By: Mikami


"A-are you sure he's fine ?" Bulma asked the doctor. She cocked her head to the side to stare at him in a strange way because of the look pasted on his face." I mean, would taking him out early interfere with the healing ?"

" Take him out early ? Interfere ?" the doctor had a nervous sense to him. His voice was beginning to shake." Oh no, not at all !"

Just then they heard a horrible crash from inside the room they were both standing outside of. A scream followed as a frantic nurse burst from the door, fear paved all over her face. She bolted down the hall but in the process hitting a few people. The door to the room swung shut.

Bulma looked to the doctor once again who seemed almost equally scared.

He nervously laughed as if he was going to faint." See ? He's fit as a fiddle !" They heard another crash from inside.

The doctor looked to Bulma panickingly and began to push her towards the door." See? G-gotta go !" he said hurriedly as he too bolted down the hall.

Bulma sighed and looked to the closed hospital door. She didn't even have to be told about this, she knew already. They have been having problems with the patient. But then again, EVERY hospital would have a problem with this patient, a very big problem at that.

She reached for the doorknob casually, brushing aside the little bug of thought in her head that she should be visiting, or more correct, volunteering to check him out of the place.

Bulma's hand touched the knob and opened it a bit. she stuck her head in and an odd look struck her facade.

There was Vegita, standing on top of the hospital bed with the machine in his hands, facing the window.

Vegita whirled around, a few cords dangling from the machine. He faced Bulma but broke the machine in half before uttering anything to her.

Bulma stepped a bit closer to the Saiyajin Prince, who at the moment finished throwing the two unequal parts out the window.

Vegita pulled out a smirk as her crossed his arms. In his usual stance, kept standing on the bed, enjoying he was in a higher postion than Bulma so he looked down on her.

" What the hell are you doing here ?" he demanded, eyeing her.

Bulma ignored Vegita's question." What the hell are you doing ?" she shot back, her eyes lingering at his surroundings.

Vegita rolled his eyes." I asked you first." he countered stubbornly in annoyance.

Bulma threw up her hands in an irritated shout. Vegita was going to turn this into another one of his stupid verbal sparring sessions with her.

" Vegita ! Just answer the damn question !" she gritted her teeth. Bulma sensed this was going to give him amusement. She could already feel that second smirk.

Vegita's arms remained crossed, looking stubbornly at her and signaling that he wasn't going to say anything until she said something first. And such many situations as this, Bulma really did have to go first.

Bulma recognized that look and sighed, trying to keep herself calm. Although she would love to take one of those cords and strangle him to death, Bulma began to speak. There wasn't really any point to arguing with that annoying Saiyajin Prince

" Alight ! Fine !" she yelled, taking a big step toward the foot of the bed. Bulma put her hands on her hips and glared up at him." I guess your mini-veggie brain doesn't even remember." Bulma said. Vegita lifted an eyebrow, which caused her to sigh again in annoyance. Ticking her off made Vegita want to smile.

" You got too excited with that toy my dad kindly made for you and it blew up with you inside it !" Bulma yelled." Hey, I'm not surprised. The only thing you low-life Saiyajins do is train and stuff your faces ! God, you are so paranoid ! Our lives don't revolve around you Vegita, so don't think we'll be jumping with joy at the thought of rebuilding your stupid gravity room right away !"

Bulma glared at him as he looked as if he was more interested at what color the hospital sheets were than what she was saying. It only made her even more heated.

" That didn't answer my question." he said." Stupid woman, I wanted to know what the hell you were doing here, not how I was put here. Damn you, I already know ! And you're calling ME stupid ?!"

Bulma was already neck-deep in the shit he was giving her." I wasn't even finished explaining !" she hollered." Your Mightiness wouldn't be waisting his royal breath if he hadn't so rudely interrupted me in the middle of my answer !"

Even if Vegita let Bulma shout until her lungs exploded, he didn't really need to be told what happened.

It was the gravity room. Finding a way to switch into Super Saiyajin mode was such a difficult task. But motivation proved a but helpful. Being able to defeat Kakarrotto was almost everything to Vegita.

