OLD UPDATES - April 6th to August 17th, 2001

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Whew, my final is over and I am free again - for a couple of weeks anyway.
Updated Fics:
Fear of Reality Chapter XII
Allure Chapter 7
No Time Chapter 4
Games of an Innocent Chapter 4
New Art:
Died sent in a pic inspired by the one shot 'Both.'
Actually, it's only 2 stories but I'll try and get more this weekend. One is up in the main doujinshi section and another is found through the hidden link. Both were donated by Lisa Starr, so thank you Lisa ^_^!

Oh and this is to remind everyone that I don't accept new submissions from new authors. If you've been sending me a fic, I'm sorry, but I won't be posting is at this time.

Oh, and one more thing. This is a BULMA AND VEGETA site people. If you keep coming here hoping to see art or fics on other couples and complain when you don't, you're . . . well, you're an idiot. I don't know how much more obvious I can be.

*SECOND UPDATE* - I created a new section called Bulma and Vegeta FAQ's. It's also linked through the main page.

ARGH! Missed the 300 mark by ONE for the fanart votes . . . ONE! The votes are in and a big Congratulations to all entrants, especially to our winners, Died and Toshiba! You all did outstanding work, and I'll be contacting our winners shortly about their prizes ^_^! A BEAUTIFUL effort by all!

Beyond this Day Chapter 11 and
A Life of Lies Chapter 9

Beyond this Day Chapter 10 is up - more updates tomorrow

VOTE for the contest people. If I get 300 votes for both the fanfics and fanart contests, I will be very happy. If not, well, I will be very mad. 700 of you come daily, meaning most of you show hardly any support for the authors and artists hosted here. For those of you who do email favourite authors and artists, I thank you, may good things come your way. To the rest, shame on you for taking us for granted. Yes, I'm in a scolding mood today.

Due to some difficulties yesterday afternoon, I was unable to put the polls up for the contest. Because of this, I have added an extra day to voting, meaning the contest will now end August 11th.

The last of the entries are in, so make sure you read all fanfics before you vote.
Updates are:
Flam Chan submitted a fanart entry
Huntress and For the Love of Death have both been completed
Lady Lark entered Remembrance

I wish all fanart and fanfiction entrants good luck!

Regular Fics:
No Time Chapter 3
Sneak peek of Shattered Tranquility
Heaven's Gate Part 5
Machine Planet Saga Chapter 9
Contest Fics:
Contest ends tonight so there will be more updated fics later.
Fanart by Creampuff
Echoes of the Soul Completed
Beowulf Completed
The Eternal Power of True Love Completed
New Entry - Iron Silence

I've been really busy with assignments and a midterm which is why there was a delay in updating. However, there's a big contest update for you all:
Echoes of the Soul Chapter 3
Fire and Ice Chapters 7, 8, 9
New Fic Love and War
New Fic A Lost Love
New Fic Beowulf

CONTEST ENDS IN TWO DAYS!!!! I want more ART ^_^!

All CONTEST updates:
Fire and Ice Chapter 6
The Eternal Power of True Love Part 3
Huntress Chapter 2

REMEMBER: Contest submissions END in ONE WEEK!

WARNING!!! There is a virus/worm going around with emails (I've received it in hotmail and yahoo). I thank SabreBabe for confirming this, but if any of you receive a huge file that asks you for ADVICE - DELETE it RIGHT AWAY! You may actually recognize the person emailing you (mostly you won't), but do not trust it. The email will say something like 'Hi, I'd like your advice on this file, thanks' but it is infected with a worm. Whatever you do, don't download it. Delete it and then empty your trash.

Meiko has sent in the Epilogue to 'Project: Genesis' - completing the fic
Echoes of the Soul has been updated
Toshiba has entered the contest with 'Huntress.'

A new contest fanfiction (submissions are closing in less than two weeks, so get your entries in)
A Love of My Own Chapter 6 has been uploaded

Lisa Starr has sent in Chapter 2 to 'No Time.'
Get ready to say 'awwwwwwww' because I updated my regular doujinshi page and finally added the stories from "?" (near the bottom of the page). Chibi Vegeta is just soooo cute!

