OLD UPDATES - October 3rd, 2000 to March 30th, 2001

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From here onward are updates from my original website before Anime Network shutdown.

Chapter 3 to Meiko's 'Dreams of Thee' ^_^!

A big update to 'Scarlet Butterfly', as well as Chapter 5 of 'The Machine Planet Saga.' There are some new long fics as well: 'Destiny Will Choose,' and 'Sailing.'

*AHEM* Chapter II to 'A Glad Day' is out. That is all.

Happy Birthday to ME ^_^!

I apologize for the lack of updates lately (especially to those authors who have sent me stuff over a week ago). I have a major group Marketing project that's due in 2 weeks, so I'll have practically no free time until then. Hopefully I'll have intermittant updates.
For today I have Chapter IX of I Just Can't Say No, and a new one shot by Laura.

MARCH 16/17
Some excellent reading for today. Two new one shots by Gie, and Nova has sent in Chapter 9 of 'Bulma and the Beast.'

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Beware the Ides of March
Chapter 4 to the Machine Planet Saga, and a new one shot called 'Closed.'

Ok, here's how I'm going to do this. Because I'm way too busy at school to do major updates all at once, I'll try and update a couple of fics every day until everything settles down. For today, there's:
New Fear of Reality Chapter IX
I Just Can't Say No Chapters VI, VIII
New Fics:
Who Says We're Too Young to Love
Laundry (one shot)
Hehe, one more week until my champagne birthday.

Just a very small update since I've got like 10 minutes to get to class. A new one shot called 'Choices,' AND, Chibi K has finally started on her continuation of 'Never Been Kissed,' which was a 'what if' from my 'My Pleasure My Pain.' Did you follow that ^_^. Oh, and I added a bit more to the submission guidelines which sort of explains why I haven't completed updating those 20 fics in my mailbox.

Wow, I'm actually doing an update from school (which is why this is so short). But you're going to love it, for a very long and great Chapter 14 to 'Chains and Shackles' has been posted ^_^.
I have like another 15 fics to update but it's going to take awhile since I hardly have enough time. Please be patient.

Jeepers, you people sent me so much stuff I couldn't update it all tonight. What I have is:
A new pic in the fanart section by Brandy
Updates to:
Young Love
Scarlet Butterfly
Project Genesis (finally ^_^)
New Fics:
My Dark Prince? (one shot)
For Love and Destiny (sequal to Bonds of Destiny) and
What's One Day (another cool A/U).
I have so much more to update, and I'm thinking something very good will be going up tomorrow ~_^.

Well there's a number of new fics today:
Rescued By: MiaSanada (one shot)
A Golden Line By: Stephanie (one shot)
What Started as a Friendship By: Imperfected Angel (long one)
A Lonely Soul By: Veggiegirl101 (long one)
Updates to:
Scarlet Butterfly Chapter 1
I Just Can't Say No Chapters IV, V

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be NO updates for the next week. I am embarking on what the Faculty of Managment likes to call 'Hell Week.' This is more stressful than finals, and I've got four 3 hour midterms to write. I even have a quiz in there so that's like 13 freaking hours of exams in 5 days. I MAY have a single fic update within this week, but if it doesn't come tomorrow, the earliest it will be posted is Wednesday night.

A new fanart by Pamela for the '9 Months Saga'
Part 2 to Retribution has been rewritten and posted
Young Love Chapter 5 Part 2
Together for Eternity Chapters VIII and IX - completed
New Fics:
I Just Can't Say No
Scarlet Butterfly (the sequal to 'Bulma's Life . . .')
Expect another update on Saturday.

Results for the Contest are now posted. A big congratulations to the winners as well as all the competitors. You all did a wonderful job.

Actual updates:
Consequences Chapter 8 (very evil)
Blue Saiyajin Chapter 4
Together For Eternity Chapters V, VI, VII
New Fics by MiaSanada in the One Shots:
You're Gone
Goodnight Mom
I might have more tomorrow, but if not, come back Wednesday.

In exactly one month it'll be my champagne birthday. How can I be getting so old? Anyhoo, a great new link has been added (check out the sweet B/V pictures) and Chapters 52 - 57 of Bulma's Life . . . have been updated, completing the fic.

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!! I'm very confused as to why the Fiction part of the contest has at least 15 more voters than the Art portion. Vote for both at the same time, the Art contest is really running a close race (and that's all I'm going to say ;p). Next update will most likely be Saturday so come back then. Now I must go order pizza.