The desire to beat his rival and ally became too great when he turned the gravity up too high. And once inside, somehow malfunctioned and blew up on him. Vegita only remembered a searing light, lying under some rubble and blackout.

Vegita turned back to Bulma's blabbering and yelling." All I heard was a huge noise, then I found you lying in the rubble !"

He let her go on and on. Bulma really did talk too much. That was one of her traits he didn't like to much." Woman, while you're busy with that loud mouth of yours, get your ass over there and get me my clothes." Vegita ordered, interupting her abruptly.

Bulma's face flushed red as hse grabbed the blue suit from the nearby chair and whipped it at him as hard as she could." There ! There are your stupid clothes !"

Vegita caught it with no effort and had time to glance disgustedly at the hospital gown.

" You really think you can order me around just like that don't you ?" Bulma went on." Well you got another thing coming Princey !"

Vegita let her talk while he reached for the tie of the hospital gown. He undid it, letting it fall off his broad steel-like chest, not caring whether Bulma was there or not.

Bulma's eyes widened only a little as she caught the beginning of Vegita's unclothing.

Just seeing only his bare torso, Bulma was amazed for a split second until he let it drop further.

Bulma whirled around to face the door so her back was now to him." Good grief Vegita, could you at least tell me you were going to strip naked and change here !" she said, her annoyance masking her sudden blush.

Vegita " hmph "ed and slipped on his pants, followed by his shirt. He rolled his eyes." If it bothers you that much, why don't you just leave woman ? It would certainly do me and all of the other weaklings in this hospital a favor."

Bulma's embarrassment turned into firey anger once again. Vegita could never stop making fun of her. She faced him, but somehow neglected to acknowledge the hidden disappointment that he had his shirt on now with the rest of his armor.

" Damn you Vegita," she said heatedly." The things I do for you, you actually think I'm not fed up with your shit ?"

" No." he replied, finally stepped down, but still retaining his head-held-high stance." But you sure are."

Before a dangerous rush of anger could occur, Vegita rushed right at Bulma, sweeping her in his arms. The thing she knew, Bulma was streaking through the hospital halls, being carried through doors by a flying Vegita.

Bulma screamed as they went through a closed door. She could hear other screams from doctors, nurses and patients.

In all the commotion, Bulma stole a glimpse of Vegita. That amused, cruel smirk to see everyone running for their lives in a hospital, and especially seeing her freak at the speed, flying through doors.

" Vegita !" she screamed shrilly as they burst through the front door, gaining speed. It left the receptionist speechless to see a patient fly out.

" Vegita !" Bulma yelled loudly as both gained height. She hadn't forgotten that she had left her car back at the hospital." Put me down this instant !"

She pounded at him with her fists, her legs and body thrashing wildly. Any normal man would've already let go because of her recklessness.

Vegita thought for a moment. He could let her do this until she tired herself out, but that would be boring." It's your call." he said.

Bulma didn't know what that meant. Before she knew it, the support under her had disappeared.

She felt the herself scream as loud as her mind did as the world spun wildly before her. Her stomach twisted, her scenery blurred as he throat was going raw from screaming, plummeting down to the sickening depth.

Bulma screamed as loud as she could." VEGITA !!!" her arms flailing and legs thrashing.

Vegita gave such an amused laugh and dove for her. With no effort, he bolted under her, held out his arms and caught her quickly.

He brought her up again as Bulma wrapped her arms around his neck tightly in pure, shaking panic, it could've killed any other man. But before this, she found a moment to slap him in the face." Don't you EVER do that again you sick bastard ! You son of a bitch ! I hate you !" she screamed into his face.

Vegita grinned devilishly at her." Or else what ?"

Bulma flushed red. But her attention was pulled away from him as a huge thunder clap went off, echoing across the sky so loud, Bulma gave another scream and held his neck in a death grip.

The sky was alot darker on this part of town. Another series of booming thunder and bolts of lightning made her scream for Vegita to move his ass or they'll both get fried.

" Damn woman, first you want me to put you down but now you want me to speed up. The hell is wrong with you ?" he said looking smug.

