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Chapter Four



"Piece of crap…ouch…damn it…" Bulma yelped then growled dropping the wrench she held, the metal tool falling with a clunk on the floor. "This isn’t what I had in mind for my summer vacation," she muttered as she sucked gingerly on her cut finger. She had been working on her third gravity chamber prototype, the one she had proposed the Saiya-jin no Ouji could utilize for his ascension training. Every time Vegeta pushed his limits, he pushed the limits of the machine, in turn pushing Bulma to modify and upgrade the prototype. "At this rate I’ll never be finished," Bulma, grumbled. "And I had so many plans…" she sighed wistfully as she thought about her little game with the Saiya-jin Prince. Oh, she had managed to sneak a brush here and a look there, but never anything of consequence. And he wasn’t helping by going off to train in Chikyuu’s great desert every day. Dr. Briefs had asked him about that one morning. The Prince had replied with something about the arid climate being similar to that of Vegeta-sei. "Prince Vegeta is a tougher nut to crack than I first thought," Bulma muttered as she resumed her work on the machine.

A determined smile formed on her lips. Her mother was away on a shopping excursion and her father would surely be in his at least until dinner. She would make a bold move when Vegeta returned to the house for the afternoon meal.


In the great Chikyuu desert the Saiya-jin Prince Vegeta pushed forward with his training.


At least he tried to.

Vegeta pulled off his soiled sweaty gloves, throwing them on the ground with a grunt of disgust and frustration. "Kusotare…Shimatta..." He muttered a variety of curses under his breath. When he was through with his verbal venting he sat in a meditative pose. Knees crossed, chest high, back straight. He wiggled his fingers to relax them and stretched his neck in attempt to loosen the tense muscles there, but no matter how much he tried the Saiya-jin Prince just couldn’t seem to relax.

Was it nerves? Anxiety? The Pressure to Ascend? No, it wasn’t any of those. Though concerned, Vegeta had every confidence in his father the King and the Saiya-jin Empire. Freeza was a very powerful opponent, but the Saiya-jin still had an edge, if for a short while. Just last night he had received word from Napa that several of Freeza’s warriors had committed treason, forsaking their loyalty to Freeza to join with the Saiya-jin King, including several members of Freeza’s elite combat unit The Ginyu Force. However, there was a down side. Zarbon, Freeza’s loyal right hand man and General, who could be described as being just short of Freeza’s second tail, had become more ruthless and cunning as the war progressed.

And as for ascending, there was no doubt in Vegeta’s mind that he would ascend come the fourth week of his expected stay on Chikyuu. In the week that he’d spent thus far, the Chikyuu scientist’s daughter’s gravity chamber had proven to be a success. Vegeta could all ready feel the phenomenal changes in him. Not only had his power level increased, but also had his control, stamina, and reflexes. No sooner did he adjust to a level of gravity then he was anxious to adjust to higher one, keeping the Briefs girl on her toes.

Ah the Briefs girl, Vegeta smirked as he thought about the young lavender hair beauty, who also happened to be the source of his tension. Tension of a sexual nature. Vegeta’s smirk turned scowl.

"Baka onna," he growled. "Onna," he ‘hmphed’ leaning back on his elbows. The Chikyuu female was but a child, a mere child of 16. A rueful smile played on Vegeta’s lips. A child that was playing at a very dangerous game. "Silly silly girl," Vegeta chuckled. "What are you playing at?" he asked out loud. The girl certainly didn’t wait too long in making her advances. And although subtle, the much older and experienced Vegeta easily read her intent.

A slight brush of fingers with his, a lingering rubbing of her bottom or a press of her bosom as they passed by one another in the hall or through doorways. It took every bit of Vegeta’s self control to not take the girl right then and there. He did find her appealing, in so many ways. He was both intrigued by the prospect of exploring her mind as well as her body, but he suspected the girl was in over her head. Whatever games she was used to playing with her Chikyuu-jin boyfriends certainly would not fly with him. She had best take heed. Vegeta’s control, however strong, was not with out its own limits.

If and when he took the little chit, she would be in a lot of trouble should she try to refuse him.

A small groan passed through Vegeta’s lips, his manhood stirring within in the confines of his training suit pants. If he continued to muse over the girl like this, he would never be able to concentrate on his training.

