Now But Then
By: Mikami


" Alright. Ja ne Chi Chi-san."

Bulma hung up the phone with a click. Chi chi was surprisingly didn't have the tone of voice she would have when she was worrying about Gohan and had just called to invite her for a girl's night at the Son's the next day. It had been quite awhile since they talked the last time. Bulma couldn't even remember.

Chi chi had been a little lonely. Gohan was more than independent now, caring for himself and fending for himself, not needing her to do anything for him anymore. And Goku was just out of the house most of the time.

Bulma didn't mind spending time with Chi chi but sometimes she could get a little loud. Chi chi was always a bit peculiar.

Also part of the reason, or maybe a huge part of the reason, Bulma quickly agreed to go over to the Son's the next night was that she really needed a break from that pig-headed Saiyajin that has been living at her house for Kami-knows-how-long.

Yes, the one and only Prince of the Saiyajins, Vegita. He had been ordering them around the gravity machine ever since her father had built it for him. He couldn't even cough out a small thank-you right after it was done.

Bulma missed the days just lounging around outside, the peace and quiet she'd have in her lab while working on a new all gone. Now she'd always have to live with that annoying Saiyajin that had a shadow to block the rays of sun when she would lounge and the interruption she would go through because of him.

Just living with him was hectic enough as it was. She didn't know what medication she was on when she decided to let him live with her.

But then, she wasn't afraid of him like her parents. It was strange that she wasn't. Also when Vegita would come by, he's expect her to cringe back in fear of his presence. But with her rolling her eyes instead because of his arrogance, she never gave him that satisfaction.

Sighing suddenly, Bulma grabbed the technology section of the newspaper and made her way to the table to read. This day had been hectic enough with the Saiyajin Prince and all she wanted to do was sit down and relax for once.

Bulma plopped down in a seat, taking a mug of coffee with her and along with the paper.

A New Breakthrough in the Field of Technology.

I wonder what those Einsteins at the other companies are up to now ? thought Bulma with a smirk. They know VERY well that Capsule Corporation rules the technology world of business.

In all the midst of relaxation and being interested with the daily news, the one that she had been so not in the mood to see for the rest of the night trudged noisily in the room. Vegita had appeared.

Just the sound of his footsteps made her want to explode. She could never really give the feeling of wanting to spontaneously burst into flames, a name whenever Vegita was near. It always felt like she wanted to scream. Bulma immediately put the paper down to reveal her sudden angered face." What do YOU want ?! What, is the gravity machine broken again ?! You know what Vegita ? Why don't you just shut up and go away ?!"

Vegita just stood there with an odd look on his face. He didn't even come within a few feet from the table she was sitting at and she was already yelling at him. The odd look turned into the regular scowl he wore through everyday but having a hint of annoyance.

" Who spit in your coffee ?" he added, snapping." I'm not even a damn second in the room and your already trying to flame me." Vegita crossed his arms and huffed." But it's not like your could anyway, there's no sense in trying."

The paper was starting to create a severe crinkling sound that her hands were giving off. Her grasp had tightened through Vegita's words on both sides of the daily news.

Vegita had seen what effect his statement was bringing up. Another victory for annoying Ms. Bulma Briefs. He smirked." I don't even know why that loser ex and pitiful fighter who you call ' Yamucha ', was head over heels for you for a long time." Vegita pushed further." But I have to admit that his brain finally kicked in sometime to have the sense to dump you, but he was a fool to acknowledge it too late."

Bulma felt like she wanted to burst into flames right about now. Her skin felt it was going to flame, her cheeks turned red as she struggled to keep her temper in. No use." How DARE you ! You lame excuse for scum ! In fact, you are lower than scum ! You, oh mighty one, need to shut up for once in lifetime !"

While Bulma was spitting insults like a chaingun that went out of control, Vegita had removed himself from the place he was standing at and made his way to the sofa. His facade had turned calm but still carried that smirk in a rude way. Vegita sat down and put his feet up on the footrest and turned on the t.v.

Seeing that he wasn't even paying attention to her anymore, Bulma threw her hands up in complete irritation." I don't know why I waste my time trying to talk to you-"

" Then maybe you should just shut your damn mouth up baka." Vegita suggested rudely, interrupting her.

