Results of the Contest!

Samurai Geisha Ai By: Brandy

Soulmates By: Brandy

Youthful Wishes By: Luci

The Samurai and the Prostitute By: Zero Quartz

The Flowerfire's Night By: Gollumproduction

Vegeta and Bulma By: Okonomiyaki Uchan

Rurouni Saiyan By: Emperor's Sister

The Dragon's Daughter By: Gollumproduction

Veggie and Bulma By: Princess of the Saiyajins

A Blossoming Love By: Ophelia

The Flower By: Princess of the Saiyajins

The Kiss By: Princess of the Saiyajins

Clueless By: Jorieke

Vejiita's Sorrow By: Jorieke

Slain By: Brandy

Celestial Bliss By: Jorieke

Memories By: Saiyan-jin no Kuijo

Geisha and a Tramp By: Lukas Warzecha

The Assassin By: Pinwheel

Rays of the Dragon By: Pinwheel

Bodyguard By: Gwendy

Young Love By: Gwendy

Her Death By: Tsoa

Happiness By: Sora Y

Love Towards Death By: Saiya-jin No Kuijo

Tough By: Pinwheel

Bulma and Vegeta By: Cristal

Untitled By: Cristal

Dream By: Sora Y

The Prince's Showgirl By: Jiggler

Vegeta and Bulma By: Angel Anima

The Young Couple By: Angel Anima

Teenagers By: Gwendy

Healer By: Inei Tenshi

Untitled Black and White Piece By: Inei Tenshi

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