Glimpse of the Future
By: Mikami


Boy, I promise you if we keep bumpin' heads
I know that one of these days
We gonna hook it up


" Darling !" Mrs. Briefs called her husband cheerfully. She waved the phone in the air with one hand." Someone is asking for you on the phone !"

" Alright, I'm coming !" Dr. Briefs replied. He wiped his forehead with one arm and took off a grease-caked glove." Take a break Bulma. You could use one."

Bulma heaved, wiping her forehead in response." Thanks dad." she thanked her father and took off her gloves." Was just thinking it." Today had been tiring. To further enhance an air car was tiring, dirty work. Her father had been coming up new ideas for enhancement on their old air car since they just purchased a new one for themselves since Bulma had her own.

" I'll be just a little while." he called back to her while making his way inside the house.

" Who is it ?" he asked Mrs. Briefs.

" Heavens, I don't know." she said with a hand on her cheek." It's probably one of those people that you talk to. Associates, are they ?"

Dr. Briefs shrugged.

Before she handed him the phone she pointed a finger at him." Now don't go getting that grease all over the house." she chided.

" Yes, yes." he said as he received the phone." Capsule Corp., Dr. Briefs speaking."

" Dr. Briefs ! Good, I finally got you !" the voice on the other end exclaimed.

" Hiroshi ? Good Kami, I was wondering what happened to you a for a few weeks." Dr. Briefs said with surprise in his voice.

" Well. Things were going tough with the mrs. and I kinda got side tracked for awhile." Hiroshi said with a hand behind his head, supressing a light laugh.

Dr. Briefs nodded his head.

" Anyway." his associate continued." I just wanted to get around to tell you about expanding the business with a company a little ways from this place. It'll be good for us, don't you agree ?"

Dr. Briefs silently put a hand to his chin." Hmm." he pondered, moving up to stroke his moustache." It's plausible. Capsule Corp. is very profitable here in this city. There are only few cities that don't have our capsules and other merchandise."

" That's what I've been thinking for awhile." Hiroshi replied excitedly." So I have a proposal for you. The owner of the company we have to " bond " with, his daughter is getting married. It's very interesting that most of his business partners are close family friends and plan on bringing more people involved in this too."

" So what are you suggesting ?" Dr. Briefs asked curiously. He knew Hiroshi had helped many times in the growth of the company. He could never think of what would happen if Hiroshi had left. And so he was anxious to hear what his friend and associate had to say.

" Well, I happen to be a friend of one of the people who are invited to the wedding. They are allowed to bring others, but of course I cannot be there because of the trip you're sending me on." Hiroshi chuckled." I told him to extend the invitation to you. He agreed fully and is delighted to help with Capsule Corp."

Dr. Briefs grinned widely." I honestly don't know how the company can live without you Hiroshi." he laughed." This is great !"

" Of course ! What better time to see him at a place he is most happy. Oh yes, not to forget with wishing well and congratulations."

" Never," Dr. Briefs exclaimed leaning against the table." It's great to see a young woman get married." Suddenly his expression softened a little at the thought of his own daughter. He and his wife had given life to such a beautiful child. A child with a passion of many things but with a such a fiery temper. He would look to Yamucha. Would he be his future son-in-law ? But what was going on with his daughter and the former desert bandit had been on and off. When it looked like they were on the brink of getting married, it would drop when Yamucha would do something, as Bulma would always state.

Dr Briefs just sighed, turning his attention back to Hiroshi." So, when is this wonderful occasion ?" he asked with new excitement.

" A week and a half from now." his friend replied.

All of a sudden Dr. Briefs' face fell. All excitement and joy was gone, only to be replaced by deep disappointment." Next week ?" he asked with a bit of a groan in his voice.

" Why ? What's the matter ?" Hiroshi's voice seemed to turn troubled and worried now. His brow furrowed almost instantly.

" Damn, that business trip." Dr. Briefs smacked himself in the forehead." I can't believe this. It seems that bad timing has been on my back for the past month. First that gathering and now this opportunity to expand." he sighed in frustration." This can't be happening."

" Bummer." Hiroshi said gloomily." Damn.........

" I couldn't agree more." Dr. Briefs replied grimly as he put a hand under his chin in support.

" Will you just get out of my way ?! It's bad enough that I have to see you around this place, why can't you just leave me alone !" Bulma hollered, her voice being carried through the open glass doors of the kitchen.

Dr. Briefs winced at her exceptionally loud voice.

" Bad for you ?!" another voice came ; equally loud, if not louder." Now that's where you're dead wrong woman !!"

" Shut up ! Shut up ! SHUT UP !" Bulma screamed covering her ears. She stepped in and slammed the glass doors shut." The scum I have to put up with every day of my life !"

Dr. Briefs was almost scared she would shatter the glass. He rolled his eyes, sighing. Another day, another scream, another verbal brawl. What was the score ? Bulma 7, Vegeta, hmmm, 8.

Bulma growled loudly in frustration through tightly gritted teeth.

He looked at his daughter. If only she would calm down, it would make life so much easier for all of us in this household.......the same goes for that Saiyaijn...... Suddenly, it clicked. Dr. Briefs regained his smile once more." Hiroshi ? I think I have an idea."

" What's that ?" his associate's voice sounded eager.

" Since I am going to be out of town for a few weeks when the wedding occurs, I could send Bulma." he suggested.

" Bulma ?" Hiroshi asked.

" Yes of course my boy." Dr. Briefs exclaimed." So far she's been attending places that I myself was supposed to be at. As the heir to the family business, she represents me in the businesss world quite well. And I give her credit for that and what she works on. It's absolutely amazing."

" Well, okay." Hiroshi said." If you think so, then by all means, please send Bulma. Besides, the girl is still young. I think she'll be happy to go to that wedding."

" I'll make sure she knows about the business socializing also." Dr. Briefs said." It's also high time she got out of this house too. I can't even remember the last time she said 'dad, I'm going to a party or dad I'm going out '."

Bulma stomped through the house, passing her father." That inconsiderate bastard !" she growled fiercely." Of all the things I do for his Almighty pain in the ass ! I wish he would just-- arrrrgghh !!!"

Dr. Briefs turned to Hiroshi before hanging up." Maybe, it's best I let her cool down before I tell her. Or maybe I'll tell her now, it'll bring her out of that foul mood."

" Okay good. Arigatou, I have to go and I'll see you in a couple of weeks. Ja ne !" Hiroshi replied cheerily and hung up on the other end.

" Ja ne."

Bulma slumped down on the couch. Arms crossed, her cheeks red from anger.

Maybe, I'll just get this over with. her father thought after looking at her dagger expression.

" Bulma-chan ?"