Three new poems by Lady Lark in the poetry section
Tinni has added a submission to the contest
Bonds of Destiny has finally been reuploaded - for those of you who have never read it, check it out

Next update will come Sunday.

Some good updates today:
Fear of Reality Chapter XI
Allure Chapters 3,4,5,6
A Love of My Own Chapter 5
Dancing Mad Chapter 2
Re-uploaded Vegeta's Confusion and Bulma's Confusion, plus Ravyn Night has sent in Chapter 2 of Bulma's Confusion

That's all folks!

Lisa Starr's 'The Rising' is now completed
Shadows Chapter 6 and
Sailing Chapters 2 and 3.
More updates tomorrow night.

Two updated contest fics and Lisa Starr has sent in the beginning of a new tale, called 'No Time.' I would have had more, but hotmail is being a jerk, so I will definitely update tomorrow.

JULY, Friday the 13th
I took, what my friend Jenn likes to call, a "Mental Health Week" off. I'll probably take more in the future. Anyways, updates are:
Beyond this Day Chapter 9
My Last Breath Chapter 9
Unexpected Chapter 11
Heaven's Gate Parts 2 and 3 have been fixed, Part 4 is new
New one shot called 'Hanging by a Moment'
One new Fanart
Fanfic 'The Way I Feel For You' is now completed.

Had me a free Stampede breakfast today ^_^. Mmmmmm bacon, sausages and flapjacks (pancakes for the uninitiated). Even had raspberry juice (odd, but good). Anyhoo, a beautiful doujinshi update today ^_^!

First of all, the *hidden* section has two doujinshis added to it, (those who signed my guestbook might recognize one)

Lisa Starr has donated her doujinshi (it's in the main section) and I've only put up two of the stories so far

Oh, and guess what? Hehehehe, Fallen Angel is such a doll, and has TRANSLATED 'Reminiscences' in the main doujinshi section. Hurray, go and check it out.

This is just an announcement, I'll probably update later tonight. This is for all the submissions or future submissions of my contest. Anything you submit to me for this contest has to be new. It CANNOT be posted anywhere else previous to it being posted on my site. You can post it elsewhere once it has been on my site for a couple of days, but you do have to state that it's for my contest (and you do have to tell me - I have one girl doing this and she checked it out with me first). If I find out that you don't adhere to this, then you will not be eligible for the contest. I'm sorry if I'm being all anal, but it's my contest, so there ;p!

*Real Update*
Chapter 5 of Shadows has been sent in
Updated 2 contest entries
New fic: 'The Biggest Love of All' (one shots)
The sequal to 'A Million Times Over' called 'Heaven's Gate' is up (it's a long fic, though the prequal is a one shot).

Hopefully, tomorrow will be nothing but Doujinshis ^_^!

YAHOOOOO!!! It's Stampede time here in the city of Calgary and for the next 10 days the whole city will be partying. If you're really into Cowboy and Western culture you'd love it. If not, you'd still have a great time (big parade, grandstand shows, pyrotechnics, midway games and rides, free concerts - and we're not talking country ^_^ and FREE breakfasts every day all over the city - I *really* like these). If you ever did want to visit my fair city, the second week of July is definitely a time to come.

Anyhoo, I've only updated one fic and the rest are contest updates.
The Rising Chapter 11 (we're getting near the end ^_^)
Contest updates:
THREE new fanarts ^_^
A new fic by Creampuff
The Way I Feel for You Part 4

*FINALLY* I've added Lisalu's 'Sins of the Fathers' to her mega 'Red Dragon Trilogy.' Oh wait a minute, I guess it isn't a trilogy anymore, not when you've got FOUR parts ^_^!!!

Well, Happy 4th of July to any American visitors. I only updated one thing today, and that's Bulmaveg_Otaku's contest entry.

I'm taking summer classes right now, so my time may get limited at times (did that make sense?). Anyways, ::grins::, I have a small, but *very* nice update tonight. Toshiba has sent in Part 3 of 'Perchance to Dream' in the 'Awakening Saga.' Also, Bulmaveg_otaku's contest entry has been updated with another chapter. Happy reading.

