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Warning: There is some dark content alluding to rape. Do not read if such things bother or offend you.


The Kiss
By: RachelJane


Goku sat pondering the fate of his best friend Bulma. Trunks had told him that she and Vegeta would become lovers. He only hoped that the union would be one that was consenting on both parts not just on Vegeta’s terms. He knew how forceful the Saiyan could be. He would have to keep a wary eye on the situation.


Bulma wondered why it was that no matter what she did it wasn’t right? Why was it that even though she fixed his wretched machine for him all the time, he still looked at her as if she was dirt? She couldn’t do anything right in his eyes. She was just a weak human and a female to boot, which in his books was as low as you can get. She didn’t even want to be friends; just wanted to live life peacefully, would’ve liked to be able to get on with her work without being interrupted every five minutes.

Vegeta on the other hand had just about had enough of this woman’s incessant screaming; she couldn’t just get on with her job and get this infernal machine sorted. He needed to be training; he had to surpass Kakarot’s power level. Her voice made him want to grab her by the throat and snap it in two, that was too easy though. Her voice made him mad but her body and just her mere presence made him want to take her there and then, and more than once he had to fight to control himself. Not now though.

He made his move.

He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her mouth towards his.

The kiss took her completely by surprise. It was the last thing she’d expected.

The shock hit her. Kami, he was kissing her! Vegeta’s tail snaked around her waist and tightened its grip. She struggled against his hold, but he was too strong for her, she should have known that he would be. With the surprise came a new feeling, her belly was doing somersaults, a wave of feeling swept over her. She shook it off. Why was he doing this? There she was reprimanding him for ordering her about, treating her like some kind of skivvy, then WHAM! He does this to her.

Vegeta softened his hold just as he felt her ribs crack.

The kiss ended just as abruptly as it had started.

She slapped him hard against his cheek, her hand stung, Vegeta stood stock-still, not even flinching, a red handprint stained his face. Vegeta’s mouth formed a smirk. She fell back against the wall behind her clutching her sides. The pain was incredible.

"You bastard." She hissed. Her whole body ached. It hurt to breathe. He turned and walked away, not needing this. He had better things to do. He wouldn’t have minded silencing her again though. That was one rouse he would have to use again that ‘s for sure! The rush he’d felt was incredible.


Vegeta entered the gravity room for an afternoon of training. His mind was elsewhere. Since he’d kissed her, his mind kept replaying the moment. He couldn’t believe how soft her lips were. How good she felt against him. The rush he’d felt. She felt so fragile, like he could have snapped her like a twig if he wanted to, yet he also felt he wanted to hold her to him to feel her warm soft skin. Kami what was he thinking? How could this screaming banshee be making him feel so weak like this? He shook his head and prepared himself for training.

Try as she might, she couldn’t keep her mind on her work, and she had to do one or two jobs again and again. It was proving difficult to breathe with three of her ribs cracked. He didn’t know his own strength! If that’s how he was when he kissed, she felt sorry for the woman he took to his bed. The thought intrigued her though, being in Vegeta’s bed. She’d always had a thing about chasing after the bad guys. There was a time when Yamcha was considered ‘the wrong sort’. It hadn’t stopped her though and eventually after much flirting and innuendoes, he had pursued her to her bed. She remembered waking in the cold light of day with Yamcha beside her, the thrill of the chase gone. He seemed completely under her spell after that and she grew tired of him following her around like a lovesick puppy. She began to treat him mean after that and even though she knew she was breaking his heart couldn’t stop herself. Life after that seemed so dull, men were such weaklings. Apart from Goku, but he was like her brother, she could no more think of kissing him than a wet fish! Besides he had Chichi, and she certainly didn’t want to get on the wrong side of her that’s for sure!

She remembered the first encounter she’d had with Vegeta. It was on Namek while trying to retrieve the Dragonballs. He appeared out of nowhere, and she thought he was going to kill her. She’d almost wet herself and the relief she’d felt when he didn’t overwhelmed her, and she’d fainted! She laughed to herself at the thought. In a way it seemed almost unbelievable to think he was living under the same roof. His power was palpable, people always felt like they were treading on eggshells around him, and more than once she’d thanked kami that he was on their side! Nevertheless little by little the thought of seeing him as a challenge was an intriguing one. Did she think she could handle him? Perhaps not, this was one person best left to the professionals! She finished for the day, half of her work still undone, and made her way back to her quarters. Her body ached so much and her ribs felt like hell, the thought of a long hot bath keeping her going.


