to swallow my pride to let anyone ever force me into things again. I am here because I decided to come." His black eyes practically burned into hers.

She nodded, too surprised by him to do much else. He kept his arm locked around her waist, his mouth just inches away from hers. They stayed like that for a moment more staring into each others eyes. Somehow, Bulma thought, the mood had changed. He was no longer angry, it was something else.

Vegeta slowly released her. She was concious of the effort that it took him to do that. He looked like he might want to devour her. She found that thought to be rather exciting, yet disturbing at the same time. She wasn't neccesarily sure she could handle him.

Vegeta took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. She would never know how close he had come to taking flight into the sky with her and finding a place he could claim her body as his over and over. He growled to himself. He should not have come along on this stupid trip. He would be damned if he would let her see just how much her closeness affected him.

"Kakkarot is over there, along with that weakling brat of his."

Bulma nodded and hastily beat a path to her friends. Sure enough Goku and Gohan were satnding right by the entrance. Chi-Chi was digging in her purse.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Bulma! Look,you brought Vegeta with you! Hey Vegeta! I didn't know you were interested in things like this."

"Shut up Kakkarot. Why I am here is none of your concern."

"So are we ready to go in?" Bulma asked, excited to see the ancient treasures.

"Yeah, I think so, Yamcha was right here. He must have gone ahead in."

Bulma rolled her eyes. He probably saw some girl to go chase she thought. Oh well she had Vegeta along with her. She had managed to regain her wits from their last encounter, enough to wrap her hand around his arm and walk with him. Amazingly he didn't try to pull away from her.

She and Chi-Chi were buying the tickets when Yamcha popped up.

"Hey, babe, glad you came."

He tried to kiss her but Bulma sidestepped him and hurried back over to Vegeta, tickets in hand. Yamcha followed her, his face contorting in anger when he saw Vegeta.

"What's he doing here?"

" I invited him, Yamcha, so back off."

Vegeta just smirked at the annoying idiot. He had witnessed the little exchange at the ticket counter. He had been amused at how Bulma had avoided the fools touch.

"Bulma, this was supposed to be a date."

"I never agreed to a date, Yamcha, I agreed to come here with my friends and see something interesting. We are friends aren't we?"

"Not with Vegeta."

"As if I care asshole."

Yamcha took a step towards Vegeta, but Goku stepped in between.

"Hey, Hey guys. Come on. We don't want to destroy this place. Vegeta is welcome here. "

Bulma flashed Goku a thankful smile. She decided to start the tour before anything else could happen.

"Come on Chi-Chi. Let's get going. "

"Gohan, come on Gohan...Mommy wants you take notes of all the wonderful things you see. Who knows, maybe you could become an Egyptian scholar. " She clasped her hands together in happiness at the idea.

Vegeta rolled his eyes. He would never understand how Kakkarot could have mated with that earthling. She was more annoying then Bulma. He was also showing great dishonor to his Saiyan race by not letting the boy be trained to his full potential. Just another reason the man was an idiot. He couldn't believe that he was a super saiyan. It was all Vegeta could do to stomach the situation.

Yamcha tried to follow Bulma, but Vegeta elbowed him out of the way. He was going to make sure that the loser didn't have a chance to weasel his way back into Bulma's affections. He would be the one that stuck close to Bulma today.

Bulma stopped at the entrance to the exhibit. There was a small crowd milling about, but not overly large. She was a little surprised. She noticed a little Egyptian man standing in a corner avidly watching people. He turned his gaze to her and she shivered. There was something not right about him. It was almost as if he was hunting. She stepped closer to Vegeta.

Chi-Chi was all ready to go.

"Gohan? Do you have your notepad ready."

"Aww, come on Chi-Chi.Does Gohan really have to take notes? "Goku gave her a friendly pat on the back. Unfortunately for Chi-Chi, Goku had once again forgotten his own strength. Chi-Chi was sent flying into a table full with two ancient vases on them.

Bulma reacted as quickly as she could, diving to catch one of the vases before it hit the floor and shattered. The other vase was caught by the little Egyptian man she had noticed.

Vegeta rolled his eyes. Why had he come out with these losers? How stupid did Kakkarot have to be? His idiotic mate wasn't much better. Insisting the brat take notes. He crossed his arms and looked away from what had almost been a horrible disaster.

Bulma shakily placed the ancient vase back on the table and helped Chi-Chi up. The little man did the same.

"Thank you so much miss, for saving the vase. It is over 5000 years old. "

"It was nothing, I am just glad I could catch one."

"I am Professor Rebollah. I am in charge of this display."

He looked assessingly at Goku.

"Your friend is very strong. Very strong indeed. "

"That's my husband," Chi-Chi snarled, "the strongest man alive."

"Gee, Chi-Chi, I'm sorry. I forget my own strength sometimes."

"Are you okay Chi-Chi?" Bulma asked her quietly.

Chi-Chi nodded and marched over to Goku.

