Chapter 4- Her Loss; His Gain


Vegeta had been suspended in the air for five minutes, without moving an inch. He had located her position and then it suddenly disappeared. He realized that she was doing the same thing she had done before. She would loose him somewhere highly populated; it just seemed like her style to do that. He hissed, at this. She was making this task harder for him.

Bulma had flown to the mountains and then dropped her ki level enough to where Vegeta couldn’t distinguish it. She ran with all her might to the nearest largely populated place. I’ll have a better chance at loosing him there. She smirked at her genius thought. Lucky for her, the closest popular area was the mall. She already knew that she was still in her nightclothes and so she scurried into the nearest shop and bought some less revealing ones. She tried to ignore the stares she was getting. I’m not sure if these looks are because of my clothes, or the color of my hair. Soon enough she had changed into her clothes. Her choice was to buy dark ones, seeing that she would need to blend in as much as possible with the dark night sky. She wore tight, yet thin black pants and a black top that had a hood, for concealing her hair. Bulma knew that Vegeta would be looking for her bright blue hair color as a signal. She roamed the area and found a club that one of her friends worked in. She entered and asked the bartender where she was.

"She’s on stage!" He yelled, over the roaring music. She avoided the groping hands of drunk and horny saiyajin men. A sigh of relief escaped her as she saw her friend. Even though she was dancing almost nude around a pole, Bulma knew that this was her job.

"Kyra!" Bulma yelled her name as loud as she could, to over power the sound of the music. Kyra stopped swaying for a moment and peered down to see a black clad Bulma. Immediately she hopped off stage, which resulted in many ‘boos’ from the crowd.

"Bulma!?" What are you doing here?" She asked loudly with a touch of concern. Bulma pulled the girl over to a quieter corner.

"You wouldn’t believe me if I told you; trust me. I need a favor though…do you still have that lab under your house?" Bulma asked almost pleading her to say yes. Kyra shook her head saying no.

"Sorry Bulma, but the palace warriors destroyed it after our last experiment, and then they hauled off my dad and told him he had to work for them." Bulma saw a slight twinge of pain in Kyra’s eyes from speaking of her father.

"Okay, then I have to go. I can’t stay in one place too long. Hey! By the way do you know how long until the next full moon?" Bulma asked hoping it was far away. Kyra looked at Bulma with excited eyes.

"It’s tonight. I can’t wait! The club is going to do a special…" Bulma didn’t hear the rest of Kyra’s words. She was to busy assessing this new problem. Bulma said goodbye to Kyra and left ducking her head at the sight of every palace guard. Well that explains a lot. Bulma thought to herself. It couldn’t have come at a worse time. Adding to her previous thought. Bulma strolled down the street looking for a place that had food.

Vegeta landed where Bulma had stood a mere half an hour ago. He smirked at her carelessness. He sniffed the air and had to stifle a groan as the swell in his pants grew. Her smell was intoxicating him; he could still trace the scent of her. He recognized the smell of that particular scent and it drove him mad; the scent of a female saiyajin in heat. He sped up his search taking on his hereditary smirk, soon the full moon would come out and she would not have anywhere to hide. He flew low over the landscape, trying to pick up her scent anywhere. He landed and began to walk, following her smell. Vegeta stopped by a club that had roaring music pouring form inside. Her smell was distinctly there, his hand snatched out to grab a passer-by. The young saiyajin gasped as he was lifted straight off the ground and pulled into the face of his prince.

"O-ouji V-vegeta!" He shrieked. Vegeta grinned at his recognition.

"Yes, that is right. I am Ouji Vegeta, your prince and heir to Vegeta-sei. Now tell me have you seen a saiyajin female with blue hair come through here?"

"S-she already l-left, Vegeta-sama." Vegeta hissed and threw the twerp aside. Vegeta picked up her scent and followed it slowly, making sure she wasn’t leading him off.

Bulma was carelessly walking around. The black hood she had worn, was now hanging around her shoulders. What’s the point of hiding anymore? He will find me soon. No doubt that he knows of the full moon, and the power it has over royal blood. With his enhanced powers he will surely be able to follow my scent. She hung her head as she continued to walk; her tail drifted down and barely skimmed over the ground. Bulma had no idea that she was being followed, not by the prince that wanted her so badly, but by others.

Two bulky saiyajin males landed in front of her and chuckled while another landed behind. Bulma abruptly stopped noticing the three surrounding her. She did not lift her head but let out an unmistakable warning growl.

"That’s right girlie, growl all you want but you have come into our territory now." He spoke with a low, hoarse voice. Followed by a coarse laugh.

She now lifted her head, and her tail lifted up from the ground, wrapping itself around her slim waist; a true sign of feeling threatened. The males in front of her gasped as they saw her hair and tail. The second one that had yet to speak licked his lips and grinned evilly.

"You are a rare find indeed. Come here little one and you won’t get hurt." He said calmly while stepping towards her. She let out an insulting laugh. The three males growled at her insult. Bulma laughed at his remark, and continued to walk ahead.

