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By: Lisa Starr


She watched him from afar, lines of sorrow etched deeply into her face. What had happened, what had gone wrong? He'd loved her hadn't he or was that just a pipe dream... an illusion only in her own mind? She'd at least thought he'd been reasonably happy with her. Apparently she had been wrong. Pain from that realization, raw and bright, swirled around her threatening to drag her down in its bottomless mire.

"Vegeta!! No!! " She watched as he turned his face towards her, beautiful in all its glory, happy. The beautiful mouth she so loved to kiss, twisted into a monstrous grin. No, he'd been happy with her, she knew he had been, so what had caused this swift, violent change? What?

His eyes, tranlucent and green, met hers, and for an instant she had seen, in those bottomless depths, the distant flicker of regret; the knowledge that he knew he was sacrificing her, sacrificing them, but was too far gone to stop himself. His hand raised, preparing the blast.

"Vegeta!! NO!!"

Bulma shot awake, nearly falling out of bed as she jerked up, trembling with fright. God, would these stupid dreams never go away. Everything had been fine for close to a year and the Buu incident put far behind them. So why was this happening now? Why have these nightmares now? They were worse than the reality had been. Vegeta had never once aimed at her, even when his soul had been given to Babidi, though he had been close... too close with one blast. No. He wouldn't have killed her, surely something would have stopped him. Her rational mind screamed to believe that, but some evil thought twisted in her, reminding her of the truth.

No, he would have killed you with the rest.

Bulma glanced over in their bed, noting that he wasn't there. He'd been unable to sleep of late as well, leaving their bed late at night after she had fallen asleep... He knew nothing of the dreams that had been plaguing her nightly for the past two weeks, nothing of the horror she was reliving.

Since the horribleness of Buu and all that had happened while fighting him, Vegeta had been strangely different. Not particulary kind or loving, but intensely attentive. Paying attention to small details with her that he had never bothered to before, perhaps his small way of showing her the love he had so long denied he held for her. Bulma sighed tiredly, knowing, with certainty, that she would not be able to sleep again that night and swung her long legs out of the bed.

Perhaps it was her pregnancy. She was only a month along. Maybe the hormonal swings were to blame for all of this turmoil. Yes, that had to be it, her hormones raging wildly out of control. Hadn't it been that way with Trunks? Bulma knew deep down that it was more than that. It was the fear of telling him, of letting him know that she was going to have another child, and having him walk away.

Should she go and seek him out, perhaps tell him he was going to be a father again and get it over with? No, not now. Vegeta would not want to be bothered, though she wouldn't be surprised if he already knew and had chosen to say nothing. He had known about Trunks long before she had. Should she go and talk to him? The desire to do so was nearly overwhelming, but in the end she decided not to. Vegeta was more than likely training; burning what ever pain and shame he still held in his heart out through sweat and blood as opposed to accepting the comfort she was more then willing to offer him. No surprise there really, he was as predictable as always.

Bulma stumbled in the dark to the window, stubbing her toe on the way ; and cursing irritably at the sharp pain that engulfed her. She finally managed to hop over to the window that looked out at the forest directly behind Capsule Corporation's main house... the darkness impenetrable. Bulma shivered, chilled by the ominous picture it presented, jumping again as warm, smooth hands slid up her bare arms to settle heavily on her shoulders.

"What are you doing awake, woman." The husky voice held the barest hint of suggestion, raising goosebumps on her arms.

Bulma shivered again, turning in the circle of his arms. Vegeta's hand brushed back the short

fall of her hair, his finger caressing her cheek lightly as he did so.

Vegeta stared into the troubled sapphire eyes, reveling in their beauty. He had been restless and out prowling the grounds when he had felt her distress. Looking at her, he wasn't sure his mate even realized that she had reached out to him. She looked almost dazed.

"I couldn't sleep..." Bulma mumured, not wanting to share her dreams with him. It would upset him needlessly, her dreaming of him that way. Her arms entwined about his neck, pulling him to her mouth. Perhaps she could distract him from her frazzled state of mind.

"Do you need help getting back to sleep?" His mouth was next to her ear, the husky quality in his voice replaced with something infinitely more seductive and intense. Bulma felt the first ripple of butterflies dance wildly in her stomach. Perhaps she needed to be close to him, to touch him this way, to remind herself that he wasn't the man he'd been yesterday, let alone a year ago. Then again, she'd thought that of him before.