She was looking forward to a long hot soak, a chance to forget the day’s events. Entering her room she kicked off her shoes, humming as she did so. She was looking forward to tonight, just her and Yamcha, cooking for him and just spending the evening in each other’s company. Even though he wasn’t much of challenge these days, it was nice to have someone to talk to and to snuggle up to at the end of a hard day. All thoughts of Vegeta gone. She turned the bath taps on and let it run for a while as she sorted out something to wear for her date. A soft breeze was playing with the curtains at her window. She hadn’t remembered leaving her window open this morning as she went off to work; maybe her Mom had been in and opened it. It had been warm today and the breeze was lovely.

Steam clouds were billowing out of the bathroom door, reminding her of her bath. She turned the taps off and ran some cold into the tub. Her clothes fell into a heap on the bathroom floor. This was going to be bliss, after the day she’d had. Damn, where were the towels? She plodded back to her bedroom. Passing her mirror she caught sight of herself and the bruising on her body. She stopped to look, gently touching the marks Vegeta had left. Something caught her eye in the refection in the mirror; she almost fainted in shock. Lounging on her bed his hands behind his head and his feet crossed, looking completely at home, lay Vegeta.

A smirk crept across his lips as he took in her nakedness. She was better than he thought she would be. Bulma stood in shock not knowing what to do. This was the second time today that he’d surprised her like this. Her head spun and she had to steady herself. Remembering she had no clothes on she backed away to the safety of the bathroom, but Vegeta was too quick for her and in an instant he was baring her way to safety. He leaned against the doorframe and looked her up and down. Blushing furiously she tried to pass him.

"Vegeta, let me through."

"Give me one good reason why I should?" He smirked.

"I have no clothes on-is that a good enough reason?" She covered her breasts with her hands.

"You’ll have to do better than that, I’m enjoying the view." He took her by the wrists and pulled her towards him. He nuzzled against her hair breathing in her scent, nipping her neck; he made her feel dizzy. Her heart pounded in her ears.

"You were too much of a distraction this morning. I think that deserves some sort of punishment, don’t you? No one and nothing has disturbed my concentration before now What do you think? Where shall we start?"

"I think we should start with you leaving, right now." She was shaking now, afraid of what he was capable of, yet there was the thrill of danger coursing through her.

"I would hate you to do something you may well regret, Vegeta." She breathed, "How do you think Goku or Yamcha will react when they find out? They will tear you apart."

Vegeta laughed. "Do you really think that is going to stop me? I have you in my blood Bulma."

The statement sent a chill through her, there was no way out now. She was in this up to her neck, not anticipating him making this move. She’d envisaged doing all the chasing, egging him on with the ultimate motive of him pursuing her. Now as she looked up into his eyes and saw how dangerous he was, the thought crossed her mind that she may not see the morning.


The morning did come, but with blinding reality attached. Bulma had found out exactly what Vegeta was capable of the night before. He’d violated her repeatedly, showing no mercy. When he left her she was afraid to move, every bone in her body felt as if it had been broken. The bite on her neck bruised and bleeding. She hauled herself onto her knees and tried to stand, she felt sick and her head was spinning. She grabbed a blanket from her bed and collapsed in a heap on the floor. The tears came in racking sobs, she couldn’t stop. Her whole body was sore and she wanted to die. The previous nights lesson had been a hard one to learn that if you play with fire expect to get burned and boy had she been burned. She was right to have been afraid of him, he certainly was one to be feared, but there were times during his assault on her when he’d suddenly become quiet and almost gentle, then he would unleash an almost pent up fury on her. The last thing she recalled was him releasing himself into her and calling her name. It was just before she’d passed out.

Everyone had warned her about him, but she’d figured that deep down he was just like Goku. He wasn’t. There was something almost unreachable about him. He seemed so alone, so distant. For an instant she felt she needed to reach out to him, that he was almost trying to reach out to her, with this act, as despicable as it was. She shook her head as to get rid of such a thought. He was only after one thing and that was to use her body, he wasn’t after love and companionship. He was only used to death and destruction. Maybe though, just maybe she could bring him round to her way of thinking? She was going to dance with the devil, may the lord have mercy on her soul. She’d been exposed to Vegeta’s dark side and thankfully lived, she wondered whether she would the next time.