Bulma gritted her teeth as her nails dug into the back of his neck." Why don't you just shut up !" she yelled. Another thunder clap went of. A really, really loud one. It scared her almost to death at the thought of being so close to the sky. She shut her eyes tightly." This can't possibly get any worse !" she groaned loudly as she coward into his chest.

Another clap sounded immensely as rain started to fall at once. Then it fell harder, hitting them fiercely.

" Damn." Bulma cursed with gritted teeth. First this, now horrible hard rain that beat down on her skin. She was going to be soaked when they got home.

Even if the rain pounded mercilessly, Vegita didn't mind at all. Rain of shine, Vegita didn't care.

In the rain, they flew over the buildings. With the breeze, it was a bit cold but Bulma was glad that the heat of Vegita's body helped.

With the speed of Vegita's flight, it didn't take long as both of them began to see the Capsule Corp.

" You know what ? I really hate you Vegita." Bulma said stubbornly as they quickly approached." I don't know what kind of baka I was to let you live with us."

Vegita smirked as they were almost there." You're a stupid baka anyway. It's not like you had a choice." he replied..

Vegita came to an abrupt stop, high above the entrance of the house, he held her in front of him.

Bulma slapped him as hard as she could on the shoulder." How dare you !" she yelled into his face. Then she glanced down to see they were only suspended in mid-air." Put me down Vegita ! Put me down !"

Silly fool, he thought. But her rage captured him, interested him......enveloped him.

Vegita didn't want to admit that he had to be bothered by this nagging feeling ever since he came to live with Bulma and her family. It was so strange.

Though he packed many fights with her, it drew him near. Captivating.

Vegita stared at her for a moment, trying to not admit she was breathtakingly beautiful in every way.

One time he remembered at he walked into her room uninvited to get something. He had caught Bulma in the act of changing. Her back turned to him but only in underwear.

Vegita had caught a glimpse of her glorious form with only one piece of cloth on. Of course, Bulma turned to cover herself, flame him and yell at him to get out.

" PUT ME DOWN !" she yelled a final time. Vegita masked his sudden blink with a scowl as he rolled his eyes with bordom and began to decend slowly.

Bulma suddenly noticed he wasn't saying anything. She couldn't fight the urge to look at his face. An expression, a facade she hadn't seen from him in her life.

In the middle of it all, Vegita had caught her gaze. Like a magnetic force, he had kept still. He looked at her with unblinking eyes, locking hers. Blue eyes. Deep blue like the ocean. When rage would come over her, it was as if the sea stormed in her eyes with rage as well. Even through the hard rain pouring, her blue hair removed silky, glorious. Her lips full, soft. It was natural for him to say she was as hideous as a monster out of the black lagoon but those were only words that came to his mouth. His mind, more than a mile thick shield around it, was a different thing.

Bulma looked at him. Her eyes scanning how he looked through the rain. Angry, always looked angry. Vegita never smiled. Through the pounding rain, his coal-black pupils looked a bit larger. It was as if he was searching her. How strange it was, Vegita would react in his rude way by now. Bulma never took notice of this before but Vegita actually looked very attractive. Even with such an angry expression and lips shaped into that frown. If only it could lighten up once and a while. Such warm, full lips........

It was by then, both their feet hit the rain-pounding ground in front of the door.

Vegita abruptly turned away. What the hell ?! He took a quick glance at her as she slowly went to open the door. He turned back around. Where did that come from ! Ugh ! Just the sight of her makes me want to.......want to-

" Vegita." Bulma's voice broke through his thoughts." Won't you come inside ? You're standing in the rain you idiot."

His eyes shot back at her, his thought lost now." The hell with you woman, I don't need you to tell me what to do." he scowled deeply, as he stomped through the door.

" So sorry for living, oh Mighty One." Bulma mocked, her voice dripping with sarcasm." It looked like you were having some kind of out-of-space experience. Even if I so " hated " to spoil it for you, there was no use doing it out in the rain."

Vegita made a face while his mouth mimicked every word." For the love of Kami woman, shut your damn mouth ! And you say I talk too much ? You don't even know what the hell you're talking about."

