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MY FICS By adimra

Til Death Do You Part
(PG-13) An alternate universe in which Vegeta is sent to Chikyuu for reasons other than what he expected.

My Pleasure My Pain
(R) What if Kakarotto completed his Chikyuu mission? What if losing the one person he cared about as a child made Vegeta the cold Prince that he is? What if this person was Bulma?

Never Been Kissed
By Chibi K
(PG) Ok, I know what you're thinking. This is supposed to be the section for my fics, but I just had to do this. Chibi K is so sweet and wrote an A/U from my A/U, "My Pleasure My Pain." Read the author's note for when this takes place, but I will tell you that this is soooo cute!

His Blue Angel
(R) Just a SNIPPET of what is to come. No where near finished.


Contest #1 fics
B/V Fics inspired by the Contest Fanart Submitted.
Contest ended February 24th, 2001.
Winner was Lisalu's 'Chikyuu.'

Contest #2 fics
B/V Fics inspired by Mythological stories.
Contest ended Auguest 11th, 2001.
Winner was Toshiba's 'Huntress.'

Contest #3 fics
B/V Fics inspired by this image.
Contest ended January 27th, 2002.
Winner was Lisa Starr's 'Bushido.'

Contest #4 fics
B/V Fics inspired by Shakespearean works.
Contest ended September 19th, 2002.
Winner was Rev Kurame's 'Silence Her With My Tongue.'

Contest #5 fics
B/V Fics inspired by the American 1920's.
Contest ended May 23rd, 2003.
Winner was Gwendy's 'What Matters Most.'


Chains and Shackles
By EOC and Toshiba-san
(NC-17) Please heed the rating. Somehow, the proud Prince of Saiyans is stranded on Gaia, wearing a ki dampening collar and enslaved by a certain blue haired "Mistress."

The Awakening Saga
By Toshiba-san
(NC-17) LEMON A/U. Bulma works in a department store and Vegeta has been sent to her by the Lord of Hell to complete a certain task.

The Torrents of Greed *05/16/05 Chapter 2 - REVISED & Chapter 3 - NEW*
By Toshiba-san
(R) Loosely based on the 'Scarlet Pimpernel.' Vegeta is reluctantly married to the very symbol of his greatest enemy. Her former lover comes back into her life with a mission from his master, who in turn holds the life of someone dear to her in the balance.

The Memories of Spirit and Sword
By Toshiba-san
(PG-13) Inspired by Contest #3. Toshiba takes an interesting perspective on the term "Showgirl."

What You Will *05/16/05 Act II*
By Toshiba-san
(R) Inspired by Contest #4 - Toshiba's version of "Twelfth Night" in an A/U DBZ setting.

The Red Dragon Tetralogy
By Lisalu
(NC-17) After the Buu Saga, an old enemy returns to destroy the Saiyajins of Chikyuu and take over the universe with the help of the Red Dragonballs. Just what are these Red Dragonballs? Who is this old enemy? Read and unravel the incredible universe that Lisalu has created.

World Enough and Time
By Lisalu
(NC-17) Lemon content. An A/U in which after the destruction of Earth, Bulma joins the Saiyans in the fight against Freeza. Just a warning: The prologue might freak you out a bit, but be assured that it IS a B/V fic.

A Glad Day
By Lisalu
(NC-17) Lisalu's very DARK version of the often-used theme of "Bulma is taken to Vegita-sei as a slave and catches the eye of the Saiyan no Ouji."

By Jita-Kun
(NC-17) Woo hoo, another alternate universe. Major LEMON! Bulma goes to Vegitasei to take over the Science Division, and while there she gets frustrated by a Prince and seduced by a 'mysterious' man.

Chikyuu Captive: Captive Prince
By Mikami
(NC-17) LEMON. The continuation to the very first Bulma-becomes-Vegeta's-slave-on-Vegitasei fic. The original was a one shot lemon written by EOC and Nova and can be found at the Lemony Additions (in the links section).

If I Dreamed
By Michika Tenshi
(PG-13) An alternate universe that you MUST read. It begins with the Saiyans having conquered Chikyuu, and it just gets better from there.