Rebollah stared at the group of strange people. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that he had found his King's slave. The man was incredibly strong. Who better to serve the king then someone with the strength of ten men? He stared at the two women. The dark haired one was exotic and beautiful with her long dark hair and eyes. The blue haired one was even more beautiful . Her body was slender and curved. her hair shiny and her eyes. She was incredible. He hoped the king would not want her as a concubine. He would ask for her himself as part of his reward for being loyal. He could imagine many hours of pleasure with her. The other two men he could discard. They would not be useful. It was time to make his move.

He looked around. There was no sign of the Sarrak. He would not waste this oppurtunity.

"People, People," he spoke loudly so that the crowds of people could hear him. "Due to the extremely fragile nature of our exhibit I will be taking small groups of people in at a time. The exhibit is not terribly huge, so your wait will not be a long one."

He looked at Bulma.

"Miss, since you were so kind as to save one of the vases would you and your friends like to go first?"

Bulma smiled excitedly. Maybe the little man wasn't as bad as she had initially thought.

"Sure, Come on guys." She grabbed hold of Vegeta again, who had been standing behind her ignoring everyone.

"Then follow me."

He entered the little room that the museum had decorated as an ancient Egyptian tomb. It was really a neat touch. Torches lit the inside of the exhibit and the walls had been detailed with beautiful paintings rendering life in the ancient times. Bulma was amazed. She was so absorbed with looking at them that she didn't see Rebollah move the translated scrolls to the front with the other translations. Vegeta did, but thought little of it. He wasn't particularly impressed by any of this. he had encountered many civilizations, this one was no different then any of them. The woman was excited, but then again she got excited at just about everything.

Bulma let go of Vegeta and moved to the sarcophagus standing at the back of the room. She saw that Chi-Chi was already there examining the walls as well.

Vegeta frowned as she moved away. There was something not right about this. It was an almost instinctual feeling deep down in his gut. He had learned to survive on those in Frieza's army. He looked over at Goku to see if he felt it too.

Rebollah was with Goku showing him and Yamcha the translations. There was no point in dragging out the inevitable. The sooner it was read, the better. He just had to make sure the strong man read the actual spell that would conjur up his long dead king.

Yamcha was looking at the translation of the curse.

"Hey, guys look here. It says that The Falcon King was a heretic for his time. Seems they stuck a curse on him to scare people off of disturbing him."

"Yes, Yes," Rebollah said," He was a dangerous sorcerer in his time. He and his beloved Teya were responsible for many evil deeds. They had a great dream to rule the universe together. They had conjured up a great army of undead to do their bidding. The Egyptians cowered before them. It was told that a great warrior was responsible for cursing the evil king with one of his own horrible spells. Teya herself suffered the same fate."

"How did they kill him?" Gohan asked.

"They never killed him my boy, he was merely cursed to an eternal slumber. Only saying the proper spell will reawken him. "

"Wow, you mean he's not dead, only sleeping?"Gohan was excited by this.

"Of course not son,"Chi-Chi put in, "that is just a legend."

"Of course,"Rebollah replied. He pushed Goku over to the translations.

"Read this for your friends my son, so they might hear it, They will find it very interesting."

Goku looked at the writing and read slowly.

"Oh great King, cursed by Anubis, to eternal slumber rise up and be whole again. Rise up and

and claim the sun as a God. Awaken your minions and claim the lands as your own. "

Bulma looked back at Goku.

"Goku,. maybe you shouldn't be reading that..." her words died in her throat.

Goku had dropped to his knees. He looked as if he was in tremendous pain. She was shocked to see a bright light begin to surround him. Yamcha rushed over to his friend but was thrown away by some kind of invisible force into the wall. He slid down it, unconcious.

Vegeta started towards Bulma. Whatever Kakkarot had been stupid enough to read had started something bad. He needed to get the woman and get the hell out. He didn't question himself as to why he should care about her.

Chi-Chi started towards her husband, in shock with Gohan right behind her. A slow rumbling noise turned both of them back toward the sarcophagus.

Bulma slowly turned back to the sarcophagus as well, too terrified to move. What was happening.

"Bulma," Vegeta yelled at her, "Get away from there."

The sarcophagus blew open with enough force to send Bulma, Chi-Chi and Gohan back several feet. Bulma landed against Vegeta and sent them both back into a display. Through the fog in her mind she dimly heard people yelling. She felt Vegeta wrap his arm around her and haul her up.

"Come on woman, lets go."

She looked up then and wished she hadn't. Emerging from the sarcophagus was the most hideous thing she had ever seen. She wanted to run, but she was transfixed by the sheer enormity of what she was seeing. He was big, the mummy, over six feet. He wasn't really wrapped in bandages. What ever had been wrapped around him was molded to his decaying body. Parts of him were rotted out. She moved her gaze to his face and looked at him then. He had no eyes, yet he leered at her as if he could see her. She screamed then, really screamed. Her mind not prepaired for what she was seeing.