Oh, I was able to see my site on a different browser today and at different resolutions. 600 X 800 is definitely the way to go, and for Netscape users, heh, I'm really sorry. My site doesn't look that crappy or have clashing funky colours if you use Explorer 4.0 or higher.

To all my fellow Canadians out there, I hope you had a good Canada Day yesterday. There's nothing like a long weekend. Anyways, updated fics:
Allure Chapter 2
Shadows Chapter 4
Vegeta: Past and Future Redone Chapter 3
Beyond this Day Chapter 8
and there's a new contest entry (be sure to read the warning).

To all those who've emailed me about links the past couple of days, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you, but I've been to busy too check your sites out. One of these days I'll make a Link update ;p.

Very small update today. Heh, I kinda lost all my mom's money in Mah Jong, but that's ok, the game isn't over yet . . .
Two new poems in the poetry section
Scarlet Butterfly is completed (Chapters 18 and 19)
A Love of My Own Chapters 3 and 4

Oh yes, and to all those who sign my guestbook on my hidden site and leave their email addresses, you'll all get a nice little surprise come Sunday night ^_^!

Edmonton was a blast! Bear with me people, I received a lot of mail and haven't been able to go through it all yet. I only have a few fics to update today, but more will definitely come ^_^.
The Rising Chapter 10
The Machine Planet Saga Chapter 8
My Last Breath Chapter 8
Contest Fic - The Eternal Power of True Love Part 2
New fic - What You've Got in the one shots section

OH, and I got a new guestbook for my 'hidden' site, so PLEEEEASE go and sign it ok? PLEASE >:p

Holy Crap, do I have one hell of an update for all of you today ^_^! This should last you a good long while, especially since I'll be going to Edmonton on Sunday. Anyway, let's get down to business:
Updated Fics:
Beyond This Day Chapter 7 (the greatest birthing scene I have ever read)
Who Says We're Too Young To Love Chapter 10B
Scarlet Butterfly Chapter 17
A Love of My Own Chapter 2
Bulma and the Beast (Reuploaded) Chapter 10
New Fics:
Dancing Mad
A Million Times Over (one shot)
The Budoukai (one shot)
Died coloured her entry
Fire and Ice Chapter 2
New fic - The Eternal Power of True Love
Sango's title pic for 'Unexpected'
Annie's beautiful pic for 'A Glad Day' (it's also in the Table of Contents)
New Poem: 'Was I?' By Jen
2 new stories, however, they're of the 'mature' kind and on my other site. Where is my other site? Well, go to the doujinshi main page, and try and find the hidden link ;p!

I think I've updated practically every one of my sections. ENJOY!

I know I said I wouldn't update but . . . gosh darn it Lisalu, I'm still freaking crying and it's been over a half hour since I finished the damn chapter!!!! A Glad Day Chapter III is out, and it is *easily* the hugest single file I have on my site! Get comfortable and have those tissues ready, and send the bill for a new keyboard if your tears ruined the other one to lisalu@peoplepc.com. How the hell am I going to explain my crying wails, and tear streaked face to my parents?

This is just an announcement, but I'm probably not going to update for about a week.

I've been playing Maj Jong, so I apologize for the delayed updates. Anyway, lots of stuff today. For the contest, there's a new art, a new fic and Lehua has completed her first submission.
Other updates:
Scarlet Butterfly Chapters 15 and 16
The Rising Chapter 9
Who Says We're too Young to Love Chapter 10A
Games of an Innocent Chapter 3
New Fics:
A Love of My Own (both long fics).

I really wanted to do a major doujinshi update tonight, but I was unable too. I will be doing an even bigger update in a couple of hours, but I wanted to get this out to you all first. Some of you have been waiting patiently, and others not so patiently. Well, tonight that wait ends, and another begins because Jita-Kun has sent in Chapter 9 of 'Consequences.' Go read it. Oh, and I'd like to thank Nora for the lovely gift art on the main page. Check back later for more updates, including contest entries ^_^!

Contest: 1 new art, updated Lehua and Flam-Chan's fics
Scarlet Butterfly Part 2 Chapter 14
My Last Breath Chapter 7
1 new donated doujinshi story, 1 new doujinshi from me (just the covers are up).