Fear of Reality
By Michika Tenshi
(R) The SEQUAL to 'If I Dreamed.' What you've all been waiting for!

Twisted Souls
By Meiko
(PG-13) Vegeta makes the wish he's always wanted, but how does that affect Bulma?

Shattered Realities
By Meiko
(PG-13) The sequal to 'Twisted Souls.' Need I say more?

Project: Genesis
By Meiko
(R) An alternate universe stemming from a DBZ episode. Try and guess the episode. Hint: it took place on Namek ~_^

Dreams of Thee
By Meiko
(NC-17) It's an A/U (gotta love 'em) that takes place on Vejiitasei. Vejiitasei is sharply divided by beliefs and politics. Bulma is a slave of Freeza, who has arrived on Vejiitasei to attempt a treaty with the King. Our beloved Prince falls head over heels for the blue haired human and has to choose between all he has ever believed to be true or her.

Ashes to Ashes
By Meiko
(R) The Sequal to the above 'Dreams of Thee,' picking up a couple of months after the last chapter of 'Dreams'.

Ryuu no Nakeru
By Meiko
(R) Inspired by Contest #3, but not an entry. The title translated means 'Tears of the Dragon.'

By Tinni
(PG-13) A/U B/V fic (I can never get enough ^_^). Earth is purged and Bulma, Goku and Gohan are sent to Vegitasei.

By Tinni
(PG-13) Cursed by a witch and left to live a lonely, invisible life, Vegeta is about to have some company.

Who Says We're Too Young To Love?
By Princess Panchii
(PG) A/U B/V get together that takes place in High School.

By Princess Panchii
(R) Follows a 'what if Earth was destroyed and Bulma's the only survivor' pattern, only Bulma doesn't turn out to be a slave.

The Probe Saga
By Lil Songbird
(PG) A B/V get together but not your usual one. This one involves a new threat before the androids as well as some Mirai Trunks.

The Machine Planet Saga
By Lil Songbird
(PG) The sequal to 'The Probe Saga,' taking place 4 years after it ends.

Echoes of the Past
By Demara
(PG-13) A descendent of an alien race nearly destroyed in a Saiyan purging mission comes to Earth to seek vengeace on the remaining Saiyans.

My Last Breath
By Kiore
(PG-13) Vegeta made a promise to Bulma? Will he sacrifice everything to keep it?

Strength of Love
By Marau-chan
(PG-13) My first hosted crossover. In this get together, Bulma and Vegeta accidentally end up in the world of the X-Men (movie universe).

The Blue Saiyajin
By Dark Angel
(NC-17) Bulma is a full blooded saiya-jin and was born that way, but she has her same coloring and her same attitude. The story is set on Vegita-sei and Bulma has just become fair game...

What's One Day?
By Dark Angel and Tsukiakari
(NC-17) On Vegitasei, an unexpected turn of events leads Bulma down a path that she has to take head on. While Vegeta is firmly set on achieving his destined position as the Saiyajin King, he finds a little surprise.

By Harial
(R) A/U What happens when a beautiful Blue Haired Pirate attacks a ship that has a certain flame haired Captain. She takes him to Paradise. (Literally!)

Innocence to Insolence
By Mattel
(R) A Lemon Scene in the end. An A/U where a very young Bulma is sent to Vegitasei to study.

A Life of Lies
By Cato Negro
(PG-13) The sayians waited 3 years for Kakarot to take over earth but they find that he doesn't succeed. King Vegeta decided that there must be a great force strong enough to hold off the sayian boy so they sent an older sayian to do the job. Meanwhile, a strange little sayian girl (hint, she has blue hair) was training when someone interrupts. If you want to know what happens next.....you are just going to have to read it!