"You are the ones who should be worried about getting hurt." She continued to laugh as she neared them. The two males readied themselves in a fighting position they welcomed her retaliation. She felt the first one’s attack and merely caught his oncoming hand and blocked his kick to her stomach. In response she flipped him to the ground and landed a kick in his side causing him to fly ten feet and not return. The other’s attacks were similarly pathetic. Her last opponent caught her in a grip that restrained her movement. She hissed at him when she felt his hands move over her body.

"There now. Was that so hard?" He questioned her moving his hands to her lower regions. Bulma felt the feeling of her previous occurrence with the prince return. Before she burst, she tapped her tail on his shoulder. The idiot fell for it! She smirked at him when she felt his grip loosen to see the ‘person’ that tapped him. She then dealt with him quickly. After sending the three pests on their way. She smirked and bowed her head, looking at how the bandits had ripped her new clothes. There was a tear in her black pants at the top of her thigh, exposing a great deal of her cream colored thigh.

She laughed at the thought of those pathetic thugs' attempt to rape her. Suddenly her laughing stopped and her head whipped to the sky as she felt a familiar ki nearing. No! He found me. Vegeta felt her ki rise, he sped up to try and catch her. Bulma shot into the air, leaving the three horny males alone and groaning in pain. No! He’s so close! I should have felt him coming! Vegeta rose to the air sensing her ki rise a great deal more. You can run little one, but you can’t hide. He continued to speed up gradually until he spotted a speck in the horizon. He grinned and increased his speed even more. Bulma dared to look over her shoulder and cursed at Vegeta’s oncoming form. She too sped up trying to loose him. He laughed loud enough for her to hear. She growled. Bulma looked at the landscape they were flying over. There was nothing civilized at all. She dove down and skimmed the treetops, and then dipped under them. Her vapor trail vanished from sight. Vegeta followed her, not slowing his speed. Bulma tried to lose him in trees, mountains, lakes, underwater caverns but nothing was working. She was loosing her energy and he knew it. Steadily he crept up on her until he was a mere ten feet away.

"I hope you realize that this is a waste of your time." He teased, laughing at his statement. Bulma tensed at how close he was but she could not just give up. Great job Bulma. How are you gonna get out of this one? Vegeta frowned at her pathetic struggle to flee him. In one swift movement he surged forward, grabbed her ankles swung her down to the ground. Her body hit the dense rock with such force that the stone caved in causing her body to be inside an indentation. Bulma’s mind was in a daze. She wasn’t really in pain, just shocked at how easily and fast he had overpowered her. Knowing this made Bulma even angrier with the prince. At her attempt to rise up from her mold, she was faced with a barrage of ki blasts aimed at her. Bulma was too stunned to react and blinked out of her daze. Her body had been shoved back down and five glowing, yellow rings were now holding her down. Each one was pinning down an extremity. The fifth was securing her neck, squeezing her airflow none to gently. Vegeta laughed mercilessly as he landed nearby.

"These are nothing like the metal chains you broke free of last time. These are made of my ki, you will not be able to free yourself this time little one." Bulma shuddered at his smirk. It was not the trademark royal smirk; his facial expressions were practically screaming arousal. Bulma did not answer his statement, for there was nothing for her to say. He strode closer to her restrained form, chuckling the whole time.

"How old are you girl?" Bulma felt her breathing rate increase with every step he took; she did not understand why he was doing this. In a brief moment she recalled her mother’s lecture about ‘turning of age’. Her mother had told her that when a female saiyajin turned sixteen she was ‘of age’ and that meant that any male saiyajin could take her if they were strong enough. Bulma also recalled that she was vaguely even paying attention to her mother at the time so she hardly remembered the last part of the conversation, which her mother was enthusiastically reciting. Snapping back to reality, she growled at the oncoming prince.

"Fifteen! I’m not of age so let me go!" She lied while pulling at the ki rings that held her securely. The prince’s smirk grew and he continued to advance on her. Vegeta calmly walked to his pinned prize and crouched down at her side and stroked her cheek with his gloved finger.

"You wouldn’t be lying to me now would you?" He reached out and touched her chest, feeling her heartbeat. Bulma held back the urge to scream when he touched her. She repeatedly questioned herself as to what her mother had told her about the results of ‘coming of age’. Her attention was brought back to the saiyajin next to her. Vegeta listened to her heartbeat and felt it begin to race. He smirked again.

"You know girl, there are certain ways for me to tell if you are of age. And if you are lying to me then this won’t end well on your part." He grinned as he trailed his hand down her sleek body until he reached the hem of her shirt. His gloved fingers clasped around the edge and raised it up, eyeing her little flat stomach. Bulma could hardly even think straight as his hands roamed down to her stomach. Her mother's words came back to her, "…the only problem with coming of age is that you get a mark to prove it…on your stomach, everyone’s is different." The prince let out a bark of laughter. His still gloved finger traced around the ring that outlined her navel. Bulma had raised her ki absently, as she remembered on her sixteenth birthday she had woken up with a rash around her bellybutton, eventually it had turned into a heavy deep blue ring that went around her navel in a perfect circle. Since then she had not worn any short shirts because if any males saw her age mark, they would try to claim her. The prince grinned at the look on her face while he continued to stroke the dark circle on her stomach.

