The Blue Saiyajin:
By: Dark Angel

Chapter 1- Her Discovery

Bulma scanned her surroundings, searching for her sensei.

"Busted!" she yelled as she launched a fireball into a tree near by.

"Very good, but it took you to long..." Came the reply she was awaiting.

"It took you to long to find me, I could have launched another assault on you by then. Well, shall we try again?"

"Hn." she nodded, narrowing he eyes.

For some reason Liban seems to be acting rather hard on me today. Did I do something wrong? Bulma wondered as she took her fighting stance.

Liban moved so quickly that Bulma barely followed him, sensing his whereabouts she threw another fireball at his assumed location and to her satisfaction she heard a thump and a growl. There, Liban was trying to hold off her fireball and then she saw it was growing. Her eyes grew wider as she realized what was happening.

"Fireball! Retreat!" she commanded with a wave of her hand. "Sorry Liban, I forgot about thatÖ" She said sheepishly.

"I still havenít figured out why you are able to control itís size like that, it only seems to grow when your anger or excitement grows." He said puzzled.

"I donít know, maybe I am just weird." Bulma suggested.

"Well, I already know thatÖ"He replied, glancing at her with a smirk.

"I canít argue, its not everyday you see a blue haired saiyajin just walking around. You canít imagine the looks I get when they see my tail is blue, too. Did you get any information about that yet?" She questioned while eying the silky blue tail in her hands.

"No, as far as I know you are the only saiyajin born that way." He admitted. His head jerked towards the small dome on the ground under them, sensing that they werenít alone any longer.

"Ok, thatís enough training for today." He stated coldly.

"See you tomorrow Liban!!" Bulma yelled before starting off home.

He watched her disappear into the horizon, "No, no you wonít ÖBulma."

Liban descended and entered his small home. Not to his surprise he saw soldiers standing in his kitchen and continued on not surprised with what he saw.

"Liban, I see that you are still training her." Spoke the high-class warrior.

"Yes, sir. I continued to train her like his majesty requested." He replied bowing his head. Liban had been training Bulma since he had seen her attending the local school. Immediately he had noticed she was not the average low-class saiyajin. Obvious to the eyes was that she was oddly colored but her power level was enormous for such a small child, much less a female. He pulled her to the side and determined that she was indeed a saiyajin, seeing her tail. He began giving her lessons and soon it turned into a regular schedule. He had been training her off and on for seven years. He knew that one-day word that a blue haired saiyajin would attract the King and sure enough King Vegeta summoned him. The King told him to continue training her and that he would collect her when the time was right. Liban exited with a feeling of guilt in his stomach. Being a saiyajin he let nothing show but inside he felt the pain of having Bulma turned into one of those crazy experiments. Soon enough these soldiers showed up and brought him to his current situation.

"Well Liban. How is she doing?" Nappa questioned him.

"She is doing fine. Her training is exceeding my own." He said with a small growl of frustration.

"Oh really. Well then you need not train her any longer. His majesty is done with your services." Nappaís tone took on cruelness and he left the house swiftly. Liban knew that the warriors would be taking Bulma soon. He closed his eyes, for there was nothing he could do. Be strong Bulma. You can beat them.

~end chapter one~

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