Vegeta was not feeling as smug with himself as he thought he would. It was to have been a brief distraction from training, a little light relief. He hadn’t anticipated how deep he had gone. She’d touched a nerve, stirred something up inside him. She’d really put up a good fight, he liked women with plenty of spirit, but this time it felt different. He felt as if he was drowning. A ridiculous thought. What the hell was his mind doing? He felt as if he was losing it. She was only a lowly weakling human, not at all suitable for the Prince of Vegitasei. He’d done what he never thought he would do though, he’d bonded with her, she’d be carrying his brat now. Now he would never be able to shake her out of his system. He was in too deep

Bulma had fallen asleep on the floor, exhaustion had overcome her and she’d fallen asleep where she lay. It was late morning as Vegeta landed on the balcony and entered her room through the same open window he had the previous evening. He saw her lying on the floor wrapped in the blanket from the bed. She was covered in bruises and little cuts over what he could see of her body, she looked like a broken doll. He bent and picked her up; she was like a feather in his arms. He laid her gently down on the bed and wrapped the blanket around her. She didn’t stir, just kept on sleeping. He watched her, and something inside of him reached out to her.

Vegeta stayed with her, watching over her until early evening then he’d silently left. He felt confused, how could the Prince of Vegetasei have fallen so badly for this earth woman. She was weak, she was a loud mouth, but there was something about her that stirred his soul. He headed for the gravity chamber to work off his frustrations.

Bulma woke with the sudden realisation that all was not well. She hadn’t remembered getting into bed, but she was there all the same. Hauling herself up, she was determined not to let this situation get out of hand. He had to go she had to make him leave the compound. She had to get on with her life. It had to have been her fault, she was sure of it. She must have inadvertently led him on at some stage in the game. Maybe he can read minds? There had been more than one occasion when she’d caught herself watching him in awed fascination, sure she thought he was cute, but it was the pure brute strength and power that he possessed that ultimately held her.

Showering, the hot spray stung her skin. Looking at her body in the mirror afterwards was shocking. She winced at the mess it was in, gingerly touching the marks he had left Far from feeling sorry for herself it made her all the more determined. She dressed and went to look for Vegeta. Could she face him? It would be like coming face to face with her worst nightmare, but she knew it was something she had to do. If she didn’t do it now while her anger was fresh; she would be running away from him for the rest of her life.


The morning sun was already giving off considerable heat as the Saiyan went through his morning routine of training. The gravity room was like a sauna and the sweat dripped off his body as he pushed it to its limits. He’d not slept at all since leaving her room coming straight to the gravity chamber to work of the feelings he was going through. Images of her kept appearing before him, like demons, taunting him into training harder, faster, until he slumped against the gravitron exhausted.

Here she was, about to face her nemesis. She clenched her hands together, trying to stop the shaking. This was wrong. She should leave. She should listen to her body and turn and go. Instead she found herself banging on the door of the gravity room. She knew he was in there, she could hear him.

The noise inside stopped. Silence. It seemed like an eternity, then slowly the door slid open and he was there standing in front of her, his face devoid of emotion.

The two of them regarded each other, he with sweat dripping off him and she with fear written all over her face.

"I want you to leave the compound." At last she found her voice. It shook as she spoke. She should never have come here alone. The gravity chamber was some way from the house, purely because Vegeta was such a danger to everyone. He was still a danger to her, she wished Yamcha was with her.

"Do you hear me Saiyan? You have got to go, you can’t stay here any longer." She looked to her feet, she wanted to run but they wouldn’t move.

"I can’t trust you." She was blushing now. Why didn’t he say anything, why was he just standing there? He was making her feel nervous. This wasn’t his usual strategy, why wasn’t he taunting her, ordering her about?

Vegeta took in her appearance. She looked gaunt, haunted. Beautiful. He took a step towards her. She froze. Slowly he traced a finger down her neck touching her wounds. He bent his head and replaced his fingers with his lips. Bulma couldn’t take in what he was doing.

Fear made her legs weak. Was it fear? She felt hot. His lips traced a line of fire down her throat. She closed her eyes. No, she couldn’t be feeling this way; she shouldn’t be feeling this way. He’d violated her less than twenty-four hours ago. This wasn’t natural. She pulled away from him, her face flushed, she said nothing, she had to get away, away from his caresses. The smell of him filled her nostrils; it was a clean smell of sweat and pure lust. It made her giddy. Her heart was racing. She swayed towards him, putting her hands up to stop herself falling, meeting with the hard exterior of his chest, was it the heat or the smell of him. Her eyes shot open, he was looking down at her, his eyes unreadable, the lust unmistakable. She turned away from him. She had to. She would have drowned in his senses if not. Her legs found the strength to move and she ran hell for leather just to get away from him. Where she’d found the strength to do so at that moment she didn’t know.