"Kuso," Vegeta cursed again. If he didn’t take control of his body, he would have to find another form of alleviating his tension, one that would require the assistance of a certain lavender hair Chikyuu-jin girl genius.

With a heavy sigh Vegeta resumed his meditative pose, determined to take control of his raging lust even if it meant missing his afternoon meal.


Bulma sat at the table, watching the clock and the kitchen door way expectantly. "Where is he?" She grumbled as the clock chimed two o’ clock. Vegeta was now two hours late for lunch. With a heavy sigh of dejection, Bulma got up to put away Vegeta’s plates of food and tidy up the kitchen, all the while muttering things like, "baka, inconsiderate, no Ouji…"

Dr. Briefs walked in at the moment, cat in tow, cigarette perpetually affixed to the corner of his mouth. He entered the kitchen to seek out a fresh pot of coffee. Dr. Briefs preferred to perform such ‘minute’ tasks on his own rather than sending a service bot to do it for him. There was a certain satisfaction to accomplishing such every day things on ones own he believed. "Hello Bulma," he greeted his daughter, his brow furrowing at the uneaten plates of food and his daughters demeanor. "Vegeta take a late lunch today?" He asked.

"Vegeta didn’t take his lunch today at all Papa," Bulma complained, not hiding her disappointment. This made Dr. Briefs frown slightly, but he shrugged it off. He attributed Bulma’s attachment to the Prince to nothing more than a mere schoolgirl crush. He had every confidence in the Saiya-jin Prince to behave around his daughter accordingly. Vegeta had shown to be a decent and honorable man despite his outward curtness.

"Well, you know he is very preoccupied Bulma. His planet is at war right now and he’s under a lot of pressure to ‘ascend’, what ever that means," Dr. Briefs mumbled the last as he took a sip of fresh coffee from his mug. "Besides, from what I’ve seen of the Saiya-jin appetite, he’ll most definitely come in for dinner." The doctor chuckled.

"I suppose so Papa," Bulma sighed. "He could have at least let us know he wouldn’t be coming in for lunch," Bulma griped with lingering annoyance. "With mama gone shopping for the day, I worked hard to prepare this meal. How am I supposed to worry about feeding his enormous appetite and upgrading the Gravity Chamber?" Bulma sniffed.

"Why didn’t you just let a service bot take care of lunch dear?" Dr. Briefs asked with a rueful smile as he walked out the kitchen with his fresh coffee.

"Huh?" Bulma replied with a furrowed brow. A second later her brain registered her father’s point, a slight brush creeping on her cheeks. "Oh." She giggled her anger dissipating. A devious smirk curved her lips as she thought, Guess I’ll just have to wait ‘til tonight then. Bulma, you are such a naughty naughty girl. Giggling to herself she resumed her task in the kitchen.


It was very late when Vegeta returned to the Capsule Corporation compound. Most of the lights in the mansion were off except for in the kitchen, the range light kept on to keep the food left out warm.

Vegeta peeked through the plastic coverings, eying the food with a quizzical brow. He wasn’t really hungry, merely desiring a snack before bed, having all ready eaten while he was out. Having not quite regained his control or relieved the tension as he had intended, his growing hunger had increased his annoyance. Returning to Capsule Corporation and possibly running into Dr. Briefs minx of a daughter was enough to keep him away. So Vegeta set to do what many Saiya-jin had done in his predicament. He went for a hunt. Thereby satiating his need for food and somewhat relieving his sexual frustration with the blood rush of a kill.

Shrugging, Vegeta sniffed at some meaty dish, picked off a good chunk, and was about to throw it in his mouth when a loud yelped made him stiffen. Within seconds, Vegeta was behind the intruder one arm firmly encircling the assailant’s neck, the other poised above its head, glowing with ki energy. A moment later Vegeta realized who the ‘assailant’ was and quickly dowsed his ki glowing hand. He loosened but didn’t remove the arm from around the girl’s neck. He was curious to see just how she would handle the situation.

"P-Prince Vegeta," stammered Bulma nervously. "It’s me…Bulma. I’m sorry if I startled you, I-I-"

"Startle me?" Vegeta quickly interjected, a chuckle rising from his throat. "No, you didn’t startle me girl," Vegeta said in a low menacing tone. "If anyone was startled here little one, it was you," he said. Lip twitching with amusement he teasingly whispered against her soft hair, "Miss me hmm?"