"Do you?" Bulma smiled seductively at him, pushing the stray thought from her mind and letting the strap of her tank top slide slowly down her shoulder. She felt his hands slide up each side of her body, easing the thin cotton material up and off of her. Bulma gasped as his mouth, warm and needy, found each sensitive breast, lavishing them with attention. God, how different this was from before. It had always been good between them, but now he took so much more time, gave so much more of himself to her. It truly was incredible.

Her hands pushed at the band of his training pants, sliding them down over his narrow hips. So he had been working out. What had brought him back?

She sighed in pleasure as he drew her back towards the bed, sitting down and pulling her between his legs. His hands slid down the loose blue shorts she had been sleeping in, baring her to him completely.

Vegeta laid back on the bed, pulling her down to rest atop him, encircling her, once again, within the powerful embrace of his arms. He fought back the urge to bury himself in her immediately and lose himself in the incredible rush of feeling that being with her always invoked. Whatever demons still haunted him would be driven away once he immersed himself in this and in her.

Bulma shivered under the intensity of his gaze. It was times likes this, that she thought maybe... just maybe he loved her as much as she loved him. He had never spoken the words, never told her, but in rare moments... moments such as this he used a much more effective way of letting her get a clue as to what he thought and felt.

She moaned as his hands slid down her back, cupping her bottom gently and pressing her against his growing erection, before slowly rolling her over. God he was strong and his hands, sweet god they were roaming everywhere, touching, teasing and caressing. Vegeta could quite literally heat her skin with his touch. Tonight, he was leaving no part of her body untouched.

"You gave yourself to us once, Vegeta, freely and without reservation, you'll do it again."

Vegeta's head jerked up away from her body, eyes wide with shock. That voice! He could remember that annoying voice in his head, urging him to give up his energy, to do his bidding. Babidi! Vegeta shot upwards.. No! He was dead. Hadn't he been killed by Buu?

"Vegeta?" Bulma watched him curiously through half-lidded eyes, her body in a state of near painful arousal. God, why did he have to start these things and then not finish them. What in the hell had gotten into him?

Vegeta stared down at her, his eyes, black as the night, filling with something akin to dread. It was a look she had never seen in their depths before, at least not like this. Vegeta feared nothing, so what had him all worked up?

"Vegeta? What is it?" Bulma rose up on her elbows, looking at him in concern.

Vegeta stared at her for the longest of seconds, before relaxing and easing himself slowly back onto her.

"Nothing woman. " His mouth found hers, rekindling her passions anew, his body urging her to forget everything but him as he joined them and moved deep within her. It was nothing


"Vegeta? Why are you doing this? Why now?" Bulma stared down at her husband's rage-filled face as he had mercilessly wiped out a whole section of the stadium. The feel of Chi-Chi's hands were heavy on her back and she shrugged them off, even as she felt herself slump back wards in a near swoon..

"Because, stupid woman, I wanted to be rid of you and that miserable brat. I am a warrior, not a family man." His deep voice snarled in the recesses of her brain, cold and toneless. The very sound of it filling her with misery and despair.

"No! That's not true Vegeta! Oh no! Nonononono. Please Vegeta! NO!!"

"NO!!" Bulma shot up again, instantly aware of the straining, sweating man laying beside her, tossing restlessly in his sleep. She leaned over to check him. Her eyes narrowed in concern at the strangled moans that emanated from his throat. He looked like-- he was in pain.

"Vegeta?" Bulma reached a gentle hand out in an attempt to release him from the grip of the nightmare he hovered in. Her hand lightly grazed the muscled shoulder, jerking back in shock at the heat radiating from his skin. "Vegeta?" Her blue brows knit together in concern as she watched his long fingers clutch convulsively at the blue silk of their sheets. Was he sick? Bulma could hardly fathom that idea. Vegeta hadn't been sick a day since she'd known him.

She rolled astride him, bending down to shake him back to consciousness.

Vegeta's eyes shot open wildly. Bulma gasped as his hands shot up to capture her arms.

"What do you want?" He snarled, eyes wild and dazed. "What in the fuck do you want?!"

"Vegeta," Bulma managed to cry as his hands crushed the bones of her arms. "Vegeta, hey, it's me!"