" What ?" she asked, freely letting annoyance seep into her tone.

" I want to tell you something."

Vegeta picked up his sweat-soaked shirt and started to head inside for a heavy drink of water. Nice cook water. It would maybe get his irritated mind off that woman. He couldn't stand the way her voice would shrill and reach it's highest peak to annoy him to the pits of hell.

Vegeta glanced scornfully at the thought of her and went to make his way inside.

Upon entering the closed glass door, a laugh of excitement was heard from the other room. What could she be screaming about now ? He thought scowling. She should be happy to be going to a mental institution for her problem. Vegeta only smirked.

" Of course I'll go !" Bulma exclaimed hugging her dad." It's been awhile since I've gone out. Oh Kami, what am I going to wear ? I have to buy something."

Dr. Briefs smiled, somewhat relieved that this notice has brought Bulma out of anger." It's nothing to get worked up about too early, Bulma. You have lots of time to get something to wear. In the meantime, why don't you call Yamucha ?"

But Bulma was already going upstairs to the phone in her bedroom.

* * * * *

Of all the Kami-forsaken noises that could ever be possibly tearing up my BRAIN !!! Vegeta abruptly shot up from his seat on the edge of the bed. He couldn't take it anymore, the unbearable sound was coursing through his head like stabbing knives.

Gritting his teeth tightly, he yanked the door open and stomped his way downstairs. He felt he was going to burst into flames if it continued any longer or any louder.

With fists that were clenched so tightly that couldn't be pried open, Vegeta found Bulma in the center of the living room singing with no consideration that it could be bothering anyone.

" WOMAN ! Do this damn planet a favor and stop that infernal racket !!!!" Vegeta bellowed loudly at her.

So loud was his voice, in fact Bulma gave a shocked gasp and scream, jumping to turn around. All of a sudden, her face clouded with anger." How DARE you sneak up on me like that ! And telling me what to do ?!" she yelled, stalking up to him and roaring.

" How could I even get a decent amount of sleep with you tearing up the atmosphere with that hellish voice of yours ?!" Vegeta yelled back into her face.

" Sleep ?!" Bulma snorted loudly, placing her hands on her hips." How dare you even acknowledge sleep ! I have to put up with close to twenty-four hours of non-stop ki-ball sounds going on in the gravity room, incoherently cursing your guts out at what you're wrecking ! And so rudely bursting in my room to yank me out of bed at God-knows what time to attend to you ! My life does not revolve around you Vegeta !"

Vegeta scowled deeply, a small growl being emitted." It's a damned small price to pay for what my ears go through." he hissed menacingly through gritted teeth." You know what I have to put up with ?! Endless whining, endless screaming and crying !! And you say I curse ?! You don't know what the hell you're talking about ! My hearing's damaged, my mind is weary and you can't even shut your mouth for a good ten minutes !!!"

" Weary isn't the best word to describe your mind you lousy bastard, small is !" Bulma scoffed loudly as she walked past him to turn off the sound system." And my singing isn't noise !!" Bulma's finger gave off a slapping pressure while turning it off. She whirled around to face him again, hiding the feeling she was surprised how close he got in such a short amount of time she was turned around.

" I'm not surprised that you're the only one that thinks that." Vegeta managed a cruel smirk at her.

Bulma cringed in anger, finding the resistance to slap him for concrete knowledge that she wouldn't manage it. She pushed past him instead." You know, I don't know why I even bother to have these converstions with you !" she seethed heatedly." I honestly don't know--and I HATE that !"

" Well, at least now you realize the feeling mutual since you were so blindly following around Yamucha to even notice !" Vegeta shot vehemently at her.

Bulma grabbed her purse, throwing the broom back into the closet as she tried not to cringe inwardly." Shut up Vegeta !" she glared with hate at him." Don't you even go there. That is my business and belongs between me and Yamucha only, baka yaro. If you ever bring that up again, you will be sorry."

Vegeta looked at her with heated anger enough to burn a house." Do you actually think that I care about your pathetic affairs with that weakling rat ? Oh but excuse me, I would never know about that since I don't have my own personal bitch." Vegeta spat harshly.

Bulma ment to spit her ready insults at him like bullets. All of a sudden it was gone in flash as Vegeta's words planted themselves in her head. Bulma resisted the bite of tears." I hate you Vegeta, you're the only one I'd ever hate this much. I hate you with all my soul and when you die, may you rot in hell like your deceased father." And with that, she turned around quickly and headed for the air car. She wouldn't let him counter.

How dare he even say such a thing. Bulma slammed the door, holding her breath to stop a silent sob. What he said wasn't true. Yamucha had stood her up, yes she had to admit that as well as been unfaithful once. But he always apologized didn't he ? He was sorry for all those times wasn't he ? What Vegeta said couldn't be true.

Lifting her head high, she started the car and backed out the driveway.

* * * * *

Bulma had wiped her eyes once while out on the road. It wasn't funny anymore. Vegeta's comments this time were cutting it close. Her mother was out today and had just asked her to do a little sweeping. Sweeping was boring, so what ? Listening to music would make the job go faster and she got into it.......and maybe a little carried away, but still.

If Vegeta was so annoyed, he could've just went somewhere else or asked her nicely to be quiet. But no, he had to yell and get all bent out of shape to scream at her. She screamed back in her defense, starting another verbal brawl.

But what was Vegeta doing inside the house at this hour anyway ? At the back of her head while gripping the wheel, Bulma had wondered. At that time, he would've been off training or gone. Now he was taking a nap ? That wasn't unusual during the day, but since this was Vegeta and Vegeta was unpredictable, she only understood slightly.

Bulma sighed. She wasn't about to let Vegeta's rotten mood and arguements get to her today. All she had to worry about was meeting Yamucha.

Since her father had told her about the invitation to the wedding reception for the business reason, she promised herself a new formal dress for the occasion. Somehow, times after began to turn up busy and she couldn't find any time to go to that new expensive gown store that just opened up. Bulma couldn't find the time.

Unfortunately, the right time that was free just had to be the day before the wedding reception. Bulma had to hurry if she wanted to make it before closing time. And since Yamucha was going to accompany her to the party, she wanted him to share in the her joyful selecting experience.

Bulma decided that thinking about Vegeta and his cruel views and comments were nothing to get so hell-bent over. To ruin a day like this wouldn't be good for her at all. And so, with some effort, Bulma looked in the review mirror and put on her best smile. It was time to forget about cruelity and obnoxious arguements. Time to forget that self-loving Prince.

Feeling a tad bit better, Bulma turned her eyes back to the road and turned on the radio. Even better, the melody began to flow through her, carrying out with it any other negative thoughts and causing her to focus on who would be waiting after this journey in the car.