Games of an Innocent
By Lina Dragon
(NC-17) Mature and lemon content. A/U B/V starting when they're teens. Bulma is in search of that 'special' man and gets more then she bargains when she meets the Saiya-jin Prince, who has traveled the universe in search of all kinds of technology (albeit grudingly being of such a proud Race) that would aid his people battle against Freeza. In Chikyuu he finds what he needs through the help of Dr. Breifs (he builds him the gravity mechanism, eventually) and a little extra when he meets Bulma ^_~

The Rising
By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) Definite LEMON Content. An ancient evil is awoken and it is up to the legendary saiyan to defeat it. Vegeta will have to defeat his inner demons to do it and he will also have to deal with his very real feelings for Bulma as her life hangs in jeapordy. Involves some other DBZ warriors.

Shattered Tranquility
By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) The Rising's sequal which has the reawakening of Setihamentep and the coming home of Vegeta to Bulma a few months after the Cell games. About two years beyond the original events in 'The Rising.'

Beyond This Day
By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) LEMON content. The Briefs are killed as Frieza finishes his take over of the universe, leaving Bulma to be raised as a Princess on another planet. She knows nothing about her true past on Earth, however her family is entering into a dangerous alliance with the Saiyans to try to bring Frieza's hold on the universe to an end.

Saiya-jin Storm
By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) A tie-in to fill the missing years between Beyond This Day and Conquest

By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) LEMON content. The sequal to 'Beyond this Day'.

No Time
By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) LEMON and dark subject matter. Alternate universe taking place during the Android saga, that has Gero attepting a complete takeover of the world using 17 & 18 plus some new technological terrors and it is up to the remaining Z warriors to hold him off, but that will prove difficult since Goku's strength is gone, a side effect of the heart virus and even Super Saiyajin Vegeta is no match for them...not too mention a spector from Vegeta's past is on his way.

Siege *05/16/05 NEW*
By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) Sent by Freeza to quell the Chikyuu-jin rebels, Vegeta captures their greatest assassin, a young woman as deadly and damaged as himself. Through her and the resistance, he seeks to regain the honour he lost with the death of his planet.

Changes Throughout Time
By Mason
(PG-13) Vegeta, along with Trunks and Mirai Trunks, travel back in time to when the Freeza/Namek Saga takes place. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm two Vegetas ^_^!

By RachelJane
(R) Yamcha and Bulma are fighting yet again, much to Vegeta's amusement! But things soon turn nasty and Bulma finds an unlikely hero....

A Love of My Own
By Lady of the Night
(NC-17) Mature and Lemon Content. Major alternate universe - Bulma is a Saiyan and grows up in a bordello.

By Sango
(R) Mature Content. Another Bulma/Vegeta story with a slight twist. Something unexpected changes their perception of each other (and Yamucha actually isn't a cheating jerk). Not A/U, but not your typical get-together, either...

By Sango
(R) In the dead of night, the spectre of Vegeta's horrific past rises to torment his unsettled present with taunts of an ominous future. A one-shot interlude between Unexpected and the upcoming Unbreakable...

Vegeta Nibunnoichi
By Sango
(PG-13) An unfortunate event causes Vegeta to turn into a cute, red-haired, female version of himself when splashed with cold water. Hot water restores his true form...until the next time. Toss in a SSJ panda, a piglet, and a ki-mallet-wielding fiancee...

Bulma and the Beast
By Nova
(NC-17) LEMON content. Vegeta, Nappa and Radditz all come to Chikyuu at the same time and a certain beauty captures the Prince's attention.

By Elena
(PG-13) This story focuses on the growing relationship between Vegeta and Bulma. When something bad happens to Bulma's parents and she falls ill will Vegeta save her from this nightmare or will he leave???

Dancing Mad
By Vejichan
(PG-13) This fic is an Alternate Universe where Vegeta is born in a very different way, or created would suit him better. He's raised by his father, who is actually a caring father.

Heaven's Gate
By Fallen Angel
(NC-17) The sequal to the one shot 'A Million Times Over,' Bulma's newest invention crosses the boundaries of the living and the dead.

Vegeta/Bulma's Confusion
By Ravyn Night
(NC-17) Major LEMON. A very HOT B/V get together, with Vegeta having a hard time dealing with his emotions.

Bonds of Destiny
By Kimberly
(NC-17) LEMON content. A B/V type get together, looking at the aspect of bonding and coming to terms with one's feelings.