"So, you did lie. Well, fortunately for you I’m not going to kill you. I have a much better use for you. " He leaned down and began to trace the mark with his tongue. Bulma’s back arched at the sensation she was receiving. Her instincts threatened to take over but she fought them. She began to pull on the rings; again she had no effect on the powerful ki. Vegeta smirked at her struggles and ran his now ungloved hand up further into her shirt. Since she had taken hers off earlier that night he grazed her plump breasts gently. Bulma gasped when she felt him touch her chest. Her instincts continued to try and take over but she succeeded in ignoring them. Ouji Vegeta knew she was fighting with herself; he smirked and then ripped off her shirt causing her to gasp, then growl. Bulma wanted so badly to cover herself but she could not break the hold of the rings. Vegeta moved himself so that he was straddling her waist; his hands were placed on either side of her head, holding him up. He kissed the top of each mound, and then slowly began a hot trail of kisses down to the top of her pants. His hands then made their way to her zipper and buttons. He pushed the black cloth down her slim hips and then to her feet. He frowned at the rings around her ankles. With them in the way he couldn’t take her pants off. Without a thought he disintegrated her annoying clothes and then settled back on her waist. Bulma was on the verge of losing control. Everything he was doing to her was driving her crazy! She had to admit that she was enjoying this. Every part of her that he touched was tingling with desire; she couldn’t stand it anymore. Bulma finally let it all go, and her instincts took over. She ripped the ring on her right wrist out of the ground, the others followed shortly. The prince never moved, he still straddled her bare form. He had no intention of getting up until he had gotten what he wanted. Bulma made no attempt to throw off her captor. She immediately sat up and nipped at him, the prince grinned. Now he could have some fun. She tore away his armor and clothing. Vegeta raised his arms to make it easier for her. Once he was nude he pushed her to the ground and straddled her once again. Bulma welcomed his weight, she felt safe with him pressed against her. He gently grasped her wrists and placed them above her head. He lowered himself to her and kissed her round breasts, nipping them gently underneath. His hand stroked her leg and bent it at the knee allowing his fingers better access to her flower. He stroked her folds and parted them pushing one digit in as she writhed in pleasure. His fingers pressed further until he felt a barrier. He had expected her to be a virgin but it was still a little surprising. He made his way back up to her beautiful face and claimed her sweet lips. He kissed her slowly, trying to remember the lusciously sweet taste of them. Again he started down slowly towards his goal, leaving a hot trail behind his touch. He flicked his tongue into her entrance making her gasp and arch her back in pleasure. He smirked at her wetness and then traveled back up to face her. What he saw would be forever imprinted in his mind. Bulma’s eyes were shut tightly, her small mouth was opened just slightly, her cheeks were flushed and her wondrous blue hair was sprawled out on the ground behind her. His tail lashed out behind him sharply, he was excited. Her blue eyes opened and she began to purr as he stroked her tail. His hand forced its way under her body and massaged the tender base. Bulma bucked forward when the sensation reached her. Vegeta positioned himself at her entrance and nudged the head in until he felt her barrier. Slowly he bent down and nipped at her neck. Bulma nodded for him to continue. Vegeta then thrusted into her sharply while sinking his canines into her flesh. He lapped at the wound as she tried to double over from the pain coursing through her abdomen. The prince never pulled out from her tightness, it was killing him to keep still but he had to wait for her pain to subside. Soon it did and her eyes opened searching his. He began a slow steady pace that kept building up the pleasure bit by bit. Bulma’s hips came up to meet each of his thrusts. Vegeta could feel her about to come so his hand snaked around and pressed her tail spot once again. Bulma screamed in pleasure and she landed her fangs into Vegeta’s shoulder. She continued to lick his wound until he came inside her making her come again. This time she yelled his name. With that Vegeta collapsed on top of her giving his arms a rest. He looked down to see her already falling asleep uncaring that his newly hardening member was still deep inside her. The saiyajin no ouji knew she was exhausted from their…activities, but also from running away from him. He let her sleep just this once. "Next time little one, you won’t get off so easy." He murmured to her. She made an incoherent response and he smirked. Gently, he slid out of her warmness and picked her up. As he flew with her through the night their tails had wrapped around their counterpart. He entered the palace through his window seeing that a naked female and a naked prince would not look right walking through the front doors. He laid her on the bed and covered her with sheets, crawling beside her, his tail wrapped around her protectively. He fingered the mark he had left on her and then the one she had left on him. He smirked and flipped off the lights. "You will be the most exotic queen to have ever reigned on Vegeta-sei, my blue saiyajin."

~end blue saiyajin~

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