Happy Family Day, Presidents Day and whatever else you may be 'celebrating'.
Updated Vegitasei, Painfully Interesting, Bulma's Life and I took down Retribution Part 2 because the author was not satisfied with how it ended (don't worry she'll have something else for us soon).
Also, there is a new Fanart based on 'Blue Saiyajin' and if you haven't voted for the contest yet, GO NOW!

All contest submissions are now closed! Go read the 3 new fics added (all for the same pic too), and then VOTE!

Added a new link, as well as 2 new fanarts (1 of them by me ^_^).
Updated fics:
Strength of Love Chapter 8
Retribution is no longer a one shot, Part 2 was submitted
The Machine Planet Saga Chapter 3
Young Love Chapter 5 Part 1
New fics:
To Find Love Again (one shot)
and Lisalu has done it again, go read A Glad Day.

I still have more updates to come and they should be either tomorrow or Monday.

Happy Valentine's Day! Although, here at Forever, Bulma and Vegeta's love is celebrated all year round. Anyhoo, some good updates today:
A new contest entry by Laura called 'Dark, Cold Eyes'
Blue Saiyajin Chapter 3
Changes Throughout Time Chapter 2
Young Love Chapters 3 and 4
Bulma's Life . . . Chapters 39 - 46
And I've finally been able to post Lisalu's 'Season of the Moon,' a continuation of 'Red Dragon.'

Well, here's the update I promised: Part 2 of Perchance to Dream (Awakening Saga) is up. I also had a contest submission but unfortunately, just as animenetwork starts working again, hotmail goes down. You guys will have to wait until Wednesday.

Updates to:
Love Conquers All
Together For Eternity
Young Love
New fic: Changes Throughout Time
Hurry up and get those contest fics in, there's less than a week left. Next update will be Wednesday night, BUT, I might have a small upload tomorrow.

Phew, sorry about the lack of updates, I've been so busy with group projects. Anyhoo, I've added 2 new contest fics by Tinni and Meiko ^_^! I did that right away so you guys will have something to read. There will be a second update tonight because I've got a sh*tload of stuff to get up.

*Second Update*
I think I'm blind. At least the update is done. You can now go read:
Bulma's Life . . . Chapters 30 - 38
I Will Find You Parts 14 - 16 (completed)
Fear of Reality Chapter VIII
The Machine Planet Saga Chapter 2
New Fics:
Together For Eternity
Young Love
Retribution (one shot, but email her and beg for a continuation ~_^)
More stuff will be coming on Saturday night, I so need a break from the computer.

Updates to the following:
Painfully Interesting - Chapter 1
Bulma's Life . . . - Chapters 27 - 29
How Life Should Be - Chapter 3
Love Conquers All - edited and Chapter 3 added
Machine Planet Saga - Chapter 1
Dreams of Thee - Chapter 2
And a new fic, a one shot by Jita-Kun called 'Innocence Lost.'
The contest end is coming quickly so send me your submissions!

Updates to Vegitasei, I Will Find You and Bulma's Life . . .
The next update will be Saturday night so enjoy your Friday everyone.

Two new links, two great new pics, a new fic by Lil Songbird (the sequal to 'The Probe Saga'), and Lisalu sent in the conclusion to Chikyuu (contest section). I think there'll be another update tomorrow, so stay tuned.

I so was on the verge of crying yesterday when animenetwork went down again. But yay, it's back again (and hopefully for good).
As promised:
7 more chapters of Bulma's Life . . .
Chapter 7 of Consequences
Chapter VII of Fear of Reality
(I like all the 7's we're having, hopefully that's lucky)
New fics:
Interview with the Prince (one shot)
A Price to Pay (one shot)
Even more to come tomorrow: links, pics, and even another fic

Oh baby, we're back in business ^_^!!!!! How's everybody, I got a lot of emails about people going through withdrawal ^_^. Well, I've got some updates to do so let's get to it.
These were the updates I was SUPPOSED to do on the 24th:
Everything Must End Sometime
Ritual of Passion
What I Can't Have
One Sweet Day
Love Conquers All
Not only that, but Lisalu has done it again and submitted another fic for the contest. It's called 'Chikyuu' (^.^)
Oh, and I also got 2 new fan arts from Autumn Flame and they're taken from MPMP. They are the MOST adorable pics I have ever seen so go to the fanart section and check them out.
I still have more to update, but they'll be posted tomorrow: coming soon, more from Bulma's Life . . . and Consequences.