The Dream Within
By Mela989898
(NC-17) LEMON content. An AU where instead of the humans on earth being weak and fragile, they are strong and fighters, like the Saiyans and instead of the Freeza having the Saiyans work for him, the humans did, that is until he destroyed their world and took along three survivors.

By Saiyan Butterfly
(PG) Bulma is the goddess of Vegetaseiís moon. She has often watched the prince of Vegetasei from afar, but one day she descends to Vegetasei and finally meets her prince. But contact between the people of the moon and Vegetasei is forbidden! Can their love possibly triumph over these odds?This is sort of a parody of Sailor Moon and the stuff that occurred in the Silver Millennium.

Pride and Honor
By Gitasluv
(R) A/U get-together. Bulma and Vegita have a one night stand, but will that be it? They both must sacrifice something big if they ever plan on ruling one happy planet together.

Finding Venus
By Persephone's Rage
(NC-17) While on a mission to Chikyuu, Vegeta discovers that Bulma is the secret to his transformation into the Super Saiya-jin. He takes her with him back to Vegetasei, and things soon become complicated...

The Fast and the Furious
By ~Scrambled Thoughts~
(NC-17) When Bulma moves into a new city and runs into a group of streetracers, will she succumb to the temptation of the lead racer? Or will his fiery attitude keep her away?

The Blue Haired Woman and Her Prince
By Cassie
(NC-17) What if? What if Vegeta had a mate long before he had met Bulma? What if that mate had died at the hands of Freeza? What if his mate mysteriously re-enters his life. How will Bulma compete against the former Sayain Princess? Can Vegeta finally put Kakkarot in his place. Will the Silver Sun Medallion make all there dreams come true or is it a curse. As the battle of the century takes place the battle of the hearts do as well.

By Rev Kurame
(PG) Based on 'The Twelfth Night,' and inspired by Brandy's 'Twelfth Night' fanart entry (contest 4), Bulma dresses up as a man to be a page in Vejita's court. She is only supposed to 'work' for him, but will she fall for the proud Duke?

The Sinister One
By Daniela
(PG-13) Set in the XIX century, Bulma is on a voyage to reach Honolulu, and meets Vegeta Royston, the English renegade that saves her from a terrible storm.

The Seal of Precious Stone
By Jadelnino
(PG-13) Taking place back in China during the Han Dynasty in 206 B.C., after Prince Vegeta defeated the Qin army in the valley of Wei, he meets Bulma during his search for the Seal of Precious Stone.

Meant to Be
By Blue Siren
(NC-17) After her planet falls, Bulma is taken back to Vegitasei as a slave. Living for a few years in relative peace, it comes to an abrupt end when she meets the Saiyan no Ouji, whom gets engaged to someone close to her, bringing her quiet life into chaos.

A Mission Failed, A Heart Discovered
By Kaibun
(NC-17) What if Vegeta was just a bad-tempered earthling with extraordinary strength and powers? What if it was Bulma, Princess of the entire Saiyan race who threatened the earth? What if a certain flame haired male caught her attention? What if he kept her from this mission?

Frieza's Plan
By Tweetyboo
(PG) Frieza is running out of Saiyans as warriors to purge for him. How far will he go, or rather try to go, to get another?

By Mariah Ashley
(PG) Bulma is a foster, who's parents real parents died in a plane crash when she was four years old. She is looked down upon because of her blue hair and the figure she has yet to develope. Vegeta, is a jock who has disliked and criticized Bulma since her childhood. He is throughly disgusted at Bulma's un-attractiveness, and tells her so....

Mind Games
By Bulma16
(R) An Alternate Universe Romance fic in which the King of all Saiyans is in search of a female worthy enough to rule as Queen. Find out what happens when a certain loud mouthed blue haired female catches his attention...and finds out that the only way she can get her freedom is to first bear his heir!

Under Different Circumstances
By Bulma16
(R) Would Bulma and Vegeta end up together if they're brought up under different circumstances? In this fic, Bulma is a ruthless killer and Vegeta is a bit more 'humane'.