You're all going to be reading so much in the next few days that your eyes are going to bleed ^_^! There are 2 new contest fanarts, 2 new contest fics, Voyage of the Stars was updated (contest fic), so was Unbreakable Chapter 4, and Beyond this Day Chapter 6 (it is LONG, but very good).

By Sunday night, I'll hopefully have one hell of an update, so stay tuned.

I wanted to do a bigger update today, but I have a headache and don't feel like it (registering for courses is a pain in the ASS!). Anyhoo, there's a contest update today with 2 new fics (and they're not based on Greek myths), as well as 1 new contest art. Also, Meiko has finally updated Part 14 of Project: Genesis, so be sure to check that out.

*Second Update* This is more for the participants of the contest. I uploaded some pictures on what part of your prize will be if you win ^_^! You can check it out in the contest section under the 'Prize' heading (or just click here).

Quite an eclectic update today:
2 new Contest Fanarts
1 new Contest Fanfic
SilverB's Link has been fixed in the Links section
Games of An Innocent Chapter 2
New fic - Vegeta: Past and Future Redone
New fic - Against All Odds: A Saiya-jin's Greatest Conquest.

MAY 31
Lili B has sent in a fanart contest submission ^_^!
For fanfics, today is update Lisa Starr day. This girl can write, and write and write ^_^! Chapter 8 of The Rising is up, as well as Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Beyond This Day.

For all those who have sent stuff into me, I did get it, but I'm really busy so all I could update was the fics today. Don't worry though, I'll get them up . . . eventually (heh).

MAY 30
All I did were contest updates. First of all, someone finally sent in an art submission ^_^. Secondly, there are 3 new fics, and contrary to popular belief, no, Jita-Kun is not dead (though she only wrote a contest fic and not Chapter 9). And for those wondering what the second myth I was looking for was, it was 'Eros and Psyche' ^_^!

Ok, I also added a little section called 'Forwards' and it can be found here. I've been thinking of doing this for awhile now, so it's not just about the people today. I HATE email forwards, so this is just a little warning, and something for all you forward sending lovers to think about.

MAY 28
Ok, this is not a real update, more of an announcement. I'll eventually put this in the rules section of the contest, but from the numerous emails I've gotten I want to clear something up. For the contest, you don't HAVE to follow a mythological story exactly as it is. In fact I'd prefer if you didn't, though it's not completely neccesary. When I say 'inspired,' I sort of mean take the theme of the myth, or even some of the plot points, and then apply it to a Bulma and Vegeta love story.

If you want real life examples, the movie '10 Things I Hate About You' is based on Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew.' Jet Li's 'Romeo Must Die' is a *very* loose interpretation of 'Romeo and Juliet.' Even 'Cruel Intentions' is a modern day 'Dangerous Liasons.' Each counterpart is not exactly alike, but is in fact changed to suit the characters and surroundings of the particular time and place. I hope that's more clear. However, making Vegeta, say, the God of War isn't wrong either ^_^!

MAY 27
Tinni sent in Chapter 3 of 'Shadows' and she rearranged the Prologue a bit.
For the contest, "Love Vrs. the Minotaur" is now completed (it's all as one file though). There's also been a new submission, and yay, it was one of the two myths I mentioned as a good fit for our beloved couple. It's based on Hades and Persephone. Now let's see if anyone else can get the other myth I was thinking about.

MAY 26
Just added one more story to the doujinshi section. It's under B V D Six Nine.

MAY 25
Wow, I actually have a contest submission already. You can go to the contest section or fanfiction section to read it. Today's updates include:
A new Poem
Beyond this Day Chapter 2
Who Says We're Too Young to Love? Chapter 9, and
Scarlet Butterfly Part 2 Chapter 13

HOPEFULLY, I'll have a doujinshi update this weekend ^_^! I still need a translator people, I'll even give you a gift ^_^!

MAY 23
ANOTHER new gift art! I'm so happy, thanks Sabrebabe. For updates today, we have:
My Last Breath Chapters 5 and 6
The Rising Chapters 6 and 7
Unbreakable Chapter 3
The Machine Planet Saga Chapter 7, and
a new fic called 'Beyond this Day'.

