Hi, you can call me BC13. This a B/V story. I do not own Dragonball Z or any of the characters! This is a fic about Bulma going through a depression and Vegeta pulling her out of it. I suggest if you don't like a lot of cursing, then don't read this!

By: BC13


As Bulma surveyed herself in the bathroom mirror, it wasn't what she wanted to see. She remembered as a child. Wishing that she had any friends. Wishing that she was pretty. Bulma had to admit, she was beautiful, now, but as a teen, she wasn't what boys wanted. She lived by herself, all alone, everyday. The only thing that Bulma had to keep herself happy was her garden. That was until Goku came along. He changed her life, made her happy and hopeful again. The search for the Dragonballs gave her a reason to live. The only reason why she decided to wish for a prince charming was so that someone would be there to love her. And now Bulma was in the same depression again. Back to the old life of being alone and sad. Yaumcha had cheated once again and the fight was unforgettable.

(Flashback to fight)

"So what whore did you pick up off the street this time, Yaumcha?" Bulma screamed in anger. She was furious. She couldn't take it anymore. Nothing Yaumcha could do was going to fix things up. He had cheated on her on too many times and talked behind her back. Bulma was beginning to realize that he must of been in it just for the money. It made her sick. She hated him for all the things he had done and now was the time to end it.

"Bulma, I'm sorry but if I have to wait forever to have sex with you then I'll just have to go somewhere else to find it. I'm tired of your loud mouth bitching and being a pest." Yaumcha was not going to give up. Bulma then turned pale. She couldn't believe what he had just said.

"Sex? Sex? SEX? Is that all you wanted, you fucking idiot? SEX? I'm sure it wasn't only sex." Bulma gave him an evil glare. Yaumcha knew it was coming. He knew what she was going to say. He knew it was true but he would never admit it. "What about all the money, Yaumcha? What about the clothes and the watches and the roof to live under and what about all the food that was placed into your filthy mouth, huh? Fuck you, Yaumcha. Think about all the love and money I give to you. I loved you so much and what do you do, you go and fuck a whore or some girl that just happened to bump into you in the mall. How many times have I taken you back and you go and do it again." Bulma was now in tears.

"But Bulma," his voice was softer now. "that's not true." He took her in his arms and tried to kiss her. He then got a hard lap in the face and was shoved away. Bulma slightly laughed.

"How many times have you pulled that act on me? TOO MANY!" she screamed at him as she punched him in the face. Bulma then opened the door and sneered at him. Yaumcha slowly walked out mumbling "Fucking Bitch, you'll come crawling back for me soon." and left.

(Finished flashback)

Bulma then slid down to the bathroom floor and cried. She was alone again but she would never go crawling back to him. She couldn't. It would shatter whatever pride she had left. Pride! She then thought of Vegeta. That made Bulma feel even worse as she stumbled over to the flush and vomited. Her life was awful. She may be the richest girl in the world but it wasn't what she wanted. She wasn't really interested in becoming the president of C.C. but that wasn't her choice. Her father wanted that. And Vegeta....oh Vegeta was all living hell. He was mean, rude, selfish and annoying. Bulma welcomed him into her home, gave him food, a room, the gravity room, everything he could ever want and all he did was insult her and ruin her things. She was forced to get up early every morning and cook him breakfast, had to fix the gravity room when he broke it so many times, had to look after him when he couldn't even look after himself. She couldn't take it. Bulma want to strangle him but she knew she couldn't get near him without losing an arm or leg. She then vomited again. Vegeta was a fucking bastard. He was so.....

"Woman, open up, bitch. I have to shower!" Bulma growled. VEGETA! Bulma just sat in the corner of the room, hugging her knees. She didn't want to leave. "WOMAN! I"LL BREAK DOWN THE DOOR IF YOU DON'T OPEN UP!" Like he hasn't broken everything else, Bulma thought. "WOMAN!" The door flew open as he stood in the doorway. He looked over to Bulma. She looked so pale and sick. He then smelled the fumes of vomit with his senses. "What, are you sick or something?"

"Can't you use the other bathroom, Vegeta?" Bulma asked quietly. He could her the shake in her voice. He was about to say something when she got up and left. She didn't want Vegeta to she her in that weak position. Vegeta sighed and turned on the water.

"Bulma, dear, would you like some pancakes?" her giddy mother asked.

"No thank you, Mom. I'm not hungry." Bulma sat at the table and buried her head in her skinny arms.

"Honey, I've been noticing that you haven't been eating for days, not talking, looking sick. Is there something wrong? Did you have another fight with Yaumcha? Is it me?" Bulma didn't want to worry her mother. She loved her mother and didn't want her to know that Bulma was on the edge of her going crazy.

"No, Mom. Everything is fine. Its just one of thoughts times where everything gets to you. Don't freak, I'm fine, see!" Bulma gave her biggest smile to prove to her mother. Mrs. Briefs nodded and sat at the table across from her daughter eating her pancakes. Mr. Briefs then ran to his wife in excitement and took her hand.