With One Last Breath
By Bunni
(PG-13) After an argument with Vegeta, Bulma goes out for a drive in her car to think. What happens when she doesn't return that one night? Angst/Drama.

By LavenderGoddessV
(NC-17) Vegeta, the chivalrous Saiya-jin king, takes the young princess Bulma as his ward to protect her from the harsh treatment of her father. Will this arrangement blossom into something more intimate? Or will a foe from Vegeta's past get in the way?

By LavenderGoddessV
(NC-17) After five years of living as a slave to Brolli, Bulma experiences her first chance at possible freedom when she makes an unholy alliance with Vegeta-sei's newly crowned king. Will these two emotionally scarred beings find peace with one another, or will a rising civil war cost them everything?

By JZero
(R) Bulma is a depressed Mermaid, Vegeta hates life (what else is new?) and throw in Cell for fun. During the beginning of the Cell saga. Need I say it's an A/U? The rest can explain itself.

Sole Suriviors
By Queen Saiyajin
(NC-17) What if Frieza had killed everyone on Namek except for Bulma and Vegeta? Alone together, will Vegeta allow Bulma to see his true self? Will Frieza's return mean the end of their idyllic solitude, or a chance to finally set right all the evil that Frieza has done? Will the Saiyan Empire be reborn?

After the Kiss
By LisaB
(R) Sequel to "First Date". After their kiss, Bulma and Vegeta give into desire and get more than they bargained for. A canon and realistic get-together.

Everything Happens For a Reason
By Ember
(NC-17) A simple, but well written Bulma and Vegeta get together. This tale starts from a week after Namek is destroyed, and will continue to encompass the whole three years. What happens when Bulma and Vegeta make a trade off to get what they need most?


Make Peace
By Toshiba
(NC-17) A LEMONY interlude before the Cell games. Some issues must be confronted before Vegeta enters the Room of Spirit and Time the second time.

3 am
By Lisalu
(PG-13) A short, sweet fic on Vegeta returning to Bulma after the Cell saga.

Blood Ties
By Lisalu
(NC-17) LEMON. After the Buu saga, Bulma and Vegeta still have some issues to be resolved, but something out side interrupts them.

The Entertainer
By Jita-Kun
(NC-17) LEMON A/U. Bulma takes part in the world's oldest profession.

Innocence Lost
By Jita-Kun
(NC-17) LEMON A/U. It's Vegeta's 18th birthday, and a prank played on him, mocking a certain tradition, backfires.

Cast Away
By Mikami
(NC-17) LEMON. For Vegita and Bulma, words are not needed to heal the pain.

By Mikami
(PG-13) This fic take place after Vegita is hospitalized because of the gravity room situation. Bulma doesn't know what she's getting herself into by coming to visit him.

Glimpse of the Future
By Mikami
(PG-13) An uneventful day for Bulma occurs when she hits Yamucha with a breakup. This leaves her partner-less for an important affair that concerns the future of Capsule Corp. Unknown to her, Dr. Briefs may ask a certain Saiyajin Prince for a favour.

By Mikami
(NC-17) Lemon. Vegita decides to have a little fun at an inappropriate time....for Bulma anyway. He just can't take no for an answer.

Now But Then
By Mikami
(PG) One strange night, Bulma sits alone at the table. Catching sight of Vegita once, but strangely she's unable to take her eyes off him !

By Mikami
(NC-17) Lemon. Vegita's absence from Trunks life angers Bulma to the core. Anger that masks her complete need for him. Almost like magic to her wishes, Vegita comes home........

Third Time a Conspiracy
By Michika Tenshi
(PG-13) Taking place before Bulma and Vegeta are together, a very funny story on "one-upmanship".

Dancing With the Devil
By Michika Tenshi
(NC-17) First place to EOC's Halloween Challenge, this fic contains some disturbing material. What does the Devil want with Bulma?

Ease My Pain
By Meiko
(NC-17) A bittersweet tale of Mirai Bulma and Mirai Vegeta.

You're Gone
By MiaSanada
(PG) A songfic from Vegeta's point of view.

Goodnight Mom
By MiaSanada
(PG) Mirai Trunks asks the present Bulma some questions.