Bulma whirled around as she set her keys on the table. No, it was more like slammed her keys on the table. She didn't forget she'd have to get her car another time and she'd end up having to pay for staying in overtime. She wanted to kill Vegita for this." For heaven's sakes Vegita !" she flared." I have a name ! It's Bulma ! Bul-ma ! Not woman ! Or is your Saiyajin brain too small to grasp that !"

Vegita shrugged, showing her what little attention he gave to her lecture and what bordom was coming out of it.

Bulma angrily walked over to the closet and pulled out a towel for herself." Ugh ! It's useless trying to argue with you !" she said throwing her hands up in frustration." I don't know why I go along with it in the first place !"

Vegita's boots squeaked from the wetness of the rain, on the floor. He left a small trail of puddles as he moved towards a single living room chair. He was soaking wet and didn't care as he sat down.

He felt healed but not completely. He found that out when flying. It drained him and he felt he needed rest. Those stupid humans were still so primitive, he had thought many times. They didn't even have a regeneration chamber for speedy recovery. It was bad enough he had to share a whole building with a load of other sick patients. Vegita was itching to get out of there. If Bulma didn't come, he would've left through the window after scaring the nurse to death.

Bulma watched him streak across the living room, bringing his soggy boots on the carpet. She wanted to yell at him and slap him for all it was worth but figured it would be pointless. Another loud eruption of lightning sent shivers down her spine as she watched Vegita take a seat.

Vegita kept to himself that he was surprised that he felt so drained of energy. He put a light hand on his stomach as he sat forward, not minding the wet feeling of cloth against his skin.

Bulma ran the towel over her blue hair. Once again just the sight of Vegita caught her attention.

She cocked her head to the side to observe him for a moment. He looked tired, especially with that hand on his stomach. His shoulders were hunched, he was sitting forward and looked .......tense. Vegita almost never looked tense on regular terms.

By now he would've waved her away and insulted her but this proved to be unusual.

Bulma thought she could actually tolerate his presence when they weren't fighting, even if he probably soaked the whole armchair he was sitting in.

Bulma found herself standing there, watching him trying to hide his small heaving. And about thinking that Vegita looked attractive, Bulma thought he really didn't look bad at all. Not at all. Possibly better than........Yamucha ? No way !......but wait.......maybe.....

What that armor covered, Bulma found herself wondering about. And wearing that close fitting dark blue suit that accented the tight ridges of his arms and legs. Broad shoulders, the clean lines that were his rock-hard stomach, warm arms.........

Vegita looked up. It was all of a sudden too quiet and he hated it when that happened. Such silence usually meant something was about." The hell are you staring at ?" he snapped when he caught her observing him.

Suddenly, her cheeks started to feel warm at once seeing Vegita's scowl. She turned away. Where did that come from ?! Bulma felt herself gasp quietly. What is the matter with me !......Bulma you idiot ! This is Vegita, your eyes were plastered to ! What the hell is wrong with you ?! Are you blind ?!.........this isn't Yamucha, Bulma......

Bulma stood with her back towards him for a split second. She didn't know what to make of what she just did or who her eyes were fixed on. This was Vegita. The bad-ass attitude, self-centered, self-loving, no brain, Prince of the Saiyajins. He wasn't even human for Kami's sakes. She couldn't think, was she hallucinating ? Maybe she missed Yamucha again. After all, he stood her up more than once in their relationship and was unfaithful. And a little bit after that, she saw he was fine and kicking it up at the bars with more chicks three days after their break-up.

Was that really it ? There was no other explanation that fit, unless.........there was some sort of attraction--but what ?! She thought immediately that it was crazy. She couldn't be attracted to that self-absorbed, beyond-what-you'd-call-jerk.

Bulma inhaled slowly and looked back. Vegita had turned his attention away from her for a moment, towards the floor. What are you doing ? she asked silently. Turning slowly all the way, his very presence beckoned her.

There it was again. Complete silence. This time it really got to him. Vegita couldn't stand it. Grunting, he looked up again only to find the same strange look of Bulma's face. It was unreadable, at least to him. Something he's never seen before. A look that she would never give him at all.

