Chapter 3- Her Escape


Bulma awoke and shivered. She couldn’t see anything, nor hear a sound. She felt a soft cloth on her face, and figured she was blindfolded. She tried to reach and pull it off but found that her limbs were immobile. Being a saiyajin, she did not like that at all. A deep throaty growl erupted from her as she thrashed wildly in an attempt to free herself of this imprisonment. She stopped as she felt a ki nearby and heard a low chuckle. Knowing that it could only be the prince she did not speak. She only stilled herself and listened to him as he ventured nearer to her. She let her ki rise and so did he. He knew that she felt very threatened at being restrained and only responded by raising her ki.

"Do you speak, girl? Or are you of such low blood that you are unable?" He asked her cruelly.

She did not answer him with words. A small "ha" escaped her followed by a growl and she snapped her sharp canines in his direction. He laughed at her attempts to threaten him.

"So then. What am I to do with this "blue-haired saiyajin" that cannot speak?" He asked himself aloud. Bulma thought quickly and then she thought of an idea. She had gone to a school that offered a second language. So she decided to speak to him in English instead of Saiyago.

"I do speak you filth. What have I done to get the attention of a bastard like you?" She asked in a sarcastic tone laced with anger. She did not expect what happened next. He spoke back.

"I to know this language, so you had better think of another one." He teased with a seductive tone, letting her insult slide this once.

"Hmph. I never did anything to you so what do you want me for?" She asked in their native language, hiding her slight fear. She heard footsteps approach her and followed his ki to nearing her. She felt his hand move to her side and she jerked away, not giving him the pleasure of touching her. He growled, and grabbed her anyway.

"I will touch you if I want to." He snapped. She felt him levitate up. I must be chained to the wall or something. Is he that into bondage? The thought made her shudder. He traced her well-defined arms until he reached the shackles that pinned her hands above her head. She felt him touch her and she felt an uneasiness return to her stomach. She had never been touched in that way before, and she wasn’t sure she liked it. He felt her fear and ceased his touch. He mercilessly reached up and ripped off the cloth that covered her eyes. Immediately she opened them and saw him staring at her. His eyes traveled down her body and back up again. She growled at him, and at the frustration she felt from not being able to cover her body. She still had her clothes on but felt as though she was naked by the way he looked at her. He smirked and moved closer. His hand snaked out and stroked her sides causing her to snap at him. He only smirked more at this. His gloved hand traveled down and snatched her silky blue tail. She cried out and shut her eyes in pain as he tugged to hard.

"Hush girl. I will bring you no pain if you obey me." He said calmly yet rough at the same time. She opened her eyes and saw him gaze at her neck and down to her chest. His tongue slipped out to wet his dry lips. She started to pant seeing his eyes take on that possessive look. She wanted so badly to cover her body. He looked up and peered into her eyes seeing her feelings. He still had hold of her blue tail that had unconsciously wrapped around his wrist. She attempted to pull it back but he held tight. He lifted one gloved hand to his mouth and pulled if off with his teeth allowing him to feel the amazingly soft lush fur that surrounded her tail. Her face flushed at this action and she breathed even harder, not knowing why she was getting this warm feeling in her belly. He saw this and smirked once again. She does not understand my touch; she has not been touched before. I will make this virgin mine. He chuckled at his thought. His other hand, now ungloved, traveled down to the top of her knee and stroked up to the juncture of her thighs tracing the ‘v’ shape. This caused her ki to shoot up dramatically. His hand continued up to hem of her large shirt and past it. Bulma took in a deep breath and held it in not understanding why he was doing this to her. His soft yet rough fingers massaged her toned stomach as he stroked the underside of her right breast. This made Bulma go over the edge. She could no longer stand the way he was touching her. She was confused and scared, yet excited.

"NO!!!!!" She yelled as a blue light outlined her form. The Prince backed away slightly. He saw her delicate form be enveloped by a bright light and then heard the sound of chains being ripped from the wall. When the light faded, she stood there with her wrists still shacked but the chains dangling down ripped out of the wall, breathing harshly. Her head was bowed in thought. She raised her head enough to see him power up and smirk. She is at a disadvantage having those chains hanging on her. Bulma knew this and figure that she would have to get them off somehow, but she didn’t know what that ‘how’ was. He slowly advanced on her and she backed away from him absently wrapping her tail around the top of her thigh.

"Come here little one." He said seductively, his tail swaying back and forth, still slowly advancing. He’s enjoying this! She thought. Bulma shook her head answering him no. He frowned but continued to advance. Feeling even more threatened she cupped her hands facing up and raised them to in front of her chest.

"Tidal…" She began chanting her attack while a ki bow formed as she stretched her hands further apart. Vegeta smirked at this and began an attack that would merely knock her out. He saw no need in ruining something that beautiful. He would have her, no matter how long it took.

"…Arrow…" She continued as an arrow formed across the bow as she lifted it up aiming it at Vegeta. Vegeta charged up his blast as well.

"…Release!" She commanded and the arrow shot from the bow but paused before it reached him. Vegeta’s eyes widened and his gaze moved to her as he saw her make hand movements and the arrow split into three and then continued on their course. He hissed at the power he felt from them. Bulma saw her arrows strike the prince, but she knew that her attack would only delay him from coming to her. Her attack had disintegrated the menacing chains but the shackles still remained around her wrists. She flew to the door and made her escape, the door was however guarded and that made her exit harder. A strong male guard charged her and attempted to pin her down. His large bulky body made him slow and inaccurate, therefore she avoided him easily. Again she found herself running with all her might around many corners until she spotted an accessible exit. She flew straight for the window and busted through the glass. She knew she couldn’t go home, that would be stupid. She took to a higher altitude and flew as fast as she could possibly go. Her mind raced with many thoughts but one stayed at the top. He is going to be mad, really mad. She flew towards the mountains in hope of some refuge there. Vegeta managed to block two of the arrows but not the third. It struck him with a force strong enough to knock him into a stonewall but not enough to cause him much pain. He growled furiously, roaring with raw power. That girl is going to pay for this. She will not get away from me. I will find her and make her mine. His smirk returning.

~end chapter three~

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