Yamucha had been enthusiastic on the phone when she told him." I'll be there with bells on." is what he said to make her giggle and laugh with mirth. Ah yes, another trait she loved about Yamucha. So good-natured and made her feel loved. All she wanted was to see him, just the thought lifted her more. She had to.

Bulma pulled into the driveway of the apartment that Yamucha stayed in and into the visitor's section. Bulma remembered many times he had lived with her for just a little bit, she threw him out a good couple of times every time something went wrong. So this time Yamucha stayed on his own. Bulma wanted to be sure that they were to stay together and wanted to play it safe for a while.

And quite while has passed too, filled with occasional dates and romance, Bulma was about to consider letting him move in again. She promised herself that she wouldn't let him go this time. All Bulma wanted was to feel secure with him. And so, she was also considering about telling him about coming back to Capsule Corp. with this outing.

It didn't take long for Bulma to be out of the car and already going through the front door. Seeing Yamucha would make her feel alot better just to see his eyes light up when he saw her. She couldn't wait.

Today was sunny and a bit warm, Bulma decided to get a dress that would suit the weather since she had a very nice touch for fashion when it came to formal dressing. She had to hurry.

The elevator ride up to the twelveth floor didn't take as long as she thought and stepping out, she headed quickly for Yamucha's door.

As she drew closer, Bulma smiled all of a sudden as she approached. She just didn't notice the slight noise that was being emitted faintly from inside.

Bulma knocked once, waiting patiently for Yamucha to answer the door and hoping silently that this was the right room. From the time that Yamucha moved out of Capsule Corp. and they started dating again, she had never really been to his apartment before. Then again she missed the whisper.

Twice knocking but this time getting an answer. A woman answered the door. A woman covered in white sheets, and it appeared, nothing else. About her height, gray eyes and hair strawberry blonde. From another woman's point of view, yes, she was attractive. From a man's point of view.......whoa.

The woman blinked at Bulma in surprise as Bulma did the same, but a look of embarrassment on her face. She clutched the sheet to her chest as she spoke." Yes ? May I help you ?"

" Oh, gomen nasai !" Bulma gasped, covering her mouth and turning red from embarrassment." I'm so sorry, I must have gotten the wrong room."

The woman managed a smile." Oh don't worry about it, people make mistakes all the time." she said shifting her weight to stand on another foot, moving slightly to the side. She didn't notice the revealing of the figure behind her.

Bulma's eyes were suddenly drawn to a figure that moved around a little ways behind the woman. It could've been so easy to miss." If it's the cleaning lady, tell her to get more towels." the figure said towards the woman.

The voice automatically shot through her. So slowly Bulma leaned to the side, just enough to see behind the woman in front of her. Her eyes widened, she could've sworn her heart stopped.

The figure had caught her eye.

" Yamucha ?" Bulma's voice was barely above a strained whisper.

The woman in front of her eyed her suspiciously.

Yamucha almost hit the ceiling." Bulma ?!!"

Bulma pressed the elevator button fiercely and hurriedly. She could hear Yamucha's bare feet running rapidly to catch her before she got in and left. The stupid elevator, it was going too slow.

" Bulma !" Yamucha shouted, running his quickest to get to her. He had to get to her now, all he had time to do was slap on a towel and went running down the hall after her. There was no time to think about explaining. Hell, he couldn't even decided which to do. Explaining, apologizing ? His mind was yelling at him to move it.

" Bulma !" Bulma had heard her name called again as her finger moved more vigorously and more intending. Hurry, come one you stupid thing !.........get me out of here..........please...... The elevator doors opened.

Yamucha turned the corner quickly, just in time to see half of her disappear through the metal doors.

Bulma expected the doors to close at Yamucha's face when she was proved wrong when a a hand lashed out to grip the doors. Yamucha squeezed himself in just in time.

" Bulma- "

" Don't !" she snapped viciously at him, hitting the button to the ground level floor." Don't even try it ! Just looking at you makes me sick !"

" Bulma ! Let me explain- "

" How can you say that ?!" Bulma looked at him with sorrow seeping into her dagger-like glare. Hot tears brimmed near the sides of her eyes." Yamucha, how can you ?! I find you in your apartment doing God-knows-what in your apartment and you expect me to understand ?!"

Yamucha couldn't speak as Bulma fired neverending truths about what happened." Bulma please, would you just listen to me ?!"

" Ha ! Listen to you ?!" Bulma scoffed bitterly, turning around for a split second. She threw her hands up." I have no time for your lies, in fact I don't know how I had time for them all those other times ! So what now Yamucha ?!" Bulma turned to face him again as they continued to descend." Are you going to kneel down, apologize routinely and expect me to just jump back in your arms ?! Oh yeah, am I supposed to thank my lucky stars that now I can trust you ?! Sorry but I just don't roll over and die like that !" Angry hot tears slid down her cheeks.

The elevator doors opened and Bulma wasted no time in storming past him. Yamucha caught her arm on the way out and held her back.

Bulma whirled around, her glare filled with venom." Don't you ever touch me again !" she screamed, hitting him as hard as she could. There was no time to feel the stinging pain on her palm as she hurriedly made her way out.

People in the lobby stared at Yamucha wide-eyed as he stood in front of the elevator with just a towel. They must've seen such a scene. Yamucha stared at each of their faces, all of them witnessed it.

Yamucha's fist clenched tightly and without knowing, hit the elevator control panel as hard as he could, causing it to malfunction. Even if he would have to pay for the repairs, Yamucha couldn't care less.

Bulma shut the door to her car as hard as she could in anger. The tears came nonstop, streamng down her face. Sobbing, she put her head in her arms as they took their place on the wheel.

* * * * *

Another ki ball ricocheted off the walls of the gravity room, adding another dent to match all others that were already on there. Vegeta still wasn't satisfied.

Gritting his teeth, Vegeta formed another energy filled ki ball within his palms, launching it fully to the opposite side. Quickly but unknowingly, carelessly.

Sweat dripped like a river down the side of his head. The heat was unbelievable in the room and the temperature outside didn't give much comfort either. A human could faint in this heat.

Light illuminated the dark corners where the genuinely large ki ball flew by. It was quick, it was swift, and it hit the wall. Vegeta blinked, he didn't see it coming. The ki ball unknowingly managed to rebound off the dented wall and into the main control system. With an eye-piercing light, the main controls practically shattered, sending metal scraps and other wires into different sections around Vegeta who had shielded his eyes.