"Sweet heart, I have to go out of town but this time you can come with me." His wife was in confusion. She never got to go on trips with him. What was different this time. "I remembered that its our anniversary next week and after the business is finished, we can spend some time together! Think of it. Romantic dinner, the sweet at the hotel and I suppose there might been some time for shopping." Her face lit up as she practically hit the ceiling jumping onto Mr. Briefs. Bulma could see that she was going to be even more alone as her parents went to pack. Bulma pounded on the table which shook the plate. She had to end her suffering. She couldn't take much more. Bulma was about to leave when Vegeta entered the room.

"Woman, make me some lunch before I train, NOW!" Bulma sighed and walked over to the stove. She didn't have enough energy to fight that morning. As she made fourteen more pancakes, she sat them in front of him, sat across from him and watched him begin to eat. He took one bite and spit it in front of her. "Woman, this is disgusting, just like the rest of your food. Don't you know how to cook." He glared at her. Bulma was too sick to yell. She was very quiet when she spoke. Almost a whisper...

"If you don't like my cooking then you should learn to cook for yourself. I don't think you could do any better. If it's so awful then stop asking me to cook." She looked at him through the strands of hair in her face. Her eyes were blood shot, the skin on her face was dry and pale.

"Well, uh....um...I..." Vegeta didn't know what to say. Bulma had never been so quiet and calm. She look so serious. "I am a prince. You should be happy to do something for me."

"What do you know about being happy unless you making someone suffer." She had pinned him. She looked so evil. He had never been so speechless. Her eyes were cursing him.

"Well.....uh..." he then knew what to say that would blow her top. "Now I can see why Yaumcha cheats on you." Vegeta smirked. It was like he could almost feel Bulma's blood boiling, it was so...well...fun! Bulma couldn't take it anymore. A salty tear formed from the side of her eye. She didn't say anything though. She just got up, picked up the plate of pancakes and stared Vegeta down. He didn't know what she was going to do. He didn't care it she took that so called food. Bulma then smiled and smashed the plate of food in to his face and walked away. He just sat there. His face mixed of emotion with a siding of pancakes and syrup.

Vegeta never saw Bulma again for three days until she came out of her room to wish her parents good like on their trip. They were too busy to notice Bulma's depression the past week. She then locked herself back in her room. Vegeta didn't know what to say after the day of his little food fight. He was forced to eat sandwiches when he began to miss Bulma's cooking. When Vegeta finished his training for the day, it was late and he wanted to have a shower. He went to the closest bathroom (the one with the broken door but Mr. Briefs had fixed it after) and Vegeta found to lock once again. He listened quietly when heard crying coming from inside.

"Woman, is that you?" he asked.

"Go away, Vegeta!" she yelled. "I'm busy." She cried even louder. Then Vegeta heard a click. He thought about it for a moment and then realized what Bulma was doing. She was loading a gun! He could tell by the sound of the bullets being placed into the slots. Vegeta didn't know why he cared so much but for the first time......he panicked.

"BULMA, NO, STOP!" he yelled at the top of his lungs as he broke down the door (once again) and ripped the gun from her hands. "What were you thinking!"

"VEGETA" she screamed. "Mind your own business." She desperately tried to grab the gun from his grip. Vegeta then crumbled it in his hand as parts fell to the floor. Bulma started pounding her fists on his chest in anger. "You bastard, leave me alone. You don't know what I'm going through. How unhappy I am. Why didn't you let me do it?" She fell to the floor and picked up the remains of the gun. Vegeta picked her up and sat her on the counter by the sink. He took a glass and poured her some water.

"Why?" he asked as he passed her the water and she drank.

"Huh?" She was confused.

"Why did you try to kill yourself." he asked again.

"I'm alone." she said quietly.

"Alone? You miss that pervert, Yaumcha?" He knew she was smarter then to let him get to her.

"No one loves me." She sounded like a little child, want attention. "Yaumcha never loved me, my parents hardly notice me half the time, I never see any of my friends anymore. I feel so alone. And its not like you care about me at all.....do you care about me?" she looked at him. He sighed and cupped her chin in his hands. He didn't know what to say.

"I just stopped you from shooting yourself, didn't I?" For the first time, Bulma witnessed Vegeta smile. It made her feel better to know that he cared if she was around or not. Vegeta then picked her up again and held her in his arms. He took her to her room and sat her on his lap. They sat there for hours. Not saying a word to each other. Bulma enjoying the comfort and Vegeta enjoying her wonder sent. He then realized that he loved her. It was quick and happened before he knew it. Both Vegeta and Bulma knew he would never be able to tell her but they could feel it. A bond! bulma was the first one to speak and knew what was coming next....

"I bet if I made that wish for prince charming, the dragon would send me you!" she said with a smile.

The End

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