He lurched up, staring at her in shock. Without a word he crushed her to him, his body shaking in the wake of the demons that had filled his head.

Why couldn't he get that damn voice out of his head? Why couldn't they just leave him alone? He was done with them, had given up all the evil he had held onto. They were dead! Why were they still invading his mind and now, his dreams. Vegeta reared back to look at the trembling woman in his arms, letting his hands roam over the soft, white skin of her face. Did she feel it to, did she sense it through him, did hear Babidi's voice? It was going to drive him mad if he couldn't force it away.

Mindlessly he pushed her down beneath him and thrust into her again and again, vaguely aware of her soft body pressing desperately against him, moaning his name and clinging to him as if she were drowning. Vegeta could hear his own hoarse groans through a haze of pleasure, begging her to make it stop, to make the voice go away. He didn't want to be Babidi's minion, he didn't want that life anymore. This was what he needed. He wanted her and their brat and this bizarre life that he had managed to build through the burning flames of his past.

No, he needed more than that now. All Vegeta wanted was this one moment Something mindless and all consuming; and she was... this woman raged through his blood as nothing else had before, save the burning desire to kill Kakkarot and avenge his honor. If he could only fill himself with her spirit and remind himself of all he stood to lose, then maybe he could silence the voices that wouldn't leave him in peace and stop himself from traveling down the path to utter damnation. Even with all evil banished, they attemptetd to lure him back down that path, using the tattered remnants of his old life, of the old Vegeta, of the man that had never seen his most pressing desires assuaged. Nevermind that he had pushed those thoughts away, Babidi was reminding him... showing him what could have been, what could still be.

No! Vegeta wold not look, would not remember. He had put the past behind him, had started anew, had finally accepted this little family that he had started so many years ago. His pain and rage had been left far behind him, hadn't it? He'd thought so until now. Vegeta cried out hoarsely as he came, his rhythmic, pounding thrusts carrying her along, urging her towards her own sharp pinnacle.

Bulma wept as she came and pulled him down to her, listening to his panting breath as he moaned her name again and again into her ear. It was almost a... a... cry for help. What in the hell had come over him? What was wrong? She wasn't sure, but oh God! That had been incredible. He had held nothing back and now he lay, completely spent in her arms.

"Vegeta?" Bulma ran a gentle hand through his hair. "Vegeta are you alright?"

"Kill her Vegeta. She holds you back. If you would but kill her you would be free from these pointless self-doubts, free to kill Kakkarot and dominate the universe. You never finished him did you? You never regained your honor. Instead you sit wasting away on a worthless planet, succumbing to the desires of your flesh instead of rising to the power you were born to wield. How pathetic. You have only to find the dragonballs and wish me back and together we will be unstoppable."

"No!" Vegeta's voice rasped against her throat. "You aren't real!" He rolled off of his mate, clutching his head in agony as he attempted to stave off the burning rush of desire he had felt at Babidi's words. He had given that life up, this was his life now.

"Vegeta?" Bulma sat up in concern. "Vegeta, you're starting to scare me. Who isn't real?"

"Kill her, Vegeta. Kill her. I want her dead and I am your master now. Kill her, she only stands in your way. She and the boy. You must wish me back."

"Babadi." Vegeta groaned to her. "It's Babidi. Go woman, get out now. Find Kak-ka-rot." He collapsed into a ball of agony on the bed, screaming in pain and anger.

Bulma reached out to touch him, to do something that might help him with whatever was attacking him, her eyes wide with shock. Babidi? Babidi was long dead. She'd been sure of that, or at least reasonably sure.

"Vegeta?" Her hand came to rest gently on his back. She gasped as he jerked away.

"Go woman!" He roared at her, using a tone she had never heard from him before, at least not directed towards her. "For once, do as I fucking say. Go get Kakkarot. AHHHH!!" Vegeta collapsed again, rolling away from her in agony.

Bulma scrambled off the bed, jerking on clothes even as she ran towards the door. She stopped, looking back at him as he lay on the bed, face contorted and sweaty with the effort of fighting whatever was happening to him.

"Vegeta," Buma moaned softly, gasping as his eyes, fierce and full of pride, met hers. She couldn't lose him again. She just couldn't.

"Go, dammit!" Vegeta roared in agony, his body flaring to Supersaiyan as he battled his attacker.