The blinding light also gave off a loud noise as it vanished from sight, leaving Vegeta standing in the middle of the debris. Neglecting to cough around with the smoke, Vegeta's eyes shifted angrily at the broken material. Perfect. What poor structure.......damn bakas..... " Kuso....." Vegeta sighed in irritation. He knew it was either Bulma or Dr. Briefs. Most likely her father was to fix it, he was rather quick to say yes at Vegeta's requests. Bulma on the other hand, after that arguement, she wouldn't being wanting to see him for a good few hours.

It all depended who was home. Vegeta angrily stormed out of the non-functional gravity room he had just damaged himself and made his way inside for another demand.

Bulma sat on the couch, sobbing in her father's arms. She had told him everything about what happened. Dr. Briefs have lately been comforting her frequently. It seemed the problem with Yamucha never ceased to stop.

Bulma had used her father's shoulder to cry on ever since the fights and arguements had gotten worse. But all those other times, she never actually caught Yamucha in the process or after the process for that matter. It was different this time, seeing Yamucha and that woman at the door registered the thought in no time at all.

" I thought I had gotten the wrong room." Bulma told him again, her voice shaking." I just thought. When that-that two-cent whore opened the door, it almost fooled me."

Dr. Briefs hugged his daughter reassuringly. She had gone through so much it seemed." Just let it all out." he said trying to hush her crying." You will feel better, just let it all out."

" He's such a pompous bastard." Bulma spat bitterly." How could I have been so stupid to take him back again and again. I can't believe it."

Vegeta stomped through the halls with clenched fists. Another delay in training. There was absolutely no time for error and delay. Super Saiyajin had to be achieved now. And it killed him with poisonous jealousy to see Goku.

And the fact that the gravity room was strongly built enough to hold a ki ball as powerful and large as his, annoyed his further just thinking about it. Vegeta felt as if he was going to burst into flames as soon as he reached either the woman or her father.

He stalked up to turn the corner, ready to demand without even being in the room all the way, when he heard the cry of despair. Vegeta stopped. Oh Kami, not this again....

Bulma couldn't bring herself to stop crying. With her own eyes she had just seen Yamucha finish his fun. So many times he had done this to her. Didn't he have a conscience ? Probably, but apparently a very small one. But she was sick of him. Bulma had been faithful all her life to him, why couldn't he ?

" I hate him, I wish he would just go to hell along with that whore." Bulma cursed, sniffing. " But I blame myself for taking him back so many times. I was so blind, I can't believe it. It was right in front of me and yet I didn't see it coming." Her tone of voice turned bitter once again.

" Bulma-chan." her father said, drying her tears with his thumbs." Now, I want you to stop this. I understand that you have been in love with Yamucha for the longest time but it always went wrong ne ? Maybe it's just time to let go of him now. Look, you're both grown up now. You're a beautiful young woman and you're my daughter. Bulma-chan, I'm proud of you. But I want you to know the time to let go. Your mother is worried you might be cried out and drained one day."

Bulma sniffed again. She thought for a split second about what he father had said. It's true, she was sick of everything. Letting go ? That was an option, but would she want it to be one of hers ? Bulma couldn't think. Her throat felt raw and dry from crying, her eyes puffy and red.

Dr. Briefs smiled warmly as he lifted her chin. He never wanted to see Bulma like this." I want you to think about what I told you. Think hard. I want you to decided at what you want for yourself truly, not what you think only."

Bulma nodded only slightly. What her father was suggesting was maybe the best way for her. But how could she ? Bulma had been with Yamucha so long, he was her first boyfriend and she didn't even have to wish for him from the Eternal Dragon from the very beginning. But now that she thought about that, she wished that if she had known about that non-commitment streak of his, she would've wished that away." But what about tomorrow ?" she said, her voice a sad whisper. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, eyes cast down." I'll just have to go alone then. I'm.......going to be alone."

Dr. Briefs sighed as he hugged her again. Bulma's chin rested on his shoulder. Her rocked her comfortably as if she was an infant that had just had fell down." Well, would you still like to go ?" he asked calmly." Bulma-chan, I'm not going to make you go anywhere if you aren't feeling well."

Bulma pulled back." But the deal. Dad, I would never want to spoil anything for you or the company. I'll go, but just for you."

He smiled as he dried another tear that made it's way down her cheek." I'm not sure. Are you sure you're feeling well enough to go ? You know Hiroshi, he'll probably come up with another good opportunity again later since that's his talent."

" No." Bulma said a little more firmly, trying to straighten her voice. She was determined not to disappoint her father. What good was the future heir to Capsule Corp. for when she stayed in for something so important to it's present owner and president ?" I'm okay now. Don't worry about it. I assure you. I'll go."

The look on her father's face shifted a bit." Hmmm. Well, alright." The look of doubt still traced on his face though, and worry also. He was worried about Bulma. After Yamucha had left her alone yet again, Dr. Briefs thought that this wasn't a good time for her to go somewhere with no one." But please, if you change your mind anytime, we could always cancel." he added, making sure.

Bulms sighed, trying to smile." I don't think we'll be doing that. I'm going to be fine, I've gotten through this before."

For the goddamn millionth time, Vegeta commented through his head with crossed arms. He rolled his eyes. He'd seen it happen. Hell, he'd seen it happen all the time through these past few months, Vegeta couldn't say he wasn't sick of it.

" I know." Dr. Briefs said, stopping himself from voicing an opinion. From saying that all those other times, she never had to go anywhere the day after each break up. He wanted to insist that she take a break from all of it but just from the look on her face told him that she was determined to go.

Bulma managed a small smile from her saddened facade." Arigatou....." she said quietly. Bulma felt so much better as she gave her father another hug.

Vegeta stood behind the wall, his face cringing in disgust. Human sentiment......friggin' annoyance........ he thought scornfully as he closed his eyes. He couldn't stand waiting around for either of them to stop with it. It was either waiting a few minutes or coming in there and being enveloped by the sentimental feeling that the living room gave off. Vegeta could feel it. He decided to wait. Vegeta turned around to leave

Dr. Briefs gave his daughter a tight and reassuring hug. He was glad to see her feel better.

Looking up, his eyes caught just a glimpse of a figure turn around and seem to walk away. Not long, a thought had just registered as he stared down at Bulma's head on his shoulder, then back to the place he had saw. Dr. Briefs pulled away. " You should go pick out your dress before that store closes."

Bulma supressed a small laugh. She sniffed and dried her eyes once more." Alright."

* * * * *

Ten o'clock. Dr. Briefs yawned widely as he put a hand over his mouth. What a long and busy day. He had to head to bed before taking off tomorrow at lunch. The trip up north was going to be a long one for that business trip. Sleep sounded like a very good idea right now.

It was quiet in the lab. Perhaps too quiet. No sounds, no nothing.