The smile on Vegeta’s lips widened into a smirk.


Her rooms were cool and quiet; she locked herself in and sank to the floor. Her breathing was ragged, more from shock than from the exertion of running. What the hell was going on? Her body was sore; a constant reminder of what had taken place the night before, but her mind was racing. She was confused about how she felt. There was no doubt about it; he was seriously turning her on. She couldn’t handle this, these feelings. She had a boyfriend; she had a life that she was happy with. He was dangerous, an animal, but Kami, how he made her feel just then. She’d never felt like that before. There was electricity, a tension between them. Bulma buried her head in her hands in despair; she just didn’t know what to do.




The nausea woke her up and she made a mad dash to the bathroom. This was all she needed. She’d been so low lately, struggling with her feelings. The last thing she needed right now was a stomach virus to add to her misery. She’d had no more encounters with Vegeta; she’d made sure that they were never alone together. Sometimes they would pass each other in the compound, she’d feel his eyes on her, but she refused to stop.

She crawled back into bed and tried to sleep some more.

It was when the sickness began to form a pattern, that Bulma began to get concerned. Every morning the nausea would wake her, she would throw up four or five times, then by mid-morning she would be fine once more. The cogs began to turn in her head. She wasn’t stupid. She had a feeling what was going on with her body, knew what this meant. It took a visit to her doctor to confirm her fears.

How on earth was she going to cope with this? On top of everything else, how was she going to cope with a baby as well? What on earth would everyone say? She knew now that she had to get away. She knew that Vegeta had a foul temper. What the hell would he do when he found out that she was carrying his baby? He would probably kill her and the baby rather than have a half-breed. She knew she had to go.


It was quiet on the compound when she arrived home. Vegeta was training as usual, she could hear the noise from the gravity room, hopefully she wouldn’t have to see him or anyone else before she went. The old Master had arranged for her to spend some time on one of his many islands, miles from anywhere. It would be perfect. She would just disappear. He was fairly reliable and wouldn’t tell anyone where she was unless absolutely necessary. Finishing her packing she left a note for her parents to say that she was going away for a while. They wouldn’t be too concerned; they were used to their daughter going off on some hair-brained scheme every so often. They knew that she would call them if she needed anything. She took a last look around before locking her door behind her.


Something was wrong. Vegeta hadn’t been able to sense her ki anywhere for at least a week now. Where the hell was she? He searched the compound again delving deeper into his subconscious to see if he’d missed her anywhere. He was used to seeing her about at least two or three times a day. Even just seeing her reassured him that everything was fine, that she was fine. This time he was getting angry. She would have to be about somewhere. She was never this inconspicuous. He went in search of her parents to see if he could get anything out of them.


Her hideaway was only slightly bigger than Master Roshi’s place but it suited her just fine. The house was well equipped; the old master had made sure she had everything she needed for a good couple of months. She unpacked her things and made herself at home. It was good to have some peace and quiet. She could do just as she pleased without having to think about anyone but herself.

She made herself a cold drink and went and sat out on the veranda. The sun was just setting and she sighed at its beauty. Being pregnant was taking some getting used to. It wasn’t the nausea- that had almost gone. It was the fact that she was carrying the child of a Saiyan. She was on uncharted territory here. Countless questions kept hindering her thoughts and she had the answer to not one of them. She supposed she ought to talk to ChiChi, she’d been through it before with Gohan. Then again, perhaps not. Perhaps it was better that she didn’t know.

The sun had almost gone now and she made her way into the house, she was tired. The effort of the day was taking its toll. She went to bed. Her dreams were those of one with a troubled mind.


Goku was concerned, he’d felt an increase in Vegetas ki earlier on that day and just presumed he was training, but this was incredible. He’d been sleeping and the power surge had made him jump. As he flew over the Capsule compound the devastation was immense. He saw Bulma’s parents huddled near a smouldering building and he landed close to.

"Where is he?" He asked.

Dr. Briefs pointed towards what was left of Bulma’s lab; his wife clung to him. Tears streaked her face.

"He wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t listen to us." Her body shuddered as the tears continued.

Goku could see the blasts coming from across the compound; the power Vegeta was using was vast. He flew over to try and stop the Saiyan from destroying the whole complex.