"Ta-take... the... boy." He roared again, sinking to his knees in torment.

Bulma hesitated for the merest of seconds before turning and rushing down the long hall, her bare feet carrying her as fast as they could go to her son's room.

She threw open the door, the resounding bang of it hitting against the wall startling the boy awake.

"Mom?" Trunks flew up out of the bed, purple hair mussed and blue eyes heavy with sleep. "Mom, what is it?"

"Come on Trunks!" Bulma threw some clothes at him, "Get dressed fast. Dad wants us to go find Goku!" She could feel Vegeta's struggle within her--through their bond, painful and violent. They wanted him back, they wanted his strength. All these dreams she had been having were far more then just bad memories sifting through to the surface. Somehow, someway, Babidi had retained some kind of hold on Vegeta. Behind her, down the hall, she heard the door to their bedroom blow apart.

"WOMAN!!" His deep voice, usually so calm and seductive, was a snarl of rage. "Where are you woman?"

Bulma grabbed Trunks, running out his door and heading for the stairs, refusing to glance down the hall at him. Shit! She would never make it out of here. She could feel him advancing on her and he could be far faster than she anytime he wanted.

"Mom! What's wrong with Dad?" Trunks twisted in Bulma's iron grip in an attempt to stare at his father who was stalking them down the hallway. "He looks really mad."

Bulma turned her head to look. Oh God! He had that same evil grin on his face from the Budouki. Why did this have to happen again? Vegeta had been given a second chance, had openly embraced it. Why this now? Hadn't Goku told her that Babidi could only use a person if their heart wasn't pure? He had banished all the evil from himself, and he had been allowed to come back to life because of it. What was happening?

Vegeta approached her with a steady pace, head lowered, shoulders back. He raised his green eyes to stare into hers, the piercing gaze, cruel and rancorous.

Bulma turned back to her flight, nearly tripping over the first stair as she reached them. Kami, what had happened to him?

"He's already let me in once dear, allowed me to see all he so desired within his heart. That was all I needed to reclaim my prize."

"Huh?" Who had that been and what were they doing in her head?"

"You might want to run faster dear, Vegeta is going to kill you." Malicious, high-pitched laughter filled her brain.

"No!" Bulma cried out as she tripped down the stairs. "He's not the same anymore, he's let that all go. You have no hold on him! Not anymore." How was this bastard talking to her in her head?

"To the contrary. He was mine and will always be mine from the moment he first gave himself up. We will always have a hold on him. The fool's bonded to you, I can communicate through his bond to you."

"You're dead you bastard! How can you even be back here? You're dead!" Bulma reached the bottom of the stairs, feet slapping against the cold stone floor as she ran towards the door.

"Mom? Who in the heck are you talking to?" Trunks twisted around to face her. 'Why in the heck are we running from Dad and why are you carrying me? I'm not a baby."

"Woman, where do you think you are going?" Vegeta's deep, even tones halted her forward momentum. He had moved around her, quick as lightening and now blocked her path.

Bulma skidded to a stop, facing him, aware immediately that the man with whom she had just made love, who had shared himself so completely with her was gone. Or at least he was deeply buried. Was there someway to reach him? She stared in horror at the scripted M that decorated his forehead. Oh No.

"Trunks." Bulma spoke softly. "I want you to go and get Goku as fast as you can, please. I need to stay here and help your father." She took a deep, shuddering breath in an attempt to still her pounding heart. Trunks might have a way out. Vegeta might be distracted enough with her that he would let Trunks go. God, please let her be able to keep him from killing their son.

"Mom, I'm not going to leave you alone. Dad looks really mad and that M is back on his forehead." Trunks landed lightly beside her.

"Trunks Breifs!" Bulma yelled sharply at him, fear for him urging her to be harsh. "I told you to do something. Now do it young man!"

"Yes Trunks," Vegeta's cold voice sent a chill racing through her. "By all means, do as your mother tells you." His mouth curled up in derision.

"Mom..." Trunks whined.

"Now! Trunks!"

Trunks stared at her for a moment, hurt and anger warring plainly on his face finally mixing with a more subdued concern. He turned abruptly, speaking resignedly, before rocketing off into the night sky.

"Fine, I'll go get Goku." He was gone in a flash, leaving Bulma to turn silently back to her husband who stood serenely before her, waiting.