" Do you have nothing better to do with your time ? It's very wasteful in my opinion." Vegeta's voice appeared out of nowhere, carrying a critical note.

Dr. Briefs almost jumped out of his skin. He absolutely hated it when Vegeta would sneak up on him like that. Knowing the Saiyajin was capable of anything, Dr. Briefs wasn't like his daughter. He was fearful of Vegeta but more reasonable then she could be when it came to the Prince.

" Vegeta, by Kami, please I'd prefer it if you'd acknowledge me first before saying anything." Dr. Briefs touched on subject. He had a feeling Vegeta had another request. Another one to add to the growing list. Then again, that's the only thing Vegeta would come up to him about.

" Whatever." Vegeta rolled his eyes impatiently, his arms taking their usual place across his chest." I need a new gravity room."

" A new gravity room ?" Dr. Briefs asked and put down a small device he was working on.

" What else ?" Vegeta said, annoyance seeping into his tone." That last one had such poor structure, it couldn't even stand a small ki blow."

" Well," the preseident of Capsule Corp. said hesitantly while straightening his glasses." I'm sure I already told you that the gravity room was built mostly for physical body training, not exactly for energy blows. It can hold a bit to a point but not as powerful."

Vegeta looked at him, an eyebrow raised." It still had poor structure. Typical you humans have such low-rate technology." Vegeta said sourly." I demand an upgrade."

Dr. Briefs thought for a moment. And upgrade could be possible. He was surprised for a moment that the thought never really crossed his mind from the first time he built a gravity room. " Upgrade hm ?" he thought.

" Yes upgrade old man." said Vegeta, scoffing impatiently." And I want one as soon as possible. Without training annoys me very much and you should know that by now."

Dr. Briefs nodded his head in response." I'll consider it." But he paused. Sighing, he looked at Vegeta with a somewhat troubled expression on his face." But I have something to ask of you." he said before the Saiyajin.

Vegeta snorted back when he was just was about to walk out of the room." I do not hand out favors old man."

" Please....just one thing."

Vegeta just lifted an eyebrow once more. A twisting curiousity at the back of his head which he neglected he kept hidden. He stopped.

Dr. Briefs took a step forward.

* * * * *

" Oh Bulma you look absolutely lovely !" Mrs. Briefs exclaimed with the occasional hands- on-the-cheeks look." I just know you'll do well tonight." She walked over and gave her daughter a small kiss on the cheek.

Bulma only half-smiled at her mother, but once again turning to look at herself in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly, so perfectly. Falling over her graceful curves, both sides of her legs slightly visible through the slips in the midnight blue satin dress. The thin straps over her shoulders, the neck low as her soft blue hair cascaded down her back, falling over her shoulders. But two things were missing. Her companion to the reception......and a smile.

Bulma couldn't believe she was still feeling down about the day before. She couldn't help it. It nagged at her constantly, flashbacks of Yamucha in his towel running after her, pleading to explain. She didn't want to hear it, she didn't want to picture that woman and him.

Bulma tried shaking the thought off again as her mother placed a small and very rare blue diamond necklace around her neck with enthusiasm." Oh you remind me of me when I went to those big important parties with your father."

" Arigatou okaasan." Bulma murmured. She still wanted to go and she was determined to not let down her father. She never had before so why start now ?

" Is Yamucha going to pick you up ?" her mother asked as she placed a small wrapped parcel in Bulma's hands. It would be terribly rude if one didn't show up with a present at the reception.

Bulma hesitated.".........."

" Bulma ?"

".....No.....he's not going to pick me up." she said, trying to hold her breath." I-I'm going to the reception alone."

Mrs. Briefs suddenly wore a disappointed expression on her face." Oh." she said dropping her hands. Her expression turned thoughtful." Just like that ? Did something else come up ?"

Her daughter looked down." I guess you could say that." Bulma said quietly, turning around to face the window.

" Oh I see." Mrs. Briefs replied. Bulma nor did Mr. Briefs tell her about yesterday since they were both trying to put it behind them." Well, you know how that boy is, always busy."

I guess you could say that too Bulma thought bitterly." Maybe I should get going." she said trying to lighten her mood. She started towards the door." I don't want to be rude and walk in late."

" Right as always." Mrs. Briefs claimed as she followed her daughter out of the door. Both women proceeded to make their way downstairs.

Dr. Briefs waited at the foor of the staircase, already dressed in his business suit and ready to go. He wanted this chance to say goodbye to his wife and Bulma before he went for a few weeks.

He looked at his watch then looked towards the stairs. Bulma had come down, followed by her mother." Well, wow," Dr. Briefs exclaimed in surprise as she greeted him." You look wonderful."

" Thank-you." Bulma replied, she couldn't stop the radiating disappointment in her eyes that still stood. She looked away.

Dr. Briefs knew she still felt down about the the day before. He put an arm around her." It's alright. You'll be fine." As he gave her another hug, Bulma managed a weak smile.

" But you'd better get going." Mrs. Briefs chided lightly with her hands together. She stepped down the rest of the way from the stairs and began walking Bulma to the door. She looked back at her husband that gave her a quick nod, saying that he'd be right there.

Turning back, Mrs. Briefs walked Bulma to the front.

Reaching into her small blue purse, Bulma pulled out a single capsule. Throwing it forward, it revealed a sleek black air car.

Mrs. Briefs put her hands on her daughter's shoulders." I wish you all the luck in the world for this one Bulma-chan." she assured her firmly." But don't forget to have fun too."

How is that possible ? Bulma hid her thought. She bit her tongue to not utter anything sarcastic.

" Fun ? Damn it to hell. Don't make me puke on the driveway."

Bulma and her mother's attention turned to the side as soon as the voice had caught their ears.

" Who" Bulma went to snap harshly at him. She stopped, letting her voice trail off, letting her eyes follow the owner of the voice.

Vegeta stood a little ways from the door, it looked like he had just approached them. There was quite a difference though. In place of the usual Saiyajin warrior attire, was a plain white dress shirt and black dress pants. The shirt had been untucked, a few buttons open, revealing a little part of his strong muscular chest. Falling ever so nicely over his shoulders. Vegeta had his hands in his pockets.

Bulma was speechless for once as she stared at him. So many times in the past, everytime he would come up, she would have an insult ready for fire. Not this time, he totally caught her off guard for this one. She was surprised. Truly surprised.

All she could do was look at her father that stood at the door, pretending not to notice. " Vegeta." she said finding her voice again and her eyes not leaving their present place. Him. " Where are you going ?"

Vegeta scowled, crossing his arms once again." Woman, I'd much better prefer it if you'd not ask so many damn questions. I'm starting to change my mind." he said annoyed, looking back at her father who was whistling and looking at the sky.