By MiaSanada
(PG-13) What if Cell had gone after Bulma in the wait before the Cell games?

The Conversation
By MiaSanada
(PG) Before the Cell games, Mirai Trunks does a little eavesdropping, and understands a little bit better his parents' relationship.

By Vespera
(PG) Originally intended for the first contest, this is inspired by Demara's pic. Taking place in the Mirai timeline, Bulma hasn't really accepted Vegeta's death.

Who Wants to Live Forever?
By Lady Lark
(PG) *Tearjerker warning* A songfic based on the song of the same title. It concerns the events surrounding a tragic event in the Brief's family.

Moonlight Confessions
By Lady Lark
(R) Under the light of a new moon, Bulma asks some questions and finally gets some answers

Beyond the Actions
By Silverspine
(PG-13) Taking place at the end of the Buu Saga, Bulma reflects on her feelings and life with Vegeta.

By Shin Dragon
(NC-17) Major LEMON. A B/V get together. By trying to avoid their feelings, a certain "arrangement" is made.

Unexpected Developments
By Shin Dragon
(NC-17) Major LEMON. The sequal to "Both," taking place after the Cell Game.

A Bond For All Times
By Shin Dragon
(R) Some LEMON. Bulma has a sort of premonition and sends Vegeta to Mirai's world to check up on Mirai Trunks and Mirai Bulma.

Run From It
By Bulmaveg_Otaku
(NC-17) Very mature content and a LEMON. Too complicated to describe, you have to read it to understand, but this thriller has blood, gore, suspense and sex. What more could you want?

Look It In The Eye
By Bulmaveg_Otaku
(R) The sequal to the above 'Run From It.' Bulma must deal with the events that took place in the prequal, as well as the feelings involved.

Hanging by a Moment
By Bulmaveg_Otaku
(R) A Bulma and Vegeta get together, sticking very close to the original show. It's based on Funimation's translation.

Bad to the Bone
By Wolfstan
(R) Vegeta acts "bad to the bone" on the dance floor with Bulma.

It's Your Own Fault Vegeta
By Kimberly
(PG) A funny story of the domino effect of one bad and selfish decision Vegeta made.

Vegeta's Family
By Kimberly
(PG-13) This fic is about Vegeta's true destiny.He was born the Prince of the Saiyans but destined to be the King of the Universe ^_^.

By BC13
(PG-13) Bulma goes through a depression and Vegeta pulls her out of it.

By Baconfat
(PG) A what if, involving more B/V encounters on Namek. Gohan and Krillin are off at Guru's, and Vegeta is out searching for Gohan, pissed that his last dragonball was taken. Guess who he finds instead?

Love She Can't Live Without
By Gie
(PG) Songfic. Bulma must make a decision; "Can you live in limbo after tasting heaven?"

Angel In My Eyes
By Gie
(PG) Songfic. A contemplative Vegeta after Buu's defeat. Was his family worth his sacrifice?

Rejection of the Mind
By Marau-chan
(PG) What if Bulma unknowingly rejected Vegeta?

Finding Her Prince
By Marau-chan
(NC-17) LEMON. Bulma's the one who makes the first move ^_^

Interview with the Prince
By Mason
(PG) Gohan has to interview Vegeta for school, but learns a little something about his Saiyan heritage as well as the Prince.

By Jane Lebak
(PG) Bulma tries to cope with the long separation from Vegeta as he trains in space prior to Trunks' birth.

The Things He Can Do
By Jane Lebak
(PG) After the Cell Games end, Vegeta suffers a crisis of conscience as he faces the consequences of his actions.

Flash-Frozen Heart
By Jane Lebak
(PG-13) When Vegeta and Bulma retrieve a Saiyan infant found frozen in a space pod, is this the first step toward rebuilding the Saiyan race, or just an addition to their family?

Here's My Heart
By Veggiegirl101
(PG-13) Yaumcha breaks Bulma's heart . . .

One Sweet Day
By CreamPuff913
(PG) Vegeta must deal with a heartbreaking loss.

