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Here's My Heart
By: Veggiegirl101



It was a warm spring day at capsule corps. Except today was a special day for Bulma and Yamcha because Yamcha was going to propose to her today at dinner. " Oh my gosh I can't believe he's actually going to propose to me! But do I even love him? Bulma of course you love him. No I don't. Yes you do. No I don't. Then who do I love?........


I love Vegita? No, no I don't I love Yamcha. But can I marry him? He has cheated on me in the past. But I know he loves me and he wont do that to me again because he promised he wouldn't. Well I might as well go on and pick Yamcha up for our date.", Bulma thought to herself. She then got into her car and drove over to Yamcha's apartment.


In the Gravity room....................

"That women, what has she done to me. Am I in love with that women? No I can't be. I Prince of the Sayins in love, that was unheard of on planet Vegita." Vegita thought to himself. the rest of his thoughts were interrupted by.....

"But planet Vegita was destroyed a long time ago." "Don't remind me." "Well I guess you are the same old Vegita aren't you?", said an unknown voice. "Who the heck... how the heck are you talking to me? ",Vegita asked curiously.

"Vegita, I can't believe you don't remember your old best friend?!", said the not so unknown voice.

"Micharu is that you? But how could it be you? You died such a long long time ago.",Vegita asked with a curious look on his face. "Your still as curious as ever. Well for your info. I've been watching you grow and I have been looking out for you. Remember that promise we made. We promised that we would be best friends till the end and beyond. I guess were I am happens to be beyond.",repiled Michuru.

"So Michuru you did go to heaven after all. After all that trouble we got into when we were little. Everyone said that you and I were going to get married when we were older.", Vegita said a smile starting to spread across his face but then it quickly faded away. "But I guess we can't now can we. But their is someone that loves you very much. And I know you love her to. I know you want to be with her. Vegita for once your going to have to swallow your pride and tell her you love her when the time comes."Michuru said in a harsh but loving voice.


" No but's Vegita YOU ARE GOING TO TELL HER THAT YOU LOVE HER WHEN THE TIME COMES!!!",Michuru shouted at Vegita telapthaticly. "Well you sure are the same demanding Michuru aren't you.", Vegita said with a smirk forming on his face. "Yup I sure am!",Michuru said smiling down on him from heaven. "Well I have to go V-chan. I'll always be with you. Bye V-chan.", Michuru said and suddenly everything went black.



When Bulma arrived she could here loud moans that sounded like they were coming from 2 femine voices that sounded like they were coming from Yamcha's apartment. Then she heard a manly voice that sounded exactly like Yamcha say,"That b***h Bulma. She was just another whore on my f***k list.", Yamcha said evily.

"Well then why are you marring her?",One of the slutz in their asked.

" Oh I'm just marring her for the money. That dumb whore doesn't' even know about this either. And she actually thinks I love her?! She must be crazy. I don't even like to put up with her pathetic whining son of a or should I say daughter of a b***h brat. It makes me sick every time I look at her ugly......", Yamcha didn't get to finish because Bulma walked right on in.

"Yamcha, How could you.",Bulma barley asked above a whisper. She was terribly heart broken. She couldn't believe her first love actually did that to her.

" Bulma it's not what you think." Yamcha said while pulling on his boxers and running after Bulma's reatring figure. But he was to late. She was gone. "Darn, I was to late. Oh well I'll just go get my money back for this ring. Yamcha thought out loud. While walking back to his apartment people were staring death glances at him. "Stop staring.",Yamcha shouted at the people and ran back to his apartment


ON HER WAY HOME......................

"How could that bastard do that to me? How could he just use me for my money. I..I..I thought he loved me. After all I did for that dumb bastard. I actually loved......"Bulma couldn't finish her sentence because she broke down crying. She was to depressed to drive so she walked home. Then it started to rain. "Oh that's just great. What did I ever do so wrong to deserve this.",as Bulma was thinking out loud Vegita walked by.

"Women what are you doing out here?"

"Oh Vegita.", Bulma said on the verge of tears. She then ran over to him and started to cry on his chest. Vegita didn't know what to do about the present situation so he just did what his heart told him to. Vegita comforted Bulma. He warped his arms around her and said "Bulma just let it all out. You'll feel better afterwards." "Oh Vegita, Yamcha just used me for money. then he said that I was nothing but an ugly slut and he's the one sleeping with everything in a skirt. No one loves me. He never loved me and the worst part about it is that I actually loved that bastard. All those years we spent together meant absolutely nothing to.......",Bulma didn't get a chance to finish her sentence because she started to cry again.

"So this is the doing of that weakling human Yamcha. I will give him a slow and terribly miserable death for what he did to Bulma."Vegita thought to himself "Bulma listen, those things that that weakling Yamcha said is not true. You are not ugly because your the most beautiful creature the universe. Second of all your not a slut because you wouldn't let him have you. Third of all your wrong when you said that know one loves you." Vegita said and he bent down so that only she could here what he was about to say,"Your wrong about that because I love you.",Vegita said. Then he kissed her on her forehead, picked her up and flew towards Capsule Corps.

The end? Or just the beginning?

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