Guess what? I'll be having another contest soon ^_^! Hopefully I'll announce the details this weekend.

*SECOND UPDATE* Ok, I couldn't resist. The rules are now up for Forever's second Fanart/Fanfiction CONTEST! Go check them out, I hope for a big turnout ^_^!

MAY 20
I've been really busy this weekend since it's the May Long Weekend (in Canada), so I've been hanging with out of town friends and trying to barbeque in a freak half hour snowstorm. But all is back to normal. The fics that were updated are:
Who Says We're Too Young to Love?
A Life of Lies, and
The Rising

MAY 17
I've been really busy so this update is really short. Toshiba has started another amazing fic called 'The Torrents of Greed,' so you better check that out. I also got a new gift art sent in by Demara which you can see on the main page. That's all for today.

If anyone here can translate the doujinshi I have, page by page, would you like to lend your services to me ^_^? I'll even give you a gift!

MAY 15
Hi all! Well a big thanks goes to Meia for the gift art that you see (it can also be found in the fanart section). Another big thank you to Tinni for the random quote generator on my Fanfiction page. There are 5 quotes from various fanfictions that are generated. So what do I have for you all today ^_^? We'll start with the fics:
The Rising Chapter 4
My Last Breath Chapters 3 and 4
A Life of Lies Chapter 7
Scarlet Butterfly Chapters 11 and 12
Unbreakable Chapter 2
Interesting - reuploaded
Painfully Interesting - reuploaded and added Chapter 3
Changes Throughout Time - reuploaded
Retribution - reuploaded

There is also a new poem in the poetry section



Now go, and enjoy yourselves!

MAY 11
Sorry for the late update people, but I've been busy - well, no, not really ;p. Anyway, my Anniversary is coming up on Tuesday (the 15th), and I've got a treat ready for you all (come back then). For today we have:
A new Fanart
Chapter 1 to Shadows
Chapters 1 to 3 of The Rising
The Sequal to 'Run From It' called 'Look It in the Eye' and that's in the one shots section
Catch you all later!

I reuploaded Tinni's 'Vegitasei.' As for new stuff, there's:
Chapter 6 of the Machine Planet Saga
Chapter 6 of A Life of Lies
New Fics:
The Rising
The Gift (one shot) and
The Kiss (one shot)
There's also new FANART, so go check it out.

1 year, 1 month and 1 day is what it took to write 'Chains and Shackles.' I can't believe how quickly you responded to my threats ^_^, but Toshiba appreciates it, and you can thank her for the early posting of the epilogue (I, being evil, wanted to make you all suffer until Sunday).

AHEM! For over 1 year we have been following the lives of Bulma and Vegeta in the A/U to end all A/U's. Well, tonight it finally draws to a close . . . sort of. Go now and read the final chapter of Chains and Shackles, and don't forget to read the note I have attached at the bottom >:]! I bow to you Oh Great Toshiba San!

3 NEW fics ^_^ (all long ones)!
Shadows By: Tinni
Unbreakable By: Princess Panchii
Games of an Innocent By: Lina Dragon

I'm so HAPPY!!! I passed Finance. I actually did my happy dance after seeing my mark on the board. Anyway, a small update today, but good none the less. I finally got around to posting Michika's 'Fear of Reality' and there's even a new chapter. Chapter 5 of 'A Life of Lies' has also been posted.

Sorry for the delay, I was busier than expected this weekend. There's a new one shot by Lisalu out (yay). It's called 'Blood Ties.'
Also updated were:
Life of Lies
My Last Breath, and
Scarlet Butterfly
Oh, and I got some new fanart by Meia as well. It's a beautiful pic of Bulma in 'A Glad Day.'

Nothing but new stuff for you all today ^_^. There were updates to:
My Last Breath
Who Says We're Too Young to Love
What's One Day
New Fics:
A Life of Lies
The Things He Can Do (one shot)

Come back tomorrow for more goodies ^_^!