Ok, I can't get into my hotmail account, therefore the only fics I can update are fics that are already hosted. I've got a whole swack of new stuff people sent, but until I can get into hotmail, I can't put them up (you can probably read them tomorrow). Not being able to get my email pisses me off to no end, my only consolation is that it's Taco Tuesday (^_^).
Oh, and did you see the pretty gift art Michika sent ^_^. I'll have it on the main page for awhile, but it's also in the Fanart section. Also, Demara coloured her pic which was part of the contest, so I just replaced that.
Now, fic updates:
I Will Find You Parts 11 and 12
Vegitasei Chapter 8
Bulma's Life . . . Chapters 17 and 18
Strength of Love Chapter 7
I believe those should definitely tide you over until the next update.

It smells like macaroni and cheese in my house, odd, since I don't think we have either macaroni OR cheese in the house . . .
Anyhoo, some good, long, sweet, great reading for you all ^_^. Chapter 13 to Chains and Shackles is out, hehehe, we're getting near the end.
Next update will be Tuesday night at the earliest, but I've got lots of stuff for you all.

Hurray! Lisalu is the first to send in a fanfic for the contest, so you can read that in the contest section.
I'm also happy because Bulma-chan and Bibi gave me an award for the hard work I put into this site ^_^. Thanks girls!
There's a new link (Silver B's), and I'm an affiliate with 'The Fate of Vegeta,' so if you ever want to go there, please click on the banner from my site.
Now for some fanfic goodies:
Bulma's Life . . . Chapters 15 and 16
Blue Saiyajin Chapter 2
Bonds of Destiny Epilogue
and Laura has written a sequal to Interesting called 'Painfully Interesting.'
Believe it or not, more still needs to be updated and if I don't get to it tomorrow, come back on Tuesday ^_^.

Giving it the honour it deserves, that is my only update for today. Come back tomorrow for more fics and new links.

Huge update today:
Bulma's Life . . . Chapters 13 and 14
A Big Difference Chapters 2 - 4
I Will Find You Part 10
New Fics:
Here's My Heart (one shot)
How Life Should Be
How's It Going To Be (one shote)
Blue Saiyajin
I still have a bit more, but it was too much. Come back on Friday (maybe tomorrow but it's doubtful).

Fanart submissions are now closed. Several pics were added today so go check them out. There was also a regular fanart posted. Fanfic submissions begin tomorrow (though I doubt I'd get anything for at least a couple of days), but be sure to remember that they have to be based on any one of the pics.

The fics updated today are 'Bulma's Life. . .', 'Project: Genesis,' and 'Interesting.' Also, I FINALLY formated Lisalu's 'Red Dragon,' and if you've been living under a rock and never read it before, I suggest you do. I have like 7 other fics to update, but that will be coming on Wednesday (school shouldn't be allowed to take up so much time). Oh and on a side note, today's my 8 month anniversary ^_^

There's a new contest fanart as well as more chapters added to 'Vegitasei', 'Bulma's Life . . .', 'How We Came About' and 'I Will Find You.'
Only 2 more days to go for the fanart contest so get your submissions in (remember, among other things, you do win a physical prize - I didn't spend a lot of money but still . . .).

A new Fan Art Contest submission by Brenda and the Epilogue to 'The Probe Saga,' is out. Only 4 more days until the end of the Fan Art contest, so get your art in, not to mention the Fanfic portion starts on Tuesday. Winners for each will be announced at the same time, so to those artists, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to wait a month.

Animenetwork has been making some changes, so I apologize if some stories are hard to read because the font is a size smaller. Anyway, on with the updates:
'The Probe Saga,' Chapter 17 is out
Chapter 8 to 'Bulma's Life . . .'
And Meiko has started a new A/U called 'Dreams of Thee.'
Just a note: the Fan Art contest closes on Monday, so get your art in! I was wandering around Chinatown today, and I went and bought some Dragonball cards for the winner (it's not much, but hey, at least you can actually win something tangible ^_^).

Chibi K has sent in two works for the art contest. You might recognize where one of them was inspired from, and on that note, I added a little note to the fanfiction contest rules. There's only one more week for art submissions so get yours in as soon as possible.
3 chapters added to 'Bulma's Life . . . '
Part 8 to 'I Will Find You,' and
Chapter 3 of 'Interesting' is up.
The next fanfic update won't be until Wednesday night since I begin my second semester tomorrow (a BIG YUCK), but if anyone sends me contest art, then I'll post that up before then.