Bulma took a look at her father. Oh no. Why didn't it click in a few seconds before ? It couldn't have been that Vegeta distracted her from that fact." You're coming with me ?" she asked him, making sure.

" I said shut up and let's go." Vegeta glared at her." It's bad enough I have to do this now, I might as well get this hellish evening overwith."

Bulma was not in the mood for this." No, why don't you shut up for once. Just for once." she sneered at him." If you are coming, then you'd better shut your mouth for the rest of the evening. It'll do me a favor for tolerance and no embarrassment. For you, I don't think his royal highness would like to be back-stabbed and laughed at, at the reception."

" Like they'd live long enough to even supress a single laugh." Vegeta snorted, his voice sounding sure. He walked over to the car door and opened it.

Bulma gave a pleading look over to her parents. Her father mostly. But he just shook his head, a look telling her that maybe that this was the last hope she had for not being alone tonight. And Bulma hated that. Great, her last resort was Vegeta. The last person on earth she'd want to go out to an evening with.

Sighing irritably, she yanked the door open and shut it forcefully as she got in.

Vegeta had already retained that high and mighty posture with his arms crossed while sitting in the car. He turned to face her." Just remember." he assured her firmly." I'm doing this for me."

Bulma scowled." Thank Kami." she countered menacingly." If it was for me I don't know what I'd do."

Vegeta just gritted his teeth as they back out of the driveway.

Dr. Briefs had joined his wife in saying good-bye.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The ride wasn't silent tension as Bulma expected it. In fact they argued all the way. She couldn't stand to be in the same room with him, or a hundred yards from him for that matter and now she was in the same car with him.

Vegeta wouldn't stop hitting her with insults and how he wasn't doing this for her. He ended up explaining what Dr. Briefs had said to him.

But Bulma didn't know what to think about that one. She knew her father meant well, but still, he would've had a better choice. Was Vegeta really the last resort ? Just thinking about that made her want to cringe.

Bulma couldn't help it, Vegeta was just plain annoying. Well, maybe not plain. He was a walking mass of complexes. No one to could understand him. But then again, something about him was slightly different, she just couldn't put her finger on it.

The clothing, for sure that was different. But what else was ? His posture. No, not that. Mr- High-and-Mighty never slouched. The way he argued with her, that was still just a normal as ever. Was it ?

Wearing something different, Bulma could be speechless. She didn't want to admit to herself that Vegeta, the one she couldn't stand, didn't look all that bad. Not bad at all. Even somewhat......attractive......maybe.

Stop that, Bulma scolded herself, tearing her eyes away from him once more.

It's just the strange feeling that she had. Bulma had tried to concentrate on the road and keep her eyes there while occasionally firing insults at him in her defense. But his eyes, it's like their very presence that danced around her gave her such a strange feeling. Bulma almost swore that he was watching her in his own way.

Every time she would look his way, it always seemed that he'd been staring somewhere else all the while. But still. His coal black eyes seemed so piercing. Watching.....searching.....

Such a creature that may have been so stupid to pick every fight with him carried such an unreadable expression. Worry ? Maybe not. Maybe she had seen. Vegeta tried to ignore it. He couldn't have been seeing her a different way now, it was ludicrous.

Bulma just couldn't shake the feeling off. Trying to pretend Vegeta wasn't there, she drove to the reception's location, unknowingly gripping the wheel in such tension.

Stepping out of the car and walking through the door bought them quite an entrance. Vegeta didn't utter anything the moment they approached the door.

Trying to ignore the passing lustful looks a few young women had given her Saiyajin companion, Bulma felt the sudden twinge to walk beside him. But please, he didn't look too good.....not to her at least, right ? With his constant scowl and rotten mood, it was enough to scare any other woman away. Why not these women ? Probably interested in the dark type.

When she had craned her head slightly to look at him, it seemed that Vegeta didn't find it at all flattering that these women had taken an interesting in feasting their eyes at him. He just looked more annoyed with it than before.

But Vegeta's constant comments about where the reception was held and how it was decorated disgusted him. Bulma turned red as she tried walking a few steps in front of him now as people stared giving Vegeta looks that said " Sheesh, what's this guy's problem ?"

Bulma sighed and walked up to the guestbook to sign, Vegeta right behind her. Signing her name, she handed the pen to Vegeta just in case he wanted to do something with it. Lifting and eyebrow, Vegeta snatched the pen away from her and signed.

He followed Bulma into the hotel party room for the reception, not noticing the strange looks emitted from people behind him. The people who were going to sign the guestbook as well. It seemed that the signature ' Vegeta, Saiyajin Prince of Vegitsei ' wasn't the usual signature in a guestbook. It seemed this guy thought VERY highly of himself. Perhaps too high to be calling himself a Prince. But that's what they thought.

Dinner seemed to drag on as well. She sat at the table, Vegeta across from her. Bulma couldn't even put something into her mouth without uttering something to him afterwards.

" Why is this food served in such small portions ?" Vegeta asked out of nowhere, poking the mound of rice uncontentedly." It doesn't prove helpful at all."

" There would be no point in me explaining it to you." Bulma said sighing, unable to keep her annoyance from showing. She didn't feel hungry anymore, just terribly annoyed.

" Woman, I didn't ask you to explain it." Vegeta shot at her sourly." In fact, I don't remember asking you to talk either."

Bulma thought she had a headache. What a royal pain this Prince was. He was on the verge of making her jump up from her seat and causing a scene. But then again, that would blow her chances of the deal tonight.

" Shove it stinge face." Bulma seethed through gritted teeth." Nobody tells me what I can or cannot do, so why don't you just shut up and eat."

A few heads turned towards them, noticing the arguement. Arguement number one hundred perhaps. Vegeta ended up glaring daggers at them, causing them to turn back nervously to the food on their plates.

" How can I ?" Vegeta retorted fiercely." I've all of a sudden lost my appetite the moment I remembered the dreaded truth that I actually came here tonight and am sitting in front of hideousness herself."

Bulma growled.

It went on the same. Nothing new. The speeches, the announcements, the cutting of the cake. Vegeta kept the same annoyed and arrogant facade throughout the whole thing. And when his look finally did change, it would only shift to even more deeper annoyance.

His foul mood put Bulma in a foul mood as well. She didn't know how she was going to get close to the bride's father. And it seemed that Hiroshi's friend, the one that extended the invitation to her, was no where to be found. That made matters worse. The only person she knew around here was Vegeta. And she thought that was pathetic.