I have finals the next 2 days, so the next probable update will be Thursday night. I re-uploaded 5 new fics for today though:
Strength of Love
The Blue Saiyajin
What's One Day?
Innocence to Insolence


Well, I re-uploaded 'Never Been Kissed,' and I actually did some new postings today:
Life of Adventure - one shot
Echoes of the Past - long one, and
My Last Breath - long one.

Time to study for Finance - yay!

I fell down the @#@$%@$ stairs, so now I'm a little banged up and sore. As a result, I only updated Scarlet Butterfly.

WOO HOO, Forever received it's 100,000th hit around 8:45pm MST! Thank you all. In order to show my appreciation, I put up a little snippet of His Blue Angel. It's not even long enough to be considered a chapter, but at least it's something ^_^.

Oh, and Creampuff and Nicola Wheeler sent in some poetry so check it out. I'll do a bigger update tomorrow, as well as begin creating a few more sections (they're not linked yet).


Added Lil Songbird's fics - The Probe Saga, The Machine Planet Saga and Ritual of Passion. My next possible update would be on Thursday night (after evil, evil Marketing), and I'm thinking something good will come to all who wait ~_^.

Technically it's still the 14th, but whatever. I hope everyone's enjoying their Easter, and if you don't celebrate it, I hope you enjoy your Sunday ^_^. My finals start this coming week, so updates might be a little slow. Anyway, I re-uploaded a whole swack of one shots:
Finding Her Prince
Rejection of the Mind
Interview with the Prince
Love She Can't Live Without
Angel in My Eyes
Here's My Heart
My Dark Prince
Vegeta's Family
One Sweet Day
A Price to Pay

I'll start uploading long fics soon enough. If you have a preference, tell me in the messageboard.

How is everybody? I'm in a good mood ^_^.
It took awhile, but 'Bulma's Life . . .' has been reposted, along with its sequal 'Scarlet Butterfly.' In fact the first 5 chapters of Part 2 are new.
Reposted numerous one shots too:
What I Can't Have
Crazy for this Girl
It's Your Own Fault Vegeta
Destiny, and
How's it Going to Be

Wooooo Friday the 13th! And I keep thinking it's Saturday. Anyway the NEW stuff is as follows:
Who Says We're Too Young to Love - Chapters 2 - 6
Bad to the Bone - one shot
Twisted Souls
Shattered Realities
Run From It
Beyond the Actions
A Bond for All Times, and
Unexpected Developments

Hey, how come no one's signing my guestbook :(

I was so upset yesterday. I was home all day, but my internet refused to work properly. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Anyway, I'm at school right now so I can do a mini update. I reposted 'Closed' and have a beautiful new fic by Lady Lark. They're both in the one shots.

I plan on getting the fics that are 'currently down' up soon, and because of requests, I'll try and get Bulma's Life . . ., and Who Says We're Too Young to Love up as well. If you want to see a fic up sooner, go to the messageboard and tell me.

*SECOND UPDATE* I forgot before but, Happy Bermuda Shorts Day! That's what we call the last day of classes here at the University of Calgary, and it's one of the nights I actually allow myself to get sloshed. So, um, don't expect any updates early tomorrow. Anyway, the point of this second update is to tell you all that THE LEMONY ADDITIONS has found a new home!!! You can go to my links page to get to EOC's site, hurray!

My internet connection was screwed up yesterday so I couldn't really update. I added 4 one shots by MiaSanada. From now on, only the fics that are new or have new chapters that were NOT on my old site, will have a 'new' note on my fanfiction page. The Updates page, however, will tell of everything that was put up (I hope that makes sense).

Put up most of Michika's and Meiko's fics. I'll try and tackle the contest fics and art after Mass and The Simpsons, and then tomorrow I'll try and give you all something new.

*Second Update* - The contest fics and art has been put up.

Site now open to the public. Welcome all to the new location of 'Forever.' It's going to take some time before I get things even close to the way they used to be before animenetwork went down the crapper, but at least I'm trying ^_^. My main concern right now are fanfics and I know I have at least 80% of them backed up from the old site. Right now I was only able to update Toshiba's, Lisalu's, Jita's and my fics, but if there are any specific ones you'd like to see up quicker, please go to the message board and state them there.

Just rebuilding the site.