On January 5th, 2001 at 11:45pm Mountain Standard Time, 'FOREVER' received its 50,000th hit!!!! ^_^ - me so happy!

Anyway, a big update for today:
Strength of Love Chapter 6 (the longest Chapter of any fic posted here - it even beat out World Enough and Time Chapter 2).
Vegeta's Family (the longest file period, hosted here) - it's in the one shots.
Bulma's Life . . . Chapters 3 and 4.
When Destinies Collide Chapter 6 has been rewritten.
Interesting Chapters 1 and 2.
And a new fic called A Big Difference is in the long ones.

Mikami has sent in a pic for the contest and it's really sweet. Chapter 2 to "Bulma's Life . . .' has been added, as well as a new fic by Laura Fried (I swear that girl churns out fics like butter.)
It's about friggin time ^_^! Chapter 6 to a fic that hasn't been updated in over two months has been posted. I'm not going to say what it is, but I'm sure you all probably know, so go check it out in the fanfics section.

*second update* Just added 2 more works by Kichi into the Fan Art contest section.

Well, here's the first update of the new year. More has been added to 'Vegitasei,' 'When Destinies Collide,' and 'The Balance.' Also, there are 2 new fics, one by beautiful::irony (in the long ones), and another by Shin Dragon (in the one shots).

Oh, oh and I got my first submission for the Fan Art contest. You can look at it in the contest section or fan art section. It is so kawaii! I also updated the fanfiction rules part of the contest, and it just deals with how I handle multi-parter stories. I think that's it for now, so Happy New Year!

What a way to end the year. Updates to 'I Will Find You,' 'When Destinies Collide,' AND 'World Enough and Time' baby! I swear, Lisalu makes me cry because her writing is so good. You can blame my not writing 'His Blue Angel,' on her and Toshiba. After reading their stuff, I just never want to write again.

Anyhoo, because of the total stress load I've been having this week, there will be no updates until Wednesday night. I think these past few days of updates gives me the right to relax, but hopefully I'll have something big on Wednesday ^_^. I must go and get ready for tonight, so I want to wish you all a very SAFE and Happy New Year!

Added two more chapters to 'The Probe Saga.' I now have a submissions guide, and I'm starting up a fan art section too. Oh, and I finally have my contest details posted. Go check it out!

*SECOND UPDATE* - FINALLY! I have been waiting for this chapter since 3 or 4 chapters ago. Toshiba is just evil, you have no idea how she likes to taunt people ^_^. Chapter 12 to 'Chains and Shackles' is out and it's goooooooooooooooood. (Toshiba, what happened to my magic spaceship idea :p)?

My authors have been VERY busy! I've been so busy updating, I haven't had a chance to plan out the contest (or even write). But there are so many goodies today, where should I begin?
Updates to:
Project: Genesis
Bulma and the Beast
Fear of Reality
When Destinies Collide
The Probe Saga
Bonds of Destiny
Strength of Love
Innocence to Insolence

Heck, stay tuned for even more updates tomorrow!

Well, I stuffed myself stupid, especially with tiramisu and sambuca. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I come back and notice that Toshiba is finally kicking some ass in the polls section (congrats - no more Yaumcha status for you ~_^). Anyway, I posted more 'Innocence to Insolence,' Part 6 to 'I Will Find You,' and the prologue of a new fic called 'When Destinies Collide.' There will be another update tomorrow (if only to announce the contest that will be taking place), and for those of you waiting for 'Consequences,' Jita-Kun is still on vacation, but she told me she'd be writing while away ^_^.

'Best of All Futures' and 'Not the Happiest Day of My Life' have both been completed. Also, more chapters to 'The Probe Saga,' and the first 4 chapters of a new fic by Mattel. When I come back, expect more from Mattel, 'The Probe Saga,' and an author who hasn't updated in a long time . . .

Added more to 'Bonds of Love' and 'The Probe Saga.' Also, there's a new fic called 'Strength of Love' (a multi-parter).

To Jay-chan who just recently signed my guestbook, it must be your lucky day (heck it's everyone's lucky day) because 'WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME' CHAPTER IV IS UP!!!!!

I do have more stuff to update later tonight, but I just wanted to get this out to you guys first.