"Vegeta," Bulma begain with a trembling voice, searching for some way to reach him. "Please come back to me. Do you really want to let this thing control you?"

He smiled coolly. "No-one controls me woman, not even you."

"I never claimed to. I just want you to..." Bulma hugged herself tightly, unsure how to continue. She had never actually dealt with Vegeta like this before. He had only truly ever frightened her on Namek and that had been years ago. "You're scaring me Vegeta and I want you to stop."

"Since when have I ever cared about what you wanted?" Vegeta closed the distance between them, moving his hand to caress her cheek. God, she was a beauty with this porcelain skin and those wide blue eyes that looked at him with such fear. She was spirited too. As frightened as she was, she made no move to cower away from him. Why should he kill her? This woman would fill many pleasurable nights in his bed after he achieved all his goals. Hadn't they just made the most passionate love he had ever had moments before he had been reverted back to who he was meant to be? Why should he get rid of her if she could do that to him?

"Kill her Vegeta, she stands in our way for universal domination. Quit thinking about your personal pleasures and start thinking about ruling this universe." Babidi's voice rang like a shrill banshee in his head, causing him to wince in pain. "If you think for a moment that she has no influence over you than you are sadly deluding yourself. Now I command you to do as I bid, with every fiber of your being I command you."

"No." Vegeta growled with the effort of resisting Babidi's commands. " I have no desire to kill her. Not yet, anyway." He smiled at the look of terror that crossed over the woman's face. She had meant something to him once, before he had returned to the ruthless warrior he had once been. Now she would serve as an excellent bed-warmer and he would make full use of her.

"It's not up for negotiation Vegeta. Get rid of her. We can't have her holding you back."

"Vegeta!" Bulma implored. "Please, you defeated this bastard once, you can do it again. You have changed, you are not the same man you used to be. You love me, I know you do. We are married."

"I can have it all now woman. You, the universe, Kakkarot's death and my pride returned completely." His warm hand continued to stroke her face, moving round to cup the back of her head and slowly pull her towards his hard body. "I can achieve immortality for us, a universe..." Vegeta grimaced and broke off as a searing bolt of pain shot through him. He released her, clutching at his head in agony. God, Babidi was trying to force him to kill her, he was commanding nearly every cell in his body to do so, but he wouldn't give in. He, Vegeta, would never bow to anything else again. Frieza had been more then enough to last him a lifetime, he would not do as this bastard wished. He would fight it.

"I will not tolerate your insubordination Vegeta. This time you will do as you are told. Kill her, then we will move on to that horrid Goku person. Your agony will be at an end once you dispose of her." Babadi's voice was so compelling, so commanding.

"I. Said. No!" Vegeta ground out through clenched teeth, staggering back and flaring his ki, knocking Bulma off her feet. "I will not bow to your wishes. I will merely use the power you provide me to achieve all I want. I do not wish to end her life." He sunk to his knees in desperate battle to fight the wizard's formidable power.

"Stop it Babidi!" Bulma screamed out, watching in horror as Vegeta struggled to keep the monster from controlling every part of him. Maybe she could help him, maybe she could help him through their bond.

Vegeta, please fight this. You know I love you. I only want a life with you. Bulma opened herself up to him, flooding him with all the emotion he inspired in her.

Vegeta felt her feelings enter his body, love, faith, desire. He felt the pull of her soul as it beckoned him, urging him to defeat Babidi once and for all.

See, I told you Vegeta. She is a weakness to you. You will accomplish none of the greatness you were destined for as long as she lives.

Vegeta, please, let me help you, let me help you. Bulma gasped as he looked up at her, eyes brimming with a wealth of emotion. She could see the internal battle, feel his jumbled, confused thoughts as Babidi attempted to gain his complete soul. He didn't have it yet. He merely had a part of Vegeta, not the whole thing. Maybe it wasn't too late. She crawled to him, on hands and knees, reaching out her hand to touch him. "Vegeta!"

"Woman." Vegeta rasped, reaching out to her. "Go now. Get away from me, I can't fight this."

Bulma clutched at his hand, yanking him to her. "Yes, you can. Use me, Vegeta, remember all you gained this past year." She placed his hand alongside her abdomen. "Vegeta, I'm pregnant. Look at what we created. You and I. Don't throw this away."