Bulma was about to stand up, make her way towards him and scream until her face turned blue BUT she stopped herself. Calm down Bulma.....this is only Vegita. The stupid little troll that lives in the gravity room, there is NOTHING to get upset about, he's just being his normal bastard self. Remember he LIKES to see you annoyed, don't give him that little request...

Bulma found herself inhaling and exhaling deeply. Breathe in, breathe out

That caught Vegita's attention. He supressed a cruel laugh." Can't breathe ? Try not taking a shower in that foul liquid you call perfume next time.....who knows, maybe that loser Yamucha will come back."

Her concentration was broken, Bulma's nails scratched the table as soon as he had uttered that. Bulma ! No ! You CAN'T let him. Bulma ! Don't !

Vegita turned back to the t.v. Upon living with Bulma he had found out something that could be interesting in the most desperate of times. He was tired and for once he decided to take a short break from training.

He found himself staring at a useless piece of junk that flashed images of things that were of no need to him, what humans call " t.v ". A strange invention but it seemed to mellow some. He didn't know why he sat there in front of it like all these other useless humans but he did anyway. It was just something he got accustomed to because of this planet.

Bulma's anger finally died down when she had seen that something else occupied Vegita's attention. It got harder and harder to ignore him. He was like a disease, only he lingered longer, was more annoying and always knew when to annoy her. How could she have been so stupid to let him live with her ?

Bulma asked herself that same question all the time. Why didn't he just go live with Goku ? Nah, maybe not. Even if Goku was friendly to him all the time, Vegita would just get annoyed and disgusted by the way Goku was. Same with Gohan, also very nice to Vegita. Plus, Bulma thought that Chi chi would go crazy. LITERALLY crazy.

But it wasn't like she herself was going nuts from Vegita. Anyone could just climb up to their roof and jump just from living with him for less than ten minutes. And Vegita would be right there to laugh sadistcally as the poor being plummets from the roof.

Bulma shook that thought off. Just being in the same room with the Prince was bad enough. She always had to be ready to spit insults just in case he would notice anything from her and start making fun of it.

Bulma tried to flatten the large crinkle on both sides of the paper she just made. Trying her best to settle down again, she couldn't seem to get back that relaxed feeling that she had before Vegita so rudely walked in. That's what she blamed Vegita for right now. But it would be useless to even mention it to him. It would probably just end up being like the previous verbal brawl.

Sighing, Bulma lifted the paper once more to read. It was good it covered

Vegita sat on the couch flicking the channels one by one. There was nothing good on. Typical anyway. He was a Saiyajin. The only thing that actually interested him was fighting, war, bloodshed, domination, victory......that was all........wasn't it ?

Vegita's eyes wandered off the t.v news to the table. All that was in view was the paper. Thank Kami, I'm delivered from the hideousness of her whole. He expected himself to turn away but somehow.....didn't.

Bulma tried to concentrate on the line she was reading when she started to notice that she was reading the same line for the third time. Bulma huffed quietly, a tad bit annoyed. She reached for her cup of coffee and realized it was empty.

She was in no mood for a second one, however she put the paper down to go to the kitchen.

It didn't take her long to give the mug a quick wash and return back to the table. Her eyes had stopped briefly on Vegita who's attention was turned back to the t.v. Surprisingly he didn't say anything on her return. Was what was on really that interesting ? But nothing interested that pig-headed Prince more than battle itself.

Vegita rested comfortably on the couch. In a position so one hand was on the armrest and the other in his lap. The flashing from the t.v highlighted the high cheekbones of his face, the sharp nose......lips.

Bulma blinked. Where did that come from ? She just blinked out of staring at Vegita. Her eyes were drawn to those lips that were worn in that nearly constant scowl and when he wasn't scowling, he was snarling and sneering.

Bulma shook it off and picked up the paper, irritated she even acknowledged the way Vegita looked.

Bulma had moved the chair slightly without notice and picked up the paper. She caught a glimpse of Vegita again. And she continued to keep her wandering eyes on the Saiyajin Prince.

Bulma !, the thought ran loudly in her head. Are you absolutely insane ?! Bulma was surprised and annoyed with herself at the same time. She had never in her life stared at Vegita for that long. There was nothing interesting about him. She had all she needed to know.

Vegita was arrogant, selfish, self-centered, self-loved, pig-headed and had a bad haircut.........well, not really bad. Bulma couldn't imagine him with any other hair. It seemed that the way it was, was how it really looked on him.