*SECOND UPDATE* Ok, more chapters added to 'Bond of Destiny,' and two new one shots by Marau-chan (one of them's a lemon ^_^). I still have a lot more to update (like more 'Bonds of Destiny' and more from Marau-chan), but my father's kicking me off the computer, so check back tomorrow.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be going away for Christmas holidays this weekend, so get any stuff you want posted to me by Friday. Also, when I come back, I'll be starting a Fan Art/ Fanfic competition, but I'll tell you the details then. If you want to know more about it, I talked about it in the Message Board, under the recent topic called 'Fan Art.'

I have so many updates to do, I wasn't able to post everything! Wow, you guys are just really productive, and what a great way to celebrate the end of finals with reading everything. Ok, where to begin.
Another great poem by CreamPuff is up, this time it's of Bulma's point of view.
'I Will Find You' and 'Best of All Futures' has been updated.
Great new fics called 'Bonds of Destiny' (long fic) and 'I'll Go Crazy If I Can't Get Next To You.' (short fic)
Toshiba has done a continuation to 'Awakening' called 'Perchance to Dream,' so I've moved everything to the long fics and put it under 'The Awakening Saga.'
Stay tuned for more stuff tomorrow (especially more of 'Bonds of Destiny' and HOPEFULLY another little chapter of a very beloved fic ;p).

Part 4 to 'I Will Find You,' Part 10 to 'Best of All Futures,' and Chapters 4, 5 and 6 of 'The Probe Saga.' My earliest next possible update will be Tuesday night. I can guarantee that some GOOOOOOOD stuff is coming next week ^_^

Chapter 6 to 'How We Came About' and Part 2 to 'Not the Happiest Day of My Life.' It is really sad, and I moved it from the one shots to the long ones. My next update at the EARLIEST will be Saturday night, and if not then, Tuesday night. I've got 5 #%$@#$@#$# finals to write within one week.

Added more to 'Best of All Futures' and 'The Probe Saga.' Also, there is a new poem out.

'Fear of Reality' 5 for you all. I also updated the polls section and added a new poll. If you have any other quotes, you can write them in the Message Board, email them to me, or write in the poll's comment section.

Oh man, have I got updates for you. There is a new poem in the poetry section and I like it, so check it out. 'I Will Find You' has been updated and there are FIVE new fics: 'Not the Happiest Day of My Life,' 'This Night,' 'The Probe Saga,' 'Untitled,' and 'The Balance.'

If I have made any mistakes, please tell me because that was one mother of an update and I'm sure I screwed up somewhere. Oh, and for the next 2 weeks I have finals, so there will be limited updates. Gee, could I say 'updates' enough times.

Wow 3 consecutive days of updates! New parts to 'Vegitasei' and 'Project: Genesis' and they are wonderful as always. Oh, and the link to the poem I posted yesterday has been fixed, thanks to those who emailed me about it ^_^. If there are any more problems feel free to tell me.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm I'll be having some good eating tonight. I can smell the different sauces my dad has cooked for the dinner party. Excuse me while I drool on the keyboard. Anyway, SSJ_Ukyo has sent in a poem, Michika has submitted a revised version of her fic for EOC's Halloween Challenge, and Laura wrote Part 8 to "The Best of All Futures."

I can't believe it's December already. Well, Chapter 3 to 'Vegitasei' is up and Part 2 to 'I Will Find You' is also posted.

YIPPEE!!!! A most excellent update. First, Stephanie has started a new mulit-parter called 'I Will Find You' AND, Chapter 11 to 'Chains and Shackles' is out. It's absolutely wonderful so go read it and then go praise Toshiba (hehehe). Oh, and this will be the last update until (at the very EARLIEST) Friday night. It's Hell week for me, so if I can just get past it, I'll be A-OK!

I apologize if you've been having problems with my site. Even I couldn't access it for awhile, but thankfully I can now so I can do the updates. Chapter 2 to 'Vegitasei' is out. As well as 2 new one shots, one by Meiko, and the other by Kimberly of which I just realized I made a mistake and must go correct it now before any of you catch it :P

Sorry for the delay, but 2 great fics are out. They're both in the one-shots and they're 'Tomobiki' and 'Run From It.'

Chapter 1 of 'Vegitasei' is up, and there's also a new one shot by Baconfat called 'Destiny.' Check those out. Oh yes, the next update will be at the very EARLIEST, on Thursday night. I have a paper due, and only now have I come up with the topic (I am sooooo bad with procrastinating).