Bulma took two steps towards him. Bulma.....Bulma no....stop.... Her mind started to warn, but it seemed her feet didn't listen. Her hands found their way to her hips, the towel resting around her neck. Her lips parted," You look tired."

Vegita blinked for a moment. She should have countered with some insult about how small his brain was and how inconceivable Saiyajins were by now." Take a picture, it lasts longer." he snorted." What the hell is it to you baka ?"

" Nothing." she almost snapped." Nothing at all." Bulma took another step and she was this time, almost a few little steps from right front of him.

Vegita's eyes wandered around the gentle sway of her hips, following them. All of a sudden he wanted was to slap himself. What the ?!

Bulma's voice broke through his thoughts." You just look a bit tired, that's all." she managed out. She looked down at him, her eyes wandering around the structure of his strong shoulders.....

Vegita tried shutting his eyes while looking down, to see if that would work against the compelling curves of her hips. It didn't work and in a few seconds, he found himself getting angry at her. He didn't know what for, he eyed her sharply with suspicion." What do you want ?" he snapped harshly.

Bulma ignored his tone." Too tense." she said lightly as she moved more beside him than in front. Then she smirked." Even you big, bad, Saiyajin Princes need to relax after being in the hospital."

Vegita snorted, not acknowleding that he needed an excuse to look away from her." You know nothing about Saiyajins, woman." He scowled deeply." You'll never understand even if you die trying."

Bulma rolled her eyes defiantly and walked so she was right beside one arm of the chair. She looked softly at the side of his head, the way his hair disobeyed any form of neatness. Like fire it flew up in rage almost. But then again, he wouldn't look right if he did change his hair.

The very presence of her rocked his senses. Vegita wondered what was so compelling about her. His eyes fixed on her and not letting her out of his sight, even if she was almost behind him. He faced front but still kept watch to what she was up to. He could smell her very scent. Human, weak, but strangely it made his stomach flutter once.

Touching the arm of the chair softly, her fingers swept it's surface a couple of times before she spoke." I understand more than you know, Vegita." she replied, the tone of voice that rang in his ears even if it was low." As you know, I do have to live with one."

Before Vegita could utter a word, Bulma had softly nudged him forward and found a way to squeeze in behind him. It was a bit tight, for Vegita had not made space for her to move in.

Vegita wanted to turn around but he couldn't, there really wasn't enough space. Sure, he could've just stood up and yelled at her but he was kept seated. It was like something was keeping him strapped to the chair. But other than that, he didn't know what the hell Bulma was doing. Hadn't she realized that she had just invaded his personal space ? He allowed no one to ever get this close to him. It wasn't right, he was Prince Vegita. But still......

Bulma saw the suspicious eye that he gave her. No, it was deeper than that, more menacing. She could feel the wetness his clothes brought to the chair combined with what wet clothing she had on too. It was like she was surrendering to some force that couldn't be identified.

Vegita felt her squirm close to him. He was tempted to turn all the way around and demand what was going on until he felt something else. Vegita looked down towards the sides of his legs. Bulma's legs had parted to allow his waist to fit in between, one leg on each side. He felt he couldn't speak. Now this was starting to puzzle him but at the same time, interest him even if he didn't know it.

Bulma settled behind him as best as she could, somehow hoping that he wouldn't decline. She wouldn't call this 'experimenting'. That wasn't it, but she didn't know what was.

" Wha- !"

Bulma's hands on his shoulders hushed him at once. The Saiyajin Prince had never have done to him before. Slightly, Bulma saw his shoulders hunch forward as soon as she leaned forward enough to speak in his ear.

Vegita kept his breathing steady, his hands in his lap, but both starting to clench into fists each on each leg. It was by now, he wanted to take her neck in his hands and-

" Vegita." Bulma spoke softly." If you're Saiyajin enough, or if that's the word I'm looking for, you'll cooperate and grant one little thing."

" Woman, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into." he growled but kept seated. " I recommend you take your hands off me now or face a slow agonizing death."