Bulma softly gasped. Damn it he was on to her! No, no he wouldn’t intimidate her. Regaining her composure Bulma quickly turned to face him, Vegeta finally lowering his arm and allowing her to shift against him. "As a matter of fact I did," she breathed seductively, playing along with his teasing, "Didn’t you?" She pouted, pressing herself flush against him, one of her small hands creeping up from between their bodies to trail up and down his hard chest.

Vegeta stared hard eyes down at Bulma. He concentrated hard in keeping his body’s reaction in check, wanting to see where the girl was going with this tantalizing tease of hers. "Don’t be silly girl, you mean nothing to me," Vegeta growled with mild annoyance. His eyes roamed her petite, yet delectable frame, all the while smirking, but it was a smirk of appreciation. "What is that ridiculous get up your wearing," he asked with a cocked brow.

Bulma was slightly perturbed but asked, "What?" she pouted looking down at her white trimmed, pink with purple hearts nightdress. "I’m wearing pajamas. A sleeping garment," she explained, her hand moving lower down on him. "Don’t Saiya-jin wear sleeping clothes?" she asked in a soft innocent voice.

"Saiya-jin don’t wear clothes to sleep," Vegeta replied dryly.

"Is that…so?" Bulma remarked looking big baby blue eyes up at Vegeta, her hand now over his aroused manhood.

"It is so girl," Vegeta murmured as Bulma’s hand began a gentle rubbing rhythm over his growing erection.

Vegeta didn’t move, didn’t so much as twitch a muscle or make a sound as Bulma, with surprising skill, worked his length with her hands. Is that all you can do little one? Vegeta wondered as Bulma rolled him expertly with her warm fingers. Ahh…that’s it, Vegeta crowed delightedly as Bulma slipped her hand inside the waste band of his training pants, pulling out his straining member. He smirked at Bulma’s soft gasp of surprise.

Bulma even shocked herself with her bold move, but couldn’t stop. Didn’t want to stop She had wanted to do this since she had first lain eyes on the impassive Saiya-jin Prince and now she had him in her hands… and what a site. Not even Yaumcha was this impressive. Big surprises did come in small packages, she mused recalling the adage. Bulma openly marveled and admired Vegeta’s shaft. He felt hard and smooth, like hot lead encased in the softest velvet. Bulma couldn’t help the soft low gasps that escaped her lips as she tested his length and girth. "It’s so big," she marveled, her fingers trailing up towards the flushed swollen head. She traced the pad of her thumb over a clear-white fluid that seeped out, causing a groan to escape from deep within Vegeta’s throat.

Bulma raised her head to stare into Vegeta’s passion glazed eyes. Bulma felt herself grow warm and heavy as she looked into that hot and intense gaze. What’s happening? I’m loosing control. I have to stop before…before…Bulma abruptly let go of Vegeta’s member and turned away from him.

What the fuck! Vegeta growled his eyes widening with surprise, and then narrowing dangerously. He was in the throws of the most enjoyable hand job of his life, by the most delectable little creature, and the chit thought she could just stop!?

She had another thing coming.

"Oh my look at the time," Bulma laughed airily. "I better get to sleep. I do have to be up early to finish that latest upgrade to the Gravity Machine," Bulma rambled as she side- stepped Vegeta along the kitchen doorway. "See you in the morning Ve.."

"Not so fast," Vegeta growled, pulling Bulma roughly back against his chest. "You’re not going anywhere until you finish what you started," he rumbled against her ear, pressing his achingly hard length against her pajama-clad bottom.

"B-But I-I," Bulma stammered both frightened and excited by Vegeta’s sudden animal like aggression.

"But what?" Vegeta snarled. "Did you think I was going to let you just waltz out of here with out allowing me the courtesy of release. That’s not a very adult thing to do Bulma." Vegeta sneered, his large hands moving forward in front of her to cup her firm quivering breasts.

"But you don’t understand!" Bulma said hurriedly, the rapid rise and fall of her chest causing her nipples to brush against his palms making them harden like pebbles. "I…ohhh…please Vegeta…I-I can’t," Bulma pleaded desperately.

"Just as I suspected," Vegeta growled angrily, lightly shaking Bulma in his hands. "You’re nothing but an inexperienced child playing at a dangerous grown-up game. You’re a very very naughty girl Bulma," Vegeta accused mockingly.