Another setback Vegeta, another reason you will never reach your goals. End her life now and that of the worthless brat you have spawned. Cut all ties so that you are free to do what you must.

Vegeta groaned as she wrapped herself around him. She was pregnant, he had felt the ki... a girl. What was he going to do. Babidi was right, he would never reach his goals as long as she was here. Even now, his heart--the heart he had never had before he had met her--urged him to let go of everything else but her.

You will not win this battle foolish girl. Vegeta knows well, what I have already tried to explain. His destiny is not with you. It is much grander than anything you can ever imagine. With my power he will take the universe.

How do you think you'll control him once he does this? You can't even control him now! Bulma shrieked as Vegeta flared his ki, sending her flying back against the wall. Bulma groaned in pain as she hit the wall.

Good Vegeta, finally, you understand. Kill her. Than we move onto the other who can hold you back.

Vegeta stood, staring down at the woman he had called mate for nearly ten years. She was pregnant... pregnant, with his brat.

Finish her Vegeta. Take the first step to ruling the universe.

He's lying Vegeta. He just wants you for your power. He'll control you. Somehow she managed to find the strength to communicate with him.

Vegeta took a faltering step towards her, one foot in front of the other. Babidi's insane cackle rattliong around and round inside his brain, driving him insane. He just wanted it to end, he could not take this battle any longer.

Reaching her, he sunk to his knees before her, his face stoic. "Woman... I cannot take anymore, please..." His hand reached out shakily to lay on her abdomen, feeling the ki of his child. A continuation of his royal bloodline. He looked up, the nearly translucent green of his eyes meeting her sparkling blue orbs. They were so brilliant. They had been the first things he had noticed about her when he had first set eyes on her on Namek. They had reminded him of two perfect, glowing jewels amongst a wealth of treasure. How could he possibly extinguish the life from them?

Bulma shut her eyes at the first side of tears that fell down her face. Why did this have to happen now? When they had been happy, or at least reasonably so. As happy as a family can be, when a man like Vegeta was the head of it.

"Vegeta," She spoke softly, "This isn't you anymore. Please just let go of whatever it is that Babidi is clinging to and come back to me."

If you can't kill her Vegeta, perhaps I should see if her soul is worth having. Surely living with a man that doesn't care about her has spawned some type of unrest deep within her heart. Her power is within her mind. Think of the toys she could create for me to rule the universe.

Vegeta reached out, softly caressing her tears away, rage flooding through him at the wizard's words. No, he would never have her. This was his woman, completely, mind, body and soul. She was all he had left in a world that had been turned upside down since Buu. The man he had once been destroyed, the man he had known well and believed himself to be completely gone, leaving only a stranger in its wake. Perhaps that was what had allowed Babidi this second chance to use him. She could help him pick up the pieces. She and Trunks... and this new life he had felt growing within her. The past nine years of his life he had spent with her, sharing himself as much as he possibly could, considering he hadn't the first clue how to. She knew the real man, the man that no-one else saw, perhaps not even himself, it had been so deeply buried.

Bulma stared up into his green eyes, watching the play of emotions that flitted across his face. She gasped as he stood up, moving away from her and flaring his ki in a violent burst of energy.

"AHHHH!!" Vegeta screamed as he powered up, letting all the rage, fear and confusion flow from him. It would end here. Whatever small foothold Babidi had managed to get into his mind would be wiped away here. His wife would never be in danger by his hand and he would not see her soul tainted and destroyed as his soul had been by Frieza. He felt everything flow through him and out him as he released all the pent-up restlessness and anger that had plagued him. He was stronger then any of this and he would defeat it.

Bulma cowered back against the wall, watching as her house shook and crumbled about her. What was he doing? Surely he wasn't going to sacrifice himself again. She couldn't lose him again, it would destroy her. She tried to stand, but the force of his ki drove her back down.

"Vegeta!!" She cried, knowing he couldn't hear her.

Vegeta. This time she used the bond, searching out his mind gently in an attempt to reach him. She gasped as she was assailed with all his emotions, love, desire, concern... peace. He sent them all swirling to her in a giant mass of emotion. Bulma sobbed as she absorbed them into her, returning them to him in a rush of her own feelings.