But it's not like Vegeta was having the time of his life either. One thing he understood about the whole thing was the joining of the opposite sex. The man and the woman. He assumed that earth also had a custom for joining. Except wierder. The custom that was going on now was absolutely unnecessary. Vegeta scowled. To start off, that man's mate didn't need to wear that frilly white thing and all these decorations weren't needed either. These bakas with their stupid endless annoucements and speeches. Such sentiment was irritating. And why were they always kissing ? That should be saved for after. But then again, when does " after " come ? This ceremony was taking longer than he thought.

Bulma sat at the table, tracing her finger on the white cloth of the table cover. She held a hidden surprise that Vegeta didn't say anything to or about her for five minutes. What a record. What she'd do just to have Yamucha here with her. It would be so much more fun. She missed him. But telling herself to stop it once again, that he should be out of her love life for good and that was better for her.

What now ? Bulma decided to catch the bride's father later. She watched across the floor as the young ladies were being gathered together. The bride stood......and she was happy. Bulma couldn't help but feel a small twinge of jealousy. Bulma wanted to be happy. More than once she dreamed of the perfect wedding. The works, everything. And now that her dream groom was out of the picture, she had no one to fill in the spot. She had thought of everything else, walking down the aisle, the gloriousness of the church and the reception, the warm and friendly congratulations........but now, on one would be waiting for her at the end of her journey down the aisle. No one would be there. And not having a groom just defeated the whole purpose of marriage.

Bulma sighed. Almost letting it out sadly. She looked at Vegeta who had his arms crossed and watching with absolutely no content as the young women gathered in the center of the floor. So this is the best I could do ? she thought to herself as she viewed Vegeta. Whatever.......bizarre that he's actually tolerant when we're not arguing......

The collar of the shirt hung around his neck so comfortably, the loose button revealing the upper part of his chest ever so nicely--

" Miss ?"

Bulma blinked." Huh ?"

Vegeta's head had turned also. His look was to ward off the man that had just approached the table.

" Hai ?" Bulma said.

The man smiled at her warmly." It's a custom in this family that all the ladies participate for this one." he said.

Bulma gave him a half-smile." No, I'm comfortable sitting here. I'm alright."

" Oh come now."

" Hey, baka. The stupid woman said no." Vegeta scoffed.

The man looked up, as Bulma's attention snapped over to Vegeta. She didn't want to go up but she didn't need Mr. Prince to say anything either." Just shut up Vegeta." she snapped. Then she looked up at the man who so nicely offered." Actually, I think I've changed my mind." Bulma put on a full glowing smile." I'll be glad to."

" Okay then." he offered his hand, in which she took.

Vegeta glared at her. She would dare to leave his presence and leave him sitting alone ? " Fine." he grumbled fiercely." Go up there and make a fool of yourself with the rest of those damn bakas." He could do nothing but sigh heatedly and cross his arms. He couldn't bear the thought of sitting here without someone else feeling as bad and bored as he was.

Bulma stood at the back since all the other women were crowding around. She tried to be optimistic about this but it just wasn't cutting it. She sighed heavily and crossed her arms. The crowding, shouting and vigorous movements of women in front of her just kept going. It got louder as soon as the bride's voice signalled to the crowd of women that she was going to throw her bouquet." One ! Two !"

Forget it. I'm not doing this. Bulma put a single hand on her forehead.

" Three !" A crash of screams made Vegeta want to form a ki ball and throw it at the group of women. He gripped the table cloth tightly with gritted teeth, closing his eyes.

Bulma looked up. Almost a hoard of women coming towards her. But just in time to catch the bouquet.

The sudden soft petals of the flowers and the silk of the ribbons were placed in her hands. The bouquet. Bulma just stared down at it, in shock. She never expected it to--

" Oh you lucky girl !" a young perky bridesmaid exclaimed excitedly. For a while, Bulma thought she lost her hearing. But that thought wasn't finished as suddenly she found herself being dragged over to the front, the bonquet in her hands.

" Hey !" Bulma said, trying to free herself from the other women who were pushing her." Hey, wait !"

Vegeta couldn't stand it anymore. Everything was starting to confuse him even more. All this unnecessary sentimental trash that humans goad themselves over. And that stupid woman was letting herself be carried away by it. But he didn't care about her did he ? That's what was bothering him. This endless screaming and jumping of these woman also were driving him insane.

Vegeta jumped up, he couldn't stand it. He then stomped onto the floor. He couldn't see Bulma at all in the crowd of gentlemen that were gathered around now. Where did the woman go to ? he asked annoyed.

" Will you bakas get out of my way ?!" Vegeta hissed behind them.

One of the young men turned around." What the hell's your problem ?" he shot back." Good grief, someone is desperate for it."

Vegeta gave him a threatening look." Baka yaro, you don't know who you're opposing."

" Oh yeah ?" he turned around, looking down at Vegeta who was only a few small inches shorter.

Vegeta smirked sadistically." Make a move baka......please." he coaxed.

The young man glared at him menacingly. But before he could make a move at Vegeta, who was so willing to blast this guy to the next dimension, something frilly landed on Vegeta's head, over one eye.

Enraged, Vegeta grabbed the white garter. Suddenly someone slapped him on the back.

" Hey man !" the guy said with a huge smile on his face. The man who opposed him disappeared in the sea of other men that started to make their way towards Vegeta.

" You lucky bastard ! Man, I would kill to get that. Did you see that girl that caught the bouquet ? Damn, she's hot ! Consider yourself lucky !"

" Nani ?!" Vegeta growled wide-eyed, once again staring down in frustration at the garter in his hands.

The bridesmaids practically forced Bulma to sit on the chair." No, I don't want to do this." Bulma assured them." I really don't want to do this." She knew very well what came after. The man that caught the garter gets to slip his eager hand up her leg to put it on her. And she was in no mood at all to be touched by the opposite sex.

" Oh you'll be fine !" one of them screeched in their high voice." Did you see the work on that man ? Oh, I'd just love to get a piece of him !"

Nani ? Bulma stared up at the wall of women around her. She couldn't get out. Bulma wanted out.

With all of them fussing about him, he couldn't even hear what they were trying to tell him. Something about putting the frilly thing up her leg ? Vegeta wanted to blast everyone of these lowlife cruds to oblivion right there, until they all pushed him forward. The circle of women opened up as well, revealing the woman in the middle.

Bulma's voice got caught in her throat. It was like something happened. The one that caught the damn garter was......Vegeta ?! She thought for a while she couldn't breathe. It was overwhelming. It was nuts. It was thought registered.

Vegeta held the garter loosely, his eyes wide with a mixture of emotions. Anger, confusion, frustration........intrigue....somewhat.