The look on Vegetas face was one of pure fury. Goku couldn’t understand why he was so powered up. Something had obviously fuelled his fury; not that it took much to do so.

He hovered perilously close to the Saiyan; Vegeta caught sight of Goku and lunged at him, locking him in a death grip around the throat.

"Where is she? Where is Bulma?" Goku met Vegeta’s glare with a steady gaze. He knew the Saiyan wouldn’t carry out the threat. That was too easy, Vegeta liked to fight, he liked a challenge. Something like snapping someone’s neck wasn’t fun enough for him.

"Power down Vegeta we need to talk. Don’t cause any more destruction."

The Saiyan powered down, he knew this was not the time for Kakarotts death. He had other things to attend to; he touched down, Goku also.

"You know where she is don’t you?" Vegeta growled at Goku.

"Why are you so concerned about Bulma, Vegeta? Why do you want to know where she is? What is it you want with her?"

"You don’t need to know my business with her. Just tell me where I can find the bitch."

"She’s one of my oldest friends. If she’s going to come to any harm, then I think it is my business. There’s no way I’ll let you harm her Vegeta.""

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders, turned and shot off in a blast of air and light. He’d find her whether anyone told him where she was or not.

Goku stared after the disappearing Saiyan, he was dangerous in this state and he would need to keep a wary eye on him or people would die. He also needed to find Bulma before Vegeta or she may suffer at the hands of this vicious thug. Goku was beginning to understand Vegeta and it seemed like he’d got Bulma under his skin; it also meant that he would stop at nothing to get to her. He turned to find Dr. Briefs, maybe he could tell him where she was.


Bulma was beginning to enjoy the solitary life. The weeks and months seemed to have shot past. Master Roshi had been only once since she had been here. He’d replenished her stocks and stayed to keep her company for a few days. It was good to have someone else to talk to for a change. He’d told of how her parents were having to rebuild half of Capsule Corporation since Vegeta had levelled it looking for her. She paled at the news and silently hoped that no one had been hurt, it had also made her angry that he could do such a thing to her home. She was glad that he still hadn’t found her.

They said their goodbyes and the old Master left; it had been good to have his companionship, but now it was time to get on with her life.

Her days were filled with reading and tinkering about with one or two projects she had bought with her. She missed her lab though and all the bits and pieces that she had access to. She ate well and exercised on the beach in the mornings. She’d very often watched Vegeta in the early morning sunshine from her bedroom window and now she tried emulating the moves he had done. It had been in a certain sequence and she almost knew it by heart; she’d watched him often enough. It was surprising how supple it had made her feel.

The weather was changing; she shivered now as the sun disappeared. The wind had got up too. It had been but a breeze this morning but now it seemed as if something was brewing. She wrapped her jumper around her shoulders and headed for the warmth of the house.

She felt the baby kicking and it caught her breath. Clouds were scudding across the sky, big grey clouds. Full of storm. The palms were beginning to bend and sway in the ever-increasing wind. Bulma had an anxious feeling in the pit of her stomach, as if she were facing impending doom. It made her feel uneasy. Fretful.

The months had passed by so easily while she was on the island. She’d begun to lose track of time. Her pregnancy had progressed quite nicely and she looked and felt like she was blooming. This storm made her feel so vulnerable now. She’d felt really safe and contented up to this point.

There wasn’t much that Bulma was afraid of, but thunder was one of them. As a child she’d crept to her Parents room at night if there was a storm, and lay safe and snug between them, safe in the knowledge that the thunder couldn’t get to her in her safe cocoon. Now, though, she was in the middle of nowhere and the first rumble of the approaching storm rolled around the house. She had two options, stay and weather the storm or try and get off the island now before it was too late.


The intercom link buzzed in Dr. Brief’s lab, he reached across and accepted the call.

"Dear, it’s Master Roshi on the line, do you want to take the call or are you busy?"

Dr.Briefs accepted the call and greeted his old friend on the line.

"Roshi, how’re you doing? Things well?"

"I’ve no time to talk Doc, you’ve got to help me out here, it’s Bulma, she’s gonna be in big trouble if we don’t move fast."

"What sort of trouble has she gotten herself into now, where is she?" Dr. Briefs was well used to having to bail his wayward daughter out; she was a hothead that one, no doubt, a genius but a hothead all the same.

"She’s on one of my islands way out in the western seaboard. The only trouble is, there’s a hurricane headed out that way, she’s right in the path of it. We’ve got to move fast to get her off the island or it’ll just tear everything on it apart, including her." The old Master sounded desperate now, he knew she would have absolutely no knowledge of the hurricane.