Bulma craned the newspaper slightly to the side, enough for just her right eye to catch a small glimpse of Vegita. I don't know how he makes it through with only one attire. Major minus zero for fashion sense. Bulma rolled her eyes. And that frown ? Ugh, he frowns at EVERYTHING that comes along. If Vegita could just try to smile once in a while maybe my days with his would be bearable......but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Bulma shifted slightly in her seat, almost as if to get a better look at Vegita. Well if he could wear something else for a change, maybe he'd actually look more like a person. Her face wrinkled negatively after the thought. Like that would actually happen. I mean, come on, Vegita is the most stubborn.......person on the face of this earth !

If he could just learn to shut up once and a while and leave me alone right here then maybe I might consider being fair to him. That's only maybe though.

Bulma sighed. But who am I kidding ? Vegita will ALWAYS be the same. No one can change someone as stubborn as him.........the guy has no feelings....... Bulma turned her head towards Vegita on the couch once again. And he's always so cold......

Vegita stopped flicking the channels vigorously at last when he found a movie to watch. It was action and he thought maybe this could prove to be bearable. He watched for a little while when he started to get annoyed at how the hero of the movie was stupid enough not to notice an attack coming towards him which Vegita stared at the screen with much discontent. And another thing how the villians of the movie were extremely stupid enough to not win over the hero. Vegita had quickly changed the channel but darting a small glance over to the table.

I'm surprised. It's way over time that she's even staying around in my presence. She would've left fifteen minutes ago. A record. Vegita smirked.

Bulma was finding it harder and harder to turn back to what she was reading in the paper. She felt a bit mad for letting herself be drawn to Vegita's form on the couch. This was Vegita, who cares if he was there or a million miles away ? Bulma didn't care.......did she ?

Bulma looked at him again. The leg that faced her from the side was on the footrest while the other foot just stayed on the floor. Vegita leaned back, the remote set aside and one hand on his lap. The images created that flashing aura that highlighted the strong curves of his body.

Bulma's mind didn't react as her eyes felt glued.

She knew Vegita's hands held power but were so relaxed at this point, they almost looked like they could be gentle. Shame he wore his vest-like armor. Bulma remembered the time on a very warm night she had been outside. Vegita had walked out of the gravity room, shirt in hand and the top half of his form, bared.

At that point Bulma didn't know what to think. She was disgusted, not at all.

But now, as Bulma stared longer, the last balking part of her mind shut down, her eyes and thoughts had gotten rid of the vest-like armor that Vegita wore at that moment.

Part of her thoughts went back to that warm night. She felt her imagination was almost like reality as her eyes wandered over the muscles of his neck, picturing his shirt starting to dissolve into nothingness.

It was just like that night. He was beautiful. She sat unblinking as her thoughts wandered off, picturing the tight ridges of his stomach, so perfect.

Bulma grinned a bit as she got rid of his gloves from her view, baring his strong hands and wrists. Her eyes drifted up to his lips, she never noticed before but the way they were placed looked Bulma wanted to slap herself for that one but her quiet laugh stopped her.

His high cheekbones, his sharp eyes and arms that would feel so warm if he just put them around-

" What the hell are you staring at baka ?!" Vegita snapped.

Bulma was jerked out of her dreamy state as her thoughts and imaginary view fell apart. His shirt had appeared once again and so had his gloves.

Bulma turned red as she quickly pulled the paper over her face to hide her blush. Her teeth were gritted." Staring ?!" she said angrily from behind the paper." What the hell are you talking about ?! I simply was just....just....thinking how-you could just wear THAT !" Bulma stammered for words, trying to keep her voice from shaking. She just couldn't tell him that she was thinking about him in such a way she never thought she would.

Vegita had cocked one eyebrow up at her outburst. What's the wrong with her ?.....hmph, everything. But he wondered why he acknowledged it so late. His eyes were stuck to the t.v when a few little minutes before he had noticed Bulma's wandering eyes. Naturally, he would snap at her right away but this time he didn't. He waited a few seconds.

But something inside him made him want to smirk. Vegita was clueless about that but there was some sort of satisfaction that came to play. He gave an amused but single laugh and turned back to the t.v.

Behind the paper, Bulma inhaled slowly. Oh no.......what is WRONG with me ? she thought as she cranked the paper to one side again, taking another look at Vegita. But this even surprised her.........she grinned.


The End

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