I don't believe this......oh Kami help he going to do it ?......oh my, am I going to let him ?! Bulma couldn't help but gulp. There was no feeling in her to argue. To argue was to create a scene and to create a scene was to blow the whole night and a chance to extend the company. Bulma couldn't do that to her father.

But what about Vegeta ? He stood there looking so clueless. Such an expression was so unreadable. And with every step he took towards her seemed like a slow hard exhale was taken from her. Bulma didn't know, just the thought of his touch automatically sent shivers down her spine. Why, escaped her mind.

Vegeta knelt down in front of her. He hated this, in fact he wished he could've just threatened her father to building him an upgraded gravity room instead But why had he continued ? This was the stupidest thing ever......and yet, his body didn't respond to his mind's angry rants. But making the most of it, Vegeta surprisingly wanted to get it over with.

Bulma squeezed the bouquet tightly, so tightly. Why her palms were going sweaty was beyond her. Just seeing him in front of her, that smirk had appeared. She wanted to hit him, hard. But she held her hand back.

Vegeta could see it in her eyes. That blaze of anger appeared once again. And the fact that she couldn't do anything right here, right now was RICH. His grin appeared wider and more mischievous as his eyes darted towards her hands. Her right hand seemed to be almost shaking while the other one held it back. He wanted to laugh. Just to annoy her washed away his irritation and frustration of the situation.

More people had turned to watch, loud hoots and whistles had filled the area around them. It seemed to be lost, as if they both were the only ones. Bulma sat in the chair, trying not to be ridged as Vegeta's hand slowly reached for the high slit on the side of her dress.

Bulma was watching his every move, Vegeta knew that. At least that this was one form of entertainment for this evening. But it was intriguing. Vegeta couldn't help it, it was.

The others that stood and watched thought that this was getting pretty hot. The way the action was being delayed between the two, was unexplainable.

The bastard was teasing her slowly. She could see it in his eyes. Bulma didn't know whether to feel annoyed, insulted or......eager ? Where did THAT come from ?!

Teasing her, Vegeta placed the garter around her foot. His black eyes piercing through her blue eyes, holding them to his.

Bulma held her breath silently, Vegeta's warm hands so softly moving up her calf. Along with the arm brush of his fingers the lace of the garter tickled her slightly.

Bulma's eyes locked firmly with his, Vegeta thought for a moment he could drown in her pupils. Going over the curve of her knees, moving upwards, the silk of her dress brushing the back of his hands. To touch her was like to touch something so gentle and so fragile.

Vegeta's touch was so soft, Bulma would've mistaken it for an affectionate caress rather than a tease. But was it really a tease ? Something had changed through his eyes. In the process the smirk had disappeared. Bulma found herself wanting to lean over, but turning out to exhale slowly to find his hands moving up the lower part of her thigh.

Vegeta could see her eyes starting to fall shut. It was like she wished for them to be the only ones in the room. His hands roamed higher, starting to forget the time, the place and the situation. All he saw was the blue-haired woman that challenged him so. Fought with him, disliked him and yet intrigued him.

Bulma wanted to drown in his eyes when his hands had reached mid-thigh. She could see it, the desire to proceed. She held her breath, surprisingly pushing her leg forward slightly, his hand went a bit higher.

" Looks like you'd be the next couple !" somebody exclaimed loudly with amusement. The rest joined to chuckle.

Vegeta blinked. He looked around, his hands immediately removing themselves from her. He stood up quickly. What he had done was unexplainable to him. In frustrated confusion, Vegeta's frown appeared once again as he turned around.

Bulma continued to sit on the chair, shocked. She was speechless. What was that ? Another girl knelt beside her with a huge smile on her face." Wow." she said to Bulma's confused facade. " You should've seen how that guy looked at you. It looked like if you asked him to die for you he would. But then again, to have a guy like that up my skirt would be-"

Bulma stood up. She wasn't in the mood to hear it. She was feeling dizzy. No, perhaps light- headed. She didn't know ! Confused ? Yes. Curious ? Very. Bulma had watched Vegeta leave. His form had disappeared through the doors.

What is WRONG with me ? she yelled through thoughts, putting a hand to her head. The bouquet still in her other hand. The sudden urge to follow threw itself at her as Bulma bolted for the door. The one thought remained in her mind. The garter still hugged her thigh comfortably a concrete reminder of his soft and tender touch, which called for her to go after him.

Passing many people, they were blocking her from her desired destination. She had to say excuse me more than ten times to get out. Bulma started pushing.

Anxious, she finally got her wish. Bulma burst through the doors. Her blue eyes darted from side to side. And to the parking lot where the car was. Nothing, Vegeta was gone. He must have flew off.

The night was warm as it brushed her skin. Closing her eyes, Bulma could still feeling his caress.

* * * * *

It was late as Bulma stepped in the house. She yawned. That seemed to be a long night. It turned out that she did get to talk with the bride's father, the owner of the other company. He had agreed with no delay. He had been very enthusiastic about the whole thing, since hearing so much about Capsule Corp. Bulma was glad. She was glad that she had done another thing for her father. She could tell him the next week when he would be back.

Sighing, Bulma placed her coat on the back of a seat and placed her keys on the table. She yawned again. Strangely, tonight's events never left her memory. Bulma knew she'd be thinking about it all night and if not, probably the whole week.

But what was she going to do when she crossed paths with Vegeta. An awkward moment ? Perhaps. Silence is what she expected for awhile.

Vegeta stood silently against the wall, the shadows shielded his very form. Bulma had only turned on one light and the rest of the house was dark as well as silent.

He watched her. Her every move, every breath. The way she took something out of that purse of hers. Vegeta craned his head to see, only to be met by a surprise. That frilly thing. Bulma held it in her hand.

What was that ? A smile ? Vegeta examined her curiously.

Bulma removed the garter not long ago. It entwined through her fingers. It once belonged to the bride, which had it taken off by the man she loved and it was caught by the Saiyajin Prince, to place upon her. Bulma felt a small grin come to place on her face as she remembered.

She swore she could still feel the gentleness of his touch. But how strange. Such a person to have been involved in many wars and yet, had been completely gentle. Only for a while. Bulma couldn't hide her disappointment with the removal of contact between her thigh and his warm hands.

Bulma started up the stairs. Vegeta leaned further into the wall so she would not see him. Bulma passed him without notice and made her way up, her blue silk dress trailing behind her. And her thoughts still filled with the one Saiyajin that kept her thinking. Bulma then grinned wider at the thought of her mother going crazy at the sight of the lacy garter and who was the man that caught it. She was still surprised herself.

As Bulma didn't know, Vegeta had emerged, appearing at the foot of the steps. He had watched her. A half-smirk appeared on his face." Oyasumi nasai." he whispered." Bulma- chan......"


The End

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