"Hold it Roshi, couldn’t we just ask Goku to fly out there and pick her up? It would be a darned sight quicker than any of my airborne vehicles."

"No can do, Doc, Bulma doesn’t want Vegeta to know where she is. Don’t ask why, it’s just that she fears for her life if he finds out. If Goku goes after her Vegeta will sense his power levels and follow him. Just go get her as quick as you can. I’ll fax the co-ordinates through."

Dr. Briefs waited for the fax to come through then prepared one of his fastest jets. Vegeta, taking a break from training saw the doctor readying his plane, could see the panic on his face something was wrong he could sense it.


The jet was almost ready; he just needed the co-ordinates for the island. The Doctor turned to go back to his lab when a vice like grip seized him around the throat.

It was Vegeta.

"Going somewhere old man?" he snarled.

"V-Vegeta, fancy seeing you here. W-Was there something you w-wanted?"

"Where is she? You know don’t you. That’s where you’re going isn’t it. You’d better tell me or I’ll break your fucking neck."

"Vegeta I can’t. I’ve been sworn to secrecy. She doesn’t want to see you. Look I need to go. It’s imperative I go soon."

Time was ticking away, the storm approaching at break neck speed.

"Look Vegeta I don’t know what happened between you two. Whatever it was is none of my business. Let me see what I can do. Let me fetch her home, maybe she’ll change her mind, she may decide she wants to talk to you, after all. You know how fickle she is!" The grip around his throat tightened, he could feel his airwaves shutting off.

"I’ll give you one hour, if she’s not here by then, you’d better start praying old man." Vegeta threw the doctor to the ground then watched as he scuttled away to his lab.

"Okay Vegeta, o-one hour r-right, she’ll be here. One h-hour."

The doctor rubbed his throat, his neck was real sore, he was lucky to have gotten away with his life.


The shutters on the house were banging and rattling against the strong winds outside, straining against their hinges. Threatening to rip away at any moment. Panic was beginning to rise in Bulma’s throat. The baby was kicking more and more violently now, sensing Bulma’s panic. She didn’t feel safe in this environment; it was time she made a move. She threw most of her belongings into a holdall and made for her jet. She could pick the rest of her stuff up later when all this had blown over. It didn’t seem to be getting any better, only worse. She got the impression this was no spring shower.

She opened up the jet and threw her bag into the hold. It was a struggle trying to do her straps up now she was so pregnant, she’d forgotten that when she came she was no-where near this size. The wind whipped around her craft rocking it from side to side. It was only a light jet, one of the smallest they had at Cap. Corp. she was beginning to wish she’d opted for a larger model. The straps adjusted, she keyed in the ignition code. The engine whirred into life then died away to nothing. She tried again, there was nothing at all this time. Silently she began to pray.


Come on, come on, what’s the problem?

She keyed the code in again. The engine was silent.

Great, that’s all I need.

She took her wallet of tools out of her pocket and unscrewed the dash. A mass of wires erupted onto her lap.

"Right let’s see, where do we start?"

Half an hour later, she was still working on the craft with no joy. She was getting more and more frustrated. The wind speed had increased too, and the small craft was beginning to feel decidedly unsafe. She screwed the electronics board back together. There was nothing else to it she would have to radio for someone to come and fetch her. She left the craft; the wind took the door out of her fingers as she jumped down. It was hard walking back to the house. She put head down into the wind and battled against it. The rain stung her skin and within minutes she was soaked to the skin. She reached the house, and her radio. Her heart dropped as she tried to call for help. There was only silence. The radio was dead too.

This cannot be happening to me.

The storm must have knocked communications out. She was stranded. She dropped to her knees. What the hell was she going to do now? Lightening crashed around the house and it seemed as if a steam train was heading straight for it. Roof tiles began to peel away from their housings, like paper torn from a book, crashing against the ground with small explosions. She instinctively ducked, shielding her head with her arms. This was awful, it was like a dream, no, a nightmare. She crawled on her hands and knees under a table, just as the windows exploded into the room showering glass over everything. She screamed, but who was to hear? She had never felt so alone in her whole life.


Her Father was facing his own battle. He had underestimated the strength of this storm and had to turn back. As he neared the Capsule Corporation buildings he spied Vegeta standing near the landing pads, arms crossed. Christ, now what was he going to do? He instinctively put a hand up to his throat, and swallowed hard. This wasn’t going to be easy. He was going to have to ask the Saiyan for help. That’s if he lived long enough to actually ask him.

