Finding Her Prince
By: Marau-chan

Bulma walked into the living room. She was angry once again because of her stupid cheating boyfriend. No, she corrected herself, X- boyfriend. They had broken up the week before, but Bulma couldn’t help but feel a little sad about it. She had thought she loved Yamcha, but it was all just lust. Just a moment of passion that had blown over them like the seasons.

Bulma sighed. There had to be something wrong with her. She was beginning to be attracted to another man, but this man wasn’t natural. She found herself watching his smirk, his body , his strut. She actually found herself looking forward to interacting with him, beginning to enjoy his sharp wit and flashing onyx eyes.

Yes. Bulma was finding herself drawn to the reclusive Saiyan Prince. The same temperamental man that had, before, tried to destroy the earth and kill her friends. Bulma sighed. A warm feeling rushed into the pit of her stomach as she thought of his body, glistening with sweat from a hard workout, accenting the tan skin stretched over perfect muscles. His lean frame breathing lightly as he padded catlike across the ground, sharp midnight eyes never missing a detail. She thought of his face, high cheekbones, thin sensual mouth that always was drawn into a frown. She thought of the heavy eyebrows that covered his intense gaze, and the sharp widow’s peak that flared into the characteristic flame of ebony hair.

Bulma had to shut her mind up. She was getting way too turned on with these thoughts. I have to do something about them. Bulma told herself before she noticed a form sprawled across the sofa.

Bulma approached it, noticing Vegeta’s features were paler than usual. She saw the light sheen of sweat that covered his perfect body. Bulma sharply intook air as the warmth in her stomach returned tenfold.

She had to have him. He was just so perfect. He would never admit to liking her, but Bulma could almost swear that she saw him watching her, as she watched him. He’d said some almost unconscious compliments to her before being able to cover them with insults. But not before Bulma had noticed.

Yes. He wanted her too. But his pride got in his way of ever admitting it. Bulma smirked cruelly. She would just have to take things into her own hands.

She sat down next to Vegeta’s sleeping form, placing her hands on his shoulders. She felt him jerk awake, trying to spin and face her, but somehow her gentle grasp defied all his inhuman strength.

"Vegeta," She whispered huskily, "you seem tense. Want me to relieve you of it?" She felt Vegeta stiffen beneath her touch.

"Woman, get your hands off me! I am the Prince of the Saiyans! I do not get… ‘tense.’" Vegeta snapped harshly back, but Bulma notice the slight waver in his voice.

"I don’t believe you," she murmured before licking the back of his neck. He shivered beneath her touch before violently turning to face her. Bulma found herself gazing into a pair of ebony eyes filled with anger and confusion.

"What do you think you’re doing, woman?" He snarled. Bulma laughed at him, causing him to start in shock.

"Oh, Vegeta! You can’t fool me! I know you want me to help you feel less… stressed." Vegeta scowled, but began to look faintly intrigued.

"Alright, woman. I’ll give you two minutes. Then leave me alone unless I say otherwise." Bulma agreed to his terms with a smile. She pushed him onto his stomach, sitting on his legs as she placed her hands on his shoulder blades and began her gentle movements.

He really was tense, Bulma found. It felt like steel wire beneath her skilled hands, but soon his muscles began to relax. Bulma found herself getting warm all over as she felt Vegeta begin to vibrate ever so lightly beneath her. She leaned forward, pressing her chest to his back as she took his earlobe into her teeth, nipping him gently before trailing kisses over his corded neck.

Bulma smirked as the vibrations grew louder, Vegeta’s purring increased. Bulma began her ministrations to his spine, gently nipping his olive flesh down over his back. She felt him shift slightly, his breath become a bit uneven.

Bulma then used her hands to gently stroke the sides of his waist until they found the elastic top of his boxer shorts. She felt Vegeta jerk in shock and gasp out loud as she pushed her hands into his shorts, gently squeezing his butt cheeks. She felt them tighten under her ministrations as Bulma’s mouth worked its way down to her hands. She felt him begin to squirm beneath her, arousing her more with his every movement.

"Woman," He hissed, his voice deeper with lust. "Stop." But Bulma wasn’t about to listen to him. Her fingers moved up a bit until they found the bottom of his spine. She felt his squirms become almost desperate.

"Woman!" He cried hoarsely, "Get off of me…" But he broke off with a loud gasp, bucking beneath Bulma’s figure as her fingers found a small nub on his butt. She grinned evilly and dragged her fingernails over it. Bulma heard a sharp intake of breath as Vegeta writhed under her.

Now this intrigued Bulma to no end. This must be where his tail had been connected. Bulma knew now what she wanted to do. She moved her mouth down from his spine, licking his back as she trailed warm kisses down to his buttox. Then, with deliberate slowness, she yanked his shorts off him. Vegeta cursed at her in his native tongue, struggling to move, but somehow finding himself drained of energy from her touches. Bulma smirked in cruel anticipation before bending her mouth over the small brown spot of flesh. She licked it slowly, eliciting a loud groan from Vegeta, before beginning to tease his tail spot with her tongue, teeth, and fingers. Vegeta thrashed beneath her, his voice coming out in harsh sobs. "Woman…. stop.. ugnn… no… STOP…" Vegeta broke off with a cry as Bulma nipped the spot almost savagely causing Vegeta’s back to arch under the sensation. She paused.