Vegeta winced at the scream. It hurt his ears, but he couldn't really blame her. For a weakling like her that had to be pretty awful. Even he had never seen anything quite like that. He was just about to grab her and get the hell out when he was distracted by the sight of Kakkarot. The light that had been emanating from him now surrounded him and he was levitating in the air. He screamed and writhed in the air as if he was in pain. Then as suddenly as the light came it was gone and Kakkarot fell to the ground, unconcious.

Vegeta's attention then snapped to the little man that had led them in here. He was laughing. He must have had this planned. He then dropped to his knees and bowed toward the abomination that was rapidly walking towards them. Vegeta turned and looked at the so called king pushing Bulma behind him as he did so.

Bulma clung to Vegeta for her life. She saw Chi-Chi and Gohan cowering against the other wall and the mummy or whatever the hell it was striding towards the little man in the center of the room. She wanted to go, but she couldn't just desert her friends.

Sarrak had raced into the exhibit when he had heard the commotion. He had been late to the opening and now regretted that as soon as he saw the creature walking towards him. Rebollah was on his hands and knees muttering ancient Egyptian words. He should have known not to trust the man. around him people were screaming and yelling as the building shook with all the supernatural forces emanating from it. He stared, now, in amazement at the scene that was enfolding in front of him.

Rebollah lifted his head to behold his king. He spoke in the ancient tongue swearing allegiance to him.

"Ack su envitosey menophen au amaphas syo." * I am your servant oh great pharoah.*

To Bulma's amazement the mummy answered him back, though she understood none of it.

"Amenophen tu parak tye ba?" * Where are my scrolls of life?*

"Ack bon nun farak amaphas syo." * I have them safe great pharoah.*

"Tun ef parak sosan?" *Who is my servant?*

Rebollah pointed then to Goku laying motionless on the ground.

Vegeta didn't wait to hear anything else, he grabbed a hold of Bulma and started towards the door, prepared to blast his way out if neccesary.

"Vegeta, we can't leave them!" she yelled at him.

"Forget them woman!" He yelled back at her.

He didn't make it far. He ran into a barrier. He attempted a blast but it bounced back off of the invisible wall and almost hit him and Bulma. He cursed then and turned back towards the creature that stood in the center of the room. If he couldn't blast the wall, he would just blast it and be done with it. He lifted his hand and fired at him. The creature batted it away as if it were nothing. He then pointed his finger at Vegeta and with one motion sent him flying back against the wall. Bulma screamed again and raced to Vegeta who was picking himself off the floor.

"Vegeta are you okay?"She asked frantically. Touching his face.

" Of course I am woman, it takes more then that to hurt me. " He stood up and brushed himself off.

Bulma turned back towards the creature that was now pointing at Goku.

"Oh no, Goku, "She whispered.

" Bannai!" The mummy called. * Arise!*

To her amazement Goku began to stir.

" Bannai le sos nu." *Arise and serve me.*

Goku stood then and looked at the mummy.

"Goku!" Chi-Chi called.

"Dad!" Gohan yelled at him as well.

Vegeta knew the moment that Kakkarot stood up that it was no longer him. He growled in his throat and pushed Bulma back against the wall ready to protect what he now saw as his. There was no point in fighting it. When he got out of this he would claim her as his. Now he needed to fight to keep them both alive.

"Parak syo." Goku bowed his head and spoke perfect ancient Egyptian. * My Pharoah*

The creature nodded his head in return.

Bulma's mouth fell open. Had she just heard him speak ancient Egyptian? She saw Chi-Chi and Gohan's mouths were hanging open to. What did this mean?

"Nun es parak hasan syo?" * What is my bidding pharoah?*

The creature looked at Vegeta and Bulma then. He raised his hand yet again.

" Im nust." *Kill them.*

Goku turned toward Vegeta and Bulma then. She gasped when she saw him. He looked dead. His eyes were soulless. Whatever had shown through them as Goku was gone.

Chi-Chi got up and started towards Goku yelling his name. The creature lifted his arm once again and propelled her back against the wall. She landed in a heap on top of Yamcha.

"Mom!" Gohan yelled and ran to her.

Bulma needed to find away to gather them together and get out. It looked more and more like Vegeta was going to be doing battle with Goku. Perhaps he could distract him enough to get them all out. She fervently hoped so. This had not been what she had planned for her afternoon. Not at all.

Vegeta stood in his fighting stance and prepared for his fight with Kakkarot. he would finally show that third class saiyan who was stronger. This was his chance to be rid of him. Then he would take the woman and be gone. The thing in the room could have the other idiots. He couldn't care less. This little trip was turning out to be alright after all. He smirked then, thrilling at the thought of doing battle with his greatest enemy. Once that was done and he had defeated him once and for all he would claim his chosen mate. Maybe immortality wasn't out of the question after all.

Boy was he in for a surprise.

* * * * *

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