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Games Of An Innocent
By: Lina Dragon


Chapter One



"But Bulma…" Yaumcha whined. "You said yesterday that you would today."

"Well, I changed my mind." The young girl giggled coquettishly.

With a frustrated groan, the dejected teenager fell back on the blanket. I don’t know how much longer I can put up with Bulma’s torture before I finally lose it, he thought.

The bulge in his pants still throbbed and ached from Bulma’s ministrations moments earlier. "Bulma… please…" Yaumcha pleaded once again with puppy dog eyes. He reached for her hand and placed it back to the front of his pants, but she pulled it back.

"Sorry Yaumcha," she smiled sweetly from where she lay sprawled on the blanket beside him. "I’m just not in the mood anymore. Maybe later." She winked then turned her head away from him to look up at the clear blue summer sky

"That’s what you always say, " he grumbled with annoyance.

Another fit of giggles erupted from her. Yaumcha gnashed his teeth. Though completely frustrated with her, the sound of her girlish laughter only aroused him more.

If he were another kind of man, he would think to himself, he would have manipulated Bulma into sleeping with him that first time they met, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He couldn’t take advantage of her. She was the most beautiful, wonderful thing that had ever happened to him. He couldn’t defile her.

Yaumcha took in slow deep breaths as he tried to calm his raging hormones. Kame, she’s so gorgeous, he thought as he watched her, unable to take his eyes off of her. His mouth watered as his eyes devoured her firm and supple body. Large, firm pert breasts strained against the fabric of her dress, the short skirt of it revealing long, well-toned legs. Legs that he had fantasized being around his waist a thousand times over since he had first met her in the desert three weeks earlier. Bulma leaned back, her face up towards the sky as she took in the warmth of the summer sun, her smooth milky skin glowing, and her long lavender hair glittering.

"Ugh," Yaumcha groaned painfully. He needed to stop his train of thought before he embarrassed himself in front of her.

I need to get away from her, he thought. With obvious discomfort, Yaumcha raised himself off the blanket and walked back to his car with out a word.

"Hey! Where’re you going?" Bulma called to with much disappointment. "You promised to spend the whole day with me Yaumcha. What gives?"

He paused in mid step and with a laborious sigh, turned to face her. "Bulma, I can’t do this anymore."

Her brow wrinkled in confusion. Kame, she looks so adorable when she does that…

"Whatever do you mean Yaumcha?" She asked innocently, twirling the end of her long braid.

What are you playing at Bulma? Surely you must…no, she wouldn’t, his mind reasoned. From what she had told him, she’d never even had a boyfriend, which Yaumcha had found hard to believe. At sixteen Bulma had the body of a ripe woman and a sexiness about her that… that was irresistible. Bulma Briefs could have any man she wanted.

"Bulma…" Yaumcha sighed. "Look, I have to go," and he turned back to his car.

Bulma ‘humphed’ and pouted, crossing her arms beneath her bosom as she watched Yaumcha walk to his car and drive way with out so much as a backward glance.

"Baka…" she grumbled. But soon a small smirk formed on her lips.

She had been well aware of Yaumcha’s "condition". In fact, she had been quite deliberate about it. Bulma got a kick out of turning Yaumcha on until he was near the breaking point and then…and then she would act the innocent and stop her ministrations.

She had come across him in the dessert during her search for the magical dragon balls, a young man that lived in the hot sea of sand, making a living off of raiding travelers, developing the reputation of a crafty bandit. Bulma had been instantly taken by his rugged and wild appearance, unlike the boys she knew at school Yaumcha was just the kind of guy she had in mind to play with and learn a few things from, or so she thought.



After three weeks of inconsequential flirting and petting, Bulma grew tired and bored with Yaumcha, for he proved to be no different from the clumsy and horny boys she new at school who were only interested in seeking pleasure for themselves.

Bulma wanted someone with experience. Someone who would know how to fully satisfy her and make her feel like a real woman. Bulma Briefs didn’t want a boy. She wanted a man.

Unconsciously, her body began to react to her own erotic musings. Her nipples hardened and strained against her dress and a warm tingling feeling developed below at her center. A soft moan escaped her slightly parted lips and she squeezed her thighs together.

The sound of an electric purr roused her back to reality. "Nani?" Bulma sat up, staring wide-eyed, mouth agape towards the sky. She watched the approaching craft hover from up above with a mixture of fear and awe. The shadow of the huge craft seemed to blanket the whole city.

Bulma didn’t recognize it as anything from Chikyuu and doubted that it was. Her father’s company, Capsule Corporation, was the leading designer and manufacturer of innovative technology on the planet. She would have recognized right away if the ship were one of her father’s own or a rival company.

The ship seemed to pause just above her, hesitating, almost as if it were watching her. Just as quickly it moved away… westward. Vaguely, Bulma realized that that was the direction of her fathers company and her home.

Bulma blinked with surprise, then a devious smile spread across her face. She jumped up from her perch, hastily gathered her blanket and removed a capsule from her belt dropping it to the ground. The cloud of smoke dissipated revealing her shiny red air bike. She threw one leg over and started it up, taking off after the strange ship hoping to beat it back home.


"How much further to the Capsule Corporation Kabutsu?"

"Not much longer your highness. We are only moments away. The ship is docking as we speak," replied the Royal guard.

The Prince nodded. "Good. We have little time to waste," he whispered gravely.

Moments later the alien ship anchored, hovering high above Capsule Corporation grounds, three smaller space pods emerged from the craft.

Capsule Corporation employees watched transfixed through their office and lab windows at the approaching crafts. Alarmed whispers echoed through out the halls of the building. "Did you see…who are they …what are they…has someone alerted Dr. Briefs…?" Murmured others through out the complex.

Dr. Briefs rushed out the doors of his lab making his way outside, his wife and a pack of lab techs and assistants close behind. All gasped as the three smaller space pods landed on the front lawn of Cap Corp grounds.

Mrs. Briefs clutched at her husband’s coat as she and the others anxiously waited for the visitors to reveal themselves. Though he kept a cool demeanor, the only thing that hinted at Dr. Brief’s true feelings were his whiskers, which wiggled as he nervously chewed on the butt of the cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth.

No one spoke as the first of the three pods opened.

The small party gasped as the alien stepped out of its pod.


To be continued…

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