ARGHHHHHHH, the Stamps lost, and BAD (if you're not Canadian, then you probably have no idea what the hell I'm talking about). I'm so mad, they always choke! It must be a curse that they're always the best in regular play but when it comes down to an important game, they suck! GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Good thing I didn't buy any Grey Cup tickets, otherwise I'd REALLY be pissed.

Anyhoo, for anyone else depressed like me, Meiko's Part 9 to "Project: Genesis" will make up for it.

I hate @$&@#$@#$ computers! Anyway, I couldn't update last night, so I'll do it now. Fear of Reality 4 is up, and for those who write to authors, please make sure you're writing to the correct one. How We Came About 5 is up as well. Oh, and after 6 months, my site received 30,798 hits and I just want to thank all the B/V otakus out there. I went and put up a little description for His Blue Angel. I know it's not much, but more will come ^_^.



As you can tell, I did a little redecorating on my main page. I hope you all likes! Now for the mega updates:
'Beyond the Actions' by Silverspine
'Both' and 'Unexpected Developments' by Shin Dragon
'Vegeta's Confusion' and 'Bulma's Confusion' by Ravyn Night
The prologue of Tinni's new A/U, called 'Vegitasei'
Coinciding with my anniversary, Chibi K has written an incredibly sweet A/U, spun off from 'My Pleasure My Pain.' It's called 'Never Been Kissed,' and I just want to thank Chibi K again for writing it.

A very excellent Part 8 to 'Project: Genesis', and FINALLY Nova has updated 'Bulma and the Beast' Chapter 7. Go check those out now!

Lemon lovers rejoice! There's a new fic in one-shots called 'Awakening,' by Toshiba and tomorrow there will be another lemon coming as well. Also, there's a new link in the links section.

*second update* Well, I'm just a big fat liar. That second lemon I was talking about has now been posted. It's called 'The Entertainer,' by Jita-kun and it's also in the one-shots.

A very special treat for you all today. Chapter 4 to 'How We Came About' has been posted, AND (drumroll please), a very excellent Chapter 10 to 'Chains and Shackles'. Hehehe definitely something steamy for you all ^_^

My arm is really sore because of my flu shot, not that you needed to know that. Anyhoo, Chapter 5 to 'Consequences' is up, check it out!

Part 7 to 'Project: Genesis' people, and it's really heating up. Oh, and don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tomorrow night, mmmmmmm more snooze.

There's a new link called 'Bulma Secrets,' a poem by C.K. AND Chapter III to 'World Enough and Time.' OMG, it is sooo good, I was just bawling at the end. But, it's a good kind of crying ^_^.

WOW, mega update today. K-Chan sent in a poem, so check it out. Ok, for fics there has been updates to 'Project: Genesis,' 'How We Came About,' 'Best of All Futures,' AND (finally) 'Consequences'!

Our basement refrigerator leaked all over the damn floor, and I had to help move the fridge as well as the freezer. I'm bloody tired, but wanted to update. 'Fear of Reality III' is up, woo hoo!

After a very unsuccessful, self-imposed ban from the internet, I'm finally able to update Meiko's 'Project: Genesis.' Sorry for the wait Meiko. Oh and stay tuned for more weekend updates (hehehe).

Well, I wasn't going to update today, but seeing how I'd rather do this than study, I decided to not let you wait. Besides, what I have is too good to keep to myself. Chapter II is out to 'World Enough and Time,' I know that will make many of you happy, and I just have to say that Goku is just so CUTE!

Chapter 2 to 'How We Came About' is up. Also Part 6 to 'Best of All Futures' has been posted, and there's a doozy of a cliffhanger.

Part 5 to 'Best of All Futures' is up, and there's a new fic in the one-shots by Saiya-jin Roza.

I was sooooooo close with my 3 day update. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians out there. Well, there's a new fic out by Bulma-chan called 'How We Came About'. Oh and I believe there's a Chapter 9 posted that most of you might be interested in; another installment of Chains and Shackles and if you email Toshiba and beg her real nicely, maybe she'll feel inclined to ditch school work and give us another chapter before Christmas ^_^.

*second update* Hot diggity damn, it's been like the mega weekend of updates. Meiko has sent in TWO parts to her fic 'Project: Genesis.'

'Fear of Reality' Chapter II is out. 2 great updates in just 2 days. Keep your fingers crossed because I'm holding out for 3 ~_^

Chapter I of 'World Enough and Time' is out. It is soooooooooo good, go read it now!

Part 2 of 'Project: Genesis'.