Vegeta ended his power rush as quickly as he had started it. He stood, shakily, looking about the ruins of the hall and living room, his mind...easy. For the first time in twenty some odd years, his mind was completely at peace. There was no guilt over past actions, no desire for anything but his wife... well he still had the desire to train and beat Kakkarot, but the thought was not as all consuming as it had once been. No bitterness that he was still second best. He was who he was and this woman loved him completely for that, troubles and all. No-one had ever fought for him before and he found himself oddly moved by it. To her he was worth something... something beyond power and strength. Vegeta turned to face his wife, watching as she slowly uncovered her head and shook dust and debri out of her silky blue hair. He walked slowly towards her, sinking to his knees and gathering her in his arms.

"Vegeta... is everything alright?" Bulma stared into the glittering black eyes, still filled with the burning intensity that marked so much of who he was, yet they were different somehow. A peace that she had never quite felt within him before seemed to have descended upon him.

"Everything is fine woman." Vegeta pressed his mouth against hers, leaving her breathless.

"Babidi?" She asked softly when he had pulled away.

"Is gone. I drove him out of my mind, completely."

"Where is he now?"

"I have no idea, but he is not here and that is all that matters."

"What if he finds someone else to... to..." Bulma could not finish. The whole thought that Chikyuu would have to go through anything like what it had gone through with Buu was too horrifying to even contemplate.

"He won't. Babidi is dead."

"How do you know?" Bulma looked at him in shock.

"Because he wanted me to go gather the dragonballs and wish him back to life." Vegeta snorted. "As if I would waste a wish on him."

"What if he finds someone else to carry out his wish?" Bulma wasn't ready to dismiss the subject yet.

"Then we will deal with it when it happens. " Vegeta leaned shakily against her, his body drained.

Bulma wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close. "Oh God Vegeta, I thought..." She broke off, swallowing the painful lump that threatened to choke her. "I thought I was going to lose you again."

"It's over woman, there is nothing left for him to touch." Vegeta murmured softly into her ear.

"He said because you had let him in before... what's to stop him from doing it again Vegeta?" Bulma pulled away from him, staring at him in concern.

"I can't explain it to you woman, except to say that whatever emotions he found to use against me, perhaps the frustration of trying to discover who I am now that my life is so different, are gone."

"Who are you?" Bulma whispered against his mouth, mesmerized by the look in his eyes, unable to look away from the burning black gaze.

"I'm Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyan race and I'm your husband and I'm a... Chikyuu-jin." His voice closed off, unable to give voice to anymore feelings. He couldn't, it would kill him to express anything else. He would rather show her.

"And the pregnancy?" Bulma looked at him expectantly, remembering another conversation some eight years ago that had not gone so well. "Are you happy with the pregnancy?"

Vegeta gazed into the lucid blue eyes of his woman, his sharp eyes noting the look of apprehension that was quickly clouding them. He opened his mouth to speak, but she interrupted him.

"I mean the last time I told you I was pregnant you were anything but happy." Her eyes narrowed in anger. "Can I assume the same applies here?"

Vegeta pulled her to him, grazing the soft fullness of her mouth with his own. "It would be dangerous to assume anything about me woman." He murmured the words huskily against her lips, smirking at the shiver of desire his proximity had illicited from her.

Bulma smiled, entwining her arms about his neck. "I love you Vegeta."

Vegeta opened his mouth, determined that if it killed him, somehow, he would figure out a way to return her words and let her know that she was precious to him. He just wasn't sure how.

"Is this a bad time?" Vegeta stiffened and turned slowly, black eyes meeting those of a man he had called many things over the years, rival, idiot, third-class loser, bastard and the list went on. Kakkarot.

They would never be friends, Vegeta did not know the concept of the word, and doubted he ever would, but with Kakkarot it was something deeper. Almost a shared sense of brotherhood as the last two full-blooded saiyans left alive and now a shared commitment to see their home and their families kept safe. Friend? No, but no longer an enemy either.

"Kakkarot, you finally decided to show up?" Vegeta growled hoarsely, irritated that the other saiyan would catch him in a moment of emotional weakness. He might not hate the third class bastard anymore, might even grudgingly respect him, but that didn't mean he wished to share anything with him.

"Trunks said there was trouble." Goku stopped and looked aorund, his eyes widening as he took in the damage to the livingroom. "Did I miss the fight?"

"What in the hell took you so long?" Bulma yelped, standing to approach her long-time friend. "Dammit Goku, I could have been killed!"