Bulma sighed with annoyance quietly. Even if Vegita was as powerful as he was, she knew for a fact he probably wouldn't do away with her. He said too many times that " she wasn't worth wasting precious energy over ". But she wasn't afraid of him, she didn't know why. Maybe it was this thing with living with him.

Bulma smirked and leaned closer, defying him as much as she could." Just what I thought, you wouldn't take it. How typical of you Vegita. You don't know what exactly is up for you, it's already enough I have to put up with your stubborn ignorance. Typical, what you don't know, you hate."

Vegita gritted his teeth. What sort of challenge was she putting up against him now ? She was leading him somewhere. An invitation in disguise ? No, it couldn't be. Bulma would never do that. As far as he knew, she hated him enough to throw him out long time ago, if she could, that is. But, this, this was something he wanted to overcome. No matter what it was, he wasn't going to let her have the satisfaction of watching him turn down one of her annoying challenges. No matter how annoying, he always looked forward to topping her, excluding the other times when she topped him.

Bulma's smirk grew wider at the sense of silence. Vegita must have been pondering about this. Her hands slid down his back slowly and stopped at where the armor ended at his waist.

She looked up again." So......what, Vegita ? You rush into battles with no time to spare but this........this you have to think about ? I thought Saiyajin Princes weren't like that." Bulma knew she was starting to taunt him." If you could remove this." her hands softly explored the bottom of the armor." Maybe, you're not as ignorant as I think. Could you be 'Saiyajin' enough to prove me wrong ?"

Vegita's eye twitched, his teeth grinding. How dare she ! How dare that lowly earth, human woman provoke him like that ! Well, if she thought she was going to have that satisfaction, she had another thing coming.

" Whatever you're doing, woman, you have no idea. You baka, you're playing with fire." Vegita hissed menacingly.

Out of nowhere, Bulma suddenly felt a deep satisfaction grow within her. Vegita had moved forward, a bit roughly so her hands were not in contact with him anymore. Making a small growling noise, Vegita harshly pulled the armor vest over his head and let it drop to the floor with a thud beside the chair.

Bulma hid her flinch. She didn't know that what armor Vegita wore, sounded so heavy to wear. It must've been weighted just like the garments Goku used to wear in training.

Other than that, Bulma watched him from the back. The terrain of his hard back muscles already visible through the blue fabric which was wet from the rain.

It seemed now her small request was more than fulfilled, Vegita had removed his gloves and his shirt along with the armor. Her eyes widened at the structure of his body. So well built and..........perfect.

Her stomach fluttered once, Bulma realized that this was only the back that she was observing, the front could be more.......interesting.

Bulma ! What the hell are you doing ?! He's right, you are playing with fire. Don't go any further ! Tell him that you made a mistake ! Walk ! What her mind was telling her, it didn't seem to flinch her actions.

Vegita let his shirt drop to the pile beside his feet. He sat back but not all the way. He tried to convince himself over and over again that this was nothing. Just a stupid game or a challange that she had in mind. But he neglected to acknowledge that he was apprehensive but intrigued.

Bulma noticed that he had moved away slightly from her. Smirking once more, she didn't want to give him that space. She shifted forward against him, her legs regaining their place alongside his legs.

Vegita blinked. Whatever she had in mind, it involved contact. That was what puzzled him. Bulma hated him, why would she go as far as to touch him, to be close to him.

Last warning, her mind echoed loudly at her. In fact it screamed at her but it was no use. She was mesmerized as her hands made their way up to his neck.

Just in case she did anything, anything at all, Vegita prepared himself to strangle her but instead felt cool hands set on his neck, the sudden motion was strange.

There....... Bulma now had both hands, moving in fluid motion together. It turned out he really was tense. It was actually hard to do this. His body signaled all those years of harsh, brutal training but was scuplted into power. It was easy to guess that he didn't have anything like this back on Vegitasei.

The sensation was starting to envelope him. Vegita found himself trying to fight it. But how could he ? It felt.......good. The full rhythm of Bulma's hands but his stubborness prevented him from relaxing all the way. He found it strange and his Saiyajin pride told him that this was not to be tolerated. A lowly earth woman with her hands on him, but he continued to allow it.