"Say my name, Vegeta." He growled at her as she told him this before crying out again as violent tremors ran through his body from her teeth scraping against the spot. Bulma stopped again.

"Say it, Vegeta. I’m not going to stop this time…" She leaned down, taking the tailspot into her teeth and began to relentlessly punish him. Vegeta sobbed incoherently, his body jerking beneath hers, trying to stop the almost painful pleasure.

"Ughnm… woman…. Stop….. aaahh….stop…. Bulma…." Her name ripped from his throat in a desperate cry. Bulma halted her work.

"See, Vegeta. That wasn’t so hard, now was it." Bulma took slight notice that Vegeta didn’t respond. He just lay fully still beneath her, trembling in the aftermath of her ‘massage.’ Finally he spoke, but his voice was full of pain.

"Why?" Was all he said. Bulma sighed.

"I want you, Vegeta. No, I NEED you…." She stopped as he didn’t respond to her. She frowned, continuing on. "I feel like… you’re somehow a part of me." She reached out gently to brush a hand through his hair. "I feel like we’re connected." She finished in a whisper. Vegeta finally sat up, forcing her to get off his back and sit beside him on the couch. She blushed heavily as she saw the state she had left him in.

His eyes met hers, burning intensely.

"You…" He began, but stopped, pausing to search for the right words. He finally spoke again in a low tone. "You realize that if we follow through with this, that it is permanent." Bulma stared at him, but slowly nodded her head.

"I know you, Vegeta. You would never cheat on me, unlike all my other experiences with men. I know you would stay true but I don’t know if you would care about me…" She trailed off as he brushed a hand through her hair.

"Bulma…" She blinked in surprise as he used her name by choice, "Bulma… I may not show it much, but a Saiyan cannot mate without strong feelings for the person." He gulped, looking into her eyes with a burning passion and… something more. "A Saiyan is not good at words. I won’t be able to express my feelings very well. But one thing I can assure you…. A Saiyan never leaves his chosen one." Bulma felt tears of joy well up into her eyes as Vegeta said this. She smiled at his embarrassment.

"Well, then. Is it your room or mine?" She laughed at his look of shock, which rapidly turned into a smirk.

"Your choice, woman." Bulma smiled as she took his hand, leading him into her room. She lay on the bed, pulling him down to meet her but felt him hesitate. Bulma peered up at him.

"Come on, Vegeta. Don’t you want to?" A faint flush of red streaked across his cheekbones.

"Of course, woman." He snorted, somewhat huskily, "But it’s just that… I’ve never… you see…." Bulma gaped at him.

"YOU’VE NEVER BEEN WITH A WOMAN BEFORE?!?!?!?" Shock was threaded throughout her voice. Vegeta’s flushed face grew redder as he scowled ferociously. He stood up, crossing his arms.

"It’s not like I’m going to become bonded with some low class baka! Whoever I mate with becomes my eternal companion." Bulma felt shaken. She’d never realized how much Vegeta had cared for her. He had chosen her out of all the woman in the universe, and Bulma was sure, that with his looks, he could have gotten anyone he wanted. She stood next to him, moving beside him and pushing him onto his back.

"Well then, let me show you how it’s done." She smirked at his incredulous look before she covered his lips with her own. For a moment, Vegeta was unresponsive, before his arms curled around her back and he kissed her back passionately. His fingers tugged lightly at her hair, sending delicious shiver down her back at the feeling it was creating. Her lips moved, kissing every inch of his face. She brushed his eyes, his nose, his chin, before moving back to his mouth. Vegeta moaned against her mouth as her hands moved to spread over his chest. She felt his muscles clench as she found two small buds of flesh with each hand, gently caressing them into hardened balls as she began to kiss his neck. Vegeta stretched beneath her, making her shudder in pleasure as she felt the sensual movement of his steel muscles under olive skin.

Bulma stood up, suddenly unable to take the feeling of her cloths between them any more. She felt a bit of pride as she heard Vegeta make a protesting noise at her sudden movement. But he soon shut up as she lay back on him, bare of any clothing.

Vegeta’s hands moved to cup her small butt, pressing her against his hardened state, desperately trying to relieve some of the pressure in the straining organ. Bulma kissed him lightly.

"Not yet, my love. It is your turn." She watched as Vegeta blinked at her statement before a dawning realization came on him. His face turned into an evil smirk. Bulma abruptly found herself pinned beneath his hard body as his hands began to make their rounds, stirring up a powerful swell of heat from Bulma’s responsive body. His fingers somewhat clumsily caressed her sides, brushing the undersides of her breasts, causing Bulma to moan aloud.