Dr. Briefs landed the jet as far away from Vegeta as possible, trying desperately to buy himself some time. Vegeta waited expecting to see his woman emerge from the craft.

When only the doctor stepped down onto the tarmac he felt his anger surging. What the hell was he playing at, was this man on a death wish?

Vegeta was there in an instant his hand around the doctor’s throat and squeezing hard.

"Where is she? You were supposed to bring her to me. Do you want to die old man?"

"Vegeta, I can explain, let me explain. You have to help me. I can’t get to her. She’s on an island, there’s a storm heading straight for it. She’s in danger. You’ll have to go. There’s no way I can get a craft near enough. Please listen to me."

Vegeta dropped the doctor onto the ground. Gasping, he bought much needed air into his lungs.

"You’ve just earned yourself a reprieve. Where is she? Give me the co-ordinates."


The hurricane was showing no signs of relenting and the walls of the house seemed to shake as each moment passed, becoming ever more dangerous. Bulma pulled her knees as close as she could under her chin, as much as her very pregnant belly would allow. The baby has ceased kicking over an hour ago and she feared for its safety. Her heart lurched as she contemplated losing the baby she had been carrying for the last six months. She just hoped someone would realise what was happening here and send help. This was not how she wanted to die; this is not how she wanted her baby to die either. She crawled out from underneath her sanctuary, fearing for her safety and ran as much as she could against the storm and the pounding rain. She felt she needed to get away from the house, it wasn’t safe anymore. She was right, the walls of the house gave an ominous groan and with a shudder one end collapsed inwards covering the table she had been cowering under, with rubble and dust. She stood and stared at the wreck that she had been hiding under, it had been a close call. She couldn’t afford to make anymore mistakes.

The wind was so strong she could hardly stand, she put a hand on her belly and knew she had to get to safety for the baby’s sake if nothing else. She turned and headed for the coastline, she knew there was a cave there, she’d found it while exploring the island. The going was rough, debris was hurtling past her, sand stung her face, she could hardly see where she was going. Then it hit her. A tree had fallen and it’s trunk was been rolling in her direction, she didn’t see it coming and it caught her legs knocking her flying. The pain was intense and she cried out, her voice taken from her by the wind. She lay on the ground shaking. The blood from her leg, forming a puddle under her, the bone jutting through her skin. The mess her leg was in caused her to vomit when she saw it, her body convulsing with each wave of nausea. She had to get to safety and found if she half crawled, half dragged her leg, she could make some progress. The pain was incredible, she’d never known anything like it but she had to do it, if she were out in this storm much longer she would die anyway.

The cave loomed up and she dragged herself inside, the hollowness amplifying the rage outside. The noise was deafening. She made herself look at her leg, it was covered in sand and mud, the thought of infection crossed her mind, but the pain that washed over her shook all other thoughts from her mind. Her head spun and she threw up again. Passing out as she did so.


The storm had raged for over an hour battering the island relentlessly, it was reaching its peak when Vegeta flew low over the sea searching for the island, searching for a ki of any sort, out here in this vast expanse of water.

Was that it? A tiny speck appeared on the horizon and Vegeta searched his subconscious for any signs of life.

As he neared the island he could see the devastation the storm was causing. It must have torn through like a steam train. Leaving no stone unturned. Virtually everything had been flattened, including the house that Bulma must have been using. The only thing that remained was a pile of rubble. Vegeta searched for her ki, sensing nothing.

He landed not far from the remains of the house and began a manual search for her remains. He hadn’t anticipated this, he didn’t think he would be taking her body home when he agreed to come to her aid. The sense of loss was coming hard to him. These feelings were completely alien to him.

He began to remove rubble from the remains of the house trying to locate her body. He figured she would have taken shelter in the house, he wasn’t sure though. For all he knew she may have vacated the island hours ago and that was why he couldn’t sense her ki. He worked steadily hoping that he wouldn’t find anything. Suddenly he sensed an enormous power heading straight for the island.


"Vegeta, have you found anything?" Goku landed close to the Saiyan, having to shout over the force of the storm.

"What the hell do you want Kakarott?" Vegeta continued with his task. "You bored at home with that banshee of a wife?"

"Hell, Vegeta, Bulma is one of my closest friends. When her Dad told me what was going on I thought I’d better lend a hand."