Bulma was starting to lose herself in concentration. The last part of her mind that was still balking at her to stop all contact with the Saiyajin Prince had hushed. Now it was more like a force that drew her closer, or told her to not mind that she touched his neck in such a way to comfort him from his stay at the hospital.

The sensation had begun to overtake him fully. Vegita started to relax against his will. His mind screamed at him to stop her, but the rest of his body allowed Bulma to go on. His eyes became half lidded, almost closed to the rhythm of her hands against his damp skin.

Massaging his neck was just like trying to mould thick steel wires. It was almost impossible and that's how she knew that Vegita wasn't all the way relaxed. But Bulma kept sure that he would relax soon enough. It was starting to show, the way Vegita had moved back towards her slightly for more of this sensation.

Bulma smiled quietly to herself and continued from his neck to his shoulders again. She was so absorbed, she didn't realize she had leaned over quite a bit.

Vegita's breathing became more relaxed, he felt he had forgotten the trip here and the mini verbal sparring session with her. It was just them as the rain continued outside.

The rain created quiet sounds against the window, as if asking nicely to be let in. Vegita's eyes had opened slightly to look down at his lap. His fists were no longer clenched but Bulma's legs had shifted into gentle pressure, squeezing him between her legs softly. And what's more, the skirt she had been wearing had rode up her legs nicely to reveal most of her thighs.

Her breathing had become soft but noticable to his ears, she was very close now.

Such a beautiful body........don't these Saiyajins ever stop training ?.......Vegita..........why am I not stopping ? Bulma's concentration had stopped her from noticing how close exactly she had become, only the quiet noise that almost sounded like purring from Vegita's lips. That, she could tell now, he was feeling it.

So close, Vegita could feel her warm breath against his skin. It had been turned into small heaving, as with every heave her breasts brushed against his back to signal how close she was. And Bulma didn't even have clue what other feeling she was giving him. Vegita didn't want to acknowledge that this little contact matter was starting to get to him and he was beginning to get hard.

The room had become extremely quiet but both of them could still hear each other's breathing. It became a rhythm altogether.

Vegita opened his eyes all the way and suddenly felt warmth seep into his cheeks.

Bulma stopped, moving from his neck and hands coming to rest in their place on his shoulders. She detected a slight change in his form. She craned her head to the side, just enough to see just a little of the side of his face. She couldn't believe what she saw, or what she was seeing. Could it be ? It made her grin softly but with deep interest now.

Bulma leaned over more, so that her lips were right beside his face. Vegita's eyes darted to the side a soon as he felt her warm breath tickle his ear." Vegita...." she spoke softly, it was almost a whisper." Are you blushing ?"

That caught him practically dead. Vegita was struggling for something to say. There was a sudden pause." What the hell are you talking about ?" he tried to scowl. Now, that didn't come out as planned at all. It sounded like his voice almost cracked at the end. It was by then Vegita had gone through millions of creative curses in his mind.

But at once, Bulma's hands had run down his back to explore the terrain of warm flesh of his chest. She ran her fingers along the clean inviting lines of his built stomach. And they travelled lower to brush the hem of his pants.

" Just how tired are you ?" she addressed him again.

Vegita didn't really know what that meant. Bulma's lips had closed gently around his earlobe. Looking down, her hands were exploring both his stomach but mostly the place where the hem of cloth was. Vegita inhaled slowly. A small but gentle bite on his earlobe from Bulma had caused his stomach to waver.

" I don't get tired." he managed out as best as he could.

Bulma smiled softly." I knew you would say that." Instead of plunging further into the hem, she surprisingly removed herself from the chair. Making enough space, she got out from behind him and stepped out onto the floor.

All at once Vegita became wide-eyed. What the hell was she doing now ? Her every move was engraved in his mind, confusing him, captivating him and yet the sudden removal of contact annoyed him.

