Chapter 2- Her Capture

Bulma arrived at her house and saw that the lights were out. Instead of facing her mother’s lecture she decided to go in through the window. Without a sound she lifted the window and crept inside. She walked to her bedroom door and closed it silently. Since her house was growing old and it creaked whenever someone walked around, she levitated just enough so that her feet didn’t touch the floor. She floated into the bathroom and set herself down. Quickly she removed her training clothes and bra. She replaced her clothes with a loose shirt. Toeing off her boots, she unbraided her hair and let it fall down past her waist. Delicately she combed through the tangles and sighed wistfully. If only I didn’t have this damned hair. Then I wouldn’t be so different. She stood in her bathroom wearing her white panties and an over-sized shirt that barely covered them. Her stunning blue tail absently wrapped around her thigh. Slowly she crept to her bed and slid under the covers, welcoming the deep sleep that overtook her exhausted body. She was clueless to the eyes watching her through her forgotten window.

Half an hour earlier…

"Vegeta-sama, what are your orders?" Asked the patient warrior.

"My orders…"The King took on a semi-thoughtful look and reached into his robe. "I want you to go fetch my son and give this to him," the King handed the brute an envelope. "Tell him that he is to go and that is final." The King said harshly.

"Yes, your majesty." The warrior bowed and walked briskly to the Prince’s quarters. He knocked solidly on the door.

"What is it?" Came the rough reply of the stubborn, spoiled Prince.

"Your highness, the King has given me a message for you." He declared.

Ouji Vegeta opened the door and snatched the envelope from the warrior. He turned around to read the contents.


You are in need of a mission, and this seems right for you. You must find this "blue-haired saiyajin" I have heard about and confirm any information about it. I want you to bring it to the Palace and keep it here. It will be your responsibility. You will have an escort of only two palace guards, pick them as you like.

The Prince smirked. So, he has finally allowed me to take on a mission myself. It’s about time. The Prince closed his door and emerged two minutes later wearing his armor, not that he needed it but the others would pester him about is safety. He took off with the escort of warriors, and headed out to search for this "blue-haired saiyajin". He stopped the group when he felt a ki moving quickly. They lowered themselves to keep from being seen and waited for the on comer to pass. His saiyajin eyes saw the one that passed. His jaw nearly dropped as he saw it. It was her. The one they were looking for, there was no mistake about it. She had a long braid of sea blue locks trailing behind her. She was wearing tight black pants and a blue top that matched her stunning hair, which only barely covered her bust. To his surprise she passed them rather fast. Fast for a low-class saiyajin, a female at that. Female. He thought as a smirk formed on his face.

He followed her at a distance not wanting his cover to be blown. He snapped at his men to lower their ki and fly low. Slowly he advanced and saw her look at a nearby house. She lowered herself to a window on the second story and crept in. He advanced more and saw her fly low through the room and disappear into another. He ordered his men to wait there until he gave further orders. He shot to the window and peeked in seeing clothing drop to the floor. He felt his groin tighten as she emerged from the room wearing a loose white shirt that was short enough to show her matching panties. Her hair was a stunning aqua blue that reached past her waist. His eyes traveled down her sleek body and he spotted a delicate blue tail wrapped lazily around her thigh. She padded over to her bed while her eyelids became heavier. She slipped into her bed, creating a scene that caused his groin to tighten even more. He paused to think of how he was to get her back to the palace. And then smirked as an idea struck him. He motioned for his men to come over and ordered them to hover above t! he house and wait until he called them. Slowly the ouji slipped into the room and slinked closer to the bedside. He heard her soft breathing as she dreamed. Suddenly she stirred, he froze, and she stirred more. He let his ki drop to nearly nothing. She stopped stirring and continued to dream.

How could she be that sensitive to my ki? The prince wondered. He stalked soundlessly closer to her.

Her eyes shot open and she sat upright. She bared her teeth and jumped out of bed, growling at him.

At first the prince was worried she would scream, but nothing except growls came from her. In thought, he was not prepared for her attack. She punched him in the jaw followed by a kick in the side. He growled back this time. Not only was he mad about being caught off guard, but her attacks were paining him.

She lashed out with her feet and he grabbed them. Not a problem for her she attempted to claw him in the face, he dropped her feet in order to protect his face. Seeing him look away she dashed out the window and leapt into the air. She powered up enough to give her a good lead.

Ouji Vegeta was more than pissed now as he took off after her. Growling the entire time. He looked ahead and saw her fleeing him. So beautiful; such determination. She had obviously been trained. He wondered if his father had set the whole thing up but dismissed the idea. He had to get her; she was fiery, not many females would stand up to him like that, actually he couldn’t thinks of any. He smirked, now he was really excited. His groin grew tighter in anticipation.

She sensed him behind her and shot down low to hide in the trees. She knew that his power was greater than his, but maybe she could out smart him. She dropped to the ground and ran for all she was worth, letting her ki plummet. She dove into a hollowed tree and waited for him, panting.

He scanned for her with his scouter, it beeped as a reading was found and then, suddenly lost. He beckoned for his men to come.

"Search for the female, if you find her, send me a message on the scouter. Do not let her get away!" He ordered harshly. The men returned with bows and took off. He planned on finding her himself but sent them out just incase.

Slowly he dropped to the ground walking in the direction he had seen her go. He walked without a sound. He listened for anything that would give her way. His eyes widened as he heard soft panting. Slowly he turned and heard the panting soften even more, as though someone was trying to hide it.

Was, that Ouji Vegeta? No. It couldn’t be. Why would he want me? I have never seen him in person before so he doesn’t even know I exist. And he personally came here; he didn’t send warriors to do the job for him. This is way weird. He was looking at me like…She stopped in mid thought. She heard something, there he was! He was right there. Her hand flew to her mouth trying to conceal her loud breathing. She closed her eyes wishing he would go away.

He skimmed the area in front of him. She was there somewhere. Then he spotted her, but she didn’t see him. She was in a hollowed tree off to his left, she stood rigid taking in deep slow breaths with her hand covering her mouth. Her tail was straight as if she was scared. He saw her body glistening with sweat. She was terrified! With her eyes closed, he wondered if she already knew he was there, and was just waiting for him to catch her. Vegeta smirked and silently moved out of sight, closer to his prey.

She gasped sharply and opened her eyes as she thought she heard a whisper. He was gone! She panicked and looked around her head shaking from side to side. She saw the coast was clear and jumped into the air but was immediately stopped and pulled back into a restraint position. He had her arms pinned behind her with one hand and her mouth covered with his other. She was pushed against his hard body with no way to escape. He smirked, amused at her fear.

"Now, now girl why did you run? You just had to make sport of this, hm?" He whispered seductively to her. Running his tongue along ear. His groin tightened once again as he pulled her closer to him, feeling her soft form mold to his. Bulma’s chest heaved up and down as she shivered from his touch. She was absolutely terrified. Why was this happening to her? Blackness surrounded her as she slipped into unconsciousness.

She had been hunted and caught.

~end chapter two~

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