C O N T E S T #4

All fanfics must be a Bulma and Vegeta romance (obviously) and be inspired by any Shakespearean play or work. It is preferred that you take only the idea or theme of a work, rather than retell it, scene by scene, but you may do the latter if you wish (in your own interpretation), or perhaps a parody. I also encourage you to look at lesser known works rather than the often done Romeo and Juliet.

All fanart must include both Bulma and Vegeta, and be inspired by any Shakespearean play or work, or the fashion of the Elizabethan era. I look forward to see what types of costumes you devise for Vegeta ^_^.


All works submitted must be created for this contest specifically. During the time of the contest, submissions may NOT be hosted anywhere else but FOREVER. After the contest, if you choose to do so, you may host your works elsewhere, though it would be curteous to mention it was made for my contest. Each artist and writer is limited to THREE entries a piece, no more. All entries must be submitted by the deadline dates (mentioned below) and follow the submission guidelines. By the time voting begins, all fanfictions must be complete, or they will be ineligible to win. Chapters may be submitted individually, just as long as they're all in by the deadline date.


Submissions are allowed from May 15th 2002 to Friday, September 6th 2002, Midnight MST time (MST is the same time zone as the Winter Olympics in Utah). Voting begins September 8th 2002 and goes to Thursday, September 19th 2002, Midnight MST.

Deadline dates are subject to change, but they will never end earlier than mentioned. *Note* Dates have been extended by two weeks and now reflect that.


Like all previous contests, contest winners will get a tangible prize. You can view the prizes here.


If you have any questions or concerns please email me at adimra2001@yahoo.com.

To submit a fanart or fanfiction entry, please follow the submissions guidelines for the site, and put "Contest" as the subject.

Good Luck!

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Disclaimer - The images used for this page were taken from the BVD Selection Doujinshi.