Vegeta pressed his lips against hers once again, moving his fingers farther down until they skimmed through the aqua curls between her thighs. Bulma gasped against his lips, beginning to grind her hips against his fingers as he teased the petals of her flower gently, probing through her slick, warm depths.

Then Bulma cried out as his fingers found the small hard nub that was hidden so far in her folds. He chuckled deeply as his hands teased her relentlessly, enjoying how her lithe body shifted against his.

Bulma felt his two of his fingers slip into her as he continued to tease her bud. She whimpered in pleasure, begging for more as she moved and thrust herself to relieve the mounting pleasure. Vegeta ignored her as his mouth moved to her breasts, teeth nipping at them, causing another moan to escape her lips. He kissed down to her navel, tongue flicking in quickly before his hands suddenly left her. Bulma was about to protest when a streak of liquid pleasure ran up her nerves as Vegeta’s mouth found its way to her flower. His tongue began to dance over her bud and dip into her, licking the juices that now flowed out of her. Bulma cried out, body arching in pleasure as she was about to come….

And Vegeta stopped. Bulma lay there, panting and shaking from the rush of pleasure that was flowing throughout her body. She saw Vegeta rise above her, and Bulma felt a sudden need to taste him as he had her. She shocked him by her sudden strength as she flipped him onto his back, grinning down at his bewildered look. Bulma bit his nose lightly.

"It’s my turn again…" He moaned in response as her hands moved to lightly brush over his stomach. She felt his muscles twitch from her touch. She slowly flicked her tongue out to lick his powerfully built abs. Vegeta shifted under her, his small sounds of pleasure making the warmth that had been built in her stronger, if it was possible. Bulma’s tongue darted into his navel, causing his stomach muscles to shiver under her attention.

Then her hands found his member. His gasp of shock echoed through the room. Bulma stroked his length slowly, building speed as Vegeta quite literally thrashed beneath her. Bulma felt a sadistic amount of power as the savage warrior Prince whimpered under her. Bulma decided to satisfy her craving as she eased his member into her mouth.

Vegeta suddenly went very stiff, uttering a loud growl of surprise and pleasure. Bulma began to lick the tip of his head, feeling him throb beneath her touch. Her fingers gently stroked the sides of him as her mouth began to work on his tip, her tongue circling his head. Vegeta gave a muffled scream of pleasure as she began to lightly nip at his member and use her fingernails along it. She felt him strain, about to come…

And she stopped. Bulma waited, listening to Vegeta’s ragged breath as she held his shuddering frame, until she was sure he was past the urge to go over the edge. Then she moved over him and speared herself on him.

Their cries of pleasure mingled into one as Bulma waited once again until she was used to his presence within her. He filled her so completely, she felt his member throb with need for her. Bulma began to rock on him, causing Vegeta to groan, his hands wrapping around her body and pulling her hips closer to him, allowing his movements to go deeper. Bulma felt the mounting pleasure, sure she was going to go over the point of no return at any moment, but it just kept building and building. Their movements became faster, moans and cries of pleasure echoing from both as they moved. Sweat poured from them as their passion built.

Bulma squeezed her thighs together, causing her inner walls to crush Vegeta’s manhood. He gave a shout and grabbed her hips, thrusting into her quickly as Bulma clung to him, shaking from the intensity of the pleasure. She felt herself about to explode, but knew that Vegeta wasn’t ready. So her hands snaked down his back, finding the spot that had given him so much pleasure before. Bulma scraped her nails across it, hard, and was rewarded by a hoarse cry from Vegeta. His movements became faster and more desperate as he approached his climax along with Bulma.

Bulma screamed his name as she came, her inner walls squeezing his member, causing him to go over the edge into his climax also. He cried out in his native tongue as wave after wave of pleasure crashed down on his convulsing form. Finally, the pleasure ended, leaving a very drained couple clinging to one another’s sweat covered bodies.

Bulma recovered first, reaching up to stroke Vegeta’s widow peak with a shaking hand. His ebony eyes opened to peer at her intensely, his hands began to brush along her sides gently.

"You…." He started, his voice cracking. He tried again. "Did I… hurt you?" He asked softly. Bulma chuckled at him.

"No, Vegeta. You were wonderful." He smiled at her, a real smile, and leaned in to her. Bulma closed her eyes, expecting a kiss, but instead he bit her nose. Bulma started in shock, opening her eyes to see Vegeta, eyes clenched, shaking.

He thinks I’m going to reject him! He really cares about what I think of him! The thought sent a thrill down Bulma’s spine. She paused before taking his chin between her small, blunt teeth. A tension ran out of Vegeta’s body as he pulled her to him, clutching her to his sweat drenched body.

"Promise me, Vegeta, that you’ll never leave me." Bulma whispered.

"I promise, my Queen. I couldn’t even if it was possible." He murmured back to her. Bulma gave a small sigh of pleasure. She had finally found her love, her prince, and her soulmate.

* * * * *

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