"I'm sorry, Bulma. I was out camping with Gohan and Goten when Trunks found us, I teleported her as soon as he told me you needed me."

"We don't need you here, Kakkarot." Vegeta stood, walking to stand beside his wife. "I took care of everything."

"Are you sure?" Goku looked around him at the destruction of the house. "It looks like quite a battle went on and Trunks was pretty upset..." He trailed off, looking at Bulma expectantly. "He said something about an M on your forehead Vegeta. The only other time I can recall an M on your forehead was when Babidi had you."

"Babidi is dead dead, Kakkarot and will not be troubling us again." Vegeta leveled a searing gaze at the taller man. I have banished him for good."

Goku stared silently at him, meeting his gaze coolly, finally relaxing and smiling. "Good, you have something good here Vegeta. I'd hate to see you lose it."

Vegeta growled low in his throat, irritated with the third-class's words. Was the idiot threatening him? The sound of the growl was not lost on his wife.

Bulma looked around, attempting to change the subject. "Speaking of Trunks, where is he?"

"He stayed with Gohan and Goten. Is it okay if he spends the night?"

Bulma grinned, glancing at her husband. "Why Goku, that is absolutely wonderful!"

"Great. He has extra clothes at the house, I'll just drop by and grab those. Are you two sure everything is alright?"

"Goku," Bulma smiled lightly. "Everything is fine."

Vegeta nodded slightly, black eyes piercing into his fellow Saiyan, irritation not forgotten. "Tomorrow we spar Kakkarot."

"Sounds good Vegeta." Goku smiled, placing his fingers aside his head and teleporting away before their eyes.

"Now where were we?" Bulma turned, sliding her hands up her husband's bare chest. "Did I ever tell you that your chest is the most incredible chest I've ever seen."

Vegeta smirked. "Of course it is woman, I am the Prince of all Saiyans." He brushed a stray strand of blue hair back from her face, before picking her up slowly and carrying her to the sofa. "I don't think we can go upstairs tonight."

"I'll call the repair men tomorrow." She watched as he swept off litter and debri from the sofa, before gently laying her down.

Vegeta stood, slipping out of his pants and bending to divest her of her shorts and top, his hands and mouth nipping and teasing as he went. Naked, he pressed himself against her, hard and ready, slipping inside her with one full stroke.

Bulma moaned as he entered her gently, joining their bodies completely, gasping as he flooded her with his emotions. This was the only way he would ever be able to tell her he loved her, she realized and it was so much better than mere words. She closed her eyes as he moved within her slowly. She rose up to meet him, taking him deeper with each powerful thrust he made.

Vegeta watched her as he moved, his body rousing more and more with each heady moan she emitted, finally shutting his eyes and opening up the deep well of his feelings for her, allowing them to flow through so that she could feel them and know he loved her beyond any true scope of the word. He quickened his pace, the urge to go faster nearly overwhelming him. She was so tight and warm. He would never get enough.

Bulma moved against him, body straining to meet his every thrust as he panted above her. She could feel the wave of feeling crashing down upon her as his body pounded against hers, hard and fast and deep. She could feel it coming for him as well, through their bond. Bulma clamped her legs around him, arching up as she came, crying out his name in a near mindless litany as the feeling rushed through her.

Vegeta let himself go as he watched her climax, moaning her name hoaresly as he collapsed against her, body shaking. Gathering her trembling form, he levitated up, flipping them before lowering back down to the sofa.

Bulma smiled down at him, sliding her hand to caress his already hardening shaft loosely. "I'm not sure I'm done with you, Vegeta."

"Do your worst woman, do you worst." Vegeta groaned as she slid down his hard body and proceeded to do just that.

Later, after he had spent himself completely, he lay holding her sleeping body in his arms, his mind settled on the brat they were expecting. A girl... what in the world was he going to do with a... girl? Vegeta shuddered at the thought. What if she had her mother's looks? His body stiffened. He would destroy any man that came near her. She would be a Princess in her own right and she would accept no man that was unworthy. He would train her and show her how to fight and defend herself. Vegeta had been neglectful of Trunks, training him, but never bothering to get to know the boy or show pride in the man that he was fast becoming. With this brat, this brat that so completely tied him to his woman in a way he had never thought possible, he would do things... differently.



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