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Chapter Two



Dr. Briefs grimaced from the pain of his wife’s nails digging into his fore arm of which he was sure would be indented for days. He nervously swallowed down any fear as the first alien pod opened.

Dr. Briefs eyes widened with surprise then relaxed with some relief as the alien revealed itself, but never did Dr. Briefs let down his guard. The crowd around him began to murmur excitedly. One person giggled, "He’s so short…" That the creature was, Dr. Briefs estimated not much shorter than his 5 feet 2 inch height with long raven hair that flared up like flames and a profound widow’s peak. There seemed to be a dignified air about the creature Dr. Briefs thought. From the look of his attire he seemed to be a man, yes, he was sure to be male Dr. Briefs assumed, of great importance as he returned the creature’s intense stare.

The crowd’s murmurs became louder and more excited. "Why won’t it say anything? What peculiar attire…Look at its hair…"

"Why don’t you speak to it dear?" Mrs. Briefs whispered nervously against her husband’s ear. Dr. Briefs response was a nervous cough.

Vegeta watched the crowd of Chikyuu-jin with silent assessment. Physically, they were not so different from Saiya-jin except for their lack of tails and rather low power levels. But then, from what his scouting team had told him, Chikyuu-jin for the most opted to use technology and weapons to fight their battles rather than their own natural Ki abilities. The Prince winced inwardly, which is what prompted this trip to Chikyuu in the first place much to his distaste. It was a hard pill to swallow that the most physically powerful race in the universe was reduced to turning to technological gadgets in helping them battle their most hated enemy.

Vegeta smirked at the Chikyuu-jin mindless chatter. One person in the crowd was not so easily reassured he realized. This must be the scientist, Dr. Briefs, the scouters had told him about. Smart man to not let down his guard Vegeta thought approvingly. These other people however, were starting to get on his nerves. ~So they think I appear to be harmless…~

Just then, the other two pods opened. ~Wait until they get a look at Nappa and Raditz~ The Prince chuckled inwardly. ~That should shut them up~

Nervous beads of sweat began to form on Dr. Briefs brow. Intuition told him that the alien was anything but harmless regardless of appearances. He swallowed down another lump as the other two pods opened. He shivered as a cold chill ran down his spine at the site of the visitor’s other two companions.

The excited murmurs turned to shocked and fearful gasps. "Oh my God! Th-They’re huge!" The techs cried as they cringed with fear.

The two burly Saiya-jin eyed the crowd of Chikyuu-jin with unmasked contempt. The taller of the two opened his mouth to speak, but the shorter Prince raised a finger to silence him. The bigger man obediently held back his outburst. ~Now is not the time Nappa,~ Vegeta communicated telepathically to his longtime trainer and former caretaker ~We have so little time to waist bickering about this. The sooner we attain what we need, the sooner we can return to Vegeta-sei and help father.~

~Hai my Prince~ Replied Nappa grudgingly.

~Well then, on to business.~ Vegeta growled inwardly. "Dr. Briefs of Chikyuu?" Vegeta asked, in the universal standard that was native to this planet.

Dr. Briefs started at the sound of his name spoken in his own language. "Hai," he responded quickly. "I am Dr. Briefs. Who wishes to know?" Dr. Briefs bravely asked a question of his own.

The Prince smirked. The Chikyuu-jin was brave enough to hold his own Vegeta was impressed. "I am Prince Vegeta of Vegeta-sei. These are Nappa and Raditz, loyal subjects of the Saiya-jin Empire. We come to Chikyuu," Vegeta’s voice faltered for but a second. "To employ your technological genius."

Dr. Briefs sighed inwardly with relief. ~So he is a man of importance. A Prince, Saiya-jin they are called and they need my services…but that does not mean that they come in peace.~ Dr. Briefs mulled.

"Rest assured Dr. We have no intention of causing harm to you or any other inhabitants of Chikyuu." The Prince growled, assessing the scientists train of thought. Chikyuu had been on the list of purgings, but since the Saiya-jin Empire broke its pact with Freeza and declared war on the Cold Empire, all of its efforts have been directed towards the war and all regular missions and activities had been terminated. Purging especially, as all of Vegeta-sei’s able warriors were needed in the home front.

Dr. Briefs finally relaxed. "Very well then," he nodded. "Shall we discuss matters further in my offices?"

The prince nodded. "Hai."

Dr. Briefs turned around, his wife still clinging to him. He gently shook her off and she blushed. "Oh, I’m so sorry dear," she said sheepishly touching her cheek. Dr. Briefs muttered incoherently. He looked at the crowd of techs and assistants. "What are you all staring at?" He grumbled. "This doesn’t concern you. Back to work!" He yelled uncharacteristically.

The techs immediately jumped to attention and ran back inside the compound to their respective stations.

"I’ll go ahead and prepare some tea for you and the visitors dear." Mrs. Briefs gushed as she glanced at the Saiya-jin and hurried inside. Dr. Briefs coughed, nodding.

Dr. Briefs returned his attentions to the un-amused Saiya-jin. He cleared his throat and said, "I apologize for that spectacle. Shall we gentlemen?" He indicated for the trio to follow him. They were once again deterred buy the sound of an approaching engine.

All four men turned to stare at the new visitor. "’Tosan!" Bulma cried excitedly as she hopped off her air bike and capsulizing it. "Did you see the ship heading-" She gasped with surprise at the three strange beings by her father. She couldn’t help the anxious exciting shiver that ran through her as she locked eyes with the shortest of the three.

"Gentlemen, this is my only daughter Bulma," he explained. "She is on vacation from school. Bulma, why don’t you head on inside and help your mother." Dr. Briefs told his daughter a bit more sternly than his usual tone towards her.

Bulma lowered her gaze finally from the Prince. A light blush creeping on her cheeks and demurely clasped her hands behind her. "H-Hai, Otosan," she murmured obediently and quickly headed inside the mansion, not before stealing another glance at the Prince.

Vegeta arched a brow in return making Bulma blush more deeply and she quickened her step to an almost run inside to Capsule Corporation.

The interaction went unnoticed by both Dr. Briefs and Nappa.


To be continued…

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