"I haven’t found anything yet, and I can’t sense anything either."

The two Saiyans paused.

"It’s over there, Vegeta, you sense it?"

"Yes, It’s very weak, but I can just feel it. Let’s go!"


It was dark she could hardly breathe. It was very tight in her little bit of space. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been in her tomb. Her leg was still so very painful so she figured she couldn’t be dead, but she couldn’t move so maybe this would turn out to be her grave after all. Tears slowly dripped onto her hands, she couldn’t see them but she could feel their warmth. She hadn’t felt the baby move for ages now and was sure that she had lost it. Time seemed to have stood still and she wasn’t sure how long she had been in here. Maybe days, she didn’t know. Minutes after she’d found the cave and had huddled into the back of it a rockslide had covered the entrance, sealing her only way out. Things were just getting better and better. She felt as if she gone from the frying pan to the fire. Her biggest regret was running away. Had she been running from herself, for her feelings for this cold unfeeling warrior? If she’d only told Vegeta about the baby he might have been okay about it. She would never know now, neither would he? How stupid she’d been. Who would find her now? By the time Master Roshi had organised a rescue party, she would probably be dead. In fact she wished she was dead, she was in so much pain.

She felt so weak, perhaps if she shut her eyes and slept, death would take her as she slumbered. In retrospect she thought it would have been better to die at the hands of the Saiyan who had captured her heart, than this lonely, horrible way to die. She closed her eyes and felt herself drifting. In the distance she saw with her minds eye, Vegeta holding his hands out to her, calling her name. She was in no pain now. He was smiling at her, a rare occurrence. It lit his face up and made him look so different; he no longer had that scowl, and looked genuinely happy. She looked down and she was holding the baby. Vegeta took her in his arms, kissed her, and stroked the baby’s head. She looked up at him, he was drifting away from her, fading fast. She tried to call his name but no sound came out. She could only just hear him saying her name as he slowly disappeared. Her name, he was calling her name. He only ever called her woman. No! It must be part of dying; she refused to open her eyes, willing death to come quickly now. The light was bright and it hurt her eyes even though they were shut. The pain in her leg returned and she opened her mouth to scream, to find that her voice had gone. She turned her face away from the light only to find herself held in a vice like grip that was vaguely familiar. She slowly opened her eyes. The air felt fresh, hurting her dust encrusted lungs.

Goku put a hand on Vegeta’s shoulder. "Vegeta, don’t hold her so tight, she’s weak, she needs help. It looks like she’s going to be a Mommy too, so be gentle."

Vegeta looked at Goku "I thought I had sensed a second ki, but I wasn’t sure." Vegeta laid a hand on Bulma’s belly and felt for the ki. It was very weak, male and definitely his.

Why hadn’t she told him she was carrying his brat? Bulma opened her eyes, it felt good to be alive. Vegeta was checking her leg and she winced as he ran his fingers over the twisted mess. "The baby?" She croaked her voice hoarse.

"The brat is fine. Very weak, as you are, but he’s a Saiyan, he will survive." She waited for more of a reaction from him, but it was not forthcoming. He’d obviously accepted that the baby was his and this appeared not to be a problem. The relief she felt was like a lead weight off her shoulders, with that and the intense pain in her leg, it was too much for her and she slumped into a dead faint.


Goku had never seen Vegeta this way before. They had brought Bulma back to Capsule Corp. and after much fussing from her parents, settled her into the regen tanks. It seemed ironic that they should be using them for Bulma after she had helped develop them for Vegeta when he had pushed himself too far one too many times in the gravity chamber. The Saiyan now hovered crossed legged in front of the tank, his face bathed in the ethereal glow from it’s interior. He hadn’t moved far since Bulma had entered it two days previous. He watched her almost without movement, sleeping on the floor when tiredness overwhelmed him. Goku watched from the shadows knowing that the Saiyan prince would hate it if he knew he was there. Vegeta had taken this hard, blaming himself for Bulma disappearing as she had done. He felt that she might have lost his son if they had been much longer finding her. She was going to be fine now though. A spell in the regen tanks and she would be on top form in no time. Goku had felt responsible for Bulma most of his life, she had been a good friend to him, been his confidant, someone to talk to. She had Vegeta now, he had taken her as his mate, accepted that her safety was his priority. He would see that no harm would come to her. Goku felt Vegeta’s bond for Bulma and he felt good that his best friend had Vegeta’s protection, as well as his love.

Goku left them in peace, they would find their own way now.


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