Bulma walked a few steps away from Vegita to gather herself.What's wrong with me ?...Do I really want to do this ? Bulma then turned around slowly to face him. His expression was unreadable. An expression she had never seen before. A mixture of anxiety, desire, annoyance, curiousity.......and need.

But he just looks so.......wonderful in such a way, I can't explain it. But by Kami, he is beautiful. Bulma commented him through her thoughts, gazing at his bare torso. Whatever feels right.......what does ? Does this ? Bulma couldn't decide anymore. She felt one part of her desired the Prince in front of her more than anything else in the world but the other feeling scared. It's now or never. But whatever I decide balking won't do any good. Bulma decided a bit nervously.

Vegita stared at her curiously now. He couldn't placed what she was thinking of pondering. More like a decision. He just wanted to know.

Bulma silently walked forward so she stood just a few small steps in front of him. Since Vegita was sitting down, he looked up at her. Bulma's felt herself reach for the hem of her shirt. She pulled it up over her stomach and over her head, brushing the wet fabric with her wet hair. Her thumbs hooked on to the hem of her skirt, and undergarments followed close behind. All items of clothing now on the floor in a soggy pile.

Vegita stared, almost wide-eyed. He fought hard but it was no use as his eyes trailed, helplessly down her glorious form.

Bulma exhaled slowly, feeling the air around her damp skin. A small nervous feeling left her stomach as she stood bare in front of the Saiyajin Prince. She saw the look on his face changed. It was more of surprise and it was like he wanted to pinch himself to make sure this was real.

.....Beautiful....... Vegita's mind whispered softly. It was then he never realized how much he wanted her. And this was happening." You're the most hideous thing I've ever seen." his voice a breathless whisper.

Normally Bulma would rage and flare at him but now, she knew she didn't need to. Something just told her to understand and Bulma felt she did. She took a few more steps towards him.

Vegita reached out to touch her, his thumb stroked the inside of her hip, mesmerized by her splendor. Bulma leaned forward into his touch but making her way towards him by sitting on his lap, one leg on each side, kneeling and facing him. Bulma's scent had filled him as his hands secured her slim waist.

Bulma couldn't imagine such desire and need radiating from Vegita's eyes, they had gone bottomless. She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning into him as much as she could and locking their lips together.

Bulma made the kiss fiery, passionate. She just couldn't help it anymore. Bulma hadn't yearned for someone more than this before, not even Yamucha.

Vegita wanted this. He wanted to more than he could ever explain, but there was always the other side. His pride and arrogance. He felt he shouldn't let himself be enveloped by these weak human emotions. To go forward now is to never turn back. And so he pondered within himself, not sure whether he should.

Bulma kissed him hard but after awhile noticed that Vegita was only responding a little. Disappointed, she pulled back from him. A look of troubled confusion and disappointment on her face." What's wrong ?" she asked.

Vegita looked at her, another unreadable expression. He opened his mouth but then it looked like he was struggling for words. Vegita ? Speechless ? Now that was not normal. " Woman, you....."

" Tell me you want this." she said after looking down. Her eyes shone into his like a clear blue light into his soul. It was full of sincerity.

Vegita reached up to stroke her jaw." I...."

" You're not exactly running away." Bulma said again. She had noticed Vegita had closed his eyes in thought.

What is wrong with me ? I can't let her do this......but she's just so.......beautiful......I can't....I don't know.....Bulma......I..... Vegita opened his eyes once more to see her, his mind had not lost the thought that she was without any piece of clothing in his arms.

Vegita paused then inhaled." I want this.......I want you." he said in a low voice. Vegita didn't give Bulma any chance to answer after that. He had pulled her in the most deep kiss.

Passion encirled through her veins as she kissed his with equal deepness. Bulma felt every inch of her body was satisfied with his kiss. And something tied them together and it told them nothing was ever going to be the same.


The rain patted softly against the window panes soothingly. It didn't disturb the ones who slept peacefully on the couch.

Vegita wrapped Bulma in his arms tightly as though protecting her even when asleep. So nobody would pry between them and take her away from him.

Bulma's head rested in the hollow of his shoulder with the same intention as his.

Vegita knew he had been changed forever. And so had Bulma.



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