A Price to Pay
By CreamPuff913
(PG) The sequal to 'One Sweet Day.'

Ritual of Passion
By Lil Songbird
(R) Bulma and Vegeta participate in a Saiyan mating ritual. Could be seen as taking place after Chapter 9 of 'The Probe Saga.'

Life of Adventure
By Quatre's Luv
(PG) This is from Bulma's POV. How Bulma went though her life, her thoughts, and feelings. Starting from when she met Goku and ending when she has Trunks.

The Kiss
By RachelJane
(R) Mature Content Warning. Vegeta catches Bulma unawares and it shocks her somewhat, but it also unleashes feelings that Bulma didn't know she had - hell, what's a girl to do?

The Gift
By Lisa Starr
(R) A little Lemon. Taking place about a year after Buu's demise, Bulma is celebrating a birthday and remembering a few things from the past. She is kind of depressed and Vegeta is there with a very special gift for her . . .

The Budoukai
By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) Bulma and Vegeta have a small interlude before the arrival of Goku at the Boudaki, and she realizes that he does have deep feelings for her, he is just not ready to confront them yet..

By Lisa Starr
(NC-17) Lemon content. Even after the Buu saga, how free was Vegeta from Babidi's control?

Second Chances
By Lisa Starr
(PG-13) With everyone celebrating the defeat of Majin Buu, Vegeta reflects on his feelings and the second chance he's been given at life.

A Million Times Over
By Fallen Angel
(NC-17) A little Lemon. Told from Mirai Bulma's point of view, what if you really could change the past . . .

What You've Got
By Kira Anne
(PG-13) Trunks is kidnapped, will it bring his parents together?

The Biggest Love of All
By Alex
(PG-13) Vegeta gets confused and believes he doesn't deserve Bulma.

By Auraki
(NC-17) A long A/U one-shot lemon where Bulma, a pleasure slave in Yamcha's harem, meets the Saiyan no Ouji and sparks fly.

By Constance
(PG-13) Vegita misunderstands just what a "masseuse" is and humorous complications ensue.

By PinChajta
(NC-17) What if the Saiyan Prince needs a release from his emotional turmoil?

Earth Shattering News
By Vegeta's Blue-Haired Angel
(PG) What if something unexpected happened at the tournament... and Vegeta didn't only blow up part of the statium.

A Day With Vegeta
By Bulmafox
(PG) What happens when Vegeta drags Bulma with him into outer space to see if Kakarot is related to him?

A New Year's Resolution
By QueenSaiyajin
(NC-17) Vegeta struggles with accepting his love for Bulma even as he pursues his obsession to become a SuperSaiyan. How will these two quests become intertwined? And what will troubling dreams of his mother and father reveal about why the Saiyan Prince is afraid to be weakened by love?

By QueenSaiyajin
(NC-17) Taking place after the first Brolly movie: Vegeta and the others return from their fight with Brolly with a strange fever that brings on irrational behavior. What will a paranoid Saiyan Prince do when his greatest rival Kakarot betrays more than brotherly love for Bulma?

By Shigasu
(PG-13) About Bulma and Vegeta, after the Buu-saga, and how they reconciled their differences through the stages of a ritual known as Py'ar.

First "Date"
By LisaB
(G) Bulma gets cornered into taking Vegeta to a social event. An evening of surprises ensues. You can read the sequel, "After the Kiss" in the above multi chapter section.

Vegeta's Lesson
By Tina Lang
(NC-17) An A/U interlude on Namek. Kidanapped by Vegeta, Bulma decides to teach the Saiyan Prince a lesson he will never forget ...

By debbiechan
(NC-17) After Buu, our favorite couple have some catching up to do!

Anything Good
By debbiechan
(NC-17) Is there such a thing as too much sex? See our favorite couple cope with this urgent issue.

A Father Again
By debbiechan
(R) Vegeta is having an identity crisis as well as having to confront a progesterone-ridden, happy, horny Bulma!

All Stories Are True
By debbiechan
(R) Facing parenting challenges, Vegeta has discovered wu-shu flicks and mastered the art of the "quickie" with Bulma!

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