"P-Please…don’t-" Bulma sobbed.

"Not to worry, my dear girl," Vegeta growled huskily against her crown. "I don’t take pleasure in raping young naive girls, though your foolish and wanton behavior deserves to be taught a lesson." He said scornfully. "No Bulma I wont force you, but I will give you a taste of your own medicine." He chuckled dislodging one of his hands from breast to move down to her thigh.

"P-P-Please…Vegeta…don’t…" Bulma sobbed.

"Shhh...." Vegeta breathed against Bulma’s neck. "This won’t hurt at all, at least not in the way you think," he purred, his hand sliding up to delve thick long fingers between her slick warm folds, making Bulma gasp with surprise as she tensed in his strong arms.

"Ohhhh…" Bulma moaned her eyes closing tightly with combined shame and joy.

"That’s it little one," Vegeta encouraged Bulma softly, his finger seeking out the hidden nub within her folds, plucking at it like a ripe fruit as he worked the swollen flesh into a throbbing heat.

"Oh Kame…" Bulma moaned, her hips rolling up to meet his hand. "Oh Kame…Vegeta…Vegeta..." Bulma sighed his name like a litany, her head falling back against Vegeta’s hard chest to roll from side to side.

Various sounds escaped Bulma’s throat, as she was lost in the mounting pleasure elicited by Vegeta’s hand. Bulma’s rocking hips increased their tempo to match Vegeta’s fingers as they sought some unknown end.

"You like that don’t you?" Vegeta murmured knowingly.

"Mhmm," Bulma moaned beyond words, experiencing such intense feelings for the first. Her game was always one sided, her teasing her helpless boyfriends until they begged for her to ‘finish’. It never occurred to her to allow them the chance return the gesture. "Please…" she murmured helplessly, this time the desperate plea asking something different from before.

I thought so. Vegeta smirked, increasing the speed of his fingers as he expertly brought Bulma to the edge of an earth-shattering climax. And just as she was about to fall over that crucial precipice, Vegeta abruptly removed his hand from her throbbing center and gently pushed her away from him.

"N-N-Nani?" Bulma cried out, her eyes fluttering with confusion. "W-Why did you…stop…" Bulma wailed hoarsely, her voice breaking helplessly as her body shook and trembled with need. And then it dawned on her. "Oh…" She whispered softly, bitter tears welling in her eyes. That’s what he meant by teaching me a lesson.

"So how does it feel Bulma?" Vegeta asked pointedly. "How does it feel to be teased to such a critical point, only to be left wanting and bereft? Not a good feeling is it?" Vegeta sneered coldly. "When you’re through playing your girlish games and ready to be a real woman…you know where to find me." With those parting words Vegeta was gone in an instant, leaving Bulma alone to mull over her lesson.


Bulma wiped splashed cool bath water over her face rubbing her hands over her eyes and cheeks. She still ached and swelled with unfilled desire, her inexperienced body unable to control the new and overwhelming sensations it had sustained that evening. With a growl Bulma slapped the water hard, completely frustrated with her newfound predicament. How dare he! How dare he call her a child! She knew exactly what she was doing, didn’t she? "Shimatta," Bulma sobbed, cursing with aggravation.

With another frustrated groan she leaned back in the tub. …When you’re through playing your girlish games and are ready to be a real woman…you know where to find me… his words echoed in her mind, making her shiver.

"Get a grip onna," Bulma muttered out loud. But how can I when I feel so…so…

Ever so carefully, Bulma snaked one of her hands below the waters edge, stopping to where Vegeta’s had been only moments earlier. Bulma bit her lip to stop a loud moan from passing her lips. I wonder if he’s doing the same right now… She thought as her fingers mimicked the sensual rhythm that Vegeta played against her hot flesh earlier. "Ohhh…" Bulma sighed as her hand came up to grip the rim of the tub, the pressure of her fingers increasing against her heat. "Oh oh oh…Kame…Aahhh…" Bulma screamed softly as her body finally attained what it had been left wanting. Bulma let out a long sigh of satisfaction as she leaned back against the cool porcelain tub in the aftermath of her release.

…you know where to find me… "Hai Vegeta no Ouji," Bulma murmured sleepily. "I know where to find you."


To be continued…


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